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    writing, reading, cooking, nutrition, science fiction, talk radio, astronomy, history, hiking, camping, linguistics
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    174 lbs, 5'9", don't know my body fat but it's lower than before, my 36" waist jeans are now too big for me which means I'm probably at 35 or 34 inches.
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    I want to be Big.
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    225 lbs
  • Favorite Stories
    Clarence's "Destiny Rewound", "Coven Coin" and "Second Chances".

    Aardvark's "Photo Booth" series

    Jaypat's "The Swimming Hole", "Second Puberty", "The Gifted Child", and "The Bunker"

    Londonboy's "My Roommate's Body"

    Xyggurat's "Uneven Desires" which was based on another story by KillerWhaleZeus. Both are great.

    Xyggurat's "The Roommate"

    Lloyd's "Tommy", "Revisionist History" and "Mike"

    A Mother's Curse - Lucas and Connor

    "I Wish" - author? It was a genie story

    "Liquid Manhood" by ABSQRST

    "If the Shoe Fits..." by LinkX

    "Ryan, My "Little" Brother" - author? rewrite of another story but improved vastly

    "The Symbiote War" by seventhwave

    "Elongro" by dredlifter
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Seth Feroce, Zeb Atlas, Mark Dalton, Antoine V, Jeremy Walker (porn star),
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    power exchange / role change
    adult incest (dad/son, brothers, uncle/nephew, grandpa/grandson)

    body swap (where two men switch bodies)

    muscle theft

    nerd to jock

    jock to wimp

    masculinization (effeminate to extremely masculine)

    personality change (either becoming more dominant or submissive dramatically)


    domination by master

    wishes / genies / ultimate power

    businessman, very successful men in suits


    bullies that turn out to be gay

    turning the tables after years gone by (where someone from your past has grown HUGE since you knew them as a kid/teen)

    hypnotism and/or brainwashing

    cigars and pipes, guys taking up smoking as they become more masculine / gain muscle

    nice and clean cut to bad boy stories

    white collar to blue collar

    gaining intelligence

    muscle growth from experiments

    Cigars are my biggest fetish by far.

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  1. I haven't paid much attention to my profile here. I have been catching up wtih stories and spending more time on the site than I have in a long time. (I took a break) 

    I did not have any idea that 113 people were following me on this site. Wow. Hi guys! A couple of really nice fans have written to me lately to ask questions about my stories or just give me encouragement to write more. I just wanted to tell you all how much that means to me! Please feel free to write to me about my stories anytime. I will be sure and write back. And I'm trying to be more diligent about getting back to people here. 

    Have a great year. 


  2. muscledrain

    Elongro - Added Part 4 on 17-Jan-2019

    I got this from the babyfaced muscle forum, and I don't know his name, but he would be great for the part of Seth...
  3. muscledrain

    Elongro - Added Part 4 on 17-Jan-2019

    I have been slowly getting through this story. I'm updated through part 4 now. It's one of the hottest things I've read here and it's definitely on my favorite stories of all time list. Also, I have been constantly stopping because I have to jerk off to it so much. Holy crap is this ever great. I LOVE the humiliation aspects. They are by far the best part. I love love love Seth's newfound arrogance and cockiness, how he has become loud and outgoing and ALPHA male all the way!
  4. muscledrain

    Muscle suit version 2

    What was your experience like? I ask because the changes that occur in people's reactions to you would be immediately and noticeably different, or so I assume. As opposed to a slow change bodybuilding over time...
  5. muscledrain

    AJ & Noah

    I love the idea of a straight up body swap as well. AJ has to get used to being a bottom, for instance and Noah is overcome with the desire to fuck every smaller guy in sight...he goes on Grindr and it practically explodes with guys that want to get fucked by him... I'm so hard right now LOL
  6. muscledrain

    [STORY] Not A Jock Story

    Nice! Did this take place at the same gym as "Tuck Gets a Loan"? It feels like a sequel. A really welcome sequel!
  7. muscledrain

