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  1. debate1

    Don't underestimate the nerd, Part 2

    Any sequels in the future
  2. debate1

    Harvard Man (Part 2)

    Any chance for a sequel or prequel?
  3. debate1

    Fraternity Muscle: Part 7

    Any chance for this to get an update
  4. debate1

    Scotty's Family Trouble

    I wonder what's happening with the family member in prison..
  5. debate1

    It's Natural!

    Any chance for more
  6. debate1

    Don't underestimate the nerd, Part 2

    Any chance for more. Love.your writing!!!
  7. debate1

    Hard at Work [Part 4 added - 7/23/18]

    Cant wait for more!
  8. debate1

    Skinny guy grows in gym.

    Thank you! Appreciate it!
  9. This best guy goes into a gym. Sees a as skinny guy and makes fun of him. He makes a bet and the skinny guy grows huge. I remember that it was a two parter and at the end the skinny guy grows the huge guys two best friends. Any idea what it's called?
  10. debate1

    Scotty's Family Trouble

    So glad to see this story return. One of great authors!
  11. debate1

    (un)identical twins (1)

    Cant wait for more. Such a great writer!
  12. debate1

    Growing a Friend (Furry)

    Any chance for a sequel?
  13. debate1

    The Symbiote War - Chapter 14

    So worth the wait. Cant wait for more!!!

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