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  1. I can't help you, but as a simple observer, I'd like to mention that your English has improved a lot since your post in 2015. I'm sorry. I just like transformations of all kinds.
  2. Everything but the janitor part of the story syncs up with Superman by BBMSN. http://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/bbmsn/superman.html
  3. Is this dud still getting ready for his competition?
  4. Cliffhanger Status: Dan Brown
  5. Massium 2.0 - It's in 4 parts. https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/2516.html https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/2523.html https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/2541.html https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/2584.html And Weightlifting with Superman
  6. FYI... Someone re-wrote Scott from Scott's perspective. It's called "Scott's View". Oh, and to suggest a story: "Mirror, Mirror" - Parts 1 and 2 https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/4190.html https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/4191.html
  7. FYI... Someone re-wrote Scott from Scott's perspective. It's called "Scott's View".
  8. Bel0w6rade


    I definitely wanna see where this goes.
  9. Bel0w6rade


    This deserves a part 4, when you're ready, Shade.
  10. Here's a short, sweet one where a virtual host outgrows the 70's era bodybuilders he virtually added to his fantasy. https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/184.html It's probably not exactly what you were looking for, but it's the only one I could think of with this theme.
  11. Finding Santa is a BBMSN classic. The link below is to O's site. http://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/bbmsn/finding-santa.html
  12. NOW it's been a Merry Christmas. Can't wait for more!
  13. Good suggestion, but it's not that one. The one I'm thinking of is a couple chapters (maybe 4) and mostly taken from the smaller guy's perspective.
  14. There's a story of a small guy and a big guy in which the small guy services a big guy in the gym shower, and over several chapters, transfers the mass of one to the other until the final transformation where the now smaller bodybuilder services the now bigger dude and and transfers all the body fat left to the now smaller bodybuilder. I think all but the last transformation happens in the gym shower... but I could be wrong. It's a fairly old story, I think but I can't think of the name. Sorry.
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