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  1. SuperWaffle

    A Growing Love, Pt. 2

    Alex and Bryan were having such a great time I just couldn't help myself: Great story by the way! Hope we see more from you in time to come!
  2. SuperWaffle

    Halvor's Hard Body

    Author's Note: Just a quick little dive out of my comfort zone and into themes I don't normally write about. Feedback is welcome! PLEASE give me feedback! Please also enjoy! Halvor Hardbody Halvor was lifting the tank. He was lifting the bloody fucking tank. Slowly, surely, higher and higher, every gargantuan fucking muscle on that massive body swollen with mass and tearing more and more rents into his once pristine suit. Already huge, his body had exploded with size as the transformation took hold. Monster biceps, engorged with pure power, bulged and flexed and heaved as his sleeves finally gave way, torn to bits before the onslaught of hard, unyielding flesh. He wanted more, craved more, and I more was I glad to give. A pair of swelling, bulging mounds were growing fat and firm within his slacks, poised to blast the fabric apart as they swelled with more mass. So delicious, so inviting, I wasted no time plunging the syringe through his pants, through his underwear, almost laughing as I pulled the trigger and dosed those muscular buttocks with another round of juice. Above me, the monster roared with savage euphoria, biceps exploding to the size of watermelons as his body metabolised new power. I could hear the tank screaming in protest as sausage-thick fingers crushed into the reinforced hull, bending the steel like putty as another wave of growth swept over him. Veins thicker than garden hoses rose across the length of his arm, throbbing with the serum and causing his muscles to bulge out with impossible new power. He was growing taller now, pushing the tank further and further from the ground as six feet grew to seven, then eight. His shirt collar snapped apart as his neck expanded to the thickness of a telephone pole, a similar fate befalling his watch as his wrists grew with his body. On either side of his head, huge traps were bulging out of his flesh, hard like rocks fused to widening, swelling shoulders. I took a step back, allowing my breath to catch as I watched his lats bursting out of either side of him, spreading out and bulking up until his back assumed a magnificent Y-shape. The entire front of his shirt ripped to shreds as massive pecs swelled out of his chest, never stopping until a pair of corded, oversized wrecking balls bulged from his body. As the remnants of his shirt fell away, eight bricks of sinewy muscle punched their way out of his stomach, forming a veritable wall harder than concrete. SHRRIIIIIIIIIP! POP! A button popped off the front of his trousers as the zipper burst under the strain. Gigantically muscled thighs exploded through the legs of his pants, hulking out of his skin until they were thicker than oil barrels, every frigging muscle so perfectly sculpted I could make out every knot and fibre. There was another pop, softer this time, as enormous feet busted through his socks and shoes, his toes crushing asphalt as he steadied his growing brawn. A vile smirk graced my lips as I watched my monster grow, the last of his suit falling off him as he hulked out, bigger and buffer than any man had the right to be. It was such a pity he had chosen to wear what have been the stretchiest jockstrap money could buy, for even now I could see the straps clinging to his buttocks for dear life. How offensive. I simply had to have them removed. A low growl rumbled within Halvor's throat as I reloaded my syringe-gun, before pressing the needle into the firm flesh of his ass and pulling the trigger for one last, supercharged dose. “RRRAAAAAAGGGHHHH!” thundered my monster. He was getting so fucking tall now, blowing my expectations out of the water as he surged to ten, maybe eleven feet. So much mass, so much barely contained power exploding out of his body, growing every conceivable muscle to outrageously massive proportions. He was evolving, no doubt, his pecs were swelling out into humongous, overdeveloped masses of heaving muscle. His quads had split into their individual muscle groups, teardrop-shaped mountains of powerful sinew shifting and bulging under paper-thin skin. I watched his back surge out, so much brawn bursting out of his body he was soon wide enough to fit three grown men on either side of his head. Those bricks on his stomach were growing, widening, empowered by the serum as they morphed into titanium anvils that heaved and hoed with every violent breath he took. As that colossal body stretched impossibly taller, I spotted his bones thickening and reinforcing to accommodate him growing huge! More importantly, so huge and so muscular he had grown that his offending jockstrap had finally given way, exposing his swollen erection for the world to see. Not caring about the tank he still carried, I strolled around his monster quads to better admire his throbbing prick. As the penis wasn't a muscle, the serum could do little beyond pumping it up harder than nature allowed. Although that wasn't saying nature had been stingy, for Halvor's magnificent manhood measured a magnificent nine inches long. His balls were nothing to scoff at either, fat like kiwis and almost twice as heavy with sperm. Hah! His quads were so freakishly developed they had pushed his balls forward, making the whole ensemble look a lot bigger it actually was. He needed it, for now that he had grown to nearly twelve feet tall and weighed over two tons of muscle... well his dick looked puny compared to him. Not that it mattered at the moment. “You can stand down any time, General!” I called out, pulling the gathered soldiers from their trance, “Wouldn't want me to give our friend here another shot now would we?” There was a moment's silence as the good general gathered his wits, and then... “You're in no position to negotiate, boy!” he snapped from above me, “Now put me down! Or else!” “Or else what, General?” I volleyed, “Go on, I'm listening!” Silence. I almost felt sorry for the old man, to have such a long and distinguished career end with one of the biggest military blunders in history. I actually wondered if he didn't realise how I had the upper hand here. Well, Halvor did, but it would be some time before that gorgeous beast of man was in any position to think for himself, so authority defaulted to me. “General?” “Put. Me. Down.” he growled, before adding, “NOW!” “General, please,” I implored, rolling my eyes as if he could see me, “Your men have already shot my suit full of holes and detonated every canister of sleeping gas you brought, so unless you're planning to tickle me to death with more bullets I don't see what else they can do here.” Silence again. I gave Halvor's massive thigh a small pat. “Shake him,” I whispered, “Gently.” “W-WOAH!” wailed the general, loud clonking sounds coming from the tank as Halvor complied, “STOP. THAT. RIGHT. NOW!” “I just need two words from you, sir!” I yelled over the din, “Two words, or I get our friend here to cause a little over a billion dollars worth of hardware damage.” Some of the nearby armoured vehicles actually zipped back a few feet. “Okay, okay!” he relented, popping his head out of the hatch to face his men, “STAND DOWN!” “You can put him down now, big man,” I commanded, before quickly adding, “Slowly.” The general's driver actually tumbled out before the tank treads even reached the ground. He had turned white as a sheet and was clutching the growing wet spot on his pants like his life depended on it. Judging by the smell, that poor sod had creamed himself at least twice from the muscle show Halvor had given his ride. Delicious. General Ambrose was next. Despite our differences, I've always respected the man, especially how he always carried himself in that regal, dignified manner most soldiers lacked. Immaculately dressed as always, not even a single strand of that handlebar moustache out of place despite Halvor quite literally rocking his world mere moments before. “Alright, boy,” he almost spat the words, he loved calling me boy and we both knew it, “You've won, now return the hostage and fuck the hell out of my country!” “Is that what you're calling him now?” I asked defiantly, helpless to stop the cheeky smirk playing my lips, “I'll have you know Mr. Hardbody here came with me willingly.” “Dominating the mind of a prison guard does not constitute 'willing', boy!” yelled Ambrose, “We both know you only took him because you think he's hot stuff!” “Well I'm not the one who's spent the past two hundred years deprived of earthly pleasures, General,” I gestured at the stoic, titanic muscleman beside me, “Besides, I figured you wanted me to have him!” “You're a twisted little twat you know that?” “If you didn't, why would you have assigned this handsome, rugged, strapping young man to my containment detail? I haven't met someone so eager to tackle me down for even the slightest provocation since James Monroe assigned me that one chap with the tattoo on his left butt cheek.” “Shrink him down, give him back, and you're free to go, boy.” “No can't do, General,” I said gleefully, like hell I was going to part with this beast of a man, he didn't even have family to go home to, “Besides, I seem to remember the President issuing you an order so... distressing... you actually challenged him before being overruled.” That did it. I hadn't seen a man pale so quickly since my breakout last week. “My orders are absolute, boy,” he grunted, his fearsome visage blazing so fiercely I actually wondered if he would combust. Thankfully, he did not. “And yet you spent the whole night pleading to gods above that you would not have to carry it out,” I said smugly, before turning to my hulking new friend. “Did you know the President wants you dead?” I said to him, earning only a fearsome-yet-stoic look in return. Man, some face paint and I could get him looking like a hot, musclebound Viking, “Told the good General here to put two or three into your head after I was out of sight, something about being compromised by yours truly made you a complete liability to this great, glorious country.” Impossibly, even more colour ran from Ambrose's face when I turned back to him. “'But think of the military applications!' you had yelled, before almost throwing your hat at the fat man when he waved you aside,” I recollected, a little too gleefully, “'Just one of those motherfuckers and we wouldn't need to deploy a single man into a warzone ever again!' and then you were interrupted by the President's third mistress who really shouldn't have access to the war room, before yelling, 'The boy even promised us a box of super-serum if you attend the gala in a banana-suit! We cannot miss this opportunity!'” Someone chuckled in the background, quickly silenced when he realised no one else would join him. “I never did check if you bought that banana-suit you know?” I said simply, a broad grin plastered over my face, “Maybe if you told me the truth, I'll start cooperating with you.” Ambrose looked very much like someone had fed him a lemon. There was a muscle twitching in his chin and he really looked ready to combust this time. “We did,” he admitted, sighing, “With the spots as you specified.” “And yet he didn't attend the dinner?” “You already know the answer to that.” Trust my luck things would turn out this way. Coercion was always more fun when everyone knew just how much power I held over them. “You know something, General?” I said, “I actually spent the whole of last night wondering why you would be so hesitant to shoot Halvor here, not that I would have let you succeed of course. I thought so hard about it I eventually gave up and decided to give myself the answer.” Ambrose's eyes flashed, “Stop, boy.” “He reminds you a little of yourself when you were younger,” I continued, “Headstrong, stubborn, more than eager to put evildoers in their place, even if it meant tackling and holding them against the wall with your body.” “But then you began developing softer, more effective methods. You had to after all, you had to prove to Washington that your promotions were justified. You put all that behind you until that one fateful day when the adoption papers arrived.” The General had gone stiffer than a board, clearly having forgotten he could hide nothing from me. “Finally you had a son to call your own,” I crooned, “That he reminded you so much of yourself you couldn't help but swell with pride just thinking about him. You didn't mind that he didn't want to think, only obey, he was your son and you would support him no matter what he chose to do with his life.” “You just wished... for a few improvements.” I gave Halvor's gorgeous butt a gentle pat, “Bring Sergeant Ross to me would you?” Someone squealed as my monster stomped off and seized one of the soldiers from the crowd. It was the driver of Ambrose's tank, the one who had creamed himself twice before falling out. “You know General,” I purred, “I've always held great respect for you, and your father, and his father, and his father before that. Would you believe me if I said your family once served as the most elite of my enforcers?” Ambrose blanched. “Well, whether or not you believe me is not relevant, not now anyway.” Sergeant Ross was still squirming in Halvor's iron grip, trying in vain to hide the magnificent erection throbbing within his soaked trousers. He was looking at me helplessly, his eyes occasionally darting to where Ambrose stood utterly motionless. “Daddy's about to make a very big announcement, little boy,” I drawled. It was true though, the lot of them (while adults) were technically young enough to be my great-great-great... many-greats grandsons. I turned back to the good General, “I'm beginning to suspect you already know how this is going to turn out, you're a smart man, so... your move, General.” For the longest time, Ambrose could say nothing. His breathing, while hard, was steadier than I had ever heard, as though he was actively controlling himself. “D-Dad?” squeaked Ross. The general inhaled deeply, closing his eyes for a moment before opening them again. “I had hoped, all your life, that you would grow up to be bigger and stronger than you are now,” he admitted, “Not unlike Private Halvor here, just not to this... size.” Ross spluttered something in shock, before craning his neck up so he could gaze upon Halvor's monstrous chest muscles. “You spent your youth so small,” continued the general, “So weak, I thought I was going to have a heart attack when I saw your enlistment papers. But somehow you passed out, as a full blown combatant no less.” Ambrose shuddered, and paused to steady his breathing. “I never told you how much the Gamma incident crushed me, not so much because we only just contained the Hulks, but because one of them hurt you during their rampage.” He turned to regard his boy. “Ever wondered why you were assigned to drive my tank?” he said, so softly and yet so clearly and firmly, “It's because of me. I nearly choked the piss out of the pencil-neck from Washington who tried to return you to the boots. I know you weren't mine at the beginning, but you are mine now and I'll be damned if I put my only son at risk.” “I... I don't understand,” squeaked Ross, “D-Dad! What's going on?” “Not very bright is he?” I whispered, hoping I was soft enough that the Sergeant wouldn't heat me. “He's not,” said Ambrose, loudly and clearly, “But I don't care, he's mine.” “Daddy wants only the best for you,” I explained, taking over and edging into the space between Ambrose and Ross, “You see, he even risked a demotion-” “Dismissal,” interrupted Ambrose. “-dismissal... by throwing at fit at the President, because he knew the super-serum would grant him his greatest wish.” The Sergeant's eyes grew wide at the realisation. “N-No!” he gasped, “I don't... I don't want to!” Gods, why wouldn't you? Someone in the crowd yelled out, “If he doesn't want it then I do!” Silence... then... “YOU SHUT YOUR FACE, JIMSON!” bellowed General Ambrose, “YOUR PSYCH PROFILE IS FUCKING SHIT, YOU HEAR ME? SHIT!” “Well then,” I said, clapping my hands together and swinging around to face the general, “General Ambrose, I believe this concludes our business. If you ever feel like defecting as your ancestors did, I'll know where to find you.” Ambrose didn't need to be told twice. Almost automatically, he reached out and took from my hand the syringe-gun and its final dose of super-serum. There wasn't nearly enough juice in there to create another Halvor, but boy wasn't Ross going to get BIG! The good sergeant was struggling now, although he was so pitifully weak compared to Halvor the bigger man wasn't budging an inch. “NO!” he cried, although his swollen erection said otherwise, “I DON'T WANT TO BE A MUSCLE MONSTER! P-PLEASE DAD! NO!” “Its for your own good, son,” Ambrose said grimly, “I never forgive myself if you hurt yourself following my orders, now hold still.” Miraculously, Ross did just that, although he did not stop pleading otherwise. There was a soft hiss as the tiny needle sank into the flesh of his neck. Ross gasped, his mouth hanging open as waves of pleasurable shudders shot through his limbs. “You can let him go now,” I said to Halvor, who immediately dropped Ross onto the dirt. “Oh god,” he was moaning, wobbly as he got to his feet, “This feels... so good... so good!” And suddenly he was changing. Ambrose just stood there, slack jawed as Ross began expanding outward and upward. His chest grew into large, rounded slabs that filled out the front of his uniform quite nicely. “Oh my god!” Ross cried, his voice dropping an octave, “This is fucking awesome!” I watched him raise his arms and pump his guns, their shapeless forms suddenly bulging out as huge biceps grew out from nothing. Despite the thickness of his uniform, I could make out sizeable traps bulking up on either side of his neck, which was growing so muscular it was soon wider than his entire head! All over, his outfit was tightening like crazy. His once loose pants were inflating with mass, rippling with corded muscle as his quads hulked out of his legs. I had to give the army credit, their uniforms really were designed to withstand anything. As his shoulders broadened to accommodate the massive laws blasting out of his sides, the fabric held, although the occasional screech of Velcro could be heard as straps burst off his sides. Between his legs, a growing bulge was sticking obscenely out of his crotch, visibly throbbing as the serum surged through the veins of his shaft. It wasn't going to grow, goodness no, but there was no doubt in my mind he would soon be strong enough to bend iron rods around his cock. “Fuck YEAH!” Ross finally shouted, almost half a foot taller than when he started, “What a fucking FEELING!” Ambrose, ever the military man, recovered first. “How you feeling son?” he said quietly, “Everything good?” “BETTER than good!” Ross roared, before bringing his arms up and striking an incredible double bicep, completely visible despite the uniform, “I feel fucking AMAZING! Thought I was going to lose my mind like this buff bastard here!” He began flexing his fingers, almost biting his lip when he realised even the smallest parts of his body had grown stronger. “Fuck!” he grunted, before scooting off, “Gotta find something heavy to LIFT!” “I don't suppose you're open to negotiations?” said Ambrose, eyes never leaving his adopted son, “For more serum, I mean.” “You already know my terms, General,” I replied, “Banana suit. Big published event. Consider this just a freebie.” “Figures,” he grunted, “One dose is enough for him to start lifting tanks right?” “You bet it is.” “Well, then I don't suppose you'll do an old man a favour and leave then? I'd like to keep this a private family event.” I looked around, “We're still surrounded by troops.” “They're my men, boy,” he sneered from behind that moustache, “We are a family, although I doubt you'll ever understand how this works.” “Humph,” I humphed, “Maybe I don't need a family.” “We'll see about that now won't we?” he laughed, “Or have you decided you'll leave Private Hardbody behind? Because you know, you don't really need a family, or do you?” “Yeah like I'm going to fall for any of your tricks, old man!” I laughed, before beckoning Halvor over, “Take me in your arms beefcake!” My... muscle slave... obeyed me without a second thought, arms huger and more muscular than my entire body sweeping me off my feet and cradling me against those awesome pecs. Almost automatically, I found my hand reaching for that rugged, angular jaw, now covered in a layer of thick, bristly stubble. “Well, I'll be off then!” But the General's attention was already elsewhere, the whole battalion's too actually. Ross had stripped off his top and grabbed a hold of an armoured car that was slowly being hoisted off the ground. There were quite a number of them cheering, loudly too, the nerve of them, ignoring me like that. I didn't feel left out, of course. I didn't. Not at all. Not even a little. Here was the military arm of a nation who saw it fit to imprison me for centuries, deep beneath the earth, after they had decided I was much too dangerous to live freely in their new land of the free. And they had the right to be scared, I won them their frigging war! My powers were nothing to scoff at, and they knew just how drunk I could get using them. In fact, why not use them right now? So I clasped my hands together and turned one palm against the other, causing a curious mass to form between them. I removed my right hand, and saw to my delight a dark, leather-bound notepad that came with its own pen. Inside, amongst the uncountable, near-infinite pages compressed into the too-small space, were all the improvements to the world I had wrought since the beginning. You see, whatever I wrote, anything I wrote, would come true. And it did not matter where I wrote or what I wrote on. This little book had simply been written into existence so I would never go without a writing pad again. But the pen in particular was precious to me. It was a simple ballpoint, plastic and blue and bereft of any branding. Useless in the hands of your average Joe, but a most dangerous weapon in mine. Halvor here – sexy, beautiful, savage Halvor – had let me swipe it from him last week, when I mocked the power of his manhood and let him smash me to the wall of my cell. The poor, foolish boy hadn't even realised I had taken it from him. None of them were allowed writing instruments near me, and they all knew I wouldn't be able to use blood to write, having long since written my invulnerability into the annals of history. They were so good at their jobs too – the best of the best, or so they've been told – why would they even suspect one of their number would have forgotten to check himself before coming to check on me? In the end, it was simply bad luck, good on my part, that let me out. “You know something Halvor?” I say to my beefy new friend, “I could simply write the mind-numbing effects of the serum away, and then you could get right to making sweet, sweet love to my deprived little face.” Private Halvor Hardbody could only spare a soft grunt as we continued down the highway. Somehow, I loved him all stoic like that – a great contrast to the hotheaded young man he had once been. He was still a little hotheaded actually, at least without the serum mucking up his brain, but I had long since written away most of his immaturity. Ah well, to business! My suit is no longer riddled with bullet holes. I write in a single stroke. And has returned to a pristine, immaculate state. A gentle ripple sweeps across me, and I see to my delight a suit as good and crisp as when I first wrote it into existence. Halvor is clad in a stylish leather harness that greatly emphasises the massiveness of his pecs and arms. My bodyguard's muscular chest bulges out suddenly, pushed up by the straps running across his huge body. Oh hell yeah! Halvor's nine inch cock grows to an incredible six feet long, thicker than my waist and riddled with fat, throbbing veins. His balls swell to the size of beach balls, heavy with cum. The big man actually bucks, a soft moan slipping through those strong, kissable lips as his cock begins hulking out of his crotch, cum spurting from his pulsing dick hole as he struggles to keep pace. A sturdy saddle appears on his cock, secured to the middle of his shaft by a series of tight leather straps. What? You can't expect me to have him carry me to the safe house now can you? I know he's my muscle slave and all, but I'd prefer if he keep some of his dignity. And he thoroughly, thoroughly enjoys having my ride his cock like one would a horse, reins and all. I could see him sweating now, that big man was almost biting his lip as he sought to please me despite the waves upon waves of pleasure shooting into his crotch. Now that the housekeeping was over, I could move on to more pressing matters. Like family. Family. I write, before pausing to stare at the word. I wish to know what it means to have family. Halvor jerks to a sudden halt, great big hands seizing me by the arms and wrenching me off the cock saddle. He turns me over as if I weigh nothing, bringing me face to face with the emerald green visage I knew I was falling for. There were no clouds in them any more, no more serum making a mess of his head. Here was no longer a slave who bowed to my whims, but a man – a big, strong man – who craved my soul more than he hungered for my flesh, my power. “Here is a man who will move mountains for you,” he finishes, the heat of his breath tearing through me like an inferno, “Not because he knows he can, but because he knows you will do the same for him.” I am pressed into his face, his lips crushing into mine and his tongue filling me with bliss. My eyes begin to roll, the pen falls from my fingers, and soon I know no more.
