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    Clarence's "Destiny Rewound", "Coven Coin" and "Second Chances".

    Aardvark's "Photo Booth" series

    Jaypat's "The Swimming Hole", "Second Puberty", "The Gifted Child", and "The Bunker"

    Londonboy's "My Roommate's Body"

    Xyggurat's "Uneven Desires" which was based on another story by KillerWhaleZeus. Both are great.

    Xyggurat's "The Roommate"

    Lloyd's "Tommy", "Revisionist History" and "Mike"

    A Mother's Curse - Lucas and Connor

    "I Wish" - author? It was a genie story

    "Liquid Manhood" by ABSQRST

    "If the Shoe Fits..." by LinkX

    "Ryan, My "Little" Brother" - author? rewrite of another story but improved vastly

    "The Symbiote War" by seventhwave

    "Elongro" by dredlifter
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    Seth Feroce, Zeb Atlas, Mark Dalton, Antoine V, Jeremy Walker (porn star), Tim Terwilliger
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    power exchange / role change

    adult incest (dad/son, brothers, uncle/nephew, grandpa/grandson)

    body swap (where two men switch bodies)

    muscle theft

    nerd/wimp to jock

    jock to wimp/nerd

    masculinization (effeminate to extremely masculine)

    personality change (either becoming more dominant or submissive dramatically)


    domination by master

    wishes / genies / ultimate power

    businessman, very successful men in suits


    bullies that turn out to be gay

    turning the tables after years gone by (where someone from your past has grown HUGE since you knew them as a kid/teen)

    hypnotism and/or brainwashing

    cigars and pipes, guys taking up smoking as they become more masculine / gain muscle

    nice and clean cut to bad boy stories

    white collar to blue collar or blue collar to white collar (role swap, job swap, identity swap, reality alteration, clothes swap)

    gaining intelligence

    muscle growth from experiments

    Cigars are my biggest fetish by far.

