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    huge muscle!
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    5’7” 190
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    other guys into muscle growth
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    6’8” 400!!!
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    adman and massx
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    Cutler, Molnar
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    the hulk

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  1. What’s up guys? What’s going on?
  2. hey im returning after a while away = how do ppl chat on this these days?


  3. 6'8 and #400 is pretty damn nice!  i'd love to experience that.  no limits 

  4. thanks for the message--me? big prison guard here into lifting mad wrestling--would be interested in meeting up sometime soon?/ thanks


  5. How's it going ?

  6. New York here! 

  7. Hey how are you ?  Where are you ?

    1. MuscleHulkPup


      Great thanks buddy. Im in UK Manchester / London

  8. hit me up, nyc here!



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