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  1. geek2jock

    Tumblr is removing all porn on December 17th

    The simple answer is that if you're not paying for it then you're the commodity! Like Facebook, they lull you into providing personal insights and then sell that aggregated data to advertisers even if those same ads don't show up in that particular app or site.
  2. geek2jock


    Occasionally but not very often. Might be a good subforum suggestion.
  3. geek2jock

    Tumblr is removing all porn on December 17th

    Yahoo... nuff said.
  4. geek2jock

    Real Myostatin Kid, Now age (Year - 2000)

    I would guess that we're essentially there now with the technology to genetically engineer humans and pre-human embryos so long as it's kept under wraps because most governments ban human genetic engineering. I wouldn't put it past some self-funded eccentric geneticist to begin engineering a superhuman race and maybe start a new super human society in an island somewhere until their numbers increase to the point that they can overthrow the rest of the world or else just infiltrate and take over from within. Sounds like sci-fi but nowadays probably totally feasible.
  5. geek2jock

    Tumblr is removing all porn on December 17th

    That is the general concensus. Social media platforms don't always make the best decisions for their longevity but rather get short-sighted by the frenzy of complying to cultural pressures even at the cost of their own survival. The history of platforms surviving after adopting more aggressive policing policies isn't on their side so ultimately it will send Tumblr into decline. On the plus side, sites like this one often get a little bump in the process. While not as flashy as a social media site, it's also not as gimmicky and not seeking public approval in the public forum for its content or even it's existence so except for the cross-linking issue it's pretty safe to assume MGF isn't going anywhere or changing anything any time soon.
  6. geek2jock

    My Superhero Boyfriend (Ch. 11)

    Thank you and I'm glad you're enjoying the storyline nonetheless.
  7. geek2jock

    My Superhero Boyfriend (Ch. 11)

    Well you are correct but also years ahead of the storyline so a lot can happen before that age-and-relationship dynamic becomes a bigger issue. But I also think you might be missing the subtext of it in that if Ethan knows he's immortal and Joshua is likely only the first in a long line of an eternity of loves then how much more significant that his reaction to Joshua's death was so catastrophic. I will admit that whole scenario is much further down the road than I've contemplated but I haven't discounted it's significance. There will be an aside which will prompt the couple to evaluate their respective longevities and at that point there will be a reconciling plot but don't get too worked up about it right now. Also, considering how impermanent death is in comic books and the quite obvious comic book genre of this storyline, if either dies it will undoubtedly be temporary as we've already seen with the whole timeline revision plot device.
  8. geek2jock

    Entire Body is a Cock

    Otherwise known as the section for people who can discern fiction from reality 😉
  9. For the clarity of writing this very complicated story line, I am splitting a segment of the series, 'My Superhero Boyfriend' into its own mini-series entitled 'Lines in the Sand' which will be posted in the Unfiltered Stories forum because it explores Ethan's origin and that means he'll be underage so I want to comply with the rules of the forum regarding stories containing underage characters.
  10. geek2jock

    My Superhero Boyfriend (Ch. 11)

    True but is it really even her speaking or is it just her voice that Ethan's subconscious happens to be using? If it's actually her and she can communicate telepathically AND inside frozen time then that would mean she's an alpha also, right?
  11. geek2jock

    My Superhero Boyfriend (Ch. 11)

    ?? Sorry, I didn't follow that. Apologies if its a typo or second-language confusion, I'm just not sure what you're talking about here.
  12. geek2jock

    My Superhero Boyfriend (Ch. 11)

    I can see I'm going to have to double-check all my circular references and not play fast and loose with continuity because apparently some alert readers are taking detailed notes! LOL I'm so glad you are all enjoying the story as much as I am enjoying writing it. I certainly will not give away any unrevealed plots but I can tell you that some of your theories and ideas are in the greater story arch so just enjoy it and look for your ideas or theories to be vindicated!
  13. geek2jock

    My Superhero Boyfriend (Ch. 11)

