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    Muscle growth, gigantic growth, size diference, super strength, inhuman strength, young muscle.
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    6' tall, 230 pounds.
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    Someone to RP with, people nearby to train with. Also friends who are into growth and people to grow with.
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    Grahama the Bigger the Better, Uberteen, anything from LondonBoy
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    Muscle, strength macrophilia!

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  1. Thanks for the shout out in your profile.  I'm honored.

  2. inhumanyuyin

    Myostatin Inhibitors

    I don't think that there are any legit inhibitors on the market. Besides, even if they existed I'd doubt their efficiency. There are many more things to building muscle than myostatin, and overall inhibiting could have a deleterious effect.
  3. This story is great. I really love the whole concept of having a relationship with such a super being
  4. inhumanyuyin

    My Superhero Boyfriend (Ch. 11)

    Interesting. I wonder if this Ethan is from a whole different timeline.
  5. inhumanyuyin

    My little buddy

    It's an amazing story, I don't know how I could have missed it
  6. I sent you a Skype invite to chat about our mutual interests/fetishes.  Hope that's okay!

  7. Hola! Es bueno ver a alguien mas de Mexico!

  8. inhumanyuyin

    Having someone believe in you

    I recently started training with a personal trainer, and it's really refreshing to know that no matter what, he believes in me. It truly makes me feel hopeful when a seasoned pro tells me that I could be a mass monster myself if i wanted.
  9. Hey man, so much into that kind of thing as well : super strength, inhuman strength, young muscle

  10. Hey man, I'm really into strength, and I really love your stories. You are fucking awesome 

    1. lewj99


      Wow, thanks!  With how dead the Yahoo group is now, I didn't know if many people were reading them anymore.  Nothing hotter than a massively built dude with freakish, car-bending strength.

    2. inhumanyuyin


      Hell yeah, nothing like a man who makes steel screech under his power. A very big buff man, a giant and god among men!

    3. MuscleStrengthFreak


      totally agree, guys.  I love muscle, but I think superstrength is even better...able to do anything, lift/squeeze/crush/bend/break...even snuff another guy with his bare hands just by squeezing and toying with him.

  11. Hello man, would love to see you grow bigger and buffer!

  12. hey...great profile, man.  if you need a muscletoy to play with...chat fun...find me in chat rooms, big guy. 


  13. Follow me on IG @inhumanyuyin


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