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    Big Boys and Their Toys - Part Seven

    Michael gazed in shocked awe as he watched the insanely loaded bar smoothly go down towards Saul’s mammoth chest and then swiftly back into the air as if it were nothing for the big man’s huge arms to lift it. Michael had never seen pectoral muscles so humongous – or so obviously packed with hard solid meat. Saul’s chest looked to be about four times as thick as his mid-section. Michael was pretty sure the elder man’s chest could stop almost anything speeding towards it. The numerous plates on the ends of the bar might as well have been the size of small cars. The bar bowed from the pressure. Michael had attempted to do the math in his head as Saul added weights on the bar, but it had become too much to keep up with. The enormous senior man didn’t seem to be struggling with the thing at all – as a matter of fact he seemed to be enjoying every second of the many reps he was effortlessly performing, as if he were trying to impress his new client. The younger, smaller man could not begin to fathom this kind of strength. “How many of me would equal what you are benching, Saul?” “Probably six or seven of you, Michael.” “No normal human is supposed to be able to lift that much. You must be from Mount Olympus.” “Well there aren’t many that can.” “Especially those at your age.” “Do I detect some ageism? Gray hair doesn’t mean feeble, Michael. It means years of building and years of getting stronger. Why can’t a man in his late fifties – soon to be sixty - be really strong?” “He can, Saul, I’m just saying it’s not normal. God, I think I would need a crane to move that thing.” “I’m second in my weight division for benching, but I’m first in many other competitions. You’ll see my name on about eight plaques over there on the wall. I love being strong. Lifting heavy things is a big turn on for me. I like to watch the young whipper-snappers freak out when they see this gray haired older man picking up something that boggles their mind and then lifting it over my head with no problem. And then when I do numerous repetitions it really sends them over the edge. Don’t know why it intimidates guys so much, but their reactions always get me very excited.” “I can see that. Your sweats don’t hide much, big man. As a matter of fact, you probably don’t have a piece of clothing that could even begin to hide any part of your hugeness. You could wear a quilt and still look huge.” “Yeah, when I lift I have a perpetual hard-on. I can’t help it. There’s just something about pushing all this iron up into the air that gets me going. It’s like moving mountains. I love the way it makes me feel so powerful. And then there’s the shocked gazes I get that add a lot to my pleasure. Lots of guys are into strength; you know . . . they just don’t admit it. When I lift I can immediately sense a strength whore within the entire gym. The clues are salivating, bug eyes, gaping mouths, and quick exits to bathroom stalls. But I’m not the only one sporting some wood. Your giant Redwood is paying homage to my lifting, too. Surely, that huge thing of yours is illegal in some parts of the world. In an effort to even up the score, I’ll say that no man is supposed to be swinging a bat the size of yours – especially a man as small as you. Speaking of cranes, young man – that thing looks like it could lift a lot!” “What can I say? I’m just a freak of nature. And there’s no way it could stay calm watching you lift so much weight.” “A freak, huh, just like me. But, really, I don’t consider either of us freaks. I’d say we’ve been blessed. And I’m definitely going to need you to share your blessing with me sometime. Now, I’ve lost count. What rep is this?” “I’m not sure, but I know you’ve pushed that over-loaded bar into the air more than fifty times and you’re not even sweating. You might as well be lifting the back of some small car.” “I can do that for you, if you want me to, Michael. It doesn’t even have to be a small car.” “Fuck, can you really?” “Yeah, I can. I can bench it or deadlift it, too. It’s your call. It would be my pleasure to show off for you. I usually get so excited when I do it I end up squirting a big load. There I am, holding the back of the car in the air and I’m shaking like I’m having some kind of seizure. It’s hot as hell. I get the feeling you’d have the same reaction. So, back to business before one of us has an accident - do you understand the concept of benching, now?” “Yes. How could I not given your demonstration? And I even remember that it’s good for the chest. Mainly because I see that your humongous chest has now swollen to the size of my queen size bed.” “Right. And now, let’s show you some one arm curls. We want to help you build hard biceps, like mine.” “That’s not possible, big guy. Your arms are bigger than my upper body.” “Maybe so, but we can still get them bigger. You go to that end of the weight rack. Grab the ones that are ten pounds. I’ll grab the ones over here that are one hundred. Okay, now keep your back straight, like this, while you bring up your hands – twisting a little at the end. You want to get a good pump.” Michael’s face went a little white when the hundred pound weights swung upward and Saul’s arms bulged. The younger man hadn’t been prepared for how gigantic the guns could actually swell. It was the most glorious sight that Michael had ever seen. The blood in his body all rushed to his massive rod and he became light headed. He blurted out the first thing that came into his head. “Oh hell, look at your arms popping out like blimps taking off from the ground. Those things are so huge!” “It’s one of the advantages of lifting such heavy things. I like the way big arms scream how strong a guy is, don’t you. Enormous biceps surrounded by super tight sleeves is like the best eye candy ever, isn’t it? I have an idea, put your weights down, Michael, and come stand behind me. Grab hold of my arms as I lift and you’ll feel what the biceps does when it’s curling. There’s no better way of learning than ‘hands-on’ activities.” “Won’t that look a little weird?” “Who cares? No one’s going to say anything. They all know I could toss them across the gym if I wanted to. Besides, most of the guys in this place would love to grab hold of my huge guns, themselves. I have dudes coming up to me all the time asking if they could feel my arms or would I please show off my strength by lifting them. You into being lifted, Michael?” “Hell yes, although no one’s ever picked me up into the air before.” “We’ll have to change that very soon. That’s it, get behind me. Now, reach up and grab my biceps.” “Holy hell, it’s like touching granite. That’s not skin, it’s stone!” “Wait until I lift the weight…” “Oh fuck! It swells up even bigger and ten times harder. Like I said before, you’re not normal. You gotta be a superhero or something.” “I can be a superhero for you, Michael. If that’s what you like. How about you call me your Thor, or, better yet, your Incredible Hulk.” “Except you won’t have to grow when you’re mad, Saul, because you’re already gigantic. How tall are you?” “Six seven and a half.” “Damn. And how much do you weigh?” “Three hundred and ninety pounds.” “That means you’re almost more than three of me, Saul! You’re more than twenty-five years older than me and, yet, you dwarf me in every way.” “Not every way, Michael. That thing between your legs would beat mine in a wrestling match. I think it could be two big men in a wrestling match. Why don’t you pull in a little closer to my body, bud, and let an old man feel that hard tool. Aw yeah, you’re short enough for that thing to fit perfectly up in my ass cheeks. That feels nice, Michael, real nice. The only thing that would feel better is if it were much deeper.” “Okay, Saul, quit squeezing your cheeks or we’re going to have an accident. The combination of that and your arms swelling up enormously hard is enough to do me in. I’m going to have to take a break.” “I think this is a good time to stop, anyway, Michael. I’d like to go get that coffee you offered and get to know you better. Who knows, you might even find me charming.” “Hugely charming, Saul . . . hugely charming.” Michael stepped away from the big man – giving his arms another quick squeeze before he did. The big man smiled and emitted an appreciative moan. Saul replaced the weights he’d been lifting with a loud thud that caused the entire rack to shake. The smaller man could not fathom being able to lift those things with one hand. He barely could lift a hundred pounds with both hands! He stared at the big man as Saul re-racked the ten-pound weights, too. The larger man noticed the look on his new friends face. “My size doesn’t intimidate you does it, Michael?” “Hell no! It turns me on as much as your strength does. It’s like being next to a giant.” “All my life I’ve been called a giant freak. I hit six feet when I was in seventh grade. I towered over most of my teachers. The size of my feet and hands made most of the grown men in my school insanely jealous. Most of the other kids were scared of me. I could have made the best bully, but I was just too nice. I liked befriending people – not harassing them. It wasn’t until I started fooling around with other boys in the ninth grade that I realized my size and power could make me popular. I had no idea other guy’s loved big, strong men so much. That year was the first time someone asked me to lift them. It was a friend of mine who had come over to spend the night. We were down in our basement and out of the blue he asked me to grab him by the armpits and lift him in to the air. I instantly shot rock hard. I also knew it would be easy as hell. He said he knew I could do it, because I was twice the size of him and he’d seen me lifting in the school gym. He didn’t weigh anything so I hoisted him effortlessly. I was actually quite surprised by how light he was. The dude came on the spot. There he was like a rag doll flopping around in my arms – with the biggest grin on his face I had ever seen. I held him in the air until he fully recovered and when I put him down on the ground, he just looked up at me and said thanks. We spent the rest of ninth grade and most of tenth with him trying to think of new ways for me to show off my strength and have him cum. We were both sad as hell when his parents announced they were moving. I looked him up about two years ago – he’s married now with four kids. That didn’t stop him, however, from taking me down to his basement and busting out a bunch of wads with me lifting him in new ways.” “Size and power turn me on more than anything, Saul. I’ve known a few strong guys in my life, but no one comes close to you. A guy showing off his power is the best foreplay ever. You’re like a wet dream come true for me. I’m afraid you’ve set the bar so high – not to mention with too much weight – that no one will ever come close to matching you. And, what about you? What gets your motor going?” “To be completely honest, Michael, I’m a true size queen - so the answer is easy. Giant cock. I’m the most powerful bottom you’ll ever meet and my bulges give a guy a lot to play with as he pounds me. My ass can milk a guy until he’s ready to pass out from exhaustion.” By this point the two men were in the locker room and Michael allowed his enormous hard rod to openly twitch back and forth in his sweats simply from what Saul was sharing. There was nothing Michael loved more in the world than an older muscled bottom. There was just something about plowing a muscled gray-haired man that made the younger guy feel more alive than ever. He was reveling in the fact that he had met Saul when the bigger man suddenly bent down and gave him a hard aggressive kiss on the lips, his tongue exploring Michael’s mouth like some kind of wild animal on sexual overdrive. Finally, the giant pulled away and Michael opened his eyes. “I just needed you to know how I felt.” “I can make it so you walk funny, tomorrow, big man. I know how to swing my giant bat like a pro. I’ve got the size and the skills. You’ll forget about every other man you’ve ever been with once you’re in the sack with me. I could make you the happiest giant on earth.” “You had me at ‘walk funny tomorrow.’ I have a feeling I can return the favor, Michael, by showing off my strength and muscles every chance I get. Let’s begin now by letting you see what made my friend in ninth grade so happy.” Saul slipped his hands under the arms of Michael and lifted him into the air as if he weighed no more than a jacket. Michael let out a soft whimper of approval and then cooed like a little baby. His massive cock was now pressing against his sweats like he had a bazooka stuffed down there. The big man held the other guy in the air for a while; just to emphasize his strength even more. Michael began to worry that he was going to shoot a big wad right there and then, but before that could happen, Saul placed him back on the ground. The big man had clearly gauged how much the younger one could take. He looked down at the shorter man. “It’s like you’ve got a third leg, little man. That is simply mind-blowing.” “My friends in high school used to call me ‘Tripod.’ I finally reached a point where I stopped trying to hide the huge thing. I always cause a big scene if I get turned on in public. Fathers actually cover their children’s eyes when they see me, but most of them don’t turn away.” “I have a feeling that massive things is going to open me up in ways I can’t even imagine, Michael.” “I promise I’ll be gentle . . . well, at first, anyway.” “I’ll take that coffee now, Michael. And then I’ll take a nice dinner. After that, I’m hoping you’ll offer me a hard plowing. And when we take breaks I can lift heavy things for you and let you grope hard muscle.”
  3. londonboy

    Big Boys and Their Toys - Part Six

    "Vintage Oscar, Jason, very nice.” “And I see Sebastian chose Tom Ford, sexy as hell.” The two men had met out in front of the concert hall. Even in the big crowd Jason had been able to find Sebastian quickly. The man’s gorgeous silver hair stood out among the crowd – especially in a sea of black tuxes. It was as if there were a hundred spotlights on the tops of neighboring buildings all pointed at the elder man. Also, there was the mustache. That pornographic weapon of lust, which, alone, made Jason’s cock ache like hell. The elder man was clearly manicured and cultured, but in a way that was still rough and sexy in what was a definite masculine way. He wasn’t a Botoxed plastic doll, he was all natural. And then there was the way his obviously muscled framed filled out even a tux. You could still tell he had muscles under all that glorious clothing. He bulged in all the right places and moved in that slow, determined way that bodybuilders moved – clearly thick and heavy from all the meat he was packing. When arms bulge noticeably through the sleeves of a jacket you know a guy is jacked. When it was an elder man jacked to the hilt; that only made the younger man happier. When Sebastian saw Jason walking up he broke into the sexiest grin the younger man had ever seen. White, white teeth popped out among the sea of people and Jason’s knees felt like wet spaghetti for a few seconds. It also seemed like all the massive bulges beneath the tux grew bigger, which made another bulge in Jason’s pants get bigger, too. “Good evening. You know, Jason, you looked very handsome today at work and now you’re even more good looking in your tux. I have a feeling you look hot in anything you wear.” “And any man that still looks big and hard as hell in a tux, must have a super fine body underneath, Mr. Sebastian.” “I do love tuxes – especially on dates. They make for good foreplay when you return home. It takes so long to take them off and it can increase the appetite, as they say. Shall we go in, sir?” Sebastian held out his arm so Jason could loop his within it. It was a simple move that somehow made the younger man extremely comfortable and protected at the same time. The more mature man taking charge of the situation and letting everyone know he had a cute young man as his date. As he reached out, Jason squeezed Sebastian’s arm just to cop a feel of the hard muscle underneath. The elder man immediately noticed and tensed his biceps at the same time to give Jason a thrill. “Are you into muscle, my friend?” “Only when it is on a hot daddy.” “It took me a while to embrace all of my daddy potential, Jason. I think it was because I associated being older with being put out to pasture. It wasn’t until I got the perfect mustache that I realized how hot an elder man can be.” “That, sir, is one freaking sexy strip of daddy fur. I bet it feels real nice in a passionate kiss.” The young man taking tickets glanced up as the two men approached and the kid’s mouth dropped open wide in clear and unashamed lust for the silver-haired fox that was walking up with his date. The poor guy didn’t move. He just stood there, staring at Sebastian’s huge body – his hand outstretched and open. The elder man placed two tickets in the open palm, but the ticket taker still did not move. He seemed to be in some catatonic state – caused by the handsome senior muscleman in front of him. Sebastian reached back out, tore the tickets in two and then placed half of them back in the still unmoving hand. It was clear that Sebastian was used to this kind of reaction. He led Jason into the magnificent lobby of the opera center and continued the conversation as if nothing had happened. “Maybe you’d like to find out sometime.” “I think you already know the answer to that. Have you always been big and muscular, Sebastian?” “No, I was rather sickly as a child and all the way through high school. In college I met a guy that changed my life. My dad thought it would be important for me to be part of a work-study program in school – even though he paid cash for all four years. He was just always into me learning the ‘lessons of life’ - as he called them. I wonder to this day if he actually planned what assignment I would get – knowing it would change my life. He’s a very perceptive and sensitive man. You wouldn’t know it from working with him, but he really is gentle and a good father. Anyway, I was assigned to Jackson Peters – head of maintenance for the entire university. I was there to help him do his department’s budgets and finances – since I was going to be an international business major. Well, when I went down to the guy’s office in the basement of the administration building I got the shock of my life. Jackson Peters was actually called ‘Jocko’ because he was about six feet three inches tall and built like Lou Ferrigno – you know the professional bodybuilder who turned into an actor? “Trust me, Sebastian, I know who Lou Ferrigno is. The man has caused me to lose more loads than I can remember.” “Well, Jocko, took an instant liking to me. I’m sure it had to do with the way I helped his department get their books in order and look really good for his bosses, but it probably had more to do with the way I stared at his body all the time. He could tell I was smitten with his size and his obvious strength. He used to bend stuff just to entertain his staff. Well, long story short, Jocko decided to take me under his wing and show me how to work out. But the dude wasn’t just into weightlifting, he was also into martial arts, tai chi, meditation, and so much more. I learned more about life in the basement of the administration building over those four years than I did in all my classes put together. I’m pretty sure Jocko knew that I was gay right from the start, but our relationship never strayed in that direction. He was married with about eight children, and although I know he grew to love me, it was more like a son or a protégé. He helped me turn my body into what you see today. I owe him a lot. I get back to the university every now and then to visit him. He still works out and visits the campus, but he retired years ago. I’ve worked hard to maintain a healthy lifestyle ever since my time with Jocko.” “I’d say you’ve done a good job. And kudos to Jocko.” That’s when the lights dimmed and the opera began. Sebastian reached over and grabbed Jason’s hand, holding it through the entire show – even during intermission when the lights were up and people noticed. The big man’s thick fingers intertwined in Jason’s did something to the younger man. It made him calmer than he could ever remember being before. He wasn’t nervous about the date in any way. He also felt really empowered in some way – to be more himself than he ever had been in his entire life. He laughed more freely, spoke more honestly, and showed his appreciation of the older man beside him more openly. He stroked the man’s hand with his own fee hand. He leaned his head on Sebastian’s shoulder during the really sad parts of the show. And he allowed the larger man to lead him without any hesitation. Sebastian would put his hand on Jason’s lower back to lead him through the crowd and Jason followed the lead like they were in some kind of incredible dance. Every now and then Sebastian would bring Jason’s hand up to his face and kiss it, making sure the sturdy bristles of his sexy mustache brushed against it firmly. It was clearly a sign of what was to come. When the opera was over, they both agreed that it was not the season’s best, but that being there with each other had probably made it one of the most memorable. “I have an idea, Sebastian. I know we were planning to go out to dinner, but I happen to be an excellent cook. I’m not bragging, I’ve just been obsessed with the Food Network for years, and it’s taught me a lot. Maybe it would be more fun if we went to my place and I made you dinner.” “That sounds perfect, but my loft apartment is two blocks away, so it might be more fun if we went there. I’m sure I have everything you would need to cook us a wonderful meal and it would be a lot faster. And right now, I’d like to be alone with you as quickly as possible. What do you think about that plan?” “Lead the way, sir. Lead the way.” Again, Sebastian held out his arm and Jason joyfully linked his through. There was the now obligatory groping of the hard biceps, which was, in turn, tensed even harder to give the younger man some pleasure. They walked in silence for a about a minute as Jason continued to massage the hard mound of muscle under the tuxedo jacket. When Sebastian spoke next he didn’t look down at his date, he stared forward and continued to walk. “Will you kiss it later, Jason? I love it when guys kiss my biceps.” “Kiss it, lick it, bite it, massage it – whatever you want, sir. I hope you’ll kiss it, too, Sebastian. That turns me on.” Jason had not hesitated at all when answering Sebastian. He hadn’t needed to. The question had seemed so natural, so normal, and almost as if the younger man had expected it. Sebastian smiled at the answer – and the fact that there hadn’t been any hesitation. He had a very good feeling about the young man attached to his arm. He had a better feeling about the fact that Jason was trying desperately to squeeze – even slightly – his big hard tensed biceps. “I’ll be glad to kiss it. That big thing’s no giving in at all, is it? No matter how hard you squeeze.” “It’s like someone put cloth over marble. I can’t wait to see the thing free of all restraints and flexed hard.” “Well, you won’t have to wait too long - here we are.” “Um . . . this isn’t a loft apartment, Sebastian, it’s an entire building.” “Well, yes it is . . . but it also houses my office, a gym, and a yoga center, so technically only the third and fourth floor are my apartment.” “I need to take note of how you hide the full truth, sir. It might help me understand you more fully in the future.” “Fair enough, but know that if you ever ask me a direct question I will always answer truthfully.” “Yes?” “I promise.” “Then here’s one – do you like to flex your hard body for younger guys?” “I find it the most stimulating foreplay I’ve ever experienced, Jason. Why do you ask?” “Because I find almost nothing in the world as exciting as worshipping a big older muscleman as he flexes.” “The yoga studio and the gym have floor to ceiling mirrors.” “That news almost made me cum, but first I feed you, so you’ll have stamina to keep up with me throughout the night, Sebastian.” “I look forward to the meal, Jason, but – trust me – I have the stamina of a hundred men put together. I think you make me that way.”
  4. londonboy

