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  1. debate1

    (un)identical twins (1)

    Can wait for more and to see who else grows.
  2. debate1

    (un)identical twins (1)

    Please keep it Up! That was awesome!
  3. debate1

    Dad's grow

    Looking for any stories where the dad grows and it be any kind of stories. Son can grow too.
  4. debate1

    Evan, the making of an Amerasian god, Part 11

    Awesome job!
  5. debate1

    Evan, the making of an Amerasian God, Part 11

    So glad this came back!
  6. debate1

    The muscle app (3)

    Make the other two freshman grow!
  7. debate1

    Bitten by the Growth Bug

    Any more to this good story?
  8. debate1

    coming home

  9. debate1

    Liquid Manhood- Chapter Six

    Can wait for more!!!!!!
  10. debate1

    Growing others thru curse?

    Sounds like a cool story!
  11. debate1

    Dork to Beast, Finale

    I keep coming back. You have such a great opening for more!
  12. debate1

    The Librarian - Chapter 3

    Maybe tom needs to help Chet blow up!!
  13. debate1

    Lost and Found

    Please more!!!
  14. debate1

    Don't underestimate the nerd, Part 2

    So cool story