    I promise it's not Sixth Sense though
  14. geek2jock

    My Superhero Boyfriend (Ch. 11)

    Chapter 11 As the Christmas holiday approaches, Joshua's schedule gets incredibly hectic with multiple engagements performing for holiday-themed programs and events that pack his calendar all season long. In an effort to support Joshua, Ethan puts all of his own drama on the back burner and focuses on providing help and support for his fiancée to make it through the holiday with his sanity intact. As Joshua's temper runs short and his stress level mounts, Ethan is the consummate companion, providing a sympathetic ear or a stress-relieving punching bag if that's what is called for. Ethan begins to get into the rhythm of domestic life and throws himself into everything holiday-related, including finding the perfect tree, decorating the entire house, buying and wrapping presents, and even baking various types of cookies and sweets. If he still has any remaining desire to become a superhero someday, he is hiding it well. On the other hand, Ethan does text Lance to get information about Lance's so-called 'support group' to find out when he could meet up and see for himself what they're all about so he can get a sense of their true purpose and values. Lance says the details are usually shared very close to the actual gathering time so as soon as he knows he'll let Ethan know but it could be as little as two hours advance notice. Lance assures Ethan that this tactic is merely a precaution so that the group is not infiltrated by covert operatives looking to undermine them or worse. Ethan agrees to wait for Lance's text and in the meantime he goes about his perky Stepford-esque lifestyle. "Why can't you just rent one?" Joshua sighs and rolls his eyes from his seat next to the pedestal where Ethan stands as the tailor fits him for a made-to-measure tuxedo. "For one thing," Ethan replies calmly, "they don't have one in my size. For another, I'm going to need it several times in just the next month plus our big day next spring. Besides, you own your own tuxedo - what's the harm in me owning one as well?" "No harm I guess," Joshua smiles meekly, too distracted by the millions of things racing through his mind to carry on his side of an argument over something as trivial as buying-versus-renting a tuxedo. "And how do you know it will be in the spring? We can't even set a date until we choose a venue and some of those are booked years in advance." "Sweetie," Ethan turns and smiles down at Joshua affectionately, "don't sweat the small stuff." "The date and the venue aren't small stuff," Joshua looks up at Ethan, straining his neck as he is sitting down and Ethan is standing on a platform making Ethan appear ten feet tall. "They are the big stuff - very big stuff. Small stuff would be like the floral arrangements not being the same shade of ivory and pale blue as the wedding cake." "Ohmygod!" Ethan howls with laughter, so much so that the tailor accidentally sticks him in the leg with the needle but Ethan doesn't care. "You're going to be one of those bridezillas, aren't you?" "What?" Joshua squidges up his face in confusion. "You've never see these bridezillas?" Ethan tries to explain. "It's usually the bride who goes so bat-shit crazy because some little detail isn't just right that she starts biting people's heads off and firing people until she gets what she wants. They're more frightening than women in labor!" "I won't be like that," Joshua shakes his head dissentingly. "I'm just too overwhelmed with right now to worry about something six months away." "I know," Ethan steps down to comfort Joshua, dragging a frazzled tailor along with him who only wants to finish hemming Ethan's trouser cuff. Ethan stoops and puts his hands on the armrests of Joshua's chair, leaning in close. "Don't worry about it, I will take care of everything." "That's not what I'm saying," Joshua stares into Ethan's eyes and then gasps as he feels himself rising off the floor. Ethan picks up the chair with Joshua in it and stands back upright, holding both at chest level so that Joshua's feet are some four feet from the floor. Ethan tilts the chair forward a little, bringing Joshua's face an inch or so from his own. Joshua's first instinct is to hang on tightly to the chair but his reason overcomes his instinct as he knows Ethan will never let anything happen to him. "I... will... take... care... of... you..." Ethan softly but emphatically whispers and follows it with a long, lingering kiss. Ethan finally tilts Joshua's chair backwards a little which pulls their lips