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  1. howardbeatman

    AdonisObsessed's Daily Caption Journal. (Moved over to 'Blogs')

    Why does Neil have shirts that are too big for him? The only reason people wear clothes that are not the right size is that they have choice in choosing their own clothes. You can easily add a line to explain why this is true for Neil.
  2. howardbeatman

    Best coffe in town 2

    Nitpick: if you have no food in your refrigerator, you go to a grocery store or a restaurant, not a coffee shop. Yes, I know, it's just a narrative trick to get your protagonist to the coffee shop... but why use a nonsensical one?
  3. howardbeatman

    Uncanny Sex-Men

    I don't know if Stan Lee would be amused or horrified by the title.
  4. howardbeatman

    Halloween Idea

    'Kimball Kinnison"? People are cosplaying a pulp-novel character from 70 years ago? Maybe it IS true that everything comes back into style...
  5. howardbeatman

    Secret gay code in old Muscle Mags...?

    Most of those photos are not of bodybuilders. And the "symbols' are all hand-written... in the same hand.
  6. howardbeatman

    Muscle suit version 2

    Good job, but I do suggest padding the forearms.
  7. howardbeatman

    Muscle Fetish Con/Convention?

    I've been going to science-fiction conventions for decades... and have heard many conversations about what is appropriate (or not) in what setting...and it seems to me that ANY sort of public venue is wrong for the type of activities that muscledrain suggests. The best location would probably be a large private house to get around any worries about "the public". Arpeejay's suggestions could be additional activities for attendees who are willing to pay for them.
  8. The term is "board shorts", since they were first used by surfboarders.
  9. howardbeatman


    That short story was made into a movie a few years ago - the title is "Predestination" - but the female lead is miscast and they've added a 'terrorist' subplot BECAUSE THEY CAN'T LEAVE HEINLEIN THE HELL ALONE!!
  10. howardbeatman

    An Encounter with Matt

    Sorry, I meant "300 lbs. at seven-feet-tall"...
  11. howardbeatman

    An Encounter with Matt

    Realistically, even 400 lbs. at seven-feet-tall is not really that big. Shaq is that height and weight - if he's not standing next to someone, he looks like a big guy but nothing striking.
  12. howardbeatman

    The assembly line : Second station

    The movie AN AMERICAN WEREWOLF IN LONDON was the first to depict a werewolf transformation as being truly painful as opposed to the traditional "uncomfortable". Any short-term physical transformation would, in fact, be quite painful.
  13. howardbeatman

    The assembly line : Second station

    There was a commercial some years ago of an assembly line which turned guys into muscular hunks and gals into bimbos.
  14. If you live in an apartment complex or large apartment building, there may be a "fitness room" with some treadmills and simple weight machines. If so, this may be a better place to start than a gym. Two reasons: few renters use fitness rooms (you won't be worried that many people are looking at you) and you won't have to pay gym fees (although you may have to pay a deposit for the key). For those who are terrified that people will look at them and judge them - most people are way too concerned with their own fears and feelings to spend one second looking at you!
  15. howardbeatman

    The new grower: Part one

    Well, the old plantation homes in the southern US are pretty close to manor houses.

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