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  1. I am looking for that one too. Kid's name if Tim I think
  2. muscular neighbor becomes surrogate father to Tim and they go on a camping trip and Tim cannot keep his hands off of his neighbor. Anyone remember this one?
  3. Thanks for the follow!

  4. Thanks for the follow.

  5. Great opinion on " Am I too sexually addicted to muscle?"  Also, LUV the last comment about never voting Republican.  So true...that is unforgivable


    1. MuscleDaddyMark


      Thanks man...I appreciate your appreciation!

  6. Father is found in yard lifting construction machinery when son comes home from college. Mom divorced dad because he was getting too big. Son is gay and blown away at sight of his dad. Dad and son do some worshiping. Does this sound familiar to anyone?
  7. Thanx for the follow

  8. Thanks for following me.

  9. luv the story. keep it going. How far will "master" want to take his size? I can't wait to see.
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