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  1. I've started downloading the latest Raspbian to my Pi this morning, we'll see if I get anywhere. Even if I'm able to figure the next step in getting Chronivac running, I'd consider that a success.
  2. I love the premise. A posse of ripped muscle men ready to spread the music is welcome to come see me anytime!
  3. So far I haven't heard from him since the other night, although I wouldn't be surprised if he were to at least pay a visit and expect me to give him some well deserved ALPHA respect. After making me into a BEAST like this I'm going to be ready at all times to give it to him.
  4. Man, I am so glad I ran into this – it has been something I’ve needed for a LONG time. Back when I was 18, I was 5’8” and 225lbs of lard. Over the years I’ve been able to lose most of the weight, but gaining any muscle has been an impossible hurdle with my body. At 36, I was 163lbs but still weak as fuck. Something HAD to change. Just like you said, at 9:00 I went outside and wrote the P on the door with chalk. I had a little trouble getting the chalk to stay on the door since it’s painted glossy, but managed to get the P bold enough. It didn’t take too long to gather the rest of the items, so I had them stacked up in my living room by 10:00. Thank goodness I had a book of matches in the bottom of my junk drawer – I don’t smoke and usually use a lighting torch to light my grill, so I was glad to find them. While waiting anxiously for 11 to come, I changed into some more comfortable workout clothes. About 10:45 I ventured down into the darkness of my basement, waiting for the minutes to tick by. I saw my watch tick down to 11, prompting me to draw the pentagram onto the cold concrete. My art skills are nothing to write home about, but I managed to get it looking pretty good! I had to draw it kind of large so I could fit one of my push-up handles into the center. Once the candles were in place and lit, I slid the pushup handle into the center and quickly opened the box of salt, pouring the circle around me. Thank goodness I had the extra salt from brining a turkey last Thanksgiving. Man, my heart was POUNDING at that point, nervous as hell. I had to wait a few anxious seconds until I could manage the courage. I yelled out loud, trying to make sure he could hear me from outside, “come in I’m ready!” I could hear the front door open, the squeak of the hinges undeniable. My heart racing fast, the pounding almost too loud of me to hear the creek of the stairs, step by step, as he slowly descended. My face staring down at the front of my football shirt, trying to focus on the letters so as not to look up. My hands were shaking so bad, arms feeling ice cold. “And look here, a fucking weakling…” I hear him growl DEEP above my head, “what do YOU want?” It was hard to talk through the nervousness, the fear within me, but I managed to start after stuttering a couple times. “I’m tired of being called weak sir, I can’t stand it anymore. I want to be strong, to be big, to be an alpha sir. That’s all I need, please sir…” I moan out, still incredibly nervous and scared yet relieved to say it. It seemed like the heat from his body radiated into me as he got a bit closer, kneeling down and grabbing the metal push-up handle from the center of the pentagram. Not looking up I couldn’t see what he was doing to it, but suddenly I heard him start twisting the metal, busting it apart with only a few flexes of his arms, the shards crashing to the floor loudly. It startled me, I started to moan out “please” in desperation but stopped myself, staring at the scraps spread before me. All I heard was a deep grunt before he growled out “step out of the circle,” scaring me even more – do I do it? Was he going to help or hurt me? My fear was totally consuming my mind, but because my need for this was so desperate, I forced myself to place a foot out of the circle. Another step, completely out. The heat from his body so intense it’s spanning the distance between us, I can feel it radiate into me. My eyes clamped shut, afraid to look. “Another step…” he growls again, lifting my right foot forward and feeling within inches of his obviously huge body. I hear him move around me, his muscular arms…hands…starting to clamp around my body, pulling me into his chest. The caress of his skin smooth yet tough. I moan out a mix of fear and arousal as I feel his abs push into me HARD, his arms pressing me harder and harder into his SOLID body. With a motion of his huge hand, he grabs the collar of my shirt and growls out “this is mine now…you better play football after this!” with a deep laugh, ripping my shirt of my body with one solid motion. I feel his hands push me down onto the floor as he turned, ultimately stepping toward the stairs. Just as the first step creeks, I hear him grunt one final time “that weakness is going to BURN out of your body” with a deep, guttural laugh. Before he even got to the front door, I started feeling my body heat up. Fuck man, I was sweating profusely, my body feeling nauseous. Seconds passed again and I started feeling my entire body engulfed with pain like I’m on fire, making me scream LOUD as I fall back onto the hard concrete, unable to move. My body beginning to thrash as it feels like every muscle in my body is forced to spasm, ball up, and swell. I struggle to look at my body, barely able to lift my head as I watch two huge globes of my chest rise inch after inch before my eyes. Lats forcing my arms to spread out, thighs and ass relentlessly pushing against the concrete. Sensations of snakes up and down my arms and legs as I realize how vascular I’m becoming. My voice cracking from the pain, yet I keep feeling my crotch getting harder. Harder. Harder. An uncontrollable desire building down there even though the PAIN is intense. My shorts starting to rip from the sheer size of my rod within them, precum oozing out onto my abs as they pulse out from my gut. An itching yet arousing started overcoming my entire chest, back, and face as I feel thick, black hair start filling in. Even though I couldn’t see my own face, it felt like there was a thick carpet there to show my ALPHA status. It felt like an eternity has passed yet the pain and pleasure continues as it feels like my entire body is being FORCED to PULSE with muscle, every involuntarily FLEX making it feel like my skin is stretching over huge globes within me. On the fifteenth flex it felt like my body had locked into place – LOCKED while forcing my MUSCLE to bulge – and my rod start pouring out cum, shooting it all over my pecs, face, and everything surrounding me. At some point while cumming I blacked out for who knows how long. I woke up, the cum dried all over my body, and managed to coax myself upright. My new size was so incredibly obvious…and arousing. Step after step, feeling the weight of my back, chest, arms bulging at my sides. Walking into the bathroom where I have a big mirror, I found I couldn’t see my whole body. “Fuuuuuckkkkkk” I moan out, turning and seeing a huge pec shelf protruding out my front while my ass looked like it was carved out of steel. It took some searching, but I found a measuring tape. My Fitbit scale shows 348.5. It doesn’t look like I grew in height that much, as I stand 6’ even now. But DAMN, he made me one thick brute and that’s fucking ALPHA enough to me! Bros, it’s worth it to go through the pain. Let me tell you you think you’re gonna die. But fuuuckk, afterward it’s PURE PLEASURE. Just like Astromuscle here, I’ve gotta order some new clothes. And it looks like I’m gonna have to find a local semi-pro team to play football with!