    AJ & Noah

    I nearly fainted when I read this. I would read the HELL out of that. You already alluded to that in the story...I LOVE THIS IDEA AND CANNOT ENCOURAGE IT ENOUGH. If some people don't like fantasy, that's fine. But you have a gift for dialogue and this whole thing, which I read through in like three days, was amazing. I would love to see how their dynamics changed if Noah was suddenly the super huge (and also still tall) giant bodybuilder and Noah was the loveable waif of a boyfriend. Maybe the wish could be AJ's because he wishes for a way Noah could be with him. So reality changes (though they both remember the old reality) so that AJ now works in publishing and Noah is a professional bodybuilder and personal trainer and they are both living in London. Or something along those lines and we can see how much their viewpoint changes as they are doing something different with their lives. I just hope you follow up on this vision if it appeals to YOU. I think you should totally write that if it takes you to a happy place when you write it. I know I will go to a happy place reading it! from one of your earlier chapters... "Yep! And I’ve had an idea for an episode. AJ and Noah … switch bodies!” OH MY GOD!! “So AJ’s just a regular sized lad. And Noah’s a competitive bodybuilder!” he explained. FUCKING, FUCKING YES!! I couldn’t stop grinning. “I’m liking it!” I said, enthusiastically. Which was a severe understatement. I loved it so much I could barely breathe. “I thought you would!” he said, with a huge, proud, gorgeous grin. “The question is …” AJ continued, “how would Noah react to suddenly being huge and jacked?” Oh fuck! I instantly started to swell in my trackie bottoms. “Hmmm …” I began, playing along. I was kind of nervous to answer, but not half as nervous as I would have been a few gym trips ago. I was definitely getting more confident at talking about bodybuilding related stuff with AJ. And it still excited me as much as it always had to do so. “Maybe he’d suddenly get really, really cocky?” I suggested. AJ was beaming. “I can see that happening! Imagine if he just literally couldn’t stop flexing? GRRRR!” Oh fuck! The idea of me flexing (even a fictional, animated me). The “GRRRR!” My swelling quickly resulted in me having a fully grown hard on. Thank God I had my new Scorpio’s Gym hoodie in my lap to hide it. “What about AJ, though? How do you think he’d react to losing all his muscles?” I asked. “Oh, he’d be gutted! He’d probably do everything he could to get huge again!” “I reckon Noah would tease AJ a bit, too!” I mischievously suggested. AJ beamed. “What, like, keep hitting poses right in front of him? Hey, AJ. Cop a load of these GUNS! BOOM! Front double bicep!” OH JESUS! AJ was killing me. I suddenly felt a burst of bravery. “Or a most muscular?” I suggested. Saying the words of an official bodybuilding pose out loud to an actual bodybuilder gave me such a fucking rush. “You remembered!” AJ said, impressed and grinning. I suddenly felt a pang of guilt. Like I was tricking AJ. Lying to him, even. “Yeah! One of those. Right in his face!” I said. “Fuck yeah!” AJ said. And then he did one of his cute, little giggles. “Can you imagine if I actually did that to you?” he asked. OH MY FUCKING GOD!! My eyes widened in shock, but I couldn’t mask the huge grin at the thought of AJ cranking out a big most muscular mere inches away from my face. FUCKING HELL! I had absolutely no idea how I’d react if that were to actually happen, but I suddenly couldn’t think of anything I wanted more. “I reckon you’d shit yourself!” AJ cheekily said. Hmmm. That, or fucking cream in my PANTS!! I playfully screwed my face up, still unable to mask my grin. “I bet I wouldn’t. I’d probably just be like… er, mate, what the fuck are you doing?!” AJ couldn’t stop grinning. He really seemed to like the idea of shocking, surprising or just plain terrifying me by blasting out a pose and flexing his muscles in my face. “Maybe I’ll do it!” he mischievously said. “When you least expect it!” I didn’t respond, but spent the rest of the car journey feeling like I might burst with excitement. Because I was pretty sure that AJ was crazy enough to follow through with through with the idea. And this... "OK, Noah, genuine question!” he said. “I know we joke about it, but would you really wanna be a bodybuilder?” Oh God. This time I couldn’t stop my mouth from curling into a smirk. I was nervous but also incredibly excited at the prospect of discussing such a thing. “Ummm … I would,” I confessed bravely, but feeling a little embarrassed, “but maybe just for, like, a day?” AJ giggled. “I can understand that!” The statement took me by surprise. I furrowed my eyebrows. “I thought you loved being a bodybuilder?” “Oh, I do! I just sometimes wish I was, well … normal!” he said, giving me this earnest and adorable smile. “It just gets a bit tiring at times. I’ve often thought it’d be cool if my body was like some sort of suit that I could take off and hang up in the wardrobe for a while, until I’m ready to be a bodybuilder again!” I couldn’t believe it. I’d fantasized so many times about being a huge, shredded muscle bull. Wondered what it would be like to be a flexing bodybuilder, strutting around on stage in a pair of tiny posers. I’d never imagined for one second that an actual bodybuilder might be doing the exact opposite, and wishing he were more like me. “Or maybe you could have some sort of superpower!” I suggested. “So one minute you’re a regular sized guy, and then, when you feel like it, you could transform into a muscle monster!” AJ beamed and laughed. “Yeah! That’d be a pretty awesome superpower!” I looked at the pictures of the hardcore, freakishly conditioned muscle monsters on AJ’s wall. Chris “Freaky Peaks” Jackson blowing up his insanely sized, nickname earning biceps. Blaine Holton cranking out a massive most muscular with his wide open. And AJ, himself, squeezing out his own crab most muscular in his shiny, lime green posing trunks while sticking out his tongue in the most brilliantly cocky fashion."
  8. Normally, i try to not judge people I don't know who are thrown into the public eye due to controversy. I hate the idea of it because if a court hasn't tried it, it could very well be revenge, a hit piece. I don't like to assume either way if someone is guilty of a crime or not. I'm not on the jury. To me, the exceptions come when you have not one allegation, but dozens. 40+ allegations is pretty damning. Bill Cosby, Harvey Weinstein and this asshole...I think assuming that they are rapists and abusive assholes is not wildly speculative at this point.
  9. muscledrain

