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  1. "Let it go, dude. Your car isn't ever coming back down out of the sky."
  2. "You must think my name is 'Fucking Huge,' cause that's what you keep saying over and over."
  3. "I love it when this geezer's big arms makes a dude quiver. I'm about to rock your world, young man."
  4. "My nips are stronger than you, boy."
  5. "Yeah, I'm an old geek. But I'm an old geek that can hold you over my head with one hand. Care to see?"
  6. "To get inside you six gotta get passed this and, trust me, that ain't happening."
  7. "Which tool would you like to see me demolish first?"
  8. There’s a generous pop to my noticeable boner when the guy finally senses that I’m staring at him. It’s something like an elephant just climbed into a Prius and sat beside you. Something big and covered in muscles can’t go unnoticed for very long. The dude quickly looks around to make sure there’s no one near him that might be attracting my focus. A wink from me makes him freeze and actually quiver with excitement. He’s shocked to find out that the mountain of bulges is flirting with him. That’s when a pec bounce can cause a mouth to drop open wide and an already racing heart to skip a beat. I smile to make his knees go weak. A chiseled face with a two-day growth is like a neon sign pointing towards the scrumptious hard mounds of flesh popping out everywhere below. The delicious fur upholstering all of my hardness is clearly visible through my form-hugging white t-shirt. I realize I’m too hot for him to believe all of this is real – but it’s my smile that causes all of his doubt to disappear. I reach up to scratch one of my voluminous pecs – knowing the bent arm takes his kettle to the boiling point quicker than even an open fire could. Here’s where I get to make an important decision – realizing it will set the tone for the rest of the night. I can saunter over to him – thick-as-hell thighs causing me to waddle more than walk. This will almost make him piss himself, the mountain coming to him. Or I can stand there and wait – giving him time to calm the raging storm I’ve caused in his body and allowing him to prepare whatever adorable introductory remarks he has for his dream muscle daddy. I choose to wait – forcing him to cross that wasteland of disappointed souls who have realized I’ve already made my pick for the night. I come up off the stool I’m leaning on to let my full height and size cast an imposing shadow on him, blocking out all of the light from above. His Adams apple bounces strongly from the gulp caused by my towering presence. It’s like a kid standing before a New York skyscraper for the first time. I hold out my hand, intentionally letting its hugeness force him to break out in a sweat as he contemplates its power and the fact that it’s a precursor to something equally as large lurking down below in my pants. He’s confused – should he reach out to shake my big mitt or should he turn around and run, avoiding any displeasure foreshadowed by such an obvious difference in size. I’m reminded of my immensity and power when I grip his small, defenseless hand, quickly calculating enough pressure to thrill, but not crush. The jolt my light squeeze causes in his body is so perceptible I’m momentarily fearful he may pass out. It makes me instantly wonder if I unintentionally clasped too hard. I continue holding on, just so he can use my big hand for support. At any moment I might need to help him stay upright. I watch as my voice literally rattles his insides when I tell him my name. He’s expected it to be deep and manly, but the actual sound is much more impressive than even what he imagined. I’m still holding on to his small hand and he doesn’t even realize he’s been squeezing with all his might, hoping to try and emphasize his own manliness this close to my huge testosterone oozing body. I clamped down a little harder on his fingers just to make his eyes bulge out a little and his voice to go up an octave or two as he tells me his name. It’s surprising that his first words aren’t the expected ‘fuck, you’re so big’ or ‘wow, you have a lot of muscles.’ He actually asks where I’m from and what I do for a living. Intelligent questions from a guy working hard to not wince from my grip and forcing his gaze to stay glued to my eyes and not travel down to my mountainous chest or bulging arms. I’m starting to realize I chose well out of the sea of muscle whores ogling me at the bar. I let go of his hand, noticing the relief in his face, and let my big paw travel up his arm to land with a heavy plop on his demure shoulder. He tilts a little to that side. My thumb and fingers easily straddle his deltoid muscle and we both realize at the same time his small hand wouldn’t come close to doing the same thing to my immense shoulder. I get another joyful zing to my crotch as I recognize a fellow comparison junkie in my newfound friend. His mind has uncontrollably moved to thoughts of tiny biceps flexed next to gigantic ones and even grown-man thighs being dwarfed by relaxed, get-a-bigger-tape-measure guns. I smile broader when he finally cannot take it any longer and has to steal a glance at my upper torso. I let him take a long gander, knowing the front of his pants just got a lot tighter. I grasp harder with my hand, instantly making his gaze return to mine. He’s afraid I might continue