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    If I could add anything here, I'd say I enjoy being on the "small" side of the couple but not necessarily submissive. Like playing rough, either dominating or being dominated. I could say I'm a bit into macrophilia as well.

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  1. I'm looking for an old story about a dominant student that moves in with a teacher. It's a quiet guy that wears baggy clothes until he strips to his teacher. Lots of domination and several chapters with other big guys mostly crushing other guys with their tighs.
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    I'm so happy to see you're back. SO. HAPPY. Welcome back. You were missed. =)
  3. Happy Birthday, man!

  4. Wow, it's been so long since I wrote this. I did have a follow up to it at the time but it just doesn't fit my tastes anymore. I'll try and put something together. =) Should be fun. Thanks for the comments, if you have any ideas, I'll take them.
  5. Wow, that was different. And hot! I really enjoyed how you made this into an "it could happen to anyone" kind of thing.
  6. I’ve been into big guys since I can remember it. Big in any way, I would say – tall, muscled, even superchubby guys would get my attention from time to time. The thing that turns me on is size, or perhaps size difference. See, I’m not a very small guy. At 5’8”, 150 pounds, I can say I’m average in many ways. My weight would be sometimes more muscle than fat or the other way around, depending on my mood on going to the gym. When I say I’m an average guy I also mean I’m not incredibly handsome or horribly ugly as well. Some have said I’ve got this thing with my smile and my eyes that are kind of hypnotizing but I can’t say I really know how to use those on my advantage at all. I work at an multinational Company specialized in Imports and Exports. Working in a cubicle hasn’t always been my dream but due to financial reasons I had to pursue some career which would offer me some steady money to rely on. And I am pretty successful at what I do, making enough money to support myself and a little extra for an occasional trip, expensive dinners and some eccentricities. What really drives my passion, though, is arts in general. I especially like singing and I’ve got a degree in acting – other than my international business degree. So, I try to get it out of my system by visiting karaokes and watching as many plays as I possibly can. The karaoke thing is pretty much in my routine. I visit this one special place every weekend, bringing different friends each time and, over the years, I got kinda good at singing. Three or four years after frequenting the karaoke I met him. I was at the stage the moment he came in and I couldn’t help but stuttering a little while singing. Man, he was tall. Like the tallest guy I had ever seen in my entire life. Not just tall but beefy, nothing like the usual beanpole tall guy you might expect. His darkish skin and heavy beard caught my attention immediately and, while singing, I couldn’t stop looking at him. By his side he had this beautiful little man. Like a pocket super model or something. I knew they were together, or so it seemed. Other than the obvious guy at his side, he didn’t seem to be gay at all, which got me a little puzzled at first. I had this “thing” with my girl friend in which we tested the guys like “let’s go and sing a song together, if the guy looks at you, he’s straight, if he looks at me, he’s gay”. We did it so, and tall guy really couldn’t stop starring at me. “Good sign” – I thought to myself. I was singing "Need you Now", by Lady Antebellum, and I would learn later it was one of his favorite songs. I didn’t try any kind of approach that day, since he was obviously with the little model boy and, like a good family man I am, I don’t hit on guys with boyfriends. We did start talking to his friends, though, who seemed very inviting and pleasant to talk to. Tall guy kept his distance, attached to his little model guy. It turned me on the way the little guy’s head wouldn’t reach tall guy’s pecs as he was so tall, and little model wasn’t so little as well. It was only a matter of perspective. He was actually my height. Other than tall, the big guy was very well proportioned, with good wide shoulders and legs that stretched his jeans. A small tummy was visible but nothing that I would object. His face had this “mean” look at it. Maybe because of the dense beard, maybe because of the heavy eyebrows. But each time he smiled he seemed like a gentle giant. Talking to his friends was all that happened that night. We exchanged names and a little conversation and called it a night. We all left the karaoke house together, he and his friends, I and my girl friend. Over the way home I couldn’t stop talking about him. She knew my tastes pretty well and she agreed – that was the perfect guy for me physically. Tall, burly, butch. My regrets were only on not having enough time to talk to him and see if he was a nice person. That changed as soon as I got home. As I opened my facebook, there was a message from him. He said he would’ve liked to get to know me better but he couldn’t since he was with the little pocket model for the night. They weren’t boyfriends or anything but he felt it would be disrespectful for