    Big Boys and Their Toys - Part Five

    From across the street Javier could see the big elder Hank sitting in the restaurant at a table by the front window. Even from this distance it was obvious the guy was huge. Javier could see that the senior muscleman had chosen to wear a white button down that had its buttons undone almost all the way down to his navel. This made his delicious, firm, mega-pecs visible without the aid of binoculars or any other enhanced glassware. The guy’s monstrous chest poked out so far Javier was pretty sure he could have slid his hand into the gaping chasm between the guy’s stomach and the shirt’s material without any problem. Hank probably couldn’t have buttoned the shirt even if he had wanted to. From this distance it was also obvious that the elder man’s biceps were about to burst through the sleeves. The strained cloth was stretched like tight skin. Javier didn’t think it was possible for his cock to get any harder – having thought about nothing all day except this date – but the thing managed to go much more rigid. The young man had to stop for a moment, adjust himself to relieve some of the pain, and then he crossed the street. When he entered the restaurant he had a few seconds to look at Hank without being noticed. Hank was the epitome of muscle daddy-ness. Huge was a word that seemed inadequate if trying to describe the older man. Enormous might be closer . . . or swole, but the plain and simple fact was Hank was the largest man Javier had ever met. The seams of the older man’s shirt looked to be stretched way beyond the bursting point. Javier was confused as to why the shirt didn’t just rip to shreds any time Hank moved. The sleeves of the button down bulged in that way that said, ‘no piece of clothing is going to hide the fact that my biceps are bigger than most men’s waists’ and the traps and shoulders ballooned to the point you would have thought the man was wearing super-sized pads for football. Javier walked slowly to the table and the giant man was up and placing his big hand on the young man’s lower back before a word was spoken. When he stood he dwarfed all the people around him – like Gulliver among the little people. The hand gently, but firmly, led Javier to the chair Hank’s other huge hand had pulled out for him. “Hello gorgeous, let me get your chair for you. I got here twenty minutes early just because I was so excited about being with you. Fuck, boy, you look sexier than an entire college football team bending over nude to grab their ankles. If this weren’t a respectable establishment I’d slam you down on this table and have my way with you right here and right now. Oh shit, sorry dude. It’s probably too soon for me to say something like that, isn’t it. I should be more respectful, shouldn’t I? It’s just that you turn me on so much.” During this entire exchange, Javier had sat down and Hank had basically lifted the chair and the young guy a few inches off the floor to place him back under the table. The big man had picked Javier up as if he had weighed nothing. It was so surreal to be manhandled in such a nonchalant way. It was clear that Hank used his strength and his muscles as easily as most people might flip on a light switch or wave to a friend. Hank also took Javier’s cloth napkin, opened it, and then laid it across the younger man’s lap – making sure the back of his hand brushed hard against Javier’s fully engorged cock. Hank let out an approving grunt-growl that clearly made two ladies sitting nearby get a little wet in their panties and turn dark red with lust. Hank noticed the desire in their eyes, the way both of them bit their lower lip and instantly recognized how smitten they’d become in mere seconds. As he moved back to his table he spoke to them. “Sorry ladies, this big muscle daddy is taken by that chair full of deliciousness right there. Isn’t he beautiful? I wouldn’t even let death, itself, keep me from him.” Javier felt his own face shoot red. Hank’s confidence and openness didn’t bother him – nor did Hank’s masculine way of talking – it was simply because he’d never been referred to as ‘deliciousness’ before and it actually turned him on. When Hank went to sit down, he actually just raised his leg a little and let it come up over the back of the chair – in that ‘I’m too big to do things normally’ kind of way. This simple move elicited a new, exciting feeling somewhere deep inside of Javier. The smaller man understood just how the two women sitting (and still staring) nearby felt – he was completely smitten with the huge Hank, as well. Hank was now sitting down with his napkin draped across his lap. “So, let me get a better look at you, little man. Hell yeah, you’re even more handsome than this afternoon. I haven’t stopped thinking about you for a second, beautiful Javster. I was so worked up I thought about provoking a fight with some biker gang to work off a little steam, but I just unloaded about fifty bags of sand at the site by myself to get my body calm.” “Did that work, Hank?” “For about thirty minutes and then I was all hot and bothered again. Kind of like I’m feeling right now. Damn, boy, that face of yours could launch a hell of a lot more ships than that dame from Troy. You are one good looking dude.” “And you are one freaking huge, handsome dude, yourself, Hank.” “I guess you can see I’m not a big fan of buttons. I figure if you’re this huge why hide it, right? Besides, I love it when I catch people’s gaze glued to my giant chest just like yours is right now, Javier.” “Um . . . sorry about that, Hank.” “Why, son? What other reason is there to be this huge if it’s not to show off.” “I couldn’t agree more. Tell me about yourself, Hank.” “Well, I’m a freakishly massive grampa – having sired eight children with a lovely woman that passed away about ten years ago. I got married young, cause that’s what you did back then, but I always knew women weren’t my thing. I liked young bucks who were tight and small. I waited the appropriate amount of time after Sophia died, came out proudly to my children, and then started plucking gorgeous boys from the bars - literally, carrying them home, and making up for lost time. I’ve sowed my wild oats a few times over, kid, and now I like to romance cute things for weeks or months, driving them crazy with so much muscle foreplay that by the time we actually get in bed together their entire body had turned purple from the teasing and edging. The only thing I’m better at than sex is working out . . . oh, and business. I scare people at the gym when I lift, cause I’m so powerful and aggressive. Nobody expects a man as old as me to be so strong and big. I’m confident as shit, but I try not to be cocky.” “I like cocky, Hank. I, um, think a man as big as you can’t help but be cocky. And a man . . . uh, as handsome.” “My salt and pepper hair gets your pants swelling, does it, Jav?” “Yes sir, and a little wet.” “Then I bet the white dusting across my mammoth hard pecs is making your toes curl, isn’t it.” “Yes.” And then, to intensify the situation even more, Hank leaned back, raised his monstrous arms, linked his hands behind his head, which caused his shirt to open even more – revealing more of the deep chasm between his hefty mounds and allowing the light from the candle at the center of the table to enhance the silver fur beautifully splayed across his chest. Another woman sitting nearby with her husband let out an uncontrolled appreciative gasp and Javier quickly noticed all eyes on the restaurant were on the handsome man across the table. Two waiters crashed into each other because they were looking at the elder man instead of where they were going. Dishes fell to the ground and this caused Hank to chuckle a little – clearly he was used to this kind of adoration. He quickly lowered his arms before causing any more accidents. The man had gotten the response had had wanted – both from his date and the people surrounding him. There was an intoxicating sparkle in Hank’s eye as he continued to stare at Javier. That warm feeling that had covered he and his friends when they had been in the cave with the golden orb again surrounded the smaller man. “I think we were always destined to meet, little Jav.” “I think so, too, sir.” “It’s as if some magical force has brought us together.” “You have no idea, Hank.” “What’s that?” “Nothing. I just think its fate, that’s all.” “Well, in all my years of bar hopping I haven’t landed on anyone as cute as you, Javier, and I get the feeling I’ve never met anyone so into cured muscle beef. I may be a senior citizen, man, but I’ve got the body and stamina of a huge college football player. My libido is about even with someone that age, too. I’m thinking our next date might be you coming with me to the gym so you could watch me work out.” “Oh god, yes.” “Tomorrow, I do arms – if that interests you?” “Um . . . that’s my favorite part of a big muscle man.” “Really? Then you’ve probably noticed my twenty-seven inch guns, haven’t you?” “The minute I met you. They’re kind of hard to miss.” “Wait until you see them pumped up and covered in sweat. I can get ‘em as big as mountains.” “I think they’re already that big, sir.” “I’m really glad you’re an arm man, Javier, cause that’s my favorite part of my body to show off. Well, that and my chest. But you probably have already figured that out. Why don’t you reach over here and get a good feel of my mountain, Javy-boy.” “I don’t think that’s a very good idea . . . right here in the middle of the restaurant.” “Why not? No one’s gonna say anything. Hell, you’d be getting to do what everyone else in here wants to do. Come on, kid, let me show you what a real muscle daddy feels like.” Hank’s meaty hand swallowed Javier’s smaller hand resting on the table. He squeezed a little and then tugged the smaller man’s hand, arm, and body toward his side of the table. Hank smashed Javier’s hand against the biceps and then squeezed tightly. Javier immediately noticed that his hand was puny compared to the giant mound beneath it – but it was also puny compared to the big mitt holding it in place. Hardness was the only message that was getting to the younger man’s brain at that moment. He was baffled at how skin and muscle could feel so freaking much like stone or marble. Hank was squeezing so hard that there was a little pain, but Javier didn’t mind. He loved it. He had always dreamed of a strong muscle daddy squeezing different parts of his body to show off his strength. “It’s so hard.” “Hell yeah, it’s hard, Javier. My dad bought me my first weight set when I was ten years old. That means I’ve been lifting iron for over fifty-five years. That’s a lot of time for breaking down muscle and then re-building it – stronger, thicker, and harder. You’re feeling what hundreds of thousands of hours of cranking out reps can do to a man, especially a man that was already big to begin with and took to weightlifting like a fish in water. I could beat my Pop in arm wrestling by the time I was fourteen. I used to force him to flex his arm beside me when I was in high school just so I could see how much bigger my gun was compared to his - a grown man. I think he secretly loved having a son that was huge. He also liked to make me practice my wrestling moves with him, just so he could feel how strong I was. He loved it most when I would pick up his body and toss him onto the mat. By that point a fully grown man felt as light as a feather to me.” “Um . . . Hank, can I have my hand back. I can’t feel my fingers. Not that I’m complaining, it’s just that people are staring.” Hank let out a loud chuckle and then looked around, grinning teasingly at the other patrons. He applied a little more manly pressure to his grip, which caused Javier to exhale loudly, and then the big man removed his huge paw from the little hand beneath. The younger man didn’t remove his aching palm and fingers immediately; he wanted to get one last memorable grope of the unyielding mound of rock-hard muscle beneath. When he did finally remove his hand he shook it out a few times before laying it in his lap. “Hope I didn’t squeeze too hard, little fella. I sometimes forget that everyone else is not as big and strong as I am.” “No . . . no, it’s fine. I . . . um . . . actually like it when a big man uses a powerful grip with me. I . . . uh . . . like a guy to remind me how strong he is. I hope I’m not over sharing. Maybe this is too much information for a first date. “Hell no, Javier, that’s not over sharing! That’s the kind of information this old man loves to hear. It’s first date conversation when you’re with a man like me. I like a guy that appreciates and desires a little pain. I hate having to be so delicate with some guys. One of my sure ways of knowing a guy is worth dating is when he says he likes bear hugs, getting his head squeezed by a biceps and forearm, and being trapped between two huge thighs. How do those sound to you, baby doll?” “It sounds so good that if we don’t steer the conversation in another direction, Hank, there’s going to be a mess under the table.” “Whoa, we can’t have you messing up those cute tight pants you’re wearing, now can we? Let’s look at the menu to get our mind off of all things muscle, shall we?” “That sounds like a good plan.” “We can do some of those more boring first-date questions to help us both calm down a little. So, tell me about your family. Brothers? Sisters?” “Um . . . no, I’m an only child and both my parents passed away a few years ago.” “Sorry to hear that, Javier.” “Thanks. I’ve got a few cousins that I’m kind of close to, but really my family consists of my two best friends from college, Jason and Michael. Michael’s in Atlanta and Jason’s in Los Angeles, but I see them pretty regularly. We’re pretty inseparable.” “Are Jason and Michael as cute as you?” “Oh, much more handsome…” “I don’t think that’s possible.” It was one of those moments when the conversation stopped and the two men stared intently at each other. The chemistry between them was so strong you could have cut it with a knife. Javier’s stomach did flip-flops every time Hank’s huge frame moved in any way – emphasizing his enormous muscle each time. To hear the big man say compliments was like icing on the cake. The smaller man had no idea, however, that the Tank was feeling the same way. The behemoth had already ticked off so many things he usually looked for when debating if there would be a second date, he figured the sexy Javier was destined to be much more than a long-term relationship. The young dude loved muscle, older dudes, a little pain, and groping big bodies. It didn’t get much better than that. “You better watch it, little man, I’m starting to like you. I’m starting to like you a lot.” “Then that makes two of us, big guy.” “Whoa, there, we’re taking the conversation back to something a little too stimulating, if you get my drift. Let’s try some more first-date questions. How did you, Jason, and Michael get so close?” “That’s actually a very funny story – and quite appropriate for tonight. We were all three assigned to the same three-bedroom apartment in college for our freshman year. On our first night of school we had all unpacked, shared a few beers, and then made up excuses to head out separately for the night. About thirty minutes later we all bumped into each other at a bar called ‘Daddy’s Gym.’ Don’t know if you’ve ever heard of it, but it’s pretty popular in D.C. It’s a place where muscle daddies and those that love them go to meet. The three of us had individually been planning for a long time to go there as soon as we hit college. We ended up sitting at the bar and sharing our fantasies about older musclemen and bonding beyond belief. We’ve been family ever since.” “Man, the muscle gods put the three of you in the right place at the right time, didn’t they?” “Kind of like this morning, when I passed your worksite.” “Yeah, just like that. So, how long have you known you loved older muscle?” “It goes back to the man that sent me through puberty – when I was about eleven years old. I probably knew something about myself before then, but it was confirmed in a big way. I had a neighbor that was an amateur bodybuilder and strongman competitor. He was probably in his forties at the time, a bachelor that lived alone in the house beside us. Now I know he was gay, but I didn’t know of such things at the time. My second floor bedroom overlooked his back deck and one day I glanced out and caught him working out. I sat there mesmerized – watching his bulging sweat-covered muscles as he lifted weights, stretched, and then practiced some strength feats. At one point – about thirty minutes into his workout – he started doing some curls to work his biceps. As soon as my hormone-crazy body saw his big arms swell even larger I exploded like the final fireworks display for a Fourth of July celebration. It was such a powerful ejaculation that I actually passed out. I was only gone for a few seconds and when I came back to reality I finished watching my neighbor complete his exercises. That experience turned into a weekly event – since he worked out in his backyard every Saturday. My parents thought it weird that I would want to always be home by 3:30pm on that day, but I convinced them I was studying. And I was – studying my neighbor’s anatomy and learning all about beating off. By the way, years later I bumped into that guy at a gay bar and he told me he had noticed me watching him that first day. He said he loved the attention and figured he was helping me transition into adulthood. We went home together that night – he still lived in the house beside my old one – and we had a great time.“ “Was he still in good shape?” “Compared to you or me? If you, then no – he wasn’t. But compared to me, yeah, he was still big and muscular.” “That’s kind of a hot story, Javier. So, you’ve always been into older men since then?” “Older, yes, but they also had to be big . . . you know, muscular and strong.” “What is it about older musclemen that gets you so excited, Jav?” “Oh Hank, I’ve had almost twenty years to figure that out. I have perfected my answer. First, it’s security. Being with a big man helps me to let my guard down. I feel protected, safe, and able to be myself. Second, it’s the power. I know that’s related to the first, but it’s more. It is knowing the dude is powerful, but it’s also about getting to witness . . . and feel that power. That goes hand-in-hand with getting to feel the big muscles, too. And last, it’s the experience that comes with age. I dated a few big guys that were young and they just didn’t know how to please me the same way older dudes do. Younger guys sometimes aren’t confident enough or they don’t care at all about the other person. A man with some years has figured out how to please himself and his partner at the same time. An older guy that has been with numerous partners has learned many things and all that wisdom comes into the bedroom. I need a man that can lead and follow. That’s learned through experience – and doesn’t come naturally to any guy. I should also point out that in the process I have learned how to appreciate and please an elder muscleman, as well.” “Have you now? And how do you do that? What do you think a big guy like me wants?” “Honesty, for starters. A gorgeous huge man in his mid-sixties like you doesn’t want to play games. You’re looking for a guy that tells you what he likes and isn’t afraid to try new things, too. You also want someone that will let you take the lead. You’ve gotten big because you want to be in control. Yes, you can let others lead, at times, but you get turned on the most when you’re directing a younger guy and helping him to experience new things. You’re looking for a guy that will allow you to show off your body and your power at all times. You want him to let you open doors for him, carry his bags when your shopping, and intimidate the shit out of any man that dares to bully him in any way. Your muscles don’t bulge for your own enjoyment. Yes, you can appreciate them and like to look at them, but having a younger dude salivate as your biceps tease the sleeves of your shirt to near ripping is much more fun. I wouldn’t be surprised if you loved muscle worship as much as all the smaller guys that love groping you.” “How did you get into my head, Javier? I’m so jacked right now I’m scared the table is going to rise in the air and give away my excitement. Why aren’t you taken, little man? If you know all of that about big elder dudes, why hasn’t one scooped you up yet?” “Many have tried, Hank, but no one’s been up to the challenge. No one was able to keep up with me for the long haul.” “That sounds like a challenge.” “Take it as you will, sir. I’m feeling things tonight I’ve never felt before, so I’m going ‘all in’ and laying all my cards on the table. I’ve got nothing to lose because already the night has been magical. Feeling your huge gun gave me enough jack-off material for maybe a year, so even if this ends tonight, I’ll have no regrets.” “You’re either the devil or an angel – you know so much about what I like and what I need.” “Maybe I’m a little of both.” Thankfully, the meal was delivered at that moment. Both men were glad to have the rest from all the sexual banter. Little did they know that under the table were two of the hardest boners in the history of the world. Stars were colliding, continents were shifting, and herds of wild animals were stampeding for no reason – that’s what this connection of two souls felt like. Neither man could even begin to comprehend how much the other met his wildest dreams, but they were about to find out. “What do you do, Javier?” “You mean besides older men with huge muscles?” “Yes, I mean for a living.” “I sold a software engineering start-up company about three years ago. I won’t need to work again for the rest of my life, but I still go in each day and help my old company out as a consultant. I like to keep busy. And you do construction.” “Well, that’s how I spend my time between dates with cute young things, but if you really want to know, I own the company – MD Construction.” “Man, I know that company, Hank. Your signs are everywhere. You must be one of the biggest construction outfits in town.” “The biggest. Kind of like my arms.” “What does MD stand for?” “I’ve never told anyone the truth. I’ve always said it was for my two grandfathers Marvin and David, but it’s really the abbreviation for Muscle Daddy Construction. When I started the company forty years ago, I had already turned myself into a huge beast. I knew my goal, however, was to one day be a silver-haired muscled fox that pleased little dudes nightly. You have no idea how freeing it is to tell you that.” “And you have to idea, Hank, how pleased I am to hear it. Now it’s your turn, by the way, why do you like young men so much? You could have anyone you wanted.” “You nailed it earlier, Javier. I want someone I can take care of. I don’t mean I’m looking for a puppy. I want the guy to be independent, self sufficient, and his own man, but I also want him to be able to give control over to me. I want him to allow me to use my huge muscles and my experience to please him. I want every weight I lift to be about becoming more of that elder muscleman he desires. I want to make him feel so safe that all of his dreams are only about me. I want to help him not have a care in the world. I want to please him – sexually, emotionally, intellectually, and even spiritually. I’m a big man, Javier. I want the dude I’m with to know how big I am every second of the day. I want him to rely on my power and my size. You know, for simple things – like moving furniture and opening up stubborn tops to jars – but also for important things, too – like scaring the crap out of anyone that takes advantage of my boy, fulfilling his every need in the bedroom, and giving him a massive body to worship until he’s the happiest guy on the planet. How’s that for an answer.” “Now who’s in whose head! You just described most of the fantasies I’ve ever had from that first day I blasted a load to my hunky elder neighbor. Hank, I know we’ve only known each other for less than twenty-four hours, but I feel like we’ve known each other for a lot longer. And I feel like you really know me. Tell me something that you know will turn me on.” “Okay, let’s see. Oh, I know. At the end of each workday, two or three of my team come and challenge me to a wrestling match. No group has ever beaten me, but after twenty years they’re still taking me on. We move to an open area in the worksite and strip down to just our pants. That was their idea and I think some of them just wanted to feel my uncovered muscles.” “Who wouldn’t want to feel that?” “Exactly. So, they used to charge one at a time and I had a blast either stopping them in their tracks by just letting them run into my chest and abs or I grabbed their bodies and tossed them to the side. That really pissed them off because most guys do not like to go soaring through the air a few feet.” “I must not be like most guys. You can toss me anytime.” “I’ll remember that, Javy. This big man likes to toss little fellas around. Anyway, now the team has gotten smart and they all run at me at the same time. I love this even more because I either let them all jump on me and then wait a few seconds before I shrug them off easily or I grab the first guy that gets to me and I use his body as a weapon, spinning him around to knock the other guys down. We used to wrestle for about thirty minutes, mainly because I wanted them to feel like they were a little bit of a challenge, but now I usually just dispense with all of them in about five to ten minutes. They always get discouraged by how easily I defeat them, but they continue to ask me to wrestle them every day – in hopes that they’ll win. It’s cute how they go home each day like a dog with its tail between its legs, but the next day they’re all positive with confidence that this will be when they beat me.” “You know you’re going to have to let me watch that one day.” “I would have been disappointed if you hadn’t asked. Turn about is fair play, Javier, tell me something that will turn me on.” “That’s easy. I’ll squirt like a fountain if you stand in front of a full-length mirror and lift me up and down over your head. Watching you get off on your own strength as you press me up and down will make me explode like you’ve never seen. If you stop mid-press, when your biceps are sticking out to the sides and flex them even higher I get an even bigger thrill.” “Oh. My. God.” “Told you, big man. I’ve got nothing to lose if I tell you the truth about everything. I know what huge musclemen like and I get the feeling I know you better than anyone else, before. Testosterone oozes out of you like a boner-causing cologne. It causes me to go wild – like a cat in heat. You have no idea what you’ve gotten yourself into.” “Oh, I think I can handle whatever you have to offer, Javier. Your cuteness may make me weak at the knees, but even in my weakest state I’m stronger than most men put together.” “I’m banking on it, Hank.” By this time the two men were eating dessert. The meal had gone quickly, mainly because they were so swept up into each other. Javier was getting a little sad because he knew that soon they would say goodnight and go their separate ways. Hank had made it very clear that he liked to string a guy along for a little while, just to make him get even more excited about their eventual first night of sex. Javier had a feeling that Hank was going to go even slower this time, making sure to edge Javier in ways the little guy had never even dreamed. Hank clearly picked up on Javier’s sadness. “If it helps, know that I’ll beat off thinking about your at least a couple of times tonight.” “That does help, Hank. And I’m sure you know I’ll be doing the same many blocks away.” “Yep, and I’m pretty sure it will be the memory of touching my humongous biceps the first time that will send you over the edge.” “You know me so well. Already. I do have one favor, though.” “Name it, Javier.” “I want a really powerful bear hug outside before we say goodnight.” “How powerful? You wanna have a little backache tomorrow to remember me by or do you wanna have to have me lift you into a cab to take you home and then crawl up the steps to your place. I can control my hugs to your specifications. I promise.” “Let’s give the control to you, Hank. You decide what kind of hug I get.” The check came and Javier instinctively knew not to reach for it. It was important to yield to the big man – especially since he had done the inviting. Hank noticed the young man’s restraint and it impressed him. It was clear that Javier had taken care of himself for many years – especially after his parents had passed away. It was also pretty evident that the young man had a lot of money – his clothes, shoes, and watch screamed wealth, but not in an obnoxious way. Hank’s raging hard-on was twitching even more at the thought of this strong-willed cute man letting him take the lead. “I can make you feel like a prince, Javier.” “You already do, Hank. I can make you feel bigger and stronger than you already do, sir.” “That’s probably not possible, but I understand what you mean.” This comment made Javier smile. By this point the check had been paid, and Hank had pushed back his chair from the table. He stood up and immediately Javier noticed the unusually large outline of the big man’s hard member. It actually made the younger man gulp out loud. This, in turn, made Hank smile. “Being with you is probably going to cause me to get arrested for indecent exposure and I won’t even have to take off any clothes.” Javier stood up. He was immediately aware that Hank was looking down at his crotch – to see what was happening. Hank’s widening eyes and open mouth pleased Javier immensely. Yes, he was a smaller guy than the elder giant, but that didn’t mean he had to be small in all areas. His own super hard meat was thicker and probably a tad longer than the big man across the table. Hank gulped loudly on purpose, just to show Javier how much he approved of what he saw. “I also know how to use it, Hank. I know how to use it really well.” “I’ve never bottomed, Javy, but maybe you could teach me how.” “Oh my god, you’re kidding.” “Nope. I guess it’s still from my supposed straight days. I was married for so long that I got used to plowing. My wife loved it super hard, so I got a lot of practice for later on.” “I’ll teach you how to be a controlling bottom, Hank – how about that?” “I’d love it. I think I’ll especially love practicing.” By this time they were outside the restaurant – having caused quite a scene as they walked through the place with what seemed like logs in their pants. One lady actually fanned herself as they walked by. No, out on the sidewalk, they were still getting stares – especially Hank, because of his enormous size and muscles. Javier clearly noticed how people stared and ran into things because they weren’t watching. “You get used to it, Javier. I sometimes don’t even notice people staring, unless I’m doing something to show off. Then I love looking around and seeing their faces.” “Well, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to being around your huge body, that’s for sure.” Hank took that as a cue to move in for what he knew the little man truly wanted. Hank stepped in front of Javier, bent his knees, wrapped his arms around the little guy’s torso, and then easily stood up. A guy walking by gasped out loud and almost ran into a light pole. Javier exhaled loudly – mainly because Hank’s hug pushed all of the air out of his body. Javier was surrounded by harness. Every muscle in Hank’s frame must have felt like solid rock. It was the most exciting and secure feeling Javier had ever felt. Hank started squeezing tighter and the younger man could feel parts of his body adjusting to accommodate the pressure. Soon there was a jolting pain to Javier’s torso and it caused him to let out a slight moan of pleasure. This caused Hank to smile even more and he brought his face down to give Javier a prickly goatee kiss – manly and gentle at the same time. Javier jumped at the chance to kiss the big man back – using his mouth in the same way that had always gotten him compliments in the past. Javier was known to be one of the best kissers in town – well, at least among all the people he had ever dated. It was Hank’s turn to moan – a little louder, though – as he experienced Javier special gift. After about a minute, Hank pulled his face back – worried that his body was going to erupt from the pleasure he was feeling from Javier’s mouth. “Where in the hell did you learn to kiss like that?” “I’ve had a lot of practice. Um, Hank, not that I’m complaining, but I’m beginning to not feel my legs, so when you put me down don’t let go too quickly.” “Oh, sorry, too hard?” “No, it’s perfect, I just don’t want to end up lying on the sidewalk.” Hank lessened the pressure in his arms and let Javier’s body slide down his own. The smaller man’s face smacked into the massive pecs before him and then settled into the mammoth crevice between them. Hank held Javier in this exact place for a little while – both to give him some time to recover from the bear hug and to excite him even more. He finally sensed that Javier was okay and he released him – noticing that the young man teetered a little and then strengthened his stance. Hank stepped back and looked down at the cute man, who was staring upward with a giant smile. “Not even a fraction of your total strength was it?” “Nope.” “I’ll have to work my way up to at least half.” “I’d never hurt you, Javier, but we can keep increasing the bear hug power. Maybe we can come up with a ‘safe’ word that you can use to get me to stop.” “More.” “That defeats the purpose of a safe word, little man.” “I know.” This made Hank laugh out loud. His mammoth chest bounced up and down and Javier’s gaze was transfixed. Both men stared at each other for a full minute after the laughter had ended. Somehow, each of them knew something magical was starting at this moment. Javier desperately wanted to sleep in Hank’s enormous arms that night, but he knew it was for the best to go their separate ways. Hank felt the same way. Neither man wanted to be the first to go, but finally the elder muscleman took control. “Goodnight, Javier. Meet me at Paddy’s Gym on twenty-third tomorrow at six. We could do a quick dinner after you watch me workout – if that’s good for you.” “Being around you is always going to be good for me. Goodnight, Hank, I’ll see you tomorrow.” Before he turned to walk away Javier reached up and placed both of his hands on the humongous pecs in front of his face. Hank immediately tensed the muscles and everything went super hard. Javier drew his hands back and after making fists punched both pecs teasingly. Their hardness made the younger man’s fingers hurt a little and this turned him on. He looked up into Hank’s face, smiled, and then turned to walk away. “By the way, Javier, I curl about two times your weight. I just thought you’d want to know.” Javier did not turn back around. He merely held up his hand and waved goodbye over his shoulder. At the same time he shook his head, signifying he was in awe of the big man. Hank brought his fingers up to his mouth and whistled loudly – making a few people on the other side of the street stop. It even made Javier pause for a few seconds, but then he continued on. Hank called out, cementing his place as a construction worker. “Nice ass, little fella.”
  5. londonboy

