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    bodybuilding, classical music, cooking, restoration of a historical home, reading
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    5'8", 200 lbs., 48c, 17.5a
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    My partner and I would like to meet an aspiring bodybuilder to be our Muscleboy/houseboy in Ann Arbor, MI. We want to make our boy HUGE by any means possible. The perfect candidate would be a non-smoker with great genetics for growth, be willing to help with household responsibilities, between the ages of 18 and 28, and the drive to become a real MUSCLE MONSTER. We are nice people, business owners, into bodybuilding. This is a good opportunity to the right guy.
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    Bigger is better!
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    Alexy Lesukov
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    Muscle growth!!

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  1. Send interested muscleboys me way.


  2. We are looking again for a live-in muscleboy/houseboy in Ann Arbor, MI.  If you want help getting HUGE, message me.


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    2. MiMuscle


      Good morning, Mike.  How are you?  I was looking at your pics, before and after.  What surgery exactly did you have?


    3. mikecanuck13


      Good evening ! i am doing well thanks ! hope you guys are doing well also :)  As for my surgery, it was an Inguinal Hernia.  I had had it for many years but i just lived with it.  it's only when i was a caregiver for my grandfather, washing and dressing him that it got worse, so i got it fixed. I looked like i had a grapefruit stuffed in my underwear, lol.  Now it all looks normal again :)

    4. MiMuscle


      Ah.  Good for you.  And how are your workouts going?

  3. Hi MiMuscle, how are you ? What are the news from your muscleboy project ?

  4. Hi there. How's it going?

    1. Growinglad


      Great! How are you?

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