the guy. I replied that I really liked what I saw of him and wished to see him again, the sooner the better. Next Saturday, same place, we agreed. Next Saturday soon arrived and I got there first. He soon showed up with his friends and as we saw each other the attraction between us was so intense it didn’t leave room for a proper “hello” or something. We just got into each other, kissing and hugging and feeling each other’s bodies. I stood over a step or else I wouldn’t reach his face and I was so turned on by his big hands on my back I couldn’t describe it. I was something I never felt before. You see, I tend to be a little aggressive with my guys, even though they’re always much bigger than me. I know this aggressive dominant guy turns guys on more than anything so I quickly tried to get a hold of the situation pressing him against a wall. I heard him groan and chuckle a bit. His chuckle turned into a laugh. In seconds, he grabbed both my hands and placed them behind my back. - Two months going to the gym and you think you’re stronger than me? Really? He turned us backwards so I was pressed between the wall and this huge guy. I had to be on my tip-toes to kiss him and still he was ducking a little. I learned later, he was 6’7” and, though he couldn’t be described as a muscle guy, the sheer size on him made him unbelievably strong. Soon I was being lifted up to meet his lips. Easily lifting my body with one arm, he used the other to caress my neck. It was pure heaven. His rough beard scratching my face, the manly scent his body exhaled, the immense power I felt on his grip that overwhelmed me with a sensation of being completely under his control. I soon gave up trying to have things my way and let him play with my body as he wished. I learned that the little gut was not soft at all. It was hard, as if I could punch it the hardest I could and still he wouldn’t feel a thing. His free hand ran under my shirt and I was surprised that one of his hands would actually reach my entire torso. Man, this guy was BIG. I was so hard at that point that I knew I would make a mess anytime soon. I reluctantly stopped him and got him away a few inches from me, still marveling at his immense size. Long story short, we kept seeing each other after this first date and, three months later we were officially boyfriends. I was in heaven. By his side, I felt both bold and secure towards other people. His size drove looks everywhere we went and I loved it. We would suck each other every single time we were together and life was pretty cool for me, I’ve gotta say. Now this is awkward… I am not a bottom nor a top. I’m not really into penetration at all. All my lust come from the guy being big and I never felt the need to fuck him or be fucked to be completely satisfied. He understood that but it was pretty clear he was a total top and, yes, he was missing it. By this time I was completely in love with my giant… so I asked a few gay friends on how to proceed. Seriously, I am 28 now and I almost feel like a virgin sometimes. I know I’m great at giving head and all… but my ass just doesn’t feel like it was made to accommodate anything. Talking to some friends they gave me tips here and there and, by the fourth month we were together, I was ready to try and give him the pleasure he needed. God… It hurts. So freaking bad. As I sat on his prick I tried my best to relax and let it in, inch by inch. He had a large and thick cock, which didn’t make things any easier on me. Finally, it was all in… and as I relaxed more and more I felt the pleasure. He held me with both hands and would lift me up and down his shaft and I think this display of strength helped me and increased my lust more and more. Soon I was laying back with my feet on his chest while he was fucking me hard, pounding like an animal, pulling me closer to him each time so he would go deeper and deeper. I came in seconds, spreading my milk all over my chest and face. He left his dick inside of me a little longer and pressed my butt around it which seemed to have made my orgasm last longer than I had ever experienced before. I came and came and seemed never to stop. I screamed in agony and joy as this had been the best, longest orgasm I’d ever felt in my entire life. He slowly took off his dick out of my ass and cummed all over me, exhausted, sweating and falling over my body. The 230 pounds weight of his body compressing me against the bed made me spurt another fill of cum beneath us. His sweat pouring over me, covering me completely. As he gained his strength back, he got off of my body, spooning me, leaving one of his huge meaty legs over mine – a weight I was not used to so it would hurt a little after a while but would overwhelm me with lust by the mere thought of him being this big. His tummy pressing against my lower back, the big arms protecting me from anything that could happen in the world. We both fell sound asleep. Chapter 2 Many other nights followed that unforgettable first time with him. We grew closer together and I was quite drawn to his size and strength. He would lift me up every now and then out of nowhere, he learned quite fast how to show me his biceps flexing it for my amusement. Again, he was nowhere near a bodybuilder but being that big of a man he was just big everywhere. His left arm carried a phoenix