squeezing harder and doesn’t fully understand why his brain hopes so. I pull my arm in a little, just to temporarily marvel at how easily I can make his body do as I please. I contemplate palming his head and seeing if I could lift him off the floor, but I realize that would definitely scare him off or cause him to have a messy accident. Suddenly, I become aware he’s asking me what I call the ‘gym-bo’ questions. Where do I work out? How much can I bench? What exercises do I do to get certain muscles so big? I debate for a second whether or not to tell him about the cute muscle bear gay couple I plowed in the sauna at my gym a few hours earlier, but decide it’s better if he thinks he’s my first fuck of the day. It’s always important to make a guy feel special. I pull his body even closer, loving how my one hand easily drags him a few inches. I can tell his questions are intended to be a subliminal message for me to ask him if he’d like to feel my muscles, but I decide to wait and finally make him say the request out loud and clear. I also don’t want to rush the evening. I want to have more fun with my puppet-man before I fulfill his long hidden fantasy for a domineering muscle daddy that toys with him into the wee hours in the morning. He’s now chattering away uncontrollably. His lust for ‘all things muscle’ has gotten the best of him and he can’t stop himself. I do what I know will shut him up the quickest. I tense my big arm at my side, bending it slightly to make the biceps bulge with intimidation. He stops mid-sentence, with his lips apart and then his tongue darts out like a panting dog. He somehow controls his body enough to whisper the words ‘can I feel it’ and I tighten my grip on his shoulder a little, pull him even closer to me, and say ‘have at it, kid.’ You would have thought I was the general of some awe-inspiring mega army giving the signal for attack by the way he pounced on my arm. His trembling fingers seemed to get some kind of electrical shock as soon as they touched my hard skin. He let out a childlike yelp of glee and started running his hands around my big gun as if he were trying to memorize every vein, indention, and bulge for future masturbatory moments. I told him to ‘slow down, tiger’ since the big thing wasn’t going anywhere any time soon and when it did go it would probably be carrying him out of the place. You would have thought I had just told him he had won a billion dollar lottery – the way he responded to the idea of me carrying him. So the little man had a lift and carry fetish, as well. That was good to know, since there were few things that thrilled me more than tossing some guy around the bedroom. I was so turned on by that thought I actually squeezed his shoulder a little too tight and he screamed slightly, but never stopped his intense caressing of my arm. I had to apologize to the guy and explain that lifting him later on would be the best foreplay I could think of. This seemed to please the little fella to no end. He pulled his body forward and brought his lips down to my biceps, pressing into my skin hard enough to bend his nose downward. He stayed that way for a good minute, as if he had frozen to my gun. Finally, he pulled back and stopped his lustful massage of my arm. I let the tensed thing relax. He then looked up at me and, laughing, asked if I was a top or a bottom. I smiled and said ‘what do you think?’ He said he thought all of my muscle could probably plow a mountain and I told him that was a nice compliment. With my free hand I grabbed his and guided it to my crotch, pressing his palm and fingers into the muscle I worked out the most. There it was, that look of shock I had come to love so much. He thought my man-tits were huge. He thought my arms were enormous. He thought my legs were swollen beyond measure. He was, however, not prepared to know that the size of my love muscle matched the rest of me. I kept my hand on his, so he couldn’t jerk his away in fear. When his fingers finally started groping with exploratory excitement I pulled away. His squeezing stopped momentarily when I mentioned I wasn’t fully hard – the idea that my substantial tool could get bigger and harder almost terrified him, if he hadn’t been so turned on. When a guy openly fondles your enormous cock in the middle of a bar is when you know he’s completely yours. This dude had brought his other hand over to my crotch so he could do some double fisted groping. My response to his kind work was making him a little worried because he was actually beginning to realize just how massive my plowing machine would grow. I told him I hoped he was ready for a sore jaw and ass tomorrow and he said the pleasure would be all his. I guaranteed him that not all of it would be his. I sealed the deal and finalized the catch by pulling him into my hard body, forcing him to turn his head upward to look me in the eyes. I brought my face down to his and gave him a kiss. When we stopped he was smiling and I asked him what he was thinking about. He told me he was imagining what I would look like in the morning with no shirt on. I suggested I carry him out of the place so he could go see.
  9. "Damn, kid, you came three times as I ripped that tractor to shreds. And I bet there's still some sweet juice inside you just waiting to bust out. Let's see how many times I can make you squirt by demolishing the truck."