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  1. This photo instantly reminded me of this story...and My Twin Moves On. I love stories about one twin getting super muscular and the other being left behind as a skinny beta male...
  2. This is one of my favorite stories and I'm so glad you added to it. It's so suspenseful. I love how you've drawn it out.
  3. What an incredibly well written story. A fascinating main character. Really love his progression so far. You really do have an astoundingly original story here and it's beginning to get very hot.
  4. Why are there no normal sized people at this wedding? Did they not invite their normal sized families? I was sort of hoping he would bathe Trevor in his cum and make him eat it. I disagree with ploder that Trevor should get dumber. I think that would be too cruel.
  5. This is a fun story! Loved him drinking his own cum from his condom!!!
  6. I really hope his dad starts to fuck him as well. I want Matt to make his son his BITCH.
  7. I'm up to part 2 and it was so well written I just had to chime in. The buildup is fantastic. You really have given us one of the most realistically written sounding stories in forever. Top notch. I love the ending of part 2 with the pull up bar. Very unexpected cliffhanger but I love where you are going with this. You have such a great buildup and backstory that you can pretty much do anything from here on and it will be supported by the believable scifi medical genre you've used. The terminology and the surgery scene, all of those were great. Can't wait to watch him to get bigger than all the SWAT team guys!
  8. Wow...I loved ALL of this. I can't wait for more! This is great! I love how you wrote a cuckold story with actual depth and a possible muscle theft / muscle alpha hypno-persuasion storyline. I want to know how his father is bending him to his will, and I hope his takes over his house!
  9. You don't really know what's happening to Devon. It isn't torture...per se...
  10. The treading water scene where Seth revealed he was actually standing and Trev holds onto him was so incredibly erotic. Especially for the line that Trev looked at Seth like a superhero and Seth looked at Trev like his best little fan. Ungh.
  11. Part 29 This episode of Dane's Ghost contains themes of scary horror situations and scenes of a graphic sexual nature. Viewer discretion is advised. OCTOBER October arrived and with it came cold, fast winds. The entire school had been whooshing all day with the sound of leaves blowing around everywhere, just a constant sea of background noise, like waves crashing in the ocean. Cold but sunny days became the norm. Dane took me to his lacrosse games, in spite of everything. He’s really good. He’s amazing. I’d never watched lacrosse before but it’s exciting when it’s someone you know that you can cheer for. And I cheered for Dane. Everything he did I cheered. I got so carried away that friends of ours were laughing at me and telling me to put a lid on it. I have never been a sports fan before, but I guess it’s easy to see where people can get carried away whooping and hollering when it’s someone you really care about running over a field. Especially when that someone fucks me quite often and it taller than me by a foot and can curl me in his giant arms and…what…oh yeah, October. October. October had always been my favorite month because it meant Halloween. Halloween decorations started to pop up in stores and I gleefully decided to buy a few things to decorate our apartment. However, when I got home I learned that Brian and Todd had a problem with anything celebrating Satanism. I convinced them that the witch cackling Happy Halloween on the door hanger I bought wasn’t Satanic because she was actually agnostic pagan and didn’t subscribe to notions of either God or Satan and doesn’t really view potions as witchcraft. She was usually just making a poultice for her arthritis because the Catholic Church had banned medicine at the time. It helps to have a creative mind when you live with people with different belief systems. I was working late near the quad in the tutoring center. I was working with some grateful girls who could finally tell you how the chemistry behind the respiration of plants worked and write equations for salinity of the ocean. You know, kids stuff. I was getting some extra work, and that was a good thing. It was Friday night and everyone had gone home. It was spooky because, and this is the honest to god truth, an owl started hooting. I had never heard an owl hoot at this whole school. An owl hooting into the night. I wanted to take him home to meet my roommates. I wondered if I could get animal zapping hypno powers. How cool would I look going around school with an owl on my arm! Oh, man! I had to ask for that. Maybe Lady Howe could… I stopped. For a split second, I