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    Totally ripped, defined huge muscles and big pumped-up veins (YES, those are MY ripped, peaked, rock-hard bicep muscles, tricep muscles, and veins in my profile pic - They're all mine!) Check out how huge my muscles have grown! Just look at the muscle size and muscle thickness that I've developed and how high my bicep muscle peaks! I've been working on increasing the height of my bicep peak and the size of my delts and also making my veins huge and thick! My muscles are rapidly growing MUCH bigger and stronger and I love showing them off to you guys. DON'T FORGET TO CLICK ON MY PROFILE PIC SO YOU CAN SEE A LARGER VIEW OF MY MUSCLES. :) I also love to stay totally ripped and defined all the time so that I can show off my abs, veins, defined muscles, etc. upon request. With me, all you have to do is ask and I'll pump and flex my muscles for you (and I'll let anyone feel my muscles at any time)!

    I'm working hard on my muscles to make them even bigger!! Do you think I can do it? I also like to stay ripped and vascular all year-round. I also like to wear ony sleeveless in public and pump and flex my muscles for anyone that wants to see them. Sometimes, when I get my bicep muscles all pumped up, peaked, and huge like in the picture, I can barely move my arms. I squeezed, pumped, and flexed my muscles so that they got nice and pumped up in my picture just for all you guys out there and my muscles are getting bigger and bigger all the time! :) Do you like the way my muscles look in my sleeveless polo shirt in the picture? I tried to make my muscles as huge as possible just for you guys!

    I love public muscle flexing and letting other muscular dudes feel and squeeze my big, ripped muscles while I pump and flex for them! I'll pump up my muscles and flex-off with any guys that want to take me on! I also love muscle worship - whether I'm flexing and pumping my muscles for other guys or having other muscular guys show me how much bigger and more powerful their muscles are than mine which also turns me on.

    I try to go sleeveless all the time so that I can attract and show off to hot and cute muscular guys that want to show off their muscles to me and compare their muscles with mine.

    I also love getting my muscles and veins all pumped up and huge and then comparing my muscles and veins with other guys (and pumping and flexing my muscles next to theirs)! Nothing is hotter for me than to stand next to another muscular dude and then have the both of us start pumping, flexing, and squeezing our muscles and making our muscles grow huge and to keep doing this muscle flexing and pumping until one of us submits and declares that his muscles are smaller and weaker than the other dude's muscles.
  • What are you seeking?
    Send me a pic of your biceps, triceps, calves, etc. and I'll make a comparison pic of my flexed and pumped up muscles compared with yours. Let's flex and compare our big muscles - I'll pump my muscles up HUGE for you - I promise! Let's see if you can pump up your muscles bigger than mine. Have you grown a bicep muscle that's bigger than mine?? LET'S COMPARE THE SIZE AND THICKNESS OF OUR BICEP MUSCLES. JUST LOOK AT THE SIZE OF MY MUSCLE AND IT'S GETTING BIGGER ALL THE TIME - THINK YOU CAN PUMP UP YOUR MUSCLE TO BE BIGGER THAN MINE? THINK YOU CAN COMPETE WITH ME? LET'S SEE WHAT 'YA GOT! I WANNA SEE WHAT YOUR MUSCLE LOOKS LIKE NEXT TO MINE. Feel free to contact me and tell me what you think of my muscles.
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Pumping and flexing my muscles next to another guy's muscles and comparing muscles with him. I really love it when his muscles pump up bigger and more powerful than mine. Even better is when he tells me how much bigger and stronger his muscles are compared with mine and how my muscles look weak and small next to his!! Even though my muscles are big and powerful (and getting bigger all the time), I love to be dominated by guys with even bigger and stronger muscles than mine. If any of you guys want to tell me how small and weak my muscles look next to theirs send me a message - I'd love to talk about it! Show me your bigger, stronger, and better developed muscles and tell me how much bigger and stronger your muscles are compared with mine!