tattoo which emphasized its size. And throughout the months, as I thought my amazement by him would pass, it actually didn’t. Every single time we met I sighed at his immense size. Every single time I tried to reach for his lips for a kiss and couldn’t, my dick would twitch a little on my pants. During the months we were together he fell terribly ill, had surgery and required constant attention. I never thought twice… I took some weeks off my job and stayed with him for cleaning him up to changing dressings to cleaning and cooking for him. You see, he didn’t have anyone in the city so it seemed just right that I should help anyway I could. But you see… this is a real life story, and in real life there is no perfection. I noticed sooner than I would like to that he had a very… particular personality. It started by me having to cancel stuff with my friends so I would be by his side with his friends. Whenever I did go out with my friends, he would find an excuse and wouldn’t go. Other times, he would just vanish for a week just to contact me on a Wednesday telling he had travelled with some friends somewhere and couldn’t reach for a phone. We started fighting over these little things. I felt kind of neglected every now and then while he felt he was a free spirit therefore I should loosen up a little. Okay. I’ll try and do that. And that I did. However, while I endured these little things, my life at work started changing as well, for worse. For some unexplained reason my boss started doubting my competency and would challenge and humiliate me at some points over absolutely nothing. Never in my life I made a single mistake working for the Company but there was always a suspicious eye looking over me, questioning my every step. Billionaire projects that I sold would immediately be charged to someone else in my department. To shorten things up, the constant pressure on the job plus the boyfriend I idealized so much being egocentric, sometimes selfish and even – should I say – distrustful as to his loyalty to me… all of these things started bringing me down. There was no hypnotizing shine in my eyes anymore. Tall boyfriend wasn’t much of a talker, except when telling me about his problems (he was unemployed, sharing an apartment with a guy he didn’t like, etc). I always listened and tried to comfort him some way. Even with everything I was going through, the man, I decided, was the one. How could there be any other? I swear, the guy would touch me and I was hard in a minute. Okay, he is not perfect, he can be a selfish son of a bitch but… look at him! He is so fucking big! He had to be the man of my life. And every now and then he would say he loved me so I wasn’t alone. What if he would cancel seeing me at the last minute? What if I was paying for every meal we had together? What if I wouldn’t see my friends anymore? It’s my fucking life and I want to be by this humongous man’s side, god damn it! See how twisted I was at this point? Bet the story is pretty boring if you minded reading up to here. If you did, thank you. I promise to make it up to you. Yeah, I was fucking twisted, and sad and crying without reason. I decided to see a psychiatrist. A little depression, I thought. Nothing I couldn’t handle. I had never taken any anti-depressants before, never needed them. But I wasn’t recognizing myself anymore so I thought, why not? The psychiatrist alerted me about some side effects. Specially during the first month I would feel worse, much worse. Careless, anxious, a little desperate. I was pretty sure I shouldn’t be worried but man… I felt terrible! Really, really terrible! Like I could die at any minute, you know? And I ran to my boyfriend for support (he knew about all of this, I took the time to explain everything) and, to my surprise, he started driving further away from me. The weekends we had always spent together but now he had something to do or wasn’t feeling well. The thing is: second week of treatment, Tall boyfriend dumped me. He actually said he was afraid I would drag him down to the same rock bottom I was now. Well, after all “I love you”s, everything I did for him, all the attraction there was between us… this was the last thing I was expecting. And man, I was losing the man of my life! My giant, my big, strong man! I was freaking out! He couldn’t simply abandon me… not now! What was it??? I’m not fun at the time, so he just stepped aside??? How come? Why? Two weeks after the break up I had lost 40 pounds (approximately… you know, we use kgs in Brazil, so I lost 20 kgs). I couldn’t eat, I couldn’t stand up, I couldn’t take a shower. I stopped working. My life fell apart. I was sent to a psychiatric clynic where I spent around 6 months. I can’t tell for sure. I was mostly sedated all the time for the first months and took a lot of drugs during the time I was there. My life as I once knew was over. 1 Year Later They say time can heal anything. Well, I don’t know if it heals or helps to hide the scars from the past… but I do feel better now. I quit my job at the multinational Company and started working with all things theater related. I was acting again. Writing plays, making plans for the future, taking special classes for developing my acting skills. I was feeling good. Really good. Still taking ridiculous amounts of depression drugs… but who cares? They