  5. Originally posted on musclegrowth.org in 2008 by rascaldawg, now known as tigerjock. August 28, 2027 9:30 a.m. While reading some of the latest scientific journals, my computer made a loud ding noise, letting me know a new order has arrived. We've been fairly busy lately, so I was hoping it would be fairly quiet today. So far, that wish isn't coming true. CLASSIFIED ORDER. RUN STANDARD SELECTION ROUTINE FOR SUBJECT IDENTIFICATION. "This is different", I think to myself, "I guess we'll find out what happens." I type in a few commands to start the computer identifying an optimal subject while I go grab a cup of coffee. After a few minutes, I hear the computer make it's loud ding noise again. "God, I wish the programmers would change that sound," I cringe, then look at the screen to find a special message. SUBJECT IDENTIFIED. IDENTITY UNAVAILABLE WITHOUT SECRET CLEARANCE. PROCEED TO LABORATORY 5 FOR MORE INFORMATION. "What? That can't be right." I hit a few keys on the computer again, yet to be greeted by the same message. "Hmmmm, I guess I'll go down the hall." I pick up my notebook and start heading down the hall, wondering what the General is up to with this order. I notice laboratory 5 has the lights on as I pass by a small window, so there's someone in there waiting. After swiping my badge and opening the door, I enter, only to find Chris and Todd standing together by some of our latest transformation equipment. "What's going on guys?" I inquire, curious to see if they knew any more than I do about this order. As I get the question out of my mouth, I seem to feel a presence behind me. Chris spoke up, "Sergeant, we have a special order that we need to fulfill. Please make this easy by not resisting. You have been recruited." "What the fuck?" I barely get out of my mouth by the time the individual behind me grabs my hands and cuffs them. After a moment of squirming around, I realize it's Zach restraining me. "Sergeant, follow my lead," he orders, starting to move me toward a gurney in the middle of the lab. Once we get to the gurney, Zach, being a big guy, practically picks me up and places me face down. As the two other guys start cutting off my BDUs and stripping off my underwear, I feel so naked and vulnerable. "Fuck," I keep thinking in my mind, "what's happening here.....why was I chosen...." "Okay Sarge, cooperate with us for a moment as we put on your compression shorts," Chris requests as he starts sliding some Under Armour compression shorts and a cup over my legs. I adjust a little as he works them tightly up over my ass, and let him grab and pull them up over my crotch. "Fuck, these are tight," I say out loud, thinking I was just talking to myself. Zach now releases my hands, but only for a moment, as he keeps holding me down as the other two help flip me over and strap down my arms and legs to the gurney. I then start to see the ceiling moving as the guys start rolling me around in the lab. I lift my head up slightly and see that I'm heading for our "Tronsform SX-3000" machine, the latest in recruiting technology. We haven't even used it yet. While my head is up, I notice the serial number RX-34-9283 printed boldly across the front of the right leg of the compression shorts. Feeling the gurney stop, I see Todd's face come into my vision, as I hear the magic phrase I used to speak to all my subjects. "Sergeant, you have been drafted. This draft is not optional and you will not resist. Is that clear?" "What the fuck is going on? Tell me, that's an order!" I yell out at him, having thought this may have been a joke up to this point. "I can't tell you, my orders no longer come from you," he firmly explains, then telling Zach, "proceed with the transformation." Having never used this new machine before, I'm unsure what to expect. Then it starts to hit me, as two bright lasers begin to shine directly into my eyes, blinding me, feeling like it's burning my retina. "FUCK!!!" I yell out as I start gritting my teeth. I can't close my eyes, my eye lids won't move. It feels as if my body is starting lock up, I'm loosing control of my arms and legs. I can't move them. Oh my god. "FUUUUCCCKKKKKK!!!!!!" I keep yelling until I feel myself loosing control of my jaw and vocal cords as well, my screams now going quiet. "The subject has been immobilized," I hear Todd say as Chris comes over and unstraps me from the bed. Chris then pics up each of my arms and legs and pulls them away from my body, arms straight out and legs far apart. While looking up, I see a black panel suddenly turn into a mirror, letting me see my body spread eagle inside the machine. The first thing I notice is that the color of my eyes has changed from a sky blue to bright red. Fuck. What did that process do to me? My mind starts to race even more, wondering what's going to happen next. "Let's start stage two," Todd commands Zach, who flips a few switches and I feel the table underneath me become electrified. As the power increases, every square inch of my skin feels like it's burning, with a visible electrical field surrounding my body. Pain doesn't even describe what I'm feeling, I can't scream, I can't move, I can't do anything but take what they're giving me. Fuck. As I feel the painful sensations increase beyond my imagination, my mind begins to shut down, and I black out. Who knows how much longer it took, but I woke up to see my 6'0" body suddenly five inches taller, shoulders wider, head bigger. My feet had to be fuckin size 14 now. But no more muscle. Chris, Zach, and Todd are all looking over at a computer screen, discussing something while I stare at my now taller body. Without notice, I now begin to feel really hot as I feel my muscles start to involuntarily twitch. Fuck, the table is fuckin electrified again. Fuck. My arms, legs, back, abs, and more all begin to tighten up and twitch uncontrollably. Fuck. God, when will this end? I start to see my arms grow a little in diameter as my pecs also start to poke out slightly, only to find the sensation increasing even more. Fuck, it's speeding up.....I keep looking at myself, seeing the muscles twitch and swell under my skin. I stare in