thought I heard a pair of footsteps that were landing at the exact same time as mine. But I had just looked behind me a minute ago and no one had been there. So, that was ridiculous. I took a few more steps and stopped again. I heard it. Oh God, I definitely heard it. Another man’s steps pacing at the exact same time. And then the sound of me breathing in with my entire spine constricting in horror and panic creeping into my entire mind. And then the unmistakeable sound of footsteps running toward me, panting, from just maybe far enough, 100 feet, enough for me to get away. So I began to run. Run fast. I knew whoever it was, was going to catch up to me, so I swung around to put my arms up in defense so at least my head didn’t get bashed. It was him, of course. It was Devon. Of course, it was Devon. Face twisted in rage. A face that could have been on a magazine. So cute. Not cute now. Twisted in hatred. The baseball bat was about to fly. But then, for some reason, he struggled and his arm seemed stuck in the air. The baseball bat fell on the ground. “You fucking faggot. I’m gonna fucking kill you! You are gonna fucking die!” He said it, well, spat it at me, just loud enough for me to hear him. Spittle flying in the air. He was saying the words with such ferocity, I couldn’t believe it for a second. How could anyone hate me so much and oh yeah he’s a homophobic cunt and I threatened to sort of kill him with a knife. Dane took my knife. Fuck. My eyes focused on something new. I was just staring at whatever was now on top of Devon. And then it came over Devon’s shoulder. I heard a little rattling sound that became a growl. Have you ever heard anything like that before? No? Me either. It doesn’t fucking exist in nature. A long fingered hand, no, a claw fell over Devon’s shoulder. With dark, slimy looking skin, like wet tree bark. “I…I can’t move…” I heard him say it just as its head came over the other shoulder. I shuddered in instant disgust. Its head looked almost amphibious. Not even reptilian or fish like. I mean, it was this mottled gray-green, and it looked like it was coated with some kind of slime. Its eyes were milky gray glass, and the retinas, which I saw for only a brief second, made me want to instantly throw up. They were like two goat eyes inside each eye, double goat pupil slits sitting one over the other. It growled again, and it was like several growls from several chambers inside its ungodly body. It opened its mouth. Filled with jaws, and jaws within jaws. It slavered over Devon, and a hot pool of saliva fell from its mouth onto the jock’s black jacket. I knew my biology and my biochemistry and this did not compute. “What the fuck?” I uttered in a low, shocked, hushed voice. “Help me,” he squeaked. And then zoomed away. It was like he just fell back. Like the way that people in an airport move backwards on a conveyor belt, disappearing into the horizon point. But he moved across the whole school, into the distance beyond the parking lot, in a second. “What the…what the fuck!” I screamed, my voice cracking. I was utterly horrified. I bounced back up, clinging desperately to my backpack, and scampered a few paces and was about to force myself to scream for help when someone walked right in front of me. “Whoa whoa whoa!” “AHHHHHH!” I screamed. It was Mack! Mack the gay greaser, home from wherever level of heaven he’d been hiding in. “It’s okay! It’s just me! It’s your friend!” He had his hands on me and was comforting me, and I felt him hold me for a brief moment. “You’re okay, buddy. This big palooka, you don’t have to worry about him. Let’s just mozey on along, huh partner? Like they say in the movies. Let’s mozy on out. Nice and easy.” “What the hell was that thing?” I asked between clenched teeth. “It was…not from around here. It came from Downstairs.” We had turned around the building wall on my left hand side. We were walking back to the dorms. “Downstairs? What do you mean? You mean…as in HELL?” “It was a demon, but hell…we don’t like to use that word. It’s sort of inaccurate. It’s not really that bad. Well. Some of it is. The child molester circle is pretty hardcore and that is pretty much what you’ve heard. You know, pitchforks, fire, brimstone, Kathie Lee Gifford albums. The rest of it is more geared towards a greater understanding of the inner self. And some occasional torture.” “Oh. Well, that’s a comfort.” I was still a little stunned. This didn’t seem like the best time to have this conversation. “So, one little thing. I’m actually Earthbound and reassigned right now. So, everyone can see me. So, try and act normal when we get back to your place.” “You do what now?” “Don’t make me repeat myself, kid. Come on. Vamoose.” Mack ushered me into the dorm when we got there. My head was swimming. Mack explained to my roommates I was doing a project with him and he introduced