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    Outside of MGS,my hobbies are nature & nature walks,local history & history walks,films,adventure novels..etc. In the world of MGS,for which i've been a member for 120 years,--Muscles on young men,bigger muscles on ym..morph art..!!
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    215lb.. .
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    Peace & Harmony
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    I don't have a goal,other than staying as healthy as i can.. I like admiring the stats in others..and the muscle ;}
  • Favorite Stories
    The Flexorcist,The Invasion,Growing Boys at UMic,The Hims,.The SuperFlu Pandemic

    1) Stories where the protaganist CANNOT,or does not grow/change,while OTHER characters to grow HUGE (& enjoy it!).2) MASS GROWTH.More than one of the OTHER characters growing.

    3} Reality Shift,where only the protaganist is aware,and all other characters are UNAWARE
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
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    Bodybuilding ALPHA MALE TOPS ie: Aggressive,Dominant.TATTOOED,HAIRY

    Never liked little guys dominating BIG Bodybuilders.If yo;re HUGE,use it to dominate the little wimps.!

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  1. elysiumfields

    GymJunkie Muscle Comic/Stories (December Comic - UPDATED 12/14/18)

    Hot work dude.! Kinda odd that i'm put off by mature hillbilly bearded daddies,but am so turned on by hairy middle aged daddies and young men,ie working class daddies. Mmmm,hairy muscle pecs and stubble.
  2. elysiumfields

    Tumblr's major upcoming changes

    I had thought of imagebam for just images,but that does not look the best option.?
  3. elysiumfields

    Mardi Gras Muscle Pt3

    I have some ideas but bear with me .Struggling with real life at the moment!
  4. elysiumfields

    Muscle Scent- MGSS

    Me likey.. Could have had him turning EVEN MORE MEN HUGE as he tried to flee before he eventually changed,but still freaking hot anyhoo1
  5. elysiumfields

