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  1. perados

    A new big friend

    Under the age of 18 has to be moved. This side is a fetish side, this implies that every story has some sexual intentions. The former forum was closed by the owner because of "age questions". To make sure that no one feels uncomfortable this forum was created with the unfiltered part and everything und the age of 18 gets posted there. You may have noticed that all pics in the unfiltered part don't show any nudity (or at least I hope so - so no sex), but because muscles are our fetish it still becomes sexual.
  2. perados

    A new big friend

    Nice story idea and don't worry about your English, I think everyone understands what you want to tell. It wasn't hard for me to read it (not native speaker as well). Just one thing to improve, don't rush through your story. Take your time to tell more details, the intention of the people in your story. Maybe you tell a bit more about your main character. How was his life before his parents died, why does he want a big muscle guy, why isn't interested to go to a private school (don't like other rich kids is enough but quite short). So, just take your time... you will get soon enough to the growth scenes But in total nice story... thanks Just another point. Because the characters are under 18 you may should move the story to the unfiltered part of the forum.
  3. perados

    My live-in Bodybuilder: intro / what do you think?

    The idea sounds great. Keep it coming But yes, more details would be good. How do the characters feel, what do they think, why do they do what the do. Some conversation... and yes, you can describe the body and how it changes
  4. perados

    The Magnate and the Monster

    GRML.... was reading the story once again by yesterday and was thinking abput if I should "bump" the story... At the end I thought "no, don't do it. Some will think, there is a new chapter" Now I'm online again and had the hope that there is a new chapter... but it isn't
  5. perados

    The Magnate and the Monster

    Can you give us an update, how far you are with you work?
  6. perados

    The Magnate and the Monster

    This is the news of the day... Take your time.As long as you keep on posting, I don't mind if it takes some time
  7. perados

    Musclebound Monster Makes Normal Guy Huge

    I would LOVE to get the link And yes, the persona non grata thing deams to be weird
  8. perados

    The Magnate and the Monster

    When can we expect an new chapter? Please don't stop it here
  9. perados

    The Magnate and the Monster

    All the waiting definitely paid off... This chapters was so hot once again. Thank you... keep up the good work
  10. perados

    The Magnate and the Monster

    More than 24 hours without a new chapter... You spoiled me by your fast posting. I need my drug
  11. perados

    The Magnate and the Monster

    Since this story is out, the first thing I do when I wake up is to check the forum if there is a new chapter and the last thing I do at night is to ckeck again. I only can repeat myself: This is unbelievable hot! As soon as I see there is a new part, I get a boner and not long after start reading precum is leaking. Thank you so much, please promise you will finish this story OR you will never stop writing
  12. perados

    The Magnate and the Monster

    It'sgetting better and better... A pitcher! So hot... and forced feeding without noticing. Thank you the story
  13. perados

    The Magnate and the Monster

    This is SO hot... simply perfect, by every word. That Jay calls him meat made me cum. I want more of it!!!! A bonus is that Jay fucks Bill, I hope you will keep it that way, no matter how much weight Bill will gain. Make Bil immobile by muscles, but please don't let him gain too much height. Thanks for that peace of art. One of the peststories for a long timeu
  14. I think Troy should stay with jis girl for a while, and maybe will lose some of his muscles due to stop training. At the same time his buddy will push himself and starts growing. After some time Troy and his buddy will meet again, Troy will notice the growth, realising how much he is into muscles and training. He breaks up with his girl and starts hitting the gym extra hard and starts roiding to become a real mass monster and explodes with muscles (all in realistic measurements)
  15. perados

    Un gran verano

    A translation would be great... So, maybe someone can recheck, if atrey does a translation

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