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  1. zero

    The muscle app (2)

    Fuck yeah Herald!
  2. zero

    Looking for guidance - bulk or cut

    IMO these are a lot easier to do with a pic... since bf measurement accuracy varies a lot.
  3. Thanks for the follow brotha!! 👍🏻💪🏻

    1. zero


      sure thing man

  4. zero

    Sweet Revenge - CHAPTER EIGHT ADDED

    Ps I really hope Bruce wins
  5. zero

    Sweet Revenge - CHAPTER EIGHT ADDED

    First, because it’s erotic fiction, not the real world, and it’s not endorsing a real-world moral scheme if the bad guy wins... second, because our sexual fantasies are shaped by our perceptions of power and of what’s illicit. So It turns out a lot of decent guys (many who’ve also been bullied) end up with fantasies of being a dominant asshole themselves, which they’ve never been and won’t be. Meanwhile a lot of other guys love the fantasy of being overpowered and dominated by dominant assholes, which they’ve never experienced and wouldn’t even tolerate in real life 🤗 fiction, maybe even more than real-world roleplay, is a very safe place to explore those feelings
  6. Looking great!!!

  7. 0000

    great transformation mate! keep on training

  8. zero

    Lose fat or gain muscle?

    It depends on your starting point, but not #3 if you're trying to improve your physique--not focusing on one or the other means you won't do much of either over time, and just more or less maintain your physique. Generally, if you're skinny and lean, focus on muscle growth/steady weight gain. If you're fat (or skinny-fat, imo) you'll look better quicker by focusing on losing weight.
  9. Looking huge!

    1. zero


      thanks bud, nice n ripped yourself ;)

  10. zero

    Blue Pill Part 19

    Want more of derek and Chris's dad... fuck, Chris too... don't care whether good guy Derek wins or the bad guys win. Hopefully it's back and forth
  11. Thanks for the follow mate.

    1. zero


      looking good big guy... workin on getting as thick and wide as you ;)

  12. zero

    Blue Pill Part 18

    Keep up the awesome work man! Love the back and forth with these characters especially daddy being smaller but outgrowing these guys... so hot
  13. zero

    The muscle frat (3)

    Herald I love your stories. The best part is *always* the alternation between competition and domination--especially when it's not clear who's gonna come out ahead. Keep going and I hope there are more muscle beasts to come and make this a contest for domination and not 1-sided
  14. Hottest bod on this goddamn site. Boners upon boners.

    1. zero


      only getting bigger ;)

    2. byebye


      And that's why you're my favorite.

  15. zero

    weight lifting gloves recommendation

    Don't use gloves, imo! They actually make it harder to grip things, effectively making the bar thicker and creating a slippery surface on the inside because of the material + sweat. For the couple of pulling exercises you need grip help on—deadlifts or rows, most likely?—try straps or chalk/liquid chalk.

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