disbelief. My pecs are now moving past a good pump into bigger than normal, my arms have got to be at least 14" now, thighs are a lot bigger than before too. Fuck. Everything's swelling. I start to see abs poking through my stomach. Fuck, abs. I never could get abs before, no matter how hard I worked out. Fuck. Six solid abs. God they hurt. Burn. What the fuck? Fuckin two more are poking out. Fuckin eight pack. Man..... My arms are now well beyond 16" and still swelling man. Beefy forearms. Triceps. Biceps. Fuck. Pecs are fuckin huge, god, huge globes on my chest. Fuckin nipples pointing down. Thighs now will rub against each other man. Still fuckin swelling too. Fuck. Gonna have to relearn how to walk. Fuck, all I can think about now is muscle. That and fuckin bein an athlete. Fuck. What fuckin sport do they have in mind for me? Fuck. God, I'll take whatever they make me into. My ass. My ass hurts. Fuck, I feel my hips lifting up. God, I'm fucking packing on muscle there too. My back. God, my back. I see it fuckin widen and thicken as I can feel my chest lifting up too. Fuck. The fuckin burn all over my body can't get any worse. It can't. Then it does, I feel like everything's on fire. Twice as much. Fuck. As it continues, I see my body start to define slightly, as all the muscles begin to firm up and take their final shape, definition becoming visible, my arms now had to be at least 18". I'm a fuckin stud. Fuck. The burning then suddenly stopped. Sudden relief was felt all over my body. I feel alive. Full of power. God, I wish they'd let me off this table. Fuck. Then I overheard Zack ask Chris to initiate phase three. "Fuckin fine tune that bod man," he said afterward, seemingly eager to see the upcoming changes. I then start to see my hair retract into my skull, leaving behind a freshly shaven head. I then feel my face start to tickle slightly as a chinstrap beard grows down my cheeks, and across my chin, giving me a tough bad ass appearance. My skin also starts to darken significantly, I guess I'm black now. Fuck, I'm hot. God, I want to fuckin jack off I'm so fuckin hot. I can't get my body out of my mind. Then I feel my cock harden inside the compression shorts. Fuckin hard. Then it starts to hurt. God, it's fuckin tight down there. So fuckin tight. Then I see the cup stretch out as if my hard rod is getting to be too big for the shorts. God, there must be a monster down there. Fuck. My senses must be heightend now as I feel my ballsack swell inside the shorts as well. Fuckin uncomfortable down there. So much fuckin pressure. I so fuckin want to cum. God, let me cum man. I beg. Fuck. Finally, I see a tribal tattoo form around my left arm as another large, bold one forms over both of my shoulders and around my collarbone. Two bright diamond earrings form in my newly pierced ears as well. I'm one tough motherfucker. Fuck. As I was staring at myself, I see Zach come into my vision and ask "so you want to know what you're about to become?" It was then I realized I now have the ability to talk again, "hell yeah" came out of my mouth. My voice surprised me, now deep and smooth. Fuck. "I'm going to have Todd put you in your gear first, then we'll take you all the way. Do it Todd." I again stare at my body and see a black Under Armour tight shirt form over my torso, while UA socks form over my feet and up my legs. The fuckin tight compression shorts expand slightly to become more comfortable and now are black with the UA logo boldly printed on the waistband. Fuck. Shoulder pads. Fuckin football man. Hard, black plastic forms over my shoulders, bulking me up for my new purpose in life. Laces in the front of the pads form, tied up tight, ready for action, while a pair of white football pants with pads form tightly around my ass and legs. Size 14 Nike football cleats appear on my feet as well, metal spikes and all. Black and white Nike football gloves form over my hands, tight yet pliable for handling the ball. God this feels so good. Fuckin football man. "What fuckin team bro?" I yell out, getting impatient from the delay in putting my jersey on my body. Then I see fabric start forming around my torso. First, it was purple, then it changed to dark blue, suddenly white, and then black. Fuck. "We're drafting you bro, teams are fighting for your skill," Todd yelled at me, "the computer's deciding your fate, it will get there soon enough." It keeps changing. Fuck. Light blue, then suddenly bright red. Then bright blue. Then finally, it changes to dark green. Fuck. It's staying dark green. The Jets? Packers? Then, I see logos begin to form. Fuckin Philadelphia man. The Eagles. Fuck. The Eagles logos are now boldly on the sides of my shoulders. Fuck. Eagles right underneath my collar. Fuck. NFL Equipment on the collar. Fuck. This can't be happening. "We're putting your name on the back fucker," Todd yelled at me, "you're fuckin Jones now." Fuck. My name is Jones. "And now, your position," he yelled at me again, as I see the numbers start to form on the front of my jersey. I can tell it ends with the number 7. Fuck, what's the first number. Then I could see it. Number 57. Fuck, that means I'm a linebacker. Fuckin unreal. I finally see a helmet start to form around my head, forming tightly around, chin strap fastened. The Eagles logo boldly displayed on my head. Fuck. "Okay Jones, get ready for the final moment of your old life." It seemed like minutes passed, but only seconds later I see the lasers invade my vision again, burning my eyes, blinding me. Fuck! Then my mind feels my old life disappearing. I'm Damien Jones. Fuckin Damien Jones, linebacker. Number 57. Fuck. Fuckin football plays flooding my mind. Tough mother fucker, nothing gets past this freight train. I feel my cock get very hard tucked inside my gear as my mind changes, my personality becomes who I have now become. My balls are ready to cum upon completion. I am ready to be a fuckin Eagle. Play fuckin football. I must accept my destiny. And then as my hard rod begins to blow, cumming endlessly, my mind erases the last bit of the old me. Fuckin football forever man. FOREVER. DAMIEN JONES REPORTING FOR PRACTICE.
