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  1. In SML strength is always increasing. For this RP is strength conserved? For every point gained does one need to be lost somewhere else? Or will strength ultimately get big for everyone who wants it?
  2. msclrough

    The game

    I like the premise. There is something satisfying about dispensing with the formalities and just getting right into size exchange.
  3. Great Story. Dark, but I like that edge.
  4. Great looking avatar.  Look me up in sl, if you'd like.

    christian720 resident

    1. msclrough


      Will do buddy. I'd love to run with the bulls.

  5. Love it. Is there a link to part one?
  6. I joined a group. Can't post anything. Presumably no one else can either, so there isn't much going on.
  7. Beautiful with a tinge of sadness. I'm looking forward to the next parts too.
  8. Oh. Is that the only way to get money so far? I was trying not to cheat
  9. I feel stuck. How do I make money? I've registered for employment, but I can't receive an assignment (its red).
  10. arpeejay would be my choice. He's on a ton and is all responsible and stuff.
  11. Well, it tells me that you're a big muscle beast that likes sucking cock. In other words, the best kind of muscle beast.
  12. I love this tiny slip that shows us a little bit more about Shade.
  13. Tags will be a welcome addition in my opinion. I agree with ploder4 on the idea of ranges for things like age. Tags for settings and general growth tropes would be sounds as well. For example: settings could include school/university, locker room, bar tropes could include: growth from sex, growth from ingestion, growth from magic, growth from object, growth from exertion/lifting And for my personal tastes, I'd like a tag for stories that involve hairy men. Edited to add: Forgive me, I'm still getting used to the new board. I see that tags are already floating about. Is there a post that lists what tags are in existence?
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