  3. SuperWaffle

    Hulk Hunter 2: Hulk Spawn

    There's just something about your stories that makes them SO good! So good that I find myself clinging onto every word, every letter. Couldn't help myself as always, so I went and put together a little something. Don't tell me you haven't wished to encounter a hulk in your high school locker room!
  4. The Dildo of the Demigods II Now I know what you're thinking. How does one come to stand amongst the hugest bodybuilders ever to walk the scene and still be too young to buy his own alcohol? I must have turned to supplements, steroids, maybe some top secret military initiative gone awry. There's just no way someone could be so blessed, so you've convinced yourself that all this brawn is simply not natural. And you're absolutely right. But let me stop you right there, before that 'ah-ha!' moment takes off. As you've probably seen by the title, we're dealing with something far beyond the understand of mortal sciences. The Dildo of the Demigods is literally a sex toy that will grant almost any wish so long as you take it's insane girth up your butt. It just has to touch your prostate, it's power must be channelled through your prostate for its magic to work. Before we go any further, I'd like to get a couple of things clear. First, I am not good person. I am a decent person, but not good, no way. Last, the Dildo of the Demigods never stays with one person too long and always, always, changes hands by theft. *** So there I was, just minding my own business when the door to the gym burst open. In strode Fabian Flounders – vice-captain of the chess club and easily one of the scrawniest kids on campus. The sight of a nerd in the weight room nearly caused me to drop the barbell I had been benching. I had nothing personal against Fabian of course, but the same couldn't be said for half the jocks in here. This was their turf after all, and they were very protective. Quick as I could, I racked my barbell and sprang off my bench, fully intent on diffusing the situation before the big guys could lay their hands on him. If I had known of Fabian's already extensive use of the Dildo beforehand, then I would have just left him there. I had just slid between him and the jocks, arms outstretched to prevent any of them from skirting around me, when Fabian put a hand on my shoulder. I thought it belonged to one of the jocks. That grip was immensely strong, so much more than that bony appendage suggested. And then I saw it, the telltale rippling of sinew and pulsing of veins. Whirling around, I saw to my horror a most wicked grin plastered on Fabian's face. The jocks must have noticed something amiss too, for they took a step back, almost in unison, as the nerd raised one spindly arm. SHRIIIP! His sleeves were blown apart as gigantic biceps erupted out of nowhere, rock hard and so defined they looked to be chiselled from marble! I watched him twist his wrist, causing that striated mass to flex and shift beneath paper thin skin. Then he clenched his fist even harder, causing triceps the size of my thighs to bulge from beneath his bis! His growth then spread up to his shoulder and down to his forearm, inflating muscles destroying fabric and morphing that one arm into some kind of oversized car crusher. By the time he was done, it looked like someone had Photoshopped a bodybuilder's arm onto one cannonball shoulder and then magnified it twofold! His hand had grown huge enough to grab me by the fucking head! It was just that big! Holy fuck! Fabian was looking at me intently, probably marvelling at how I was still standing despite all the colour having run from my face. I hated to admit it, but there was no way anyone could miss the enormous boner now throbbing between my legs, not even with his juggernaut arm in the way. “Looks like you're not the only one enjoying himself,” commented Fabian in that high, airy voice he was so known for. Sure enough, all the jocks trying, futilely, to disguise the erections they were all sporting. Then I heard it again – the protesting of fabric as immense masses of pure muscle erupted from beneath them. Fabian's other arm had begun hulking out, expanding boulders of rippling flesh tearing free of his sleeves and causing my cock to grow so damned hard I thought I was going to cream myself. I didn't care how weird Fabian looked – a skinny twig with two godlike muscle-arms flexing from that narrow torso, oh my god! “That's what I'm talking about!” laughed the former nerd, “Now these are guns!” I watched him strike the most spectacular double bicep pose I had yet seen. His arms were so fucking jacked I could make out every fibre of muscle jammed into them. With every pump, those babies strained so hard his biceps split into multiple peaks! That's right, Fabians arms were so fucking muscular his fucking biceps had biceps! “Fuck!” he swore, “Feels so fucking good! But you know what would make this better? If my entire fucking body was this HUGE!” He threw back his skinny neck and unleashed a mighty roar of pure pleasure, his airy voice dropping so low so quickly it sent chills all the way down to my toes. I could see the bones of his face thickening and shifting now, his sharp chin turning into the rugged, square jawline found only on action heroes. His pencil-neck was expanding and fast, his Adam's apple finally materialising as his collar was ripped apart! Traps, mountainous and bulging with mass, erupted from either side of his head and devoured the lower half of his neck, melding into his boulder-like deltoids before sending tendrils of pure muscle down to his chest. I could see them pulsing, chock full of mass that were feeding his pecs until they all but blasted his shirt apart when they surged forth. Buttons banged off like bullets, a couple striking me so hard they left marks! Fabian's mighty chest had grown so ripped, so fucking glutted with muscle his nipples were pointing down! It dawned on me that he had more muscle in one pec than my entire torso put together, the thought was making my head spin but still I forced myself to watch. As the former nerd's entire body continued to swell, great blocks of solid flesh punched their way out of his gut, transforming his once flat stomach into a freaky eight-pack that heaved with every violent breath he took. Somehow, all that monstrous mass had left his waist surprisingly narrow. There was so much muscle in there he had no trouble supporting the herculean amounts of muscle just exploding from his upper body. I blinked just as he turned his attention to his weak legs, and when my eyes opened they had exploded with unbridled mass and power. I didn't even get to see them grow! His fucking quads had split into their individual muscle groups – each a grotesque, teardrop-shaped monstrosity that was all muscle and no fat. They were battling for space, cords of iron-like muscle twisting down to his calves and making them bulge with every flex. His fucking calves were already bigger than both my arms put together and they were still growing! “Aww fuck yeah!” moaned Fabian, his entire body shuddering with power as he flexed his gargantuan pecs before my stunned features. Wait, since when did I only come to his chest level. Oh... Oh fuck the chessman was growing upward too! He was already so tall as to dwarf just about everybody in the gym! That must have been what, six feet? Six feet two? And just how many hundred pounds of muscle was on that body? I should add that by now, Fabian had been reduced to just a pair of unfashionable tighty-whites. Given how broad his body had grown, the fabric had been stretched so tight I couldn't help but notice the miniscule, almost pitiful erection he sported. There was barely an inch in there – well within micropenis range – although it was throbbing very hard from all that muscle juice surging through his system. His hips lurched suddenly, causing ludicrous amounts of cock flesh to bulge from his crotch. It was like watching a fucking torpedo being fired. His dick was just shooting out, exploding with size and swelling with more and more blood. It all but tore through his flimsy undergarments, punching a hole into the fabric and then growing as though it had been fired from a cannon! In the span of a second that pathetic one-incher grew to twelve, and in the second second grew to twenty-four! Two fucking feet of cock continued to bulge, to grow, to shudder with the weight of more and mass until two and half fucking feet of penis throbbed and bounced before him! And then there were his balls, fat like oranges and hanging so heavily from his crotch you could smack me with them and knock me out cold! By the time he stopped bursting with power, Fabian had turned into a frigging Hulk. Gone was the skinny vice-captain of the chess club, utterly consumed by this massive, monstrous muscle god who boasted more muscle in one thirty-inch bicep than I did in my entire fucking body. “Now that's what I'm talking about,” he rumbled, marvelling at the impossibly muscular, ridiculously hung body he now owned. And then he turned his grizzled, handsome new features to where his jock bullies were quite literally quaking in their shoes. “Payback time!” You know how rowdy parties magically disperse when the authorities show up? It was just like that. No sooner had Fabian taken one mighty step did the jocks scatter in panic. Most of them didn't make it very far. Fabian was just too huge, too strong, and much too fast for someone so musclebound. I could only watch as his monstrous erection grew thicker and harder as he snatched his former bullies off the floor and then gripped their arms together in one mighty fist. Once he was sure he had gotten everyone, he picked up one of the empty barbells we had lying around, and then twisted the damned thing around their arms like the ring of a key chain. Just watching those mammoth muscles flexing and bulging as he worked was causing so much drool to pool in my mouth I... I was at a loss for words! Helpless to keep my eyes off his immense pecs, I could only nod when Fabian stomped back over to me. He was speaking I'm sure, only I didn't have enough oxygen in my head to understand the words. I vaguely realised he had spared me because I had stood up for him, and never tormented him as the others had. He also handed me this swanky invitation for a lavish party at his new mansion, although I was so titillatingly aroused by that deep, droning baritone I barely registered anything amiss until much later. Firstly, since when did Fabian live in a mansion? He even sent a car to my door, and a very big, very expensive one at that! The thing probably cost more than my house! Hell even the driver was positively stacked! He wasn't anywhere close to Fabian of course, but easily a good hundred pounds heavier than me! Now I wasn't a bodybuilder back then, not by a long shot, but I had packed on enough muscle to get kicked off the swim team. That counted for something right? In either case, after quite some travel (I lived in one of the poorer districts), an opulent manor house grew out of the evening darkness at the end of a straight drive. Lights glistened in the structure's many diamond-paned windows. On either side of the main driveway laid rows upon rows of trimmed hedges and marble fountains – all of them depicting life-sized versions of Fabian flexing his colossal muscles. And then the car looped around to Fabian's backyard, where booming music and a whole array of spotlights cleaved through the night as though the greatest party on earth was well underway. I was directed up a flight of stairs to where the music hit me so hard I almost stepped back. This wasn't a party, this was a super party! There must have been a thousand people in and around the pool, and a thousand more across all the balconies, stages, and bars! Practically everyone was topless, clad in nothing save for the skimpiest of swimming trunks, if they were clad at all! But most naked of all was Fabian himself. There was no missing him, seven feet two and just over four hundred frigging pounds of solid, rippling muscle. He had laid himself out in the shallower end of his pool and was quite literally covered with fawning flatterers. The former-nerd-turned-hulk had huge men straddling his biceps, his quads, and of course his immense, bloated erection. As it turned out, someone with my physique mattered very little here. There were servants handing out party uniforms – enhancing swimming trunks and thongs of all colours and sizes. I had picked out a sparkling blue thong that really enhanced my very ample maleness, but even then most of the studs here barely batted their eyes at me. For the first time since I started hitting the gym, it was as though I was completely invisible. That was good. That was very good. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the party outside had spilled into the mansion. Everywhere I turned there were men, big men, utterly nude and engaged in all manner of debauchery. There were guys wrestling, flexing, even fucking each other on every available piece of furniture. No one weighed anything less than two twenty, against these guys I might as well have been the scrawny nerd. The scrawny nerd going unnoticed that is. But man, that didn't make the job much easier, Fabian must have had a hundred room here, half of them bedrooms. It wasn't until the wee hours of morning did I finally stumble into the grandest, most lavishly decorated suite in the entire building. Not that I could tell to be fair, but I knew immediately that this room belonged to Fabian himself, for it sported a positively gargantuan bed that looked like it had been reinforced with steel. Oh there was also a large hot tub right in the middle, built into the floor. But that wasn't the kicker, for upon one of the bookshelves sat a large, curved, silvery dildo. Upon closer inspection, I noted that it was connected to some kind of latch built into the wood. So I did what any prospective Dildo thief would do, and pulled it. There was a click, followed by the soft rumbling of heavy machinery. A whirlpool formed in the hot tub, water draining away as a magnificent, gleaming phallus broke through the surface, pushed up on a marble pedestal. A whole two feet long and cast from polished gold, the Dildo of the Demigods shimmered with its own light, as if greeting its newest master. Splashing into the tub, I seized my prize and held its hefty weight in my hands, marvelling at the unnatural smoothness and fine detail. It's purpose fulfilled, the pedestal retreated back into the hot tub, blending into the tiles as the water level returned to normal. There was even a measuring tape coiled up beside it, ha! Well look at me, alone in a swanky hot tub in the most opulent bedroom for miles around, with the Dildo of the Demigods heavy in my hands. Was I going to stuff this baby up my ass and start making wishes like crazy? You fucking bet! Just look at my fucking cock, it was already rock hard at the prospect of what was to come! It looked like I had stuffed a whole bratwurst into my thong! I rested the artefact on one of the seats, noting how it was so large only half of it could be submerged. Then I straddled it and pulled aside the strap of my thong so the immense head could kiss the virgin flesh of my asshole. So smooth, so slick, I wasn't going to need any lube for this, so I began relaxing my muscles, stretching open my sphincter and allowing my body to sink down upon that oversized mushroom head. It took some time, but after almost an hour of mindful breathing, I managed to wrap my aching butt hole around the thickest part of the head. With a soft pop, I suddenly found myself dropping a good four inches, the Dildo all but slamming into my ass and punching me so hard in the prostate I saw stars! And then I felt it! The electrifying power of the demigods surged into my prostate, saturating it before bursting out in waves! Goosebumps bristled across every inch of my body, a lewd, shameless moan croaked from my lips, so much pleasure shooting up and down my spine I could barely curl my toes in delight. Now one with the Dildo, I snatched snatched the measuring tape, which I had left floating in the tub, and stretched it across my thong-constrained erection. Seven inches, above average, but not for much longer! I made my first wish, causing a wave of warmth to burst from my prostate, what felt like a million little bubbles dancing beneath my skin as the Dildo's energies swept over me. Like magic, my cock started to twitch and swell, pushing out of my crotch and fattening like an inflating balloon. It was beginning to throb, and hard, pulsing in and out by the inch! And then it started growing bigger, just stretching up and up and up! The thick, mushroom head was swelling larger than my shaft, just as it should be! Oh god in heaven this felt so fucking good! I was already pushing past the nine inches, my member jerking and shuddering and testing the limits of my thong. Ten inches... eleven... twelve! Fuck me my cock was growing into a monster, like a swollen pillar of muscly flesh! There was a surge of power that rocked my prick with a spasm so strong I dropped another inch down on the Dildo. My meat just exploded, not with an orgasm but with several fucking pounds of pure muscle. In an instant it shot out half a foot, almost knocking the tape out of my hands! My sparkling thong could no longer fully contain something so huge, the fabric having been stretched so much as to expose the first five or so inches of man! That was all me down there! All muscle, all veins! My muscular manhood was audibly pulsing! THROB THROB THROB THROB! And still it continued to grow! Fuck yeah! I wanted to cum so bad, my balls were fucking fat now, like kiwis! And still growing bigger! My body was starting to heat up, like the Dildo was pumping me full of roiling, orgasmic power. My breaths were coming in harder, stronger, the bubbles beneath my skin were staring to boil. The sensations were growing more and more intense, almost rumbling within my muscles. I could see veins rising out of my hands, my arms, even my chest! It was fucking amazing! Oh god... here it comes... here it comes! “RRAAGHHH!” I roared, lurching on the Dildo and striking a double bicep pose. My arms began exploding, gigantic masses of roiling sinew blasting out from where my biceps and triceps used to be. I could feel the skin stretching tighter than a drum, a network of throbbing dances snaking across the rippling surface. Holy fuck all this strength, all this size felt fucking amazing and they were still growing bigger! One flex, just one, filled my arms with a pump so fucking incredible my biceps split into multiple peaks, each one battling their neighbours for space as they swelled with more and more size! I was salivating now, just from watching, from feeling my gargantuan guns exploding out of me. As Fabian had earlier today, my arms were morphing into oversized mammoths! Thick wedges of rippling brawn had swelled out of my forearms, throbbing veins fuelling their growth even as my wrists widened to accommodate them. I could even feel my bones getting heavier as my arms expanded, they would need to, I had wished up a lot of muscle! Fuck! I could feel the rest of me growing faster and harder as I expanded into massiveness! Monstrous deltoids, huge like bowling balls and ripped to shreds, exploded out of my shoulders before sending huge coils of sinew down to my chest. Twin boulders, each a heaving mass of pulsating flesh, blasted out of my body and swelled past the size of car tires! Just flexing them was causing each colossal muscle to break into rows, each one so oversized they had caused my nipples to point down! And my nipples! Fuck I could feel them getting so fucking erect! They were diamond hard, each teat must have protruded out a good inch or two, thick like sausages and throbbing with need. Despite having the most musclebound arms on the planet, I managed to seize my awesome nips and promptly cried out like a sick child as I twisted them between trembling fingers. Pre-cum, thick and white, began dribbling... no... spurting from them, fuck yeah! I had just brought my arms to rest when a pair of huge lats burst out my sides, pushing my them away and causing my back to grow so wide it quickly attained a spectacular Y-shape. My waist, despite having grown marvellously thick with mass, still remained comparatively narrow to the rest of me. As I continued to grow, my once faint abdominals swelled out of my gut, thick with muscle, becoming solid bricks chiselled from the finest marble. The canyons separating each shredded muscle had been cut so deep into my flesh I could feel the sweat travelling through them like irrigation canals! When my torso lengthened some more, another pair of muscular bricks bulged out of my gut, granting me the freakish eight-pack of my dreams! You'd think being so top heavy would have pushed me even lower onto the Dildo, only I had almost been stretched to my limit! No more Dildo was going to get in without making myself even bigger, and speaking of bigger, I still had my legs to grow! Right on cue, teardrop-shaped masses of sheer muscle erupted from my quads, growing to incomprehensible sizes and battling each other for space. My thighs hulked out so massively they actually collided with one another, the force of the impact flinging my legs apart as my growth shot down each limb. My calves, diamond-shaped, swelled to the size of footballs and then swelled some more! My legs, hell my entire body was barely lengthening in time to keep up with my growth! I knew not how long I sat there, skewered upon the Dildo of the Demigods, only I had spent the time hulking out of my skin until my body morphed into some kind of musclebound juggernaut. The moment I achieved my goal shape, the artefact flashed a brilliant gold, and began pushing me toward my goal size! So I did what any grower would do, I fell back and wailed with ecstasy, plunging myself upon even more Dildo and splashing into the tub. Every inch of me was growing now, my muscles blowing out in sync with with my frame, swelling up more and more, rock hard brawn rippling from every inch of my being as I shot up by the foot! It was... magnificent. By the time I was done, every muscle in my body had grown so attuned to my pleasure that simply immersing my cock into the tub was driving me mad with arousal, like the flowing of water beneath the surface was somehow jacking me off! My cock actually grew so much harder it all but ripped my sparkling thongs apart! Not wanting to blow my load just yet, I squeezed my muscular new sphincter around the Dildo, getting up only after I was sure I had a good grip. Then, with that oversized relic rocking my world (and my prostate) with every footfall, I stepped out of the tub and swaggered over to where Fabian had covered an entire wall with mirrors. Fuck me. Fuck me! I was nothing but a fucking mountain of hulking, titanic muscle! At nine fucking feet tall, my entire fucking body was bigger, stronger, and a hundred times more muscular than any teenager had the right to be! And I looked fucking AMAZING! There I was, monstrous chest heaving with every violent breath I took. My huge, oversized arms stuck out at wide angles from either side of me, propped up by lats swollen with rock hard muscle! My pecs were boulder-sized globes of striated flesh and rippling brawn, thrusting out almost two feet before me and looming over my stomach like an overhanging cliff. And my midsection, holy shit now that was something – eight titanium bricks that exploded with power every time my chest rose with my breaths. My wrecking-ball shoulders and barn-door back made me wider than a fucking car! They supported a fucking sequoia of a neck – so fucking thick they were bigger than most bodybuilder's quads! Below my tremendous torso, my monolithic legs resembled foundation pillars! My quads alone were thicker than oil drums and glutted with rippling muscle! But most importantly of all, between those juggernauts swayed a veritable python of a penis. Even at absolute flaccidity that thing must have measured three or so feet long and nine inches across. It was so massive it actually reached down to my kneescaps! Holy crap! I began spreading my legs, bending my knees as much as I could so I could assume a makeshift sumo stance. This also served to allow my monstrous genitalia to hang heavily from my crotch. My immense testicles had swollen to the size of small melons, and I could actually feel them pulsing softly as they churned with my seed. Hah, I was so musclebound I couldn't lower myself enough to rest the Dildo back on the floor! Instead, I began exploring my new muscles – especially those I were currently flexing. More than once I caught myself in a double bicep pose, veins the size of garden hoses throbbing across my magnificent arms. This had always been my favourite pose, and these forty-two inch guns were testament to that! In fact, watching myself flexing those babies was turning me on beyond belief. As my manhood began gorging itself on blood, it's immense girth began expanding with unprecedented size and power. Three feet swelled to four, then five, then six! That's right, this fucking monster of a cock's longer than some people were tall! In fact, it was so fucking huge that bloated shaft shot way past my head, taking away any ability I had to blow my own dong. Dissatisfied that my own penis was blocking my view of my muscles, I flexed my incredible new inner penile muscles and brought that fucking cannon back down. I was now pointing it dead ahead, toward the mirror, as I continued pumping my gigantic guns and flexing my ponderous pecs. Like my cock, my nipples oozed with pre-cum, a little something I had thrown in to sate some personal fetishes. Unlike my nipples, my super-sized schlong ended in a massive mushroom head the size of a motorcycle helmet! I also sported a cum hole almost five inches long, so huge you could stick your fucking hand into the gap and scoop up some of the pre gushing from it. Why is my cock gushing pre? You damned well know it! I was turning myself on just by fucking existing! Already I could feel my balls overflowing with my seed! That the Dildo of the fucking Demigods was still pressed so deeply against my prostate was doing me no favours. Against my better judgement, I continued to flex, continued to whisper obscenities at my reflection as I palmed the biggest muscles in the world. So clouded was my mind with arousal that I didn't notice myself losing control of my body. By the time I caught myself lathering my swollen penis with spit, it was too late. As the damn broke before the onslaught of my orgasm, I could only watch as a grotesque bulge swelled form the underside of my cock. Then my cock hole was wreched open, a great white deluge exploding from the gap like I had turned a fucking fire hose on the mirror. Holding my flex as best I could, I let my euphoric bellows fill Fabian's bedroom. Three shots was all it took for me to drench the mirror. No longer being able to worship my reflection, I turned around so I could fire my seed at every available surface. Fuck yeah! My hips were jerking so powerfully I could probably break a wall with my strength! And speaking of which, a minute was all it took for me