    Big Boys and Their Toys - Part Four

    Today was not going to be a good day. Jason was getting a new boss. Well, to be precise, the company Jason worked for now had a new owner. Little was known about Mr. White, except that he had enough money to surprisingly up and buy one of the greatest marketing firms in Santa Monica, California. Jason was a little miffed because he was a senior vice-president and he had not been included in much of the process. Of course, he has been traveling around Southeast Asia for three weeks looking for a wishing stone and this takeover had been quick – so quick no one saw it coming. Now, here he was sitting in a boardroom with about eight other people ready to meet his new boss. The doors opened and a frail man of mid to late seventies entered the room. Jason’s hopes disintegrated. The new owner did not look like a happy man. His face seemed to have a permanent scowl and the way two assistants hovered around him made it clear he liked being babied. This new owner was going to be horrible. Jason just knew it. He turned to his co-worker, Dave. “That’s our new boss? I think I need to dust off my resume.” “No, man, that’s the guy’s old man. He’s the one that has most of the money, but he won’t be here. It’s his son that’s the new man in charge. His name’s Sebastian . . . “ Jason heard nothing more of what Dave was saying, for through the door walked what could only be described as daddy sex in a suit. Sebastian White was probably around fifty-five and had the most inviting, cock-exploding smile Jason had ever seen. The silver hair, the green eyes, and the fuck-me-in-the-backroom seventies porn mustache was so perfect that Jason got a little dizzy looking at the man. The room was instantly filled with the same warmth the young guy had felt with his buddies in the cave when they had touched the wishing stone. Jason’s rod shot rock-hard and he panicked about having to stand up to shake hands with his new boss. At the same time, however, he could not take his eyes off of Sebastian. The well-dressed new boss worked his way around the room, shaking hands with each employee and being introduced by the CFO. The man’s face lit up when he saw Jason. He immediately walked up with his hand outstretched. “And I know who this is. It’s great to meet you Jason. I’ve followed your career for a few years now. I’m Sebastian.” “Um . . . It’s good to meet you, Mr. White.” “No, please call me Sebastian. You’re one of the reasons I convinced my father to buy this company. Your reputation precedes you. What you did with the Lowell’s account was nothing but miraculous.” Suddenly, both men realized they were still holding hands. Jason immediately went to pull his away, but Sebastian held on and even tightened his grip for a few seconds. He then let go. Jason’s mind was racing between how gorgeous the man in front of him was to how he had taken a little mom-and-pop shop called Lowell’s and made it into one of the largest retail outfits in the world. It had been a marketing coup, which had ended up making their firm more money than all the other accounts put together. It had secured Jason’s place in the firm, but it had also gotten him hundreds of offers from other places. All of that didn’t matter at the moment, though, because Sebastian was saying something else. “You’re as handsome as everyone said you were, Jason.” “I’m sorry?” “We have a lot of the same friends and they all told me you were quite the stunner. I’d say they were right. Also, that suit is fantastic. Let me guess – Gus at Faulkner’s did it for you.” “Um . . . yes, yes he did. How did you know?” “He does my suits, as well, and I can notice his work anywhere. Those shoes, by the way, are to-die-for. I’m kind of jealous.” “I’m sorry, this is all a little surreal. My bearings are a little off.” “My dear Jason, let me start again. I’m really good friends with John and Mattie Scott. They talk about you all the time. They’ve actually tried to set us up numerous times, but both of our hectic schedules made it not work. It’s probably confusing because they call me Seb.” “Oh my gosh, you’re Seb?” “The one and only.” “To Mattie and John you walk on water!” “Well, I’m not sure about that, Jason, but we are good friends. I can’t believe we never met before. I think it’s mostly because I travel a lot.” “Yeah, if I remember correctly you were out of town almost every other week.” “I try to help take care of all my father’s businesses. And trust me, that’s a lot. It will be good to be here in Santa Monica for a while, though. I’ll be around to get everything settled with the takeover and then I’ll be depending on you to help with things after that.” “What?” “Didn’t Stephen tell you? My father and I would like you to run the office.” “Me? What about Stephen?” “Stephen’s a CFO – and a good one – but we need someone who knows marketing. Jack French is leaving, so we need a new lead person. We believe you’re the best for the job.” “I’m . . . uh . . . wow, thank you. I’m just surprised, that’s all. I thought you’d be leading the firm.” “Well, I’ll be involved a little, but we feel you are the right man for the job. Besides, if I was in charge it wouldn’t be appropriate for me to ask you out.” “Um . . . excuse me?” “I’d still like to go out with you. It would make Mattie and John happy – especially Mattie, she’ll be over the moon excited. It’s okay, if you’re not interested . . . now that you met me, but I’m still interested.” “No! I am. Really. It’s just that all of this is happening so fast. I mean it’s just that you’re handsome as hell and . . . oh crap, I didn’t mean to say that out loud. I meant to say that you’ve just bought our company and . . . “ “Technically, my dad bought the firm – not me. So, I’m handsome as hell, huh?” “Um . . . Sebastian, I’m sorry. I was just saying what was in my head . . . I mean, I was just thinking out loud… No, that’s not what I meant. Oh forget it. Yes! You’re very handsome.” “Very handsome? I think I like handsome as hell more.” “Okay, handsome as hell. There, are you happy?” “Well, not completely, you haven’t said yes to a date.” “Oh yeah . . . okay, yes, I’d love to go out with you.” “I have tickets to the opera tonight. Shall we take in a little Verdi and then have a late dinner?” “It’s the grand gala tonight at the opera. Tickets have been gone for months. How did you get those?” “I bought them three months ago, when I found out my dad was buying this firm. I figured a guy like you would appreciate the finer things in life, so I got the tickets in hopes you would say yes to a date. And now I’m the luckiest guy on earth.”
  6. londonboy

    Big Boys and Their Toys - Part Three

    Michael was nervous about joining a gym. He had avoided it for the first six months he had lived in Atlanta, but the slight flab gathering above his belt now made him panic. He knew he needed to exercise, but he just didn’t want to do it around big, muscled, sweaty men. They always made him get excited and Michael’s genetic blessing from his father and grandfather caused a very uncomfortable situation in the middle of any workout – not to mention at his crotch. It was like he became instant porn. To say Michael’s tool was huge was an understatement. Usually, when Michael dropped his pants in the bedroom for the first time most men either quickly left in fear or immediately made a joke, like “What do you want me to do with that thing, throw it over my shoulder and burp it?” Being monstrous below the belt was not a problem for Michael. On the contrary, he loved it. It made him feel powerful in so many ways. First of all, it helped to weed out the wimps. Any guy that was willing to be plowed by Michael’s ample endowment usually was the kind of guy that did extreme sports or had always been chosen first for teams when he was in junior high. These guys always seemed to be confident. Secondly, Michael felt powerful because his sex drive matched the size of his meat. He seemed to have a libido that just wouldn’t quit. His big cock rarely needed resting time between orgasms. It had been that way all of his life. All of these thoughts were racing through Michael’s mind as he anxiously waited for his new trainer – a guy named Saul – at the neighborhood gym that had come so highly recommended by most of his friends. “You must be Michael. I’m Saul.” The deep baritone voice made Michael’s balls tighten. He was sitting in a chair and when he looked up he beheld what could only be described as the most jacked, giant muscle daddy he had every seen. Suddenly, Michael was thrust back into the cave of a few days ago and the warm feeling that had surrounded his body as he touched the orb. It’s not that Michael has forgotten about his wish, it was just that his nervousness about the gym had made it slip his mind at that moment. The ginormous paw that was held out to him was the most gorgeous thing he had ever seen. He forced his smaller – infinitely more delicate looking – hand to reach up and shake as Saul took the chair beside him. The big man caused the piece of furniture look small and made for a child. “Holy fuck!” “Oh no, Michael, sorry to disappoint you. Is it because I’m older than you thought?” “Hell no, it’s because you’re so freaking chiseled . . . and so tall!” “Well thank you. So, I was thinking today we could start by filling out a chart on you – you know, so we could get to know each other a little and we could have a starting place for your work out routine. What is it you’d like to accomplish?” “Well for starters I’d like my legs to reach half the size of your arms. Um . . . I’m sorry, I don’t know why I said that. I’m just a little taken aback by how built you are. I . . . uh . . . I’d like to lose a little around the waist and maybe gain a little mass . . . uh, you know, bulk up a little. Sweet Jesus, I can’t stop staring at you.” “It’s okay, Michael. Don’t worry about it. How about strength? Do you want to increase that?” “Yeah, I guess. I don’t need to be super strong or anything. I think I’ll leave that to you.” “Okay. I’m sure you’ve heard this before, but another added benefit of working out is an increased sexual drive.” “Um . . . that’s never been a problem for me.” “Oh, that must make the girls happy.” “Well, I don’t know about the girls, but the boys are pretty pleased.” “Really . . . and what about the older men? Are they pleased, too?” “Well, to be perfectly frank, I’ve had a little trouble finding an older man that was able to keep up with me.” “Maybe you’ve finally met your match, sir.” “I don’t know, Saul, you have no idea just how much I don’t need to work out to grow in certain places.” “I have a pretty good picture, Michael, since you’ve been pretty stiff ever since I walked up.” “And yet it has a hell of a lot more to go until it’s fully hard.” “That’s exactly what I was hoping, Michael. I may be a huge man with bulging muscles, but when it comes to riding big things I’m as graceful as a ballerina. And my motto has always been, ‘There’s no such thing as too big.’ If you get what I mean, sir. Oops, that little comment made you grow more.” “Maybe after you show me how to work out I could buy you a coffee, Saul.” “Only if that coffee could turn into dinner later on. And then, after that, we could have fun measuring each other’s assets.”
  7. londonboy

    Big Boys and Their Toys - Part Two

    Javier checked his email – before he even got out of bed. The phone was resting on the unused pillow beside him. He had only been awake for about forty-five seconds, but his desire to hear something from Jason and Michael now ruled almost every waking second of his day. He had always checked email a lot, but now he looked at it compulsively. There were no messages. He had been back in New York for only three days. He was still shocked that he had absolutely no jet lag, something he attributed to the wishing stone, and was amazed at how good he continued to feel. He just knew the stone was helping him to be ready for the inevitable, but his wish still hadn’t come true, yet. He had been on high alert – on the flight back home, at the gym, at the two or three parties he had attended, and at all times, really – but there had been no confirmation of his wish. He wasn’t giving up hope, but he was getting a little impatient. He re-read the message Jason had sent the night before – encouraging him to wait and assuring him the moment would be there soon. As he showered, his morning hard-on got in the way. Instinctively, he knew this was a side effect of touching the wishing stone, as well. He tended to wake up feeling aroused, but his morning wood had lately become so intense it felt like a Sequoia. Jason and Michael had reported the same joyous inconvenience. As much as Javier wanted to release the mounting pressure – he waited; instinctively knowing it was what he should do. Saving himself for his wish seemed natural and right. As he started to descend into the subway station near his house something in the gorgeous day called out to him and he decided to walk the twelve blocks to work. This was not something he did often – as a matter of fact, he never did it – but today he was called to walk. As he started down the busy street he began to look around – hoping to catch the eye of someone or notice a person who was staring at him. This is what waiting for the wish to come true had done to all three men. They constantly looked for the answer they knew would come – but they were becoming impatient. Javier turned down a side street – a short cut he had recently learned about through a friend. Instantly, he noticed the street was empty, which almost never happened in this city. Javier didn’t take note of it too much, but it did strike him as odd. Mid-way down the short block, while he was passing a construction site for a re-model of an old building, he suddenly heard a loud whistle and then a deep growl-like sound that made his dick harden. He glanced up and the morning sun blinded him a little – causing him to only see the outline of someone jumping from a jutting girder at the second floor level of the building to the top of the brick wall surrounding the property and then dropping perfectly to the sidewalk just in front of him. It took a few minutes for Javier’s eyes to adjust and take in the figure before him. “Damn, son, you’re the finest thing this old man has seen in a very long time. You made my juices boil from just one look – and I was three-stories up! You’re hotter than an August night orgy with ten men.” Suddenly, the same warm feeling that had enveloped his body as he had stood in the cave and touched the wishing stone surrounded him again. This was really all the confirmation he needed, but the glorious being that stood in front of him immediately proved the golden orb was the real deal – for the man was exactly what Javier had wished for. It started with what was clearly a neat salt and pepper crew cut underneath the white hardhat, the wrinkles at the corners of sparkling blue-gray eyes, the perfectly trimmed white goatee that framed a jaw-line that could obviously cut diamonds, and then led to the barely contained huge torso plastered with a sweat-covered, muscle-hugging tank top that somehow emphasized the massive right biceps adorned with a tattoo of a flapping rainbow flag. The dreamboat was finished off with skin-tight, well-worn, faded blue jeans that allowed the striations in his giant thighs to be emphasized and did absolutely nothing to hide a daddy crotch that bulged to mouth-watering perfection. “What’s your name, Mr. Sexy?” “Uh . . . Javier.” “Damn, Javier, please make this old man happy as hell and tell me you’re not taken.” “Um . . . I’m not taken.” “Aw, sweet fuck, Javier, that’s the best thing I’ve ever heard. The name’s Hank, but the guys all call me Tank. I guess you can see why, huh, cutie?” “Yes sir.” “I’m hoping to hell, sexy man, that you’re into big older dudes cause I can’t think of anything in my entire life I’ve ever wanted more than I want that fine body of yours. Damn, I could eat you all up. Make an old geezer’s day and tell him you’d like to be taken to dinner, gazed at lovingly, and treated like a prince. I promise I’ll make it worth it. I’ve got enough hard meat on me to make you very happy, I can guarantee that.” “I’d love . . . um . . . all of that, Hank.” “Hot damn! I’m probably going to have to wank off hard three or four times just anticipating the date. You make me want to flex, little Javy.” And right there, in the middle of the sidewalk, Hank leaned forward and tensed his arms into a most muscular pose for Javier’s benefit. It was the kind of flex that made the onlooker weak in the knees and a little scared. All Javier saw was bulging muscles everywhere and a smile on the older man’s face that promised mischief, cockiness, and more pleasure than the younger man had ever dreamed of.
  8. londonboy