himself. He instantly said some things about them I don’t remember, about friends of their in classes I wasn’t in and they warmly welcomed him. Dane was shocked when we came in and stood up, towering over us both. “Dane, this is Mack. He’s come from heaven and he has something to tell us.” “Hey, how’s it going, buddy. Boy, he is a tall drink of water! You’re hot not but you would have been radioactive in my time. God, you’re big. Being in a body again is so weird, by the way. God help me from temptation. Or, just maybe I should give in to temptation. No, sorry. I’m sorry. What was I talking about? Your boyfriend is beautiful.” “I know. So, wait, you’re not dead now?” “Technically, I’m in a loaner body and it’s only for Earth assignments. It’s very complicated. I get to slip in and out of your reality on Earth. And then it will be semi-permanent. There’s a million forms to fill out for that. And it’s not on paper, it’s like plugging yourself into that Matrix movie thingy, you know? The movie you saw. I got to watch it only because you were there. I was guarding you at the time. Anyway. Wow, you are also very hot, mister.” “Thank you!” I was so complimented. The cute dead gay man thought I was hot! I couldn’t help but smile. “What is going on again?” Dane interrupted my daydream about Mack and me writhing naked on the beach like in From Here to Eternity. “What?” I blinked. “Okay. Both of you sit down. I am going to go over this. There’s a lot to go over. Yes, hi. I’m Mack. I was the guardian attached to this area before, getting souls to go into the light. I was also Pete’s case worker on the other side. I got promoted so Lady Howe took over.” “This is crazy,” Dane looked at me. “He’s kidding, right?” “No,” I shook my head in bewilderment. “But…I don’t know why he’s here. This has never happened before. Neither of them even could touch me before.” “That’s changed. I have a lot to rectify here. Now, as for Devon-“ “Devon? What about Devon?” Dane asked angrily. “Nothing. He tried to attack me with a baseball bat and SOMEone gave my knife away!” “He needed to take your knife away. If that bozo had gone to the school and they found it on you, you’d be out on the street. Trust me. I gave him the idea. And you listened! Good job, buddy! Some humans just can’t absorb anything. Dane is actually really good at receiving ideas. It’s because he’s so in touch with his conscience, you see. It’s all about the hardwiring, and your willingness to learn the system, so to speak.” “So, what about Devon? Am I gonna have to kill him?” Dane asked. “Cause I’m gonna fucking kill him.” “Well, see, the thing is,” Mack said, a bit flustered. “He can’t be killed where he’s been taken.” He shrugged. We both stared at him and then at each other. “What he’s trying to say is that Devon was taken to Hell by a demon frog thing with long claws and it was really scary, but I’m totally fine. And that’s all that’s important.” Dane’s face fell and then he looked up and Mack. “What??” His face gave way to utter disbelief. Dane stared around him. “I want to go work out at the gym now.” “I like this boy’s one track mind! You work those gigantic muscles, big boy. Boy, I’d love to reach out and touch those globelike…god…I need to stop my hormones. Keep them in check! I haven’t had them in so long! God, your boyfriend is so hot…oh and you are also. Don’t get me wrong.” “Could you please just tell us what the fuck is happening!” I snapped. “Okay. You have been considered for a really important assignment. I mean, the telepathy thing you two did back at Hotel Love Shack? That wasn’t planned. You somehow developed telepathy early. A lot of things have gone wrong with you, Pete. Things that weren’t according to plan. That’s why we originally showed up to you.” “I’m confused.” “So am I,” said Dane. “What do you mean things went wrong? Things are good right now.” “Okay. The thing is there’s a bureaucracy that is usually very organized. It’s impossible to screw it up. We have had this system for forever. Literally. However. There was a slight mistake made with Pete’s life. Pete was never supposed to come here. There were things set up for him. He was supposed to get a pair of really good foster parents. His intelligence was off the scale but he needed some kind of guidance. Something to lessen his intense anxiety. No offense.” “None taken. I’m slightly less of a nervous trainwreck now.” “You were never supposed to have even met each other,” Mack finished. “All of this was interference. There was a request from Downstairs to make your life more difficult. It wasn’t supposed to get granted. But someone did grant it and that was a mistake. You weren’t supposed to spend the last few years in foster care alone. And so we’ve been monitoring you. So has Downstairs. They claim they don’t know anything about the request denial. We know they’re lying about