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  1. I found this story written by Myoder does anybody know if he still writes? Bull BY Myoder I'd never met my uncle Jim. My dad told me that he was always the black sheep of the family and that was about all I knew of him. Now, at 35, I decided I'd track him down. I found out that he had a ranch and after a few calls I finally reached him. On the phone, he had a deep voice (it actually made me crazy it was so deep, so masculine, but I'd never let him know). I arranged to come out to the ranch on day in the summer. The sprawling property was impressive. Cattle and a small farm patch with hay and wheat growing. I didn't know what to expect of my uncle, I'd only seen a photo of him as a boy - dark tossled hair and a clear attitude that said "don't take my picture, jerk!" I found a ranch hand and asked where I'd find my uncle Jim. "Jim?" he asked. "Don't know any Jim." "Jim Reynolds? He owns the place." "Oh! You mean Bull! He's out in the field with the cattle. Take that truk over there you'll find him over that way." He pointed toward a large open space. I could barely make out the dots of cattle in the distance. I hopped in the old truck and headed out. My heart started pounding at the idea of meeting a long lost relative. Who I found in the field was more than anything I could've expected. There standing among a herd was my uncle Jim - Bull as they called him - and I could see why. At 55, he stood a good 6'7". He looked like he weighed well over 500 lbs and all of it was muscle. He had a mane of thick dark hair with grey at the temples, a full beard and bushy eyebrows. His face was weathered and worn from years in the sun. He was wearing a flannel cowboy shirt, the sleeves torn off to accomodate the mass of his incredible arms. His biceps bulged and twisted like huge iron balls. His triceps were like two massive horseshoes, his forearms easily 25inches around and corded with thik muscle under a coat of dark hair. His shoulders had to be 3 feet across. The front of the shirt was open halfway to his navel, exposing huge hairy pecs - grey and black hair matted with sweat. His thighs were thick with muscle and his ass was big and firm. He was imposing and huge - and I could feel my dick getting hard at the thoguht of the what filled the enormous bulge in his jeans. "Uncle Jim?" I called. He looked over and started toward me extending his hand. "You Mike, then?" he asked. His grip was strong. He was being gentle, I could tell he did know his own strength and was being careful not to hurt me. He smiled. "So, you're my nephew. Hmmm." He looked me up and down and I felt embarrassed. "Well my brother produced a fine young guy. Guess good looks run in the family." He laughed and looked like he was staring at my crotch. Did he notice my growing hardon? I thought I sawthe bulge in his pants getting bigger. "Just working on getting these steer in that pen. Hold on." He ushered a few of the steer into a fenced area, but two moved off, not wanting to go. He walked over to them and grabbed them by the horns. Then he slipped his massive hands and arms around them and lifted. His neck was thick and huge, his traps swelled beside his ears. His biceps and triceps bunched and flexed as he hoisted the two huge steer in his arms. He walked them over to the pen and lifted them over the fence. At least 1000lbs in each arms and he lifted them like they were little dogs! "Get in there, you two!" he grunted as he put them down. He turned to face me and gave his pecs a flex, the massive muscle bouncing under the fabric. "Helps if you're strong in this work, Mike." He flashed a big smile. "You married?" Uh oh, I thought. That question. Do I tell him I'm gay, or do I leave it alone? "No," I said. Leave it alone. "You?" "Was for a while. She left me for one of the ranch hands. Go figure. She thought I was gettin too big - lifting weights and building up. But shit! When you get this big, you just gotta get bigger! Sides, most women don't appreciate a really huge man." He lifted one of his massive arms and flexed it. The bicep peaked as big as my head and his triceps hung low and hard in an incredible arch. His shoulder was as big as a basketball and every muscle was striated.My cock leapt in my pants pushing out my jeans. "Just 33 inches there, Mike." I gulped. "Man! Really?!" "Sure is! Here feel it." He held it in front of my face. I could smell his sweat and felt his breath on my face. He looked into my eyes while I reached up acn touched the huge muscle. He twisted his fist around changing the mass and dimension of the muscle in front of my face. He breathed harder as I grasped the bicep and squeezed. Then he whispered, "Squeeze it real hard, Mike. Try and crush it." I squeezed as hard as I could but didn't dent it. "Real Man's arm there, boy," he whispered, "you like that? I can by that crotch that you do." I stroked my cock in my pants. "Let it out, son." he whispered in my ear. I unzipped my jeans and my hard 7" dick sprang out and slapped against my stomach. "Mmmm, yeah real pretty little dick, Mike." He kept his arm flexed and grabbed my dick with his other hand, stroking me gently. His huge hand almost entirely enveloped my hard cock. His fingers slipped under my crotch and hisindex finger found my hungry asshole. I groaned as he fingered my hole. Now my hands were all over his huge body. I ripped open his shirt and started running my fingers through the fur on his massive pecs. He flexed them while I