do make me feel good. My psychiatrist even started me on this experimental drug which was said to have no side effects at all, and it actually didn’t. I felt great. My social life got on trails again. I am visiting the karaoke quite often, going out to nightclubs with friends, sitting at bars and all. The whole year, though, I never dated another man. I wasn’t interested in anyone. Tall boyfriend’s ghost still chased me and there was no one even close to what he was. Big, strong, manly. All other men seemed dwarfed by what I have had before. So I didn’t bother looking… I am not going to gay bars anymore for I always feel frustrated… everyone seem so… small. In all aspects I mean. Either stature or small minded. And hey… fuck men. I’m all into my acting now. A producer saw me at the karaoke and asked me for a demo. Opportunities were rising… I didn’t care about men. So Saturday arrived and – oddly so – all my closest friends (about 10 people) called me that day. They had all planned everything for the night. One of them suggested there was this new bar/nightclub in town that had just opened and we were all on the VIP list. Ok, pretty nice for a Saturday night. We all met at my place and off we went to meet this new place. I noticed some weird giggling among my friends… some weird looks… but I just assumed they had drank some “cachaça” before the night to warm things up. I wasn’t drinking because of all the medication I was taking so, well, nothing really strange. We arrived at the place and it was really more than what I had expected. Classy place, a huge line just to get in. I wasn’t even sure if I was properly dressed for that… We skipped the line and got in. “Oh, no… REALLY? You fuckers! Why didn’t you guys tell me???” Other than the girls the came with my group, the place was full with a sea of men. A fucking gay nightclub. Great. “Surprise! It’s time for you to return, Leo” said one of my girl friends. “Enjoy the feast! There are men for all tastes here so pick which one you want to be with tonight before I do it!” “Ha ha… very funny. I don’t wanna be with any guys Amanda… seriously? Look at this place, you’re like the only girl here” “I know. Awesome, right? C’mon, let’s dance!” she pulled my arm. And I did dance for about an hour or so. Some guys hit on me but no thanks, I’m not interested. I tried having a good time but I got tired pretty fast. The good thing is that there was this other room at the place where the sound wasn’t so loud, there was a counter and a bench and I could sit there while everyone else was having their fun. “So, bad idea?” Amanda again. “Nah, that’s okay… Have your fun, babe. No problem. I’ll be here if you need me”. “Hey, don’t feel down… Here, let me buy you a coke or something. What do you want?” “Hon, I know it’s been a year and I shouldn’t… but I could really use a full glass of “cachaça” right here, right now”. “Are you sure? Won’t you feel bad or anything?” “If I do, call 911 and I’ll be safe in a minute” we laughed. “Okay then” – “Give my friend here a shot of “cachaça” and fill him up as many times as he wants, ok?” she yelled at the cute bartender. And then I took my first shot. I looked around and all I could see was stereotypes… guys with deep V-necks, tight jeans, spiky hairs, over-moisturized faces… God damn it. “Another shot, please”. By the eight shot I was pretty drunk already. Okay… I was really damn drunk. Totally unaware of my surroundings anymore, I heard “Hey”. Silence…. “Hey, you, sad face” I looked to find by my side this average guy. Maybe a little taller than me, like 6’1”, stocky guy, wearing this western shirt. I couldn’t say he was handsome… too drunk for that judgment… but he did have this big smile on his face. I was kinda dizzy so I mimicked his smile back. “Hey, what’s up”. “You look like you’re not at your best night, dude” “You’ve got that right buddy. Leo here, nice to meet you” “Paulo” I extended my hand but he somehow managed to hug me. “So Leo, what’s wrong? Why are you not having fun?” “Oh, but I am” – pointing at my glass. “Hahaha… I see you are. But a cute guy like you shouldn’t be by himself” “Thanks, I’m flattered… but no thanks, Paulo”. “Hey, hold on a minute. Don’t just send me away. Let’s talk, like friends, ok? Look at me. I’m not dangerous. Just a nice guy”. “Alright ‘friend’… what do you wanna talk about?” I didn’t even finished the sentence and he kissed me. I was caught totally by surprise but… fuck off… I’m so drunk I don’t even know where I am anymore… so why not? “Feeling better?” “I could say that, Paulo…” “Are you really by yourself here, Leo? Cause you shouldn’t drive tonight, man”. “You got that right, Paulo… Paulo…. Paulo…” man, I was feeling so stupid. He laughed at me “Alright buddy. I don’t know what it is or why I’m doing it. I just know you’re gorgeous and seem like a nice guy, so I’m not leaving you here tonight. C’mon”. He took me by the arm and started dragging me around the club for the cashier. He paid for both our accounts and I remember – in flashes – getting on his car. I remember my thoughts at the time, something like “God damn it, who the hell is this guy? He seems nice and all but where the hell is he taking me to? I’m not having sex with him… I’m not having sex with anyone… man after all this alcohol and with all those damn depression drugs I bet I