    Rush Hour Muscle

    Rush Hour Muscle: Version Two Here is a further mass muscle growth short.. This time its on the bus. Hope U like it.. I sat at the Bus stop,glancing down at my watch.It was 5.30pm. I had been sitting here for well over half an hour waiting for the bus to come,so i can get home,and gradually other commuters mingled around the bus stop building up into a small crowd. The road was heavy and bustling with slow moving rush hour traffic,and perhaps this was what was holding up the bus further down i suppose. It was a warm summers day and several hours yet until night fall,so i did not have to sit here in the winter when nights were shorter,shivering in cold weather. I could see some of the drivers in the cars and vans looking bothered and hot,some blaring their horns to try and get the traffic moving as they became more irritable. Eventually after a few more minutes waiting,the bus came around the corner of the road. It stopped with a hiss and the doors creaked open. I could see the bus was already quite full and the windows were steamed up with the heat from inside,even with most of the little slot windows opened up. I waited as the passengers before me got on..then managed to squeeze myself on before the driver refused to allow any more passengers on. I fought my way down the aisle and quickly grabbed a free seat at the back of the bus and settled down for the 15 minute journey home. The bus set off on its route,crawling slowly into the traffic. I wiped the steam off the window by my seat and peered out at the the world,trying not to oggle the cute young twentysomething guy with the backpack who had chosen the seat beside me. He was gorgeous.!! With flirting glimpses,i furtively eyed him up. He was light olive skinned, definately a latin stud.. Fairly long messy raven black hair,a strong slim face with full thick lips,and a silver stud pierced just below his bottom lip. Lean and muscular beneath the dark green tee he wore,drawn tightly over his strongly defined chest,a hint of dark chest hair just revealing from a low neck collar. Strong muscular arms sprinkled with dark stubbly hair..thick biceps beneath the short sleeves. He had his backpack on his lap,but i could see he was wearing beige khaki shorts and the hint of powerful and hairy legs. Damn,i was getting a boner in my pants and shifted uncomfortably in my seat,but the smell of his manly sweat turned me on so much i could feel my cock dribbling pre-cum. Hell, i was so un-nerved that i could suddenly smell my own sweat.! The bus moved achingly slow as i tried my best to keep my attention out of the window. Then the guy shifted in his seat,drawing me back to look at him. He raised his arm and brushed a hand through his hair. And i nearly came in my jeans.! I could not avoid the sight of his bicep flexing in his sleeve,stretching the material wafer thin, a vein seemingly pulsing across the thick curved muscle. I looked away again before i lost it completely. Then i heard a rip.. I was drawn back to the hunk. His bicep had made a tear in his sleeve. It bulged and flexed almost as if he was teasing me,but he was looking ahead. Then i saw his bicep flex again and looked as if it was swelling. I rubbed my eyes as if i was hallucinating seeing his muscle grow. No.. His bicep bulged and expanded as if being filled by air,the vein streaked across it, thickening and rippling. Then he lowered his arm,but the bicep kept growing,and the rip split wider. His hairy forearm thickened and rippled and his delts bunched up and filled out the shoulder of the sleeve.. 'Riiiip..!' The thin material of his sleeve could take no more and literally burst apart. The hunk just sat there staring ahead as if this was a naturalprocess as his back thickened beneath his tee,rapidly filling it out with engorging lat muscles that pushed back against the seat and then burst the tee apart.. I found myself being pushed against the window,pinned by the studs growing muscles. His thick chest joining in the growth,the already meaty mounds expanding into huge heaving slabs that pushed outwards against the straining shirt. With a loud rip,the front tore open,freeing his growing bloating pecs,heavily covered in dark curly hair and capped with large juicy nipples that pointed ever downwards with the growth of his muscles. Still,he seemed unperturbed by his growing muscles filling the small gap between our seat and the one in front, as if it was perfectly normal !. My eyes shot forward as he glanced at me and smiled before looking away. My eyes settled on the back of the guy sitting in the seat in front,and i nearly fainted! He was wearing a denim jacket stretched across a wide back that was thickening and filling it out with swelling lats and beefing up shoulders. I watched in awe and shock as the seams on his shoulders ripped and his bulging delts poked out. The guy sitting next to him in a smart executive black suit was going through the same process.His perfectly ironed jacket was bulging and filling with a massive back that easily began to tear through the thin fabric in the centre and at the shoulder seams. I shuddered as i felt myself cum in my briefs,and moisten the crotch,turned on and pinned in by the now huge Latin muscle hunk that filled the seat beside me. A teenaged boy with messy blonde hair,wearing what had been his school unform stood up from the seat in front of the two hunks in front of me. He was fucking enormous,his white shirt,tie and blazer,torn and ripped to shreds over huge bloated slab like pecs smooth and glistening with sweat under the dim lights of the bus,..fat boulder like biceps rippling and streaked with chord like veins,looking perhaps 30 inches if humanly possible!. Hard brick like 8 pack abs crunching and flexing.. Oh fuck!.. i thought..shocked at the hinting sight of what could only be a huge oversized cock, the engorged base of the shaft hanging out of view behind the seat from a dense patch of sandy pubes, as thick as my forearm.!! I shot my gaze out of the window as he glanced over at me with a hungry looking grin. But looking out of the window was no good.. The bus stopped sharply at traffic lights..and a motorbike pulled up level with my window. Its rider donned in thick black and red racing leather and a black helmet with its visor down hiding his face. I nearly had heart palpitations... Even in his leather bike gear, i could see his muscles growing..! Huge biceps bulging and straining into massive boulders. Swellling pecs pushing out the front of his tightly buckled jacket,snapping the straps as they grew.. The cod piece covering his crotch bulging obscenely as his cock and balls grew visibly big,pressed up between his legs on a motorbike he seemed to be quickly outgrowing too. I even thought i heard his leather groan under the pressure. He spotted me staring at him and stuck his middle finger up before moving forward. A white transit van advertising a builders merchants slid up next,with three occupants. "This is too much!" i muttered under my breath. One young guy in a blue and white Nicholson shirt and burberry cap and smoking a cigarette,was resting a tatooed arm on the van door, unbothered by the fact that his bicep was filling out and ripping the short sleeve,growing into a huge mound.. The other two occupants were growing too,but i could not see clearly. The guy smoking his cigarette,noticed me and flexed his bloating bicep. I felt myself cum again.. The car in front..All i could see was the drivers arm sticking out the open window,thickening and ripping the shirt he wore. I had to get off this bus.! At the next stop, i squeezed past the huge latin hunk with great difficulty that made him complain, oblivious to the fact that he was the one blocking the space with his overgrown muscles. It was hell trying to keep my composure brushing past the boys huge heaving pecs and seeing his huge cock hanging low and limp over engorged balls at least 12 inches, then pushing past a shaven headed muscle man in a torn England Football shirt whose own huge hairy pecs were pressed against a creaking side window, his fat heavy cock hanging low and engorged between his meaty tree trunk thighs low past his knees. I pressed the bell urgently until the driver let me off.....and i ran home as fast as i could..to clean myself up and to take stock of the new muscle world forming around me..
  6. elysiumfields