squeezed and probed, licked and stroked his muscle. He leaned down and his mouth met mine, his beard scrathing my face histongue probing deep down my throat. I reached for his zipper and pulled it down. His semi-hard cock flopped out. It was already about 9 inches long and as thick as my wrist. I felt the weight of it- heavy and thick. He stood up straight and I took as much of it as I could in my mouth. It continued to grow while I licked and sucked and stroked it. "Yeah. Suck my big dick, Mike. Make that cock huge! Yeah, Big muscle man's dick." He threw his head back and his cock thickened and hardened even more. At full mast he was immense. Thick with a huge head and dark veins roped over the monster dong. "Fuck Bull! How big is this?!" I asked. "Fifteen. When I'm real excited 16. Like it, Mike?" "Oh man!" I went down on the huge prick and sucked as much as I could- which wasn't much. It was huge. It throbbed and flexed in his excitement. Every muscle in his massive body flexed while I sucked him and stroked his huge dick. I could feel his big, hairy balls pulling up and expected him to shoot, but he stopped me. "My turn," he said. He picked me up in one huge hand and thrust his finger in my ass. I sat on his hand and he pumped me back and forth, sucking my dick and finger fucking me. I reached down and felt his massive biceps as he went to work on my throbbing dick. "Yeah, Bull. Suck me, Stud. Flex those big fuckin muscles and suck me real hard. He picked up speed and grunted and groaned as he sucked my dick. I could feel me getting close. "I'm gonna shoot, man!" The giant muscle man pumped my dick deep in his throat and clamped down hard as my jism gushed out. He kept sucking me till I was dry, then he put me down. I grasped his massive dong and pulledon it hard. He groaned more and more as I stroked his dick. "Make it shoot, man! Make Bull's dick shoot." I squeezed his monstrous, hairy pecs and stroked his hard 16" dick. Then he hit a double biceps pose and I squeezed the inhuman arms. His masive dong bounced and bobbed while I felt his incredible arms. I saw his huge balls contract up and his huge muscle cock sprayed a massive load for feet and feet while I squeezed his arms. He picked me up and held me straddling his waist and kissed me deep and long. That was the first day I met my Uncle Jim - Bull. •
  2. Man whoever you're with is lucky you look great. 

  3. Well, thank-you for following me ;)


  4. Can't wait to read more of your story man. Where are you guys located?

  5. Big Muscles, Huge heart pt1 I was at a loose end, just surfing the internet, when I decided to log into Recon,com, it’s a fetish website, and although I had little interest in S&M, fighting, leather, uniforms or Master Slave type shit, I did have a thing for big built guys. I was taking a look at the 100 muscle pics and one profile stood out, a fair haired white guy massive shoulders, 52 inch chest ,huge biceps (easily 19 inches), 5ft 8 ( I prefer guys under 6ft), top ( I am versatile bottom, and due to being hung, I usually end up doing all the fucking, my stats at the time were 5ft7 185lbs 44c 15.5 bis and 32w) all pluses aside from 2 major negatives, he is in an open relationship and is South Carolina, whilst I am up here in NYC. I will be frank I took a look at his profile pictures, and did get a massive hard on looking at his body, I decided to take the plunge and send him a cruise, to my surprise he responded, with a cruise on my profile page, I thought he was just being polite as it did state on his profile that he was looking for guys who were 100kg + (226lbs), I was short of that by 15kg, although at 5ft7 and regular gym goer, I was still deemed by most to be stocky. I decided to message him and introduce myself, he responded promptly and said I looked good, and that I should continue working out, we spoke about what we were into and I wasn’t shy about showing him my 8x6 uncut meat, I gave it a thumbs up but I got the impression he wasn’t too interested in cock pics, as he was top. but at the time I didn’t have any ass pics, as I found it difficult to take a selfie on my shite phone of an ass. We chatted a bit more eventually he introduced himself as Roger, told him my name was Tony he said he had to go, so I jerked off to his picture imagining being enveloped by the 115kg of muscle mass that he was. A couple of months passed and a new phone and I decided to sign up to growlr, looking through the hot guy section I saw his profile again, I decided to re introduce myself, he responded straight away with a woof, we exchanged messages again and this time exchanged numbers so we could exchange more pictures through whatsapp. he send a headless video of him wanking and shooting a big load into the air, I was imagining him holding me down and fucking that big load into my ass, I sent him back some videos of me flexing my biceps and chest which he said was nice and he wanted to see my legs, I recorded some more of me with a full body shot, he was disappointed in my legs and told me I need to work my legs more in the gym, then conversation went dead, I had my ego bruised but I used his suggestion as challenge to get bigger. Months passed and I still lusted after this Southern Hunk, I stepped up my training in the gym with more empathise on training my legs, I was already self conscious about them before he pointed it out, I started training them twice a week, and within a few months my thighs had grown from 24 inches unto 26, still a long way off from