apart and Joshua is calmed, his eyes closed and his mind at peace if only for a moment. They both hear a small ripping sound and look down to see the tailor stand up and put both hands on his hips in frustration. "You didn't tell me that I'd have to leave room for your python," the tailor huffs so Ethan sets Joshua and his chair back on the floor just to see that his brief arousal has burst the seam of the trouser leg. "Do you expect this to happen a lot?" "Jeez, I hope so!" Joshua grins. "I would expect so," Ethan smirks, "we have plans for new years eve." "Listen hun," Joshua stands and collects his messenger bag from the floor, "I need to go but will I see you tonight at the concert?" "I won't miss it," Ethan winks and blows Joshua an air kiss before he turns to leave. After Joshua leaves, Ethan steps back up on the pedestal and the tailor resumes sewing up Ethan's cuff when Ethan's phone message tone sounds. Ethan pulls his phone from his pocket and glances at the message. "I need to go," he announces suddenly, "can I just leave these with you to finish?" "Sure thing," the tailor sighs, grateful that he can actually finish the alteration without the constant interruptions and distractions. Ethan quickly drops the trousers to his ankles and steps out of them, then grabs his street clothes and quickly puts them on. Stepping out of the tailoring shop, Ethan turns to head up the street but only gets a few steps when a flashy sports car rolls up next to him at the curb. Ethan stoops to look through the window as it descends where he sees Lance behind the wheel. "How do you think I'm going to fit into this thing?" Ethan asks. "I don't," Lance grins, "the meeting is in Djibouti." Ethan looks confused for a moment until he realizes that Lance expects him to fly them both and the sports car halfway around the world on a whim. "I have plans this evening you know," Ethan mutters. "Don't worry," Lance chuckles, "I have confidence you can make it there and back in time... but just to be safe," Lance reaches over and pulls his seatbelt across his chest, buckling it securely. "A lot of good that will do you if I drop your ass in the Atlantic," Ethan grumbles as he steps around to the back of the car. He squats down and feels around under the back bumper for something solid enough to grip. "Don't scratch it," Lance hollers out the open window, "I need to deliver it in showroom condition when we get there." "So now I'm in the exotic car delivery business?" Ethan bellows. "WE'RE in the exotic car delivery business!" Lance laughs and then hoots in excitement as the car launches into the air with a bound and is suddenly traveling through the air at speeds even the designers never intended for it to travel. In a few minutes they touch down outside of Djubouti City. Ethan gently lowers the car from off his back, trying to be careful not to drag its body along the ground as he gets it back on all four wheels. Ethan steps around to the driver side where Lance is climbing out with a severely windblown hairstyle. "You probably should have rolled up the windows," Ethan chuckles as Lance tries in vain to tame his mane. "So what's with the car?" "Some rich sheik is in the market for an American muscle car," Lance explains as he motions for Ethan to follow him, "and it's a lot easier to ship it from a port here and cut out a lot of the red tape and tariffs at American ports." "So essentially we're dodging import/export duties," Ethan surmises. "You know that's illegal." "Why are you so hung up on playing by their rules?" Lance huffs. "Why are you so against playing by any rules?" Ethan counters. They stop walking a few feet from a solid-looking block wall and Lance begins feeling around. Finding the correct block, he gives it a light push and an entire section of the wall opens up, revealing a hidden passageway. Lance leads the way and Ethan follows him into the passageway while the hidden entrance reseals itself and returns to an inconspicuously solid looking wall again. Up ahead of them is a moderately lit chamber and as they approach it Ethan is already scoping it out with his x-ray vision. He identifies five individuals, all human, and no other apparently passages or exits. He is comfortable with those odds and when the two men emerge into the light of the chamber the five occupants turn to acknowledge them. "Listen," Lance whispers to Ethan, "there's something I should probably tell you..." Before Lance can finish, a sparkle of lights appears on the other side of the room and a moment later Svetlana steps out of nowhere to join the conclave. Ethan