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  1. Such a great story and well written!
  2. Yes thank you so much I'd appreciate that a lot!
  3. muscle-growth

    I just saw this story and I wanted to say how great it was to read. You have good character building and great use of description. Definitely found it a great read so thank you for writing it
  4. Thank god for the stories on this forum! Visiting family up North on break and Im trapped indoors due to 7 degree weather and snowed in. I'm from the desert! xD

  5. So my fiance and I are doing a long engagement but after just seeing how suits or tuxes might fit we've come to realize they don't really fit powerlifters well haha. Do you have any brands or suggestions? He's 190 and 6ft right now but likely going to be about 205 for the wedding. Thanks!
  6. My boyfriend uses alpha for gym clothes a lot after breaking 180 so try that. Funny enough I fit a lot of his old mediums so that worked out great for both of us now that I hit 150 after being 130 for over 10 years. Lol For suits definitely do a personal tailor and bespoke still. Nothing says well dressed and dominant like unique and well fitting clothes. For shoes you'll be stuck likely online. My bf and I are both size 13 u.s. shoes so stores rarely have it.
  7. It's been going 3 years now and pretty fun. Riot games sponsored last year. I do as well during summer for contracting work when not the school year.
  8. I'm going to gaymerX, a gay gaming convention, again this year and instead of SF they're hosting it in San Jose. Bioware always does really great panels at it so if any of you guys can make it you should really go too!
  9. Did you decide if you were going to continue this story?
  10. Im excited to see you may continue it!
  11. Hey are you still continuing this story? I love reading it.
  12. Ipsen my boyfriend likes lifting me like that since he likes to show off and thinks it's adorable. Has carried me home a few times after finals week from bar crawling not going to lie. xD I think it's a huge turn on when a guy can lift me without breaking a sweat like it's nothing.
  13. Great story so far. Looking forward to the next part.
  14. I love this story and hope it continues. Great work man.