his 30 inch monsters, I was happy with the results and had all but forgotten about him, when I was just looking through my phone and saw his number, I decided I would throw caution to the wind and send my progress pics. I sent 5 pics but didn’t get any response, so I assumed he was not interested, then a few days later I got a woof and a thumbs up, and he complimented me on my progress, i told him that I was pleased that he was impressed by my progress, but I am still nowhere as big as I want to be and that I was toying with the idea of going on a cycle as I wanted to get a lot bigger, and bigger quicker, He also told me that his relationship was over and his ex was a complete Jerk Off, his ex was always boasting about being a powerlifter, but his training regime consisted of doing 2 set of leg press, taking a picture to post on Facebook, whatsapp and growlr, taking steroids, Hgh but eating shit like Mcdonalds and Wendys. He said the guy must see something different to what everybody else saw, His ex thought he was built like a young Scot Mendelson but looked like a white Biggie Smalls. The only reason why his ex had a flock of followers was for 2 reasons, one they were friends with my Southern hunk and added him out politeness or the later being that he could get his hands on steroids cheap, so bodybuilders, powerlifters and strongmen would kiss his arse to get cheap deals on gear. He said that if I needed any advice on what to take and how to take it he would be more than happy to help. It was at that point I thought it would be better if I rang him, as I was paranoid about talking about steroids on whatsapp, as us don't want to get into any legal trouble, so I asked if it was ok for me to ring him, he said it was fine, i don't know what i was expecting from the conversation, but he was softly spoken but oozed masculinity we talked about training, steriods and eventually spoke about music, it was strange that sex was;t mentioned at all, I felt good when I got off the phone, if at nothing else I felt I had made a new friend, and he was somebody I could talk about training and music with. We kept in contact for the next couple of months, and in June I decided to take the plunge and get some test, I managed to buy some from a friend from the gym, buying the gear was the first step, I was still shitting bricks about injecting myself, when I got off work the next Day I messaged my Bodybuilder friend, and told him I had some stuff, he was delighted and told me to FaceTime him the next day so he could take through the process of injecting myself for the first time. The next day came around and face timed my Southern friend, he asked if i had showered, which I had, if I had cotton and alcohol to clean the area of my ass check where the injection was going, I did what he suggested, took 1cl of test 400 into the syringe then changed the needle for a thinner one, then took the plunge and jabbed myself my first steroids, there was a bit of blood, but no pain. I thanked my sexy Southern Friend for his help, then we ended the conversation. I continued to go to the gym, and after a couple of weeks my bench had gone from 100kg to 140kg, I was feeling great every time I stepped on the scales my weight was going up, but my waist was staying around 34-36, by August I had gained 10kg and was unto 95kg, 210l lbs, 17 inch arms I had kept my bodybuilder pal informed of my progress, and one day I decided to give him a real treat, Due to being well hung I rarely got the opportunity to bottom, so in a desperate bid to get some sort of pleasure from my Ass hold I decided to buy a dildo, it had been years since I had got fucked, my last partner although a big strapping Bronx River hardman, was bottom, so having the feeling of something up there was a welcome pleasure. I also filmed it and sent it to my 115kg (245lb) fireplug muscle friend. His response was immediate and said it made him very horny, and loves ass, and has no interest in my cock, he said he’d love to fuck my ass, long and slow and despite being a big Strong Alpha Male, he said he is no beast, and likes to be more sensual when fucking a hot bottom. I was horned up as fuck at this news, so I asked him if we could meet, he said he would like that but I would have to visit him as work prevented him from going out of State without a lot of notice. I am a manager at the place where i work so I arranged cover with some of the other Managers so i could take some time out to go down South, I was looking forward to a couple of days of lifting eating and fucking. I told him what time I would be arriving at the Airport and he said he would meet there, I as the flight went on the more nervous I got, there was a little nagging at the back of my head that he wouldn't turn up, luckily for us both he did turn up and he looked even better in the flesh than he did in his pics, Facetime and photos on the internet did this man no justice, he was huge, he filled his clothes really nice, thick neck, massive shoulders, big thick thighs, respectable basket and a big beefy ass, he had the must stunning clear blue eyes in contrast to my Dark Brown ones, at that point I knew that it wasn’t just gonna be quick fuck, I knew I had found the one, and the search was over, this guy is the one but you will have to wait until the next instalment to find out what happens next
  6. Me? I'm in East Anglia near King's Lynn. I like your stats big man. Your partner is a lucky guy!

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