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  1. Bel0w6rade

    Next Us Valley

  2. Bel0w6rade

    The Virus

    Go on...
  3. Bel0w6rade


  4. Bel0w6rade

    No height growth but HUGE muscles

    There's Dwarf Muscle by BBMSN. There's a little height growth at the end, but the rest is fun. http://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/bbmsn/dwarf-muscle-01.html
  5. The Youthnage Experience by BBMSN? http://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/bbmsn/youthnage-experience-01.html
  6. Bel0w6rade

    evolution of the neighbour

    I love the tone and wouldn't mind someone taking a crack at adding some more detail of the growth... maybe some strength feats?
  7. Bel0w6rade

    evolution of the neighbour

    It's called "Superior Machine" that was posted by skumbum but not written by him. https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/26221-p1.html
  8. Bel0w6rade

    The Action Hero

    Has anyone saved "The Action Hero" from the musclebeast stories website? The link to that particular story no longer works. http://www.oocities.org/westhollywood/park/4728/ Thanks for the help!
  9. I hope Florida20 hasn't left us...
  10. Bel0w6rade

    The Symbiote War - Chapter 14

    What a pleasant surprise THIS was on an idle Wed night!
  11. Bel0w6rade

    Competition between rivals / friends

    I love the Massium series!
  12. Bel0w6rade

    Putting a Squat Rack Together

    So I got a really great squat rack on Craigslist and it sat for a couple months when I moved out of my apartment and into my house. Now I'm trying to put it together and am having some difficulty. It's a cage that was under a lot of load and some of the pieces have bent, so bolt holes aren't lining up quite right. If I had the strength to bend 0.25" plate steel, this wouldn't be a problem. The mis-alignments are slight, but 3 bolts in 3 of the 4 top corners just will not go in. Any suggestions on making this safe enough to use? Should I use a thinner bolt? Or some kind of nylon chord? Any thoughts are appreciated.
  13. Bel0w6rade

    Growing others thru curse?

    There's "Taking the Good" by Clearance591 which has voodoo in it, I think. It's in the "Before 2007" archive.
  14. Bel0w6rade

    Muscle growth through Gym sessions.

    Ah, you;d like My Twin Moves On by Florida20. It's a slow burn in the beginning and a fun mystery, but the heavy stuff picks up half way through. You might like The Chest - also by Florida20. The gym stuff picks up a few chapters in. God, I wish he'd come back. He's a fantastic writer. If you want shorter, more visceral growth, there's Jay Lifts Weights and Huginex (Part 2) and Bear and His Buddies (Part 2 is the one you want) (Part 3). There are certainly more. I'll think of a few others and add them later. I look forward to other contributions. This kind of stuff is in my wheel house.
  15. Bel0w6rade

    A Most Coveted Speedo

    You mean there's more of this? Sign me up!

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