freezes as he sees her arrival. "Is it that your ex-girlfriend is going to be here?" Ethan snarls. "No," Lance sighs as Svetlana runs up and tosses her arms around Lance, kissing him passionately as Ethan looks on in confusion. "It's that she's not my ex-girlfriend." Ethan feels his blood beginning to boil at the realization of the depth of betrayal he's experiencing. He clenches his fists so tightly with rage that they begin to smoke and glow white-hot, causing everyone else in the room to start backing up because they are aware of the unlimited power Ethan possesses. Lance and Svetlana stand their ground to try to calm him down by explaining. "I owe you explanation," Svetlana holds up her hands in submission, hoping to get through Ethan's fury to reason with him. "I was under orders from the Colonel to frame you in hopes to break up you and your boyfriend. That's when I realize the corps is not all truth and justice and American way. That's why we're all here. We think there must be better place for people like us." Ethan glares at Svetlana and she shutters as his eyes are white-hot, poised to incinerate her with a single blast of his heat vision, but as she explains her words get through to him and Ethan's eyes dim from fiery white to their natural hazel color. Ethan takes a deep breath and relaxes his fists which sizzle as they quickly cool from their white-hot fury back to room temperature. Ethan finally looks away from Svetlana towards Lance. "You knew about this that day at the gym?" Ethan examines Lance. "No," Lance nods. "I didn't find out until after that. When Svetlana explained it to me, that's when I came here, learned the truth about what the corps is really all about, and I immediately went and sought you out to let you know what I knew. That day? On your front porch?" "I remember," Ethan nods. A sudden look of realization crosses his face. "So that's why you weren't more upset that day that I wasn't pursing Svetlana with the same vengeance I came after you at the gym. You two were never broken up at all." "Honestly, no," Lance admits, "but I was completely in the dark at that point." "It comes with territory in special ops," Svetlana adds. "I get that," Ethan nods. "So what is the objective here? Do you all intend to overthrow the corps?" "Not overthrow," Lance explains, "expose the corps for what it really is... a superhuman mind control program designed to make alphas the draft horses of humanity. If a mortal is calling the shots and alphas are just supposed to obey unquestioningly, what does that make us? A slave race! We're smarter, stronger and faster than them and they fear us so they want to subjugate us and keep us from thinking for ourselves unless we rise up against them." "That sounds like an alpha rebellion," Ethan crosses his arms across his chest and glares in non-conviction. "You misunderstand," Svetlana interjects. "We don't want to hurt anybody. We just don't want to be controlled either. Call it 'perestroika'... we just want equal voice in our own destiny." "And that can't happen until the corps no longer has a monopoly on young supers," Lance adds. "But we need you," Svetlana implores Ethan. "Why?" Ethan remains skeptical although he understands their argument. "Quite frankly," Lance shrugs, "we need your charisma. I can sway a few people but if ETHAN EDWARDS speaks there won't be a recruit left in the corps. They would just fold up overnight." "You make this sound like a political campaign," Ethan chuckles at the preposterousness of their proposition. "It kind of is," Lance nods in agreement. "You are the number one Prime in the world - you can lead and they will follow you. Without you, we don't have a chance." Ethan growls softly as he considers what Lance and Svetlana are proposing. He closes his eyes and mulls it over for a few moments in his head. When he opens his eyes, he casually glances around the room and everyone assumes he's still contemplating when in actuality Ethan is scouting the room again with his x-ray vision to locate the exit. He is perturbed to discover that he cannot locate even the passageway which lead him to the chamber in the first place. Lance begins to recognize what Ethan is doing as he is glancing about. "It's a pocket dimension," Lance explains plainly. "We wanted to make sure we could keep your full attention long enough to make our point." "Well you've made your point," Ethan replies evenly but authoritatively, "but I'm not interested so show me the way out." "We can't do that," Svetlana answers with a tone of regret. "Not until you agree to join