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  1. Sure - just grab and hold on tight.
  2. Thanks - Actually, I've had other muscle "encounters" similar to the one described above in which we did go somewhere in "private" where the muscle-feeling session "expanded" (I expanded my muscles for him and he expanded something else - ) In nearly all cases, it started with just a simple bicep squeeze...
  3. This is an interesting topic. Some of the guys here have said that they don't like it if someone just comes over and "handles the merchandise" (feels your bicep muscle without asking, etc.) That's reasonable and I can understand that. BUT, in my case, I like my "merchandise" to be handled (kinda like "try before you buy" ). I actually think it's kind of exciting when, all of a sudden, I feel some guy's hand touching and squeezing my bicep muscle without me expecting it. I think that it's kind of fun. I've had it happen many times and it doesn't bother me at all - Instead, as soon as I feel my muscle being touched and squeezed, it's automatic for me to flex and harden my muscle - it just happens. Here's a picture of my bicep muscle showing exactly what I do with the muscle as soon as I feel it being touched and squeezed : I flex the muscle extra hard so that the muscle pushes way out like in the picture in order to spread the guy's fingers apart as he's feeling the muscle. Check out how the skin stretches over my muscle as it pushes outward. And when I do this, it shocks the hell out of the guy when he feels what is happening with my muscle! A few weeks ago, I was at a store and was in line and there was this cute little guy behind me who had been staring at my muscles while I was walking around the store. Every time I would look at him (I smiled at him a few times), he would look away. There were only two of us in line and the cashier had to get some change for her cash register and we both stood there waiting for her (it was a small store - nobody else was around). All of a sudden, I felt his hand feeling and squeezing my bicep muscle (I was wearing the same shirt that I had on in the photo so my muscle was completely exposed and on display). As soon as he squeezed the muscle I flexed it HARD exactly like in the picture and it pushed his fingers apart and he pulled his hand away. He looked totally surprised and we looked at each other and both laughed. He then said that "I hope you didn't mind - I saw you smiling at me and I just figured that muscleguys like you love to show off and let people feel your muscle, especially when wearing a sleeveless shirt like that" (he really liked my shirt). I told him that I didn't mind at all and loved to have my muscle squeezed and admired. I then told him that he could feel it again and I flexed for him and he squeezed it again (his hand was shaking this time and I also felt him run his finger briefly on my bicep vein which was sticking way out like in the picture). While we were doing this, we didn't notice that the cashier had come back and she was watching this whole thing (one guy flexing and pumping up his muscle for another guy who was feeling and squeezing the muscle, with both guys getting turned on). She had a very odd look on her face - sort of a half-smile and sort of a confused look at the same time. I wonder what she was thinking - I think that I know - HAHA - what do you guys think? Anyway, we both paid for our stuff and, as I left, he thanked me and told me how cool it was that I let him feel my muscle. This has happened to me many times and it's been fun every time. So, if you guys ever see me out and about in public and want to give my muscle a squeeze just go ahead and do it - no need to ask - just help yourself - my "merchandise" is always on "display".
  4. MLMuscle

    Muscle guys into twinks or average guys?

    I once took a cute little twink out to play golf with me, but he got kicked off the golf course. Why? He was playing with too many strokes. OK, I'll stop.
  5. MLMuscle

    Muscle guys into twinks or average guys?

    I love twinks, too! For me, they're just like eating peanuts - one is never enough. Oh and speaking of peanuts, I once knew a twink that was so tiny and cute that he used a peanut shell and a rubber band for a jockstrap. Don't stop me - I'm on a roll (and I'd better get off or I'll get it dirty).
  6. MLMuscle

    Americanised Stories

    As an American, I have no idea what "chavs" means, but it sounds like something you get when your underwear fits too tight...
  7. Hey man.  Love the profile!  Hot to flex it up big and overpower a guy!  You mention that we should check out your other pics, but I cannot find any.  Can you direct me?  Thanks, big guy.