  10. “Look at you boning up just because I took off my shirt. You are a daddy whore aren’t you, kid.” “I’m not really a kid, I’m twenty-nine years old, sir.” “You’re a kid if I call you one, kid. Don’t forget I can toss you across this room if I want to. That makes me the grown up and you the kid.” “Yes sir.” “Drop your drawers, kid.” “Excuse me?” “Lose the trousers. I want to see that hard cock of yours poking out the material of your briefs.” I undid my belt and let my pants fall to the ground. “That’s a circus tent right there, kid. It’s a pretty thick pole, too. This old man’s rod is twice as thick, though, and a hell of a lot longer. Stroke yourself through your underwear.” “What?” “I said stroke yourself, son. Take a gander at this hard muscle daddy body of mine and stroke yourself. Remember, you’re here for my enjoyment.” I reached around my hardness and pulled back and forth – taking the cotton briefs with the motion my hand. “That’s a good little daddy whore, kid. Look at my fucking arm, son. Makes your juices boil, doesn’t it?” “Yes sir, it does.” He flexed his right arm on the back of the chair and looked at his own bulging gun. I swear his own body turned him on as much as it did me – maybe even more. We gazed in silence as he squeezed his fist a few times to make the biceps dance a little. It was mesmerizing. “Fucking big daddy guns. So huge. This body was made for pleasing, son. Turn around. I want to see your ass. I did as I was told. He let out a loud whistle as soon as I turned around. “Oh hell yeah, that’s a nice little package for me to open up later on. I bet you’re as tight as shit, aren’t you, squirt.” “I hope so, sir.” “Hope so? Man, grow some balls. A good bottom always knows if he’s tight or not. Be proud of that ass of yours. It’s damn hot. It was made to make big men like me happy. So, is that ass of yours tight as shit, boy?” “Yes sir, it’s very tight.” “Yeah, it looks tight. That’s a mighty fine bubble butt. Back up so I can get a handful of that, son.” Again, I did as I was told. His big hand roughly grabbed some of my ass meat and he squeezed hard enough to make me have tears in my eyes, but it felt good, too. He kneaded my ass and emitted approving grunts for a few minutes. I looked back and he had his other hand down his undone shorts, clearly stroking himself in appreciation of my ass. “Fucking hell, I’m going to pound that sweet thing so hard later on. First, we’re going to continue our little conversation and play some more, but later on I’m going to have you screaming with pleasure, squirt. I can guarantee you that. Does that sound good, boy?” “Yes sir, very good.” “Sit in my lap so I can grind my hard dick against that ass of yours.” I plopped down hard, knowing it would give him a thrill. He instantly started rocking his pole into my ass. “I’m so fucking horny we might just have to skip to the plowing a lot sooner than I anticipated, there, squirt. My big muscle daddy body has so much testosterone kicking around in it, I can’t seem to wait longer than two to three hours before needing to yank on my meat or plow the nearest ass or mouth. Play with my tits, boy. They deserve some attention.” I turned my body to face him, making sure I pressed down hard against his cock as I twisted my butt around. I knelt in the chair, my knees on either side of his waist. He continued to dry hump my ass from below. I grabbed hold of his jutting nipples and squeezed with all my might, which caused him to only mutter ‘fuck yeah’ under his breath. My full strength only brought pleasure to his pecs, my tight squeezing didn’t hurt him in any way. “Yeah, my muscle daddy tits love your abuse, son. You’re using all of your strength, aren’t you? Aged beef can be so tough, kid. Let’s see what that mouth of yours can do.” One of his huge hands grabbed the back of my head and pulled my face into his stone like muscled pec. I immediately started sucking. I could feel the incredible power he had in just one arm as he held my face plastered to his chest. “Yeah, that’s a good little muscle pig. Feast on that chest, boy. Make that cock under your ass pulse with excitement. That’s some mighty fine slurping.” A finger had made its way beyond the waistband of my underwear and was now teasing my tight hole mercilessly. This big man had large thick fingers and he knew how to use them to make my ass pucker with anticipation. Meanwhile, my nose was starting to ache from being smashed into his hard muscle. “How ‘bout you clean this daddy’s pits, boy. I was lifting earlier today and they’re pretty rank. They could both use a good tongue scrubbing.” The big older man lifted his left arm into a monstrous biceps flex and I immediately moved my face into the furry cavern under his bulging gun. What he called rank smelled like heaven to me and it tasted like man honey. I lapped salty masculine sweat up with my tongue in the same way a dog drinks water after a long run. “Damn, kid, you’re one of the best daddy whores I’ve ever met. You’ve got a Hoover for a mouth, don’t you? We’ll have to put that to good use in a little while. I’ll give you something big enough to suck on it will bring tears to your eyes, not to mention a little stretching to your throat. You’re gonna soon have that manly pit cleaner than it’s ever been before.” His finger suddenly popped into my chute and that made me lurch forward, slamming my face harder into the muscle-surrounded pit. I was basically now a finger puppet he was controlling completely. I never stopped my lapping, though. I was too focused on trying to suck down some of his cocky daddy-ness into my body. I had a feeling I’d be walking a little more erect and confident in about an hour because I was soaking up so much of his senior muscle testosterone. I also go the