    Big Boys and Their Toys

    “I know what I’m wishing for.” “I’m wishing for the same thing.” “Me, too.” All three men were standing there, looking down at the newly uncovered golden orb resting in the sand. Jason, Michael, and Javier had been looking for this particular item for many years. They had finally miraculously landed on the right cave, the right spot, and the right amount of digging. It was truly hard to believe all of their efforts had paid off. “How does it work, Michael?” “You’re the one who’s read all the books about it, Jason . . . don’t you know?” “Yeah . . . yeah, I’m sorry. I’m just kind of freaking out it’s right there . . . in front of us.” “So, what do we do?” “You need to really focus on your wish . . . I mean, be as specific as you can. No distractions. And then touch the thing.” “That’s it?” “Yeah.” “It’s almost anti-climatic.” “Trust me, Javier, it won’t be if you really concentrate on what it is you’d like. This thing has been granting wishes for over four thousand years. You get one shot and that’s it. Remember, be specific, because if this thing is as powerful as all the writings from the years say – we’re going to very happy for the rest of our lives.” “You think it really works, Jason?” “There’s only one way to find out, fellas. Remember; visualize – in detail – what it is you’re wishing for. Oh, and don’t forget, you can’t wish to alter yourself in any way. Whoever set up the magic in this thing didn’t want it to be used that way. It’s for granting different kinds of wishes – other than self improvements.” “You know what I want, Jason. And trust me, I can be very specific!” “I think we all can. Shall I go first?” “Yes.” “Please.” Javier and Michael spoke at the same time. It was clear they were a tad nervous about the golden orb. It had been four years since Jason had first approached them with the goofy idea about a magical sphere that had been created in the wilds of Southeast Asia before there had been any major civilizations there. Jason had started seeing small bits about the ‘wish stone’ on the walls of temples in Thailand, Cambodia, Laos, and Indonesia - while he had been researching his doctorate. It had become an obsession of his – and one that he passed on to his two friends – as soon as they started to understand the stone’s power. Now, after many years of dead ends and wrong turns, they had finally stumbled on the real thing and were about to embark on the ride of their lifetime. “Here’s to a cultured future.” As Jason spoke these words he reached down and touched the stone. Light shot out everywhere – illuminating the entire cave. All three men jumped a little, but Jason did not move his hand. He concentrated hard – knowing this would be the most important moment of his life. His destiny would be shaped by this one wish. Suddenly the light stopped and he knew he could remove his hand. Javier stepped forward. “Here’s to a rough future.” Again, light spread throughout the cave as soon as Javier touched the golden stone. He squeezed his eyes shut tightly – focusing on what he wanted with all of his might. Javier tended to be distracted easily, so he wanted to make sure his wish was clear, strong, and specific. He released the stone as soon as the brightness faded. “Here’s to a sexy future.” Michael was the last one to touch the stone. For the third time, brightness filled the cave. There was also a comfortable feeling of warmth that surrounded the three men – something each of them quickly noticed. It had the same effect on each man. After Michael released the stone and the cave returned to semi-darkness they stood there silently. No one was sure what to do next. “How do you guys feel?” “Um . . . to be honest . . . really turned on.” “Yeah, horny as hell.” “The same for me.” “Wanna beat off together?” “Ewwww! No, Michael, I do not want to do that.” “Sorry . . . you know how I am.” “Yeah, we do . . . perpetually horny. Um, Jason, do we take the stone with us?” “No . . . no, we can’t do that. Remember, we bury it again – right here. If we don’t our wishes won’t come true. Come on, let’s get this thing back in the ground and get out of here. I’m ready to go see if the thing worked.” The three men buried the wishing stone in the huge hole where they had found it. They then made the cave look as if they had never been there. Jason had told them they would never be able to use the stone again for a wish, but they knew that other people would learn of its power and come searching one day. Each man then drew pictures on the wall of the cave to represent their wish – another required step for it to be granted. They had already spent a good hour or so looking at all the other pictures on the wall – realizing that they had been put there at different times over the last two thousand years. When it was finally time to leave they knelt at the entrance and prostrated themselves three times – as was called for in all the writings Jason had studied. It was now time to go find out if the wishes would come true. “Remember, messages to each other as soon as anything happens. My gut tells me it will happen around the same time – since we all wished at the same time. Thank you, guys, for believing in all this nonsense. No matter what happens, you two are the best friends a guy could hope for.” “Did you see how the thing glowed when we touched it, Jason? It’s going to work, man. I can feel it. This time, next year, we are all going to be living much different lives. I can promise you that.” “Let’s head home.”
  9. With speed that made the cheeks of the guerilla guard push back as if he were traveling on some kind of rocket ship going through the layers of the atmosphere, Antoine jogged to catch up with the two guys who had recently departed like bats out of hell. As Mr. Alpha and the small man caught up, then passed the other two men – clearly at such a speed that they could not even be detected – Antoine’s new friend stared at his two comrades running at full throttle beside him. It was like a slow motion movie. They had no idea he was right there watching them. Antoine easily ran a few yards ahead of the two fellows. He then stood his small friend, whose head was still spinning from the supersonic run, in front of him – with his own big arms under the guard’s and his massive palms facing out. The small guard looked like he had supersized forearms and paws as big as hubcaps. Antoine knew exactly what he was doing. He had moved so fast that the two runners had no time to stop before suddenly seeing their friend and the huge muscleman appear before them. They ran smack into Antoine’s palms with full force. The guard between the big man’s arms got a bull’s eye view of the entire thing. He noticed that Mr. Alpha’s hands didn’t budge even a fraction of a centimeter or whatever would be the smallest amount of measurement – basically they didn’t move. He also witnessed his two guerilla buddies bouncing off the big palms as if they had run into a wall of stone or something thicker and stronger. Next thing, he saw the two men sitting on the ground dazed and confused. They had no idea how the giant and their comrade had appeared out of nowhere. They both assumed it was magic. “And now, my little oh-hell-your-crotch-is-already-hard-again friend, let’s show you what it feels like to manhandle grown men as if they were small dolls.” Antoine cupped his big hands around the backs of those that belonged to the guy standing in front of him – interlocking his huge fingers between those of the little man. Then, moving the guy like he was nothing more than a puppet, Antoine bent down and grabbed both men by the front of their uniform – being careful not to crush the small guy’s hands at the same time. Then, Mr. Alpha lifted up – a little too high at first – and took all three men off the ground. He definitely wanted his little friend to feel powerful so he bent his legs, returning his accomplice’s feet to the ground. This action gave much pleasure, just as Antoine had planned. The small guy felt as if he were lifting the two other guys off the ground. Antoine spoke, without moving his lips, a ventriloquist with his dummy. “Okay, you bad, bad men. It took nothing for me to stop you. I am Mr. Ecuador and you two are now my playthings. What do you say to that? Ah, I see the little cat has got your tongue. Maybe I can shake some sense into you.” Antoine shook his hands, which made it seem like his little partner was shaking his hands, which made the two men flop around vigorously. Both men let out yelps that made it sound like there were in a vehicle going down a very bumpy road. Antoine could tell his little friend loved the charade of feeling like he was super powerful. Even when Antoine stopped shaking and the fellow’s bodies stopped flopping around it was clear the insides of their head were still spinning. The ventriloquist continued. “You bad men have made me angry. You’re not going to like me when I’m angry. See how I lift you with no effort at all? You’re both as light as a feather – and that’s when you’re combined. It’s taking no strength at all to pick you both up. Oh what to do with my light little playthings. Well, first, let’s toss you both in the air – you know, like a grown man might do to a toddler. One, two, three, upsy-daisy!” Antoine didn’t use much strength to send the two men upward – he didn’t want to send them through the ozone or anything. Having them top out at the tips of the trees was enough. The big man’s little puppet squealed with glee as their hands, together, seemed to make the men shoot off into the air like rockets. Screams of terror followed both men as they zoomed upward. Antoine glanced down at his friend and noticed a panicked look on the guy’s face. He clearly was worried if they’d be able to catch the two men on their journey back down. The big man chuckled; amazed that after all he had done the smaller man doubted his abilities. He knew something that would add a lot of pleasure to the fun they were having. “Stand on my feet, little friend.” The small guy did as he was told and immediately noticed it was like stepping into skis. Antoine’s booted feet were about five sizes bigger than those of the other guy. The smaller man looked back up at the muscled stud, with a face of both shock and admiration. Antoine smiled back, since he knew what the guy was thinking. “Yep, it’s true what they say, bud. I swing a bat so big the airlines make me pay for an extra seat. That is, if I needed to take airplanes.” With that statement Antoine, along with the guy standing on his enormous feet, flew up into the air. They simply levitated as if some big crane was lifting them upward – except there were no cables and there certainly wasn’t a crane. That’s when the superhero and his friend heard the screams of the two men falling back to earth. Antoine, still cupping the other guy’s hands, reached out and they caught both guerrillas as they zoomed past. Both men continued to scream even after they came to an abrupt stop. It took them a few seconds to realize they still weren’t falling. Antoine started to speak, but his little friend cleared his throat – making it clear he no longer needed someone to supply the dialogue. Antoine looked down, amused, as the guy spoke in a voice similar to the one Antoine had made earlier. “You enjoy the ride, little men? Maybe now, you understand what power I have. I think it is time I let your feet feel ground again. Careful, though, that first step is a . . . what do we call it, oh yeah . . . a doozey.” Antoine started laughing – both, at the little guy’s imitation of him and at what he was planning. The big man knew exactly what to do, but he took his cue from his new friend. As soon as the smaller man released his grip, so did Antoine. Both men immediately dropped to the ground. It was less than twelve feet down, but it shocked the hell out of the two guys, who thought that Antonio and his friend had been firmly on the earth – not floating above it. Antoine descended back down and re-grabbed the men by their shirts. Sirens had been going off at the main house for a few minutes. Soon, the guerillas would try to open the vault in the cellar. These two jerks needed to be taken care of. Antoine looked down at his friend. “I know the pool’s pretty far away, but do you want to see me hit a hole in one with both of these guys?” “Yes, please.” “Oh . . . and do you happen to know which is the deep end?” “No.” “Well, let’s hope I guess right. I think they usually put the deep end away from the house.” While still holding on to the two captives with just his fingers, Antoine released his friend’s hands and then spread out his monstrous arms. The smaller man stepped off Mr. Alpha’s giant feet – shivering at the thought of the tool that matched their size – and stepped a few feet away. Antoine held the two men in the air as he turned his super gaze toward the pool – a long way away. There were trees and buildings to be avoided in the path to the pool. Antoine calculated everything quickly and then turned back to his waiting, excited friend. “One at a time or both together?” The little guy’s mouth dropped open wide – as if throwing two men at the same time would be that much harder than one. But, somehow, it just impressed him more. He meekly held up two fingers – as if he were begging Antoine to do what the huge man already wanted to do. There was no way to not notice the growing wet spot at the smaller man’s crotch – he was clearly unable to contain his admiration for Antoine’s strength. The muscle man flicked one guy into he air and as he came down he caught him with his big palm in the midsection. Antoine then flicked the other guy into the air and caught him on the back of the first guy. They were now stacked like a couple of pancakes in Antoine’s huge upturned hand. Mr. Alpha then went into the stance of a javelin thrower and cocked his giant arm back – only stopping when he heard his little friend clear his voice and point toward the pool in the other direction. “Oh, that way? You mean you didn’t want me to throw them around the earth and have them enter the pool from the other angle?” The guerilla’s face turned white and his eyes grew as big as saucers. This idea was almost too much for the little guy to handle. Antoine could see the guy trying to figure out if this supposed feat was even possible. He turned to face toward the pool and cocked back the big arm holding the two men in the air. He motioned to his friend to use the binoculars attached to his belt – the little guy having forgotten all about them in his excitement. As soon as Antoine got the thumbs up that his pal was focused on the pool, the giant muscle man pumped his arm in the air sending the two bodies soaring. The two men stayd connected for most of the flight – only separating right before they landed smack middle of what was clearly the deep end of the pool, which was far away near the house. The look of astonishment and awe on the small guerilla’s face as he looked up at Antoine almost made the big man blush. The muscleman held up his giant paw to high five the little man – forgetting he was so tall that the dude would have to jump up to make his palm hit Antoine’s. “Would you call that two holes in one or a hole in two’s. I’m not sure. All I know is I just threw two men into a pool that’s about six football fields away. Pretty awesome, huh. Oh, let me bring that high five down, for you, bud.” Antoine lowered his hand. When he went to smack palms with his small friend, however, he used way to much force and he sent the guy flying backwards about two feet and immediately worried that he had broken the dude’s arm. He quickly stepped over and lifted the man off the ground. “Damn, little friend, I’m so sorry about that. I just constantly forget how weak other guys are. I really do. I just assume everyone can toss two grown men like it was nothing or fold up a machine gun as easily you would a piece of paper. It’s only when I send a guy sailing through two backflips in the air because of a simple high-five I remember how awesomely strong I really am. You’d think all these really huge muscles would help me to remember, but I don’t. That arm of yours okay?” The smaller man nodded his head up and down, loving the fact that his feet were nowhere near the ground as Antoine easily held him in the air. The guard was busy shaking out his hand and arm that was still stinging a little from what was clearly a light tap from Antoine, but had sent the guy tumbling through the air. It was getting more and more difficult to wrap his head around just how much power this huge almost-naked muscleman had in his body. Suddenly there was a noise that made both men turn their attention to nearby. What appeared in the road made Antoine let out a roar of pure joy. “Oh hell yeah! They sent a tank! And it’s about to fire. Sorry about this, dude, but I really want to protect you so we can have some more fun together. Hold on to the branch until this is over.” With that statement, Antoine tossed the man skyward. He went sailing up with perfect aim and just enough force to land on the limb of a huge tree about three stories up. The dude immediately grabbed hold of the wood to pull his body up so he could sit and watch the fun below. He looked like an innocent chipmunk peering down on some hikers. Antoine turned to look at the slow moving tank – shortening the distance between them. Suddenly the sound of the tank going off made Antoine’s poser’s throb noticeably. The big man was finally getting to see the kind of action he had longed for. With lightning speed, Antoine raised his hand and caught the speeding weapon that was intended for mass destruction. He looked down and smiled. “Aw, a kinetic energy penetrator – the kind of ammunition designed to penetrate vehicle armor. Finally, these guys are starting to think like intelligent villains. Not that this thing could hurt me, but I’m so glad they upped their anti. I should have let it hit my chest, too – just to watch it flatten against my skin and then fall to the ground. How about some one handed destruction instead.” Antoine held up the large bullet-like contraption in one giant paw. He wanted to make sure his friend, above, in the tree, whatever team was in the tank, and whoever was watching with their binoculars from the house, saw his little display. His fingers pulled the sturdy metal beam on both ends, making the thing immediately bend, as if it were just a straw or something. He then continued to pull in and crush whatever was in the way. It felt so good to easily destroy something he knew could rip through a tank or the side of an armored truck. Soon, the penetrator was nothing more than a glob of demolished steal – or whatever it was made of. Antoine let it drop to the ground. His little display caused the friend in the tree above to moan loudly in appreciation. It also gave the tank time to reload and fire another weapon. This time the sound was different and Antoine anticipated it was some kind of intense explosive. In nothing more than a second the big man made a choice and, again, caught the missile with his hand. He knew he had only a fraction of a fraction of a second for his intended goal, so he moved his arm as fast as he could. As soon as he caught the speeding thing he quickly pulled it down to his crotch, having opened his posers with his other hand. He shoved the explosive down against all his huge junk right as the thing went off. The huge hand covered everything, thankfully, so the posers weren’t ruined. The impact of the blast simply rocked against Antoine’s ample package. Antoine threw his head back and moaned loudly, himself. “Aw hell yeah, almost as good as beating off. The best foreplay ever! I wonder if two or three of those things at the same time could make me spurt?” When the elastic band at the top of the posers snapped back into place, smoke still seeped out of Antoine’s crotch. The missile-like hard-on underneath the fabric looked a hell of a lot more powerful than the missile or the penetrator that had been shot off by the tank. For a few seconds the need for sexual release clouded Antoine’s mind and he thought about using his tool specifically for mass destruction of the tank – but quickly calmed himself down and decided against it. He knew that Marty would flip out if the internet go hold of videos where he was plowing a tank. Not a wholesome image for Mr. Alpha. The moans had grown louder from the guy up in the tree and Antoine didn’t even have to look up to know the guy was going to town with himself as he watched all the action. The huge man anticipated some thick gooey rainfall before the tank was destroyed. “Don’t fall, little man. The fun has just begun. Let’s open that thing like a can of sardines. I’m thinking it’s about time for another missile.” Sure enough, the men in the tank had loaded another explosive and shot the thing at Antoine as he slowly advanced in their direction. The superhero was, again, perplexed by their stupidity. Had they not seen what he had done to the first two things they had shot at him. Did they think the third time was their lucky charm? For the second time today he marveled at how slow the bad guys were at picking up on things. Antoine remembered another time when three thieves were trying to get away in their SUV and he had easily picked the entire vehicle up off the ground – holding it in the air at chest level looking at the guys through the front windshield. He was holding the entire thing in the air, not just the front end or something. But the driver kept his foot firmly against the gas pedal, with the thing slammed to the floor – as if by some sort of magic the car would catch some traction on air molecules and take off. Antoine continued to hold the car up off the ground and the slow-to-the-take driver continued to gun the thing until it ran out of gas. The bad guys actually used up all of their fuel thinking their luck would change any moment. When Antoine dropped the car to the ground he almost laughed himself silly as he watched the three thieves frantically lock all the doors. To show off and to avoid the locked doors Antoine just shoved his hands into the front of the car and started ripping the thing into two halves down the middle. Finally, the windshield shattered and the big man had pried the SUV apart all the way to the front seat. The three men simply offered their guns to the muscled giant and gave up. And now, the men in the tank seemed destined for the same lesson. Antoine let the incoming missile blast into his abs, absorbing the explosion with what felt like nothing more than an itch. “Thanks for the stomach exercise fellas! I’m not sure your little weapons are going to help these tight puppies get any stronger, but it sure is fun to deflect missiles with my tummy! Let’s first cause a little tornado in your little hiding place.” By this point, Antoine was right in front of the tank. He was so big that his face was pretty even with the tank gun. He brought his lips to the opening, took a deep breath, and then let out a super exhale. He immediately heard multiple bangs on the inside of the tank and he knew he had sent whoever was inside sailing across the compartment into the other side. Antoine paused for a second and heard what were probably a few bodies falling to the floor after the air pressure had been released. The big man then inhaled deeply, keeping his mouth pressed against the opening. Those same bodies probably came zooming to the side nearest Antoine because of the super suction. When he stopped sucking, again there was the sound of things falling to the inside floor. Mr. Alpha spoke down the barrel of the long gun. “You fellas okay? I heard the weather report for inside this tank was really nasty today. I also had a lot of garlic at lunch – sorry about that. And get this, that was me blowing lightly. Just imagine what I could do if I really let out some air. I could probably make all the islands of Hawaii join each other. That would be something, wouldn’t it? So, let’s open this little present and see what I win as my prize, today.” Antoine brought his head back and then placed his two thick forefingers into the barrel. He marveled at the fact that there wasn’t much room after that. He really did have enormous hands. Well, again, you know what they say – he thought to himself. He then started to pull and the end of the barrel snapped apart. Antoine kept pulling and the gun ripped apart as easily as if he had been peeling a banana. The monstrous dude whistled ‘Hi ho, hi ho, it’s off to work we go’ as he created a big bow with the tank gun. He squeezed the base of the thing and knew not even a drop of water was coming out of that nozzle. He stepped back to admire his work. It did look like a giant two-looped ribbon on top of the machine. He smacked his hands together as if he were knocking off dust – just to say ‘job well done.’ Mr. Alpha then jumped up onto the tank with a hard enough landing to rock the thing terribly. He imagined the men inside being knocked about. With one hand, Antoine reached down and slid his fingers into the ring – where the tank’s turret connected with the hull. His hulking hand grabbed underneath and he slowly started to pull. The metal screamed in protest – as if it had a choice in the matter. As easily as a kid takes off the foil top of a manufactured fruit bowl, big Antoine started tearing open the tank. “Papa’s home, boys! And he’s freaking huge and strong. Get ready! He’s here to play” On some level it hit Antoine what he was doing. He knew it was incredible that there was this super dude that was able to crush the armor of a tank with his hand. It registered that he was ripping apart some super strong combination of steel, titanium, and other metals like it was tissue. The turret started to warp as he easily pulled it away from the body of the tank. The perfect bow he had made bent from the tugging, as well. Within a minute, Antoine completely tore the plated armor apart and tossed the turret to the side. He gazed down in the tank and saw three uniformed guerillas – each with his fingers in his ears because of the loud screeching of the metal and each with a wet spot at his crotch because he had pissed himself in fear of the beast that was mutilating the tank with ease. “Hello fellas. I knocked, but nobody answered, so I thought I’d just let myself in. Wow, it smells like pee in here. I hope I didn’t frighten you, little men. I just thought it would be fun if I showed you how simple it was to rip a tank apart. It gave this big arm of mine a good workout. Just look at the pump Mr. Alpha got.” Antoine shot his arm up into a side biceps pose and flexed his gun hard. The thing ballooned to twice its normal huge size. All three men visually swallowed and their eyes shot wide. The big gun looked immortal – like something straight from Mount Olympus. Antoine was proud of his body. Even though he was a superhero he had continued to lift, exercise, eat right, and sculpt his muscles into something that was more than just fit. He always wanted to have the kind of bulges that made women and men swoon. Antoine had never been picky about who admired or lusted after him. At first, the desired bulges had been all about looking good in some super cool spandex superhero costume, but as Antoine curled bulldozers and benched battleships he saw his muscles grow into something that surely could not be covered. When performing super feats, the big man wanted to impress – but he also wanted people to freak out about his body as much as they did about the amount of weight he was lifting or the indestructible thing he was easily manhandling. Ripping apart a tank was just half the fun, he wanted the occupants to ooh and ah at his giant, rippling, hard-as-hell body, too. Antoine knew he was a narcissist – through and through. He decided, however, that came with the territory. At age ten he had been able to win a tug of war contest against every grown man and boy in his small town – every last one of them. This was almost too much for a young lad to comprehend. Antoine’s mom had made sure he didn’t get too big for his britches – well, metaphorically speaking. He outgrew his clothes by the month. His mom had always been able to help keep Antoine in check and see his powers as a gift . . . a ‘blessing’ is what she’d call them. Out of respect and love for his mom, who still called him at least three times a week, Antoine had limited his self-praise and the much needed gawking at his own body for when he was in front of criminals or alone. Today seemed like a good day for some self-admiration. “Look at that flesh-covered mountain, boys! Have you ever seen something so huge and powerful? I’ll take your silence as confirmation that you have not. My flexed gun is bigger than all three of your right arms put together. And did you see how your powerful tank gave into this one arm? I bet you three thought you were all safe and snug in your little machine, didn’t you. It must have been scary as hell . . . or maybe hot has hell to see four fingers suddenly poke through the armor like it was just some tinfoil and then to see sunlight start streaming in as this giant hand started ripping a hole that got bigger and bigger until the entire weak turret had been separated from the hull. And then to see big old me – all full of tensed glistening muscles – toss the thing to the side like it was a piece of crumpled paper . . . well that must have been something glorious. And now look at this flexed biceps, fellas. This thing just screams power, doesn’t it? If Helen had a face that launched a thousand ships, then Mr. Alpha has biceps that will launch a thousand orgasms. I need to show off a little more for you fellas, okay? Besides, there’s way too much of this tank still in recognizable condition. I’m coming in, boys.” The ripped apart opening that Antoine had made was definitely bigger than the little metal trap door that had been the entrance, but it was still pretty small compared to the super wide upper body of the muscleman. Unless the opening became bigger, Mr. Alpha would not be able to squeeze inside the tank. Also, because Antoine’s thighs were so huge, room for the three men underneath became restricted. As if he knew he needed to make some more light for the dark cavity, Antoine placed his hands on the inside metal ring that had held the turret in place. He had one arm on one side of his body and the second on the other side. Antoine imagined he was Hercules or Samson with his hands placed on two giant columns holding up the palace. He started to straighten his arms – his outward turned palms moving away from his shoulders. Tanks were never made with the thought that some man . . . some super man would come and play with them as if they were nothing more than Styrofoam. As Antoine’s elbows straightened out he easily deformed the well planned, intentionally made sides of the tank. The armor bent outward from the pressure of Antoine’s push and the metal screeched like a bunch of wild monkeys being pursued by a lion. Deforming the titanium and steel mix was as easy for Antoine as pushing on a sheet hanging from a clothesline might be for someone else. The opening got wider than Antoine’s shoulders and the body of the tank was now majorly deformed. Mr. Alpha stopped and turned his body sideways. Again, he placed his big paws on the inside rim of the tank’s hull and started pushing. The opening easily expanded that way, as well. The mid-section of the tank was now unrecognizable. It actually looked like some kind of army-sanctioned convertible – the opening wide enough for Antoine and all three men to easily stand and leave lots of extra room, as well. The big man looked at his palm and finger indentions along side of the metal rim – beaming at how easy it had been to make supposed indestructible metal do his bidding. “That’ll never get old for me, fellas. Taking something supposedly so strong . . . so powerfully made that people cannot fathom it being destroyed by anything other than mega ton bombs and manhandling it like a kid playing with clay. I just put my big paw against stone, metal, titanium – whatever – and push – loving the way whatever it is can’t stand up against my strength and it submits so easily. I love it mostly when metal screams in defeat. It’s as if the molecules of the steel are saying ‘this isn’t possible’ or ‘how in the hell can a man be so powerful?’ Surely something makes you fellas feel the same way? Maybe you get a rush in your southern region when you shoot off this thing that used to be a tank. Did watching something explode give you a thrill? Did it make you feel powerful? Well, little men, that’s the same feeling I get when I tear your tank apart with my bare hands as if it were paper. Mr. Alpha loves saving the world, but – to tell you the truth – I love showing off more. I love getting to use my strength without worrying about what I might break or what might get destroyed. A man like me shouldn’t have to live with restrictions. You see what I’m saying?” The three guerillas stared up at the giant muscled man who was leaning up against the tank opening he had manipulated wider with just a few pushes. It wasn’t clear how much of what Mr. Alpha said they understood, but it was clear that they were filled with fear and awe at his super strength. Antoine had folded his enormously muscled arms across his chest, barely able to bring them together in that way because of his bulging biceps, and had glanced down to the fellas with his questions. Not one man moved. It was as if they had not heard anything Antoine had said since he had ripped open the tank. They only stared at his arms – in probably the same way they had stared at the tank the first time they had been allowed to fire it. It was definitely true what they said about most men – they loved power. Before today, getting behind the gun of this tank had probably felt like the most powerful thing these guys could have ever experienced. Fortunately, that had all been wiped away as soon as they met Mr. Alpha. Now their tank seemed so insignificant . . . their ammunition so puny . . . and their own bodies so tiny and weak. They had now been introduced to a strength that was unimaginable just an hour ago. Each man suddenly had memories from childhood of famous wrestlers and superheroes that had existed only in comic books or on television. Now meeting the real thing changed their perspective on the world. Their intense desire to help some ‘cause’ and join the rebel forces was immediately gone. If they had felt any kind of allegiance to their leader – probably presently scrambling into action somewhere in the big house – it had now disappeared. Arms the size of giant banana tree leaves and as strong as the men of entire nations put together had won them over instantly. They now had a new leader. Anyone who could take missiles to the chest like it had only been a drop of sweat hitting him or rip apart a tank in a way that made it clear he wasn’t using even a fraction of his strength was worthy of their service, if not their worship. Antoine could read all of this in their face. It was a look that he had become quite accustomed to. He instantly knew of their defection to the side of right and might. Most men, if given the choice, will choose the side of a battle that is going to win. It is part self-preservation and part awe of the victor’s power. In this case, Antoine knew he had swayed these three men to the side of good for the rest of their lives. The guerillas, now turned honest men, knew they would never meet anyone . . . or anything as strong as the huge muscled man in front of them. They were ready to do his bidding. “Aw fellas, you three are all looking like love sick puppy dogs. How can a superhero hold you accountable for your actions if it’s perfectly clear that you’d now follow my every order? It’s quite clear you’ve all left the dark side for good. I get the feeling you’ll do things like run for political office in the future, clean up the crime in your local towns, and one day set aside a special ‘Mr. Alpha Day’ just to commemorate the memory of our time together. How can I punish you anymore if it’s clear you three have joined the straight and narrow path just because I can fold up your little tank like it was just a small washed and dried rag? Hey, that gives me a fun idea. You guys want to see some more power?” Antoine’s new comrades immediately shook their heads up and down. Antoine reached out and grabbed two of the men by their uniform and then brought them together so he could hold them with one hand. He then grabbed the third guy with his free hand and lifted all of them out of the tank. He leaned over the side and placed the three guys on the ground. It didn’t go unnoticed by anyone how easily Mr. Alpha had done this. It was like moving three grown men was nothing more than an afterthought – something that could be done by anyone on any given day. Legs were wobbly – partially from being cramped up in the tank for a while, but mostly because the three men were still shocked by the muscular behemoth that lifted them like they were simply a toothbrush or something lighter. Antoine could tell that each man had fallen into what could only be described as a bromance with him. They watched his every move, sighed when a muscle bulged because he bent it, and looked at him with eyes that should have had hearts pumping out of them if this had been a cartoon. Mr. Alpha had to reach down and adjust his posers – having groups of men or women swooning like they were back in junior high with their first crush was such a turn on for him. Antoine felt like Cupid, except the unintended outcome of every arrow was instant infatuation of the big man, himself. This was not a problem, however. Antoine loved the attention. “Aw fellas, from the looks in your eyes I can tell I’m going to have to come to your village one day and spend an afternoon drinking beers and showing off. Am I right? No need to answer, I see it perfectly in every face. Gotta warn you in advance, I like my beer, so get ready to dole out some cash. It will take at least twenty to get me a little intoxicated – and I mean twenty cases. I have a feeling you three had figured out that when I’m a little tipsy I like to show off the most, right? Well, it’s true. Somewhere, in some manual, it probably says you should never feed a Gremlin after midnight, never go out on a date with a werewolf during a full moon, and never ever get a superhero drunk. Can’t lie to you bros, I love my beer. As you might have guessed I can drink an entire army under the table. But I turn into a muscle slut when I’m feeling good. There’s nothing I won’t do. If you want me to make you an animal out of a light pole from the highway, it’s done. You want me to stack twenty cars in a parking lot into a pyramid, no problem. You want me to go mess with an ex-bosses house by turning it around so he’s all confused when he comes out in the morning, I’ll be glad to help you. Not that I’ve ever done any of those things, I’m just telling you what could happen when we go out drinking together.” This clearly only made the men more bro-infatuated. Antoine lifted himself out of the tank like some gymnast dismounting a pommel horse. When he landed, the ground around them shook a little. The three men suddenly realized Mr. Alpha was not only huge, but his body was probably more thickly dense than anything they’d ever seen. As if to prove this theory, the biggest guy of the three now-turned-good guerillas walked over to Mr. Alpha, bent down, wrapped his arms around the superhero’s legs and attempted to lift up. Nothing moved even a slight bit. The guy took a deep breath, grabbed tighter, doubled his effort, and tried again. Attempting to move a mountain would clearly have been easier. The thickly muscled gargantuan demi-god in front of them wasn’t budging unless he wanted to. “Speeding trains, wrecking balls, bundles of dynamite, and the like have all tried and failed, too, good sirs. I’ve just packed on too much muscle, it seems. Even if your little kinetic penetrator that can bust through armor like this…” Antoine, without warning, shot his right arm out to the side and pounded through the metal side of the tank’s hull with one punch. This made the three men jump. The exact response Mr. Alpha had hoped for. “…still, it couldn’t begin to dent my muscles in even just a little bit. Hard to imagine, isn’t it, fellas – skin and muscles that are stronger than your tank. Speaking of this little plaything, here. I was thinking it’d be fun to compact this machine to something we could fit in a breadbox. You fellas game?” Again, it was pretty clear that none of the men full understood what Antoine was saying, but they could tell by the excitement in his voice that he wanted to show off and that was perfectly fine with them. Mr. Alpha was sure he had a lot more time, since it was going to take the bad guys up in the house a long time to get into the prison vault where they thought they still held the Ambassador and his family – that is, if they ever got in. The big man motioned for the three men to step back. He didn’t want anyone getting hurt. “Clearly, I need something pretty strong to help compact this tank and what’s stronger than the earth, itself? I know, I am, but besides me, fellas. I remember the first time I held a car in the air with one hand, guys. I was in fifth grade and my math teacher had given me a low grade on a test. Yes, I hadn’t studied and yes, I truly deserved the grade, but that was beside the point. I mowed this teacher’s lawn and did odd jobs around his house. I knew he was into my strength, too. By age eleven I was bigger than most adults, so when I was at his place he’d have me move bags of sand, pull up old stumps from the ground, bust up concrete decks he didn’t need anymore and stuff like that. You know, odd jobs for kids. Anyway, I ran to his house about twelve miles away one afternoon after checking my grades online. He was backing out of his driveway when I got there and rolled down his window to talk to me. He instantly knew why I was there. I complained and he said he couldn’t change the grade. I even pleaded, something I never did – mainly because my parents were going to be mad about the grade and I knew I’d be banned from my makeshift weight set of huge concrete blocks for a few days. My teacher told me he was sorry and started to ease down the driveway. Without thinking, I stuck my hand in his window, placed my open palm against the roof of his car, and lifted. Instantly the four tires came off the ground. My teacher still had his foot on the pedal so the tires were spinning, but he was going nowhere. He quickly glanced at me and I first saw the awe in his eyes, but then I saw the disappointment, as well. He didn’t need to say a word. I waited for him to take his foot off the accelerator and then put the car back down on the driveway. He put the car in park and got out to talk to me. He assured me this was just one test and that I could do better next time, which I did. He also gave me a long lecture about my abilities and being responsible for keeping my temper in check – a lesson I remember to this day. So, the purpose of that long story is to say that I’ve been lifting vehicles for as long as I can remember. And today, I get to lift a tank!” A couple of weeks ago, as Antoine had brought two criminals into police headquarters the big guy had not noticed what he was doing and he accidently walked through an archway that was too narrow for the insane expanse of his shoulders. He had always noticed that two normal sized men could pass through the thing with room to spare, but he definitely had to turn slightly to get through. That day he had been too excited by the fact that he had gotten to rip the roof off an SUV to the shocked faces of the criminals that he had forgotten to let one shoulder lead through the arch. Plaster, concrete, and wood came crashing down as his shoulders plowed through the walls as if he had been a football team breaking through a paper banner at a pep rally. He had been slightly embarrassed by his massive broadness that day, but today he knew it would come in handy. He reached down and grabbed underneath the track of the tank. Lifting the side of the vehicle was a breeze, but he heard his three amigos gasp in awe as he did it. He figured the tank was about four meters wide – or thirteen feet. He knew his broad shoulders and long arms could easily stretch beyond that. He reached down with his other hand and grabbed around the other side of the tank. He then lifted the thing – which weighed more than sixty-five tons – straight-armed over his head. Two of the onlookers immediately mumbled and crossed themselves – clearly sure that Antoine’s strength was from the devil. The third guy merely licked his lips. Antoine looked at his friends with a disappointed face. “Damn, I thought it would surely weigh more than this. Still, pretty impressive, huh? Anybody want to play catch? Naw, just kidding. Let’s make this thing small.” Antoine pulled his hands inward. A sound like a hundred orca whales mating rang out from the middle of the huge army tank as the two opposing tracks started moving toward each other. Basically, Antoine was folding the machine in two while holding it above his head. Thankfully, one of the dudes watching pulled out a smart phone and was filming the entire thing. Antoine didn’t want this feat of strength to go by and the world not see. He suddenly thought of Ambassador Dreyfuss sitting in his room at the resort hotel channel searching in hopes of catching Antoine in action. Surprisingly, bending an army tank was a lot easier than he had anticipated. Soon, Mr. Alpha had the two tracks, which surrounded the wheels that made the thing go, banged together. The entire hull was folded in on itself and there was a nice crisp seam down the middle. Antoine suddenly slammed the front end of the mangled tank down on the ground, causing all three men to fall from the tremors it sent out. The tank’s front end crunched in on itself, like it was some giant accordion. It resembled the way you could fold up paper to make a fan. Just as the three onlookers were getting back on their feet, Mr. Alpha lifted the chunk of battered metal and then slammed it back into the ground. Again, the men tumbled to their backsides. The giant army tank was now half its original size and resembled a large piece of junk more than anything else. “I don’t think your tank is working anymore, fellas.” Antoine tossed the long piece of metal - with one side banged in - up in the air and forced it to spin at the same time. When he caught the thing it had turned completely around so the battered end now stuck up in the air. As soon as he caught the heavy, narrow, compacted tank he brought the new end down against the ground even harder than the other side. By now, there was a pretty substantial hole in the ground where rock and dirt had submitted to Mr. Alpha’s powerful blows. The men had ceased trying to stand and just watched as the huge muscled superhero slammed their once invincible tank into a chunk of metal that was now the size of a two-person loveseat. Antoine smiled at his handiwork. He knew evryone that came upon that chunk of metal – and had not seen him at work – would have trouble saying exactly what it was. They would probably say it was some small car that had been through a compacting machine. Little did they know that it had been a human machine that had compacted an entire tank with just his bare hands. The big man put the sixty-five ton compressed tank between his palms and pressed in – like he was trying to squeeze the final drops out of a lemon. Freakishly, his arms ballooned out huge as Antoine actually compressed the block of titanium even further. He kept turning the thing and pushing in hard until he finally held something the size of a suitcase – smooth on all sides and no indication that it had been an army regulation mega tank used for major combat. He tossed the thing into the air and caught it a few times. On the third toss he let it fall to the ground and it sank into the earth – its insane weight instantly apparent. The three amigos, as well as Antoine’s original friend still up in the tree, clapped and cheered loudly. The workout had pumped Antoine’s body to even bigger bulges than before and he dwarfed the men around him. “Damn, that was fun, fellas! You’ll never know how much something like that turns me on. I really thought a tank would be a lot stronger than that. The poor thing had no chance against these!” Antoine flexed his big guns – gazing, himself, at how huge they bulged. The men, again, cheered and applauded. Mr. Alpha also noticed they kept staring at all of his swollenness within the posers, as well. During his demolition of the tank, Antoine had not even attempted to control himself from getting hard. He threw caution to the wind, since it was only guys around. His three amigos were flabbergasted by his strength, but just as they were by the weapon he was packing – or attempting to keep packed – within the material of his posers. Antoine recognized the looks of utter shock mixed with envy and downright anger at the fact that they had not been blessed with something so monstrous and manly. As fun as all of this was – and as much as he had come to really like his new admiring friends – it was time for him to move on to the house. He knew he needed to send these fellas home. He walked over until he was beneath the guy high up on the limb. He thought about flying up to get him, but decided it would be more fun if he caught him. “Okay, friend, papa’s here. Jump.” Without hesitation the guy pushed off from the branch. He knew how strong the arms were that waited for him. At that moment, he feared nothing because his friend Antoine was there. He landed in the big man’s arms with a slight thud and Mr. Alpha set him down on the ground. The men gathered around. “It’s time for you three to head home. Now remember, you’re only going to do good from now on. I’ll come and drink beer with you soon. Make sure you invite your extended families and I’ll put on a really good show.” Antoine turned to his original friend as he translated for the other three. There was disappointment on their faces, because they had to leave and miss more of the show, but they also looked forward to being visited by the muscled behemoth. As a parting gift one of them pulled out his pistol and made crushing motions with his hand. Mr. Alpha knew exactly what he wanted. The man desired a souvenir that he could take home. Antoine took the gun and easily twisted it. He made sure to not compress it completely, knowing it was important that you could still tell it was a gun and that someone’s hands had easily mangled it. Antoine made sure to leave finger indentions. He handed it back to his smiling fan. Immediately, the other two wanted the same thing – pulling out their guns quickly. Antoine obliged and then sent them on their merry way, the three of them running over to a nearby jeep and tearing away, waving and cheering loudly. They went the opposite direction of the house – showing their new allegiance to Mr. Alpha, completely.
  10. Antoine loved the way the cool breeze felt on his almost naked body as he flew through the air. That was the main reason his chosen superhero costume was simple posing trunks and a mask. Well, that and the fact that he liked to show off his huge muscular body any chance he got. Why in the hell would you have a freakishly big body if you didn’t want to show it off? Any muscleman that told you differently was lying. Also, if you had a freakishly strong body, as well, then you should be showing that off all the time, as well. Why have superpowers if you couldn’t show people what you could do? This was his constant argument with his friend and main support, Marty. As he flew he reached down to squeeze his engorged nipples – which had been stimulated by the cold air – just to give himself a thrill. This, in turn, caused him to have to reach down and adjust his hardening tool inside his posers. Antoine was looking forward to a little Ecuadorian fun. The Ambassador and his family were being held hostage in a forty-room house in the middle of a hundred acre compound. And the place was being guarded by over a hundred guerillas . . . with guns, rocket launchers, and tanks. It was almost too good to be true. Antoine was exciting himself so much with these thoughts he debated flying on his back for a while and busting out a major wad – just dreaming about what he was going to do. He decided against it, since last time he had shot a super load while flying he had accidently taken out a military satellite. It had taken Marty days to cover that story up. Release would just have to wait – until later when he was having fun. Suddenly, Antoine – using his super strong vision – could see the Ambassador’s compound thousands of miles below. He quickly confirmed the maps that Marty had shown him before – noting where everything and everyone was located. Immediately, Antoine could see it would be a simple job. He could have the Ambassador and his family out of the room in the cellar in less than ten minutes. This, however, is not what Mr. Alpha wanted. He wanted to play. He wanted to show off. He wanted to mess with some bad guys. He wanted people to freak out at his strength. He wanted to destroy big things. Antoine knew, however, that he could not jeopardize the safety of the Ambassador or his family simply so he could have fun. That’s when a plan germinated in Antoine’s mind and it made him smile. He flew on a little further and started his descent. Ambassador Charles Dreyfuss, his wife, and two children were locked in a vault-like room in the bottom of the house. They had been there for about twenty-four hours. Thick metal surrounded them completely and the door was locked from outside – giant safe like girders guided by computers sealing them in. Dreyfuss knew there was no way they could be saved. Even if the Government sent their best men, they could not make it to this room before the guerillas entered and killed them all. He did not, however, tell his family any of this. At first, when the floor shook, the Ambassador thought it must have been some kind of explosion outside and he immediately feared the worst. He quickly gathered his family and moved them to a corner of the room – everyone holding on to each other. The floor shook again and then suddenly a fist came up through the metal from below at the center of the room. It took a few seconds to register it was a fist, but then the limb went back down and two hands came up through the hole grabbing either side. With a high-pitched squeal the huge paws easily pushed the opening out to the size of a big pot and then they kept pushing until the hole was big enough for a person – well, actually bigger than what would be needed for a normal person. The hands then grabbed the sides and the massive shoulders, insane traps, and bulging biceps of Mr. Alpha popped up. “Ambassador Dreyfuss and family, I presume. If not, I’ll be in a lot of trouble.” “Mr. Alpha!” “Aw, your little boy recognizes me. I’ll do autographs later. I’m here to help you escape, sir. Oh, but I have one request before I do. It’s just a small favor.” “What? You’ve got to be kidding. I’ll do whatever you want, Mr. Alpha, just please get my family and me out of here.” “Of course, sir. It’s just that . . . well, um, I’d like you to not tell anyone you’re safe for another three hours or so. It’s just that I’d like to have some fun . . . I mean, teach our friends out there a lesson or two. I’m sure a strapping man like you, who clearly works out a lot, would not want to deprive another guy of some good exercise.” The look on the Ambassador’s face made it clear he understood and it crossed Antoine’s mind to ask the Ambassador if he’d like to stay and watch Antoine have some fun – from a safe place, of course. There was just something about how Charles Dreyfuss smiled when he agreed to keep his safety a secret for a little while that made Mr. Alpha pretty sure the guy definitely liked a good workout – or watching another guy have a good workout. Antoine pushed himself all the way into the room and Mrs. Dreyfuss let out a little moan as soon as she saw Mr. Alpha in all of his almost naked beauty. Antoine stopped briefly to let the woman, the children, and the Ambassador take in all of his chiseled beefiness. He then walked over to the door – which definitely looked like something you might find on a giant bank vault. “I’ll just make it a little harder for them to get in here when I finally start having fun. That will give me another hour or so to mess with the villains.” Antoine was very happy the doors and walls were so thick. It had already helped to keep his entrance undetected and he knew the four guys stationed outside the vault would not hear any of his continued playing. The first thing Antoine did was to use one hand to bend the three ends of the tree-sized bars that slid across the door against their supporting brace. There was no way the computerized signal would get those things to budge. He then used his hands to flatten where the door met the supporting wall. He basically smashed it together so you couldn’t see a seam. If the mechanics did somehow work there was still no way they could get the door to open. Antoine knew the guerillas would have to use explosives to get through and knowing he’d simply used a little of his strength to block them out was such a turn on. When he turned back to the Ambassador and his family he found faces in shock by what he had done. No one was moving – or breathing. Antoine just smiled at them and flexed his huge arms. “And that kids, is why you should eat your vegetables. They make you strong.” Mrs. Dreyfuss actually pulled herself together so she could mouth the words ‘thank you’ over her children’s heads. Clearly, getting the boys to eat spinach, broccoli, and asparagus had been a problem. Antoine had a feeling they’d be begging for vegetables in the future. Antoine held on to Mrs. Dreyfuss’ arms and lowered her into the hole, assuring her he could carry the two boys and make them safe. Everyone knew this was an understatement and the two boys actually cheered, as if they were about get on some carnival ride. Ambassador Dreyfuss, then held out his arms – an unexpected thing – and allowed Antoine to lower him into the hole. As Antoine started to let go of the Ambassador’s hands, Charles held on for a little longer – as if he wanted to feel the power for just a few more seconds. To the sheer pleasure of the children, Mr. Alpha scooped them up in his arms and then jumped below. In less than twenty minutes the entire family was out of a tunnel in a car that had been obtained by Antoine just a few minutes before the escape. Basically, Antoine had stopped by a car lot and using super speed took the keys to an SUV without anyone noticing. He then had flown the car to the spot where he had started his very wide and long tunnel. “Remember, Ambassador, please give me at least three hours before you tell anyone you are safe.” “Of course, Mr. Alpha. Thank you for saving us. I hope we meet again.” “I’m sure we will, sir. Take care. As you probably know, there’s a nice resort about ten miles down the road that might be a good place to rest before calling your bosses. You also might get to see some footage of me in action.” “I hope so. The leader’s name is Rubio. I wouldn’t mind it, Mr. Alpha, if he felt a little pain.” “I promise to give Rubio some special attention, Ambassador.” And with that, the Ambassador’s family drove away. Antoine was glad they were gone, not just because he was now going to get to have some fun, but also because he could now finally let his happiness be shown below the beltline. Even Antoine, knew it would not have been good for Mr. Alpha to have a raging hard-on as he carried the Ambassador’s kids out of the tunnel. He also knew the posers he had chosen for this job did absolutely nothing to hide his hugeness even when he was flaccid. He was pretty sure he had caught both Mrs. Dreyfuss and the Ambassador checking out his package a few times, but that still gave no reason for him pop a major boner in front of the family. Now, however, he had nothing to hide and only pleasure to be had. These guerillas had no idea what was about to happen. Antoine used his powerful legs to jump closer to the compound. Using his super vision he re-checked where all the men were – including the four guys still vigilantly guarding a now empty vault. This made Antoine smile. On the south side of the compound – the opposite side of the driveway – there was a small cadre of about fifteen men on the lookout. This area was far enough away from the main house for Antoine to have some fun before being found out, which is when he’d still have more time because it would take the guerillas a while to break into their own prison room. Again, Antoine smiled. He contemplated taking the mask off – taking care of these guys while letting them see his complete face – but then he heard Marty’s whining voice and decided against it. One more super glance showed that one of the soldiers was now on sentry duty off by himself. This is where Antoine would begin. He leapt in the air, moving fast enough and low enough that nothing – not even radar - would detect him. Antoine landed right beside the guy – light enough to not alert anyone else, but hard enough for the guerilla to know that something humongous had dropped very near him. The man somehow knew it was alive, too, which only heightened his alarm. It seemed like an elephant had suddenly materialized next to him. Before he could even turn the guard felt the heavy machine gun being pulled from his hands. He turned and gasped as soon as he saw the large muscled masked man smiling back at him. The guard didn’t scream or run – he was too mesmerized. Everywhere he looked he saw muscles – huge, bulging, and hard. This scantily clad man blocked his entire view. The guard’s mouth dropped open wide – mainly because he finally realized how the giant beside him was dressed. “What, you’ve never seen a guy in posers before? Too much or too little? Not my color? I think they bring out my humongous thighs, though, don’t you?” Antoine thrust his leg forward and tensed – sending thousands of striations snaking up and down his thick, wide thigh. The guard gulped so loud Antoine thought it might alert the other men to their little conversation. At the same time Antoine had grabbed the end of the barrel on the machine gun and had started folding the thing down on itself – the same way someone might play with a gum wrapper. The metal squealed in protest but gave Antoine’s hands absolutely no resistance. To the amazement of the guard, Antoine kept folding even when he got down to the main body of the large gun. It was like he was just folding a handkerchief. And still, the guard did not run, scream, or even faint – he simply kept staring as Antoine demolished the entire thing. When he had folded it into something that resembled a coin purse, Antoine tossed it over his shoulder and let a big grin flash across his face. The loud thud as the gun landed reminded the guerilla that the thing still had the same mass, as before – it was now just smaller. “They don’t make those things like they used to. Or maybe I’m just stronger. No, that’s not it. I was lifting our SUV when I was two – freaked my dad out to no end, but only because he was in it. I’d hold the car up in the air when he didn’t notice and then he’d open the door and fall to the ground when he stepped out. When he spanked me I didn’t feel a thing, though, but it sure did hurt his hand. When I was ten he let me talk him into using me as his punching bag. He’d pound away at me and I’d just smile at him. He’d finally sink to his knees – worn out from sending punches to my unflinching stomach. Whoa, buddy. That’s a pretty impressive tent you’re making at your crotch. I’m flattered and all, but you’re not my type. A big strong guy like me needs something special, you know. So, you into guys? “No, I like girl . . . but strength, it turn me on.” “Well, dude, you’re with the right man, then. There ain’t no one stronger than me. I’ll save you for last, bro, so you can witness everything I’m going to do. How does that sound? Well I guess that big wet spot at the tip of your tent is all the answer I need. Let’s get going. Whoops, that would be a no, I hear incoming.” Antoine quickly stepped in front of the smaller man – completely blocking him with his big body. A second later a screeching missile blasted into the huge man’s waiting relaxed chest. A few things went through Antoine’s mind as the pathetic rocket exploded against his unyielding super-powerful pecs. First, these men didn’t care about their co-worker – if the guard Antoine protected died getting rid of the enemy that was just the way it had to be. Secondly, what exactly had made them think they needed to use a missile? They hadn’t just tried to shoot Antoine – which would have seemed the normal thing to do. Was it his size that had scared them? Or was it that they disapproved of so much skin? Or was it his obvious bulging muscles. And then lastly, he thought about how shocked they were going to be when the smoke cleared. Antoine looked over his shoulder at the guard – who was now even more shocked and turned on than before. Antoine let out a huge burb and banged his chest. “Indigestion. It happens every time I take a missile to the chest. Nothing brings on heartburn like a rocket. I love the way it feels, though. It’s like I absorb all the power or something. Hop on little man, I want to go take care of a rocket launcher, so the won’t try to hurt you again. Let’s get this party started.” By this point the smoke was clearing and Antoine knew some guys nearby were shitting in their pants because they saw that he was still standing. He looked at the truck and saw that two men were busy loading another missile into the launcher. Antoine jumped over the four hundred yards or so within a blink of an eye. He held on to the little man’s hands, knowing the speed would make his legs fly straight out. The tiny dude would have gone sailing off, otherwise. As soon as Antoine landed he shook the small man off of his back, reared his huge arm back past his shoulder, and then sent his fist flying through the front grill of the big truck in front of him. When fist met engine the thing was immediately dislodged and propelled through the cab of the truck. As it rocketed through the back the engine took the rocket launcher, the substantial base supporting the launcher, and the two men with it. Antoine and his new little friend watched as the entire machine skidded across the ground – the two men holding on for dear life. It slammed into a shed a good distance away and it was very clear the launcher would not be used again. It was also pretty clear that the two men would be out of commission for a few weeks, as well. Suddenly, gunfire filled the air and Antoine felt something like gnats hitting him. He turned toward the sound to find two guards unloading their machine guns into him. “Oh come on guys! You’ve got to be kidding me. You just saw that the rocket they sent soaring did nothing but leave an ash mark on my chest and, yet, you think your little guns are going to hurt me. I have more lead in my daily diet than you can unleash on me, fellas. Okay, I’ll just stand here and wait for you to run out of bullets.” The original guard, Antoine’s new buddy, was standing behind the demolished truck, trying desperately to not get hit. Antoine looked over – even as he continued to be sprayed by bullets and raised his arms in a ‘what’s up with this’ kind of pose. The smiling guard shook his head in response, as if to say ‘my friends are not too smart, are they.” Antoine turned back to his attackers when he noticed their guns had stopped. He saw that they were beginning to re-load. Clearly, having the big man still standing – after so many rounds – didn’t for a second make them think more bullets wouldn’t work. Antoine walked over to them as thy fumbled with their guns. It was taking them – well-trained guerillas – longer to re-load because they were still shocked by the near naked man that had lived through a missile and massive gunfire. Antoine looked down at them as they tried to finish their task. “Clearly this switch needs to be turned before you can load again, fellas.” A big finger pointed to a safety latch on one of the machine guns. Both of the soldiers stopped what they were doing and looked up. The smiling face of the muscled giant looked down on them. Antoine held out his hands and said nothing. The two men gave him the guns without hesitation. Mr. Alpha brought the guns together and started squeezing and turning them at the same time – like they were large twisty-ties. As he basically demolished them into something that didn’t come close to resembling guns he spoke to the men. “I don’t know if you two can speak English, but I have to tell you I’m really hoping you both make a run for it. I’d like to let you get far away and then freak you out by suddenly appearing in front of you. You know, like I popped out of nowhere. In the past that feat has actually made a few guys piss themselves.” By now, Antoine had the two guns so intertwined they basically looked like one manhandled metal pipe. He cupped both ends with his palms and started compressing inward. The sound that the crushed, used-to-be guns made was almost deafening. When Antoine finally brought his hands together he squeezed hard, interlocking his fingers, and then let a flat piece of metal – no thicker than a smart phone - fall to the ground. Antoine heard a loud moan behind him – his friend, the guard, had clearly been so turned on that he was now taking the opportunity to bust out a big wad during the show. Antoine was flattered. The two new guards, however, stopped all movement and just stared at what had been big guns – now flattened beyond recognition on the ground. Then, as if some secret alarm went off inside them – they both simultaneously turned and ran for their lives. Antoine watched them tear off with a smile. “It’s like I’ve died and gone to heaven. Do criminals all go to the same school that teaches them to believe they can get away from superheroes. At the same school they must definitely teach villains to hit the superhero in the head with a lead pipe even if he did just stopped a speeding train with one fist. Or if the first punch to his chin didn’t make the guy budge and probably even broke some of your fingers, then definitely keep hitting him. One of those punches is bound to work! I gotta hand it to them for their persistence, though – no matter how stupid it is. I hope you have your pants zipped up by now, my friend.” Antoine turned toward the guard who had been hiding and masturbating behind the mutilated truck. The guy had a big ‘thank you very much’ look on his face that included a smile that made it clear he had wanked out a major load as he watched Antoine destroy the two machine guns. The guerilla walked a little shakily towards the big man. Mr. Alpha was very pleased he could help the fellow get a little pleasure. But he also knew the show wasn’t over and the dude would probably crank out many more loads before they were done. Antoine lifted the guy under one of his monstrous arms. “Come on, buddy, let’s go mess with your friends. Let me show you what it feels like to be super strong.”
  11. I am honoured. Though Arpeejay's sweet and cuddly stories were the ones that introduced me to the genre, it is some of your stories, that once introduced me to a darker setting. I must re-read them soon.

