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  1. debate1

    Super Soldier (Chapter 5-6)

    Dude I think lewis is a new favorite character
  2. debate1

    Liquid Manhood- Chapter Six

    Any udpates soon!
  3. debate1

    Dork to Beast, Finale

    Any chance for doing more with this universe. Just so good!
  4. debate1

    Super Soldier (Chapter 5-6)

    Can't wait for more. Love the personality change and hope we get the other three guys change in personality and cockiness shown! Get them in a weight room!
  5. debate1

    Super Soldier (Chapter 2-4)

    Keep coming back to this. So interesting!
  6. debate1

    Super Soldier (Chapter 2-4)

    Cant wait for more!
  7. debate1

    Super Soldier (Chapter 2-4)

    Have a feeling those three are the same skinny guys? Cant wait for more!
  8. debate1

    Super Soldier (Chapter 1)

    Keep it up! Great start!
  9. debate1

    Coach is Getting Big

    This deserves a sequel for sure!
  10. debate1

    Don't underestimate the nerd, Part 2

    Any sequels in the future
  11. debate1

    Harvard Man (Part 2)

    Any chance for a sequel or prequel?
  12. debate1

    Fraternity Muscle: Part 7

    Any chance for this to get an update
  13. debate1

    Scotty's Family Trouble

    I wonder what's happening with the family member in prison..
  14. debate1

    It's Natural!

    Any chance for more
  15. debate1

    Don't underestimate the nerd, Part 2

    Any chance for more. Love.your writing!!!

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