    Rush Hour Muscle

    iHi folks. A few members recently requested an interest in one of my old reality shift muscle growth stories. So here it once again for old times sake. RUSH HOUR MUSCLE Travelling on a bustling city subway train during a working weeks evening rush hour,can be particularly irritable at times,especially due to the fact that you've got to cram yourself onto a stuffy train carraige,overfilled with commuters who are just as irritable as you..and unwilling to yield enough space so you can squeeze in before the door slides shut. In my case..on my 25 minute journey home,i have to contend with mainly three types of commuters.: Office workers..often the most ignorant to allow me room..,dressed in their immaculate suits and shirt and ties. Construction workers..spilling in from the expansive construction sites developing the area as an upcoming business district...wearing their sand,dirt and cement stained t shirts,High Vis' vests and stained jeans and workboots..usually smelling of sweat and cigarettes.! And then there were the school boys pouring in from a 'well-to-do' All Boys public Oratory school.. 'St Dunstans' or 'St Duncans'..or something like that?. Loud,chattering boys ranging from 12 to perhaps 17, dressed in smart black blazers,white starched shirts,black and white striped ties and so on...some of these kids were small and looking dwarfed in ill fitting oversized blazers!.And then there was a mix of other commuters thrown in for good measure.. Just the normal daily evenings rush hour... but then, this Fridays rush hour was definately not going to be normal..! I just managed to slip onto a train just as the doors were closing,and work myself into a corner not far. Already,the carraige was warm and stuffy and full,but not as constricted with passengers as i had thought,although all seemed to be men,and though there was few hot mid forties Daddy types,the age range did not seem to exceed ,45,but i just shrugged it off as being coincidental that the old folks simply avoided the trains due to the warm weather and stuffiness of the subways. Unfortunately,i was'nt feeling particularly well myself,and i had been feeling unusually tired. I had an odd feeling in myself since the previous unsettled nights sleep..Odd in the fact that every time i caught sight of a buffed muscular young man,i kept on springing a boner in my pants with the slightest daydream or glimpsing fantasy, and i could feel myself dribbling pre-cum into my briefs,which made me feel all the more on edge. The train set off on its journey and i stumbled a little,gently bumping a handsome young office worker attempting to read his financial paper in the crowded carraige.."Sorry" i said,smiling weakly at him, and instantly springing another fucking boner!.He just raised an eyebrow at me and continued reading as i stole furtive glances at hints of a firm athletic physique beneath his black suit jacket and tight black suit pants that hugged a cute pert butt.His short hair was jet black and gelled into short spikes,and from what i could catch from the side,he had ice blue eyes and full lips...full kissable lips.. I shuddered as i felt my cock milk pre-cum into my moistened briefs,then tore my eyes away from him before he noticed. The train swayed again..and i glanced out the window at the darkness of the subway tunnel for a short moment. Then the headphones worn by a youth of around 16 or 17 standing beside me,rattled out what sounded like a Rap tune. I glanced at the youth. Cute. Blue eyes,snub nose,faint peach fuzz on his chin.Wearing dress code typical of modern British youth. Hooded grey jacket over a Burberry cap,white loose tee shirt,baggy black trackie pants and big white trainers. He caught me looking at him and curled his lip in a look of disgust,whispering 'batty-man'..an urban teenagers word for faggot..under his breath. The train stopped at the next station. A few passengers got off,several got on,including a trio of noisy school boys,perhaps around 14 or 15. All three were short,probably no taller than 5ft and likely awaiting puberty still to set in. One kid,a pale boy with ginger hair and freckles and dressed in as expected, a blazer that was obviously too big for him..and hefting a sports bag in front of him, gaggled loudly about his classes football game.I just peered out of the window again as the train doors slid closed and the train set off again. A few minutes passed when the train carraige jolted and this time, making the teenaged boy stumble hard against me as the light flickered briefly. The boy did not apologise like i had to the office guy.He just straightened up and glared at me with a menace that made me feel uncomfortable,even though i was in my thirties and twice as old as him. Our eyes met for a moment,before i yielded and glanced at first,absently to his chest.I had to tear my look away as i was stunned to notice his chest was firm with slender pectoral muscles lightly outlined by the tight fabric. I have a fetish about muscles,and big pecs in particular. My cock twitched into a stiff erection and i leaked pre-cum again. I could feel the youths eyes still bearing into me..and with the next sway of the train, he moved closer to me,about a foot away,as another passenger