to coat every inch of wall with my juices! Not wanting the sensations to stop, I stomped over to Fabian's emperor-sized bed and plunged my cock between the bed and mattress, where I continued to explode until the bed was blasting cum out of its sides! It was around the time that my cock ripped through the mattress did a filthy idea hit me. I might have been a total virgin where my ass was concerned, but now that I had the Dildo of the Demigods stuffed up there, what better way to hit my climax than fuck myself for all I was worth? So I wished for the Dildo to fuck me, to punch me in the prostate like a fucking jackhammer, until my orgasm grew so powerful as to knock me right out! I fell onto Fabian's ruined bed, delirious with pleasure as the Dildo began doing just that! Two fucking feet of gleaming metal railed into my ass before pulling out and slamming back for another round. My tongue had rolled out, my cock continued to spasm, my mighty pecs flexing uncontrollably as my nipples erupted with orgasms of their own! I was literally dripping in my own gunk now, drinking in whatever splashed into my mouth. What did I care that I was destroying Fabian's bedroom? I was a fucking muscle god! And muscle gods could do whatever the fuck they wanted! Fuck yeah! I was all fucking muscle! All enormous, bulging, roiling muscle! And I was going to cum so much harder, so much stronger! I could feel the climax to end all climaxes building in my prostate! It was coming... I was going to blow... o-oh god... here it comes... I'm going to explode! “OOOOOOUUUUUUGGHHHHH!” For hours upon hours, I came and came and came some more. For hours upon hours I drowned myself with more pleasure than my brain could handle. For hours and hours... and then at last, I came until I knew no more. *** When I awoke, the first sensation my addle brain could register was the expanding of my huge-mongous chest muscles as I filled my lungs with much needed oxygen. When I tried to roll over however, I found that I could not move very much. As my brain recovered from the ordeal I had put myself through, I quickly realised that I wasn't lying down any more. Rather, I was on my feet. My arms and legs had been pulled up and out, spread-eagle style, and my wrists and ankles felt as though they had been chained to something. But most frighteningly, the Dildo of the Demigods... it was gone! “Ah, awake at last are we?” called a familiar voice. Immediately my eyes snapped open, just in time to see Fabian grinning wickedly at me from some distance away. He had put on some clothes – a formfitting onesie decorated with chess pieces. But more importantly, he had the gleaming Dildo in one muscled arm. “I waited for you to wake up naturally you know?” he sneered, “Would you believe me if I told you you were out for a whole day?” As more and more of my prison came into view, I realised that I had been trapped in some kind of dungeon. The whole thing had been built from dark bricks and decorated with braziers and chains. Off on either side of me, I spotted rows of Fabian's other prisoners, all of them jocks he had taken from the gym this morning, all of them gagged, and chained up to what I could only describe as rape racks. “Would you rather be in one of those, Samson?” Fabian asked, having caught me looking at his prized prisoners, “Because I thought chaining you to a pair of pillars was more... suitable for your namesake.” Ah, crap, I really was chained to a pair of pillars! Try as I might, even with my incredible muscles the chains were much too strong and the columns too heavy. “Reinforced titanium,” explained Fabian, patting the Dildo as he did so, “After I found you passed out in the ruins of my bedroom, Dildo in ass, I realised I was going to need something much tougher to hold you down.” The former nerd strolled over to me and pressed his face so close to mine I could almost smell him. “Do you want to know why I waited for you to wake up?” he growled, “Because I wanted you to see, and feel, everything that's about to happen. Try steal the Dildo from me would you? Well now you're going to pay, nobody messes with me you hear? Nobody.” I watched Fabian position the Dildo behind himself, my ass puckering up like someone had fed it a lemon. Then, he unzipped the fly at the back of his onesie and then readied the artefact against his hungry hole. “I love this part,” he teased, “Don't you?” And suddenly he slammed almost an entire foot in! “OOOOGGHHH GOD!” he moaned, “Feels so good!” I watched him shuddering as the Dildo connected with his prostate, drool dribbling from his gasping lips. That wasn't good! “There we go,” he finally breathed, “Now let's see, how best make an example of you – the failed Dildo thief?” “I know!” he continued, “How about... I wish to grow twice as fucking muscular as I am now!” Oh crap. Oh crap oh crap oh crap! “OOOH YEEES!” screamed Fabian, almost convulsing on the Dildo, “HERE. IT. COMES!” SHRRRIIIIIIIP! BANG! POP! SHRRIIIIIIIPP! Fucking hell! The front of his onesie was just ripping to pieces as his colossal pecs exploded outward and upwards, roiling with insane size and maddening power. His sleeves were utterly demolished as bulging, veiny biceps blew up until they were twice as muscular as mine! Fuck, his entire torso was just growing broader and longer! His tree-trunk neck was thicker than a telephone pole and his traps were surging out so massively they reached all the way to his chin! I could only gawk as his deltoids exploded into planetoid orbs of pure power. Fabian's shredded, over-muscled quads were next, each segment erupting out of his thigh as though muscle bombs were going off under his paper-thin skin. His legs were growing so huge so quickly they all but blasted his onesie to bits! I watched them grow so fucking thick with mass he began looking like he could crush cars between them! And then there were his feet! They were longer than skateboards and thicker than fuck! Oh god! He was looming over me now, his impossibly massive body flexing with impunity as ludicrous amounts of muscle bulged out from every cell! His onesie had been reduced to tattered shreds, clinging onto his growing body from sweat alone. I watched him shoot past the ten foot mark, still growing, still flaring out, until he towered over even me at a staggering twelve fucking feet! And then there was his cock, for some reason it remained the two and a half foot jawbreaker I had seen yesterday morning. “You're wondering why I'm not growing my monster dong aren't you?” rumbled Fabian from above me, fuck his voice had dropped a whole octave! “Well you're wrong, I'm just not going to grow it now!” The moment I registered that walking mountain getting into position behind me, my cock swelled with so much blood it would have smashed my face in were it not for my immense pecs blocking the way. Fabian, thank god, misread my reaction for something far more primal. “Fuck Samson,” he moaned, huge muscles pressing against my back, “I never took you for a fucking cock slut! I was hoping to keep you here so I could break you in like I did all those losers over there!” I just needed to survive this. I just needed to work him to as big an orgasm as I could, and then survive it. This might be my only chance, if I don't get to turn the tables now the opportunity might never come again! “Oooh shit man your ass is something else!” purred Fabian from behind me. He had plunged his cockhead between my rippling butt cheeks, so much cream oozing from the head streams were already running down my legs. But when he pulled back, I made the mistake of letting my guard now. There was a thundering SLAM as two fucking feet of cock suddenly, inexplicably, crashed through my hole like a fucking battering ram. To say I screamed would have been the understatement of the century. Having my ass chute violated so violently it triggered a fucking thunderstorm that shorted out my neurons. When I finally came to, my chin was wet with drool and my massive pecs wetter with cum. Fabian's huge paws were clinging to them, molesting them even, massaging my chest muscles and causing my nipples to spew even more cream. That monstrous muscleman had grown his cock while I was out, and that equally monstrous organ now stretched my hole so much he might as well have stuffed his forearm into my chute. Not that that compared to the freakish bulge poking out of my stomach. Even with my huge pecs blocking the way, I could make out Fabian's colossal cock punching against the inside of my midsection with every thrust. The former chess nerd was moaning unintelligibly, so overcome with arousal that his brain was starting to shut down, just as mine had. Sensing no other option, I began gyrating my hips in tandem with his thrusting, my body quivering in delight as he abused my prostate and rearranged my internal organs. “Cock slut loves it doesn't he?” Fabian would occasionally pant. Not that I minded, I knew my plan was working, I could feel his balls growing from the workout I was giving him. “Fuuuuuck,” he breathed, “S-Stop... getting close... close...” Knowing better than to obey, I began flexing my pecs against his hands. Then, while he was momentarily distracted, I flexed every single muscle in my body, or at least every muscle I could. As my body bulged out with power, my inner muscles crushed Fabian's cock so powerfully he almost deafened me as his orgasm took hold. Just as I hoped, that monster began pumping me full of protein-rich super cum. Thanks to my musclebound sphincter, I could cling to his cock so tightly as to prevent even a drop from escaping. For the most part, Fabian must have thought me some kind of cock hungry slut, for he continued slamming into me as he dumped bucket after bucket up my ass. As my gut began distending, growing heavier with the weight of more and more sperm, I felt my abdominal muscles stretching out to accommodate them. Before long I was sporting a turtle shell muscle gut, my bellybutton even popping out despite me always being an 'innie'. Fuck, how much cum did this guy have! My gut was growing so huge it was pushing my swollen cock down! I think he was even going to give me stretch marks! Oh my god! Two hours. Two fucking hours! Fabian spent all that time ramming me like a freight train and pumping me so full of cum my gut swelled out to the size of a small car! I was gasping now, breathless and nearly overwhelmed from the experience. My erection had even been pressed into the floor by my swollen gut, dribbling into a puddle of my juices. Fabian, for the most part, looked a little worse for wear. His eyes had glazed over and he was drooling even more than me. Almost robotically, he plucked himself free and then giggled when he noticed me clenching extra hard to avoid losing more cum. “Fuuuck me you're the biggest slut in the room!” he drawled, before wobbling back in front of me, “You know what, I think I'm going to keep you! None of these losers can take a load like you do, just look at that gut!” Miraculously, he then plucked the Dildo from his ass and set it about ten feet from me. “You're not thinking that your punishment's over I hope?” he sneered, “Because you know... anytime you want you can get as big and strong as me.” That hulking muscleman gestured to the Dildo and laughed, “Why don't you come over here and insert this here Dildo into your... Oh wait, you can't, can you?” When I didn't reply, that wicked sneer twisted into a grim smirk. “Bet you're wishing you could make like Samson and hulk out of those pillars eh?” he laughed, “I'm just going to leave this here, just so you can see what you're missing out on.” I watched him go, unable to take my eyes off those shredded glutes, only for him to stop suddenly. “Before I forget,” he said loudly, addressing his other prisoners, “That goes for the rest of you too! Maybe if you nerds worked out a little more you'd be strong enough to stand up to me, ha ha!” And then he was gone, the secret door to his dungeon sliding back into place and bathing us in near darkness. Perfect. Recalling one of the many wishes I had made before, I arched my back as much as I could and closed my eyes. I heard it quickly enough – a strange rumbling or churning sound that filled the entire dungeon. I could sense some of the other prisoners looking around in fright, eyes nearly popping out of their sockets when they realised it was coming from me. “AWW FUCK YEEEAAH!” I roared, every muscle in on my stomach flexing madly I began consuming every drop of cum Fabian had dumped up my ass. Within seconds my gut had compressed so aggressively I had cut the bloat in half, and a few seconds after that, I had absorbed so much more as to return my waist to its former narrow glory. I knew they were watching, their eyes unblinking. My shoulders were bulging out again, sculptured flesh writhing and reforming, rock hard muscle pushing out of my monstrous frame and adding their mass to my already frightening brawn! “RRAAGGHHH!” I bellowed, almost quaking my gigantically muscled thighs erupted with even more power. I could make out every single fibre rippling with energy as my legs morphed into oversized world destroyers. Above me, monstrous biceps had all but devoured my arms, battling my hulking triceps for my attention even as my impossible new size shattered the chains that held me. Fuck my forearms were bigger than most people's torsos! I was shooting up now, my body growing taller and wider as more and more muscle exploded out from where I already had plenty. As I stretched out my arms, planetoid pectoral muscles hulked out of my chest and thrust another five fucking feet before me. The sensations were orgasmic beyond belief! Even my nipples were growing more muscular, fat like little penises, riddled with veins that branched out from my widening areoles to the rest of me. My neck, fuck my neck, it was swelling past the thickness of the pillars that once held me, my awesome traps erupting out like volcanoes and reaching all the way to my ears! My massive deltoids were bigger than cars, having grown as big as my torso had been just a few moments before! Almost too effortlessly, I shifted my stance and obliterated the chains binding my ankles. My feet were bigger enough to smash cinder blocks, so heavy with muscle just wiggling my toes crushed the stone beneath them. As my stance widened to make way for even more brawn, I quite literally shattered the floor beneath my feet! Dear god I must have been twelve feet now, just as tall as Fabian had been but almost twice as gorged with mass! Lats the size of grown men were blasting out of my sides, pushing away the musclebound juggernauts passing for my arms and causing my back to grow even wider! Fuck! I must have been eight fucking feet wide at the shoulders! And I was still, growing, BIGGER! “YEEEES!” I bellowed, rocking the very foundations of Fabian's mansion, “MOOOORRREE!” My monolithic muscles erupted with even more size, even more power, when I brought my arms up for another double bicep. Only this time, my arms had hulked out with such impunity they were scant millimetres away from being as huge as my fucking legs. I wasn't going to reach my face ever again, but did I fucking care? When your arms were as fucking muscular as these, you bet I wasn't! “RRAAAGHH!” I roared again, no longer able to form words in my throat. My body was evolving now, surpassing even Fabian's as I continued bulking up and hulking out. I had become a swelling mass of unstoppable muscle. My huge fists could crush cars and my abdominal muscles would pass for titanium fucking anvils! Having heard me bellowing with arousal, it was no surprise that Fabian came barrelling through the secret wall not long after. When he saw me there, almost twenty feet tall and bulging with heaving, mighty muscle, his jaw all but fell off his face. This was how it should be, he – the (comparatively) scrawny chess nerd – and me – the fucking HULK! There was almost no compare. I outsized, outmuscled him in every conceivable way save for one. I had forgotten to wish for the ability to grow my cock through cum, and so the lesser man's monster of a cock still outclassed mine. For now. In his panic, Fabian broke into a sprint, hell bent on getting to the Dildo before I did. It was almost pitiful, he having to run almost thirty feet while I merely had to take three fucking steps! So took my time, even going so far as to kneel before the artefact so I could smash my monster god-pecs into his face. Now that guy was no lightweight, but when you had almost a hundred fucking tons of muscular armour, he might as well have thrown a muffin at me. The impact of my chest slam caused a shockwave that sent Fabian hurtling all the way back to the wall! Confident in my victory, I adjusted my stance and dropped my immense weight upon the Dildo of the Demigods! “NOOOO!” shrieked Fabian. But it was too late, a great flash of golden light filled the dungeon as the artefact and I became one once more. Only this time, I had grown so impossibly huge and muscular I simply sucked the Dildo up my ass, all the way to the base, before closing my sphincter behind it. Fabian, in his desperation, and perhaps forgetting he was but a gnat to me, had actually raced back and pressed his trembling fingers into my ass crack. He wanted to pull my asshole apart so he could pull the Dildo out. It was almost too cute. “AAAAHHHH!” he screamed, “FUCK! FUCK LET GO!” I had crushed his fingers together with my ass cheeks alone. I had grown so strong that even with Fabian's mighty strength, the smaller man could not escape my steely buns. I began to walk, grinding my quads together and dragging the struggling former-nerd with me, until I came before a pair of his prisoners. Holy fuck I was so strong now their bindings were like strings to me, so easily ripped off I had to remind myself to be extra gentle when I picked them up by the waist. While I recognised them, I hadn't the slightest clue what their names were, but that didn't matter now. Just looking at their wide, worshipful eyes had given me a plenty fun idea for payback, so I did what any good muscle god would do and stuffed their faces against my thunder-pecs. Like the muscle-hungry sluts they were, both jocks wasted no time devouring my throbbing nipples, suckling each teat their like lives depended on how well they pleasured me. Sure enough, within moments my immense chest muscles began flexing and roiling on their own accord, micro-orgasms pumping so much cum into their mouths I was surprised they didn't choke. Satisfied that they've had their fill, I simply dropped them, and moved on to the next pair. I didn't need to look to know their muscles were hulking out just as mine had. They were all going to grow into teenaged Hulks, no shorter than seven feet and no lighter than three hundred pounds, almost all of it muscle. As for their cocks, well... let's just say the future porn industry was going to need a new category just for them. Once the last jock was done muscling up, I turned my attention to Fabian, still pinned between my ass cheeks, and wished him back to his normal size. Within me, the Dildo flashed with power, a burst of light breaking free of my butt hole and bathing Fabian in its power. “W-What the?” he managed to gasp, eyes growing wide when he realised what was happening, “Oh god... Oh god no... Please, please I'm sorry! NOOOOOO!” In mere seconds, Fabian's muscles deflated like popped balloons, his entire body shrinking down until he looked like a child compared to me. I had grown into a fucking muscle giant alright, I was so fucking huge Fabian's feet didn't hit the ground until I released his hands! “W-Wait!” he had cried out, scared shitless as the hulked-up jocks closed in on him, “I... I can... uh... I have more Dildos! I can share them! Please!” I didn't need the Dildo's magic to know he was making that up, so I simply left him to his fate and made for my freedom. *** Just as before, Fabian's mansion was an impressive, immaculate estate. As I stomped through the grounds, my colossal god cock swinging cum everywhere, a large dollop struck Fabian's gardener. As the jocks had, he was soon bursting out of his clothes, huge pecs and huger biceps surging into being until he had been reduced to a pair of flimsy underwear that only just contained a very impressive, eleven-inch boner. Then the idea hit me. Yes, that idea, the one that put me – the big version of me – all over the internet. I had realised that I didn't want to live in a world where men weren't all superhuman bodybuilders, Fabian aside. So, I decided to do something about it. Before I knew it, my biceps were swelling into massive globes of vein-covered muscle. Whenever I flexed, my peaks would surge out, bloated with size as they packed on even more muscle. My pecs were soon exploding out to the size of blimps, thousand upon thousands of pounds of rock hard muscle blasting out of my chest and shooting down to the rest of me. My abs were hulking out into boulders! Fuck yeah! As my arms and legs lengthened, I began pumping a million fucking pounds of muscle into my body. My feet soon grew huge enough to crush buses, my calves easily the size of small buildings, and my quads were erupting with so much muscle you'll still see pictures of them if you google 'volcano'! I was growing into a massive god of pure muscle, every inch of me was bulging out with enormous wedges of uncontainable brawn. My balls had swollen so magnificently they could crush the landscape, my cock had transformed into a titanic tower of pure testosterone. It was already dribbling, many ponds of white hot cum forming as I grew. I couldn't help it, I just couldn't. No sooner did I cross the treeline did I begin to laugh a deep, booming chuckle. It was just incredible, growing to that kind of size was beyond words to describe. It was as though my entire body was getting bigger and harder the same way a penis would when a bodybuilder takes his shirt off for you. Only this penis just kept growing, and growing, and growing. By the time I was ready to walk again, there were news choppers buzzing around me like flies. And who could blame them? I was taller than a skyscraper and so heavily muscled the ground shook with my every footfall. I didn't make it halfway to the city's water supply before the army tried cutting me off. Rather than stomp them flat, I simply turned my goliath chest muscles their way and then flexed my right pec so hard as to trigger a series of titillating nipple-gasms. The amount of cum that flooded them was nearly enough to sweep the tanks away. They would be alright though, seven feet was going to be the new short and three hundred pounds of muscle was going to be the new lightweight. Knowing how buff those military men could get, I had good feelings about them. Needless to say the government called off the jets quickly enough. They had even called away the guards protecting our reservoir, not that they could stop me anyway. Unimpeded, I waded into the waters and displaced so much of it the dam actually overflowed. Then, I flexed my cock into the water and held it straight down between my legs. It didn't take me too long to cum, my muscles were turning me on so much I was literally always on the edge. The explosions of cum were so powerful I took out almost half the water supply by the time my dick calmed down again. Within minutes, the contaminated water was going to reach every single household in the city. Men all over were going to start hulking out of their clothes and falling upon each other as their insatiable libidos took over their minds. But then I thought, why stop at the city? I began pumping my giant guns again, building up the arousal I needed for what was to come. My balls were growing monstrous now, more so than they had ever been, until they were so huge I had to push them out behind me so they wouldn't prop me off the ground. Then I triggered my orgasm, simply running my hands down the most powerful abdominal muscles in the world would do that to a person. As my dick exploded, I began dumping cum one nut at a time, ensuring I would have a constant flow of white hot seed blasting from my cockhead. And then I upped the ante, bellowing with pleasure as veins throbbed all over my monster. I was being pushed off the ground! This was it, I was cumming so hard I was achieving lift-off! More power! More muscle! I didn't even have to use my legs to send my titanic body blasting off! So aroused I was I almost broke out of the earth's orbit. Thankfully the Dildo had shot me a warning from deep inside my body, granting me enough focus so I could point my cock the right way. Into the horizon I went, soaring across the country and raining ludicrous amounts of protein-rich semen on everyone and everything! You probably know how it all ended. After a whole day of shooting around like a cum rocket, society threatened to collapse as everyone stayed at home to jerk off instead of going to work. I had taken the opportunity to shrink back to a more... acceptable, size. While I did want to be a muscle god, I also yearned for the normal life I had been living. And now, here we are, living in a society which boasted the most muscular men on the planet! That was just fine for me, even if I didn't need to show off my size to appreciate it. After all, when the sun goes down and the lights go off, I grow so fucking muscular, so impossibly hung, it is all I can do to spend the night howling in ecstasy as my powerful prick paints my room white. Using the Dildo? Oh goodness no I didn't need to use the Dildo for this. You already know I had wished for the ability to turn cum into muscle mass – that's how I'm maintaining this physique so easily. I also wished for the ability to hulk out like the Hulk himself, whenever I wanted, without turning green in the process. Yeah, life's good. Well, you remember what I said at the beginning? That the Dildo never stays with one person too long and always changes hands by theft? Look, I don't need to check to know, but if it'll set your mind at ease... come with me. Here, this is the Vault. This is where I store the Dildo and where I return to if I'm planning to get... extra... massive. I saw your camera man sneaking into the backdoor just now you know. Have you not noticed how he's been 'in the bathroom' for the past two hours? There's no fighting it. The Dildo always changes hands by theft. No security system in the world will stop it. There, it... it's as I thought. Your camera guy is missing... and the Dildo of the Demigods gone with him. So you say he's former military, discharged from service after sustaining some kind of injury while on deployment? One that also stalled his ability to pump iron and also caused him to lose several boyfriends to just one of his more muscular rivals? Sounds like we have a very vengeful Dildo-user on the loose. Don't forget, the Dildo always changes hands by theft. Well then, we had best get started. And by we, I mean, you. *** Author's Note: Hey everyone! Thanks for stopping by my story! Thanks also to @godofjurai for approving my second slot. I'd like to show my appreciation with this here sequence of a totally random guy using the Dildo of the Demigods for his own fun. Safe to say this is what most of us would (probably) look like if we ever got a hold of the Dildo for our own use!
