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  1. Scientically speaking, is it possible or will surgery always be necessary?
  2. I have Gimp on PC, Picsart on tablet, but I need something to make collage morphs (putting body parts together, like Lunette's morphs) and these programs are not so good for them. Does anybody know any software? What is the best program to grow muscles and add definition (e.g. light, shades, striations...)? Are they free?
  3. Is it possible to have just the body customization engines of a game without downloading all the game? I know It may sound strange, but there are a lot of games that are too heavy for my pc and what I am interested in is above all the muscle customization. For example, just the customization of "Wee 2017" or "Wee 2018".
  4. http://monstercockland.com/79132/hung-muscle-big-cock-selfer/
  5. Maybe the most NSFW videos you will ever see. Warning! If you can't cum at the moment, watch at your own risk! https://www.bing.com/videos/search?q=mariohunk+OR+"adonis+lover"&FORM=HDRSC3
  6. on top of humiliation. I made him admit how weak and puny he was. He loved every minute of it. I loved tossing him around. It made me feel even hornier and I loved the feeling that gave me! The thing is, it all depends on the person. Body dysmorphia comes from a lack of self esteem, yes. But most people that have it aren't looking for other people toù actively tell them how small they are. Most of the time, it's guys that reach a certain size and other people constantly tell them they are getting bigger. The issue comes from childhood, from early development. I have had this issue most of my life on a minimal level but with me gallavanting all over the world teaching in areas without gyms, I had to make due for being simply fit most of the time (now is one of those times) However, I know a friend...one of my best friends, who never thinks of himself as big enough and we have had many very deep conversations about it because it was affecting his happiness. So with some people, yes, that happens. But this site in no way affects that. It promotes dreams. It promotes happiness. Muscle makes me happy. Stories where characters get humiliated usually turn me on. I draw the line at intense physical violence, but that's me. Other people get turned on by that, too. But we aren't promoting violence, either. Fiction is fiction and with erotic fiction, it comes from the id. The id is not about reason. It is about wanting immediate fulfillment and that is not reasonable. That's why I jack off to outrageous fantasies of bodybuilders dominating everyone around them, and the world accommodating them and even applauding them for it. It gives me great happiness and makes me hard as hell. The link between humiliation fantasy and body dysmorphia is non existent. Body dysmorphia comes from real life trauma, from rejection by society or family, or an event or events that triggered a reaction of constant...well, I wouldn't call it self-hate so much as a deeply unsatisfied ego. People that can't give themselves credit or see themselves as others see them because they are stuck in a period of their lives where that sensation and feeling was intensified. Hoarders also experience this to some degree in the opposite direction, in that when they hoard things they are usually hoarding memories of a better time in their lives. For them, it's inverse and they are desperately trying to relive happier times. With body dysmorphia, the individual is constantly reliving moments where they didn't think they were big enough because of a complicated series of interactions at a pivotal time. Fantasy and erotic fantasy, hell even lifestyles where you have dominant and submissive men living their lives together in a way that most people don't, with strict authoritarian personal lives, are fulfilling a goal towards happiness. Most bodybuilders are also doing this, following a goal that makes them feel great, sexually satisfied and a "better version" of themselves. This idea gets intensified on this site quite a lot. But are we to blame? No. And from what I've seen, this site does nothing but encourage its users to get bigger to make themselves happy, as well as make us happy. That's really the icing on the beefcake though, if you will. Make me respond to your post with this one, even if it won't be so well written and explained as yours. Forgive some mistakes. I agree that fantasy doesn't have to do with reason but with our irrational mind ("id", as Freud called it), but that doesn't mean there is not a reason behind that fantasy. We don't see it, because it is somehow hidden, not explicit (unconscious). Fullfilling that fantasy is not the solution to our real needs/problems. Furthermore, even if there may not be a link between humilation fantasy and dismorphia (I cannot think of one now), there is definitely one between humiliation and dismorphia. As you said, dismorphia is caused by low-self esteem, which is caused by a negative conviction about yourself acquired in a very important moment of your life. Dismorphia makes you feel insignificant and, when you happen to compare to muscular men, you feel humiliated. You are attracted to them, you need them, but they make dislike yourself, even if they don't want to.
  7. I am not just speaking of my own troubles and I am not saying that we only care about muscles. You are missing my point. I am saying that this media affects you anyway. It strengthens our convictions both if you are aware and not aware of this. You don't have to think of the fantasies as real to be affected by them negatively. Rationally you know they are just fantasies, but your irrational parts create a strong emotional bond with them.
  8. Forgive me if I make some mistakes: I am not a mother tongue. I don't want to blame neither the owner of this site nor anyone who is a moderator and is engaged in running it. I have been a member of this site for years, am a lover of these forums myself and have posted some erotic content on it. It's beautiful to know that there are other people that are so obsessed with muscles and that I am not the only one. This site was created for people like us not to feel alone, but it promotes dysmorphia, lack of self-esteem and frustration. You can't deny it: even if you enjoy this site just as a fantasy and a place to be motivated to bodybuilding, those images, those videos, those stories are unachievable fantasies that seem possible, something you inevitably compare with, and you feel frustrated and inferior. Also, motivation isn't real motivation: I think showing how big you got won't really help other people, but it will make them more insecure, expecially if they are sensitive. I think the problem is that there is something masochistic and sadic about this site: we are all here, because we enjoy being humiliated and "humiliate".
  9. Is it possible to get only the character creator systems of a videogame without the game? This is what matters to me mostly, expecially when I am not interested in the game. I just discovered "Black desert" creator used to be downloadable for free, but the promotion has expired! Too bad I missed it!
  10. I think everybody on this forum craves for a game like this: a game where you can create your character as you want (with a good character creation engine) and transform him (for example, make some parts of his body grow, make him taller, more ripped, hairier...) while having sex. Is there a game like this?
  11. What's strange? Some of these are my youtube compilation.
  12. Bump! Let's post on this thread. It has potential! What's the hottest thing you have seen on the web? Something that made you cum with no hands or made you shake for arousement?
  13. I wish people could choose how to look like thanks to science without losing their humanity. That would be hot. These are just objects! Can you hear a real heart beating in "his" chest?
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