  6. Originally posted on musclegrowth.org in 2008 by rascaldawg, now known as tigerjock. April 15, 2027, 10:00 p.m. I’m sitting at home watching the Cubs lose yet another game on TV when my phone rings. “Damn, what now?” I curse as I walk across the room to pick up the handset. “Sergeant, we have just received a large order,” Todd explains, “looks like we need to get together tonight.” “OK, get everyone together at 23:00 hours and send me the order so I can prepare,” I respond, excited yet irritated because my evening was interrupted. A few moments later, my phone buzzes with the receipt of a message. I open it, expecting the order details and find: CHICAGO CUBS REQUEST PARTIAL TEAM REPLACEMENT. REQUEST DETAILS:(2) PITCHERS(1) CATCHER(1) OUTFIELDER(1) 1st BASE(1) 3rd BASEALL PLAYERS MUST BE OF TOP CALIBER. CUBS ORGANIZATION GIVES PERMISSION TO OBTAIN PLAYERS FROM FAN BASE. “Wow,” I think as I read over their order. My team has never fulfilled an order of such magnitude, so this will definitely be an interesting experience. April 15, 2027, 11:00 p.m. “Guys, we have a large order to fulfill,” I begin to explain to the team, “so it’s going to require some work. First, let’s think of some ways we can get six subjects transformed into baseball studs at Wrigley Field.” Chris then offered up the suggestion “why don’t we just lure our subjects to the locker room for a prize and force it upon them there?” “Looks like we have a plan team,” I state, “so Todd, you will monitor fans as they enter the stadium and determine our prime candidates. Zach, work with the team to get some space and prep the equipment. Chris and myself will work on luring the subjects into the room. Be in your positions at the stadium 14:00 hours tomorrow. Team dismissed.” On that note, I walked out of the room with some of the most excitement I have ever experienced in this job. April 16, 2027, 2:00 p.m. Everyone is at their assigned locations, with Chris and I both standing in front of the gift shop. Fans are beginning to come into the stadium at an increasing pace just before the 3:05 p.m. game. “Todd, status check,” I radio to him. “Three subjects have entered the stadium, subject one is in section 17, row D, seat 15. Let me know when you need another target,” he quickly responds back. “Okay Chris, let’s go get one” I command as we begin heading for the subject’s seat.As we approach, we see the subject. He appears to be in his early twenties, slightly overweight, and about 5’8”. Perfect. I tap on his shoulder, ready to give my speal about it being his lucky day. “Hey there, I’m John with the Cubs. Your seat has been randomly selected for a visit to the locker room before the game. Would you like to take advantage of that?” “Wow man, that’s cool! Sure!” he exclaims excitedly, so I motion for him to follow us. As we walk, we make small talk as I find out more about him, taking notes for his future identity with the Cubs. As we walk into the designated room I ask our subject, James, to sit down in the chairs over to the side and wait a little while until everyone is present for their locker room visit. Chris and I then proceed to retrieve the remaining five subjects. It takes about five minutes to get each of them, so it’s almost 2:30 when we get back to the room. I then begin to look over our subjects as they all converse about the Cubs. I motion over to Chris and whisper to him “activate the equipment, and let me do this military style.” “Yes, sir,” he responds, and starts typing on the computer to start the process. As the equipment powers on, the behavior of the subjects changes from chatty banter into each one of them staring into the distance, almost frozen but still breathing. They are still able to think and recognize what is going on, but unable to fight nor resist my commands. “Jason Smith, stand at attention,” I announce to the group, with the first subject to the left standing up at attention. “Jason Smith, you have been recruited. Strip. Adam Rand, stand at attention. You have been recruited. Strip.” I continue instructing the remainder of them to stand and strip, resulting in a bunch of average Joes standing at attention butt naked. “Subjects, as I hand you each a pair of compression shorts and a cup, put them on your body,” I again command. Each of them took a moment to stretch the shorts over their legs, but once they were on, you could see the bold serial number printed across their right leg and ass. When we do multiple subjects at once, the shorts are critical – it tells the system which person is who. “Subjects, prepare for baseline growth.” “Commence.” Each of their bodies simultaneously tense up and begin their growth. You could see their height begin to increase as their legs and torso lengthens. Some are growing more than others to reach the team minimum height of 6’0”. As their height continues to expand, each subject’s muscle begins to become expand and strengthen while fat disappears at an alarming pace. Pecs are swelling slightly, leaving two nice bumps on each subject’s chest, and their arms circumference is expanding, leaving 13” solid upper arms and solid forearms. Their legs are also changing as they adjust to their new length, with their thighs thickening and priming themselves for running the bases. Their asses are also thickening, giving each a firm, supple bubble butt. Each subject’s body from the neck down now looks almost identical. “Your baseline growth has completed. Player assignments will now proceed.” I announce. “Jason Smith – you have been assigned number 34 to the position Starting Pitcher. Awaiting computer response.” As soon as I finished my statement, the computer’s response came from the subjects themselves. Jason responded “Number 34 acknowledged – Staring Pitcher assignment acceptable. Ready for transformation.” “Adam Rand – 28 – Relief Pitcher” “Number 28 acknowledged – Relief Pitcher assignment acceptable. Ready for transformation.” “Grant Wagner – 4 – Catcher” “Number 4 acknowledged – Catcher assignment acceptable. Ready for transformation.” “Randy Quinn – 39 – Outfield” “Number 39 acknowledged – Outfield assignment acceptable. Ready for transformation.” “Ryan Crawford – 5 – 1st Base” “Number 5 acknowledged – 1st Base assignment acceptable. Ready for transformation.” “Aaron Thomas – 21 – 3rd Base” “Number 21 acknowledged – 3rd Base assignment acceptable. Ready for transformation.” “Acknowledgment received,” I respond back, “commence transformation.”The pitchers quickly start to gain height as their growth begins. Jason and Adam’s heights begin to reach 6’6” and 6’5” respectively as their arms lengthen and stance widens to match. Their bodies begin to look extremely lean when their muscles begin to swell, their pecs and arms starting to pack on lean, dense muscle perfect for pitching. Grant the Catcher doesn’t increase in height, however, his bone structure thickens dramatically giving him more of a football player look than the rest of them. He will be ideal for withstanding runners at home plate. His