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    real profile.
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    Bodybuilding growth electronics engineering
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    5ft2 77kg
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    Chats with fellow guys wanting to be huge and any fans not into RP though

    Sponsos and good info to add to my growing knowledge of bodybuilding
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    5ft2 100kg lean would be awesome
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    Anything with rapid uncontrolled muscle growth
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    Lee preist

    Alexey lesukov
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    Growth gear nipples! Feeding sessions for growth

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  1. Great pec shelf😍👍🏼

  2. Hey can you post more photos of your sexy self

  3. I find huge guts to be crazy hot but also find skinny guys with the willing and drive to get huge hotter to see th the growth there going to go through yumm were me skinny guy to grow!!

    1. nyricanmuscle


      I'm right there with you. Can't help but to get turned on by development and just size gains. So hot.

  4. Still on the hunt for real life muscle growth with a guy a simaler age to do each others injection's and food prep training grow huge together :D were is he ?!

  5. Had my first comment about I'm to big and should slow down haha no chance

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. growcubgrow


      That is so hot! Keep growing!

    3. muscledoz
    4. cg12345


      Keep going, stud. Grow beyond godlike!

  6. Living the fantasy and being grown by guys loveing it <3

  7. Need to build up more regular local fans to worship me in Watford and around London

    1. musclepuppi


      I recommend using grindr/scruff/manhunt for them. There are a few in your area I know of

    2. Bratt


      I wish I lived in London so I could worship you and make you grow bigger!

  8. ha when your balls get pushed outwards by your thick quads XD

    1. tigerbeef
    2. MLMuscle


      Even better is when your balls grow big enough to push your quads apart! :)

  9. I'll mega slow down must be fit for gym and new growth again !!

  10. nerdmuscle on skype when I'm bored

  11. when you feel your pecs bounce as you walk getting bigger

  12. hmm house party to show off my muscles or into london soho to show off my muscles

  13. guy at work wont stop touching my arms... lol

    1. pasidious


      nice, do you love it?

    2. musclenerd


      O i sure do ;) muscle growth dose strange things to people

  14. what would be nice is a BF a similar age that i can grow with even if hes skinny now a passion for growth is all he needs were is he xD

    1. JoeM242


      Know that thought. Want someone to grow insane. Just take care of, the whole bber lifestyle.

  15. after a good London meet up for worship in the mood for more ;)

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