feeling he could easily send an entire junior high school through puberty by just walking into the place. My ass cheeks squeezed tightly as his finger seemed to be widening my hole for something much bigger later on. “Yeah, that surely is a fucking tight hole, you sweet thing. You’re gonna think I’m trying to stick a silo up your ass when I finally plow you. Good thing this big body has a lot of power, cause I think entering that hole of yours is going to be harder than trying to get into Fort Knox. Don’t you worry your pretty little head, son, cause this big man can thrust with the power of a bull. You’re going to still feel me inside of you for weeks to come, boy. I’m a daddy that knows how to please.” I was now beyond excited. The manly aroma, the finger invasion of my ass, the flexed biceps near my face, and the sex talk by this muscle master was getting to be too much to handle. I was scared I was going to either self-combust or pass out from being turned on so much. The big man could tell he was becoming hotter than I could handle. He pulled his finger out of my hole with a loud pop, lowered his flexed gun, and moved my face back to one of his jutting nipples. “Suck on that for a while, boy. We need to calm you down a little. That engine of yours isn’t used to running on muscle daddy overdrive for so long. God, you’re a cute little fucker, though. Gonna squeeze that pretty head of yours with my big gun, boy. I just gotta do it. Yeah, feel that daddy power, son. Feels like I could crush that skull of yours if I wanted to, doesn’t it?” I didn’t answer him – for two reasons, really. One, he was kind of just talking to himself, getting off on his own muscles. And, two, I was gone – in some kind of la-la land sucking on his big chest and feeling his huge gun and forearm squeezing the shit out of my head. I was lost in his daddy power and he knew it. “That mouth of yours is so fucking hot, boy. My nip feels like some turbo jet engine is trying to suck it off of me. I think it’s time you met my friend, Giant Pete. You’re gonna like him. I think you’ll soon see that the name fits. I also think you’ll be able to make Giant Pete very, very happy.” The elder muscleman easily lifted my body away from his. My mouth sounded like a suction cup being removed from glass as he roughly pulled me away. He stood me in front of him. God, he had the sexiest buzz cut and two of the hottest ears I’d ever seen in my entire life. And he had a fucking hard body that just could not stop glowing because of his huge muscles. “Pull off my shorts, boy . . . slowly, real slow. Let’s introduce you to Giant Pete.” I was on my knees immediately, tugging his shorts and underwear down at the same time. The guy’s gaze was glued to my face. He was waiting to get a ringside view of my reaction. I had learned early on that when it came to pleasing muscle daddies, I had actually been endowed with super powers – so to speak. I could swallow cock like you would not believe. Those super powers, however, did not prepare me for the King Dong that was unveiled as I pulled down the big man’s pants. Giant Pete was not only incredibly long; he was – indeed – twice as thick as my own manly tool. I could feel my throat gag a little just from the sight of the monstrosity. It looked like something I could swing to hit a baseball. And Giant Pete looked as hard and muscular as the rest of the big man. My face hid none of my surprise and none of my fear. He sat back down on the chair. “Didn’t see that monstrous thing coming, did you, kid? This muscle daddy has quite a few surprises, doesn’t he? No other surprise comes close to being as huge as Giant Pete, though. It’s my secret weapon, my massive plowing machine. Careful, there, you might start drooling – now that the initial shock has worn off. That tool right there has brought more men to their knees than a church filled to the brim on Christmas. And no one’s ever said no to worshipping the thing, either. Show me what that mouth of yours can really do, boy.” Seeing the muscle daddy completely nude – all massive with his hard bulges – and taking in that huge gorgeous cock got my motor running more than anything else had up to that point. I was instantly fully charged for the task at hand. I surprised the hell out of the older stud by gulping his hard redwood-like tool into my mouth with one deep swallow. This had clearly never happened before and he was nowhere near ready for the jolt of pleasure my action would give. He grabbed the arms of the chair and his butt shot forward off of the seat, forcing his cock even deeper into my throat. He let out a loud deep moan, which made him sound the pornographic foghorn of an ocean liner. I instantly regained my abilities to please a muscle daddy in mysterious ways. “Fucking hell, kid, where did that come from. You’re a Grade A cocksucker, aren’t you? Hell, that almost put me over the edge. You’ve got some talent with that . . . whoa, kid . . . slow down, now. I’m losing control. You’re going to make me explode. Wait . . . boy . . . daddy’s losing . . . no, no, NOOO . . . unhhhhhhhh!!!!” This is what I had really wanted from the start, to show him what I was capable of. I was younger and smaller, but that didn’t mean I didn’t have some skills. He shot the kind of daddy load into my mouth that I had come to love so much – hot, thick, and tons of it. Damn, he was a virile man. His crotch was thrusting like a well-lubed piston and my mouth was receiving him like a kid getting the Christmas gift he’s always dreamed of. I swallowed fast and hard, accepting every drop he offered and making him cum even more than he ever thought he could. My big old daddy man was yelling like some kind of animal that’s been wounded. I guess in a way he had, not wanting the orgasm to