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  1. sithspawn


    He makes a lot of good points. I'm not going to argue about whether stuff is right or wrong to post on here, and I'm hoping this thread doesn't get locked like every other thread that seems to debate this, all I'm asking for is a little clarification, not for the flood gates to be opened for anything and everything to be posted on here.
  2. sithspawn


    Isn't anybody going to bother answering this question?
  3. sithspawn


    I'm a little confused lately. Since the section that shall not be named (like something out of Harry Potter) has gone, I'm a little curious to know what's acceptable and what isn't. As far as I'm aware there isn't supposed to be anything about kids on here now but I've seen stories featuring 17 year olds (obviously not adults), various pictures of Superboy (who's meant to be around 16) as well as pictures of Ryeley Palefi, who's a 16 year old body builder. So for clarification, what is the lowest acceptable age for content on this site?
  4. sithspawn

    searching for "Jacob & Clyde"

    It was in the unfiltered section but I think Jaypat wrote it so you could ask him if he still has it.
  5. sithspawn


    Don't use the word Putito, I kept pronouncing it as potato in my head 🤣
  6. sithspawn

    Revelations (Complete)

    Chapter 7 He tried to look down but I held his chin so he stayed looking into my eyes, then I watched as his eyes went wider as he realised he was now looking down at me. I flashed him a cheeky smile as he realised he was being held up just by the power of my cock. “Does that answer your question? Look Ma, no hands.” “Holy shit!! Even your dick is strong?” I finally let him look down to see my huge cock between his legs and the remains of my shorts on the floor. I made it grow a little longer and flexed it more to pin him against my body then kissed him again. “Wait; put me down a sec, I want to try something.” I relaxed a bit and as he slid down it the sensation nearly made me tense it back up and fling him into the air. He took his clothes off and stood naked in front of me. If I wasn’t already hard before then he’d certainly turn me on now. He was slim, but not to the point where you could see all his bones and his seven inch pecker stood straight up as he took in the sight before him. “Wow! You’re actually even hotter without your clothes on.” I said and he just rolled his eyes. “Says the muscular flagpole, now hold still while I climb back on.” He turned around and positioned himself over my cock again so I just flexed and lifter him off the ground, then he slid back down it so he was resting against my chest. “Now I know what it’s like to have a huge cock between my legs.” He reached forward and started to stroke with all his might. I was strong enough to be able to take any amount of force he could throw at me but I never thought someone could be so tender with me at the same time. The more he stroked the more I felt like my legs would give way. I turned to lean back against the wall and watched as he swung around on my cock, not expecting to move so suddenly. As he continued to stroke me tenderly I could feel his feet wrapped underneath me, stroking my balls at the same time and I suddenly had a horrible thought. I started moving towards the bathroom door with him bobbing along as I moved. “Open the door! Quick!!” I commanded. He swung the door open and then I had him open the shower door as I knew I was getting close. A few seconds later I tensed up and let loose. My head lolled back as I could feel him still rubbing my cock as I shot load after load at the shower wall until finally I was spent. Jake hopped down and stood to my side just staring at the thick coating I’d just splattered all over the shower wall, his cock also dripping with the remnants of his own orgasm, most of which he’d left on top of my member. I stood there panting as he looked in awe between the shower and me. “Are you going to look at me like that all the time?” I asked. “If you’re gonna keep doing awesome shit like that then you’re damn right I am. Remind me to wear nose plugs if you ever blow a load in my mouth.” I brought my cock and body back down to a manageable size and turned the shower on to clean up the mess. When I was done I turned to him. “So am I still your type?” I asked. “From what I’ve seen whatever my type is you can be it.” He replied with a huge smile. “So how will things be on Monday? Should we announce to the world that we’re a couple or just have a good smooch by the lockers and see if they figure it out?” “What about your entourage? I don’t think I want to be around them all the time.” I said feeling like I was about to destroy his social life. “Fuck them! I’ve got what they want so they can either live with that or get out of our lives.” He replied then kissed me deeply again. “I love you, you know that? It’s not just a crush anymore; I want to be with you always.” “I feel the same, but don’t forget no one else can know about what I can do.” “Do you honestly think I want to share this with anyone else? Oh hell no! This is all mine.” He said giving my shoulders a squeeze. “Now didn’t you say something about your parents being away for the weekend?” I kissed him again then picked him up and carried him back to the bedroom. The End
  7. sithspawn