won’t even get hard”. I felt sorry for him… He will be so disappointed… “Here we are” Paulo opened the car’s door and lead me to his building, then the elevator, then his apartment. I just kept quiet… I wasn’t in my normal in any way. Paulo sat me on his couch. His place was a little one bedroom, living room, kitchen and bathroom. Small place. A nice smell though. Yeah… I liked how the place smelled. Coffee… that was it. He was making coffee. Oh, that’s sweet. “Here, take this. No sugar”. I drank the coffee. “Now come here, let me show you the bedroom” he put one of my arms over his shoulders and dragged me to the bedroom. He threw me on his bed the best way he could and removed my shoes. Then he started taking off his clothes. It’s hard to describe him. The guy was so… average. About 6’1”, average weight, a small but noticeable belly. What caught my attention was that his body was completely hairless just as his face, like he never could grow a beard even if he wanted to. As those random thoughts went through my head I didn’t notice he unbuckled my belt and open my zipper. He took my cock out in his hands and started sucking on it. “Wow”… I couldn’t stop him even if I wanted to, as to how dizzy I was. And… well… he was pretty good. Really good actually. He sucked and sucked and licked the tip of my uncut cock slipping his tongue inside. And – miraculously – I was so hard! Man, I don’t remember getting this hard for… like…. A year. I closed my eyes and started painting him inside my mind. Paulo… With this name he could easily be a hunky Sicilian… some inches to his height wouldn’t hurt either. And big arms... oh, I love big arms... He blew me harder and better and took my entire shaft into his mouth. I wasn’t even paying attention to him. I was focusing on these parts of a man I was creating in my head to increase my pleasure. Yeah, a nice, full beard. A big chest… pecs, muscles. Big quads, stretching his pants. I moaned louder, feeling the climax approaching…. “Oh yeah Paulo… don’t stop… this is so fucking good… Ohhh…. YEAH……!” I came in his mouth and he swallowed all of it. Damn, I hadn’t came in like a year… wow, that was good. So fucking good. He kept sucking me until my last drop. And then, suddenly, he pushed my whole body away, crouching on the floor, laying on a fetal position, obviously in pain. “Paulo? What’s going on? What are you feeling?” “I… I don’t know… it hurts… damn, it hurts…” he said between clenched teeth. “Oh god it hurts… it… oohhhhhhh” he screamed. Loud. Like a guttural scream, like a beast, like something that couldn’t be human. I got so freaking scared I suddenly sobered up. “Paulo, Paulo! Look at me! I’m calling an ambulance right now” “No! Don’t do that… I'll be fine... I guess... see, it doesn’t hurt anymore… it feels good… ohhh…” this time it was a moan, a grunt. “ohhh… yeah… I’m feeling better, much better”. I was afraid something was happening but he didn't want me to worry. I didn't know what to do. Still laying on the floor he stretched his whole body and then it started… I first noticed his face. A dark shadow covered his face with new hair that wasn’t there before. The same shadow followed through his chest and his belly, a silky carpet of fur. “Oh yeah… it feels so good… I feel so good” Then I saw he was getting hard. And harder, and harder… Well, nothing average about it anymore. His dick was actually getting bigger. I heard some sounds coming from his body, like leather stretching, a pungent smell of sex filled the room completely. “What… what the hell is going on? Paulo?” I could barely whisper, amazed by what I was seeing. “Oh, don’t let it stop, Leo… it feels so fucking good” He… he was growing. Right before my eyes. His arms swelled bigger. First his biceps, than his triceps lifting the whole arm up, his chest got defined and then it was like he was pumping it. It was growing. Growing so much that the belly wasn’t that noticeable anymore. His quads were suddenly defining with muscle, a teardrop over his knee and then his loud moaning over all that sight . “Oh yeah… I’m so fucking horny… I’m…. ohhh….. I’m gonna cum!” His body convulsed pumping his new found muscles and he came… and he came and came and it seemed like it would never stop. The little hair over his chest was full of his own cum. I was paralyzed. I couldn’t believe my eyes. “Paulo… what happened?” “I have no idea… but I knew you were special. And I want more”. Chapter 3 The heat. It was a hot day. I could feel it all around me as I was trying to open my eyes. A little bit of a headache and man, I was thirsty. It’s gotta be around midday. Though the curtains are closed I can feel it somehow. It was so hot inside. The bed felt strange though… I wasn’t home. And the smell… The whole place smelled like sweat and sex and something else I couldn’t define. Something of wood and cinnamon, a distinguished smell I couldn’t name. I opened my eyes and all the flashes started coming back. Oh shit! Where’s Amanda? Did I leave her at the nightclub? Where are all my other friends? Where the hell am I? I looked around and tried to recognize the place. Yeah, I remember coming here with this guy but… flashes. All I got were flashes. Sitting in someone’s car. He brought me to his apartment. This normal, average guy. I remember him sucking me and all the pleasure I hadn’t felt