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      You are so great. Thank you.  


  12. londonboy

    Too Big - Part Eleven

    Atlas walked around to the driver’s seat and slid into the car. He looked over into his small friend’s face and both men instantly knew they were starting new chapters in their lives. It felt like dawn, but daybreak was hours away. The big man flexed his right arm and Adonis reached out to feel the mammoth peak – hard, big, and almost unimaginable. The giant looked at the small hand that was touching his massive gun and shivered with delight at how tiny it looked. “Atlas, my big man, I think you have a severe fetish for lifting other men in the air – I’ve picked up on a certain theme in the stories from your past and through your actions in this short time I’ve known you.” “Well, Mr. Sexy, that’s hardly a secret. You know why I lift guys, don’t you?” “No, why?” “Because I can.” With that statement – and with a big grin on his face – the giant slid one of his massive hands under the tight ass of his riding buddy. Atlas was amazed by how he could hold the entire bubble butt within his palm. Adonis felt his body slowly raise off the car seat – his huge friend easily lifting him with one arm. It was done to show the small guy just how powerful the other man was, but it was also to give both of them a thrill. It certainly worked. Atlas held Adonis in the air with ease – even bouncing him up and down a little in his hand, as if he were nothing more than a soccer ball. “I could palm your ass and hold you upside down.” “Are you trying to turn me on?” “Yes.” “Well, it’s working.” “So, the little guy likes to be lifted, huh?” “You know I do. But before you start spinning me around on top of one finger, I think it would be best if we headed to your place. I’m thinking we can come up with a lot of things to do there.” “I know we can.” Atlas put the small man’s body gently back down on the seat. Adonis was, again, amazed at how little effort his huge friend exerted to maneuver another man around in any way he wanted. He was like a toy in the man’s gigantic paw. Atlas couldn’t resist the temptation of grabbing Adonis’ hard cock and giving it a squeeze – the giant let out an appreciative moan. Adonis smiled and then reached over to latch onto the rock-hard monster between Atlas’ legs. Atlas gave the little man a surprised look. “Turn about is fair game, big man. It’s fair game.” Atlas waited for the little man’s brain to catch up with what his hand was holding. Suddenly, Adonis’ face took on a shocked, scared, and very happy look. His small fingers didn’t come close to wrapping around the thick, long pole it felt through Atlas’ pants. You couldn’t really call the thing a tool, because tools could fit in a toolbox. This thing could not. Adonis was pretty sure he could not even have fantasized a cock this big. The small man’s heart started racing and his mouth went totally dry. Clearly, Atlas knew what kind of reaction his giant cock would cause. “Are you a size queen, Adonis?” “Only when referring to the size of a man – all parts of a man. I’m a size queen for humongous hard muscle – all over a guy. This monstrous thing is just icing on the cake.” The smaller man let go of the throbbing mega-dick, knowing full well any more groping would cause a delay in the departure. He wanted to be at Atlas’ house. He loved how the big man took up most of the space in the car, but he wanted to be able to take in the man’s complete body all at one time. He also wanted Atlas to be able to show off. It was time to leave. Atlas, as if reading his small friend’s mind, started the car. “Big man, why don’t you tell me another story about your friend, the Professor, while we head home. Maybe, this will prevent us from wanting to immediately jump each other.” “You just love my stories, don’t you?” “Especially if they involve your size and your strength.” “Then I think I have the perfect one for you, Adonis. The perfect one.” “Spin away, my good friend.” It was a Friday afternoon and I was right where I was every week at that time – in our home gym lifting, ready for my Little Prince to return home. He came into the room – immediately smiling since I was only in some skimpy cotton shorts, just as he always wanted. I was lying on a bench doing some presses, happy with how the increased weights made my pecs swell up to humongous proportions and bent the reinforced bar menacingly. The Professor walked over to me, losing his blazer and tie on the way. He tried to straddle my massive upper body – just like he always did – but, again, acted shocked and lustful when he realized he couldn’t get his legs comfortably that far apart. He settled for straddling my hard-as-hell midsection and then placed his hands lovingly on my sweaty, stone-like, heaving chest. His fingers tried desperately to press in my muscle, but his actions were futile. My skin wasn’t giving at all. This caused a long low moan to be emitted from my little admirer and it made him sound like he was a purring lion. He slid one hand down between my engorged slabs of pec-meat and I tensed, trapping his mitt, teasingly. This made him even happier. I finally released his hand and he continued to try and knead my heavy, hard muscle as he talked. “I think it’s time I showed you off?” “What?” “The chair of my department – you’ve heard me talk about Dorian – is having a dinner party tonight and I told him I’d be bringing someone.” “What do you mean ‘show me off?’” “You know exactly what I mean. And I know the thought of it turns you on, too, my Gentle Giant. Dr. Dorian Grant is a good friend and I’d like to walk into his party with you at my side and watch everyone’s jaw hit the ground while their crotches turn tight from instant hard-ons.” Professor Norman Michaels knew exactly how his words would affect me. I had already become semi-hard, just from the heavy lifting earlier, but his little proposition for evening fun had brought my cock to raging hard-on status. The Little Prince knew two indisputable facts about me – one, I loved showing off, and, two; I loved showing off for him more than anything in the world. My little lover had never asked me to show off in front of other people he knew. We had gone to a local biker bar and other places where we knew no one for me to display my size and strength, but this was the first time I had been requested to do the same with his co-workers. As a matter of fact, this would be the first time I was meeting any of his friends. I had doubted there was any way for my Little Prince to excite me more than he already had, but I was sorely mistaken. I was so turned on at that point I reached up, grabbed the heavily weighted bar off of the rack, and cranked out ten perfectly performed reps while the Professor manhandled my hard pecs. After replacing the bar, I looked at the smaller man with a smile. “And how might your Gentle Giant show off at this soiree, Little Prince?” “Oh I don’t know, maybe we could have some little sign between us that could entice you to squeeze the hand of someone I don’t particularly like a little harder when I introduce you and you shake to say hello. You know, just to let them feel the kind of power you have in those big guns. Maybe the opportunity will come up for you to take off your shirt and flex a little – like if I accidently spilled wine on you or if some tipsy guest merely makes a request to see all of your bulges. Watching all of those men taking in your humongous beauty for the first time would be a lot of fun. And who knows, maybe one or two dinner guests might be bold enough to flirt with you – even with me right there – and invite you to show off by lifting them. I know how much that turns you on – picking up some guy. And we both know it turns me on a lot, too. Even if all those fun things didn’t happen it would sill be nice to have some of my friends meet the giant man I love so much. It’s merely an added benefit if you happen to get to show off.” The little man knew how to make me churn out copious amounts of cum inside in the same way a superb chef knew just how to make perfect rising dough. The Professor was now squeezing my hard nipples – intent on teasing me with his actions to match the effect his words were having. He was fanning the flames of my desire into a raging fire – trying to create an explosion to make the afternoon perfect. The master was playing me and I loved every second of it. The idea of lifting some of his co-workers was almost enough to send me over the edge, but I forced my inner strength to match the power in my huge arms and I prevented, for the moment, my impending momentous ejaculation. Having all these smaller men standing around me – as I towered over them flexing my arms to a chorus of ooos and ahhhs, not to mention a unified saluting of hard dicks – made me feel like Gulliver with the little people. Maybe two or three of them could climb all over me as I flexed – like I was some kind of human jungle gym for schoolboys. And then the idea of grabbing two of them at the back of their britches and curling them as the rest of the crowd counted – now, that would feel mighty fine. My Little Prince knew I was lost in thoughts about what pleasures the dinner party might bring for both of us. “So, does my big man want to come to the dinner party and make me very happy?” “Making you happy, Little Prince, is the only thing I ever want to do.” “Wonderful. What should be our sign for you to squeeze a guy’s hand a little harder than you really should?” “Um, let’s see. How about you say this is my ‘good’ friend when you don’t want me to squeeze and then you just say this is my friend when you do want me to squeeze.” “Splendid! This is going to be so much fun. I may encourage you to squeeze hard on all the guys just to see what happens.” “That’s entirely up to you, my Little Prince. I am merely your muscle boy – happy to do your bidding all night long. You definitely know that your showing me off to your friends is going to please me to no end. I might need to take some extra underwear and a second pair of pants!” “You and me, both!” “As much fun as tonight is going to be, I was kind of hoping we could still have our regular Friday afternoon happy hour right now. I’ve been thinking about you all day, Little Prince, and when I started my workout my juices were already boiling – but now they’re just screaming for release.” “Are they now, Gentle Giant? Well, let’s see if I can help you with your little . . . I mean your very big dilemma.” By this point the Professor knew me as if I was merely an extension of himself. We connected perfectly on so many levels; he knew how to get me off in seconds. He typically liked to prolong my agony and keep me edging for as long as possible, but tonight he thought it would be best to thank me in advance for all the fun I was going to cause at the dinner party. We called our little gathering in the gym on Friday afternoons our ‘happy hour’ because we both ended our time together with huge eruptions of pleasure. After a few minutes of rest, we’d then continue on with our chores – the Professor moving to the kitchen to prepare some scrumptious meal and I would continue to build up my muscles just for him. Tonight, however, we had the excitement of the dinner party to fuel us on even more. There needed to be showers, the picking out of the appropriate outfit, and some pre-party cocktails prior to our departure – so this encouraged my Little Prince to be a lot more direct in his approach to the lovely ending of happy hour. He had become a master at getting my rocks off. The Professor unbuttoned his shirt and let it slide off his body –onto the floor. He then pulled his small frame up on top of my huge chest – still swollen from the workout. There was enough sweat on my body to increase the pleasure of him sliding across all of my hard bulges. He did it slowly – both to please me, but also to feel every muscle he could. I could clearly feel his hard-on against my abs – even through the material of his pants. He brought his face to mine and I was totally helpless when I realized what he was going to do. He had decided to be very direct – to, as the say, go straight for the jugular. Before he wrecked me he decided to add a little to the anticipation. “I’m going to kiss the cum out of you, big man.” When you give yourself to someone – when you truly decide that you love someone with your entire being – you become defenseless to his powers. He can hurt you or thrill you with simple actions – a few words. I knew, in the deepest part of my soul, that the Professor would never intentionally hurt me, but he could be relentless with his teasing – his foreplay. I think it was because he realized it was the only power he had over me. I was just too freaking strong for him to hurt me in any way, so he teased me, instead. He used to say he was going to hit me with his car one day just to prove that I was stronger than the metal that was his vehicle. The Professor knew my weakest spot – the one thing he could do to easily dominate me. He brought those juicy luscious gorgeous lips down to mine – ever so softly. Just to tease me until I was ready to crush boulders or lift bulldozers. He gently rubbed them back and forth against my own – making me moan with anticipation so loudly that it echoed throughout the house. The hurricane force that was building in my crotch was going to make this one of the happiest afternoon happy hours ever. The small man pulled out all the stops and tortured me even more. “Want me to kiss you, my big super man?” “Oh hell yes!!!” He lightly bit my lower lip with his teeth – making his plump lips press into me a little more. I was going out of my mind with thoughts about my upcoming release and the incredible moment when his lips would fully smash into mine. The Professor was a world-class kisser. He knew how to work his lips in a way that would make me quiver – the huge strong stud reduced to a begging child. At moments like this I wanted his kiss more than anything in the world. I would have stopped armies, stampeding elephants, or rockets just to feel his lips fully on mine. This is when he became master and I was completely at his service. He looked into my eyes with what seemed like all the power of the universe and whispered. “Boom” With that simple signal, he pressed his warm, moist mouth against mine and sucked in hard at the same time. My cock responded with what could only be described as a titanic explosion. My ass and lower back came up off the bench with the first hard, long ejaculation – easily taking my Little Prince’s body up with it at he same time. My ass slammed back down on the bench and then a second, third, fourth, and many other gushes thrust me back into the air. It was like the Professor was riding a bucking stallion that needed to be tamed. The smaller man never took his lips from mine. He abused my mouth as I gushed – just to increase the power of my squirting. I couldn’t think straight – all I did was register his manly lips and my crotch convulsions. It took me a few seconds to realize the Little Prince was busting out a huge load at the same time. Finally, my crotch stopped power thrusting and my head stopped spinning from the exertion. The Professor was still exploring my mouth with his lips and tongue and I immediately shot hard again. His cock, however, had beaten me to the full mast position. It was difficult to believe, but I thought the little guy could recover from his massive orgasms a lot quicker than I could. It took a long time for my heart to slow down, my eyes to roll back into place, and my body to relax. He pulled his lips from mine. “That was quite a load you offered up, my Gentle Giant. You recovered yet?” “I’m still a little wobbly. It’s your damn incredible kisses. They wreck me every time. It’s the only moment I actually feel weak.” “I like that. It’s the only time I feel somewhat powerful around you. Shall we shower?” My only response was raising my body off the bench and standing – easily taking his body up with mine. I held him against my side with one arm as I walked to the master bathroom – definitely feeling the large gob of sticky cum in my shorts. I held him as I reached in and started the shower, putting my hand under the water to see if it was getting warmer. I then started unbuckling the Professor’s pants and letting them drop to the floor. After that, I pealed his sticky underwear from his body and down his legs – as if I were a child undressing a doll. The guy was still rock hard – just from being carried by my massive arm. Geez, he was turning into a Class-A muscle whore and I loved it. He pushed my shorts down, clearly pleased that I wasn’t wearing underwear and then used his foot to get them even lower. I stepped out of them as he pushed off his socks. Once we were both nude I stepped into the large double-headed shower. I grabbed him at the waist and held under the water so he could scrub himself with soap as his feet dangled a few feet off the floor – something he loved. After we had rinsed him off, I moved around so I was under the water and he lathered up as much of my big body as he could. I then spun his body around so he was upside down – one of my favorite things to do – so he could scrub my cock, balls, and legs. I couldn’t leave him like that for too long – all the blood drained to his head and he became a little dizzy, but he had learned to finish the cleaning pretty quickly. Once we had rinsed my big body off, I held him at the handles so he could turn off the water. I stepped out of the shower and for the next five minutes we both got hard as we toweled off each other’s body. The Professor stopped and had both of us turn toward the big mirror. “Look at that, you could put four of me together and I’d still not be as big as you. That’s so amazing. The size difference turns me on so much.” “I think you already know what it does to me.” I smiled at his reflection, but then I went back to staring at what he had commented on. All my life I’d been huge. Teachers had to look up at me starting almost as far back as elementary school. When I was thirteen my hand could engulf those of any adult – and now they were even bigger. I out lifted every guy at my school – as well as every coach. Small doorways were a pain. Small seats drove me crazy. Everything I held seemed so small. But here, standing next to the Professor and looking at our reflection in the mirror was when I felt the biggest . . . the strongest. The man could almost walk under my humongous protruding pecs without even ducking. My body made him look like some little kid who had been given a grown man’s face. Next to my arms his looked like those of a stick figure you used to draw in first grade. If I moved in front of him, his view of the mirror would disappear and his body wouldn’t appear at all in the reflection. I saw how the Professor was incredibly handsome – and could turn an eye in any room he walked into, but next to me he looked so small – so delicate. I had never wanted my hugeness so much or my strength – as I did when I looked at us together. I wanted to throw my body into a most muscular pose just to see all of my bulges pop out so freakishly huge next to his – to show off for him, but it was something more, too. I wanted to be a giant – to be really big – so he didn’t have to be. I wanted him to be so happy being the little guy – just because he knew he was loved by someone as big as me. I wanted him to see himself as I did – just as I wanted to see myself as he did. I loved how I towered over him because I knew he loved it, as well. The Professor sensed what I was feeling. It helped us both feel the power of the moment even more, my Little Prince moved over in front of me – just to emphasize the difference to the max. “Oh hell yes.” I couldn’t help myself and said the first thing that came to mind. This particular view was always just too much for me - and the Professor knew it. I believed he also loved it just as much. My chest was so much wider than his broad shoulders. My own shoulders were higher than his head. I ballooned out beyond him like a tree might dwarf a sunflower. I swear it looked like he was David Banner and I was what he looked like after he turned into the Hulk. It dawned on me that this idea might be great for Halloween. One of my pecs, alone, made his head seem so tiny – and then to be surrounded by both of them only made him look even smaller. When you compared our bodies, it didn’t seem possible that I was only nineteen. My arms bulged out wider than my shoulders – they were just so thick. Comparatively, the Professor’s arms looked miniscule – like the thin arms of a skeleton. I moved up behind the smaller man – so his head was between my mammoth pecs – hard muscle on either side of him. He smiled and let out an appreciative moan. I tensed my big slabs of meat so it compressed his head – both of us staring at how my pecs could almost engulf him up to his ears. He looked into my reflection and spoke softly. “Let’s flex our guns.” My Little Prince brought his arms up and his small knotty biceps poked upward when he flexed. My boyfriend’s arms were definitely what people would have called fit and normal. We both looked at his well-defined athletic peaks and smiled in appreciation. The Professor was in no way ashamed of his physique. On the contrary, he was proud of what years of swimming and bicycling had done for his age-appropriate appearance. He knew he was hot. However, he also knew my body was something beyond normal – almost beyond comprehension. I slowly brought my humongous arms up into a double biceps pose – the things high above his own since I towered a good foot and more above him. The small man’s enthralled face made me even prouder of my arms than I already was. I flexed hard – really hard – wanting the Professor to be very pleased. His huge smile, the slow intake of air, and the steady whistle he emitted told me he was. When triceps hang down like the giant parts of icebergs hidden under water and biceps shoot skyward like mammoth mountains it’s hard not to notice. There was really no way to compare our arms. It was like comparing a Hummer to a kid’s toy matchbox car. I was pretty sure all the muscle in his body didn’t equal that of what existed in my arms. We stared at my bulges towering over his head, ballooning into something a hundred times thicker than his arms, and clearly possessing something that was equivalent to fifty times the strength. This is when I truly felt massive – when the comparison to another man was so up close and more obvious. I wanted the Professor to know how he affected me. “You make me feel invincible.” “You certainly look it. Those aren’t arms – they’re ocean liners. I could hang a hammock for myself under either one of those. And you’d easily hold me in the air all day.” “If that’s what you wanted.” “You’re power fills this entire room . . . not to mention your size.” “I want to be huge so it makes you happy.” “You have no idea how happy I already am.” “I’d say that thing sticking up between your legs gives me a pretty good idea.” “We should compare those muscles, too.” I saw the glint in the Professor’s eyes as he returned to the side of me. We looked into the mirror, this time even a little more intently. His cock was truly beautiful and it stuck up beyond his navel and was what most people would call big. Mine, however, rose upward until it nudged the bottom of my humongous bulging pecs. The difference was astounding. “That thing shooting up from your crotch looks as big as a bar stool.” “”Well, I do hope you’re planning on sitting on it a little later on.” “You know I am.” We stood there, silent, taking in the tremendous difference in our tools. Mine was thicker than the Professor’s forearm. He brought his arm over beside my raging hard-on as if to give proof to what I was thinking. My huge rod made his wrist look weak. Within the context of my monstrous body, the size of my cock looked appropriate. It was only when you put it next to something else – a two liter bottle of soda, a baseball bat, or another man’s arm – that its enormity became blazingly apparent. My Little Prince loved to stare at my mammoth meat and fondle it lovingly, amazed that he could not wrap his hand around its thickness. The almost unfathomable length pleased the older man in a totally different way, though. He had become very adept at accepting all of my battering ram into his body. He said it brought him more joy than I could ever imagine. I was in awe of his ability to open himself to so much muscled invasion. “I think that humongous thing might be your hardest muscle.” “It is when you’re around, Little Prince.” “Look how the young college boy’s cock dwarfs the older man’s piece. It’s like you’re the daddy and I’m the toddler noticing the size difference for the first time. It’s impossible for you to hide that thing.” “Yeah, that’s always been one of the burdens of being huge. My dad noticed how big I was getting down there when I was pretty young and he warned me about what kind of troubles might arise from being so well endowed. He actually warned me that it would frighten some people.” “It doesn’t frighten me . . . it only turns me on.” The Professor brought his body closer to mine, so our hard-as-hell schlongs would be closer together. Mine was bulging with thick veins and you could see it pulsing from how excited I was. His meat was gorgeous – long, hard, and curved, like a sword. I licked my lips in appreciation of what had filled my mouth on numerous occasions with the sweet juice of my Little Prince. I also held my breath, always blown away by how my cock looked like a giant redwood tree growing beside his little weed. The Professor reached over and stroked my loaded missile teasingly a few times. I wrapped my own huge hand around his cock and we both loved how my thumb overlapped my fingers because my palm was so big. “We really should be getting ready for the party.” “I’d rather ignite the party that’s churning something fierce in my balls, Gentle Giant.” “I swear, I’m the giant man, but your insatiable need for orgasm puts me to shame. Your body is never fully emptied, is it?” “Not while you’re around. Seeing your muscled body causes me to have eternal springs of my manhood constantly gurgling within me. Your bulges aren’t going anywhere so how could I ever be empty?” I wrapped my big arm around his neck – both of us looking at the reflection and loving how my biceps made his head look so tiny. I pulled him into me, so his face came in contact with my colossal right pec. I wanted to thank him and I knew a mouthful of my hard nipple would please him tremendously. His lips parted and my thick nub popped into his warm, wet mouth. My entire frame shivered as he began to suck. Having the Professor doing anything remotely sexual to me would never get old. It was like the first time – every time. I was lost in my adoration of the man – I was a slave to my desire. His lips, tongue, and warm mouth thrilled me in a way that could not be described – could not be replicated by anyone else. This was my Little Prince sucking on my massive chest and that made everything right in the world. As he went to town on my jutting cork-sized lump of meat, I stared at our reflection in the mirror. Everything I needed in the world was in that one picture – my man and my big body, which pleased him. I raised my arm into a strong biceps flex – instinctively, for him. He was too busy chowing down on my nip to notice, but I knew he would want me to show off. He sensed what I was doing without even looking. A small hand went into the air and found my hard gigantic peak – both of us knowing it was too big for him to miss. His lips left my nipple briefly. “Tense it harder, boy.” I had never met a man bigger than me. I had been so huge all of my life that I simply felt my size was normal – that everything in the world was supposed to be little. I could also have easily crushed the small man beside me. I towered over him the way a skyscraper might dwarf a one-room shack. I could lift the back of his car off the ground with no effort at all. Hell, I could lift him into the air easily with just one hand. All of this, however, meant nothing when the Professor called me ‘boy.’ We had stumbled on this fact accidentally one evening during sex. Our foreplay had consisted of me lifting weights while he massaged my body and power-sucked my cock. I stood there with a loaded bar curled up to my chin while he pumped my cock with his hand. Both of us could sense how close I was to spewing, so the Professor increased the motion of his hand and then – for the first time – bellowed out an order, saying ‘Cum for me boy!’ I don’t think he planned on calling me that; it just came out in the lust-filled moment. Neither of us, however, could have imagined how my body would react. My cock shot straight out from my body like a cannon. My crotch thrust forward with enough force it made my kneeling Little Prince fall backwards. I nearly dropped the weighted bar I held because the blast that fired out of my cock was like some kind of super torpedo jetting across the room. I showered the Professor with so much cum it looked as if he had been slimed like one of the guests on that old children’s show. My body ejaculated for what seemed like an eternity. I finally stopped spewing, placed the barbell I had desperately held onto down on the ground, and then fell onto a nearby bench. My chest was still heaving from the release. “What the hell was that?” “I don’t know, Little Prince. You called me ‘boy’ and I lost control.” We stared at each other – deciding, without using any words, that there was no need to analyze what had just happened. It would merely become useful information for our developing relationship. From that day forward, the Professor chose to save his new weapon for special moments. If I was holding him in a tight bear hug he might whisper ‘tighter, boy’ just to get me to lose control and squeeze harder without even planning to. Or if I chose to not shave for a couple of days and my testosterone laden body had pushed out heavy fur on my face, while we were kissing he’d say something like ‘beard burn me, boy’ and I’d end up kissing him so hard that he’d have a reddened face for days. Or, if we were in bed and I wasn’t already fully hard – because I was usually asleep, he’d put his mouth next to my ear and whisper, “get hard, boy,” and my body would immediately respond by my rod shooting to full attention. No matter what the time, how tired I was, or how many times I had already gotten off. There was just something about the little man – who had a body smaller than one of my arms – calling me ‘boy’ that got me harder than ever and quicker than ever. I wanted to be his muscle boy more than anything in the world. I wanted to please him as much as I wanted air. To have him give me an order . . . a command was such an unbelievable turn-on that I fell in love with the man on an entirely deeper level. My selflessness – when it came to my Little Prince – became even more pronounced, much more of an automatic response. I found myself craving moments where he might tell me to do something. I wanted to do his bidding all the time. The Professor, however, wanted us to be equals and only saved his daddy-like orders for when we were sexually turned on. And that was why he told his ‘boy’ to flex his arm harder. “Oh hell, yes sir.” My peak shot up higher, the massive arm bulged thicker, and I moaned loudly as I tensed my arm with all my strength. I couldn’t feel the Professor’s hand exploring my biceps – the thing was too hard to register his small delicate hand. I was tensing with every ounce of might I could muster – and the rock that was my arm clearly made the Professor happy. He doubled his efforts on my nipple, which only sent me closer to the edge even more. My Little Prince, however, knew of untapped powers within me. He could be so relentless when it came to my strength. “Harder, boy!” My body was no longer my own. It simply responded to the Professor’s request like a racecar answers to a floored gas pedal. I was pretty sure I was already flexing my arm to its fullest potential, but the Professor knew better. His awareness of what my body was capable of was almost eerie. He was always the one that could get me to blast beyond my goal weight in lifting or add another half inch to some muscle on my body. I had grown bigger and become stronger in the short time I had lived with him more than I had in the last five years. I called him the muscle whisperer because my body always obeyed him – even when I seriously doubted what he was suggesting. I watched in the mirror as my peak swelled higher and thicker as my clenched knuckles turned whiter from the pressure I was exerting. Even my chest had gotten too hard for the Professor to comfortably suck on any pec meat. He chose to simply tease my aching nub with his teeth as he gazed upward at my obedient enormous biceps. His little hand slapped against the hard mound of muscle loudly and I could tell it stung his palm a lot. I, of course, felt nothing. “Release.” I exhaled and let my arm drop immediately. I hadn’t realized how much energy I had been exerting. A light sheen of sweat covered my upper body. I shook out my arm – since it felt like it had just finished curling a house. I looked down at the smiling Professor. He stared at me in a way that made my heart swell bigger than my arm. The man constantly exuded nothing but love. It was like his aura was the most calming and empowering thing I had ever encountered. Surely, gazing into his eyes was like being rewarded with a glimpse of heaven. I put my big hands around his upper arms and shoulders - always marveling how my palms covered so much of him - squeezed, and then lifted. He came off the floor as if all gravity had just disappeared. I smiled as I thought about the earth’s pull not being strong enough to match my power. I brought the small man up so our faces were inches apart. “My body would do anything you asked.” “I know. And all I want to do is get your body bigger and stronger.” I brought my face into his and kissed him as I growled in appreciation. His mouth responded to my advancement with a strategic attack – making me curl my toes against the floor and my hands to tighten around his arms. The man’s kiss could make it seem the world had stopped spinning. I became light headed anytime his lips latched on to mine, because I knew the passion he would cause would be like a tidal wave hitting the beach. His kisses were my kryptonite. They could make me feel so weak I sometimes had to look down to make sure I was still huge. My rock hard cock was now twitching against my abs and his lower body. I held him in the air without any trouble – easily forgetting that he was a grown man. My strength was just something I took for granted. The Professor, however, liked to remind me that I was not invincible. At least, when it came to him. He had a surprise I couldn’t see coming. He pulled his face slightly away from mine and as he spoke our lips bushed against each other. “Let me feel you spew, boy.” You couldn’t really call him evil since he did it to give me pleasure. However, he fully understood what using a simple word – a three-letter word – could do to my body. Suddenly, a volley of cum shot up and smacked both of us under our chin. The next rope of thickness shot up beyond our heads and rained down on us. I shook so much I was a little worried about dropping the Professor. My body spewed for the man as if I had been building an orgasm since birth. As I came I wondered if it would always be like this between us – such powerful explosions that it felt like the earth was moving. A river of my dense man-milk oozed down my cobbled abs and all over his body. We continued to kiss until my balls had forced out every little drop. Instead of being spent, however, I felt energized and frisky. I pulled his body away from mine – remembering I still held him in the air. “Now we have to shower, again. You are an evil man, Professor.” “And you, my big friend, are the hot muscled superhero stud that could convince this villain to change his ways.” “Why would I want to do that when your evilness clearly gives me so much pleasure? I’m all sticky with joy because of you. I love the idea of being your superhero, though. You should give me a superhero name.” “You mean besides ‘Gentle Giant?’” “Yes. That’s my pet name. I need a superhero name for when I’m showing off for you.” “That’s easy. I’d call you Muscle Boy.” Again, the master knew what he was doing. It was almost as if he had steered the conversation to this point on purpose, but that wasn’t possible. He hadn’t known what I would say. His super hero name, however, was such a turn on – so appropriate for what I wanted to be – I actually spurted some more juice in lustful response. Again, my entire frame shook and this made the Professor laugh. “You gotta warn me before you say such things, Professor.” “And where would the fun be in that?” As my response, I released my grip on his shoulders and let him drop back on the floor. He had not expected that and he rocked back and forth a little – as if he might fall. He reached out and braced his hands against my still-sticky rock-hard abs. My body immediately tensed to give him pleasure. He moaned a little in appreciation. He then pushed harder – and then harder, still – to see if his hands could do anything to me. Not only did my body not move – my abs pressed his hands back towards him when I tensed them more. “You’re like a living, breathing, muscle covered fortress. I still don’t know how the universe could pack so much power in one human being. See, I punch you – and hard – and you feel nothing.” As he spoke, his hands followed the narrative. I looked down at his fists smacking into my stomach – the sound of the punches registering, as well as the yelps of pain as the Professor’s fists met something so unyielding – and loved, loved, loved how I felt what only seemed like a slight thump of a finger. I was getting turned on again, because my Little Prince loved my obvious power so much. He punched numerous times – staring at my speed bump like abs the entire time. He then started rubbing his hands all over them – appreciating the hardness, as well as the incredible muscled definition. I had never been more proud of my hard muscled college-boy body. “Just imagine, Professor, what I’m going to look like in ten year’s time.” “I can’t. You’re so perfect now, I find I hard to think about you being bigger or stronger. It just doesn’t seem possible. I press against your abs and it feels like I’m pushing against a mountain. Sometimes, when you’re asleep, I climb on top of you and it feels like I’m resting on some warm boulder. Even when you’re asleep – completely relaxed – you’re the hardest thing I’ve ever felt. I can beat off just from thinking about how hard your muscles feel every time I touch them.” “Hey, you better not be beating off without me there to watch!” “Are you kidding? I can’t go two hours without needing release. That’s what you’ve done to me. You’ve made me like a kid that’s just had his first orgasm. I will start thinking about you – your size, your strength, a particular muscle, something you’ve done that I used to think wasn’t possible – and I immediately need release. I have gone through about four boxes of Kleenex in my office just this week alone!” “Oh hell yeah! The thought of you whipping out that gorgeous cock of yours in your office and yanking out a big load makes me want to bust out another massive wad!” “Hold on there, tiger, we really should start getting ready for the dinner party. A lot of fun and games awaits us there! It’s time the world met my Muscle Boy.” “You can’t call me that and ask me to not spew. It’s one or the other, Professor.” “Fair enough, my Gentle Giant. Let’s shower, again, and get ready.”
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    The Scale