    Using other people's characters

    I'd assume so. I think the reason they're in there is so that people can continue them if the original author either doesn't want to or wants to see what anyone else can do with the story.
  8. sithspawn

    Using other people's characters

    I wasn't actually thinking of the continuous stories, I was thinking more of a background character from someone else's story having their story told. For instance, taking one of the bodybuilders from AJ and Noah and building a story around them. I'm not actually planning on doing that, I was just trying to think of an example that people would be able to relate to.
  9. sithspawn

    Revelations (Complete)

    Chapter 6 I started to grow back to how I was before, adding more mass and increasing my height by a couple of inches and I could see it was having an effect on Jake. I stopped at the size I was before temporarily to gauge his reaction and I could see him breathing hard already. “Are you sure you can handle this?” I asked and he just nodded. “Ok then.” I added another eight inches to my height so I now up to seven feet tall, knowing I’d tower over him, then I started adding more mass. I looked down and saw my chest expanding outwards, obliterating the view of anything below. I felt my back get wider and push my arms further from my body. My legs were starting to feel restricted in my shorts and I was wondering if they would survive the experience. I raised my right arm and watched the softball sized bicep continue to grow then turned to my left to make sure that one was keeping up. I then looked over at Jake to see him still sitting there with his jaw dropped in wonder as I flashed him a smile and turned it up a notch. The muscle continued to expand but now I’d stopped my skin from growing so everything started to tighten up. I could see my reflection in the mirror as my midsection went from a faint six pack to ten cobbles of shredded muscle, framed by obliques more toned than any amount of dieting could show off. My pecs which were once bulbous and smooth suddenly exploded into a sea of striations and veins as they tightened and hardened into flesh like steel. My legs were like carved tree trunks; solid and perfectly formed with tear drop quads that could crush boulders. I could feel my back turning into a mountain range of beef leading down to solid globes flesh under my shorts. I looked down to see my legs pushing apart as they expanded and for extra effect I stood on my tip toes to check out my glorious, diamond shaped calves. Every muscle on my body was harder than stone and wouldn’t move unless I commanded it to. I finished expanding and faced Jake who was still looking on in awe, lifting my arms up I flexed them hard, showing off my mountainous biceps as the split and peaked higher than anyone could imagine. Then I moved my hands behind my head and crunched down on my abdomen, showing the most glorious washboard that any 19th century washer woman would beg to use. Finally I hit a most muscular pose that would destroy any shirt I was foolish enough to wear and at that point I saw Jake pass out. I relaxed and moved him over to the centre of the bed before he could fall off then I tried gently waking him. His eyes fluttered open and he looked straight into mine as I came back into focus. “I thought you said you could handle it.” I smiled as he turned bright red. “I didn’t believe it when you tried to warn me.” He replied. I moved away from him so he could sit up and see my whole body. He took a sharp intake of breath and I was sure he just creamed his pants which made me smile. “Should I shrink back down?” “NO!!” he screamed, a lot louder than either of us expected. “Sorry, I just…you look incredible and I want to get used to this.” I stood there for a minute as he tried to compose himself whilst taking in the sight in front of him. He stood up again and walked over and tentatively reached out to my chest. Just as he made contact I bounced it once and his hand shot back like he’d burned it, making me laugh. “Sorry, I shouldn’t tease you.” I giggled and he tried again. He ran his hands all over both pecs and I could see his impressed face as he marvelled at the hardness. I tensed them again, but slower this time and he looked up into my eyes with an open mouth. “It’s like warm steel, do you think they’re bullet proof?” “Well my skin’s incredibly tough so they could be.” I could see his shorts tenting again and I decided to be bold. “I see you’re enjoying all this.” He backed away and covered his crotch, looking down in shame. I lifted his chin up (and up) so he looked me in the eye again. “Don’t be shy, I know I’d be turned on too if the guy I had a crush on suddenly fulfilled my desires, and thankfully, you do.” I bent down to kiss him but felt really uncomfortable, so I lost a little height until we were eye level. He looked at me wide eyed when we broke the kiss as I still had the same amount of muscle but in a smaller frame. “Holy shit!!” He exclaimed and now it was my turn to blush. “You just get hotter every time you change. Wait, can you change everything?” I flashed him a wicked grin as the sound of tearing fabric filled the room.
  10. sithspawn

    Unfiltered stories/content?