come and all. I knew he’d be defenseless against my mouth. I had taken on rougher and tougher men, but no one had ever been the size of his Giant Pete. As I sucked that giant monster dry I knew I was sealing the deal on a long-term relationship. I could tell the muscle daddy squirting forever down my throat was getting a new perspective of the little man he thought he’d picked up for just one night. I knew I’d be able to ask for diamonds or pearls once this man quit shooting. “Fuck . . . fuck . . . fuck . . . I’m still coming! How can you . . . unh . . . unh . . . do that . . . unh, kid?” I continued to squeeze his long pole with my throat and it continued to offer me its sweet prize. Finally, the big daddy’s ass fell back down on the chair, but my mouth traveled with Giant Pete and kept on sucking. The elder muscleman let go of his death grip on the arms of the chair, took a deep breath, and physically pushed my head away from his cock. There was a loud pop as Giant Pete escaped from my lips. That gorgeous huge daddy chest was heaving up and down and the man had his eyes closed as he tried desperately to calm his body down, having to take breaths between some words as he spoke. “That’s a . . . weapon of . . . mass destruction. That’s . . . what . . . that . . . mouth is. Damn, boy . . . I’ve never had that . . . kind of explosion before. You’re not . . . human.” I knelt in front of him licking my lips and beaming at his compliments. His entire tone – his entire way of interacting with me had changed. He rubbed his hands up and down on his face, as if he were trying to make sure all of this was real – that it had truly happened. He finally looked right at me, his body was sort of under control by this point, and smiled. That’s when I decided to wreck him again. “My ass is more talented than my mouth.” “Fucking hell that makes me the happiest man on the planet. If I had an engagement ring on me right now I’d be down on one knee. Wait, I think I have a cock ring in the drawer of my beside table. I can slap that thing on you as my pledge of devotion. Come here, you sweet bundle of goodness, you. I need to kiss that golden mouth. No one has ever made Giant Pete so happy or ejaculate so hard.” The big man easily lifted my body onto his. He sat me on his lap, but this time it was welcoming and soothing. His hands massaging my body as he brought his hot mouth against mine. The kiss was full of passion, not dominance. My oral skills had obviously won over a new fan. His tongue explored my mouth lovingly, while his hands continued to caress me. When we came up for air he spoke completely different than he had earlier. “Need anything, baby doll? Need me to do anything?” “Just hold me with those big daddy muscles.” “Oh baby, I’ll hold you real tight. I’ll squeeze you, too. I’ll do whatever you want me to, cute man.” In my mind I thought about how the tide had changed. I had this big man wrapped around my little finger. It made me smile. Now, who was the daddy whore?
  11. My oh my, what a hot man you are!!!

    1. Doogiebanks


      Thank you very much. Just joined. Learning my way around the site. Cheers!

  12. (Started this as a short caption story, but it grew into something else - hence, the picture) “I’m really sorry about the bed.” “No . . . no, it’s okay. I’ll buy a new one tomorrow.” “I’m just too big.” “Hey now, you stop that kind of talk right now. You are not too big. Trey, I mean it. Look at me. Look at me. Too big does not exist. You wanted to be big. I wanted you this way. I still want you this way. I will always want you this way.” “I’m sorry . . . “ “Quit saying that.” “ . . . it’s just that I’m still getting used to my size . . . and the strength.” “It’s okay. It’s going to take a while. Touch the roof for me, again.” Trey bent his arm at a right angle and placed his palm against the ceiling. Sam emitted a sound that was somewhere between a sigh and moan. The smaller man still couldn’t believe his eyes. His lover of two years was now a nine foot giant. It was good they had high ceilings in the apartment, but Trey could still palm the thing without even extending his arm close to all the way. Sam reached up and his fingers didn’t come near the ceiling, even when he went up on his toes. Trey had to duck through doorways and there were some low beams around the place that had proven to be troublesome. Sam loved his man’s new height. It was so hot. “I didn’t even realize I was ripping the mattress and box springs apart. I thought I was still inside of you.” “Well, you’ve always become like a madman during sex. You were just too turned on to notice. Relax. I’ll get us a better bed tomorrow. Your feet hung off the thing, anyway. I mean, I’m not sure I’ll be able to find a bed you can fit in – but maybe there’s a big man’s bedding store like they have for clothing. Just kidding. We might have to get one custom made. I probably should get a new sofa and some chairs that can hold you, too.” “I am kind of getting tired of sitting on the floor.” “I bet you are. Man, look at that mattress in there. You ripped that thing completely in two with that strong rod of yours. The sight of all that destruction turns me on.” “It embarrasses me.” Sam reached up and caressed Trey’s left pec, making sure to tease the now substantially larger nipple that poked out with excitement. Both men looked at each other. There was a love between them that needed no explanation – no words. “I hope you’re not regretting becoming huge.” “Hell no. I just wish I’d hurry up and get used to it.” “That time will come, big guy. It’ll come. Right now, let’s see if we can rustle up enough pillows, couch and chair cushions, and other stuff to make a temporary bed in the living room. It’ll be like camping out.” Sam couldn’t lie; it