entire torso is thickening with prime muscle, a six pack obviously forming with incredible definition. Meanwhile, his legs and ass are thickening just as much, becoming ready for crouching down behind the batter.Randy and Aaron, although different positions, begin to form similar body types. Both of them begin to grow in height to 6’2” with muscle forming at the same time all over their bodies. Randy’s upper arms approach 15” while Aaron’s are 14”, and both of their chests swell straight forward and fill with pectoral muscle. A nice six pack also forms on both of them while their legs prime themselves for even faster running between bases and super-athletic agility. These two players are going to be especially useful for the offense – great ability to hit the ball and get to base quicker than the defense can return the ball. Ryan Crawford’s growth however is the most spectacular. As the rest of them continue their growth, Ryan’s arms surpass Randy’s arm size and reach 17” solid guns and his chest grows to an even better size, solid and packed with power. An eight pack forms as well, defined to an extreme. His legs also swell greatly, so big they now rub together and require him to walk like a jock. Ryan is going to be the Cubs’ new franchise player, known for great work at 1st base yet hitting homers out of the park, breaking records every year. All of them continue growing, with muscle thickening and fine tuning for each of their respective positions. All of them look like gods with bodies in their prime when their cocks begin to come alive in unison. As their sexual organs swell with blood, they begin to throb, growing longer and thicker with each pulse. Randy and Aaron’s members approach 9”, while Grant and the pitcher’s cocks grow to 10”. However, Ryan the star’s cock doesn’t stop, making him the alpha of the team at 11” of prime manhood. As the cocks finish growing, each of their balls also swell as more and more cum form within. Once they expand and approach the size of golf balls, their ball sacs begin to expand and lower. While everyone’s heads begins to become proportionate to their new bodies and their jaw lines sharpen and adjust for a jock appearance, a unique flair takes over each. Jason’s hair begins to become a long and messy blonde, with a mustache and goatee forming around his mouth. Adam’s hair becomes a short buzz cut while long, neatly trimmed sideburns form down the sides of his face. Ryan and Aaron both become bald, with Ryan getting a full mustache and goatee. Grant’s hair then becomes black and a messy medium length with a goatee forming on his chin while Randy’s hair becomes and extremely short buzz cut, giving him a boy next door appearance. Aaron’s appearance then begins to take a significant change as his skin begins to become darker and darker. As the color change becomes more drastic, it’s clear he’s becoming African-American. “Subjects, status check,” I announce, with each of them giving me the affirmative response “Physical transformation complete. Ready for psychological programming.” With that I begin, stepping in front of Aaron. “Aaron Thomas, 3rd Base. Initiate position programming and awareness of self.” He responded with “acknowledged,” and begins to perform many different actions as if he was playing the sport. Evidentially the computer was taking an active approach toward training these guys, making them go through the motions as if they were really playing the sport. After about thirty seconds of him running around the room, Aaron responds with “position programming complete” and I then command “Personality programming commence.” As it proceeds, Aaron’s eyes twitch painfully as if he’s having a seizure while he stands in silence, learning the virtues of being a tough jock and professional athlete.I then proceed with the process for everyone else with the exception of Ryan - he’s special. The pitchers act like they’re throwing pitches, Grant the catcher catching balls and tagging players out at first base. Randy acts like he’s running to catch the ball in the outfield. They all act out hitting home runs, then begin to learn in silence their new personalities while their eyes twitch painfully. I then approach Ryan. Being the franchise player of the team, he is going to get finer treatment. I command to him “Proceed with 1st base training, collective mode on.” He then seems to come alive as his hands cover his face as he screams in pain as if his brain is going to explode. His brain is being injected with the collective knowledge of the five best 1st base position players in the majors. All at once. Every neuron is struggling with the stress his brain is undergoing as they begin split into two and establish more connections. As his screaming begins to quiet, I then issue another command “Proceed with home run training, collective mode on.” Just like earlier, his brain begins to be programmed with the collective knowledge of the masters such as Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa, and Hank Aaron. The screaming intensifies even more as he nervous system is in overload. Nerves also begin to extend from his spinal cord through his torso into the arms, finely connecting his muscles to a mind made for home runs. Ryan’s optic nerve and eyes also begin to form intricate connection to his brain for exceptional high speed vision and response. With the major changes to Ryan complete, I then command him to begin personality programming, and his eyes begin to twitch fast in silence. As each player finishes their programming, they make a confirmation that everything is complete – “Transformation complete. Waiting for instructions to exit transform mode.” All the players except for Ryan are done, and he continues for much longer due to the significance of himself to the team.“Franchise player transformation complete. Issuing command to other subjects to exit transformation mode,” comes out of Ryan’s mouth as each player begins to wake up from his trance, Ryan being last. On that note, my team leaves the room into an adjacent room with a window, where we watch the rest unfold. “Hey guys, let’s go out and win this game,” Ryan spouts out, “after we take care of a few things. Cocks out!” On that note, all of the players begin to pull out their cocks and pleasure each other. Aaron and Grant get together and stroke each other’s member, while Jason and Adam 69 each other. Ryan and Randy watch the rest and stroking their cocks until they cum for what seems like hours. The moment each of the team members came, the fans outside waiting for the game to start began to undergo some changes themselves. Those that wore Cubs jerseys found that the player names and numbers on the back changed to that of the new players, with Ryan Crawford’s number 5 jersey becoming the most popular. “Damn guys, you all will always get me off! Let’s get dressed and out to the field!” Ryan commanded, motioning them to enter the locker room. It’s ironic that they’re finally getting their locker room visit as a player!
