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    Writing when the muse strikes me. Dabble with photo manipulations for my own amusement but nothing on par with the incredible talent on this forum.
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    5-foot-7, ~200# but should not really be this heavy.
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    Right now probably a relationship. Life on the road is lonely but I've gotten to a situation where I'm home 2-3 days a week so it finally seems feasible. I think maybe someone looking to grow who could spend the week pumping and then enjoy some muscle worship in the weekends if I'm honest.
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    Well it's not like I can do much about 5-foot-7 but I'd rather be ~200# and it be OBVIOUS why I'm that heavy!
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    Where to start? Lee Priest has always topped this list in spite of the facial ink; I think I may be a 'flavor of the week' type, just depending on my mood and what's trending that week.
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    Geeks being bullied and then outgrowing or outmuscling their tormentors; big guns, big pecs, big dicks, but are those really considered fetishes here or just membership requirements?!

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  1. For fans of my former series, 'My Superhero Boyfriend', this is the rebirth of that series on my own blog. https://wanderingbutnotlost.travel.blog/2019/02/22/starcrossed-chapter-1/
  2. geek2jock

    Growth from cum?

    I tend to get stuck in that sub-genre even though I don't mean so to do. Usually it's that the contributor is superhuman or in some way superior so his emission has an anabolic effect on the recipient. Too bad all my stories have been purged from this site.
  3. Good points all and worth pointing out that while it's important not to use genetics as an excuse it's more just a factor to grasp, accept, and then work to maximize what you got. Personally, I like shorter biceps because they accentuate the peak by standing off the forearm better than longer biceps which fight for space although that's hot too. Or square pecs versus crescents seems mostly genetic yet I think getting all three bands to develop is as much focused training because all three are always present but require deliberate focus. Genetics is what nature gave you; dedication is making the most of what nature gave you.
  4. geek2jock

    Using other people's characters

    I have long wanted to do a collaborative authorship work for this reason and more. As it is now I've reached out to members here and individuals elsewhere who have helped me stretch my stories in areas not necessarily in my field of experience or even into areas outside my comfort zone. This allows me to make the story more broadly relevant and satisfying to read and not just the sophomoric work of a talentless wannabe author. There's also the aspect of character voice and even character behavior which I've posted about before in the help section... I think if I develop and speak for every character then they all start to sound and act like me... Boring. Alternatively, if I craft an outline and framework and then let others hang their version of the characters on it, the character interactions grow more dynamic and entertaining to read about. If all the characters are too homogeneous then all the narrative thrust relies on events and little becomes of the relationships or conflicts between characters.
  5. geek2jock

    Using other people's characters

    This looks like it was an old thread which was revived so I'll post here instead of starting a new thread of the same topic. My plan for my stories is to bring them all to a conclusion point which will prepare them for episodic continuation and then open up my universe / multiverse for other authors to have liberty using the characters and backstories I created or else spin them into their own cross-dimension jump into their stories altogether. Especially the Lance character people have expressed a lot more interest in him than my intention and utilization of him has been. So in this context I plan to make my characters 'open-source'!
  6. geek2jock

    Tips on Muscle Worship

    Very jealous about Nate - he was bicep perfection.
  7. geek2jock

    Searching a stories in deviantart

    To be honest, DeviantArt isn't where I'd go to find any stories because it's primarily an art gallery and not a forum such as this. I've seen a few DA posts that are stories and quite frankly they're difficult to read because they're basically screen shots of someone's word processor. If you can't find what you're looking for here (this is the authoritative site for muscle and muscle theft) then I'd recommend simply using Google to search for other sites which focus on that genre before I'd bother trying to find it on DA.
  8. geek2jock

    Derek Duszynski

    When he was younger and wore his hair down it seemed to help contribute to his younger appearance whereas it appears he's gone to wearing it brushed back.
  9. geek2jock

    Muscle suit version 2

    Yes, all three of them! LOL
  10. geek2jock


    With the renewed attention this chapter has gotten lately, I reread it and made one change to the last paragraph. I think it sounds better now.
  11. geek2jock


    Thank you... It is a work in progress so now just keep an eye on this forum for more chapters.
  12. geek2jock


    That is totally something I would pull in real life and have!
  13. geek2jock


    Yes, and while I wasn't trying to go overboard with it I did want to get that point across because it's important going forward... What happens if an insecure, mediocre Joshua steps into the shoes of a confident, more successful Joshua? Can he pull it off? If you haven't figured it out by now, I'm very much into the long story arc approach so this may be important several chapters from now. There's also a couple of other things along that same line from previous chapters that I'm surprised no one has mentioned yet because they are alluded to or else haven't been resolved yet. I know there was a lag in the release of some chapters plus as the author I'm privy to them but that's also why if no one mentions them I assume I was too subtle in revealing them as important so I resort to more blatant devices for conveying these types of clues and hooks.
  14. geek2jock


  15. geek2jock

    The End

    I have taken a break that lasted years but I've come back so it may be more a question of what circumstances come up in real life and whether they change to permit a return.

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