in such a long time. All the rest seemed implausible and maybe caused by all the “cachaça” I had the night before. Whoever this guy was, he wasn’t here. I was all by myself at this strange place and had no idea what to do next. I noticed I was wearing my underwear only. My clothes were standing neatly folded on a chair right at the other side of the room. I got out of bed and found the bathroom. Oh my mouth tastes the hangover and so does the rest of my body. My head aches a little. I’m so thirsty. I look at my reflection at the mirror and the red eyes give me away… I shouldn’t have drank that much. I washed my face and found a tube of toothpaste. Brushed my teeth with my finger. The smell of sex was too much though and I thought I needed a shower. Well… there’s a shower here… why not? Going through the drawers I found a towel and headed to the shower. The hot water felt so good massaging my neck I let it down for a few minutes. Then I heard the front door. Damn it! I quickly closed the shower and started drying myself up. I wish I had left before this guy was here… Now there would be this awkward moment, I would tell him I was not interested in meeting anyone right now, I would leave never to return again and yada yada yada…. I wrapped the towel around my waist and opened the bathroom door. The guy was standing at the kitchen, preparing something. He turned as he heard the door. “Good morning, Leo! Or should I say good afternoon?” He was… he was not the same guy I met the other night. I mean, he seemed like the same guy but there was something different. There was the big smile I could remember. “Hey, hi. Sorry I spent the night. I had to take a shower before I left so I found this towel, sorry about that” “Oh, don’t worry, I’m happy you’re feeling home here. You should. You’ll be visiting me quite often, I hope” “I will? Ahm… Paulo, right?” “Yeah, Paulo, that’s it.” He was wearing a sleeveless shirt and shorts. It was odd though… The clothes didn’t seem to fit him well, as if they were too tight. The surfer shorts that were supposed to be by his ankles were up to his knees and really, really tight around his butt. “So, Paulo… listen… where exactly am I? Are we close to the subway or something?” “Oh no, you’re not leaving already, are you? I bet you’re hungry. I am… I woke up so hungry I ate everything I had in the house and had to leave for the supermarket to buy something else. Let me fix you something before you leave.” He turned around and walked in my direction. The way he walked seemed weird as well. Like he didn’t know how to use his own body and I had to guess the clothes were so tight it was hard for him to look comfortable. He hugged me. He hugged me and I felt his body as if it was the first time. It was hard and hot like a furnace. And he could somehow envelop me completely as I stared at eyes level with his chest. No… he wasn’t that tall before. He was like a whole head taller than me. He hugged me tighter and it actually hurt a little. Damn, he was strong – and he didn’t seem to notice that as well. “Ouch… take it easy there, Paulo” “Oh, sorry.” He kissed my forehead and went back to the kitchen. That’s when I took my time to look at how wide his back was. His lats were stretching his shirt so much there was a small rip under one of his arms. And his arms… they didn’t look bad. Easily twice the size I remembered from the night before. What? I mean… seriously… what? Yeah, I remember him sucking me. I remember cumming in his mouth. I remember him drinking it. I remember him screaming then grunting then moaning… then swelling bigger. Could that be it??? “Paulo, we need to talk. What exactly happened yesterday?” “Oh, you were THAT drunk? Well, I found you at the nightclub, you were there by yourself, looking pretty sad. We started talking, I took you here and we had the most amazing night. You fell asleep right after it so I took your clothes off and cuddled by your side. I couldn’t get any sleep though. I’ve been feeling so energized since then… I don’t know why but I was up a few hours later, put some clothes on and went running. I ran for about 2, 2 and a half hours, then stopped by the supermarket and brought us some stuff to eat.” “Oh. So you are a runner then?” “No… Never done it before. But I had to spend this energy somehow. I figured running would be fine so I went for it. I feel a little light headed though… maybe because of all the running and stuff. I’m not used to it. Do you know what it’s like when you wear someone else’s glasses? Like the floor seems to be too far from you and you feel a little dizzy? That’s how I’m feeling. Plus my clothes feel really tight. I don’t know why… Guess I’ve been putting more weight than I thought.” Then it hit me. He didn’t look at himself at all after the other night. He had no idea of what happened to his body. Well, quite frankly it did seem a little surreal to me as well. “Paulo, have you got a full length mirror?” “Yeah, just open the wardrobe’s door and you’ll find It there” “No, I mean, for you… come here” “Oh, sorry, I didn’t even brush my hair before I left. I just put the first clothes I found, didn’t light up the room ‘cause you were sleeping… Do I look that bad?” “Hm… Not exactly… Come here”. He came back to the room, walking that strange way he was walking, and looked at himself at the