something. It’s all very uncomforting.” I stared at him. “You’re from Heaven. Your job is to be comforting. I thought. You’re really bad at your job.” “So what the hell are you going to do about it? This mistake? We were never supposed to meet? So you’re not going to take him away from me!” “No. No no. We would never. We noticed when Pete did arrive that you two had synchronicity charts and we had no idea that someone would be able to bond with Pete as well as you did until we did the compatibility math. You guys were out of sight. Completely up in space, you were so out of sight. Together you work. So we set things so you’d meet. You’re welcome for that. But, the thing is we had certain things we needed you to do. And now you’re on a completely different path. So we have to redesign everything. Every person whose life you were going to affect before, we need other people to fill in those slots. And then we need to get you new slots. Is all of this making sense?” “You fucked my life up and now you’re trying to make it better and not suck as fucking much.” “You do get it.” I wanted to collapse. “Am I the only one worried what people will do when they find out Devon is missing? I had a huge fight with him just recently. What if the police come?” Dane asked, sanely. I couldn’t believe he could foresee that, but it was very logical. “That…won’t happen. Devon is coming back soon. Right now he’s in a very special place.” “You mean Hell?” “It’s actually not Hell. They don’t use that word. It’s racist, by the way. No, he’s in a sort of…hospital.” “A hospital?” I scrunched my face in confusion. “You have a hospital in hell?” “Well, yes. It’s the scene of some unfortunate scenarios during peak season. It’s empty now, though. Except for Devon and his…caregivers. He’ll be there for about a week and no one will ask any questions as to why he’s gone. Little trick with memory. No one will remember him for the time he’s gone. Like he never existed. And then he’ll just pop back into existence at the end of maybe a week or so. Isn’t that fun?” Mack was excited. Ebullient even. “And the point of this is all what now?” I asked, getting a bit impatient. “Oh. That is where your new and very unusual assignment comes in. See, normally we just need a few humans to push the ghosts towards the light. And do other things that I can’t talk about. But you, my friend, you have various abilities which were going to manifest when you were old enough to really deal with them. We just sort of…got the ball rolling a little early for you. We introduced ourselves, first me and then Lady Howe. You always had a destiny with us. But now your destiny is going to be slightly different. And I’m sorry, but I can’t give you your wish.” “What wish?” Dane asked. “Oh, I was just kidding. I don’t want…a pet owl,” I mumbled. “You asked for what?” Dane cracked a smile. “I asked for magic powers to zap birds so they would sit on my arm. It would have been so cool.” “Luckily, we are going to give you something even better! See, we are going to let you do something you always wanted to do.” “Fuck Dane?” I asked eagerly. “What? No.” Dane winced. “I’m not ready yet.” “If you two girls are finished, I was talking about a certain fantasy that Pete here has always had about taking a bully down a peg or three.” “I’m listening.” I said, sounding very interested. “Okay. We’re going to start an experiment. We want to know, since your timeline got screwed up, if we couldn’t screw with other timelines and make them better. To make up for clusters of sociopaths. They only proliferate in certain places. This school doesn’t have that many. But we’ve got designers working on this whole idea. It would be like a major karmic…readjustment. Sort of like going to a chiropractors, only difference is this would actually fix something.” “I’m so confused,” Dane said happily with a big smile. “Me too. In English,” I told Mack. “We are going to give you the authority to change certain individuals. To make their lives better or worse. If we take your recommendations, it will be because you guessed a correct answer to a test we have already written.” “I’m good with tests.” “I know you’re good with tests. For this test, I want you to think of someone that could benefit from having some of the things that Devon has now. Be creative.” “You mean…like coming from a good family?” “Oh, right. Here’s his profile.” Mack pulled a crystalline book out of midair. He thumbed it and it turned into a real looking book, leatherbound and embossed with Devon’s full name on it. He got to the exact page he needed and handed it over to me. There were statistics for Devon’s life. All of his gifts. All of his vices. All of his virtues. “The gifts are like…assets.” Dane said slowly. “It’s like these are assets and these over here are like commodities. The ones that everyone needs.” “Very good. There’s a