    So very, very nice. Thank you very much.
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    Too Big - Part Ten

    The ride in Atlas’ BMW – the one that had belonged to the Professor – to Adonis’ house was filled with sexual energy. It was hard to find a topic to talk about, since both men really just wanted to talk about muscle and strength – mainly, the strength of Atlas. It had been easy in the bar when they were just telling stories, but now there was a purpose for both of them and that brought on an unspeakable thrill. Atlas was the first to talk and he shared an honest thought that had been whirling around in his head since earlier in the evening. “I haven’t been this excited for a very long time, Adonis. A very long time.” “I’ve never been this excited, big guy.” Atlas looked over at the equally honest face of the smaller guy. He could tell that mixed in with the excitement was some trepidation, as well. The big man knew that soon he’d be able to wipe away some of that fear – some of that doubt. He was ready to show Adonis what he was capable of. He was ready to show him that some big men were nice, strong, and attentive to little guys. He hesitated and then pushed off into unchartered territory. “Do you think you’ll ever be able to trust another big man after this is over?” “I think I already trust a certain big man . . . well, actually, the biggest man I’ve ever met or seen, for that matter. I think I’d trust him even more if he let me feel his flexed biceps. I also think that would definitely help to calm my nervousness.” The hot smile on the giant bodybuilder’s face could have melted the North Pole. His heart began to race with a new level of happiness. This gorgeous creature sitting beside him wanted to feel his biceps. Not since the Professor was alive had he been this turned on. He could feel his mammoth cock snaking down his pants leg. That buffoon Rex was going to regret this night for a long time. Not only could Atlas not believe the man could hurt someone as wonderful as Adonis, but – on top of that – the giant looked super forward to showing off for his new little friend. He knew, instinctively, he wouldn’t hurt Rex, but he was certainly going to teach him a very important lesson. Atlas kept glancing from the road to the handsome face of the man beside him. At the same time he let go of the steering wheel with his right hand and brought his monstrous arm up into a freakishly massive flex. He waited, holding his breath, to feel the small hands of his Adonis on his arm. Adonis, meanwhile, almost could not move because of the unbelievable sight that was before him in the car. He found it impossible for an arm to be so huge. He was more apt to call it a mountain – it’s size being closer to that than that of a mere mortal. But Adonis figured Atlas was not a mere mortal. Oh, of course he new the guy was flesh and blood, but he figured something in the stars or in the heavens, if that’s what you believed in, had decided the world needed a hero, well, at least the world of a few guys that were lucky enough to meet Atlas. It took all of his strength to finally move his hand from his lap to the giant thing hanging in the air beside him. Adonis was still too shocked to move – too unbelieving. As soon as he touched the hard-as-anything-he’d-ever-felt flesh he exhaled loudly. He hadn’t even realized he was holding his breath. His fingers seemed to be lying to him. It was not possible for a man to be so hard. He suddenly remembered that he had thought Rex’s arm would be hard – but it didn’t even begin to come close to what he felt right now. He did not intend to speak out loud the thought in his head, but couldn’t help himself. “You can’t be real.” “I can assure you I am. I hope that big arm puts you at ease about what’s soon to happen.” “That arm could put me at ease about everything wrong in the world.” Atlas tensed his arm more, just to make the smaller guy gasp and tremble with shock. He figured Adonis believed the biceps was fully flexed and had no idea it could get much harder and bigger. The large man didn’t freak the smaller one out with a full flex – he wanted to save some surprises for later on. Every now and then Atlas would see the seemingly small fingers of Adonis come over the giant peak of his arm – all of them together not coming close to covering the expanse of the top of his massive arm. There was a stirring deep inside Atlas’ heart, as well as his groin. It was like something was opening up – a vault that had been sealed many years ago. He knew fully well he’d never forget his precious Little Prince, but the beautiful man beside him – the one he had christened with a Greek name, was helping to heal a part of the big man that had been wounded for a long time. At the same time, he knew he was also healing some very deep pains within Adonis, as well. The smaller man had been through so much turmoil – so much unnecessary troubles – that Atlas could not wait to set the man free from those chains. When they pulled up to the lovely large Tudor-style home of Adonis, Atlas dropped his arm, turned off the car, and then turned to his groping friend. “When we are done here, I’d like to take you to my home and let you explore every inch of my big body.” “I’d like that very much.” “Let’s go teach Rex a lesson.” “You’re not going to hurt him, are you.” “Just his pride, Adonis, just his pride.” They got out of the car. There were no lights on in the house and at first, the smaller man thought Rex might be gone, but then he glanced in the garage and saw the Lexus. Rex had taken that, as well, before kicking Adonis out. There was a growing excitement in the smaller man – he simply could not wait for the moment when the big Rex met the even bigger Atlas. The giant had already established himself as the protector of small men from bullies – so there was the upcoming confrontation to excite Adonis, but there was also the thrill of being alone with Atlas, at his house, following that. “Maybe he’s not at home.” “No, his car . . . I mean, my car is in the garage.” “I think it best if this is a surprise visit, Adonis.” “What do you mean?” “How fond are you of the handle on this front door?” “Why?” “Could it be ripped off and you wouldn’t miss it?” The loud gulp in Adonis’ throat had probably been heard halfway down the block. The small man’s cock raged harder as he thought about Atlas taking care of the door handle with just his hand. He found it odd that he had never thought about whether he was ‘fond’ of the handle or not. He had the strange feeling that his new friend was going to open a wealth of new thoughts, options, and possibilities. He looked down at the steel door handle – protruding from a steel plate on the large wooden door – and realized he had no fondness for it whatsoever. As a matter of fact, he had no fondness for the entire door, but he knew busting in the door would make enough noise to announce their entrance. Adonis knew Atlas wanted to surprise his opponent. “Rip away, my bulging friend.” Even in the darkness, Adonis could see that the big giant was smiling. His big white teeth – yes, even those were larger than most people’s – caught the reflection of the bright moon perfectly. Adonis also noticed that when Atlas grabbed the front door handle – the thing looked tiny in his hand. It had always seemed so large and thick before, but the giant paw of his muscled friend made the thing looks so weak. If you’ve never heard metal squeal in pain your in for a treat the first time it happens. Adonis was petrified he was going to spurt a big load as soon as the big hand of his friend started bending the metal handle. Not only did the handle get mutilated into something unrecognizable, the metal plate embedded in the wood was soon ripped from its place leaving a gaping hole where security and safety used to prevail. Adonis had to brace himself against the front wall – nervous he was going to black out from all the blood that rushed to his groin area. Atlas, in less than ten seconds, had easily ripped metal apart – making it look like the whole mechanism had merely been made of nothing more than toothpicks. Adonis looked up into the smiling face of his friend – both men had been aroused beyond measure by the feat of strength. Atlas was turned on mostly because it obviously thrilled his small friend so much. “How is that even possible? What does it feel like to have that much power?” “Kind of normal, I guess. I can just look at something like that and know I can rip it apart. You know, the same way you know your can lift a book, a glass, or something. I don’t really think about it until someone as cute and small as you looks on with such shock. That’s when it really turns me on – because you like it so much. Want to feel it?” “You know I do.” “Here, let me tear it from the plate first.” Again, metal gave in to Atlas’ powerful hands with almost no resistance. There was a high pitching screech while the handle was torn from what was clearly a heavy plate. The thick L-shaped curled bar was now just a mangled glob of metal. Adonis was astounded a how heavy the thing was and by the fact that it was very hot from being abused by Atlas’ hand. The small man suddenly noticed that there was a feeling of wetness at his crotch – which the cool night air emphasized – and he knew he was oozing copious amounts of pre-cum. He handed the handle back to Atlas. The big man then took the plate, the handle from the outside, and the handle from the inside and started crumpling the things together in his hands. It was clear that it was taking a lot of effort on the big man’s part, but the metal yielded to his hands without any other choice. When the entire mechanism was just a blob of metal Atlas dropped it over in the yard with a loud thud. “Think I’ll leave it there so you can glance at it every time you come home – just to gt you going. That was a good warm up for the fun we’re about to have. Shall we go in?” “After you, big man, after you.” “I hop you’re not still nervous, Adonis.” “After seeing what you did to that door handle, Atlas, I’m not nervous at all.” Atlas pushed the door open and walked into the front foyer. Both men immediately heard what sounded like a television going in the back of the house. Adonis grabbed the gigantic arm of his friend – noticing quickly that his entire hand barely reached around even a fraction of the big man’s forearm – and led him toward the den at the back of the house. Big Rex had obviously not thought about any housework since Adonis had been evicted. The smells emanating from the different rooms were rank and disgusting. Adonis was happy the place was dark – so he didn’t have to see the devastation. When they reached the doorway of the den they found the television on and big Rex passed out on the sofa. The first thing Adonis noticed, besides the filth in the room, was that Rex seemed bigger. He had obviously been working out – but he was still nowhere near the size of Atlas. From the sounds of the snores coming from the man on the sofa, Atlas knew he could move about the room freely. He leaned down and whispered into Adonis’ ear. “Let’s use the same kind of wake up call he gave you.” At first, Adonis was confused. He watched the big man step in between the outstretched legs of Rex and then bend over the loudly snoring dude. Suddenly, the loud smack of Atlas’s big hand on Rex’s face shot through the room. Followed shortly by another one. And a third one – somewhat harder – had to be applied before the sleeping man gained full consciousness. Rex was wearing a heavy sweatshirt over his big body and Atlas grabbed the front of it – twisted the material tightly – and before the awakening man had time to even think about what was happening his body shot high up into the air as his feet started kicking back and forth wildly. To be awakened in such a way had to be pretty disorienting. Rex’s eyes shot super wide as he realized he was being held in the air by the huge and powerful arms of some giant. The poor guy probably thought it was a dream at first, but then the giant spoke and referred to the third man in the room – a guy Rex knew all too well. “Wake up, runt! This big man wants to have some fun with you. My good friend, Adonis – over there – has told me a lot about you. Oh, by the way, from now on you’ll only refer to him as Adonis. Got it, runt?” “Fuck you!” It was clear this was exactly the kind of response Atlas hoped he would receive. Adonis was surprised when he realized he had hoped for the same thing, too. It was clear that big Rex hadn’t fully grasped the particular predicament he was in – still oblivious to the fact that he was a few feet off the ground in the hands of a much bigger man – and he believed he was still the alpha in the room, especially since the puny guy he had kicked out was present. Atlas obviously thought he should shake some sense into the slow learner. The giant started moving his hands back and forward so fast that Rex flopped around like a rag doll. Adonis was worried something in Rex’s head was going to be shaken loose – until he laughed to himself and thought there’d have to be something in the head to begin with. Atlas stopped the motion and it was pretty clear that it took a few minutes for Rex’s eyes to stop rolling around – kind of like a slot machine that’s just had it’s armed pulled down. There was fear on the face of the man being held in the air after the intense shaking. It was pretty obvious he was starting to understand that there was no trick taking place and that a much larger man than himself was holding him in the air without any problem. Atlas, however, did not want the evening to end too quickly. He wanted Rex to take a lot more time to learn his lesson. The giant simply released the man and he fell back down on his ass on the sofa – the piece of furniture groaning from the sudden weight. Atlas took a few steps back – for two reasons – one, so Rex would get a good look at just how massive the giant was and two, so that Rex might quickly regain some confidence and try a stupid move. And that’s exactly what happened. “You’re going down, meathead!” Rex screamed loudly and then – with surprisingly agile reflexes – jumped up from the sofa and charged at Atlas with his shoulder down. For a second – and it was only a second – Adonis worried about Atlas, but then he remembered the gob of crushed metal laying in the yard outside and he simply relaxed to watch the show. When Rex’s roided body hit the massive boulder-like structure that was Atlas it was like something from a cartoon. All motion stopped – the unmovable force that was Atlas hadn’t quivered at all and the rushing mass of craziness that was Rex came to a screeching halt, he let out a loud yelp of pain, and then his entire body fell to the side. The poor guy was stunned out of his mind. He had anticipated the behemoth to fall into the bookcase behind him – taking down everything including the television attached to the wall. Atlas, however, did not move. As soon as Rex fell to the ground, the giant raised his hand and looked at his fingernails as if he just couldn’t be bothered. This action brought a huge smile to Adonis’ face – and his heart was truly light for the first time in over a year. Atlas looked over at his new little lover and shrugged his huge shoulders – arms raised – as if to say, ‘who knew?’ The big man then reached down, with one hand, and grabbed the back of Rex’s belt and jeans, lifted the stunned man’s body into the air, and then tossed him back onto the couch. Atlas made a suggestion. “Maybe try it again, Rex, with the other shoulder. Perhaps you’ll have more luck this time.” Adonis felt his cock twitch with excitement at the big man’s words. It’s not that he wanted Rex to suffer – well maybe he did just a little – but it was more about what Atlas was capable of. The small man wanted Rex to rush his big friend again. He wanted to see his old tormentor meet the unmovable force that was Atlas. Adonis had finally crossed some deep chasm that had been ruling his life. Maybe it was the fact that he had just watched Atlas hold the man who had tormented him for so long in the air with his bare hands. Maybe it was watching Rex running at full speed at the bigger man and being stopped completely – like he had run into the wall of a building or something. And maybe it was just the sheer size of Atlas’ arm and how it had felt when he was caressing it in the car. No matter what it was, Adonis was now free – free of the fear of Rex. He was just going to sit back and watch the show. Rex was not the brightest light on the Christmas tree. Atlas had invited him to try again, so he was going to do just that. He stood up, lowered his other shoulder like he was some kind of football player and then charged for the mid-section of Atlas’ body. Adonis leaked more pre-cum before there was even any kind of impact. He knew good and well what was going to happen. As anticipated, Atlas didn’t budge even a smidgen and Rex’s body was stopped abruptly – painfully. The less-than-smart steroid induced kind of big man hit the immovable giant Atlas so hard that he was stunned to a point of no movement. He stayed braced up against Atlas’ huge frame for a few seconds and then just sank to the floor face forward – he lay on the floor like he was out cold. “Hey Rex, I don’t think it worked the second time, either.” Big Atlas reached down and grabbed the almost unconscious Rex by the waist. He then lifted the dude into the air – upside down. It looked like some kid picking up his doll. Atlas didn’t even have to think about it or struggle at all. The other slightly big man just went up into the air – as if he weighed nothing. Rex’s body dangled by the giant’s legs, and he faced out into the room. Atlas brought the guy over near Adonis and then lifted him higher in the air – so their faces were even. Though he was still a little stunned, a sneer crept across the old tormentor’s face. Normally, that look would have scared Adonis and he would have thought pain was coming next, but the big hands holding Rex at the waist – and the even bigger arms connected to the hands put the small guy at ease. He knew his big friend was in control and he was safe. “So, little Rex, take a good look at my sweet gorgeous friend, Adonis. He and I have become really close buds tonight. I think one could say even more than friends. What you chose to throw away has become another much bigger man’s treasure. I’m here to make sure you never ever lay another hand on my little Adonis. It’s only because of his goodness that I’m not twisting your body into an untie-able knot. I know you only bully people because of some serious wounds from your past – but being big is never about being mean or hurting people. Unfortunately, in order to teach you an important lesson I might have to be a little mean, but that all depends on how good you are, little runt. Now, look my wonderful Adonis in the face and tell him you’re sorry.” “Fuck you both!” Again, there was not any real disappointment with the roided monster’s stupid response. If he had apologized he would have been tossed out of the house and that would have been the end of that. Neither Atlas nor Adonis really wanted the fun to be over. Adonis wanted to see his new big friend show off his strength some more and Atlas definitely wanted to make the smaller guy more excited because of his big body and power. “Rex, Rex, Rex – you are such a slow learner. However, you have no idea how happy that answer makes me. I so wanted to play some more.” With these words, Atlas tossed his hands upward – sending the body of the other man slightly in the air. He looked like it took the same effort as a kid tossing a small paper airplane. Adonis was amazed – even more – by the strength in his big friend’s arm. Right before Rex’s body started to descend, Atlas swung one of his big hands like he was swatting a fly and it connected hard against the lower back of his human doll. The force of the smack sent Rex flying into a nearby wall – his frame flattened against the plaster and Atlas’ giant paw holding the roided runt in place. Adonis could tell the impact knocked the wind out of Rex and the big guy immediately let out a low moan. The guy looked like some kind of bizarre artwork up against the beige wall. Atlas seemed to exert the same amount of effort it would take a normal person to hold a sheet of paper in place. Adonis’ cock emitted more big gobs of pre-cum as he saw his new big friend pressed harder against Rex. You could hear more air being forced from the still-dazed man and see cracks starting to appear in the plaster. “Tell me, Adonis, did you every desire a doorway right here? What’s on the other side of this wall?” “Um, it’s my study.” “So, we could make this a larger den or you could have a larger study. I’m pretty sure this isn’t a load-bearing wall and I could press our friend, Rex, here, through pretty easily. It would be like those old Roadrunner cartoons where the Coyote made a hole the exact shape of his body when he went through boulders. Um, sorry about the cracks in the plaster.” “No problem.” Atlas removed his hand and Rex’s body simply slid down the wall to the floor. The man quickly gasped for air – grateful that his lungs could work again. Both Atlas and Adonis immediately noticed a wet spot on the wall – and neither man wanted to know if Rex had been turned on by the strength display and squirted or if he had pissed himself, compressed to the point where he lost control. The big giant turned to Adonis and winked at him. He walked a few feet away from the big blob on the floor. It was pretty clear the mammoth mound of muscle was up to something, but Adonis couldn’t figure out what it was. Then, he saw that Rex had regained some of his strength, was getting to his feet, and as he did he grabbed a wooden chair that was nearby against he wall. Atlas watched the entire thing in the reflection of French doors at the other end of the room. He had planned for Rex to take some action – he was allowing it just to show off. Right before the heavy oak chair came crashing down on Atlas’ head and shoulders he turned to face his attacker. He wanted Rex to get a good view of what was going to happen. Hard wood met something much stronger. The chair shattered to pieces upon impact with the giant’s diving board sized shoulders and head. Rex was left with what looked like scraps of wood in his hands and he was facing the smile of the giant – who had clearly not felt a thing. Atlas simply shook his head from side to side and made a clicking sound of disproval with his tongue. The much bigger man then grabbed the front of the other man’s belt and jeans – his fingers meeting a hard cock and something sticky, making it clear that Rex had shot a big wad from being manhandled. Atlas thought this was a useful thing to know. He raised his arm – taking what most people would have considered a big man into the air, again, and loving the gasps he heard from his captive and the cute man across the room that was slowly stealing his heart. “I guess they don’t make big heavy oak chairs like they used to, Rex. Or maybe you just haven’t realized how big and strong I really am. You smell like orgasm, runt. Did my power turn you on?” Rex, again, chose to do something really stupid. He was ashamed that this bigger man now knew he had spewed. He still had two chunks of wood in his hands and he instantly pulled his hands back and slammed them on either side of Atlas’ head. The wood immediately became splinters and fell to the mammoth shoulders below. The look in the giant’s face made it perfectly clear that the powerful slam had felt like nothing more than a fly landing on his head. Rex immediately had to shake out his hands – the sting from meeting the other guy’s unmoving head hurt a lot. Atlas started curling the man’s body up and down. “Hey, Rex-runt, your body actually weighs enough that I might get some exercise from curling you for an hour or so. How’d you like to be my little dumbbell and help me get stronger? Whoops, let’s not forget the other arm.” Atlas had quickly done ten reps with his right arm and so he switched hands – grabbing the guy with his left and cranking out ten reps while the shocked Rex started to fully understand how much power the behemoth holding him in the air truly had. The bully was disgusted with himself because he could not stop the raging hard-on that had been present ever since the big guy had lifted him the first time. The giant’s body, especially his bulging arms, and his power was simply too amazing to not get turned on. A budding revelation was beginning to seep through the dark recesses of Rex’s brain. Memories – long stuffed away – suddenly flooded into his mind. He thought of his dad – a man that had left his family when he was five – and tears started to fall. He remembered lovingly being lifted by his dad. His father had been so huge – so masculine, well, at least to a four year old. He used to love how his father would toss him into the air at the swimming pool, how he’d let Rex feel his muscle, which seemed so huge to the small boy. Rex also remembered the day his father left – patting his three kids on their heads and telling them he wasn’t leaving because he didn’t love them – he just loved someone else more. Pain flooded Rex’s heart, but an avalanche of relief came, as well. Suddenly, the big man was sobbing – even though he was still being held a few feet off the ground by Atlas’ one big arm. The giant lowered the man to the ground and was amazed at how much louder the sobs became. Rex stood there shaking and sobbing for a good three to four minutes. As he started to calm down he turned to the small man who stood there dumbfounded. “I’m so sorry, Adonis. I was so cruel to you. Please forgive me. I know I hurt you – both physically and mentally. I don’t know why. I think I just have to put others down to make myself feel better – to bring me some self-worth. I know it’s wrong, but I just can’t help myself.” Rex started sobbing again. Atlas and Adonis looked at each other in total surprise. At first, neither of them knew what to do, but then the big giant had an idea. He walked over to Rex, leaned down, and wrapped his arms around the crying man. He then picked him up in a tight, warm, massive-armed bear hug. Since Rex was kind of beefy, Atlas knew he could squeeze harder than he normally would when holding a man that way. Rex continued to sob, but he buried his face in the massive pecs of the huge man holding him in the air. Atlas instinctively flexed his mammoth chest and brought he mounds of beef together – crushing the other man’s face lovingly between solid muscle. The two men remained this way for about ten minutes. Rex’s sobs got softer and softer. Soon, his big body was no longer shaking from being so upset. He pulled his tear stained face from between the massive pecs in front of him and this caused a loud popping noise – as if someone was uncorking a bottle of champagne. Atlas continued to hold the man tightly in the bear hug. “You’re so freaking strong.” “I’m glad you finally noticed, Rex. I was beginning to worry the steroids you take had caused your brain to stop functioning.” “I just want to get bigger. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.” “But you can’t use your size to demean other people – to be a bully.” “I know. I think I need to get some help. You know, see a therapist and work through some issues.” “I think that would be a good idea, don’t you, Adonis?” “Yes. A very good idea.” “I’m so sorry, Adonis. You have only ever been kind to me. I’ll pack my stuff and leave tonight.” “Um, about that, Rex. What’s the use of you being on the streets tonight? I know you have very little money. I’m planning on staying at Atlas’ house, so you could stay here if you wanted to. Um, the front door is a little incapacitated, so we’re going to have to do something about that – and I think having you here will keep the place safe.” “Don’t worry, Adonis. I’ll move that huge wooden cabinet in the dining room in front of the door. No one will be able to get in.” “You can lift that thing?” Rex’s shocked face and question revealed that he truly hadn’t realized just how powerful Atlas really was. Even after everything that had happened, he still didn’t get it. Atlas just looked down into his face and smiled. At the same time he started squeezing his arms tighter – just to show off his strength. Soon, the man being held off the ground was crying out in pain from the pressure – even though Atlas wasn’t using near all of his strength. The giant laughed at his captive, released the pressure and let Rex fall back to the floor. The poor guy was a little unsteady on his feat, so Atlas rested a big hand on his shoulder – just to anchor him a little. “What? You can’t lift it, big Rex?” “I don’t even think I could slide it on the floor by pushing on it.” “Well, it does look a little heavy, but I don’t think it will give me any problems.” Atlas walked to the front of the house and the other two men scurried behind him like obedient puppies. No one wanted to miss the show. The cabinet was about as long as the wall of the dining room. It was a Craftsman wooden monstrosity that was about seven feet tall. It had taken about six men – maneuvering it on four-wheeled dollies – to get it into the house. They definitely didn’t make furniture like this anymore – it was just too big and too heavy for most houses. Luckily, Adonis’ home had very high ceilings and large rooms. Atlas stuck his thick fingers between the back of the cabinet and the wall. He then easily squeezed the big thing and lifted his end off the ground, making it possible for him to slide it further out from the wall. He then squatted slightly and grabbed lower on his end. Squeezing with the strength of bulldozers he stood back up and raised his arms at the same time. The entire mammoth cabinet came off the ground and he walked it to the front hallway. The big man’s biceps ballooned out from the weight and both Rex and Adonis moaned a little in unison. Rex was still blown away by what Atlas was capable of and didn’t mind showing it. “No fucking way.” Atlas kind of chuckled as he set the monstrous piece of furniture in front of the destroyed door. There was no way anyone was going to be able to get in. Even a speeding car would have probably not been stopped by the heavy wood of the cabinet. It wasn’t being moved, again, until Atlas picked it up. There was a little bit of silence in the room, now. All three men were trying desperately to calm their cocks – two turned on by the muscle show and one turned on by how excited the other men had clearly gotten. When Rex was somewhat recovered he walked over to the cabinet – determined to try and move it. Atlas saw what the other guy intended to do. When Rex leaned down and put his shoulder against the end of the mammoth piece of furniture, Atlas took the opportunity to place his hand a few feet above the other guy, who didn’t notice. When Rex let out a huge grunt and started to shoulder the thing, the giant gave a little push with one hand. The long cabinet moved a few inches. Atlas quickly removed his hand as the other guy stood up with excitement. “Did you guys see that? I moved the thing! The fucking thing slid a few inches.” “You sure did, big Rex.” “I can’t believe it! That was incredible.” “You want to try and lift it now?” “Hell no, that thing would break my back!” Atlas turned and winked at Adonis – securing that his assistance would be their little secret. The pure joy on the Rex’s face made it impossible for Adonis not to want to keep the secret. The small man’s cock twitched even more, however, just from knowing that Atlas had moved the cabinet a little with one hand. Rex’s roided body probably couldn’t have moved the cabinet if he had tried all day. Adonis looked at the giant’s arm and was, again, amazed and confused by its size and power. “I must be getting stronger.” “Yep, Rex, that’s what consistent lifting can do. Don’t think that steroids are a shortcut. You need to continue moving heavy weight around for honest size and strength. You gotta promise me you’re gonna go all natural now, big man. I promise you’ll get stronger.” “If you’re any indication of what going natural can do to a man, then, hell, I’ll even become a vegan!” Atlas laughed out loud, but then he went over to Rex, grabbed him under the arms and lifted him off the ground. It was clear that the frivolity of moving heavy furniture had ended. The giant wanted to tell the other man something very important. The smaller big man became very subservient and looked into the eyes of the man again holding him high in the air. “We’re going to leave now, Rex. But before we go, I want you to look around at the mess that’s in each room of this house. That needs to change. We’ll be back in a few days and we want to see that this place is spotless. You owe that to my cute Adonis. Do you understand?” “Yes sir.” “You’re going to treat Adonis and all his things with all the respect the cute little guy deserves. And if you ever start to question why you should respect him, I want you to think about me – about how huge I am and about how easy it was for me to lift that huge cabinet over there. And then I want you to think about all the things I could do to you if I was disappointed or, heaven forbid, even angry. Don’t make me angry, Rex. You wouldn’t like me when I’m angry. Am I making myself clear, Rex.” “Perfectly, sir.” “Good man. You know, I see that you’re a pretty big guy, Rex, but you’re still light as a feather to me. I’m just always amazed at how easy it is to pick up another man.” Adonis knew these words were for him. Atlas had made his point with Rex, and was now switching over to playtime with his new little friend. The giant looked over at Adonis and winked. He then tossed Rex into the air a few times and then caught him – just to emphasize how light he seemed. This was clearly a turn on for the little man, which, in turn, excited Atlas even more. The huge man could not wait to be alone with the smaller one. He had not been this excited in a very long time. Adonis was beautiful – and he was so delicate looking, especially next to Atlas. The giant put Rex back down on the ground and patted his head. “And now, I’m going to go make Adonis’ head spin from helping him make up new fantasies. Like I said, he’s going to be busy for a few days, but we’ll be back soon to check on the work you’ve done and to put that cabinet back in its proper place. It’s not going to get there by itself. See you, Rex.” “Goodbye sir.” Then, probably to turn on the little man even more, Atlas walked over to Adonis, picked him up, laid him over his shoulder and went out through a side door he’d noticed off the kitchen – careful to twist his body so it – along with Adonis, would fit through the frame. As they were walking to their car, Atlas put one hand under the small man and then pushed upward – lifting him in the air with one palm. Adonis looked down at the huge shoulder and biceps beneath him. It was a glorious sight. Atlas spoke as he continued to press the other guy up and down. “I think your house will probably be the cleanest it’s ever been.” “I think the giant is right.” They were at the car. Atlas opened the passenger seat door and then carefully used two hands to put Adonis comfortably into the seat. Before he closed the door, he grabbed the seatbelt and reached over to snap it across his new little friend. He smiled at the man. “Wouldn’t want anything to happen to that cute little body of yours.”
  15. londonboy