us." Ethan looks past Lance and Svetlana at the other five people in the room. "THEN ARE YOU ALL PREPARED TO DIE HERE?" Ethan roars, sending a small tremor through the entire structure and striking fear into the hearts of everyone present. His eyes begin to glow white-hot again and he re-clenches his fists as he amps himself up to carry out his threat when he hears the passageway opening behind him. His gambit paid off and he calms down, turning to exit the chamber alone. As he reaches the exterior end of the passage at the concealed block wall entrance, Lance quickly runs after his friend in a last ditch effort to persuade him. "Ethan!" Lance calls out and reaches Ethan as he emerges a few steps away from the block wall. "I know this must be a lot for you to process but I hope you won't just discount our cause entirely. Just take some time and think it over." "I should have left you for dead on that gym floor," Ethan snarls menacingly and simply trudges away to leave Lance in his past. "YOU DON'T MEAN THAT!" Lance finally musters the courage to shout before Ethan is out of range. Ethan simply throws up a middle finger over his shoulder and a second later rockets into the sky with a deafening sonic boom. By the time Ethan returns home, he realizes that he is running late for Joshua's performance and makes a hasty change of clothes before jetting across town. He lands on the steps of St. Cornelius Cathedral just as the ushers are beginning to close the doors and bounds up the stairs three at a time to make it before the last door closes. The usher smirks as he watches Ethan compose himself after brief sprint. "Almost missed the opening number," the usher comments. "I've heard it," Ethan chuckles, "about a thousand times already." The usher looks bewildered so Ethan explains. "My fiancée is the accompanist." "Oh," the usher nods, and then opens a copy of the program to see the picture of Joshua as the accompanist. "Oh!" the usher repeats, this time with a more obvious tone of realization. He puts his fist to his mouth and bites down hard on his index finger as he gets a mental image of handsome Joshua and the hulking behemoth Ethan as a couple and all that implies. Ethan tries to be as subtle as a six and a half foot, four hundred pound muscled behemoth can be in a cathedral but every noise is amplified by the lively acoustics of the room. He finds his reserved seat in the front row and sits as gently as possible but the wooden pew creaks loudly under his weight and everyone can hear it with resonating clarity. A moment later, the main lights dim and the spotlight opens on the music director who bows to the audience and then to the orchestra and 250 voice choir. He raises his baton in one hand and the entire ensemble rises in preparation for the opening number of the program. Ethan senses a pang of anxiety and is perplexed because he is only sitting in the audience - then he realizes what he is feeling may be a sympathetic anxiety for Joshua. He looks across to the grand piano and catches the look of panic on Joshua's face. In that moment Ethan wishes that time could just stop for a while so he could comfort his nervous fiancée. The conductor's hand remains upraised. The orchestra remains at the ready. The choir remains inhaled, ready for their first note to ring out. The entire scene is at climax, and yet... and yet... Ethan realizes this is taking too long. He looks around. The audience is motionless. The ensemble is motionless. The flickering of the candles is motionless. Ethan recognizes this effect. He casually stands and looks around to see if he can spot a familiar face. "Save him," a familiar feminine voice whispers into Ethan's ear. Ethan spins around abruptly but there is no one behind him. He begins to wonder if he's dreaming again but this is not the work of derVoernenhauser which is immovably installed in Joshua's house. So what the hell is going on? "Corey?" Joshua calls out from the piano and Ethan spins back around to see that Joshua is not frozen like the rest. "Joshua!" Ethan cries out and almost in tears he charges up to the piano loft, picking his way through the frozen orchestra to get there. "Is this you?" Joshua asks. "No," Ethan nods and hugs Joshua tightly. "Are you alright?" "I guess so, why?" Joshua seems confused by the question. "I just sensed that you were panicking," Ethan explains. "Or maybe I was just panicking on your behalf." "Actually, I was," Joshua admits. "I've played this a thousand times but for some reason when it came to this performance, I just felt like I was so distracted and detached