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    Muscle-Growth's 2nd Annual Storiversary

    Hey there, I see there's still quite a number of empty slots left. I'd like permission to post another story on Wednesday, the 18th of April, please!
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    The Cult of the Muscle Beast

    Hey all, My piece has been up for a few days now and, given that the next few days are empty, I thought I'd share something to help tide us all over until @arpeejay pops in with his entry: If you've read the story, you might recognise the two esteemed gentlemen here - Maximilian the Muscular and Branson 'the Blaster' von Brandy - posing for the camera so we can all get a good look at them before all the growthy shenanigans kick off. That's right, this is pre-growth, Max is totally legit, no muscle growing nonsense whatsoever. If you don't believe him, then he'd like a few words with you. In private. I've also received feedback before that I tend not to furnish my stories with the exact stats of my characters (e.g. "Timmy was a 7 foot, 250lbs quarterback with 22-inch biceps"), so I was also hoping this visual aid would aid in the visualising of the characters as I saw them. For reference, Branson here is roughly 167cm / 5 feet 6 inches tall and standing on a wooden block so he doesn't look too short next to Max. Thanks for reading!
  7. The Cult of the Muscle Beast Maximilian the Muscular was a fucking monster! As the appellation so suggested, that musclebound beast of a man boasted a physique so superhumanly developed literally no one could compare – mightily shouldered and broad of chest, with a massive corded neck tapering down to powerfully muscular arms. His huge pecs, so heavy with muscle as to forever challenge the shirts he donned, bulged out like a pair of meaty slabs that betrayed the dark kiss of those perfect, perky nipples. Given that he was also the greatest sportsman on campus, it should come to no surprise that that drop-dead gorgeous hulk of a man kept a grizzled shadow across his hard, angular jaw and upon his head wore a crown of dark, close-chopped hair. His lips, full and kissable, always looked poised to coil into a knowing smirk, as if he knew something you did not. But most striking of all, his brow was strong, prominent, and his eyes a volcanic blue that smouldered with a fiery intellect belying his imposing stature. Though I've admittedly never seen it myself, there was just something about him that made me know, deep down to my core, that he also sported what surely was the most gigantic of cocks. Perhaps it was how his massive body brimmed with a confidence only the most generously endowed could exude, or maybe it was how he was always sported a colossal bulge where his crotch should be. Well, whatever it was, I personally believed it was because his purchases of posing trunks (and heaven forbid, posing thongs) always came with pouches a good two sizes larger than what the university's gym usually sold. I had accidentally received and opened a package meant for him once. No regrets! Predictably that, coupled with the smattering of times I bore witness to his shirtless, pumped-out-of-his-mind body, soon left me helpless to keep him from dominating my dreams and desires. Whenever I masturbated, I would imagine him there, overcome with the rut and bursting his clothes apart as he flexed those gargantuan muscles for my viewing pleasure. His heaving, roiling chest muscles would bear down on me, but I would not see them, for I would be pulling the waistband of his trunks away with my teeth, woefully unable to look at anything else bar the colossal cock hanging between the pylons he called his thighs. My orgasms came quickly these days, sometimes too quickly, no matter how much I tried to remain on the edge. That was expected, though still I yearned for him to one day bare his incredible body to me, for him to sweep me off my feet and use me like the wobbly-kneed slut for muscle that I was, for him to drill his herculean penis through my hungry hole until I screamed myself hoarse and then pass out from the sheer lack of blood in my brain. Deep down though, I knew even that would not be enough. All my life, since before my balls even dropped I had been so fascinated with the mighty and the muscular. Puberty saw that fascination turn to a powerful obsession that had dominated my life since. So many dreams, all of them involving me exploding out of my clothes and morphing into an unstoppable juggernaut of unbridled muscle and cock! Maximilian was literally the wettest of my dreams made manifest, and I could no longer differentiate where my lust to be with him ended, and where my desire to be him began. Almost two years would pass, two since since Maximilian first muscled his way into my life, before I had the chance to find out. The unseen hand of Fate itself had machinated from the shadows, converging our paths through life until we were dead set on an irreversible collision that would change our lives forever. Like so many of my impoverished contemporaries, I had been pressed into picking up a job on the side to help pay my tuition fees. Unlike so many of my impoverished contemporaries, who were earning minimum wage waiting tables and serving coffee, I chose the more lucrative options offered by the university's underground sex industry. I had (just) enough muscle for it after all, but what I sorely lacked in brawn I more than made up for with the overgrown titans growing between my legs. No, I'm not talking about some colossal cock I could break jaws with. Rather, I owned what might have been the largest balls ever to grace The Glory Hole, each the size of a large kiwi and about twice as heavy. Come to think they, and the crowd of brawny, shirtless jocks in the waiting room, had been the reason for the standing ovation I received at my audition. I had simply stepped forward, dropped my pants, and then proceeded to blow not one, not two, but five separate loads at the slack-jawed judges in the thirteen minutes it took to empty my factories. Anyway, working at The Glory Hole had its perks, no doubt about that. For starters, I – Branson 'the Blaster' von Brandy – always ended my nights with a speedo chock full of dollar bills and phone numbers. The managers even had to ban me from showing up to 'Hardbody Heats', where they fielded some of the biggest, buffest dancers and had everyone else mingle with the crowd. Having a relatively scrawny thing like myself hog all the attention wasn't good for business, they said. None of that was important now. You're probably wondering why I'm here, just bragging about what my bulging balls have done for me, and what that has to do with Maximilian and I. Well, you're about to find out, but trust me when I say The Glory Hole played an integral part in the great game of Fate. I was backstage, freshly showered and finally free from the lecherous touches of the club's target demographic. It was here that my stage manager – a slimy man whose name I never really remembered – came barrelling in. The sheer ferocity with which he shoved down the door nearly caused me to drop the bowel of ramen I carried with me. There was only one thing that could have gotten him so riled. “Branson!” he exclaimed, brandishing his phone, “I got you a gig!” “No!” I had cried, waving him away with my bowl, “My shift is up, I'm eating and then going!” “No dude, trust me on this one!” he replied, bowling over several jocks as he slithered over to me, “You have to take this one, you must!” “I don't care if he's going to pay double my rate,” I proclaimed, before flopping into a nearby beanbag chair and taking in a huge slurp of noodles, “Nuts, I'm not going to accept even if the client's Maximilian the Muscular himself!” “Funny you should mention that,” he offered, “Because your special client tonight is, in fact, Maximilian.” I vaguely recalled smashing the door to smithereens on my way out, my bowl of ramen all but forgotten as I bolted for the stairwell and made for my destiny. That manager of mine was yelling after me, something about not having told me the room yet, but I didn't pay him any mind. Maximilian! Maximilian the Muscular! The biggest, hottest, most muscular jock on campus wanted my ass and or dick! Oh my god oh my god! After accidentally disrupting the sexual escapades of several customers, I finally found Maximilian within the club's presidential suite. Or rather, I smelled him in there. I had just passed by the grand double doors when I was immediately assailed by a torrid concoction of musk, muscle, and man! I had kicked the doors open in my frenzy and then nearly creamed myself at the sight before me. Maximilian was there, the sheer size of his monstrous muscles eclipsing the dozens of snoozing bodybuilders that surrounded him. They were all naked, belly-down, their buttocks smeared with cum and their gaping assholes overflowing with creamy seed. Curiously, unlike his recent victims, my new favourite customer was (like me!) freshly showered and (unlike me) fully clothed, albeit in a too-tight polo shirt and even tighter jeans that blatantly flaunted his very ample manhood. I'll admit just having him look my way was drowning me in insecurity. Suddenly I had found myself acutely aware of my near-nakedness, garbed in nothing more than the skimpy black trunks, one size too small, that served as the de factor uniform here in The Glory Hole. “You're here,” rumbled the beast on the bed, his voice rich like dark mahogany, “At last.” One mightily muscled arm rose and beckoned me over. Hapless to resist his immense brawn, I wobbled over to where my muscle god sat, trembling as he cupped my cheek with a hand made for strangling lions. I couldn't believe it, not only was it so warm and strong, but calloused and hard from curling what must have been the heaviest dumbbells the campus gyms could offer. I wanted to think my reaction pleased him, because when my knees gave way he grabbed me by the waist and then pulled me in so he could crush his face against mine. His touch was beyond electrifying, beyond imagining, and when his tongue delved so deep down my throat I soon found myself squealing in delight! When I finally got to breathe again, it was with Maximilian's monstrous muscles pressing me into the bed. He was on top of me now, still clothed, still fresh-smelling, his incredible form slowly gyrating and causing my mega-balls to swell with more and more juice. I knew what he wanted, I knew what they all wanted, my signature moves always ended with the most epic of facials – the sort that left your face drenched and dripping down to your neck and chest. He didn't need to tell me anything. I knew, oh god I knew but deep down all I wanted now was to molest this massive muscleman with all of my body. He had already taken the strength from my arms – a planned move if I didn't know better – so as to prevent me from tearing those offensive clothes off his rippling, bulging muscles. Almost an hour of wild frenching elapsed before he finally released my face. I was quivering now, every cell in my body pulsing with sexual energy after what Maximilian had put me through. He was still there, surveying his handiwork with electric-blue oculars, the biggest, smuggest grin on the planet carving his face asunder. “Hmm,” he hummed, the lowness of that baritone drawing another squeak from my addled body, “Do you work out?” And then both hands were upon me, engulfing my arms in an admittedly gratifying feel over. There was something about his touch, something thrilling, that was leaving me so weak in the knees I thanked the stars for the bed I now laid on. “Ooh... my!” he purred, his voice gentle as a volcano poised to erupt, “You do.” Maximilian's face was so close to mine the heat of his breath crested over the contours of my face. “I love it when my twinks know how to lift,” breathed my new god, his voice dripping with sex, “Tell me, are you the hopeless slut for muscle that I think you are?” Unable to take my eyes from his shimmering visage, I nodded my affirmative. “Are you lusting for me to choke you with this hulking biceps of mine until you pass out in bliss?” I nodded again. Then, with one finger, Maximilian all but split my trunks clean open, exposing my raging erection for all to see. “Will you squeal with pleasure if I put your puny cock on my chest and then crushed the juice out of them with these monster pecs of mine? “O-Oh god,” I peeped, really shaking now, “Yes, please god y-yes!” “That's a good twink,” purred Maximilian, that massive shit-eating grin reaching all the way to his ears, “You're going to shove your cock into my face now, and you're going to spray so much cum in my face I should be able to drown myself in it.” One powerful paw seized my cock like a vice, wrenching an ecstatic moan from my lips, and then dragged me all the way to the foot of the bed. Maximilian fell to his knees and aimed my cock at his hungry mouth. No sooner did he breathe on it did my prostate finally give way. I was wailing now, thrashing on the bed and pumping my crotch in his iron grip. So much cum! oh gods I was cumming so much! Maximilian was lashing at my cockhead with his long, oh-so-long tongue! So much was coming out, shooting, spraying out of my pulsing hole! Fuck! Oh my god! And he was catching it all! Lathering my sperm all over his face, his lips! Squirt! Splat! My juices were running down his rugged features, dribbling down his grizzled chin and on to his polo. Oh crap he was using his mouth now! Oh gods! What a blow, what a fucking blow! My god! So hot, those lips so firm, almost sizzling! I could feel every bud on his tongue stroking my shaft and milking my dick for all it was worth! I must have cum for a whole minute! Sweet balls of juice that was more exhilarating than anyone who had ever blown me! I absolutely had to see how much gunk I had showered him with, so I propped myself off the bed for a better look. Maximilian had... frozen somehow, as if in shock. It did not suit him, that knowing smirk was gone, replaced by an expression that constantly flickered between surprise and arousal. It was painfully obvious, to me at least, that something dramatic was going on. His shoulders were rising and falling, tandem with his huge chest, his breathing deeper than when he was savaging my face. “FUCK!” he suddenly cried, before falling backward and grabbing a hold of his crotch, “OH FUCK! OH FUUUCK!” I watched his massive body hit the ground, the telltale jerking of a powerful orgasm rocking his hips and causing him to arch his great back. His jeans were too tight, there was no way his hands were going to free his spasming cock anytime soon. He must have noticed this, for he soon abandoned that endeavour and just basked in the pleasure. Fuck! His member was so frigging big it had pitched a veritable circus tent in his jeans, so much cum shooting through the zipper I thought I was going to cum again just from watching him. This monster was really going for it! If I thought my orgasm had been epic, then nothing could have prepared me for Maximilian. His juices had literally soaked through the front of his pants and pooled between his legs! I left him there for a little bit, content with watching his huge muscles bucking and twitching between pants. But he got up soon enough, more energised than ever and positively beaming. “Holy fuck that was exhilarating!” he exclaimed, that long tongue slathering his cum-soaked lips with more drool, “I'm not sure what came over me but it was as if your cum gave me a shot of pure testosterone!” “H-Has t-this...” I stammered, “H-Has this h-happened before?” “Fuck no!” he rumbled, palming his still rigid dick, “I'm either super pumped up or enjoying this more than I thought I would!” He was already eyeballing my swollen cock, a renewed hunger blazing behind his volcanic blues. “Give me another load!” commanded my muscle god, “Now!” I came must faster this time, not five minutes after Maximilian smashed his cum-soaked face into my crotch and pulled my legs over his shoulders. There was barely any foreplay this time, those fuckable lips had sucked in all six inches of cock and both my balls! This time the heat of his mouth was magical, as was his tongue, even more so than ever before! And when my orgasm finally came, Maximilian gulped down every drop without choking. His eyes grew wide. “OOH YES!” was his rapturous bellow, quickly followed by a loud BANG as the zipper of his jeans broke before an avalanche of flesh rocketing to freedom and shooting cum everywhere. The big man wasted no time leaping to his feet and striking one of the most spectacular double-biceps poses I had yet seen. His arms were so powerfully muscular just pumping his giant guns was pulling the hem of his shirt way up, revealing the beginnings of what I knew to be a really hairy, really chiselled abdominal wall. He was looking a lot, and I mean a lot, more pumped than he had been a few minutes ago. Not that I cared of course, at least not with the biggest fucking cock on the planet exploding like a loose cannon before my wide, disbelieving eyes. Holy balls, how much fucking cock was there! There was more than a foot, more than twelve fucking inches of man growing from Maximilian's crotch! I had no doubt in my mind that thing was more than twice as long as I was, and goodness knows how many times as thick! And don't get me started on those pubes! Maximilian had a fucking forest of shiny black pubes bristling out of his busted zipper! I could smell the testosterone wafting from them! Here was a man that was literally all fucking MAN! Fuck! I wanted this, I NEEDED this! How the hell does one become a fucking sex god like Maximilian! How! Two minutes this time. Two minutes of me chewing the blanket as I begged the very gods of muscle for a body just a faction of Maximilian's. Two minutes of my prayers going unanswered, before the great big muscleman hunched over and breathed a sigh of relief. “There's no doubt in my mind,” he declared, his massive frame looming over my own puny body, “It's you, there's something about you that compliments me so, something in your juice that's empowering my very cells, my very soul!” He drew in a deep breath, his teeth bared, his muscles tensed. “You don't even know how you're doing this do you?” he growled, “I'm feeling so fucking strong now, like I could pick up a car and throw it, all because you came down my throat!” Those too-strong arms came down and scooped me off the bed. If my erection could have gotten any harder, then they did when I finally realised I was sitting on his palms like a chair. Granted, his paws were gripping my buns so hard they were probably going to leave marks, but at this point I didn't care! He didn't even have to suck this time, no sooner had his lips engulfed the head of my cock did it start firing madly. I could feel my juices filling his mouth, he wasn't swallowing any of it. He was still sucking, wanting double the usual dose, so I played along, my world spinning due to the lack of blood in my brain, until at last my forth and final orgasm that night crashed to freedom. Maximilian let go of me as he swallowed, his fiery gaze burning so brightly in the dim light! He was standing there now, unhealthily close, his head tilted to a side and a big fat smirk plastered across his gorgeous features. I heard it soon enough – the barely audible rumble of some great, tremulous power – and it was growing louder and louder and louder! I could see it. All his muscles were swelling up, slowly yet surely, their growth unmistakable. I could make out his already huge pecs thickening within his polo, growing steadily larger and pushing out even more from his massive chest. Maximilian's heavily muscled shoulders were growing even more muscular, bulking out of either side of him as his delts grew to massiveness beneath the thick fabric. “There's something else you need to see,” announced Maximilian as one enormous hand came down, gently cupping my head and tilting it earthward. His sweatpants were growing increasingly tight, thanks in part to his burgeoning muscle-quads, and thanks in other to superhero-sized schlong filling his broken fly to bursting. God fucking damn! That must have been the biggest fucking cock on the planet! That could not be real, it could not be! I was this close to hyperventilating but good grief it was just getting bigger and bigger and bigger! That monster shaft was growing outward and upward, longer than my forearm and just as thick, with a perfectly formed, if oversized mushroom head that seemed to throb with his power. Crammed down one leg, a pair of potato-sized orbs were stretching out at a slower rate beneath the fabric, gorging themselves on mass and ballooning up like crazy. Maximilian's hand came back, cupping my chin and pulling my gaze back up. He wasn't growing any taller, but he surely was growing fucking wider! His clothes were tight as hell and outlining the spectacular development of those intense, worship-worthy muscles. His arms alone must have measured twenty-six inches around if I guessed right, so much muscle just bursting out of his body all that mass had actually pulled up the hem of his shirts and sleeves. Oh wow, oh wow oh wow the base of his abdominals were perfectly visible – the very beginning of a chiselled cobblestone walkway covered in a rich layer of thick, manly hair. I was gasping for breath now, I must have been, my vision was fuzzy and one of Maximilian's huge hands was on my shoulder, holding me steady. My cock was so hard, just so fucking big and hard, I could probably bend a steel bar around it if I had the muscles to do so! “Holy fuck,” he moaned, the deepness of that utterance sending chills all the way to my toes, “This... feels... magnificent.” His monster cock actually convulsed, as if it was barely holding on to an orgasm to end all orgasms. “I can feel every muscle, every cell in my body, just bulging and flexing with insane power! I can't believe my clothes are still on! My muscles are so close to bursting free, I... I can do it... I'm going to flex every fucking muscle in my body, I'm going to fucking hulk out of my clothes, right here and now!” Maximilian brought his arms down for the biggest most muscular flex I had yet seen! BOOM! Almost immediately did his sleeves give way, as did the back of his polo. Great rents were torn into the fabric, his colossal arms shredding through the cotton and his monstrous form expanding so much as to rip the shirt to bits. That single, powerful motion was so forceful he all but expelled the tattered fabrics from his body. As he released his flex and reared back to his full height, it was with a body that was now completely shirtless and unimaginably muscular! SHRIIIIIP! His jeans were next, his mammoth quads surging out and splitting the threads to their limits. I could see so much muscle, so much hard, rippling brawn erupting from where the denim had given way! He was already reaching down, his fingers digging into the fly from which is herculean prick bobbed and throbbed. I watched him rip his pants apart, his freakish muscles roiling with unprecedented size and power, until he was utterly nude, one ruined pant leg in each musclebound arm. “Now that's what I'm talking about,” he growled, dropping his ruined jeans and then spreading his huge legs wide, “So much power, so much raw, erotic power! Fuck! I can feel it shooting through my muscles, my cock! Fuck yeah!” Somehow, that dick had completely softened after he had ripped his clothes to bits, and now swung heavily from his hairy crotch. My god, it must have been what, eight, maybe nine inches long – longer soft than my cock was hard! His prodigious, potato-sized balls had swollen to the size of hairy oranges that dangled halfway to his knees! “Just look at this fucking monster of a cock,” he commanded, turning to one side so I could watch