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    Muscle, muscle worship, growth
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    Runner's build.
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    To be able to share my stories with people.
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    Just as I am.
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    Right now: Antoine, all the way!
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    Can't lie - I'm into strength.

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  1. "Stay the night. I'm hard all over."
  2. "That's what I meant when I said I was gonna lift you over my head and throw you to the ground. Do I need to repeat the demonstration, little man?"
  3. "You can call me Pops, because I'm about to pop you."
  4. "What do you mean I crushed the wrong car?"
  5. "I brought my friend, here, along to help me teach you a lesson. His traps, alone, are bigger than you, dude. He's about to show you what real pain is."
  6. "Young fellas challenge me all the time. I have fun easily tossing them to the ground. Around the tenth time I make sure they don't get up again. My papa biceps never fail me."
  7. "These are the only life preservers you're going to ever need."
  8. "Don't be shy, hold my hand. If anyone says anything, I'll tie them into a knot."
  9. "Somebody, a long time ago, called me a wimp. I set out to prove them wrong. Could a wimp bench an SUV? I think not."
  10. "At first, I just wanted to be bigger than you, Coach. So when we wrestled I could win. But then I started to gt big and I only wanted more muscle and more power. I can pin you with only one hand, sir, and that's the best feeling ever. I can't wait to get even bigger."
  11. "How 'bout I call you my 'little muffin.'"
  12. "Let it go, dude. Your car isn't ever coming back down out of the sky."
  13. "You must think my name is 'Fucking Huge,' cause that's what you keep saying over and over."
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