and then suddenly here I was totally unprepared." "It's all the stress I put on you with the proposal, isn't it?" Ethan sinks to his knees and takes both of Joshua's hands in his own. "I should have waiting until after new year's when you wouldn't have been under so much stress." "It's not that," Joshua leans his forehead against Ethan's and they fix eyes. "I don't think I would have made it this far if I suspected that you were going to ask but were holding off. It's... something else." "Wait," Ethan suddenly realizes, "why did you just call out 'Corey'?" "Your friend Corey," Joshua replies, "from the club in Amsterdam... he's a time traveler. He could be doing this." Ethan stands up and looks around again, this time at least he thinks he knows what or who he is looking for but he does not see Corey anywhere. He thinks he glimpses a familiar face for a split second but it's gone before he can focus in on it but it definitely wasn't Corey's face. It was that little girl but Ethan cannot recall where he has seen her before. "So what happens now?" Joshua asks as Ethan uses his x-ray vision to scan outside of the cathedral and gasps. "Now I get you out of here!" Ethan announces confidently and he scoops up Joshua in his arms. Disregarding the historical and religious significance of the structure, Ethan uses his laser vision to cut a hole in the ceiling and as the plaster rains down into an empty belfry he launches into the air and flies Joshua through the hole in the roof out of the building. Looking over Ethan's shoulder, Joshua can faintly make out the silhouettes of several large armored vehicles parked around the perimeter of the cathedral and a squadron of soldiers poised to break in the front doors. From their vantage point in the air, the entire scene looks like a diorama of sorts, frozen in a moment of time. Inside the cathedral, as time resumes the conductor's hand swoops down and the orchestra swells with the opening strains of the musical number but within a stanza the conductor abruptly cuts the performance as the piano accompaniment is so obviously lacking from the score. He glares over at the piano and then is perplexed about where the pianist has disappeared. The audience begins to murmur in confusion as well but very quickly the murmuring turns to screams of fear as a series of small explosions disintegrates the large doors of the sanctuary and in floods a squadron of heavily armed soldiers. They sweep through the audience quickly but harm no one, arriving at the front of the room and sweeping the orchestra and choir lofts as well. A lone soldier strides in after the rest of his squadron has swept the building and marches straight up to the piano loft. Looking up, he sees the hole in the ceiling and shakes his head in disappointment. "STAND DOWN!" he barks and the squadron all lower their weapons, standing more casually around the perimeter of the interior of the building. "The chronostraticartographer," the senior soldier snarls under his breath to no one in particular. Looking around, he realizes the appearance this whole military raid on a peaceful holiday celebration requires some plausible explanation. "Ladies and gentlemen, I apologize for this intrusion. We had reason to believe there was a terrorist threat aimed at this event but I am confident the threat has been discounted. Again, I apologize for the disruption and, uh, have a happy holiday." He swirls his finger in the air to signal his soldiers to exit and within a minute they have evacuated the building, leaving an audience and ensemble that is shaken and confused. Outside the cathedral as the soldiers climb into their vehicles and begin to depart, one soldier leans out from his vehicle to attract the ranking soldier's attention. "Colonel?" he calls out, "it's for you." and he offers a large military mobile phone to the Colonel. "No sir, the target escaped..." the Colonel explains. "I suspect he had help... yes, he is that fast but he had no suspicion before he vanished... I will take care of it... yes, my way." Ethan lands on the white sanded Florida beach and gently lowers Joshua to his feet. "What the hell is going on?" Joshua demands. "I don't know," Ethan admits, "but something just isn't adding up about this." "About what?" Joshua asks again, still confused about what is going on. "I don't know!" Ethan replies loudly in frustration. "I tell you that I don't know what's going on but something is definitely going on here." Ethan begins stomping around in large circles in the sand, kicking up large plumes with his feet with every stride. "So