mirror. His jaw dropped open. He looked scared. “Oh my… what? What is it? What did you do to me?” “I… I don’t know” He kept looking at himself. The fear slowly disappearing. He caressed his face with his hand, noticing the shadow of a beard he never had before. His eyes moved to his biceps, clearly so much bigger than before. His mouth turned into a grin, he clenched his eyes a little, trying to believe on what he was seeing. He was transfixed at his image and seemed to love it. He raised his shirt, tearing it a little bit more but he got stuck. “Leo, help me with it” I pealed his shirt off of him, not being able to avoid more tearing. He took his shorts off as well, with a little bit of a difficulty to get it past his quads. “Leo… look at me” I was looking all right. I was looking at his chest. Two big slabs of muscle hanging there with a light coat of fur. His shoulders so wide he couldn’t see both of them at the mirror at the same time. His arms were hanging by his side in a 40 degree, so big and round. Not defined but definitely big. His forearms were covered in a thick black fur, just as big as his arms used to be last night. His underwear seemed so tight it was about to give up holding his round butt and a big pole of a dick. His legs, which used to be almost hairless were now covered in black hair as well and almost as big as my waist. He started caressing his own body. First his round big gut. It did seem bigger than before but was now so well balanced with his big chest that it seemed just natural to be there. He flexed his biceps and I saw the peak rising and rising. His grin grew wider. He was getting hard just by looking at himself. “Leo, come here, stand behind me” I went there. He never took his eyes away from the mirror. “Can you see anything? I can’t even see you behind me! This is… wow… this is awesome!” He got around and hugged me in a bearhug, lifting me up from the ground, not aware of his own power I left out a squeal of pain. “Oh… sorry about that. Leo, did you do this?” “I… I don’t know.” “Man, look at my face! My jaw is more squared and this beard, oh, I’m so gonna let this beard grow. Not only the beard! I’ve got hair all over my body now, and I love it! Look at how big I am!” the tip of his cock so hard it was showing over his underwear, reaching his belly button. “Leo, come here, let me show you something”. He opened the other side of his wardrobe and found deep down stacked in there a huge pile of magazines. He took them all at once and threw them over the bad. The covers read “Flex Magazine”, “Weightlifting”, etc. All those huge HUGE guys on the covers. “What are these?” “These are my deepest, most profound dreams. I never showed these magazines to anyone. I’ve always wanted to look like these guys but I never had the guts to go to a gym and actually work on it. I’ve always wanted to be this big!” I took one of the magazines which had a fitness model on the cover “this big?” “Hm, not really… maybe this big” He showed me the weightlifting magazine with this humongous guy on the cover. The name under the picture read “Dominic Filiou” and the guy was so freaking big all over he looked like a house. I got hard instantly just thinking that Paulo would consider getting so big. “See, Leo, I never had any muscle at all. Look at me now! Yesterday I had the most intense orgasm of my life. I remember feeling some pain and then it come out like a volcano. I’ve been feeling weird since then but I never worried. But look at me! I look taller as well! And look at those arms! And my chest, I’ve actually got pecs now! And they’re fucking big!” He lifted his arms in a double bicep pose and I couldn’t handle it anymore. I jumped at him and started licking him all over. Feeling the hardness of his biceps as he lifted it up and down. He soon learned how to bounce his pecs as well and buried my face between them. He grabbed me at the back of my head and guided it through his whole upper body. Though his gut seemed big and round I could feel the bumps of muscle as he rode my face through them. “I see I’m not the only one who likes being this big, huh… Hey, Leo, I’ve gotta check! Here, I’ve got a tape measure. You’re gonna measure me all over, will you?” “All right” my boner harder than ever. “Start on my arms. I want you to tell me the measurements out loud, ok? I wanna hear you saying it” “All right”. He flexed his biceps and I measured them. “19 inches” “Wow, that’s a lot, right?” “You bet it is, big guy” “Keep going” I rolled the tape around his chest then “48 inches”. His belly was 56 inches. I moved then to his quads “31 inches” and finally his calves at 20 inches. “Can you check how tall I am as well?” “Of course” He held the tape by his head and I was amazed to learn he was 6’4”. “Wow, 4 inches! I was 6’ tall just yesterday!” He hugged me again, he was so happy he couldn’t stop smiling, such a beautiful smile. And his body… so strong, so hard, so manly with all that light fur covering it. He weighed himself at 229 pounds. “Ha… this is the biggest I was when I used to be fat… hahahaha. Guess it’s not fat that’s weighing this much now, right?” He was hard all the time and I couldn’t hold it anymore. I took the tape measure and slid his underpants off, ripping them apart while trying to pass them through his quads. “And for the last measurement… your