    Too Big - Part Nine

    “So, Adonis, I’ve told you a lot about myself, but you’ve shared no information. How about you tell me a story about yourself.” “What would you like to hear, Atlas?” “Well, let’s start with this – besides me, who is the biggest guy you’ve ever known.” “That’s easy. His name is Rex and he’s the bodybuilder I dated for about a year – until he kicked me out of my own house about a week ago.” “What do you mean out of your own house?” “So, here’s the story. About a year and a half ago I started going to a new gym. I had wanted to start anew – feeling I was getting a little too set in my ways. Anyway, I joined this place near my house – specifically because it didn’t seem too intimidating. Average guys worked out there, so I felt like I’d be more comfortable. Since I usually work out in the early mornings, I did see a few bigger guys who took advantage of the quiet and small crowds. One day, I was doing some bench presses, minding my own business when suddenly I heard this deep voice near me. “Hey squirt, don’t let your back come off the bench when you push up.” I looked around and saw a very muscular man sitting on a bench near me. He was staring at me while he took a rest from benching a much more heavily loaded bar. I wasn’t sure he was talking to me, so I looked the other way to see if anyone else was near. “Dude, you’re the only squirt within talking distance. The big man is giving you some important advice. Don’t arch your back while you bench that little weight you’ve got on the bar. You’ll hurt yourself.” In spite of better judgment I decided to ignore his cockiness and blatant demeaning words and engage him. I sat up and took a better look. He was, indeed, a big man. Nothing close to you, Atlas, but compared to me he was massive. I had never had a guy so big talk to me – engage me in that way – so it was kind of flattering. I somehow became confident, myself, and answered back in a way I hoped would please him. “Thanks for the advice, it’s quite clear you know what you’re talking about.” “Why’s that, little man?” “You’re huge, that’s why.” This clearly pleased the big man. He bounced his pecs teasingly and then looked down at himself. He didn’t immediately look back up – no, he actually took a long gaze at his own body – as if he was seeing it for the first time. Suddenly, it dawned on me that he was, in fact, just taking time to admire himself. I caught on immediately that he was a complete narcissist. Later, I would come to regret it, but I wasn’t turned off by his actions or words at he time. In fact, I was actually turned on. His cockiness made me desire him even more. Every part of my brain told me to ignore him, but the way his arms bulged out of his tank top made another part of my body too excited to not engage him. He stared at himself for far too long, but he finally looked up and spoke. “Yeah, I am huge. Especially next to you. What are you, ten years old?” “Um . . . I’m thirty.” “Thirty! Geez, is this your first day in a gym, squirt?’ “Not exactly.” “Well, it looks like it.” He stood up and my mouth went dry. He was gorgeous – well, at least to me. I hadn’t been with a man for a long time, so I was also a little desperate. He was okay looking – in that sleazy gym-rat kind of way, but his body was what I considered, at the time, perfect. He had really broad shoulders, huge slabs of meat for pecs, big arms, and quads that showed he didn’t skip leg day like some guys. And he was, indeed, much bigger than me. One of the problems with being a muscle worshipper is that you tend to ignore or miss things about certain big guys – just because you desire bulges so much. Looking back, I now know I should have noticed the slight potbelly through the shirt – clearly too many beers a night for chiseled abs. I should have noticed the injection marks all over his body and immediately known it was steroids that made him cocky. I also should have noticed a meanness in his gaze, since I’d come to know it soon enough. But all of those things went unnoticed because I so wanted to be with a big guy – to me, he looked like Mr. Olympia. He sauntered over to me and reached down to squeeze my biceps. He tightened his hand around it until pain shot through my biceps. I let out a muffled squeal and he squeezed harder – as if it was a warning – and then let go. “Yep, just as I thought – no bigger than a ten-year old. Grab hold of this, dweeb, and see what a real man feels like.” He flexed his impressive biceps and then grabbed my hand, placing it on his arm. The thing didn’t bulge like yours, Atlas. It was more like a big mound, but for me it was the closest I had ever been to a guy so big. My cock was instantly hard as steel and I started groping the muscle – hungry to feel a big man. He chuckled a little and watched as I ran my small hand all over his arm and shoulder. “So the little bitch likes muscle, does he? Well, this is your lucky day, runt. I’ve been looking for a nice little guy to do my bidding. How ‘bout you and me go back to your place and have some fun.” He flexed his arm while he spoke. It seemed so big to me. The guy did tower over me and clearly outweighed me by about seventy-five pounds. I wasn’t thinking straight, so – of course – I thought I had hit the jackpot. I immediately stood up – thinking we were about to go, but the big man put his hand on my shoulder and squeezed hard. I winced from the pain and he forced me back down on the bench. “Did I say you could get up, dude, or stop massaging my big arm? No, I did not. In order for this new relationship to work, you’re going to have to do everything Big Rex says – everything. You got that, runt?” “Um . . . yes.” “Yes, Mr. Rex!” “Uh . . . yes, Mr. Rex.” “That’s a good little runt.” “Um, Mr. Rex, my name is…” “No, no! Did I ask for your name? No I did not. Big Rex is just going to call you runt. That’ll be your new name. Got it, runt. Yeah, shake that head up and down. Don’t worry; I’ll let you grope my big body in return for your good behavior. That’s my bag over by the mirror. You pick it up and follow me out of here – stay a good two feet behind me like a good little runt. If the bag’s too heavy for your little body, then drag it out the door. But no matter what, little one, you keep up with me. You don’t want to make Rex angry by making him wait for even half a minute.” He let go of my shoulder, but the pain lingered for a while. He turned and started walking away. A smarter man would have taken the chance to run, but all I could see were wide shoulders, a big back, and arms that flared out nicely. I was a muscle junkie who needed a fix. I went and grabbed his bag, surprised by how heavy it was, but I didn’t lose any ground. I stayed behind the big man like an obedient puppy. When we got out to the parking lot he turned to me. “What little car does the little runt dive.” “The dark blue Lexus over there.” “Impressive, runt. Let’s go.” “What about your car, Mr. Rex.” “Big Rex used to take public transportation, but now he has a blue Lexus.” “Telling the story now, Atlas, I see all the warning signs that were like bombs going off all around me, but – at the time – I just wanted to spend some time with a big man. It’s amazing what being around muscles will do to certain men. I’m not very proud of myself, but at least I’m honest about why I did it.” Rex wouldn’t let me drive my own car. He insisted that the smaller guy had to be the rider. I gave him my keys reluctantly and then gave him directions on how to get to my house. He drove entirely too fast and cussed out every other driver on the road. He could tell I was a little scared so he offered me his big biceps to fondle on the way home. That helped me to ignore his rants and his reckless driving. When we got to my house he let out a whistle and said he was very impressed. I was happy he liked it. When we got inside he insisted I take him on a tour of what he called his new home. What he said didn’t really register because he had taken off his tank top once inside the door and allowed me to grope his chest for a few minutes – as if he were giving me little gifts to keep me distracted. It clearly worked. When we got to the master bedroom he told me it would work out perfect for him and then dived onto the bed. He bounced up and down – noticing the springs squeaked a little. “I’m afraid those squeaks are going to get louder and louder every time I pound your little ass, runt. Get over her and massage my back.” He flipped over on his stomach and pulled one of the big pillows under his head. I immediately went over, kicked my shoes off, and then crawled on top of him, straddling his ass. I reached up and started with his shoulders. I ignored the slight pudge that seemed to surround his muscles and simply tried to give him pleasure. “Damn, your hands are smaller than a baby’s and even weaker. Put some muscle into it runt.” I doubled my efforts and squeezed his skin with what I hoped he found a tighter grip. Within five minutes into the massage, Rex was sound asleep and snoring loudly. At first I didn’t know what to do, so I simply continued to massage him – mainly because I got to grope his big body. After about forty-five minutes it became clear he wasn’t going to wake up any time soon, so I lay down beside him – staring at his big arm until I fell asleep, as well. I dreamed of muscle, which gave me a raging hard on. Suddenly, I was awakened by Big Rex’s hand gripping my hard cock and squeezing the life out of it. “Looks like the runt was dreaming of Big Rex. Get up, little man, I’m hungry. What are you going to fix me to eat.” He let go of my cock, but it took me at least a minute curled up on the bed to get rid of the pain so I could stand. Rex had conveniently gone in to take a shower and was singing some cheesy love song at the top of his lungs. I went into the bathroom and stared at his naked body – again, oblivious to all the things that proved he was no real bodybuilder and only seeing how huge he was to me. I was slightly disappointed when I saw the size of his cock and it was clear he saw it in my eyes. “Don’t worry, runt. I’m a grower – not a show-er. Besides, it’s more about knowing what to do with the tool. Trust me, I’ll have you walking funny in no time. Now go make me some dinner.” He threw his arms into a double biceps pose and smiled. Again, it was his way of keeping me full of desire. You would have thought I had just figured out my muscle fetish and I was seeing a Hercules film for the first time – that’s how crazy with desire he made me. All I wanted to do was make the big stud in my shower dinner and then get the chance to feel his muscles. I’m afraid by this point I had already fallen down the rabbit’s hole and I was not coming back anytime soon. I prepared a feast for a king and when he came into the kitchen in nothing but some purple posers my lust jumped into overdrive and I treated him like some kind of god. I had made two place settings at the dining room table – across from each other – and had even lit some candles. He came into the room and immediately moved his place setting to the end of the table – beside mine, not across. “Big daddy always sits at the head of the table and the little boy sits to his left. Don’t ever forget the hierarchy again, runt. This meal looks very good. You’ve done well. Where’s the wine for your big man, though?” As if to lessen the sting of what he had just done and said, Rex grabbed me behind my head and quickly smashed my face into his right pec. It actually hurt a lot, but then he pressed my mouth against his nipple and I knew I was supposed to suck. I forgot about the pain as I went to town on his hairy nub. And just like that, it was over. He released my head and motioned for me to go get the wine. I was too excited by the brief interaction with his big pec that I simply did as he said. I celebrated the fact that I had a huge man in my house. It was like I was walking on clouds – that’s how deeply I was in denial. I came back into the dining room and he had already started – not thinking twice about me. I started to open the wine, but he waved me to give him the bottle. “That’s the man’s job, runt. Sit down and eat. You’ll need your strength later on, so get some nourishment.” I was foolishly overjoyed to sit beside him. He opened the wine, poured himself a full glass and then poured me a half of one. When he saw my face he merely said I was so small that any other amount would put me under the table. I came to realize much later on that he simply wanted more for himself. We ate in silence for a few minutes – him chewing with his mouth open and slurping down his wine. I didn’t notice, though, because every now and then he’d flex his arm to throw me a bone. It worked and I stayed very happy. Halfway through the meal, Rex ordered me to go get another bottle of wine. I, still, had only been given half a glass, so that meant the big man was starting to get a little tipsy and slur his words. The alcohol seemed to brighten his spirits, at least at first. He pushed his chair back and patted his bare thighs. “Come sit in this big man’s lap, little one.” The idea of being that close to him made me ignore his comments on my size. He positioned me across his legs and reached down to grab my hand, placing it on his huge pec. He was giving me the okay to grope. I didn’t need to be invited twice. I started kneading his pec – shocked a little by how flabby it seemed, but every now and then he’d tense it and I’d get a jolt to my crotch. At one point I leaned in forward to kiss him, but he turned his head and grabbed my hair with his big hand. He pulled my own head backwards, roughly, and held me there. “No kissing, runt. My lips won’t be soiled by the likes of you. I’m here to feed your need for muscle, not to be some kind of husband and wife. I save my lips for others. I may let the boys get off on my body, but it’s the ladies that get the best of me. Don’t you forget it, either. You just keep playing with Rex’s big body and you’ll get your satisfaction.” The shock his words caused clearly showed on my face as he let go of my hair. It immediately softened his tone and he flexed his arm – inviting me to feel it. I did, hesitantly at first, but then he flexed and I was a goner. “Don’t be shocked that big Rex is bi, little man. That’s gonna make you even happier. It’s what makes me more masculine that all those other guys you’ve been with. Here’s to a long relationship between the two of us. I like our house. It’s going to suit me just fine.” The impact of his words dissipated as soon as he put a big hand behind my head and pushed my face into his bulging biceps. I lost all control of my body and as my lips and tongue explored his flexed arm I emptied a muscle-loving load into my underwear. He laughed out loud as he felt my body convulsing from its ejaculation. As soon as my body calmed down, Rex became very gentle. He stood up, lifting me into his arms at the same time, leaned over to blow out the candles and then carried me to the bedroom. He placed me on the bed and then lay down next to me. Within two minutes the guy was snoring like a foghorn and I finally drifted off to sleep, as well. I was awakened around four o’clock by a pretty hard slap to my face. It took a few minutes for me to fully register what was happening. Rex was trying to get me awake and fast – he had my legs against his shoulders and he was trying to shove his semi-hard cock up my ass. I was instantly awake. I could tell Rex was still pretty drunk. He was in no shape to perform the task he was attempting. I asked him to stop and he struck my face again – this time it was harder. “Quiet, bitch! Let me concentrate.” It was clear that no amount of concentration was going to help the man. After a few minutes of him slamming his crotch against my butt he fell on me exhausted. Feeling his heaviness on me – and noticing the muscles that seemed to envelope me – made me somewhat forget what had just happened and helped me to enjoy the moment. The big man was clearly asleep again and I figured all of what had just happened had been done in his sleep. It’s amazing what we’ll forgive when we’re suddenly satisfied by something else. I loved having him on top of me. I loved groping his arms and feeling his big chest pushing into me. I laughed because I suddenly realized my pants were still on – and Rex still had on his posers. This had clearly been something he was attempting in his sleep. He would remember none of this tomorrow. The sting of his slap, however, was still on my face. I hope you don’t judge me, Atlas, but over the next few months I came to fear Rex as much as I liked him. It was wild how he could wrap me around his finger when he wanted to. He’d flex for me, he’d let me rub him down with oil, he’d let me measure his muscles, and he’d let me make him happy. At the same time he could be so cruel. I quickly figured out that he had nowhere else to go. I put two and two together and realized he’d been living with different friends for a long time and spent what little money he made on steroids and gym memberships. All he wanted to do was get bigger, which was happening – mainly because of the steroids. The hitting was not frequent and so I could foolishly forgive him after he would cry, beg my forgiveness, buy me gifts, and then take off his shirt for me to worship him. Only now can I realize he brought nothing to the relationship. He only used me for the things he needed. About a month ago I told him I wanted him out of my life – forever. I told him I would go to the police if he did not leave. He laughed and told me to go ahead. That very next day I did, indeed, go to the police station and a very kind inspector listened to my story. When I was done, he sighed, and told me that this was not a police matter – it was a lover’s quarrel and maybe going to some counseling together would help. I had been too embarrassed to tell the officer that Rex was hitting me. I left, completely deflated, and went home. Once there, I found out that Rex had changed all the locks on the doors and left a bunch of my clothes on the front lawn. “I’ve spent the last few weeks in a hotel and meeting with lawyers to figure out what the next step might be. Our crazy state has laws about cohabitation and partners and shared assets. It’s so disturbing and frustrating. I’d just like to be rid of the man for once and for all.” Atlas looked down at the cute man in front of him – with so much tenderness it was almost overwhelming. He had listened to the smaller man’s story with disbelief and complete understanding at the same time. Adonis could sense that the big man did not judge him in the least. He could feel that, somehow, Atlas understood. The two men stood there for a few minutes – completely ‘in touch’ with the other. There was no need for words, really, but finally Atlas spoke. “Listen, this Rex fella does not represent all big men. As a matter of fact, he doesn’t represent any decent man – no matter the size. Remember that I told you my father had a profound talk with me when I was younger and I was bigger than everyone around me. That talk shapes the core of me to this day . . . and beyond. With size and strength comes great responsibility. Bullies who use their strength to put others down or – god forbid – to hurt other people only do it because they aren’t big men on the inside. You can have all the muscles in the world – all the strength – and still be small. That’s what this Rex guy is – he’s small on the inside. He’s clearly so ashamed of something within him that he takes it out on others. You deserve better than that, Adonis. Yes, your lust for muscle and a big man got in the way of your judgment, but that’s pretty normal. I’m so sorry you had to endure such a long time of being abused by someone so unworthy of you. And it was abuse, no matter what you say. I’m so sorry he hurt you so much.” The smaller man’s legs wobbled again and tears welled up in his eyes. It was the first time someone had said such loving things to him. He had almost given up hope on decent people existing in the world. The giant in front of him wrapped his big arms around Adonis’ shoulders and pulled him into a big muscle hug. The little guy let the sobs come and cried into the huge chest of his companion. It took about five minutes for the moment to pass. Atlas never stopped hugging, never stopped saying encouraging things. Adonis finally pulled away from the larger man and said thank you. After both men took a final sip of their drinks, Atlas signaled for the check, and then turned to the other guy. “Come on, let’s go.” “Where?” “Where else, Adonis? Let’s go get your house back and teach Rex a lesson.” “What? No, that’s okay. They guy is crazy and no telling what he’ll do. I really appreciate it, man, but let’s just stay here and have another drink.” “Does Adonis think his Atlas can’t take care of some other big man? Have you learned nothing from our conversation this evening, good sir? Taking car of bullies is my specialty. Remember, my father encouraged me to be a superhero. Besides, who else is going to be able to get back what rightfully belongs to you? The police? They called it nothing more than a lover’s spat. Lawyers? Do you really want to waste a lot of money and time waiting for that? Let Atlas help you, buddy. It would really make me happy. I love putting bullies in their place and I haven’t gotten to do it in a very long time.” “But he’s put new locks on the doors.” “Do you really believe that there’s a lock that could keep these out?” The big man flexed his humongous arms. Something stirred deeply in both men. Their desire for justice was definitely second to something else. It was their lust for Atlas showing off his strength. And both of them were suddenly very hard in anticipation of what was to come. Atlas had lowered one arm to pay the bill. He then put it back into a flex. “What do you say, Adonis?” “Let’s go get my house back.”

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