  7. Originally posted on musclegrowth.org in 2008 by rascaldawg, now known as tigerjock. April 5, 2027, 8:45 a.m. It’s been a week or two since we last obtained a recruit, so my team has been getting quite anxious to do another. It’s usually slow this time of year since baseball season has started and basketball is coming to an end. Early this morning an order came in for a hockey player. Usually, orders for hockey players don’t come in this late in the season, but one of the teams is hurting really bad for a new defenseman. SPORT: 165 – Hockey (National Hockey League)POSITION: C923 – Defenseman – Left PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: (_) CUSTOM(X) AUTO-SELECT (CHOOSE OPTIONS BELOW)(X) AUTOMATIC AVERAGE, TOP FIVE PLAYERS OF POSITION (CURRENT)(_) AUTOMATIC AVERAGE, TOP FIVE PLAYERS OF POSITION (HISTORICAL)(_) DUPLICATE EXISTING PLAYER (CLONING FOR INJURY REPLACEMENT) AGE: 26 Now, it’s time to see what the computer comes up with. I’ll have to go get a cup of coffee while I wait. SUBJECT: CRAIG JOHNSONAGE: 18ADDRESS: 3231 Lily Drive, Dallas, Texas I walk up to the computer to find our subject has been identified. Looks like we’ll be traveling to get to him, so I start making some calls to get the team together. 11:30 a.m. The team is driving down the interstate in our equipment filled van. Todd is driving with Chris, Zach, and myself all strapped into the back trying to pass the time away. April 6, 2027, 10:00 a.m. Phew! It’s been a long drive and we’re ready to get started. Our operations require us to take the van everywhere since we can’t necessary take our recruit out in public. Craig is moving around inside the house and it doesn’t appear his parents are home, so we’re preparing to deploy shortly. Chris is changing into street clothes from his BDUs so he won’t be as obvious when Craig answers the door. 10:15 a.m. It’s time. Chris is at the front door ringing the bell and the rest of us are around the corner where we aren’t visible. As the subject begins to answer the door, Chris tries to engage him in a short conversation, topic unknown. Chris then pulls out a tranquilizer gun and shoots the subject in the stomach. As the tranquilizer kicks in, Craig begins lunge at Chris while we are approaching, guns drawn. The two struggle for a moment until the subject goes unsteady and falls to the floor. The tranquilizer we use is very quick acting but not long in duration, so we begin to move quickly. “Team, get him into the van – we need to get out of here fast,” I command, with Todd picks up the subject and carries him to the van. Chris, Zach, and I quickly scan the area for any possible evidence left behind and run back to the van to get out of here. 11:15 a.m.Since this subject is so far away from our lab, the team has to make do with our mobile equipment. We’re at a sleezy hotel on the outskirts of town, Chris and Zach are setting up the equipment as Todd and myself are prepping the subject. This 18 year old kid is prime material for the process. We cut off his Abercrombie and Fitch clothes, finding a very attractive and lean body as he lays in bed. I noticed Todd had a hard on while he was taking off the subject’s underwear. I then install a tight pair of Under Armour compression shorts on his body with a cup. Boldly printed cross the front of the right leg and his ass is his new serial number HK-06-C4977. Todd then spreads his legs and arms apart, straps them down, and announces that the subject is now ready for the change. I approach Craig with some smelling salts and he begins to wake up. As he regains awareness of my presence and his surroundings, he begins to struggle against the restraints as I begin my speech. “Craig, my name is John and I’m with the Department of Athletic Resources. You have been drafted to become a player in the National Hockey League, position defenseman. This draft is not optional and you will not resist. Is that clear?” “What do you mean?” he asks, confused. Responding with a straight and stern voice, I explain “you are becoming a hockey player. A bad ass jock. It’s pretty simple, so we’re going to start while you think it over.” With that comment, I motion over to Todd to begin the process. The equipment surrounding the bed then begins to bath the subject in a bright red light as his body below the neck freezes in place. As the red light intensifies, a blue light begins to scan the body from the feet up, leaving behind stunning changes. As it passes over his feet, they begin to crack loudly and expand, widening and painfully becoming size 12. You could tell he is screaming in pain from his facial expressions, but no sound is coming out as the beam moves up his body. The beam begins to move over his ankles and into his legs as bones continue to crack and lengthen. Muscle is also expanding violently as the beam moves slightly faster up and passes over his knees. As his knees sound like they are being shattered with a club, they reform and strengthen to accommodate his new height, weight, and the demand hockey will place on them. The beam now begins to expand and encompass both thighs. The femur begins to shatter into multiple pieces as the muscle stretches the bone to bring his height now to 6’0”. Muscle also begins to blow his thighs up like a balloon, adding inch after inch of defined circumference to his new lower body. The blue beam then begins to fade as a yellow beam takes over, centering over the subject’s genitals. As the yellow light begins to pulsate, his cock begins to swell and fill of blood. Meanwhile, the subject’s head is thrashing around like he’s having a seizure – the sign of more and more nerves connecting his cock to his brain. The cock continues swelling beyond it’s original size, growing in diameter and length until it reaches 10” inside the cup and begins to creep out the top of his compression shorts. His balls also begin to fill the bottom of the cup, swelling with semen and testosterone for the rest of the transformation. The blue beam then returns, encompassing the subject’s pelvic bone and ass. As the cracking noises of bone continue, you can tell his hips are readjusting for the perfect configuration for hockey. The glutes begin swelling as well, lifting up his body from the bed as the muscle packs on thicker and thicker. Now encompassing the subject's entire upper body, it gradually begins to glow brighter and brighter, almost blinding. Every muscle – back, abs, pecs, biceps and triceps – begins to contract all at once, causing almost every bone in his upper body to break. All of the muscle then begins to swell and thicken, adding strength second by second to this future star’s upper body. With each muscle getting bigger, the remains of his bones and vertebra begin to stretch and reform, giving him the frame needed for the constant hits of hockey. Giving him the weight needed to plow into the opposing team. The beam now begins to dim slowly, leaving behind a solid 6 pac and two humongous pecs with skin stretched tightly over them. His back also shows much muscle definition, with the large lats complimenting his wide shoulders. His arms also lengthened dramatically, becoming perfectly proportional to his now 6’3” body with 17” upper arms and and almost as thick forarms. An orange beam now begins to encompass his head and neck as they begin to reform and enlargen. The subject’s skull swells to become slightly larger as his nose breaks and reforms, leaving behind the fact that his nose has been sacrificed for the sport. As his neck thickens with muscle, his eyes also begin to optimize themselves to see the puck as they change to a stunning bright blue. The hair on his head start to retract into his head as rough stubble form on the face, giving him a extremely tough appearance. Just before the orange beam fades, it begins to pulse with bright light as it begins mental programming. All of the subject’s nerves begin to synchronize with his brain for playing hockey, the ability to skate, ram opposing players into the wall, and shooting game winning scores. Meanwhile, a new personality begins to take hold, leaving Craig the burning desire to win and dominate on the rink and off. Finally, a green laser then scans from his head down and disappears, leaving behind this jock’s new clothes. Now dressed in a form fitting Colorado Avalanche t-shirt with his name JOHNSON and number 16 on the back, a pair of Adidas basketball shorts, an Avalanche ball cap, and a pair of Nike Shox, the new athlete begins to awaken from the procedure. As I motion for his attention, I announce “Congratulations Craig, you are now officially a professional athlete. How do you feel?” “Fuck man,” he begins to tell me in his deep attractive voice, “I’m fucking horny, can I suck your cock? “I’d see no problem in that,” I respond, opening the fly on my pants and pulling out my nine incher for some jock pleasure. As he teasingly sucked me dry, the rest of the team stood around the both of us jacking off at the sight of this new stud.