a spectacular erection unfold, “I like it when my body leaves twinks screaming themselves hoarse, especially after I stuff my cock into them and then slam them against the wall for a good, hard, pounding... and something's telling me you are going to appreciate being the first lucky twink who's gonna be screaming when I stuff this mega-dick of mine up your hungry ass.” Yes. Sweet mother of pie yes, please yes! “Good twink,” he cooed from behind a massive shit-eating grin, “Because I'm about to make you scream all... night... long!” Suffice to say, I damned well did. Maximilian was a fucking sex machine, there was no denying it. No sooner had he uttered that declaration did he tackle me like rutting beast he was. I was flung onto the bed, face down, his absolute massiveness slamming through my hole so violently I nearly passed out right there and then. But mercifully, I did not, and this pleased my muscle god greatly. I knew it did, for his moans of pleasure only grew stronger as he railed me like the slavering slut for muscle that I was. His gargantuan cock, fatter and juicier than anything I had encountered, left my much-abused prostate quivering with need and trembling in delight. After the first hour, satisfied that I had lasted longer than the overwhelmed jocks surrounding us, Maximilian bestowed unto me my first reward. His strong hand came down, grasped one shoulder, and then twisted me around whilst his monster still throbbed in my ass. I wanted to think my howl of bliss turned him on even more, for his cock actually hardened within my rump, it was... magnificent. I had little time to bask, for the sight of his roiling, sweating muscles drove me up the wall and then some. It was here that the next of my orgasms broke free, my swollen penis jerking in tandem with my hips as Maximilian ploughed the daylights out of me. Helpless to resist, I could only attempt to wrap my legs around that pillar-like waist, although I confess the oxygen depravation my brain made that a little more than challenging. If my god noticed what I attempted, then he cared not for it, there was no risk of his cock accidentally pulling out anyway – so huge, so swollen was his cockhead that it plugged me tight! Whenever he pulled back, that great fat helmet would get stuck around my rim, dragging me a good five or six inches across the mattress before punching right back. And to think his shaft was so stupidly huge that he couldn't stuff all of it in no matter how hard he tried! Fuck! I knew not how long I laid there, drowning in ecstasy as Maximilian fucked orgasm after orgasm from my massive, aching balls. The experience was beyond incredible, beyond imagining, my pleasure magnifying tenfold when that great beast of muscle lifted me off the bed with the sheer strength of his penis alone. I knew I was flailing, not from being lifted off the air but from the where a thunderous orgasm rocked me to the core! Whole splashes of cum added to the mural of juice coating Maximilian herculean pecs and freak-show abs, all of them mine, oh gods! I watched, felt, him spreading his huge legs wide and lowering himself to some kind of sumo stance. He was leaning back now, his stomach having hardened into a wall of bricks, his gargantuan biceps bulging with mass as he placed his hands behind his head. I was being fucked again, somehow kept upright, bouncing up and down on a cock much too huge for my ass to take. That bloated shaft, so swollen with need, kept me above the halfway mark, although the impact of which slam was so exhilarating it was all I could do to cum yet again, for what must have been the dozenth time that night! Over and over, again and again, cumshot after cumshot. Maximilian himself never came, although I was acutely aware that his balls were swelling up, churning with his sperm and growing into bloated masses primed to explode. It was not until morning that I got to see them in action. By this time, Maximilian had returned to the bed with me still impaled upon his mighty love muscle. My face was pressed between his heaving pecs, pinned down by a pair of veiny biceps larger than my legs were thick. His moans, luscious and lewd, were in stark contrast with my quavering pleads to be broken upon his magnificent member. Then a loud beeping interrupted us. Never breaking his rhythm, Maximilian let go of my head and reached beneath the mattress. The alarm had come from his phone. “Oh shoot,” he had said, “It's already three in the morning, guess I'll have to give you my load now.” Perhaps it was the casualness with which he made that statement that made it all the more astonishing. I noted that he had used the singular 'load' too, and to this day I begged to disagree. Like a natural disaster of epic proportions, Maximilian's entire body began quaking with pleasure, his back arching up, his crotch thrusting me up into the air, his trembling arms clenching and flexing until a ROAR burst from his throat. Then, the underside of his penis bulging out so massively it all but split my ass in two as a veritable deluge of semen surged to freedom. I thought I must have died and gone to muscle heaven. Maximilian's was almost convulsing with delight, grinding his incredible bulk against me even as his climax doubled in strength and then doubled again. He was smashing me hard now, each strike pumping out gallon upon gallons of cum into my ass. I could feel the goop gushing out each time he pulled back, as if being shovelled out by his oversized cockhead. He was spilling his juices all over my ass, his crotch, forming a pool of semen on the mattress. I think he must have lasted three minutes at least, three fucking minutes of erotic bellows and the biggest cock on the planet punching my prostate like it owed him money. I had slumped against that huge body, blatantly molesting those thunder-pecs with my face. My breathing was hard, my skin dripping with sweat, my ass oozing cum from where that iron-hard cock still throbbed and twitched. When I realised Maximilian didn't look the least bit tired, I almost passed out. The beast in question didn't even wait for my shock to pass, only for my hips to stop jerking. “Can you still walk?” he asked, so nonchalantly it was almost as if he hadn't just dumped a bucket of white hot sperm up my butt. “If I said no, would you carry me with those fuck-huge muscle-arms of yours?” “Hah! You bet I will!” No sooner did he pluck his mammoth cockhead from my ass did my sphincter clench up so tightly Maximilian gave me a curious look. “You might just be the tightest hole I've ever fucked,” he commented, “Normally my cum comes splashing out right after, and that's before this crazy growth you've given me!” Thankfully my face could not get any redder after what he put me through. “I'm going to go shower,” he stated, simply strutting off before turning to regard me, “Wanna come?” Club rules forbade us from showering with clients. But he and I together in the communal showers? You fucking bet I was coming. Needless to say I could not keep my hands off him, at all. Not that he minded, having grown so musclebound as to be woefully unable to scrub his own back – something he couldn't actually do even before I grew him. I confess I hoped to with all my heart that Maximilian would drop the soap and order me to pick up, his cock was still fuck huge and hungering for ass. But alas, he never did, and we instead spent all that time marvelling at how huge he had gotten. I had to insist this had never happened with any of my previous clients, though I'm not sure if he believed me. “Hey,” he interrupted, even going so far as to pluck my trembling fingers from his awesome pecs, “I actually have an idea how you're doing this, but you're gonna have to promise to keep this to yourself.” “Y-Yeah sure,” was my dreamy reply, “Anything for you big man, anything!” “I”ll take that as a yes,” he said gleefully, “Now I need you to measure me and then we can head out.” There was no doubt in my mind that I had created the biggest bodybuilder on the fucking planet. Twenty-eight inch biceps, sixty-three inch chest, and quads thicker waist! Fuck! And then there was that herculean phallus pulsing from his loins! He must have noticed me gawking too, evidently having forgotten about the tape I had been running around his forearm. “Go on,” he offered, “Make me grow.” Right on cue, my cock immediately assumed a state of rock-hard turgidity, having been conditioned to do so at the merest thought of making that musclebound stud-muffing even more musclebound. Try as I might, I wasn't going to cum any more right now, my dick ached something fierce and my balls were literally overwhelmed after just now. So I ran the tape down the length of that giant dick, holding my breath as Maximilian's filthy, dirty smirk crept to all the way to sides of his face. That superhero-sized schlong was rapidly inflating, stretching out and bulking up as it gorged itself on his power. Nine inches grew to ten, then twelve, more and more cock throbbing against my trembling fingers with every second that passed. Thirteen inches... fourteen inches... f-fifteen... fifteen and a half inches... holy fucking shit! Believe me when I say that thing was thick as a wine bottle and harder than steel. He had to spend a good ten minutes under a freezing cold shower just so he could squeeze into the change of underwear (now too small) he had brought with him. Not that he fit into anything else of course, we had left The Glory Hole with me nicely dressed and him in nothing but a pair of completely indecent cotton bikini briefs. I think we disrupted a show too, such a huge crowd couldn't have just come out of nowhere. Maximilian was literally shouldering his way out with me trailing behind. For the first time ever, it was as though I was completely invisible. Thankfully we made it to the parking lot without incident, at least not until our first Uber accidentally hit a tree from being unable to take his eyes off Maximilian. “You know what,” my muscle god had declared, a little after we failed to stop the third Uber driver from jerking himself unconscious, “I'm just going to walk, it's not too far from here anyway!” I was picked up like a trophy and flung over one gargantuan shoulder. It was so wide you could have comfortably fit a grown man on each side, damn! Thankfully Maximilian caused no more accidents on his way to a sizeable old bungalow several blocks down. That was odd, why would we come here? The only people who lived in houses on campus were... “Mr Hump?” said Maximilian into the intercom, “It's me, I have something to show you.” “M-Max?” crackled the archaic device, “What happened to your... wait... no... you don't mean...” “Let us in Mr Hump,” Maximilian implored, “Don't make me wrench your front door off its hinges like the last time.” “O-Oh, of course, right away right away.” The double doors clicked and swung open to reveal a bungalow of rich mahogany and furniture that would have been fashionable thirty or so years ago. “Hang on, this is Mr Humphrey's house?” I asked. The history department's sole lecturer, Mr Humphrey – affectionately called Mr Hump by some of his students – had the much enviable position as one of the faculty's only two muscle daddies, the other being the head of physical education – Coach Duke. They were both in their late forties, extremely well-muscled, and always strutting around in clothes filled to the brim with firm, youthful brawn. The man himself met with us in what I supposed pass for a sitting room. Maximilian had already made himself comfortable on one of the dated sofas, his legs spread wide so as to give his swollen cock some breathing space. “Oh my god!” exclaimed Mr Hump, totally oblivious to my presence at the mere sight of the hairy, hulking Maximilian, “What happened to you?” “I had a growth spurt,” teased the beefy stud, “Reckon I'm at least three hundred pounds now, all of it muscle!” “This... This is incredible!” “I know right, but I think there's something more incredible right over there.” Mr Hump actually flinched when he set his stone-grey eyes on me. That was understandable, I knew my own people well – here was a man who has spent his entire life utterly obsessed with men of muscle, the bigger the better – that he only just spotted me was testament to that. “I am damn sure that's him Mr Hump,” Maximilian continued, “That there, that's our Beast.” Mr Hump turned to me, then back to Maximilian, struggling for words. He was rather stiff now, his fingers clenching and relaxing as a myriad of emotions battled for space on his lined face. Eventually he took a deep breath, held it, and then let it go slowly, gently. “If it wasn't for you sitting here,” he finally said, gesturing at Maximilian, “I would never have believed you.” He turned back to me. “I recognise you from when you sat right up front at last year's bodybuilding contest, the entire faculty was convinced you were on the verge of passing out, so red your face was.” Maximilian sniggered. He knew damn well my red face was entirely the fault of his scandalous posing thongs at the time. “Tell me, what is your name?” “Branson,” I replied, “Branson von Brandy.” “Ah, von Brandy, your father was quite the bodybuilder in his time, no?” “Uncle actually,” I corrected, a twinge of jealousy podding me in the side as I thought about how big and tall my cousins had turned out, “All the good genes went to his side of the family.” “Interesting,” commented Mr Hump, “Somehow I am not surprised the von Brandy's are involved in this... tell me another thing, do you even know how you did this?” He was gesturing at Maximilian now. The bigger man simply flexed his huge pecs when my eyes floated his way. Fuck he was enjoying himself! “I uh... I came on his face and then he blew his clothes to bits?” “Max?” Mr Hump cued, “Is that what happened?” “Down my throat too,” he added, still grinning like the smug bastard he was, “Hump, I don't think he remembers anything.” “I... I don't think so too,” the older man thought for a moment, “Branson, please wait here, Maximilian and I have something to discuss.” Mr Hump had to drag a reluctant Maximilian into one of the many nearby rooms. After all that had happened, I really didn't feel like being left out, so the moment he shut the door behind him, I sneaked over and pressed my ear against the expensive wood. “...broken out some time in the past thousand years, it's the only way!” “I dunno Mr Hump, just look at me, my fucking biceps bulge out to the size of basketballs when I flex!” “That can only be due to your status as Champion, which makes matters worse, since of all people he should recognise, it's you!” “Well, I mean he does recognise me, I always see him gawking and drooling whenever we're in the same space, why... the last time we were on the same bus I 'accidentally' ripped my sleeves and caused him to cream himself, you should have seen it!” “You... you do that to everybody... but that's not the point, the point is he should know you, better than you know yourself in fact, along with all the previous versions of you since... the cycle first began.” “Maybe he's playing around then? I mean he barely looked shocked even after I started hulking out of my clothes!” “Wait... What did he look like then?” “Uh... aroused?” “That's hardly convincing, did you manage to surprise him in any way?” “I sure did, you know how we voted you 'best orgasm face' last year? Well, when I was fucking him silly he-” “Y-You... were fucking him?” “Well yeah, I didn't think-” “Max, for goodness sake! The Beast is... is... you don't fuck the Beast boy, the Beast fucks you!” “I'm still here by the way, he didn't smite me or anything.” “That... That's good too, but this only reinforces the idea that his memories, hell maybe even his powers, remain sealed. We should be glad he's even walking around instead of being imprisoned in a random grain of sand somewhere. I'm just... curious... as to how he could be oblivious to the incredible power he's carrying along with him.” “I thought you said only the Cult could reap the benefits of the Beast?” “I did, that's why you grew and not all the other who-knows-who he must have cum on since working at The Glory Hole, what about it?” “I... never mind... you see these hulking guns Hump? I think we can make do with just asking him after we break the seal on his powers.” “You... You're right, tell the others... tell the others it's time.” “You got it boss, now what do I do with the Beast next door?” “...your duty.” Somehow, I made it back to the sitting room without tripping over myself. The Beast... that sounded frigging hot! And that hotness was me, me! So that's how I pumped so much muscle into Maximilian and not all the other people I've slept with, this Cult worshipped the Beast... worshipped me as a god! Mr Hump came back first, his soft features almost reverent as he regarded me. “I must insist you and Maximilian share the guest bedroom tonight, I can't possibly let you two be out this late, goodness knows what campus security will think... will there be any objections to that?” Behind him, Maximilian had brought up one colossal arm to his face and then flexed a bicep so fucking huge it looked to be bigger than my entire head! It didn't help that he was making also a show running his long, drooling tongue all over that muscle. “N-No objections!” I declared, drawing a warm smile from Mr Hump. “Alright that settles it,” he turned to Maximilian, now standing at attention and baring his huge pecs at me, “I'll be retiring for the night... morning... my goodness you people are out late.” Mr Hump turned and left without another word, leaving me alone with my... Champion. “Oh I know that look,” he purred, crossing over in two broad strides and standing so close as to have his chest loom over me, “You heard us talking.” I gulped, caught! Maximilian turned to check for Mr Hump and, when he found no sigh of him, leaned down and whispered into my ear. “Let's head to the room first,” he purred, “Come, I'll carry you.” Before I could object, Maximilian all but swept me into his hugely muscled arms, chuckling as he strode from the sitting room and into one of the many doors in this place. The guest bedroom was a lot larger than I expected, filled with books, wardrobes, an adjoining bathroom, and a queen-sized four-poster bed with what appeared to be furry handcuffs latched to each post. “Now we can talk privately,” Maximilian said softly. He set me down beside the bed, and then lowered himself down on one knee, that trademark grin now tempered with reverence and awe. “To think we would actually find you,” he breathed, “I... I am honoured!” “I... have no idea how to respond to that,” I admitted, “I don't exactly feel very uh... beastly?” “That will change!” assured Maximilian, “We, the Cult, will ensure that comes to pass, once we free you... well I don't want to spoil it too much... but suffice to say you will be single most muscular being in the fucking universe!” “Oh yeah about that, what kind of-” “And you'll have a fucking monster of a cock to match!” “...what kind of cult is this?” “The Cult of the Muscle Beast of course,” replied my Champion, all but beaming with pride, “We've existed since the day you first made yourself known to us, we are, have been, and will always be your loyal worshippers.” “It was you who first uplifted us, granting us the powerfully muscles we desired so much. We came to worship you with our very bodies, our very muscles! In your name we dominated the neighbouring clans and forced them to worship you... not that you needed much forcing, most took one look at you and then fell to their knees as their orgasms took hold.” “Actually come to think of it, my ancestors had it really great. They spent their days bathing in your juices, lathering each other's growing muscles and then fucking each other so hard their orgies always ended with everyone passing out from the lack of blood in their brains.” “You – the great Muscle Beast – have always had one chosen Champion to serve as your companion and confidant. We served you for generations, one of mind and body, and in turn you have always sought us out, releasing our souls at the moment of passing and then reclaiming us at the moment of our rebirth.” “The Cult has always known how to locate the Champion, and preserved that knowledge even after the Fall.” Maximilian inhaled deeply, as if trying to clear his thoughts. “The Fall... was the work of a shadowy brotherhood that sought to claim your godlike powers for themselves. They were not content with worshipping you, they wanted to be gods themselves, muscle gods to be precise. You would not let them, for only you deserved the inhuman muscular power that came with your divine being. So you shattered their citadels and smashed their halls of iron, but... even that was not enough.” “That had all been a ploy you see, to lure you away from your loyal subjects. They knew you were too proud to send an army, and that you would come yourself. There, the trap was sprung, heretical and twisted magic designed to drain you of the divine power surging through your godly muscles.” “Of course, you were too much for them. A thousand years of worship had left you freakishly overpowered and nigh invincible. So their leaders, in desperation, altered their magic to instead imprison you forever in an ancient relic that has since been lost. They decided, if they could not have your incredible power for themselves, then nobody would!” “You... You had called to us, scarring their names into our minds. You had commanded us to destroy the heretics, your final decree before they sealed you away for good. The Cult rose up, as did the heretics, and fought a war so great it sundered the empire in two... and that's why we have New Zealand today.” “Unfortunately, the relic containing your divine essence had been spirited away at the eleventh hour. The Cult searched for generations, never finding you, never freeing you. Without your guidance, your blessings, the Cult fractured and eventually fell, leaving only a small pocket of us to preserve our glorious history, to continue our search until the day you return to us.” “And now... here you are.” I had been acutely aware of a slight tremble plaguing my limbs. So that was why I had spent my dreams hulking out of my clothes, crackling madly as I morphed into a frigging juggernaut of superhuman muscle and size. All my life, muscle growth dominated my fantasies, my interests, I wanted nothing more than to explode out of my clothes, right here and now, muscles the size of small cars surging out of my arms and chest and... everywhere! “Holy crap!” I exclaimed, almost bouncing with a mixture of joy, frustration, and revelation, “So I'm some kind of super muscle god who can grow anybody I want in the Cult? Oh my god!” “That's right,” my Champion said with a smirk, “And just so you know, I am mad horny right now from all that beef you pumped down my throat!” “And I used to rule over an empire that covered the whole of Australia?” “New Zealand too, back when it was still attached to the mainland, yeah!” Wow. Just... wow! “Is there any reason I should not fuck your brains out right now?” I breathed, “Just thinking how massive I could make you is making me so hard I think my cock might just explode if you touched me.” “Well... Hump wasn't happy with how much muscle I packed on overnight, there's probably already a dozen pictures of the new me floating all over social media too, and we can't risk the Shadow finding us, we don't even know if they're still around but we're not taking chances if we can help it.” “And you're letting that stop you?” I challenged, “What's stopping you from shackling me with these furry handcuffs and then power bottoming me until you're bigger than a house?” “Ooh now you're speaking my language,” crackled my Champion, “You would love it wouldn't you? Watching me swell with gargantuan muscles and growing so