tremendous prospect for you here. Imagine changing anyone’s life for the better by taking a little from here and sprinkling that over another person’s life. How would that make you feel?” I smiled wider than I believed possible. I grasped the possibilities. “Oh. FUCK YES.” Dane narrowed his eyes at me. “Wait. But that would mean someone else would have to have a shitty life and then Devon gets a shitty life. Yeah, let’s do this!” “Glad everyone is on board. Fill out this worksheet right here. I xeroxed it at the student library. Since I’m on Earth and all,” Mack rolled his eyes. “It feels so weird to say that! Now you can’t put down yourself, just for the record. I am not going to read your mind. I want it to be a surprise.” I got out a pen and Dane and I stared at each other conspiratorially. We filled it out slowly as Mack watched us, dreamy eyed. Probably imagine us fucking. Or remembering us fucking. Wait, was he ever watching us fuck? “No, but I wish I had seen that. I can read your thoughts, Pete.” “Oh.” “And you’ve been dipping your toe in telepathy, young man. Don’t think I’ve forgotten about that. I will be having a very serious talk with you about that later. Let’s see, I like this,” Mack said, reading over our work. “Oh. What an idea. Very good. You passed. Pavel is an excellent choice! Poor kid. I’m glad you realized you aren’t the only one on this campus who has had it rough, Pete.” “He definitely deserves it. Pavel’s going to be so amazed. But he’ll notice the difference. Should we say something?” “Oh, I’ll handle telling him that part. You guys just sit tight. I’ll take that!” Mack took the xeroxed worksheet full of our suggestions, which we had snickered over at length. “Thank you, boys. I’ll see you in a few days. Be sure to check in with Pavel tomorrow night at 10 sharp. I’ll handle him so that he’s prepared to talk with you. Have a good night, fellas. I know I will. I actually get to have dreams tonight. That’s so crazy!” We smiled to ourselves as he left. What harm befell Devon, he totally deserved. Everything told me that it was going to be fun. But I felt a smidgen of doubt. They were experimenting on the other side. It felt exciting. But also scary. Darn my being human and not being able to comprehend the entirety of the universe like my friends. Oh well. A big, friendly hand felt its way around me. I whimpered. “Finally, I have you all to myself.” Dane lifted me up and carried me like a little boy and nuzzled me, sniffed me, licked my sparse stubble. We kissed, this giant beautiful man and me, while he gently lowered me to the bed, made his way over me, and had his way with me, time and time again, his tongue exploring every nook and cranny of me, and me wanting to faint as he took my cum in his mouth and swallowed. Seeing his big, scruffy face sucking me off, his biceps trapping my legs. His biceps were as big if not bigger than my entire legs. Oh god. They looked so huge. So veiny. I test them. I push on them and moan. I begin to cry from the beauty of his biceps. I’m so overcome sometimes by the size of him. I press his bicep flesh, the mound of it is so strong I can’t help but cry, this baseball of power that I got to hold onto, worship, and my tears that I wiped off, he made me put them on his bicep. I wiped my tears across it, made it shine with the tears I had shed over its beauty. I am in awe of him. He yawns and stretches. Suddenly he grabs be and holds me over him, holds me up and smirks. He can do whatever he wants with me. So he brings me in close, but not close enough. I’m too far away to kiss him, but he’s teasing me, his tongue wagging in the air. His unbelievable muscles hovering me in the air, supporting me. His knees have come up to support my legs. He doesn’t let me kiss him. I have to try. I wag my tongue down longingly. Suddenly, he brings me in close. In for a landing. My airplane whirs. My propeller is at full blast. All aboard! Pull chocks! He kisses me deeply, holds me firmly to him so I can’t escape, even if I wanted to. He moans, softly, gently. He tastes me over and over, explores me. He gets up and struts over, his giant dick wagging in midair. “Come on, Sleeping Beauty. It’s still only 10 o’clock and I didn’t have time for my workout earlier. You coming?” “Sure,” I whispered. “I want to explode in your mouth in the showers after I workout. Is that cool?” “If no one’s around?” “It’s Friday night,” he smirked. “Clever boy,” I said, smiling. A few hours later, we had finished. I kept up with Dane as much as I could, always lowering the weight significantly for each exercise. Not that it mattered to me. It really didn’t. I just wish it was me that could lift dumbbells that size. And barbells. And all the machines. Okay, I was jealous! Why couldn’t Mack let me put my own name down! I wanted it all. I wanted to be bigger. Taller. Genetically gifted. 