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    Bisexual (Male Preference)
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    Rugby, comics, history, and video games
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    Friends, encouragement in growing, admiring guys growth, and fun
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    6' 250 lbs
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    Muscle growth, muscle worship, large dicks, size difference, and ripping out of clothes

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  1. Thanks for following, man!

    1. Rugbyjock92


      No problem, keep it up!

  2. Doing great and Im really enjoying this story
  3. It was a great story so Id be excited for it!
  4. I may be starting a rugby team this spring at the school I teach at. Hell yah!

  5. I just saw this story and I wanted to say how great it was to read. You have good character building and great use of description. Definitely found it a great read so thank you for writing it
  6. Thank god for the stories on this forum! Visiting family up North on break and Im trapped indoors due to 7 degree weather and snowed in. I'm from the desert! xD

  7. Did you decide if you were going to continue this story?
  8. Im excited to see you may continue it!
  9. Hey are you still continuing this story? I love reading it.
  10. Great story so far. Looking forward to the next part.
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