    It's gone and not coming back. Check the posts about the recent hack for all the details
  11. sithspawn

    Revelations (Complete)

    Chapter 5 “You remember how I said my parents were ex-military?” I asked and he nodded, waiting for me to continue. “Well they weren’t just your average army grunts; they were both into research and development, specifically enhancing the soldier’s performance. They didn’t work in the same labs all the time as they both had slightly different projects to work on but they were able to share notes.” “So are you some sort of army experiment or something?” He asked. “Of course not, I didn’t come from a test tube, I was conceived naturally.” He looked embarrassed to have asked but I didn’t mind. “The projects they worked on exposed them to different chemicals and no matter how hard they try to keep things clean you still get traces slipping through. Anyway, their research never really amounted to much and the funding was eventually pulled, shutting everything down. I was conceived while they still worked there and what they didn’t realise at the time was that the trace chemicals and mutagens in their bodies kinda mixed together into me and made me…ah…how shall we say…unique.” “Unique how?” He asked looking more confused. “Well, I’m a lot stronger than I should be and these muscles weren’t built as naturally as you’d think.” “So you don’t need to work out to get big and strong then?” I shook my head and I could see that his confusion wouldn’t go away anytime soon. “If that’s the case then why were you in the gym last night? And why are you there most other nights? There’s loads of other things you could do if you wanted to hang around after hours.” “I do it to look normal, if people see me with this body but never see me work out or anything like that then they’re likely to get suspicious so I go in there to be seen.” He didn’t seem convinced but it was the truth. “I thought it was a bit weird when I saw how much weight you were lifting. I thought you could lift much more than that but I assumed you were using lighter weights for a warm up or something.” “Oh…Shit…I never realised how much I should be lifting.” I was actually surprised as I thought I had about the right amount. “It’s kinda hard to gauge how much I should be lifting when I could probably lift the whole building.” I saw his jaw hanging open again as I said this but he soon composed himself. “So that’s all you were worried about? Me finding out you were strong and just didn’t need to work out? I can live with that, as long as you don’t accidentally crush me when I need a hug.” There was more to tell but I wasn’t sure exactly how so I thought I’d better demonstrate. I took my shirt of and stood in front of him displaying my torso to him for the first time. I wasn’t ripped or anything like that but you could definitely see the contour of the muscles and they were quite big compared to his body. “I know you said I have a better body than any of the guys in college but that’s not strictly true, most of them are bigger and leaner than me.” He looked at my body like a kid in a candy store and I could tell he didn’t care how anyone else looked right now. “What makes me unique is I can control how my body looks.” He looked surprised and slightly disappointed as my body began to dwindle down and lose muscle mass until I was on the same level as him. “Wow.” He just said with a slightly puzzled look on his face. “So you can shrink down to look like me or go back to being the way you were before?” “I can go beyond that, but I didn’t want to scare you.” I replied. “I think I can handle it.” “Ok, but you asked for this.” I warned him with a smile.
  12. sithspawn

    Revelations (Complete)

    You know how I enjoy a good cliffhanger
  13. sithspawn

    Revelations (Complete)