would have devastated him if Trey had said he didn’t want to be huge. He looked at his lover’s feet as they traveled down the hall. Damn, those things were big. Sam felt his crotch start to stir looking at that specific part of Trey’s body. Sam didn’t know how feet could be such a turn on, but Trey’s big puppies just did it for him in a way that was two difficult to explain. But then there were his big hands, too, which were even more of a turn on. Soon, they had enough different materials to make a decent sized sleeping area on the floor. Trey’s big body was nice and comfortable with his head propped up by many pillows, but Sam was the happiest lying completely on Trey, playing with his furry chest as they talked. “When do I get to go outside the apartment, Sam?” “I’m not so sure the world is ready for a nine foot giant, yet. I had to perform CPR on the UPS man yesterday because you forgot and answered the door.” “Yeah, but he was cute so you really didn’t mind.” “The paramedics were even cuter and they just kept laughing when the UPS man came to and just kept pointing at me and saying, ‘Giant, giant, giant.’ It’s a good thing we look so much alike. He actually thought I had been nine foot tall at one point.” “It’s because we have matching beards.” “That’s about all that matches between us.” Trey held up his hand, knowing Sam would love a moment of comparing. It’s one of the things that turned him on the most since the growth. Sam brought his manly hand up against the giant’s. A slight moan escaped Sam’s mouth at the immediate sight of the size difference. It was almost like a father and his toddler comparing hands. Both men gazed at Trey’s long thick fingers dwarfing those of Sam. “I don’t know why, but I love feeling small. Seeing that giant mitt huge against my tiny thing bones me up in a way I’ve never even fantasized about before. I can’t believe having a giant boyfriend turns me on so much.” “Towering over you and outsizing you in every way does the same thing to me.” They interlocked their fingers and that emphasized the size difference even more. Trey squeezed his hand, causing a slight pain to shoot through the smaller hand he held. Sam whacked the big man’s chest with his open palm, hard – but it was clear Trey barely felt it. The bigger man smiled, and something in his white skivvies started to awaken. The fact that his boyfriend had thought about clothes in advance of the growth was wonderful and pleased Trey. Sam had gotten custom items made for the big man. Everything was still a little tight, but Trey had the feeling that had been part of his lover’s plan. “I like it best when we put our cocks against each other. That size difference is really hot.” “That’ because yours is now bigger than my arm.” “Yeah, there’s that, but I like how yours twitches with excitement against mine. It’s like the thing is nervous being around something so much bigger. And I used to think you had huge balls, but now they look like peanuts next to my coconuts.” “If your intention is to get me hard with this conversation – your plan is working.” “I thought it might.” “Your sex drive has grown to match your new size.” “And that, my little lover, is an area where we are still evenly matched.” It was true. Sam was not ‘smaller’ when it came to a need for sex or when it came to stamina. Trey was the giant, but Sam’s libido was that of a giant, too. It had not always been that way. Trey’s growth had clearly triggered something in his lover. Upon deep retrospection, Sam realized that since childhood he had fantasized about giants. He, himself, had never wanted to be huge, but he had always dreamed about having a giant. As a kid, he would not have even entertained the idea that the giant would be his lover, but as an adult, with his dream lying dormant for many years in his head, things changed. One night, after the third round of the kind of hot sex that makes you need to drink a gallon of water, he and Trey had been lying on the bed intertwined to the point where you have no idea where your body starts or his ends. Out of the blue, Sam asked Trey to share with him something he’d never told anyone else – one of his deepest secrets. Trey hadn’t hesitated and replied, “I’ve always wanted to be a giant.” Sam had immediately sat up, looking totally astonished, and quickly confessed his desire to have a giant as a kid, but now he merely wanted to have one as a lover. The conversation about this shared fantasy had led to round four of even hotter sex. Platform shoes had been bought two days later to make Trey significantly taller. It took him a while to get used to them, but they did fuel shared fantasies for a while. Roleplaying with Sam on his knees became a weekly thing, and deep conversations about why gianthood turned both of them on in certain ways led to more rounds of wild sex than alcohol could have caused. Soon, they both didn’t refer to their lust for hugeness as a fetish. It was as natural between them as deciding between salmon or chicken for dinner. Movies were downloaded, size-comparison porn was bought, and the two men painstakingly taught themselves how to morph guys into giants in pictures to offer as gifts to each other. Trey started calling Sam his ‘little lover’ and, in return, Trey was called ‘my giant.’ Soon, the two men lived as if a true change had already happened. They had come to live as if Trey was a giant and it seemed so comfortable and natural. A chance perusal of an antique cookbook in Italy, while on holiday, changed their lives forever. Sam knew a little Italian and was glancing through the book while Trey got an espresso next door. As he flipped through the pages a recipe title caught his eye. It said, ‘Funghi per Giganti,’ which he thought translated into ‘Mushrooms for Giants’ instead of ‘Giant Mushrooms,’ but he wasn’t sure. He asked the owner of the shop to translate the title for him and come to find out, Sam was right. The book, although outrageously expensive since it was said to be one of only a handful of copies that had been printed from recipes collected from gypsies hundreds of years ago, was bought on the spot. A four-day stop in Siena turned into two weeks as a mad search for the mushrooms described in the recipe took place. Just when the two men had decided to give up an old woman had approached them outside of their hotel and asked, in some form of Italian Sam had never heard before, if they sought a special mushroom. Without hesitation, they had both said yes and then foolishly climbed into the back of a very old truck driven by a mysterious bearded hulk who kept looking at the old woman sitting beside him with an angry stare. Part Two Just when both men had decided they had been kidnapped or were being taken out into the countryside to be murdered, they had pulled up to an ancient villa on a high hill in the middle of nowhere. When the big fella got out of the car, Sam and Trey had been shocked to see that it was actually a young man of about twenty. He must have stood close to seven feet tall and was built like a strongman competitor. American crotches hardened on the spot, which did not go unnoticed by the hulking young man. A big smile immediately broke out across his face and he spoke to what was his, come to find out, grandmother. The huge guy spoke quickly, but Sam got a few words – deciphering ‘these men like dick and muscles.” Anticipating the information would get them beaten up or killed, both men were shocked when the grandmother clapped her hands together many times and thanked the woods fairies (Sam wasn’t sure about this) for her and her grandson’s good luck. Antonio, as they would learn his name later, came around behind them, grabbed them both at the waist, lifted them in the air, and danced around the yard like a school kid being released from school for summer holiday. Sam and Trey quickly noticed that holding them both off the ground gave the young giant no strain. This only increased the excitement at their crotches. They also noticed that Antonio’s enormous member was snaking down his thigh – insanely thick and huge. A minute later both men were carried into the quintessential old Italian kitchen with enough jars of herbs and other assorted things to immediately reveal that grandmother was some sort of witch. Antonio dropped both men back on the floor and slapped their backs hard enough to send them flying a few steps forward. The giant then took off his flannel shirt revealing the kind of thick, muscled, hairy body that Trey and Sam would always morph as gifts for each other. Sam immediately asked for water. The way the grandmother took all of this in stride made it clear that Antonio rarely wore a shirt around the house. Come to find out, later, he rarely wore pants, either, preferring to waddle around the place in only his underwear. This seemed to please the elder woman. Sam soon had the cookbook displayed on the big table in the center of the room. The grandmother took out some reading glasses and treated the book as if it had been a family heirloom. When she pointed to one of the three names listed near the front of the book and explained that this had been her relative, the two men realized it was an ancestral treasure. Sam did not hesitate for even one second. He told her the book was hers. A gift returned to its true owner. He glanced at his lover and Trey’s eyes made it clear he thought this was the right thing to do, as well. You would have thought Sam had just given the woman a second life. Tears welled up in her eyes. She brought her hands to her mouth and moved her head from side to side in disbelief. Antonio, again, came over and grabbed both men in a big-armed bear hug, clasping his hands together as he lifted. He squeezed so tight that both Americans feared they were going to pop a thick load or break some bones – whichever one came first. The grandmother started saying ‘grazie’ over and over as tears streamed down her face. She soon collected herself, climbed on top of her chair so she’d be even, and gave both Trey and Sam kisses on both cheeks. Antonio did the same thing and the two foreigners got a little kick to their hard-ons from the dense manly fur across the big man’s face. By this point, grandmother had returned to her book and had turned to the original page that had caught Sam’s eye. She instructed her grandson to release the guests and Antonio, again, dropped them like potato sacks to the ground. The big man pulled out two big chairs – easily lifting them – from the table, pointing for the two men to sit down. He then poured four glasses of wine that was a deep, deep red. The grandmother touched Sam’s arm and began to speak, slowly so he’d understand. It seemed that this had been a special recipe – known only to her ancestors. It had made it into the book only because the mushroom had totally disappeared. It had been generations since anyone had seen one, so some great, great, great (many more greats) aunt had put it in the book so it would never be lost. It was the hope that one day the mushroom would be found again. And then she said something that made Sam’s heart jump. She told him she had found one mushroom many years ago. He quickly translated for his lover, who could not hide his enthusiasm. Sam asked if she thought she could find another one and was instantly disappointed when she said she did not think one existed. She said that the tradition was this particular mushroom only grew in one spot in the country of Italy once every two hundred years. The woman sensed the intense disappointment in both