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  1. growthfan96

    Amir Gets Zapped

    Damn that was sweet and hot.
  2. growthfan96


    Honestly this is such an interesting topic and one I hope is continued. Both in a literal historic sense and as a simple fictional setting. I know an example of excess size being idealized during the ancient Greeks with some old statues recovered (I can not recall the names) with musculature and size that was deemed ‘inhuman’ size.
  3. growthfan96

    A is for Alpha and Antoine - Part Three

    Amazing story man. Great to see you back to posting and giving us a great treat too.
  4. growthfan96

    Taking Care of Randy

    This was pretty good, Nice seeing some more thicker gut guys stories, hope you do more soon.
  5. growthfan96

    Transitioning AKA I am Bronson Chapter 1

    A really great chapter. Hope a new chapter will be added soon.
  6. growthfan96

    Looking for Photo Booth Stories

    Ah okay. Thing I got mixed up with someone else regard the ftm transformation. Oh well. Still thanks for the links.
  7. Sorry just trying to find the links to the photo booth stories, featuring lots of guys (and girls) Changing into huge muscle beasts
  8. growthfan96

    A Late Growthspurt

    Pretty good start. Bit of a sudden end but okay. Hope you add more soon.
  9. Just wondering if any of you guys know of stories with a skinny guy grows massive, still being gentle with his smaller boyfriend and his family.
  10. growthfan96

    Muscle gut Stories

    Just asking if any of you guys know of stories with growing guys (Obviously) that are a bit soft in the middle? Just asking really.
  11. growthfan96

    Looking for Gentle Muscle Stories.

    Nice story
  12. growthfan96

    Looking for Gentle Muscle Stories.

    Simply perfect, don't mind macro at all. In fact makes it even better.
  13. growthfan96

    Looking for Gentle Muscle Stories.

    Thanks, the stories were perfect. Sorry to ask but you know of any more?
  14. Any of you guys know of stories featuring Big guys or growing guys who whilst are dominant men, are gentle and protective around small guys. Sorry if bad explanation, just looking for any story in general.

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