moved behind him to alight at the next station. I fought desperately not to meet his gaze but gave in. He stared into me and sneered again. I felt my mouth run dry and my heart pound in my chest as i glanced down at his torso..At the sight of his pectoral muscles seemingly thicker than before, and pulling the thin fabric tighter over them,accentuating the shapely curves even more. Thankfully,the boy was diverted by the train swaying and then pulling to a halt deep in the tunnel. But my eyes were fixated on his pecs. They were definately getting thicker and meatier,swelling perceptively under his tee,into deeply curved mounds.' How the fuck was this happening?' i thought.. The boy reached up a hand to adjust his left earphone and with astonishment,i watched as a sizeable bicep bunch and strain at his long sleeves,and the same action of raising his arm,pushed his growing pecs further out into heavier mounds of muscle,the nipples becoming clearly defined and poking out under the tightening tee. I was too slow to look away when the youth glanced at me. "You a fucking faggot?" he snapped loud enough for the office guy,the fit looking guy behind him, and the schoolboys to hear him. I went red with embarrassment. I put up my hands as if to feign innocence,and glanced around. Then i noticed the office stud..Sweet fuck,...was he beefing up too?He looked at me for a moment and returned to reading his newspaper.With his arm raised up holding the paper, i could clearly see a thick bulge of his bicep,even beneath his suit jackets sleeve.Like the boys pecs and biceps,his arm began to thicken and expand beneath the suit,and his shoulders beefed up and swelled. There was a snapping sound and i realised it was a button breaking off his blue shirt as his own pecs began to rise up and thicken like mounds to strain the filling shirt. I was in a state of disbelief at the sight of the youth, and now the office stud,growing ever more muscular by the second. I heard a grunt from someone behind the stud, and the sound of fabric stretching itself apart. The train jolted momentarily and i was drawn back to the youth..and his growing muscles,particularly a bulging chest that took up most of the space before me. The thick mounds heaved and pushed out further stretching the tee like a second skin over his mighty chest.I was sure at any moment that the fabric would rip apart as it strained for dear life,but incredibly it held, and really gave off the size of his pecs to shocking value,growing past the size of a pro bodybuilders!. The youth glared menacingly at me, and then smiled sinisterly.He raised his arms up to pull the hood off of his capped head, and i caught sight of the fat boulders of his biceps bulging obscenely in his overstuffed sleeves. What he did next,nearly made me come in my pants. He pushed his huge swollen pecs,apparently slowing down their expansion,against me, and pinned me into the corner. From out of view,i could hear one of the boys moaning as if he was in pain,followed by the sound of fabric seams ripping. Then.."Fuck,i'm growing" from one of the other boys..Not a tone of alarm,but more of delight..and i heard him swearing and yelling in glee. More grunts and groans and swear words rose from other passengers.Others were growing too. 'This is way too fucking freaky' i thought to myself,feeling a little claustrophobic,pinned in by the youths mountainous pecs.I could feel myself stiffly erect and dribbling pre-cum into my now damp underwear. 'What the fuck was happening?'. "You fucking love this,don't ya..faggot" sneered the youth,whose massive pecs were so swollen,that they pressed against his chin,his neck thickly corded with muscle. The train finally started off on its journey towards my stop. I had to get off.This was too much to comprehend.Yet a little part of me wanted to stay on the train and worship this youths huge muscles. As the train approached the station,the intercom from the driver crackled into life over the grunts and groans and obvious pleasures of this carraige full of muscle men. "Good evening..this train will terminate at ..." he broke off the announcement for a few seconds. "Fuck i'm huge..,sorry guys..i'm gonna have to terminate the train at the next stop..i'm too fucking big for the cab.." 'Shit!' i said under my breath..'Was the whole god damn train affected?' A few minutes later,attempting not to orgasm,i forced my way round the youths huge sexy pecs and towards the doors as they slid open at arrival at my stop.. There,my fears...or desires,were answered.Several huge,insanely muscular men got off from other carraiges.Their clothes,although.pitifully stretched to within an inch of life,and some torn at the seams in places..held in the huge bloated muscles..and then i saw huge obscene crotch bulges straining to keep in freaky sized cocks and balls, on each and everyone of the guys.. And the growth had'nt just affected the train.. Huge musclemen and boys waited and arrived on the platform for trains..They were everywhere i looked. 'Fuck' Was i in Muscle man Heaven or Muscle man Hell? I needed to get home fast..My cock seriously needed beating off..
  7. Hi..I'm back from the wilderness. Long time no see/read. Hope to get back into the swing of things again!

