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  1. "I think I've got some things that you'd like to play with."
  2. "Did you seriously just tell me to move?"
  3. "I'll let you feel it, but then you have to have sex with me. Deal?"
  4. Makes me suddenly want a banana. A very big banana.
  5. I find guys flexing in clothes so VERY hot!
  6. Honey, make these fellas offer their bench to us.
  7. Baby, show this sales assistant why I only want to look at tight fitting clothes for you.
  8. My muscle daddy Facetimed me from the gym. "I need some inspiration today, bud. Show me your ass."
  9. "The four of you young bucks can't lift that big bag of rocks? I carried it over here in one hand. Hell, I might as well pick up all of you and the bag at the same time to speed up this process. If we had to wait for you youngsters, we would never get to those cold beers waiting for us or the joy of you guys feeling all of these hard daddy muscles."
  10. "Kid, I knew you'd pick the heaviest car in the lot for me to lift. Do you think I would have offered to show off if I knew I couldn't do it? I'd also knew you'd offer me up a big load, as well. Thanks for the compliment."
  11. "Hey Bob, hold on a minute. I see a kid struggling with bench weight and I think I'll go show him what my pinkie can do."
  12. "You smell manly musk and I smell fear."
  13. "Which house should I move now?" He was rearranging the block.
  14. "I'm not what you would call normal, man." "Not with a body like that!" "No, it's more than that. I can do things . . . that aren't normal. Most people look at things as heavier than I do. They think of some things as indestructible, but I don't. Most people view taking on a hundred men at one time as fantasy - but that's just fun to me." "I don't think I understand." "Let me show you."
  15. I love the fact that at the age of fifty-seven, my husband still takes his shirt off when we go dancing because he knows it turns me on.
  16. "I like that you fellas called me an old man," he said taking off his shirt and standing there in all his muscled glory. "It will make it even more fun when I whoop your ass."
  17. "Little man, there are so many bulging muscles down there you'll be exploring for days."
  18. "I've never been called little before." "Well, now you know what it feels like." "It feels hot . . . very hot."
  19. Um, when I suggested we might want to be alone I didn't mean that you should physically toss everyone out of the joint. Don't get me wrong, watching you take on two hundred guys was hot, but I really meant we should maybe go back to my place.
  20. "God, I love it when they run. Guys must think all this muscle can't move very fast. I'll just wait til they get outside and bust through the wall. That should freak the hell out of them. Then I'll toss a bus or something to really get them scared. Of course, there will have to be some obligatory flexing, too."
  21. Still remains on of my favorites! Ever.
  22. "It's about time the three of you woke up. I squeezed you unconscious hours ago."
  23. When I told him fur and muscle make me horny.
  24. "You look hot with all those different tools twisted around parts of your body. It's too heavy to get up, isn't it?"
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