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    Im a nerd at heart, love video games, drawing and anime. Always loved bodybuilding from a very young age, had a struggle with U.C for 9 years of my life so made following my dream to complete and one day become known in the industry extremly hard. Had life saving surgery to cure the U.C in Nov. 2013. And now that its gone i fully intend to use the second chance i was giving to hopefully become a inspiration to other and reach my goals and dreams. Aiming to become a freak now that i dont have something holding me back. Of course interested in Growth as well i mean thats what this forum is about after all.
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    To meet others into bodybuilding and growth. Possibly make some friends and connections for the future.
  • What are your dream stats?
    5'11 at the least 220 to 230lbs of muscle. Of course would aim for as much as I could. 19in -22in arms. <br />
    Chest: In the 50s at least but <br />
    Legs: 26in minimum <br />
    Really have no set limits just want to grow and see where it leads!
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    Trey Brewer, Branch Warren, Antoine Vaillant, Flex Lewis, Dallas McCarver, Jeff Long just to name a few.

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  1. FINALLY another Louisiana guy!

    1. Show previous comments  4 more
    2. Want2growhuge


      Lol oh im surr ill see you lol. Do you lift man?

    3. Sky


      No, not right now.  Life drama, excuses, etc.

    4. Want2growhuge


      MmmAh i gotcha sorry that. I know its hard ive had to deal with testicular cancer but still kept fighting to grow!!

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