  8. Originally posted on musclegrowth.org in 2008 by rascaldawg, now known as tigerjock. I guess you could say I’m a recruiter. Just not a recruiter of the willing. To give you a little history, back in 2025 students choosing careers in professional athletics declined significantly because of ongoing wars and the lure of high paying technical jobs, leaving a tremendous number of fans but not enough “pro” quality athletes. After a tremendous amount of lobbying from baseball, football, hockey, and several other sports, Congress secretly initiated a draft to get more professional athletes. I’m sure you’re going to ask – how can you “draft” a pro athlete? Good question! A doctor working for Major League Baseball designed a new process a few years ago that instills our subjects with “a gift” for their particular assigned sport and changes their bodies to what the pro teams need. So where do I come in? I’m Josh, and I work for the United States Department of Athletic Resources. I’m part of the team that does the dirty work, getting the guys each of the teams request and building them to their specifications. Of course, because this program is confidential, my draftees can’t know about what is going to happen to them. And so, these are my stories…. ------ January 25, 2027 We just received another order for a recruit, so I’m working on identifying our subject. The recruiting process isn’t a random number or anything like they would for the military draft – actually, it’s based off of DNA and how they will react to the process. The computer helps a lot, so I enter in the specs for the end result I need: SPORT: 132 – Baseball (Major League) POSITION: A223 – Offense – Designated Hitter (American League) PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS: (_) CUSTOM (X) AUTO-SELECT (CHOOSE OPTIONS BELOW) (X) AUTOMATIC AVERAGE, TOP FIVE PLAYERS OF POSITION (CURRENT) (_) AUTOMATIC AVERAGE, TOP FIVE PLAYERS OF POSITION (HISTORICAL) (_) DUPLICATE EXISTING PLAYER (CLONING FOR INJURY REPLACEMENT) AGE: 27 It used to take me forever when I had to manually enter the physical characteristics, but the geniuses over in IT were able to do a little statistical work with the auto-select settings. It takes a bit for the computer to search, so meanwhile I read the news and make a few phone calls until it comes up with the information I need. SUBJECT: JASON DENT AGE: 29 ADDRESS: 4423 OAK RIDGE DRIVE CHICAGO, IL 55232 SUBJECT DEMOGRAPHICS: WHITE MALE, 5’11”, 275LBS, OVERWEIGHT, COMPUTER TECHNICIAN, SINGLE, NON ATHLETIC. Great! I really like it when my subject is single, makes the whole process easier. Meanwhile, I need to make a few phone calls to my team to setup our steak out. January 26, 2027, 11:45 p.m. I have a team of four guys here, including myself – I act as command; meanwhile Todd is our computer expert, Chris is the medical guru, and Zach is in charge of tactical defense. We’re all inside our large van filled to the brim with equipment, sitting outside of the subject’s home. One of our standard procedures is to quietly enter the subject’s home in the dark of night and initiate the process with minimal interaction. Occasionally we encounter an awake and unwilling subject, so we are all armed with guns, tazers, and several top-secret devices we’re testing for the military. It looks like the subject is still awake and using his computer, so we continue to wait. January 27, 1:00 a.m. The subject went to bed at approximately 12:15, so we’ve been waiting for him to get sound asleep. It’s time to head in, so everyone’s psyched and prepped themselves for deployment. Since it’s especially dark outside (we had the power company shut off the street lights), we’re wearing our night vision glasses. We move quietly up to the front door, where I let Zach start to pick the lock. It only takes him a few seconds to do it, and the door is open so we quietly start to move in. I begin to locate the subject’s bedroom with it’s wide open door and walk inside, noticing the subject was sound asleep and evidentially not sensitive to bumps in the night. Motioning the other guys to enter one by one, they walk into the room and stand with me, two on each side of the bed, ready to pounce. I give Chris the nod, and quickly put my hand firmly on the subject’s head while Chris inserts a pen-like sedation device into the subject’s nostrils and injects. The subject awoke with a sudden jolt, but thankfully Zach and I were able to hold him down for a few seconds while the sedation took effect, leaving the subject relaxed and ready for the procedure. “Chris and Todd, why don’t you cut off his pajamas and prep him for movement while Zach and I take care of something?” I order, pulling Zach outside the bedroom. “Zach, I have a special job for you when we’re done with Jason here. Meet me at my office after the process and we’ll talk more.” “Okay, cool,” was all he could respond, walking back into the bedroom to help the other guys out. They had gotten the pajamas cut off plus they dressed the subject in a very tight pair of Under Armour compression shorts with a cup, his serial number printed boldly on his ass and across the front of his right leg – BB-23-A9432. Meanwhile, I headed outside while Todd carries the subject out of the house and into the van. I helped him situate the subject into a special containment bed – it basically spread their arms and legs out and with restraints prevented from movement while being shipped. Todd was the biggest guy of the group so he always got roped into carrying the subject out - at least he was useful for more than computer work! January 27, 3:30 a.m. Transport of the subject to our facility was uneventful, thank goodness. We have Jason Dent here in his containment bed and the guys are ready to get the ball rolling. We do about three of these a week, but it’s still exciting every time we do one because we get to see the up and coming stars blossom into their new career. We enjoy watching the process unfold while the subject is awake – there is something about watching a guy transform unwillingly that turns us all