    Muscle suit version 2

    Have you guys experimented by going out in public and noting down how differently people react to you? I'd be fascinated on you documenting that for sociological reasons. Are people more receptive to a muscled version of yourself, etc.
  10. muscledrain

    The Police Brute - Episodes I - III

    After reading the snuff parts, I just heard Louise Beltcher in my head saying "Well, THAT took a turn..." Thought the first and third parts were really hot. Would love for the main narrator to get in on some of the muscle growth and theft action!
  11. muscledrain

    Muscle worship websites are being shut down

    I didn't use the site but this infuriates me on every possible level.
  12. muscledrain

    Looking for a muscle theft story

    It was Altered Reality, and it's one of my favorite stories. https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/ https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/3561.html https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/3562.html https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/3563.html https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/3564.html https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/3565.html https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/3566.html https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/3567.html My own work has been very inspired by that one story and a few others similar to it. If you like muscle theft, check out Lloyd's work as well. The stories Mike and Tommy are both in the same muscle theft in college/high school and they are both amazing. Mike takes place in high school and Tommy takes place in college. VERY hot. http://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/lloyd311/mike.html http://www.pridesites.com/omelissokomos/lloyd311/tommy.html
  13. muscledrain

    Myostatin Inhibitors

    Yes, agreed. Also, as far as increasing testosterone, it can be prescribed if necessary but that actually means your body will stop producing it naturally. It really is a simple solution that most Americans don't want to hear. Eat healthier. Cut out sugar or significantly reduce sugar intake to very low levels. Leafy green vegetables and all that good stuff are integral to your body functioning the way it's supposed to. When you work out, your body will increase testosterone production. Lifting weights, especially in the legs, increases HGH production. Your body is a machine and if you don't keep operating it, the testosterone factory will begin to slow down. Way down. You can take pills or you can keep your machine in tip top condition. Pills won't always be able to combat a poor diet and obesity. The basics of good diet and exericse are not only necessary, they are irreplaceable.
  14. muscledrain

    Myostatin Inhibitors

    There are a ton of scams out there claiming they can inhibit myostatin, but when you read the ingredient label it's often no different from any weight gain powder. Caveat emptor and all, but it's akin to buying a love spell.
  15. muscledrain

    Tumblr is removing all porn on December 17th

    I've definitely seen advertising but mainly on the Tumblr app on my smartphone. It's pretty common there. But I think they are going to push for more advertisers once they are "clean" and free of adult content but whether or not that will pan out is up in the air. I personally think that Tumblr is in a no win scenario. They don't want adult content because they want a different image but advertisers might be wary of investing in them if they lose half their website. Which they probably will.

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