    Chapter 4 I didn’t know where to start with this so I decided to turn the tables. “That’s not really fair; I don’t know anything about you either.” “What’s to know? I’m just your average nerd, only a bit more popular.” He said. I just raised an eyebrow so he continued. “Ok fine, I’m crap at sports but luckily I’ve got a good metabolism that keeps me nice and skinny, although it also means I don’t put on weight either. I’m only popular cos I’m funny; the first time a bully picked on me I managed to insult him so bad that his friends were laughing so hard he didn’t beat me up. I also help out the jocks but they know not to ask me to do their work for them, they just see me as a nice guy. What else? Oh yeah, I’m on the debate team because I love arguing and I stay behind after class because their computers are better than mine, but I think you already knew that. Is that enough for you so far?” “What about the whole gay thing? Does anyone know? And have you ever had a boyfriend?” I was stalling now as I was trying to muster the courage to tell him all about me but I didn’t know how to start. “Ah well, I kinda found out I was gay when I saw some of the jocks in the locker room back in school and figured I had a thing for muscle guys.” That explained a lot. “I’ve told a couple of close friends but I’m not really camp so I can keep it hidden, and no, I haven’t had a boyfriend so I’m kinda hoping you’ll be my first.” He flashed a really cute smile that almost made me melt. “I don’t know if I can be, there’s a lot about me you don’t know and I’m afraid that if you did you wouldn’t want anything to do with me.” I said, beginning to worry again. “You’re not a mass murderer are you? Cos I’m not built for digging holes to hide the corpses.” There was that smile again. “Of course not, but I need to know that you’re not just playing with me here. If I tell you everything then you can’t repeat it to anyone ok?” I could see he was getting a little concerned. “I’m definitely all in; I don’t think you could say anything that would turn me away from you. I’ve seen you around enough to know you’re a nice guy.” “Ok, but I think it’ll be easier to show you. Follow me.” I led him up to my room where we’d have a bit more space. “Wow! This is really not what I was expecting.” I could see he was surprised by what he saw. “What were you expecting?” I asked. “I dunno, more bodybuilder type stuff I guess, you know, big tubs of supplements and dumbbells lying around, that sort of thing.” My room was actually quite large; I had a big mirror along part of one wall, a desk with my computer on, my bed obviously and a walk in wardrobe. There were a few die cast cars from some of my favourite movies on a shelf and a couple of posters on the walls of my favourite musicians. It was a typical guy’s bedroom I guess. “Sorry to disappoint you but I don’t need those things.” I stated. “Oh yeah, I forgot you work out at college, but what about during the holidays? Do you have a gym in one of the barns?” He asked. “Not exactly, sit down and I’ll try to explain.” He sat on the bed as I sat on the chair at my desk, thinking about how to begin. “Ok, this is going to start off a little weird but hear me out and I’ll try to explain as best I can.” He nodded patiently as I readied myself to start. “I guess the first thing I should say is I’m not exactly normal.”
  14. sithspawn

    Revelations (Complete)

    Chapter 3 “Oh…Wow…Ok.” I didn’t know what else to say. “This was a bad idea, I should go.” He turned to leave but I quickly grabbed his shoulder. “Wait. Sorry, you just caught me off guard that’s all.” I said turning him back around. “I thought you were going to ask me for tips on getting a girlfriend or something, I didn’t realise you were gay.” He blushed at that last remark and started to look a little worried. “Are you not disgusted by that?” I could see he was dreading the answer. “Actually no, I was just surprised. With your popularity and all I was expecting you to easily be able to get any girl you wanted, I didn’t realise you just didn’t want them.” I could see the relief wash over him but he still seemed anxious. “So what about the fact that I like you?” He asked. Now I was at a loss for what to say, should I tell him the truth? He could see my hesitation and I swear I actually saw his heart breaking. “Forget it, you’re straight and you could easily have anyone you wanted. I’ll just go.” He had tears streaming down his face now and all the confidence I’d seen in him over the last few months had been completely crushed out of him. “Don’t go.” I pleaded. “The truth is, things didn’t work out between me and that girl because…well…I don’t like girls either. I mean, I do, but not to date them.” I could tell I was babbling so I shut up. “So what’re you saying? You like guys?” He asked and I just nodded. “Oh.” “I’ve also had a crush on you since I first saw you but I didn’t think you’d be interested.” I said quietly. He looked really surprised at this news. “Ok so I get that you didn’t think I was gay, but why the fuck would you think anyone wouldn’t have the hots for you? You’re gorgeous!” I started to blush but didn’t say anything. “Seriously! You’ve got a better body than anyone in college and you’re probably the most handsome guy there. Do you never notice the looks you get?” Now it was my turn to be surprised. “What looks?” I asked. He rolled his eyes and threw his hands in the air. “Are you serious? Everybody in that place wants you, did you know that?” I just stood there, stunned. “You know why people don’t hang out with you? Because you intimidate them so much. You’re more than smart enough to join any of the nerd clubs but they keep you at bay because they think you’ll kick the crap out of them if they disagree with you. Every girl wants to date you but they stay away because they don’t think they’ll be good enough and every coach wants you for their teams, even though you’ve turned them down.” He seemed to be really agitated by all this, like it was something he’d been meaning to get off his chest for a long time. “I guess I just never noticed.” I admitted. “Considering you’re so smart you’re useless at reading people. I’ve had a crush on you since the minute I saw you but you always seemed to ignore me.” He continued. “You were always with so many people so I tried to stay away.” I was feeling really guilty for ignoring him now. “I’ve always been pretty popular but since you’ve been there more and more people have been around me, trying to get my thoughts on how they could get you to themselves and that’s what hurts me the most.” I didn’t understand where he was going with this. “I wanted you all to myself and every day I had people coming up asking about you. Gorgeous girls and guys all wanting you but being too scared to say anything and it made me wonder if I even stood a chance.” “I’m sorry, I never knew.” I said, moving closer to wipe away one of his tears. “So where does that leave us now?” He never answered; he just planted the most wonderful kiss on my lips. “Does that answer your question?” He asked after breaking the kiss. “The only thing now is I don’t know anything about you, care to fill in the details?”
  15. sithspawn