20/20 eyesight. A cock that could match Dane’s! Or being at his eye level all the time. Looking into his eyes of my own volition every time I kissed him, kissed him with all my heart. But I let it all go. Because I loved every part of him. I could never do anything but love his body, his big cock, swaggering around in the shower and doing a little show for me. Looking menacing and flexing for me. It was just him and me in the gym shower, a walking wet dream and me. I crept up behind him and hugged his muscles, my wet dick brushing up against his leg, aching still even after he sucked me off earlier. My muscles ached from lifting just a fraction of what he could. My body shivered and convulsed with lust. I almost reached a point of ecstasy as he bent down and kissed me. I could pass out from the sheer joy. He bobbed his big Dane dick in front of me. Great, wagging Dane dick. “Suck my cock, faggot. Yeah. That’s right. That’s right, fag.” Dane told me. We had talked about this fantasy on the way over. He had wanted to do this for a while. “Suck that fucking cock, motherfucker. You fucking FAG.” He increased the force of his hand on my head, forcing my mouth and throat over his dick. I sucked and sucked, deeper and deeper. It was more than I’d ever tried to take in my mouth than ever before. I think it surprised even him. I wanted to cry, so I popped my head off. “Oh my GOD, that was AMAZING!” Dane gushed. “I was totally deep throating you! You’re getting so good, dude! Can you do more? Please!” “Yes, Sir.” I said, with a devilish grin. And I gagged and gagged, tears streaming from me and gushing out with the rain of the shower against my eyes. He filled me. He filled my world, my hunger absolute. My throat filled with him, the hard hugeness of him, the inescapable thrusts of his dick going down my throat reminding me I would do anything for him. The splash inside my throat. Dane screaming primally. Once. Twice. Three, four times. Just half screaming like he’d lost his voice. He popped his boner out and it squirted one last time all over my nose and cheek. Dane painted circles of cum all over my face as my tears fell. He hoisted me up and was kissing me, the water taking the cum away somewhat. He was embracing me in his enormous pecs. Bouncing their impossible girth against my body. Boing boing. Boing boing. Oh my god I was hard again. I started rubbing my dick again as Dane moved away from the water and rubbed me against the finely tiled wall. I got hard, so hard I was going to burst. “Do it, Faggot. Cum just thinking of me you fucking fag!” So I did. I shot all over his stomach, which heaved against my boyish in comparison frame. Dane was still holding me up in the air. It was incredible. God, he was so strong. I felt the world slip as he put me down. “I have to jack off again. This is so fucking hot. Just bow. Yes! Oh god, Bow in front of me. Yeah, like that. FUCK. YES.” Dane was ferociously jacking off his giant dick just after cumming a shotglass or three of cum down my throat directly into my stomach. I was grateful for the cum of his that gurgled inside me, grateful he was a part of me. I bowed in a position of total obedient submission, my arms prostrated and my head almost touching the tiled floor. He came all over my back. I felt it. It was hitting me as if some overzealous art student was flicking me with paint. Over and over, feeling warm and slick, and then a hand came down and smeared it all across my back in a slick watered down glue sort of paste, rubbing it over my ass oh so delicately and then letting me lick the remains over the salty, hard crust of his calloused hand. “I love you,” I uttered. And I wanted to be like him so much. But he was so gentle with me now, holding me up, taking me to the shower, lovingly soaping me up. All without fear of public discovery. Although, I’m pretty sure that the Hispanic janitor caught us and then just took his mop in the other fucking direction at one point. Dane didn't notice. I elected to keep this information to myself. And I slept in his arms that night a very sound sleep. A perfect end to a (now) perfect week.
  12. (Pete from Dane's ghost comes in uninvited) "You should have tried to break his wrist! If someone tried to pick me up by my head, I'd break his fucking wrist! You can break a wrist fairly easily if you do it at the right angle...or you can hide your knife and stab him through the hand! Hey! Where are you taking me! Hey! Go back and break his wrist, Trev! You can do it! I believe in you!" (Pete is dragged away kicking and screaming about how even David had a slingshot)