  8. I really enjoyed your muscle morph pix!

  9. This is a very vague request as i can't think of the story title or much of the rest of the plot,but from one scene,i can but try 2 ask??.. A reality shifting story of muscle growth. Guys in a room watching its contents change as reality makes its owner (not him i think?) become a bodybuilder. ..The one scene i can only remember,is of a golfing or other sporting trophy that begins to change into a bodybuilding trophy as he looks on incredulously.
  10. elysiumfields

    Two short stories from this forum i can't seem to find?

    Yes they were the ones. Thanks Raven,thanks Neo..
  11. 1) The guy who watches three construction workers growing in the building site across the street from his flat,ending up with one coming to visit him. 2) the guy at the airport watching the man eating a salad that makes himgrow huge..
  12. elysiumfields

    The Vial - from NCMC

    Great story. Ps.Shame NCMC site is down right now
  13. elysiumfields

    Reality altering Teen recovering in hospital

    Yeah thats the one.. Love reality shifting stories.
  14. This was a relatively recent story i've cannot find.. ?? A skinny teen recovering from a homophobic attack in a hospital,begins to alter reality and change himself and the male nurse around him into buff muscle hunks.. ID please.?
  15. elysiumfields

    Altered Realities

    Yeah that looks promising. Defo on my to read list.. Thanx

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