cock is 9’” He grabbed the back of my head again and this time forced me down to his shaft. I swallowed all of it, going deep into my throat. He moaned and flexed while his eyes would never move away from the mirror, all the time flexing. He was getting off on his own body. He was wondering how he could get bigger, massaging his huge pecs. Suddenly, it came to him. He grabbed me under my arms and started lifting. I felt my feet leaving the floor, dangling in the air and he held me so up high my dick was in place for him to suck me. And so he did. And he did it so powerfully I felt he could swallow me whole if he wanted to. He didn’t seem to be breaking a swat by holding my weight that high, moving my body back and forth and so he kept sucking. I held his arms, afraid I might fall off but oh… that was so good. As precum poured from my dick, I could see he was getting bigger. Though it seemed almost nothing, I felt his forearms inflating while I was holding them, afraid I might fall from this much height. The sensation was too much for me though… I came harder than last time. Stream after stream of cum flowing right into his mouth. He was swallowing all of it, not missing a single drop. As my body convulsed he threw me to the bed so hard I bounced twice before I was steady and watching it happening. He was getting bigger right before my eyes. He moaned louder, again that guttural sound that sounded inhuman. His biceps swelled bigger, his shoulders growing wider than the bathroom’s door, his pecs fighting for space as they hang over his big gut, expanding, creating this big crevice between them. His underwear snapped and tore, falling from his body. Legs so big they looked like tree trunks. The tennis shoes he was wearing started splitting and I noticed the increase in height as well. He was growing all over and as he grew taller, his muscles seemed to follow the height and swell even bigger, keeping his proportions. He looked like a professional bodybuilder in off season with that big mother of a gut swelling along with the rest of his body. Then the hair came. His beard grew thicker and the coat of fur on his pecs was not that light anymore. There was hair growing in the deep valley between his pecs and all over them, over his guts and legs, like it had always been there. Thick, black hair that accentuated his muscles even more instead of hiding them. His height stopped at the door frame, which I figured was around 6’8”. His face changed slightly as well. His jaw seemed more squared, his eyes got smaller under his big eyebrows. His moan was louder now and he couldn’t take his eyes off the mirror, touching his body everywhere, flexing his biceps, feeling the weight of his huge pecs, circling his big gut with pleasure. He had to open his legs further as they grew wider and along with them his cock was so hard by looking at his own image he seemed to be reaching his climax any time soon. I noticed this little gold necklace around his neck and I saw the little pendant rising as his traps grew alongside his engorged neck. And then he came. More than any man I’d ever seen in my life. Gallons seemed to be shooting from his cock as he convulsed his muscles harder, hitting a most muscular at the same time. “Yeah, bigger! BIGGER! LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT HOW BIG I AM” his voice deepened to a bass note, I could feel it reverberating through my own chest. “LEO, LOOK AT ME! LOOK AT WHAT YOU GAVE ME! LOOK AT YOUR CREATION! I’M BECOMING THE ULTIMATE MUSCLE GOD AND IT’S ALL THANKS TO YOU!” Thanks to me??? Okay… he seemed to be getting bigger by drinking my semen but how could it be? What’s different about my cum and anyone else’s? Of course! All the depression drugs… all these crappy drugs I was taking were somehow making me do it to him. With my body all covered in cum he laid on top of me squeezing the air out of my lungs. “Too… heavy… Paulo”. “Oh, sorry about that”. He moved by my side and enveloped me in his muscles Again, he was not shredded or anything, just plain big and muscular, like those weightlifters I’d seen on strongmen competitions. But I always thought those guys were flabby somehow. Paulo was hard, solid. And at the same time his warmth and all the hair made him comfortable. This feeling of security flowed me. I was safe. I was in my own muscle fortress and nothing bad could ever happen to me again. “Leo… thank you.” “Paulo, you’re all I ever wanted in a guy. You’re so fucking big and strong.” “I know, right? I can’t wait to see what these muscles can do. And I will milk you every hour if I have to to grow bigger. I want more. I see no limits for myself now. I could be a god. I could be bigger than anyone else in the world. I could put the biggest man in the world to shame. Think of what I can achieve by using you?” Using me? Huh? “You’re gonna make all my dreams come true, Leo. You’re gonna make me the biggest, most powerful man in the world. And there’s nothing that can stop me now”. Okay… now I was a little scared. ________________________________________ That's it for now. Hope you guys like it. Please, leave some feedback - even if it's to tell me my story sucks, I don't care. =) Tips are appreciated, give me ideas of where you want this to go, if you do at all. Thank you!
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