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    muscle growth, personality changes, dumbing down

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  1. Anyone else like this thread? "Delro the muscle nerd" haha everytime I read it I like to think of it as ironic
  2. This story is off to an amazing start. I absolutely loved it. I'm going to look for pics that make me think of it. The dark, sickening metaphor of the citadel of knowledge replaced by a giant penis skyscraper is so incredibly hot! It's mean and it's fun. Hoping for more intelligence sacrifices! Maybe someone is slightly more aware and unwilling to become a brainless boy toy? Regardless, it's gonna be great.
  3. heck yes he does! thick in body and thicker in mind he looks
  4. Anything with Abel Albonetti. Here's an old video but his new ones are amazing too. Dude does not seem smart, does he?
  5. I know! Derek Williams's stories always hit the spot. Kyle's New Job is probably my personal all-time fave.
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