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    Romance. Muscles. Strength.
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    Runner's build.
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    People who like the same things I write about.
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    Having a personal chauffeur.
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    Anything by SeaMusc
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    A furry Antoine.
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    Presently, I'm really into the idea of powerful bear hugs.

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  1. Scroll down to the story here. I hope that helps. https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/24081-p1.html
  2. Could it be this one called My Roommate's Body? https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/7789-p1.html
  3. "Naw, you guys can go on. I'll carry this down the mountain."
  4. They said 'rough initiation' and I said 'heaven.' It's all about perspective.
  5. It's his name tag. A big man need a big name. Thattaboy, Atlas.
  6. "We don't just have sex, we topple mountains."
  7. "For the life of me, I really don't remember folding up your car last night, dude. I must have been really wasted. Damn, it's the size of a large suitcase. Sorry about sinking it in the driveway, too."
  8. "PUH-lease, fellas. You really thought your punches would do something to this? Look at that wall of muscle. Ain't nothing going to bother that."
  9. "Come back, Coach. I promise not to squeeze you that hard, again."
  10. "I thought you went to some geeky science camp?" I asked my best friend when we met near the end of summer. "I did. I created a growth formula," he responded. "I guess you can see it worked."
  11. "I can't play football anymore, Coach. I'm bigger and stronger than the entire other team - put together."
  12. "We gotta break up, Coach. You're too small."
  13. "Watch as my pecs flatten your quarter."
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