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  1. sithspawn

    The Man Who Saved Me (Update - Chapters 1 to 5)

    I love this. It’s the first “superhero” story I’ve seen with a sense of realism to it. Being “super” in real life would have a lot of grey areas and moral dilemmas so it’s great to see that Dean is acknowledging them. Hopefully we’ll get to learn about his origin though cos I’m really curious about that
  2. sithspawn

    The Man Who Saved Me (Update - Chapters 1 to 5)

    I'm loving the mystery in this
  3. sithspawn

    Metric vs. U.S. Standard

    But the whole point of measuring things is to be accurate. Your foot is obviously going to be bigger than a dainty female foot and someone like Andre the Giant's thumb would be bigger than most people's so they're not accurate units of measurement. The metric system is clearly better for precise measurements whereas the imperial will be better for more guesstimates. For example you could say some looked to be around 6'5 which would sound ok rather than saying "I'd guess he was about 195cm tall."
  4. sithspawn

    Metric vs. U.S. Standard

    In what possible universe is that logical?!?! You guys seriously need to get with the metric system for these things, it much easier lol.
  5. sithspawn

    Metric vs. U.S. Standard

    One thing that still confuses me though is do Americans use kitchen scales? When we follow recipes over here they’re usually metric, so you can weigh out 200g of flour etc and it’s pretty easy. Every US recipe I’ve seen always says a cup of flour or whatever and I have no idea how much they mean by that. I assume it’s measured out in a cup (obviously) but wouldn’t it be more precise to use proper measurements?
  6. sithspawn

    Metric vs. U.S. Standard

    I personally prefer using feet to understand people's height and pounds for their weight, but if I was measuring something for building work, shopping or temperature I'd rather go metric. I'd know straight away if someone was tall if they were 7ft tall for instance but if someone said they were 193cm tall it'd take me a while to work it out, although the same could be said if someone told me they were 84 inches tall. I guess it's just down to what makes more sense in your head. The same could be said for military time vs standard time. in the military they say the time is 1800 hours but yet when you're in battle they might say "gunfire at 12 o'clock" so people still need to know how the clock face looks so there's no harm in using all of the different measurements as long as they make sense to you.
  7. sithspawn

    The Grower

    Good story so far, you just need to decide if you're going to write it in 1st or 3rd person as it's kinda jumping between the two at the moment
  8. sithspawn

    Stan Lee is dead.

    He’s played a massive part in my life from the Saturday morning cartoons he narrated to the comics I collected over the years, his characters were a huge influence on me and I’ll miss him tremendously. Nuff said.
  9. sithspawn

    Metric vs. U.S. Standard

    We actually don’t. Fuel is sold by the litre as are drinks. I grew up in the 80s and we were taught the metric system in school but in the real world meat was still sold by the lb and we still use miles per hour instead of kilometres so it’s been weird trying to figure them both out. I only found out that a yard was 3ft after watching an episode of Batman lol.
  10. sithspawn

    I know somebody has to remember the JP story

    There’s actually 2 of them and they’re both in the pre2007 archive. One’s by joiseytawlk and the other is by luvyalots. Oh and there was a sequel called Nick. Here’s part 1 https://archive2007.muscle-growth.org/stories/2017.html
  11. sithspawn

    Entire Body is a Cock

    It’s a story called hard body but it’s in the unfiltered section so you may not be able to see the link. It’s also on metabods though if you want to find it there
  12. sithspawn

    Ask the natives

    Quiddich is apparently a sport now. We also have rounders in the UK which is kinda like baseball/softball.
  13. sithspawn


    How could you not like red dead? 😯 How many other games can you spend a large amount of your playing time staring at a horse’s arse?
  14. sithspawn


    I can't wait for Red Dead Redemption 2
  15. sithspawn

    Predictions in feedback

    Yeah, that's what I like. I seriously doubt anyone could predict where some of my stories end up lol.

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