start from the beginning," Joshua tries to calm Ethan down so he can reason clearly and perhaps deduce what is going on but can't as long as he's agitated. "COREY!" Ethan yells out into the evening air. "I KNOW THIS WAS YOU!" "What does Corey have to do with this?" Joshua asks again, trying to focus Ethan. "There has to be another one!" Ethan concludes to himself. "Another what?" Joshua asks, still not understanding even what Ethan is talking about. "Another chrononaut," Ethan smiles with glee for figuring it out by himself. "Another one who can stop time and create pocket dimensions and such. It's the only explanation!" "There's another possible explanation," Joshua offers. "but you're not going to like it." "If you say that Corey's one of them," Ethan stomps over and waves a finger in Joshua's face. Joshua stands firm but confirms with his eyes that's exactly what he's implying. Ethan groans in frustration and drops to his knees in the sand in front of Joshua. Exhausted by the barrage of unpleasant revelations throughout the day, Ethan throws his arms around Joshua's hips and just goes limp, nearly pulling Joshua to the ground on his knees as well. Joshua puts his hands on Ethan's head and gently massages his fingers through Ethan's hair. After a few moments of self-indulgence, Ethan exhales a deep sigh and sits back up, giving Joshua's pants a little tug back up to his waist as Ethan had sagged them down with his embrace. "Start from the beginning," Joshua drops to his knees and places his hands on Ethan's cheeks. "I'm not even sure where the beginning is," Ethan moans. "All I know is my best friend betrayed me, his girlfriend framed me, they both tried to recruit me into their new-age alpha cult intent on destroying the corps, and now the corps is after me too and I don't know why." "Where does Corey fit into all of that?" Joshua asks. "He, um..." Ethan begins to fit the pieces together to see where Corey fits in. "I guess he doesn't... well, all except for the concert - I mean, that had to be him... but that was helping me, helping us, not to hurt us." "Exactly," Joshua confirms Ethan's conclusion. "But if it was him, why didn't he reveal himself?" "He never reveals himself in timelines," Ethan explains. "If he did, it would confirm that the timeline is being altered and even the knowledge that it's being altered can undo whatever change is being made. But she was there too." "Who's she?" Joshua asks. "Your student!" Ethan finally confirms where he remembers her face. "the prodigy who's going to Broadway!" "Abby?" Joshua asks incredulously. "Abby DeWeiss?" "Yes, Abby!" Ethan grows excited. "I saw Abby in the audience but only for a split second... like she was there and then she was gone." "Maybe she was just in the audience," Joshua rationalizes, "that doesn't mean she's a part of all this." "No! No," Ethan nods his head and takes Joshua's hands in his pleading for Joshua to trust what he's saying, "it was her voice.. she spoke to me." "She spoke to you," Joshua tries to understand. "When? What did she say?" "When time stopped," Ethan suddenly begins to put it all together, "it was her voice that said, 'rescue him' meaning I was supposed to rescue you and I did. That means SHE knew what was coming before I did!" "Ethan," Joshua tries to reason with Ethan as he begins to sounds a little unhinged, "isn't it possible that you subconsciously sensed the danger, Corey stopped time to give you an opportunity to act, and the voice you heard was just your subconscious using Abby's voice or whatever voice that you're ascribing to Abby? Abby is not supernatural... she's an exceptionally gifted twelve year old piano prodigy but that's all." "Maybe you're right," Ethan sighs and falls backwards a little so that his buttocks land on his ankles in a sitting position. "Perhaps we should consider resuming counseling sessions," Joshua offers. "We never even looked at any of the recommendations from the last therapist." Ethan gives Joshua a perplexed stare. "What therapist? What are you talking about... counseling sessions?" "The therapist we were seeing for like four months?" Joshua elaborates, confused about why Ethan doesn't remember something so recent in their shared past. "Our relationship counseling sessions?" "We've never been to relationship counseling," Ethan gives Joshua a suspicious glare and slowly starts to lean away from him a little, unsure what game this is he's playing.
  15. geek2jock

    My Superhero Boyfriend (Ch. 5)

    Stop trying to get ahead of the story! 😉

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