    Revelations (Complete)

    Chapter 2 “Hey Cameron.” Jake beamed as I opened the door. “This is a great place you’ve got here.” It was a warm day and we were both in t shirts and shorts. “Thanks and you know you can call me Cam, ok?” I said, ushering him in. “My parents wanted somewhere quiet so when this place came up they fell in love with it. I like it here, there’s loads of space and it gives me plenty of privacy.” “Yeah, I’ve noticed you like to keep to yourself.” He replied. “How big is this place anyway?” “We’ve got a couple of acres and some outbuildings. It’s not a farm any more; we just let the grass grow and the neighbours come by every year to take it away in hay bales for their animals.” I led him into the kitchen and leant against the counter with my arms folded. “So what did you want my help with?” I asked. He didn’t say anything for a minute, he was just looking at me but then let out a breath he probably didn’t realise he’d been holding. “Ok, here goes.” He started but didn’t seem to be able to put into words what he wanted to say. “This is going to sound really weird but the thing I want help with is…well…you.” He started to blush and turned away. “Me? I don’t understand.” I was genuinely perplexed; I had no idea what he was saying. He started pacing around, trying to get his thoughts in order. “You’ve been here for six months now and the whole time you’ve been avoiding me no matter what I do.” He was beginning to look upset now. “I’ve tried giving you space, tried being nice and probably said some things I shouldn’t have at times, but I didn’t mean anything by them.” “You mean like calling me wide load this week?” I asked, probably looking a bit angrier than I actually was. “Yeah like that, I didn’t mean anything bad by it, but, y’know, it was the first thing that popped into my head and you can see why. I felt really bad after you stormed off though.” He was looking at his feet and this was the first time I actually started to feel bad for him. It was like his vulnerable side was finally coming through. “To be honest things like that don’t bother me any more, I just let people think what they want now.” I dropped my arms down to my side to get rid of the barrier between us. “And I haven’t been avoiding you, well ok; I have but not really intentionally.” “How do you unintentionally avoid someone?” He asked looking back up at me. “It’s not so much you it’s just…You have all these people around you all the time. I’m quite shy and don’t like drawing attention to myself.” I saw surprise register on his face as I said that but I carried on. “Yesterday was the first time I think we’ve ever spoken without other people being around so I was quite surprised when you came to find me.” “I was actually surprised as well, I don’t do well on my own and it took me ages to pluck up the courage to find you. I just thought if I didn’t talk to you this weekend then I probably wouldn’t have the nerve to try next week.” He looked like he was trying not to regret coming here, like there was some turmoil going on inside him. “I guess it just needed one of us to make the first move to clear the air. I’m glad you came to find me yesterday, I feel a bit better now.” Jake looked a little more at ease but I still had the feeling there was something on his mind. “You still don’t look like you’ve got everything off your chest.” He went back to pacing around so I just let him take his time. “Have you ever had a girlfriend?” He suddenly asked. “I did once, but that was a few years back.” I suddenly saw him look crushed when I said that. “Well, sort of anyway. We didn’t really do anything, and we weren’t together for more than a couple of weeks, why?” “I’ve never had a girlfriend.” He said quietly and I was really surprised. “Really? You hang around with some really hot girls so I’m surprised you never went out with any.” “They’re not really my type.” He mumbled whilst taking a deep interest in my kitchen floor. I was beginning to see where this was going but I had to ask. “So, what is your type then?” Then he looked up at me and said two words that would rock my world. “You are.”

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