  8. MLMuscle

    Inch in a Day Arm Workout?

    So, does that mean I can get 60 inch biceps if I do the routine 60 days in a row? That would be awesome! Just kidding, of course. I didn't read the whole article since it was one of those multi-page articles chock-full of ads which takes forever to load, but I'm guessing that the "inch a day" claim might actually be referring to the muscle pump you might get from working your biceps for 5 hours. However, of course, that pump will go down in due course but it might be fun to try it for a long period just to see what happens (and to see just how big a pump I could get from it). By the way, really nice (and big) bicep muscle in your pic - you must be doing something right.
  9. Well, what are you waiting for???? You and the boyfriend should have him over for mutual muscle play - the more, the merrier as they say.
  10. MLMuscle

    Anyone on here ever step on stage and compete?

    How about this? Maybe there should be a special bodybuilding contest where part of the judging is based on "amount of arousal", say, 50% for "arousal level" and 50% for muscle size/development/conditioning. The contestants can then have both a "pose down" for the muscle part of it and a "pose up" for the "other part". Maybe even a special award for "Most Aroused". What do you think, guys?
  11. MLMuscle

    Anyone on here ever step on stage and compete?

    I've done some nude modelling for art classes, too (only a few times). But, when I did it, I made DAMN SURE that the room was nice and warm and not freezing cold for the reasons that you mentioned.
  12. MLMuscle

    Anyone on here ever step on stage and compete?

    Well, I think that it's a legitimate question and here's my thoughts on it (I've competed, too). In the Pro ranks, I can't see any of the guys getting turned on on-stage - it's just too important for them and, for most of them, it's their profession and they are all focused totally on winning. I think that some of the large "bulges" that we see in some of the pictures here are either due to unintentional "mis-adustment problems" with a guy's "parts" or, perhaps, the guy is just very well-endowed and it shows. In more local contests that are more "for fun", perhaps getting turned on might happen but, at least in my case, I'm too focused on the contest and competing to get turned on and I think that's the situation with most people involved in bodybuilding contests. But, of course, if I get together with some of the guys after the contest (and with us still being all ripped and pumped), who knows what might happen then - the muscles might be relaxed after the contest, but other "parts" might not...
  13. Good Lord, man - your guns are unbelievable - .So veiny and huge. - And that profile got me hot as a firecracker. - Have you written stories here. I'm gonna look them right up. Congrats on shaping your arms - but i don't think you will find many guys around with arms bigger than yours to compare to.

    Great job.

    1. MLMuscle


      Thanks! - just wait until the next muscle picture - my muscles are going to be even bigger, thicker, and more powerful!  Seriously!  I'm going to grow my  muscles so big that I won't be able to wear my favorite sleeveless polo muscle shirt that I'm wearing in my picture (my biceps and delts will be so big and thick that they will rip the arm holes apart on my muscle shirt when I try to put it on!  :)  )  I want to grow my muscles so big that  I'll have trouble moving my arms since my muscles are so huge!

    2. HorvathFan


      Looking forward to it - Hope you get the size you want. We'll be here supporting you all he way. Maybe we can spur you on to even greater size and shape.

  14. MLMuscle

    Gym Confessor

    I've had guys say the same thing to me (explaining why they don't go to the gym). When they say this, I tell them: "Well I guess that you don't want big giant muscles and veins like mine!!!!!" and I do a "most muscular" pose right in their face until they crawl away in total shame. But, seriously, I don't fault them for feeling this way - everyone has the right to do what they want. - However, I think that the guy at your workplace probably has some internal guilt feelings about not going to the gym and staying in shape, but is trying to overcome these feelings by providing you with his "justifications" that he is doing the right thing by not working out. In other words, his statements to you are his attempts to "justify" why he isn't working out and to convince himself that he is doing the right thing. And that's fine since bodybuilding and lifting are not everyone's "cup of tea", so to speak. --- ML "Sigmund Freud" Muscle.
  15. sup muscle how ya been


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