massive that no shirt will ever contain me again?” “My body is ready!” I declared, indicating my stupidly solid erection. “As is mine,” purred Maximilian, “But I'm afraid that's... not a good idea now, I'd much rather forsake some growth now than forsake our chance to unseal your powers.” “I... Get me a condom,” I commanded, “Give me your ass now, and we can save the growth for later!” If I had thought Maximilian's grin couldn't get any bigger, boy did he prove me wrong. Coincidentally, Mr Hump had stocked the guest room with far more condoms than we could have used. I was a little embarrassed when my cock found a snug fit in one of the smallest rubbers, but Maximilian quickly assured me I would soon have the hugest fucking cock on the planet. That didn't stop me from trying to will my cock to massiveness, but alas, my powers remained beyond reach. Horny bugger that he was, my Champion made the night last so... deliciously long. He had prostrated himself before me, his god, his Beast, trembling as I clambered over his huge muscles and teased his hungry, hairy hole with my dick. I had pushed into him, tantalisingly slowly, his sphincter all but sucking me in in its eagerness to be fucked. And I had fucked him, harder than I had ever fucked a man. He could take it, he and those superhuman muscles of his! I had my first orgasm within minutes, the incredible warmth that gripped dick having driven me over the edge so quickly it was a wonder I managed to keep going. To and fro, pumping and thrusting, my cock growing so painfully hard I actually hoped it would start growing inside that musclebound ass of my Champion. Pity it did not, for I had reduced him to a mewling, quivering mass of muscle and sweat. His own cock was monstrously hard, furiously throbbing and spurting out pre-cum like leaking pipe. Despite my status as the Muscle Beast, and probably due to the seal on my powers, I soon found myself lusting for that mammoth love muscle up my ass instead. Maximilian got the drift quickly enough. No sooner had I crawled beneath him did he seize me like the fucking slut I was. Heavily muscled arms encircled my chest, his monster quads spreading wide so he could line his biggest muscle against my hole, and then punched through so hard as to knock me out right there and then. I never did wake up properly for the rest of the night. Maximilian was fucking me like a jackhammer on steroids, his monstrous manhood filling me to bursting as he came and came and came some more. Each time he did, the flood of semen around my prostate would trigger one of my own orgasms, each slam pumping out more of my own juices into the condom I still wore. I vaguely remember being crushed into the bed, the carpet, even the wall! My Champion's muscle-cock was splitting my ass wide open as he filled me with his creamy loads, even in my dreams I could feel him inside, it was glorious! When I finally came to, it was to a room free of Maximilian and the condom I had been filling through the night. Untangling myself from the bundle of blankets I had been wrapped in, I managed to make it all the way to the edge of the bed before the door burst open. My Champion had returned, freshly showered and smelling slightly of strawberries. He was wearing a bathrobe that, like just about everything these days, was much too small for him. His immense, hairy chest muscles were fully exposed, his perky nipples stiffer than diamonds and just begging for a good sucking. “Morning sunshine!” he chirped, shuffling over and then throwing his enormous body on to me, “So good to finally see you awake!” He pressed his lips into mine, all but shutting down my higher cognitive functions. I was even suckling his tongue now, so long, so thick, and so wet with arousal. I would have been satisfied with having that thing fill my cheeks forever, but just as I was about to consign the rest of my life to such pleasure, my Champion released me and pulled out. “I hope you don't mind,” he said from behind a cheeky smirk, “But I took the liberty of forcing Mr Hump to imbibe all that spunk you pumped out last night.” Oh... crap, I must have cummed out a whole bucket of juice. “H-How big did he get?” “Heh, come see for yourself, he's by the pool.” “He has a pool?!” When we finally found him, it was all I could do to keep myself from going slack-jawed. Mr Hump was lounging on a doughnut float in the middle of his pool. There were fewer lines on his face, a lot more black shining from his head, and he filled out his trunks so massively I actually wondered why he even bothered with them. Despite his heavily muscled new body, there was no doubt in my mind that my Champion still outweighed him by a hundred pounds. And that pleased me greatly. “Ah, Branson,” he called upon noticing me, “I must apologise for not coming to thank you sooner but Maximilian had insisted I not disturb you.” I watched him roll off his doughnut, plough through the water as if it offered no resistance, and then explode from the pool with one push of his powerful new legs. Water splashed everywhere, but before I could even duck Mr Hump's huge new body landed squarely before me. Holy fuck, if he had been a hot daddy before, then he was a smouldering beef-god now! I swear his pecs must have been sticking out a good five inches from his chest! “I haven't felt this virile in years!” he laughed, muscles flexing, “Nine inches when erect too! I dare say my penis has never, ever reached such a size! Why our ancient enemies would want to do away with such a blessing... astounding!” “Mr Hump,” interjected Maximilian, “You're supposed to tell us the plan.” “And right you are,” Mr Hump said sagely, “Come Branson, have a seat, we have much to discuss.” In the end, Mr Hump didn't tell me anything Maximilian hadn't already, but I played along nonetheless. It was not until he asked us to return to the Manor – as he referred to his bungalow – that things got interesting. The Cult would gather tonight, he said, and I would be revealed to them in all of my glory. Not even Maximilian knew what that meant, but try as we might, Mr Hump chosen to remain mysterious. The rest of the day crawled, and I mean crawled, the ticking of time never going any faster even though I took every opportunity I could to molest Maximilian's colossal muscles with all of my might! When the sun finally set, we left the room two hours early to find out everyone else had arrived two hours earlier than that! They had kicked down the door to the Manor and piled into the secret lair Mr Hump maintained beneath. The man himself had arrived just in time to prevent Maximilian from showing me off, insisting that we did things the proper way. My Champion was taken from me, and I was ushered into a separate tunnel that would lead to my big reveal in the main ritual hall. When I finally found my way there, it was to a large, mostly circular cavern overflowing with cultists in long, billowing cloaks and hoods that hid their identities perfectly. Only Maximilian and Mr Hump I recognised, Maximilian because he was easily the tallest, hugest guy there, and Mr Hump because his hood was down. The buff history buff led me to a what I could only describe as an altar to muscle. The altar proper was a massive stone slab as large and tall as a dining table, but looming above it was a horrifically muscular statue chiselled to such fine details I could make out every fibre of brawn that bulged from the stone. I had never seen anything like it, not even the most muscular of men in my dreams could come close. The sculpture must have been what, ten... maybe twelve feet tall and easily four or five feet wide at the shoulders! Somehow, just looking at it reminded me of Maximilian. He was the only one who came close really, despite being a scrawny weakling by comparison. I really thought they had the same deltoids, same nose, but other than that the stature was... familiar. And to think... that was a statue of me. I was almost looking at a splitting image of how I had imagined myself, even my face, with that powerfully sculptured jawline, the hard, strong brows, and traps so stupendously massive as to utterly devour my neck. I was pulled from my marvelling when a pair of cloaked Cultists swept past me. Mr Hump had gestured for them to approach the relic resting upon the altar – a massive hoop of gleaming gold resting on a crimson pillow so ancient it looked to be a thousand years old. “Pick it up,” he commanded. The Cultists obeyed, revealing astonishingly muscular forearms as they reached for the artefact and then pulled with all of their might. Amazingly, no matter how hard their muscles flexed, the hoop remained in place, not budging by even a millimetre. “Enough!” called Mr Hump, prompting the Cultists to return to the crowd that surrounded us. “As you can see,” said Mr Hump, his voice soft due to his proximity to me, “Not even we can lift your relics, no matter how dedicated they are to building up their bodies in your name.” “Prove to them that you are indeed our god,” he continued, “Go on... pick up your old cock-ring.” Wait... that was a cock-ring? Holy fuck my cock must have been HUGE! Despite the chill in the air the relic was warm to the touch. I grabbed at it and pulled, finding absolute resistance, as if I had been trying to pick up a steel girder that had been wedged into a building. I pulled again, slightly harder this time, a chill running down my spine when I realised the cock-ring would not budge from its pillow. Was... Was I not the god of muscle they said I was? But then... how could I have grown Maximilian and Mr Hump? “Pick it up please!” prodded Mr Hump from behind me. Oh crap, oh crap oh crap oh crap! What if this wouldn't come up? Swallowing, I decided to just go for it, so I tighten my grip and then YANKED at the cock ring with all of my strength! My fingers slipping from the hoop, momentum throwing me back and causing me to lose my balance. Just as I stumbled, moments before my butt stuck the earth, several loud gasps echoed from the crowd behind me. “MOVE!” bellowed Mr Hump, “MOVE IT MOVE IT!” It was there did I realise the hoop was now hurtling through the air with the grace of an anvil. Cultists were scattering, nearly tripping over their robes as they ducked out of harm's way. BOOM! It smashed into, no... through... the stony cave like a meteorite, leaving behind a massive crater that must have been three feet deep! I... I did it! ...but I had to be sure. I strode to the hole, purposefully scattering the much larger Cultists who were in my way, and grabbed at my relic. I could feel it now, flowing between my fingers like a wave of energy. When I pulled this time, the ring effortlessly followed, as if it weighed nothing at all. The Cult broke out in cheers this time, clapping and yelling as I lifted my ancient cock ring above my head. Suddenly they were all upon me, muscled arms popping out of their robes and hefting me above equally muscled shoulders. Mr Hump was trying to yell over the din, something about to being careful since I was still holding a relic that weighed a million tons to mortals like them. Undeterred, he had ordered Maximilian to rescue me. My musclebound Champion had simply bowled his way through the crowd and then snatched me from the air before someone else could grab me. I didn't want to leave, his arms were just so warm, so strong, his fingers could just press into me and leave me gushing, I'm serious! It wasn't till another hour passed before Mr Hump finally brought the Cult under control. Most of them had pulled down their hoods now, revealing the very youthful features of some of the university's biggest and brightest. I recognised nearly all of them of course, members of the bodybuilding, wrestling, and football teams, just about every roid rat who frequented the campus gym, and even the head of psychical education – Coach Duke! “We have done it!” yelled Mr Hump after all had been seated, “After generations we have at last found our god, our Beast!” “But we have not yet won!” he continued, “The ancient seal remains in place! The Beast still inhabits the body of this Branson von Brandy, with no access to his memories of us, and only limited access to his mighty powers!” “Champion!” he turned to Maximilian, “Step forth and show yourself!” A loud gasp shot through the crowd as Maximilian did just that, releasing the catch that held his cloak together and letting the garment fall off his amazing body. He was utterly naked, even looking like he had oiled his muscles just for this moment. “And now, check me out!” Okay, now they were just showing off. Mr Hump spent even more time basking before the Cult, clearly obsessed with the ample amounts of new muscle I had given him. It wasn't until Maximilian caught my eye did my Champion all but haul Mr Hump back to his pedestal. “Ahem,” coughed Mr Hump, “Right anyway, rather than spend the rest of our days risking discovery by the Shadow, we must begin preparations for the Ritual of Regenesis!” Maximilian and his titanic erection came to sit by me as Mr Hump began prattling on. He had pulled on his cloak again, although he was wearing it much like a cape this time, exposing his physique for my viewing benefit. “Do you have a shorter version of this Regenesis Ritual?” I whispered, once I was sure the rest of the Cult were too busy taking notes to notice me, “I don't think my dick's going to survive very much longer with all this muscle around.” “Somehow I think that's the point,” sniggered my Champion, “Get you all boned up and then harvest your cum so we can all grow up big and strong, why I have half a mind of just straddling you now so I can press this super cock of mine into your face!” “Do that, and I'll put this ring on you so you can't go back to the gym, ever.” “Heh, you must really like me to want to put a ring on me, and a... cock-ring... no less!” Man, my face was spending a lot of time being so red as of late. “I can't wait for you to punish me for my insolence you know,” he purred, “I can see it now – your six foot long cock decimating my ass and rearranging my organs from all the times I flexed my pecs in your face without letting you suck my nipples... man I can hardly wait!” Maximilian never got to explaining the Ritual to me, having opted to tease me so endlessly instead. I did find out (from listening to Mr Hump), that the Cult was to gather three key ingredients for the Ritual to be successful. First – Sweat of the Servants. This was simple enough, the Cult was to set up a large gym below the Manor and spend all their free time working out in sweatsuits. Once thoroughly soaked, they would sneak over to the engineering department and drain out the fluids. We were going to need a lot of sweat too, so Hump insisted we begin at the soonest. Second – Cum of the Champion. This too, was mostly straightforward. Maximilian was to cum at least once a day for one hundred days, each time collecting his cum until he filled an entire canister of it for the Ritual. Given how much spunk that monster pumped out each time he boned up, I didn't think we would have any trouble here. And finally – Essence of the Enemy. At first I thought this meant the essence of the Shadow cult who first imprisoned me, which would have made things extra tricky. We didn't know if the Shadow even existed any more, but then again they were famous for hiding in plain sight until it was too late. Mr Hump soon clarified that the Enemy simply referred to somebody I didn't think highly of. That was also tricky, since I couldn't immediately think of anybody I hated. But then Maximilian came to my rescue, having recalled the sliminess of the man he had spoken to when booking me back at The Glory Hole. Of course! How could I have forgotten him, not that I remembered his name to begin with, but that stage manager of mine had always did his very best to get on my nerves! It had been him who suggested to ban me from Hardbody Nights in the first place! So there we were, just sneaking through the backdoor of The Glory Hole, having left the Cult sweating it out in that overheated dungeon gym Mr Hump had put together. I had learned that the rat who served as stage manager went by one name – Richardson. Mr Hump had decreed that we acquire some of his 'essence', a word translated from one of my ancient text's that actually meant something uh... kinkier. I tried asking him nicely first of course, and obviously that didn't work. Maximilian, his chest puffed out from being proven right, and then stepped in and taken control of the situation. Not two minutes in, Richardson had been chained to one of the club's rape racks and stripped of all clothing by a very pumped, very naked Maximilian. He had taken his clothes off to 'blend in' with the crowd, or so he claimed. Somehow I couldn't tell who was enjoying it more. “I can always carry one of these racks back with us you know,” Maximilian had proposed, his huge hands massaging my shoulders as I scraped a mishmash of sweat, oil, and sex from the underside of Richardson's balls, “I can see you drooling all over yourself as you imagine me in one, tied up and gagged and helpless to stop you from shoving whatever you want up my rump.” “Just think about it,” he had pressed, even as he carried me back to the Manor, “Once you're all hulked up you can fuck me in the ass until I'm gaping and oozing cum like a waterfall, wouldn't that be swell?” Dear god. I had to wait a hundred days for the ritual. One hundred days with this musclebound stud of a man! Sure enough, Maximilian's presence was causing me to produce so much cum the Cultists were soon skipping class altogether. The dungeon stank so strongly of men I couldn't even go near without falling to my knees. They were growing so huge, so big, every last one of them. Maximilian would visit them each morning, armed with a condom full of my cum. He would sip some of it on the way down, his gargantuan muscles growing so much huger his body had actually begun growing taller to accommodate all that extra mass! And when Ritual day finally arrived, it was as though I was surrounded by Hulks! Nobody was shorter than seven feet now now, all of them at least three hundred pounds of heaving, roiling muscle. Their cocks had grown into epic foot-longs at the minimum, with many pushing one and a half feet and a couple even closing in on the legendary two foot mark. Maximilian, as my Champion, had responded the best (also because he hoarded most of my cum for himself). That fucking monster towered over everybody, almost eight fucking feet tall and so heavy with brawn that we couldn't find a weighing scale that wouldn't break beneath his expansive feet. Mr Hump had even barred him from showing himself in public, fearing that he would draw too much attention to us. That suited him just fine. We spent a lot of time testing the limits of his twenty-three and a half inch cock. Believe me when I say he made the hundred days pass really, really quickly. The Ritual took place in an 'Iron Hall' built into one of the many caves beneath the Manor. There were two concentric rings carved into the stone, the outer one was very deep and flooded with the Sweat of the Servants. The inner ring was much shallower, and it was here that Mr Hump poured the Cum of the Champion. Some Essence of the Enemy had been mixed with the remaining Cum and Sweat, creating an oil of sorts that was used to lather the bodies of everyone present. I, on the other hand, had been instructed to dress up. “Hulking out of your clothes has always been the quintessential experience of those who follow the Muscle Beast,” Mr Hump had explained, “After being imprisoned for so long, it is only fitting that you experience such explosive muscle growth first hand!” My time had come at last! The Cultists, cloaked and hooded but smelling strongly of oil and sex, milled around as they took their places beyond the ring containing the Sweat. I stood in the middle, fully clothed and gripping the massive hoop that once served, and would soon serve, as my divine cock-ring. Only Maximilian and Mr Hump stood by me. They were cloaked as well, although not hooded. “Here we are at last,” Mr Hump declared, “The Ritual begins when you are ready.” “I am ready,” I proclaimed, to whooping cheers, “Tell me what I must do.” “I'm glad to say there is not much for you to do beyond growing into the Beast that you are,” said Mr Hump, his smile warm and reverent, “Come, hold out the ring to me, I shall anoint it with the sacred oils.” I did as instructed, arms shaking slightly as Mr Hump smeared unto the ring the same concoction that covered their bodies. No sooner had he lifted his finger away did a powerful energy wave blast from the ring, charging all present with what I could only describe as pure, sexual power. The Cultists fell upon each other, some of them even foaming at the mouth as their libidos overpowered their minds. Both Mr Hump and Maximilian had flinched at the first sign of my true power. Their huge cocks had shot out from behind the flaps of their cloaks, harder than rocks and riddled with thick, pulsing veins. My Champion in particular was shaking quite visibly, no doubt battling the urge to pounce me as he had always done. Mr Hump had instructed him to leave me untouched, and it sure looked like he would take any opportunity to disobey. “Get back to the others,” breathed Mr Hump, drool cascading from his lips, “Hurry now.” Maximilian didn't immediately move, the hunger in his eyes clear as the day. It was not until Mr Hump repeated himself did my Champion begrudgingly join with the orgy. The moment they grabbed him, another powerful sex wave emanated from the ring. “This is it!” Mr Hump yelled over the orgasmic roars of the crowd, “Hold the ring closer to you!” No sooner did the words leave his mouth did some invisible force take hold of the ring, wrenching it from my grip and causing it to hover just before my crotch. Untamed energy crested across my body, as though I was standing before a powerful vacuum, air converging above my crotch before getting sucked through the loop before it. My heart fluttered in my chest. I could feel it! Oh yes, oh fuck yes it was finally happening, I could fucking feel it! My muscles were growing harder, stronger! My heart was thumbing so hard I could almost feel it striking my ribcage. Veins, thick and pulsing, rose across my body as I readied myself what would surely be an unstoppable explosion of pure muscle! My body began throbbing, like a monstrous cock gorging itself with pure testosterone. I could feel myself growing into massiveness, my muscles were getting bigger, heavier, I was inching upward, my muscles expanding in all directions, my clothes tightening madly as the first of my growth spurts hit me like a truck. “FUUUUUCK!” I bellowed, instinctively spreading my legs and striking a double biceps pose. The sleeves of the dress shirt were the first to go, exploding into tattered threads as fabric gave way to sheer muscle. Bulging biceps burst from my arms, growing bigger and bigger by the second. My skin had tightened like a drum, riddled with veins. This was magnificent, so much power and so much erotic pleasure coursed through me! I flexed my guns, each pump causing them to swell ever bigger, bulging out of my arms and splitting into multiple peaks! RIIPPP! Beneath me, my quads and calves had grown huge and muscled. All that extra mass tore great rents in the legs of my suit. Simply shifting my legs were causing my thighs to split into their individual muscle groups – each a teardrop-shaped mass that rippled as they battled their neighbours for space! Fuck! A guttural growl escaped from my throat, but I paid it no mind. My neck was muscling up, thick like telephone poles. I could feel another spurt coming, deep in my core, and when I drew in my next breath an ecstatic roar was all I could manage. What remained of my clothes constricted every inch of my body. My shoulders