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  1. Totally agree. Stress can be a disaster. On the contrary I had a few spells of relaxed periods (not many sigh) where I definitely bulked up big time, fascinating how the body reacts to levels of stress! also protein isolate combined with creatine in my shakes has a good effect since after a few weeks of that some guys asked me “are you on now?” #score lol and some friends told me that both protein powders and creatine just bloats them with no good results. Very variable effects, although in general protein intake... works
  2. Hi all, After a long time meal prepping and having to deal with busy and stressful periods (everything looks great and planned at the beginning but then life gets crazy!) I have decided that I needed to simplify my tactics to keep getting results. Assuming the diet is generally not too bad, and that I know which bad carbs to avoid and good ones to eat, the one thing I lacked was enough protein. I was eating about 100-120 g a day and that’s probably not enough. I then assumed that 160-180g would be a decent target (I am 6’ tall and 97kg) and I am now just estimating the protein content and making sure I eat enough. If I don’t reach it, I’d add protein shakes, milk or yoghurt in the evening to balance. 2 weeks in and seems to be working (more time will tell more). I am curious as what other guys do. Do you track all your nutrients? How do you manage your time (I’m very busy and sometimes meal prepping is a nice unrealistic idea). luckily here in Sydney there are lots of healthy and protein loaded options everywhere... Very determined to get from current 97kg to a quality 100kg by Xmas! let me know what you guys think!
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