  13. I think the fact that there's no interaction between Elongro giants and normal people is an interesting thing. By themselves, they are arrogant beyond words and obsessed with themselves on a level that kind of mirrors the superpowerful aliens that impersonated Greek gods in that one original Star Trek episode. What's especially interesting about Seth is he seems to be the character that should know better but he adopts this gosh-shucks-what are you gonna do type of position when they do things that are abnormal and beyond the pale when it comes to how they treat Trevor. If this is how they treat someone they've just met, how do they treat people on the street or in public in general? In the real world, in our world, society is obsessed with being anti-steroids and anti-enhancement. People view drug enhancement with a great deal of disdain. So I think there would probably be a huge lashback and fair amount of outright hatred towards people on this drug in the world presented. We haven't seen that...yet. It seems to be only a very small percentage of the population can even get their hands on it. Which means it's not being produced all that much. But why is so little of it being produced? It can't be that expensive to create or it would have shot up in price to begin with. It must be because the creators know there's a demand and they are the only ones who know how to make it. So they jacked up the price. The question is how long will it take someone to synthesize it and make a cheaper version of it? Unless the government outlaws it and decides that the extreme narcissism and god-complex that typically can be associated with Elongro is far too dangerous to any society to allow. If the drug makes people believe themselves superior because of their bodies and not their mental abilities, you could have an extremely dangerous situation. What if the government believes Elongro people could take over the world like Khan in Star Trek did before they froze his ass and sent him into space? If their mental abilities were enhanced, they could take over the world. A likely situation would be army buses show up at Jack's house and the whole area is flooded with men ushering them with guns onto buses to take them to special "Elongro centers" where they can be processed and identified...and kept indefinitely. Trevor lovingly says goodbye to Seth before he's put on a bus, and sent far away, never to interact with society again. Of course, Jack and others would rebel and they would all get shot, and Trevor would have to pretend to be sad. A great line would be "I guess it pays to be short after all, doesn't it Jack?" Trevor of course is released because he doesn't pose a danger to anyone since Elongro shrunk him. Hell, maybe they will even hire him to help study the giants in their new "natural" habitat and they have to suck up to him in order to be allowed certain activities. Jack has to defer to Trevor, his new jailer/warden, and play nice unless he wants an electroshock around his collar. This story has not brought out the best in me LOL
  14. I like 1 and 2... Maybe Trevor is in a coma and he's the one who grew and Seth is the one who remained small and shrunk...DUN DUN DUUUUUUN!!! Or maybe no woman alive will be able to take Seth's dick and the only ones who will approach him are gay men or cucks. Trev becomes his own cuck and sucks glassloads of Seth's sperm down into his belly as Seth makes out with hot women who can't fit his dick inside them. I would actually love to see Trev shrink to about 5 feet or 4'10" or so, basically becoming the size of a girl. But something has been bothering me about the fact that no one else on the Internet reported this particular effect. When Trev read about possible bad side effects, nothing specific about shrinking came up. He only found out that shrinking was taking place after the 2nd dose. What if he is the only Elongro patient who actually shrunk? What if someone at Elongro tampered with the dosages and wanted to do some kind of psychological experiment? What if Seth and Trev/Jack/Brooke/Stacy are part of an experiment where they are being observed? Data is collected and the chemical used to shrink Trev is going to be weaponized eventually, to make enemy soldiers weaker and more subservient. Imagine a country full of shrinking men in a country hostile to the US (like Iran) who are suddenly begging not to be tinier than the women they were oppressing! And in the end Trevor is given the real Elongro/miracle drug that totally reverses the effects and he finally begins to grow...
  15. Choose Your Own Dane Adventure! If you think I should end the story by making Pete into a muscled mercenary who teams up with Rambo, turn to page 112 If you think Dane should become a Republican senator and gun advocate who has a whirlwind romance with Kirk Cameron, turn to page 49 If you think Dane and Pete should run away to India together to become lotus loving hippies, turn to page 80 If you think muscledrain should be trusted with his own characters, who he loves, turn to the next page
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