were broadening, swelling and growing with solid, heavy muscles. Palming my gut, I realised my once soft and nondescript stomach had given way into a shredded six-pack that rippled with every breath. And it was still growing, still getting harder, but when the power reached my chest at last it was all I could do to squeal with delight. Two heaving boulders of sinewy, cord-like flesh exploded from my chest and blasted the front of my shirt clean open. My entire torso was hulking out, my back was widening, barely keeping up with the massive lats blowing out on either side of me. My huge body was not assuming the V-shape men across the galaxy would kill for, but the legendary Y-shape from the sheer amounts of muscle bulging out from where I already had plenty. More power! More, more! My pecs were morphing into heaving boulders of shredded brawn, so pumped and so heavy with meat my nipples were pointing down. And my nipples! Thick as my thumb and pulsing like obscene, sweaty fruits. Simply rubbing my thumbs over the teats triggered an electrical storm in my chest, causing my pecs to flex involuntarily and sending a powerful jolt down to where the most important growth spurt was about to begin. I gave my miniscule cock a powerful flex, gorging it with power and causing an avalanche of pink flesh to come sloshing between the flaps of my boxers. It was already drooling with my seed, the head slick with pre-cum and throbbing as it absorbed more and more size. It was growing again, oh fuck yes it was growing bigger and fatter by the second! Still-semi hard but pleasurable beyond reason, the ring empowering my erection as it grew through the hoop. There was just so much cock meat gathering at the base, my loins blazing as they pushed out! I couldn't help it. My balls were swelling, even churning with cum. I dug my fingers into my stretchy undergarments and ripped them clean off. The sudden exposure to raw power only aroused me even further. My cock rocketed to maximum hardness, riddled with veins and easily eight inches hard. What little fat I had in my ass literally evaporated as hyper-defined glutes surged out from behind me. I flexed my entire body again, growling as a veritable forest of thick black pubes burst from my loins, engulfing the entirety of my balls and wrapping around the base of my swollen manhood before spreading upward and backward. My chiselled abdominals soon developed a treasure trail of their own, one that reached between the sculptured pectorals that brimmed from my chest. I could feel the dark hairs bristling within the canyon that separated them, before coating my pecs with a rich dusting of thick black fuzz. Quick to follow were my pits, and then my forearms, my calves, and finally my ass crack. Now that was a fucking ass crack, a fucking jungle of coarse black pubes that surrounded my winking hole and spread across my cheeks like a filthy garden of pure testosterone. Then, just as I was getting to the good parts, the torrent of energy slowed to a trickle. As my growth spurt came to a close, I noted that I now stood at an incredible six feet five – almost an entire foot from where I started from – and had bulked out to an incredible three hundred and fifty pounds! My arms were easily twenty-one inches around and my thighs thicker than most men's waists! But most importantly of all, my cock measured a jaw-breaking nine and a half inches, thick as a beer can and boasting a pair of orange-sized nuts. Suffice to say I would have spent the next hour shamelessly groping myself were it not for the fact my cock-ring was still too large for me. It was still hovering there, as if wondering if I had grown big enough. Of course I had not! So I grabbed at it, another explosion of pure sex blasting my hand away and flooding me with more power than I could contain! It was happening again! I could feel it! Oh yes, oh yes! Chest muscles! Always with my pecs! They were exploding outward, full of power and rippling like waves! I could watch them expanding to the size of tires, even as the rest of my body began following suit. My legs, already thick with mass, swelling out as liquid muscle was pumped into my quads. I could feel every vein, every fibre, every cell of my body brimming with insane power as energies fuelled me with even more muscle! My swollen manhood swelled even larger, pushing out against my grip and closing in on the foot-long mark. Thanks to my now grapefruit-sized balls I was still shooting, still jerking and bucking, my upper body growing more powerful, more spectacular than I could imagine! My arms, heavy with muscle, were just packing on more and more mass. They had surpassed twenty-five inches for sure, so much brawn bulging out of them my fucking biceps had biceps! And then my shoulders started their own growth spurt, causing me to grow horrifically broad, almost three feet of muscle on either side of my head! My traps surged upward, devouring my neck and growing so beefy they were scant inches from touching my ears. Muscular explosions continued to go off, each muscle group in my body consuming god magic and then hulking out without warning. The ring followed me down as I landed on my ass, which burst out like chiselled granite mountains and propped me off the floor. Even as my back broadened in tandem with my lats, I propped myself up with my swelling arms and spread my legs up to give my growing balls more space. I could hardly guess how big I was getting, my legs and torso continued to lengthen, barely keeping out with all the muscle just bursting out of my body. And my cock, oh my god my fucking cock was so hard, so hot! It had stopped growing longer when it reached two fucking feet, but it was getting so fat, so thick, fuck! My back struck the ground, so much brawn erupting out from I was squealing and howling in ecstasy before I knew what hit me. This was it, this was the hulk-out I had so dreamed! It was magnificent, spectacular! My entire body was having an orgasm to end all orgasms! Pecs, biceps, triceps! My quads too, I was growing into a monster! A huge, fucking muscle monster! My cock! Fatter than fuck and spitting out cum like crazy, it was growing so, fucking, LONG! The first volley nearly blinded me, so much pleasure erupting from my cock my neurons were nearly fried. An entire bucket of semen just exploded from my rock hard dick, rocketing into the air and raining down upon me. I could feel my entire body lengthening, no doubt to accommodate the insane amounts of brawn still growing from every inch of being! Thick veins begun streaking out from the base of my cock, creeping through the dark forests of man-hair that covered my body. Where they reached, so did the pace of my growth, as if they were pipes pumping my muscles full of power juice. My abdominals grew to an immense eight-pack, each cinder block sized muscle harder than steel and unimaginably stronger. My pecs, already monstrous boulders of roiling muscle, seized up and almost doubled in size when touched by my power. My obscene, sweat-slicked nipples were almost an inch long and thick as my thumb! Fuck! My penis continued to shoot, my brain taking a back seat as I let myself be consumed by the most primal or urges. I could not fathom how long I laid there, hulked-out and musclebound, crushing my monster dong with my equally monstrous muscle-quads and pumping out a seemingly endless river of sperm. Fuck! Ten minutes of back-to-back orgasms later, the storm in my loins finally calmed. Slowly, ever slowly, I reared to my full height, every mindbogglingly massive muscle bulging with the slightest of movements. Thick, pulsing veins ran like highways over and around every supersized muscle, converging within the bristling pubic forest growing at the base of my throbbing, monstrous, king-sized cock. I gave my hulk body a violent test flex, nearly driving myself over the edge again as every sinewy fibre bulged with unprecedented size and power. So much control! I could even flex my biceps without having to bend my arms, the sensations were exhilarating, to say the least. Another thing, my hairy pecs had grown so muscular I couldn't look past them to see my crotch any more. While I could see my gigantic, swollen cock and the oversized mushroom head that capped it, I couldn't make out the coconut-sized balls that hung heavily from my loins. Not that it bothered me, their immense weight was unbelievably erotic. I could even flex them independently, pulling them up and holding them against my groin thanks to the incredible muscles that now bulged from and above them. And then there was the matter of my face. Caressing my cheeks with sausage-thick fingers, I realised that my once sharp, nondescript chin had taken on a hard, rugged, and very square countenance. There was no doubt in my mind that I looked like a man now, a huge, hairy, hulk of a man! Fuck. I wanted, NEEDED, more! At first I thought I was cumming again, my inner penile muscles were flexing so powerfully. Every single vein on my cock had surged up, throbbing madly as my cock gorged itself on pure muscle juice. It was growing again, just bulging with thick cords of sinew and brawn and until I felt the ring closing in on the base. Panting like an animal, I palmed at my crotch, and realised that my cock-ring now fit me perfectly. It had sucked in my gargantuan balls too, as a proper cock-ring should. And it was now filling me with unimaginable size and driving me through another immensely erotic growth spurt. My hairy cock continued growing out, as did my muscles, and my body as a whole. I was absorbing so much mass I was acutely aware of every scrap of energy boiling within my very cells. As I muscled up, this awareness only grew, until I realised that the power formed as part of me as the very muscles they sought to grow. And as I flexed my muscles, so did I 'flex' the energies surging through me. The first thing I did was pull the power collecting within my heaving testes, drawing them up through my core and into my arms. I had always wanted disproportionately muscular arms – arms huger than my own legs – so I began directing all the power into my biceps, causing them to bloat with power, immense boulders of pure muscle exploding out even as my triceps began hulking out of their own accord. Whatever scraps remained were diverted to my forearms, which expanded until they were thicker than my calves! By then, my upper arms had morphed into colossal monstrosities, each one a scant inch smaller than my quads were huge. I wasn't going to be reaching behind me with arms so stupidly massive, so grossly over-muscled, but holy fuck the power was overwhelming! I bathed in my euphoria, directing my own growth as I saw fit, my booming laugher echoing through the base as my body expanded in every conceivable direction, never stopping, never wanting to stop until I towered over the Cult. Ten fucking feet tall, ten fucking tons of unstoppable muscle and cock! At last. I did not know when the Cult's maddening orgy stop, only that it did. They were all on their knees, drenched in cum and gaping at the sight of me standing before them. As they should, I was their god! I was their fucking muscle god! I could do anything, anything! At long last my body bulged with the monstrous muscles of the wildest of my dreams! So I turned my attention to Mr Hump, the leader of my Cult and the only one who managed to refrain from joining in with the orgy. That did not mean I could not smell the sex on him, so much cum laid in a streak before him now, no doubt from the countless times he blew his load watching my ascension. “I-Incredible,” was all he could say, “To think that all this time, this...” He swallowed, reaching into the folds of his robes. “...this could have been ours.” And there we go, the inevitable betrayal. Did you not think I would not have seen this coming? Did you not think I, your Beast, would not think to question the loyalty of your worship? I lunged at him, my muscles flexing so powerfully as to create shockwaves, tearing into his cloak and pulling it away to reveal a stone slab covered in strange, glowing runes. But something was wrong now, my gigantic fingers could not crush the heretical writings, as if some unstoppable force protected the slab and the traitor who carried in. He was pushing me back, back into the ring, the slab held high as invisible chains formed around my wrists and ankles and pulled me back. I could see more of the writings now, they all had them, sequestered beneath their cloaks only to reveal them at the last possible moment. “Begin the Ritual proper!” yelled Mr Hump to the Cult, “Quickly!” A terrible droning noise drummed into my ears, distorting my vision and forcing me onto all fours. The cock-ring I wore glimmered with the same purple runes found on all the slabs, sapping my strength and draining my muscles for all they were worth. My monstrous biceps were deflating, and rapidly, as were my pecs, my quads, everything! With every second that passed the speed of the theft only accelerated, it would not be long before I would be too weak to fight back the Cult I had empowered so much. “You cannot fight this!” declared Mr Hump, “Just as you cannot stop the coming of dawn! Our ancestors may have failed to drain you of your power, but we... we will succeed where they could not! We will bring about a new world order! No gods, no kings! Only man!” It struggled to even breathe now, so much size having been drained from me that even Maximilian, my 'Champion' outmuscled his god. By the time I exhaled I had been reduced to a mere bodybuilder, barely six feet five and only a few hundred pounds heavy. Not that it made me any less powerful. “You think your pathetic magic can contain me?” I crackled, balling my fists and pushing my shoulders out, “I am your Beast, Mr Hump.” “I AM YOUR GOD!” BOOM! Every cell in my body rumbled with pure power as I flexed every fibre of my being, the resulting shockwave so powerful as to wrench these wretches off their feet. Every last Cultist, Mr Hump and Maximilian included, went crashing into the cavern's walls as if launched from a cannon. Had they not been built like fucking brick houses, the impact would have broken them. I doubted any of them were injured in anyway, only winded. Good, there were far more deserving punishments for them. But first, my muscles. “Impossible!” cried Hump from behind a pile of Cultists. I ignored him as I purged the runes they had carved into my divine cock-ring, unleashing my stolen power and bellowing in ecstasy as my body once again exploded with inhuman masses of unbridled muscle and power. I was growing again, taller and wider and stronger, so much pleasure shooting through my body until I at last I towered over these miscreants like the god I was. Hump was quite some distance away, so instead I turned my attention to the Cultist closest to me. The muscle boy actually convulsed, a vulgar moan slipping from his lips as he fell back in the throes of an orgasm. Every blast, every buck of his hips drained his muscles as he did mine, his juices spiralling into the air and coiling around my fingers at the merest of thoughts. I clenched my fist, squeezing more and more seed from balls that belonged to me. He came harder in kind, gallons and gallons of muscle juice spraying from his cock and joining with the 'glove' of semen I now wore. The Cult had frozen in terror, unable to take their eyes off the scrawny nerd still twitching on the floor. This was the fate that awaited them, pity they would not escape me tonight. Not saying they did not try in the end. With but a thought, I sealed the exits with great walls of stone too heavy even for them to lift. One by one, drop by drop, I overpowered my ancient enemies and sucked the muscle from their cocks. Whenever my cum glove grew too large, I simply wiped the liquid size across my chest, my arms, even my balls, causing those monstrous muscles to grow even further, reaching gigantic proportions in a glorious display of my power. Mr Hump was second to last. “N-No!” he squealed, even as one gigantic paw encircled his waist and wrenched him off the floor like a doll, “This is impossible! You should not be possible! The Ritual... The Ritual is perfect, infallible! This. Is. Not. POSSIBLE!” “I defy your possibilities,” I corrected him, my voice deeper than the mountains themselves, “I am your GOD boy, now you will pay for your insolence.” Of all the Cultists, I felt Mr Hump yowled the hardest as I drained every last drop of muscle from him, only letting go when I had reduced him to the skinny frames typically found on the college's faculty. He was still mumbling to himself, unable to come to terms with his defeat. But I disregard his prattling, there was one last matter to deal with. Maximilian, my 'Champion', was where I had left him, propped up against the wall with nothing but a cheeky smirk on his face. What a shame, after all that had happened... I still really, really liked him. Against my better judgement, I turned my attention to one of the blockaded exits and willed the wall away. “You...” I proclaimed, “You may go.” But Maximilian simply smirked even more. “I'm afraid I won't be going anywhere,” he said softly, “My place is here.” Something insignificant, like a gnat, threw itself against one of my super-massive calves. “FLY YOU FOOL!” hollered Mr Hump, his entire body shaking with emotion, “I'LL HOLD HIM OFF, WARN THE OTHERS, WARN THEM!” One flex, just one, the force of my muscles contracting so powerful as to send Hump hurtling a good seven or eight feet away. When Maximilian still did not move, I reached down and picked him off the floor by his wrist. I was so unbelievably strong now that my former Champion felt about as heavy as a muffin. Holding him in the air before me, that musclebound bodybuilder still managed to look so devilishly mischievous. “Do you really not want to flee?” I growled, gesturing to the door with my chin, “Maybe I really should put you in a rape-rack, that would be something wouldn't it?” Maximilian was so fucking smug god damned it. “You would love that wouldn't you?” he purred, even going so far as to flex his free arm, “Bet you'll love it even more if got to press your face into these muscles until the end of time!” Strangely, even though Maximilian was a fucking twig compared to me, I still wanted that. Somehow, I think he new it. “No!” interrupted Mr Hump from behind us, “This is cannot be! It just cannot be!” “You know,” I continued, staring into Maximilian's brilliant blues, “I almost feel sorry for you, that your Ritual could not contain the Beast.” “Oh about that,” he replied, eyes blazing, “The Ritual always contains the Beast, there's just... one catch.” Maximilian's smirk grew dangerously wide. “It has to be used... on... the Beast.” The stunned silence almost deafened me. Oh no. “Oh yes,” chirped Maximilian. He was getting heavier now, extremely so in fact. I could not keep him dangling before me, not even with both my arms. My strength was not going anywhere, it was in fact jacking up as I put all my muscle into my futile attempt to keep him off cave floor. Try as I might, Maximilian soon planted his feet firmly onto ground and, with an almost nonchalant flick of his wrist, broke the hold I had on him. “That's better,” he said dryly, “Now, kneel.” Craters were smashed into the rock as my knees hit the deck, my gigantic arms falling carelessly to my sides. “I'll be taking that now,” announced Maximilian. I could only watch, stupefied, as he shoved my fucking totem pole of an erection to a side and grabbed the ring wedged around the base. He pulled at it effortlessly, my colossal balls even squeezing through the hoop despite being much too big for the gap, and when the ring reached my swollen cockhead I was immediately overcome by the single most powerful orgasm of my life. Or rather, what felt like the most powerful orgasm of my life. No matter how hard my cock jerked, no matter how hard my hips bucked, no cum came out. All over my body my gargantuan muscles were deflating like popped balloons, collapsing into themselves and surrendering their inhuman power to the cock-ring in Maximilian's hand. Not five seconds later, I was on the ground, having flopped over as the last of my herculean muscles were torn from me like nothing. Maximilian had returned me to the slim, if leanly muscled body I had had when we first met, there was nothing remarkable about me now, my larger-than-average testicles notwithstanding. After having tasted what god-muscles felt like this... this was nothing to me. CRACK! Maximilian just broke the cock-ring clean in two! He was drawing out what appeared to be shimmering white cum from the core, forming it into a sphere he held in one hand. There was a sudden blur of movement from the corner of my eye. Mr Hump had gotten up again, and was throwing himself at Maximilian! Without skipping a beat, the bigger man tossed the now empty cock-ring at Mr Hump, which immediately bound his legs together and caused him to fall flat on his face. “Like I would need a cock-ring to make my dick bigger,” scowled Maximilian, rolling his eyes, “Much less fit something that tiny around my monster dong, of all the things you could have chosen!” Satisfied that Mr Hump wasn't about to go anywhere, he brought the orb of muscle cum down and pressed it into his cockhead. It was almost as if he was feeding it, that gaping cock hole was pulsing now, gulping down the muscle juice and depositing it within his hefty nut sac. “There we go,” chimed Maximilian, as his penis swallowed up the last of the juice, “Now... the best part.” A bellow, deeper and louder than anything I could have made, heralded the growth spurt to end all spurts. The muscular explosion of his body triggered a shockwave that blew me off my feet and all the way to the wall. His arms, in an instant, morphed into supersized world destroyers that sported biceps the size of small cars. As his body swelled beyond all comprehension, shoulders wider than I was tall erupted with inhuman power, muscular mountains fusing into monster traps that barely contained the growing pillar passing for his neck. Maximilian's lats were next, smashing out from either side of him and knocking his arms apart. A pair of heaving, violently-flexing monstrosities had burst from where his pecs once were, growing so huge and so powerful, fuck! Below him, his freak-show abdominal muscles had grown to the size of anvils, and they were still getting bigger! Each fucking boulder must have weighed more than my entire body! And then his quads, already thick and sculpted, hulked out beyond reason. Sheer mountains of unbridled muscle smashed against each other and pushed his stance even further apart. Maximilian was shooting up now, stretching wider and packing on more and more size. His body was growing even huger, even more heavy with muscle! His cock, his glorious hulk of a cock was morphing into the single most muscular organ in the fucking universe! So much size, so much iron-like muscle! Fuck! As his body inexplicitly doubled in size, the Beast raised his herculean arms as much as he could and brought them down for the most muscular flex of my life. The shockwave from all his muscles clenching at once shattered the walls of the Iron Hall, vaporising stone and shattering the Cult's final defences. All at once the Cultists came for their lives, shimmering wads of cum blasting from their cocks and draining their muscles of even more size. And then Maximilian was exploding. Unrestrainable. Uncontainable. Unstoppable. With every second, a thousand upon thousand pounds of rock hard muscle erupted from his being. The Beast had unleashed an unceasing torrent of flesh and brawn and sinew from his body. He was morphing, changing, hulking out beyond mortal comprehension! In less than a minute he was huger than everything, his immense limbs tearing through rock and concrete and steel as