men as Sam translated. She quickly revealed to Sam she still had most of the mushroom she had found all those years ago. Sam had never known his cock could harden so quickly. It would have clearly banged against the underside of the table if his jeans had not kept it contained. The same reaction happened to his lover as Sam excitedly told Trey what the woman had said. She went on to explain that she had given part of the mushroom to her then fourteen year old grandson. Both men turned to look at a beaming Antonio, now on his third big glass of wine and bouncing his pecs wildly. Come to find out, a wimpy little pre-pubescent Antonio had shot up to over 215 centimeters (over seven feet tall!) and had sprouted thick hair like some hirsute blacksmith from the old country. This part of the story made Antonio flex one of his arms to the delight of the rest of the room. The woman said she had more than half of the mushroom left and she would like to give the majority of it to Sam and Trey. She wanted to give it to them because they had so unselfishly given the recipe book back to her. She seemed to know they had paid a lot of money for it. She then offered a warning and asked for a huge favor in return. It seemed Antonio had not grown taller than he was because he had been so young when he ate the mushroom. He had been lifting the bull in the pin for the last few years and that’s why he was so muscular. The woman said that a grown man taking the mushroom would grow much taller and bigger than Antonio. This was news that only excited Sam and Trey more. The older woman was also apologetic because she did not think she would give them enough to help both of them become giants. Sam smiled and explained that he wanted to remain his present size and that it was Trey who wanted to grow. For some unknown reason Sam then added that he had always wanted to have a giant as a friend. ‘Or a lover,’ added the woman, which made Sam turn red, as he nodded his head. The woman then added, ‘we love what we love,” and that made it clear she understood. She then continued that they would have to wait until they got home before Trey could eat the mushroom. She added that he would feel as if he were dying for about three days and that they were not to panic. If they were patient and stuck with the plan he would start to grow on the third day and it would stop about forty-eight hours later. Antonio added that it was very hard to adjust at first and that Trey would break things easily, bang his head a lot, and probably squeeze Sam way too hard. The grandmother nodded her head and grabbed her sides, clearly remembering intense hugs from her enormous fourteen-year old grandson. Sam then asked the woman about the favor she had mentioned. She looked at her grandson and he downed a fourth glass of wine quickly. It seemed that Antonio’s growth had freaked out the entire village and even all the surrounding villages all those years ago. He had remained friendless and wasn’t allowed to venture far off of their farm. It also seemed that Antonio was a virgin. Grandmother was hoping the two men would deflower the boy. Sam was about to start explaining how Trey and he were in a happy monogamous relationship, but Trey’s voice had said, ‘yes,’ loudly and quickly. When Sam looked at his lover, Trey mouthed the word, ‘look at him – he’s gorgeous and big,’ and then added, ‘and I want to be your giant.’ That was that. After Antonio downed eight more glasses of wine and the two foreigners had each polished off four, the three men were out in Antonio’s bedroom slash gym at the top of the barn. Excitement oozed out of the behemoth twenty-year old like an infectious aura filling the entire room. Sam and Trey had never even entertained the idea of a three-way – they were totally happy with each other – but the big man’s bulging muscles, the strong wine, and the fact that Antonio was the largest man they had both ever met – made them both very exited about what was to come.
  13. "You seriously thought a scrawny little padlock would keep me out of your locker, boy? Have you looked at my body? Have you noticed the advertisement on my shirt? That right there is truth in advertising, son. My pinkie can take care of a padlock without any effort. Just imagine what the rest of me can do."
  14. "So, here's how it's going to be from now on, my three little big brothers . . . I rule the house and you fellas serve me. And if you don't like it, be prepared to feel a little pain."
  15. "You picked the wrong house to try and rob, little man. I'm about to have so much fun with you, you'll be begging me to let you stay. Look at how you bone up at that thought."
  16. "I'm in my uniform for the demolition. Which wall do you want me to punch down first? Feel free to play with yourself as I do my work."
  17. "Yeah, I thought you'd look hot with a few barbells wrapped around your body. Think of it as jewelry."
  18. "What's the grimace for, squirt. I'm not even squeezing hard."
  19. "Kid, a jump to a sixth floor balcony is a breeze for a guy like me. Oh, and you'll also find your car has been moved to the roof, too. That thing's pretty light."
  20. "Thanks for letting me bunk at your place for a while. I sleep in the nude. I hope you're okay with that."
  21. "Send the sixteen guys in. I'm ready to play."
  22. "My, what big hands you have." "The better to punch through concrete walls with." "My, what a big chest and hard abs you have." "The better to deflect bullets with." "My, what big arms you have." "The better to bend all things made of steel with." "My, what big shoulders you have." "The better to take down forty men at the same time with." "My, what a big crotch you have." "The better to plow you with."
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