on. While Chris injects Jason with the sedation antidote, Todd pulls up Jason’s profile and begins to program the physical changes into the computer. Jason wakes up, groggily asking what is going on when I approach and give my standard speil. “My name is John and I’m with the Department of Athletic Resources. You have been drafted to become a Major League Baseball player, position Designated Hitter. This draft is not optional and you will not resist. Is that clear?” He started to squirm in the containment bed, yelling profanities and demanding to be let free, the restraints holding him in quite nicely. “You will not resist, is that clear?” I repeated again, only to get more resistance. “Okay Jason, we’re going to continue without your cooperation or not. Prepare in five, four, three, two….” I yelled at him, nodding to Todd to begin the process. A bright glow began to beam from equipment in the ceiling, encompassing the subject’s body. “Proceeding with height and skeletal transformations” Todd said to us as the subject’s body begins to tremble slightly as his legs begin to lengthen and feet become size twelve. Meanwhile, his pelvis begins to widen and grow, increasing his stance but still retaining a very athletic proportion. The subject begins to scream at the top of his lungs as his spinal cord and rib cage begin to expand, vertebra expanding in size one by one from his tailbone up. As the growth reaches his shoulders, his shoulder blades widen greatly – with a little muscle, this player will be intimidating at the plate. The growth then continues down his arms, lengthening them to perfect proportion and growing his hands for a perfect bat grip. Once his hands were completed, the vertebra in Jason’s neck continue to grow while his jawbone and skull reform, leaving him with a sharp jawline and a very prominent face. Meanwhile, the subject’s voice runs dry and continues to breathe heavily. “That stage is completed boss – he’s now 6’3”, want to continue?” Todd asks me, and I nod yes to Chris, prompting him to start two IVs into the subject’s arms. The IVs are full of protein that will be needed in the next stage. “Okay Todd, begin the musculature stage with his pecs,” I stated, “I want to see some violent muscle growth here.” With that, as a red laser beam encompasses the subjects pectoral muscles and his face begins to wince in pain, the muscles begin to expand violently with each muscle spasm, increasing their size dramatically. “Damn, I always like watching the chest on these baseball hitters grow, it’s so hot,” I say to myself admiring the subject’s shelf form, causing his nipples to point straight down. “Do abs next Todd!” I yell over the machine, with him nodding. The laser moves onto the subject’s ab muscles, and in practically one violent spasm of growth, an eight pack appears. I almost cum in my BDUs that instant. Todd continues initiating each group of muscles with the rest of us watching in amazement. The subject’s back begins to expand, filling out to extreme proportions, and his arms begin their quest for greatness as well. As his biceps reach 22”, his forearms also grow to extra large size, ensuring there will be plenty of power for belting homers out of the park. Finally, his legs and ass are up next. The previous changes had stretched the compression shorts he is wearing quite a bit, but as his ass expanded with pure muscle, they stretched even farther, making for a nice bubble butt perfect for form fitting uniform pants. His legs then exploded with muscle, perfect for the incredible speed he will need for running the bases. “Damn, this kid is hot!” I yell to the guys, excited that we now have eye candy to look at. I walked up beside the subject and flipped a switch, turning on a mirror for him to see himself. “Jason Dent, this is your new body. Congratulations on being drafted! How do you like it?” I asked. “Uh, what happened? I don’t look like this!” he frantically said, not believing what the mirror was showing. “Yes you do look like this – now, we’re going to hurry up and finish what you’re here for – making you into an awesome baseball player. Todd, get the mental stuff going, NOW!” I yell, eager to watch the rest of the show. “Beginning situation and mental modifications now,” he responded, as the red laser beam reappered, directed into the middle of Jason’s forehead. While the system was feeding Jason knowledge about baseball statistics, game rules, jock personality, identity, and fine tuning his body for his Designated Hitter position, another laser begins to slowly move down his body, leaving behind his player uniform. Jason Dent, number 26, Designated Hitter for the Boston Red Sox. As the final laser faded away, Dent fell unconscious as I walked up to him and gently undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants, and opened his fly. It is time to celebrate. I pull down his tight compression shorts and slowly stroke his newly 9” baseball jock cock, making it hard and begin sucking it. As I suck, the other guys walk up to him and open up their crotches for some enjoyment as well. As I suck Dent, he begins to spasm as if he’s going to cum. “Oh yeah!” I moan, as his cum starts to shoot down my throat for what seemed like five minutes. Once he was dry, I join the guys and jack off to the sight of a major league baseball player in the prime of his career. We all begin to cum about the same time and squirt all over his Red Sox jersey, leaving a mess. We don’t care, he’ll just get it dirty by sliding to base anyway. While the rest of us clean up, Chris wakes Dent up and takes him to the lobby where the team manager was there to pick up his prized recruit. He didn’t care how they became good players – he just needed a few good men. January 27, 5:27 a.m. Zach comes into my office and shuts the door. “Zach, I needed to talk to you because I have a special job for you – I would like for you to willingly go through the procedure,” I stated. “I’ve had some special requests for the right person to become Grade A athletic beef……..”
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