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    writing, reading, cooking, nutrition, science fiction, talk radio, astronomy, history, hiking, camping
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    180 lbs, 5'9", don't know my body fat but it's lower than before, 34 inch waist, lost 6 inches from my waist in one year.
  • What are you seeking?
    I want to be Big.
  • What are your dream stats?
    250 lbs
  • Favorite Stories
    Clarence's "Destiny Rewound", "Coven Coin" and "Second Chances".

    Aardvark's "Photo Booth" series

    Jaypat's "The Swimming Hole", "Second Puberty", "The Gifted Child", and "The Bunker"

    Londonboy's "My Roommate's Body"

    Xyggurat's "Uneven Desires" which was based on another story by KillerWhaleZeus. Both are great.

    Xyggurat's "The Roommate"

    Lloyd's "Tommy", "Revisionist History" and "Mike"

    A Mother's Curse - Lucas and Connor

    "I Wish" - author? It was a genie story

    "Liquid Manhood" by ABSQRST

    "If the Shoe Fits..." by LinkX

    "Ryan, My "Little" Brother" - author? rewrite of another story but improved vastly

    "The Symbiote War" by seventhwave

    "Elongro" by dredlifter
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Seth Feroce, Zeb Atlas, Mark Dalton, Antoine V, Jeremy Walker (porn star), Tim Terwilliger
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    power exchange / role change

    adult incest (dad/son, brothers, uncle/nephew, grandpa/grandson)

    body swap (where two men switch bodies)

    muscle theft

    nerd/wimp to jock

    jock to wimp/nerd

    masculinization (effeminate to extremely masculine)

    personality change (either becoming more dominant or submissive dramatically)


    domination by master

    wishes / genies / ultimate power

    businessman, very successful men in suits


    bullies that turn out to be gay

    turning the tables after years gone by (where someone from your past has grown HUGE since you knew them as a kid/teen)

    hypnotism and/or brainwashing

    cigars and pipes, guys taking up smoking as they become more masculine / gain muscle

    nice and clean cut to bad boy stories

    white collar to blue collar or blue collar to white collar (role swap, job swap, identity swap, reality alteration, clothes swap)

    gaining intelligence

    muscle growth from experiments

    Cigars are my biggest fetish by far.

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  1. Just read the ending. That was hot! What a great ride of a story. I'm glad you enjoyed writing it above everything. It seems like you had a lot of fun with all of this.
  2. Just read this for the first time. Loved every part of it. Bravo. It was really hot, man.
  3. This was so great. I hope you continue it. I love muscle theft. It's my favorite theme and this was a lot of fun to read.
  4. I'd love to see his dad make his wife pregnant. That way he'd be forced to raise his own little brother. The ultimate cuck.
  5. Just read the last part and now I'm on the edge of my seat! I hope he reverses everything somehow.
  6. This photo instantly reminded me of this story...and My Twin Moves On. I love stories about one twin getting super muscular and the other being left behind as a skinny beta male...
  7. This is one of my favorite stories and I'm so glad you added to it. It's so suspenseful. I love how you've drawn it out.
  8. What an incredibly well written story. A fascinating main character. Really love his progression so far. You really do have an astoundingly original story here and it's beginning to get very hot.
  9. Why are there no normal sized people at this wedding? Did they not invite their normal sized families? I was sort of hoping he would bathe Trevor in his cum and make him eat it. I disagree with ploder that Trevor should get dumber. I think that would be too cruel.
  10. This is a fun story! Loved him drinking his own cum from his condom!!!
  11. I really hope his dad starts to fuck him as well. I want Matt to make his son his BITCH.
  12. I'm up to part 2 and it was so well written I just had to chime in. The buildup is fantastic. You really have given us one of the most realistically written sounding stories in forever. Top notch. I love the ending of part 2 with the pull up bar. Very unexpected cliffhanger but I love where you are going with this. You have such a great buildup and backstory that you can pretty much do anything from here on and it will be supported by the believable scifi medical genre you've used. The terminology and the surgery scene, all of those were great. Can't wait to watch him to get bigger than all the SWAT team guys!
  13. Wow...I loved ALL of this. I can't wait for more! This is great! I love how you wrote a cuckold story with actual depth and a possible muscle theft / muscle alpha hypno-persuasion storyline. I want to know how his father is bending him to his will, and I hope his takes over his house!
  14. You don't really know what's happening to Devon. It isn't torture...per se...
  15. The treading water scene where Seth revealed he was actually standing and Trev holds onto him was so incredibly erotic. Especially for the line that Trev looked at Seth like a superhero and Seth looked at Trev like his best little fan. Ungh.
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