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  1. Anyone know where there are the ubermen stories?
  2. Can’t wait to see how massive Sean will get.
  3. This was a brlliant and interesting story. Can't wait to see more about Sean and how he adjusts, specially as he grows bigger.
  4. This was such a fun chapter. Looking forward for more
  5. The born Again series was brilliant and I love the work the Author has done. Problem is I’ve already read through it T^T
  6. Gonna have to go for Chronivac. Specially with immense growth and sizes.
  7. Just wondering if anyone knows any good stories with powerful, bigger than average guys who despite having the strength to tear the world apart, are sweet teddy bears? Really just want some big strong protective beasts if okay.
  8. growthfan96

    The Wellspring

    That was a brilliant second chapter man.
  9. growthfan96


    This was just brilliant, can’t wait to see how Linus will adjust to his new size that’s been forced on him, and also what kind of body type he’ll get.
  10. growthfan96


    This is turning to be a pretty good chapter and I’m looking forward to the next chapter.
  11. growthfan96


    Damn. Little artist will get big
  12. This short bit was pretty good man, really interested to see what more you can more of this world.
  13. growthfan96


    This is a great first story. Really can’t wait to see what the future chapters will hold
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