they packed on ridiculous amounts of muscle and power. His entire body was reaching epic proportions, his very legs plunging through the earth's crust and triggering violent earthquakes across the university's entire campus. His monster pecs had blown up to the size of blimps, gigantic and monstrous, as befitting the muscle god he was growing into. Still exploding like a fleshy volcano on steroids, Maximilian's gargantuan torso smashed through the Manor above us, every muscle cell in his being growing much too huge and much too monstrous to describe! Before long, the sheer immensity of his muscles had saw the lower half of his face consumed by oversized traps. Not five seconds after, Maximilian smashed his way through the planetary crust, exposing the moonlight and causing the earth to crack and quake. His behemothic traps surged through the surface, quickly followed by his planetoid pectorals and the juggernaut shoulders heaving on either side of him. He was spreading his legs now, slowly and monumentally, the sheer massiveness of his great form crushing buildings and leaving great rents in the earth. Between his titanic thighs dangled a perfectly flaccid penis reaching all the way down to the ruins of the Hall. The smell was rapturous, intoxicating beyond reason, so much so that despite the best of my efforts my body simply refused to move. I could see it even now, an almost literal roadmap of veins shaking across the tremendous shaft, and when my god finally came it was as though a nuclear explosion of semen had taken place. Somehow, I had managed to find one of Mr Hump's expensive wood doors. It had fallen from the Manor above, and I had grabbed a hold to ride out the tsunami of semen gushing to the surface. I vaguely wondered if drinking this cum would turn me into a muscle-hulk, but given that I was barely clinging onto consciousness, that was not a theory I could put to the test. Hours, perhaps days, must have passed as I flittered between sleep and the waking world. I was still on the door, my body half submerged but growing no bigger, my brain growing just cognizant enough to pick up smatterings of nearby events. Maximilian, like the great Beast he was, had savaged the surrounding lands and attracted the attention of the government. An unstoppable juggernaut of unadulterated power, he was swatting jets out of the air and taking nukes to the chest like they were made of nothing. To make matters worse, it was clear even to my addled brain that the nukes were making him bigger, as if he was absorbing their power and converting it all into pure muscle mass! Some more time passed, and I flickered back to consciousness to see him smashing through a fleet comprising many of the world's greatest navies. He had flooded the world, he must have, and grown so huge in the process he was submerged only to his crotch in cum! What battleships still floated were throwing everything they had at him, but they might as well have been toys in a bathtub. To make matters worse, he had somehow summoned forth monstrous penis tentacles from the sea of cum. Like the very krakens of legend, they flooded ships with cum and devoured seamen by the hundreds. I slipped away, and when I returned it was to a raging ocean raining cum and my muscle god in the throes of a substantial growth spurt. The cum that flooded the world reached only to his knees! He couldn't have been more than a hundred miles away either, and yet I could still make out every mammoth fibre exploding out with gigantic new size. Savage were the seas and limited was my strength, when I passed out again it was all I could do to consign myself to fate, my fingers releasing the raft I had been clinging to and allowing my muscle god to claim me at last. *** As was customary, I greeted this morning as I did all others – with a yawn and a stretch and an intent to roll right over so I could continue my adventures through dreamland. Try as I might though, this morning's sun seemed hell bent on squeezing its way through my eyelids, so I went and grabbed Maximilian's muscly arm, pulling it over my face such that I could use one heavy bicep as an eye mask. For a time, all was right with the world. Now maybe if I snuggled a little harder to that deliciously big man I'd be able to get right back to where I was watching him- “AAAAHHHHHH!” I screamed, all but propelling myself off the mattress and smacking painfully onto the floorboards. Maximilian... Maximilian was there, next to me, in my bed, naked and musclebound and pitching a fucking circus tent with my blanket! He was already awake, no doubt having been startled up by my squealing, his volcanic blue eyes smouldering behind half-closed eyelids. “Morning sexy,” he murmured from over the edge, that cheeky smirk brimming with pearly white teeth, “Had a good night now did we?” I was still spluttering by the time that gorgeous hunk hauled me up, entrapped me a pair of hulking arms, and then rolled over to one side so he could lock my slender legs with his fucking juggernauts. “B-But,” I managed, my face red from getting squashed into those giant pecs, “How?” “Easy,” mumbled Maximilian, “Crush the resistance, flood the world with cum, and then erect your pleasure palace somewhere warm so your minions can make do with loincloths and sandals.” That smug bastard was getting really smug up there, I could almost feel his smirk splitting his face into two clean halves. “Then... why me?” Maximilian chuckled – a deep, reverberating sound. “Because you're my Champion of course!” he beamed, “As you have been since the very beginning of the cycle, when you first rescued me from a rockfall that would have otherwise prevented the awakening of my powers.” “Would you believe me if I told you I was the scrawny weakling back then?” teased Maximilian, “I still remember the day I watched you towering over me, clad in nothing but an animal-skin loincloth wrap, bulging muscles glistening with sweat! Your balls were utterly massive even then, and every incarnation of you thereafter had been more than capable of drenching a room when you got really horny.” My Beast squeezed me so tightly I actually forgot to breathe for a few moments. “I've missed you so much Branson. All those years without the warmth of your touch, the caress of your voice! You remember that statue you saw back beneath the Manor, the one you swore resembled you in every way?” “Well, that was you, one hundred and sixty-seven cycles ago. I had carved it with my bare hands when the loneliness grew too much to bear, and then brought it with me when I finally broke out a couple of years back. Did you know they had imprisoned me in this gigantic golden dildo? The whole thing was enchanted to prevent me from using any magic unless it was to grant the wishes of whoever managed to take me up their butts!” He squeezed me even tighter for several more minutes, nearly making me cum from the sheer strength in his arms and chest alone. When he finally did let go, it was all I could do to flop over onto my back, my throbbing cock pulsing so angrily I was so sure it was ready to burst. “What happens now?” I panted, “And why am I not feeling completely overwhelmed by everything that's happened?” “Heh,” chuckled Maximilian, “It's because you already know me and the shenanigans I get up to. Ever wondered why you functioned so normally when there were Uber drivers driving into things at the mere sight of me? “And remember how you strolled into my suite back at The Glory Hole and then barely batted at eye at the dozen or so muscle-boys I had used for my warm up? Their gaping butt-holes were literally overflowing with cum, and then you waddled right over them as if that was a common club occurrence!” “Not to mention how you're not the least but offended by the fact I both used and deceived you to destroy the Shadow Cult, just so I could avoid even risking another ten thousand years of imprisonment.” Somehow, not even the revelations astounded me. It was almost as if... “...you've been through all this before.” Maximilian finished, a big fat grin splitting his face in two. Maximilian was reaching for my temples now, his powerful fingers almost sparkling with magic. I immediately knew what he was about to do, so I reached up and grabbed him by the wrists, not because I knew I had the strength to stop him (I didn't), but because I knew what would happen if they had reached me. “Oh?” Maximilian purred, the thunderous build up of raw excitement barely contained, “This is new.” “I don't want them,” I stated, referring to my old memories, the ones he had always put back into my head at the beginning of each cycle, “Not now, at least.” “Do tell me why before I lose control and jump you,” breathed my Beast. I could almost feel it now, the prospect of something new after all these years was driving him truly wild. “I want to get to know you again,” I said simply, granting Maximilian a big-ass grin of my own and nearly causing him to blow his load in my blankets. “C'mon,” I continued, clambering over him so I could get off the bed and then grabbing his massive hands, “I think a morning breakfast date is in order here.” That monster was slavering now, his fearsome gaze betraying a hunger, a need, to please me while he still controlled his incredible power. “What after?” he growled, drool dripping from his chin as I pulled him toward the door, “Tell me... please, I can only get so erect.” I grinned him another grin, doing my very best to imitate the lewd smirks he was so known for. “Then you're going to show me, first hand, just why they call you... the Beast.”
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    Muscle-Growth's 2nd Annual Storiversary

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    Hulk Hunter

    You just know a story is good if it sticks in your head and refuses to leave no matter how many times you read and re-read it. That's exactly what happened to me! This piece absolutely, positively fabulous in every regard I can think of! Anyway, I went and put together my interpretation of the Hulk Hunter himself! Here he is now: Just in case anyone was wondering, I couldn't avoid making this PG-13. According to the story, hulk-dongs are so big that if this guy were as erect it'd take up all the space in the picture and I wasn't sure if I wanted that! Thanks @Jaypat for letting me post this here!
  11. You should set up a Patreon page or something for folks to chip in for your vids - they are amazing!~

  12. I cannot wait for this to be finalised... My body is so ready for this!!

  13. Many thanks to the admins who approved of me posting this story. I dedicate this to you! ~SW THE DILDO OF THE DEMIGODS My heart was beating so hard I wondered if it was going to shatter my ribcage, not that that would matter if I succeeded tonight. So the rumours were true – all of them – but the singular fact that Jarrett Nicklinson hadn't yet abused the awesome power of the artefact spoke wonders about his naivety. To his credit though, the once scrawny captain of the chess club was now a broad-shouldered, musclebound hulk of a man who literally benched trees for fun, but to think he could have done so much more and chose not to! Shrouded in the dark of night, I pulled over in the school's parking lot and hurried up the stairs that led to the hidden, faculty-only entrance. To think Nicklinson would keep the relic in the locker room, of all places, the very thought threatened to blow my mind but still I forced myself to remain calm. First things first, I stopped by the vice-principal's office, kicked down the door, and grabbed the crowbar he had confiscated the other day. I was going to need it, not because I expected anyone to stop me, but because I wasn't going to waste any more time trying to do this quietly. In all my years as a gym teacher, nothing was going to come close to what I was about to accomplish! Nothing! The stink of musk and sweat hung in the air as I barrelled into the locker rooms and made my way to locker 969A. This close, I could almost feel the power emanating from the artefact, and so I rammed the crowbar into the lock and all but wrenched the door off its hinges. As if acknowledging its new master, the relic unleashed a blinding burst of golden light, cleansing the air of stink and causing my heart to flutter. There, sitting inside Nicklinson's locker was the legendary Dildo of the Demigods – a legendary artefact from ages past said to grant the wishes of anyone who could take it up their wanting rumps. Despite the urgency of the present situation, I couldn't stop myself from pausing to appreciate the magnificently sculptured, gleaming-gold phallus before me. To describe the Dildo as colossal would have been the understatement of the year. Fully two feet in length and thicker than my forearm, it was small wonder how Nicklinson managed to take this in with his build and his alleged lack of experience. Not that I would have such a problem of course, for twenty years of selling my ass on the side had prepared me plenty! And so I grabbed the enormous Dildo and sprinted back to my ground floor office, locking the door behind me and kicking my chair away so I could place the relic behind my desk. It was still dark and quiet; the only illumination in my office came from the parking lot just outside and the slightly glowing Dildo. There was enough light for me to regard my reflection in the mirror, and I couldn't help but smirk at the forty-something gym teacher staring back at me. I still looked good for my age – I had retained my huge quads and thick arms and broad shoulders – but my belly had gone soft, my pecs had started to droop, and my hair had started receding fast. With the Dildo of the Demigods right there before me though, it almost felt as though I was young again. Why, my cock had grown so swollen with blood at the prospect of taking this thing up my ass it was actually starting to hurt. Sure enough, when I all but tore my trousers off I saw a cock so engorged with blood that it had turned a deep shade of red. At six inches solid, it was a respectable if not average size... for the moment. The Dildo of the Demigods seemed to gleam as I eased myself against it, almost purring with delight as the unnaturally slick surface kissed the rim of my hole. I would not need any lubricant for this, so I began breathing deeply, enriching my limbs with oxygen as I coaxed myself to relax. All those years getting my ass pounded was beginning to pay off, for I was soon tugging my chute further and further apart, stretching the sensitive flesh and wrapping the bulbous mushroom head as much as I could. "J-Just... a little... more...!" I breathed, grasping at my nipples through my polo as I wiggled my way down the monstrous phallus. With a soft pop, the cockhead of the Dildo plunged into my hungry hole, so smooth was its surface that I sunk four whole inches of it into my ass. "WOOAAHHH!" I wailed, loudly and shamelessly, my cock firing off a thick rope of cum as the Dildo punched me in the prostate. There was another blinding flash from beneath me, and the Dildo of the Demigods made its connection with the core of my being. As untold power surged through my prostate and burst through my quivering hips, I felt my consciousness expanding, reaching out until I was acutely aware of every cell in my being. I breathed, slowly and deeply, and made my first wish. At the other side of town, Jarrett Nicklinson found his muscles deflating like popped balloons, punishment for all the damage he had caused once he turned into a gigantically muscular, yet cocky and violent sonofabitch. Once satisfied, I shifted my attention to the destruction he had wrought. I regrew all the trees he had ripped from their roots, repaired the equipment he had broken, before finally mending the bodies of the jocks he had put into hospitals. Tomorrow, some semblance of normality would return to the school. No more fallen trees, no more broken bones, and no more government agents swarming the campus with strange machines, hopefully. I did feel a little bad for Nicklinson, having lost those amazing muscles and all, but he did beat a hundred high schoolers half to death, so I suppose he had this coming. With the housekeeping done, I poised myself to satisfy some more... intimate needs. At my command, the street lamps outside ceased to be, bathing me in darkness save for the soft glow of my precious Dildo. With a wave of my hand and the snap of my fingers, my desk drifted off to the side and my office was bathed in warm lights only I could see. As I beheld myself in the mirror, still wedged on the monstrous Dildo and clad in nothing but a bright green polo, I couldn't help but smirk. So I parted my thick legs a little more, gasping as another inch of Dildo was stuffed into my ass, and made my second wish. It came slowly at first, but I felt it instantly – some kind of vitality surging through my veins from where the massive Dildo was splitting my ass apart, charging me with a youthful virility I had not felt in decades! I wanted to go for a sprint, or a workout, the last thing I wanted to do was sit here but I forced myself to remain. The pulsing was getting stronger now, every second of it feeling so frigging amazing I just wanted to spring up and whoop. Tight on cue, the clock began turning back on my body. All over my skin began prickling, tightening around my now firmer flesh as old blemishes began to fade. My eyesight came back so quickly I soon had crystal clear vision without the need for my glasses. Upon my crown, a great burst of crimson sprouted from where my hair had started to thin, my glorious new mane tumbling down the sides of my face and feathering down the back of my neck. Then, I chiselled myself a harder, manlier jawline before dusting on a grizzled coating of lush facial fuzz. The sensations that flooded me next were unbelievably intense, accentuated by my now youthful virility. My tingling muscles were growing so pumped, engorged with blood as though I had just put myself through a brutal workout. I drew in a deep breath and let myself moan as my body began expanding outward and upward. My polo tee felt it first, the soft cotton stretching and straining as my arms began bulking up. They had always been big, but now my biceps were growing into huge, rippling moulds that made my sleeves ride up to my shoulders, which were swelling into massive, cannonball deltoids! Aww fuck yeah this was good, this was very good. I brought my arms back and arched my back, shuddering as the Dildo's power poured into my chest and shoulders. Before me, my sizeable pecs began growing so huge and thick with mass that they pulled down the collar of my polo. I inhaled, flexing my shredded new muscles and marvelling at how tight my shirt had become. BANG! POP! The upper two buttons burst free of the polo! My pectorals were so big now, so big and strong and ripped that they pulled the material as far apart as it would go! Across my stomach, all the fat I had accumulated since varsity melted away, revealing the faint, cobblestone abdominals I knew were hidden beneath my shirt. The energy pooling in my gut began to roil, my entire body tensing and flexing as I grew myself the six... no, eight-pack of my dreams! Rock hard muscle began pushing out of my gut like chiselled ridges and deep valleys, showing through the shirt due to me keeping my waist narrow and taut. I gasped, suddenly realising I had been holding my breath all this while, before going right back to growing my muscles even more! My shoulders continued to expand, filling with mass as my biceps and triceps fought for their share. Beside me, the lats I had been neglecting for years began swelling with size, pushing my arms away from my body until almost thirty extra pounds of muscle bulged from my torso! Fuck! I looked like a frigging bodybuilder now, so huge and so ripped! I was built like a shithouse and eager for more! Directing my attention earthward, I began pumping up my awesome, gym coach quads, causing great slabs of rippling muscle to bulge from my thighs. They fused quickly into my quads, heaving and straining as they split into their individual muscle groups. I couldn't resist crushing my cock as the huge muscles surged past thirty inches around. If my cock was harder than a rock then my massive quads were even harder! Needless to say all this grinding resulted in hot a, if brief, eruption of seminal fluids that spilled into a puddle from between my heaving thighs. Willing my orgasm in check, I quickly spread my legs apart, wiggling my toes as my growth shot down my calves and into my feet. Bones began popping and snapping and suddenly I found my shoes uncomfortably tight and showing no signs of breaking. I wished them away, oohing as my bare feet stretched across the parquet until they were one size too big for anything I had at home. As my transformation slowed to a close, the sight in the mirror before me was positively orgasmic. I hadn't grown any taller, that was for sure, but I must have packed on fifty pounds of pure muscle! My shirt was comically small now, my chest and shoulders so heavily muscled that the soft cotton had ridden halfway up my waist, exposing the lower four of my glorious eight-pack. I grasped at my massive arms, arms with muscles so huge they were threatening to bust the sleeves of my shirt, knowing that they measured almost twenty inches around, all of it solid cords of iron that rippled and swelled with every flex. Fuck! How long had it been since I felt so alive, so big... so strong... so virile? I needed to free myself of this polo, to strip myself naked so I could bask in the glory of my musclebound new body. And so I planted my feet firmly on the ground and lifted myself off the Dildo of the Demigods, a gentle flash signalling the end of its connection with me as I reared to my full height. In the soft lights of my office, the sight of myself still stunned me. I was an inch from the mirror in a moment, running my hands across my new face and flexing my enormous, trembling muscles. And then I ripped off my polo, the cool air caressing my magnificently sculpted muscles as I ran my huge palms all over. So close... so close to the point of no return, that I was turning myself on and on was doing my swollen cock no favours. In a bid to distract myself, I strode over to the weighing scale, gasping when I realised I now weighted two hundred and twenty pounds, almost all of it muscle! My dick throbbed angrily between my legs, before gorging itself on so much blood it turned a deep shade of purple and began arching upward. I momentarily considered stroking myself off right there and then, blasting my seed all over the mirror in celebration of my massive, youthful new body. But then the Dildo of the Demigods caught my eye with a subtle shimmer, and I was instantly reminded of just how huge and monstrous Jarrett Nicklinson had gotten. That now-scrawny nerd was literally an entire head and shoulders (and half of his chest) taller than I was when he tore through the gym last week, to think I could be that big in a matter of moments! I bounded back to the Dildo and caressed its gleaming, golden surface. Just looking at it relaxed the sphincter muscles guarding my ass chute. Holy shit was I really going to do this? It had long dawned on me that, with but a simple wish, I could be a hundred times bigger than Nicklinson ad been, with colossal muscles the size of tanks exploding out of my body as I hulked up bigger and harder and stronger! The thought was drowning my cock in so much pleasure and I couldn't say I wasn't at least a little tempted. I considered my options. There was a good chance I would not be able to carry this massive phallus with me everywhere, which meant I would have to leave it unguarded when it wasn't pleasuring my hungry hole. Growing into a gigantically muscular bodybuilder-god wasn't a feasible idea either, judging by how quickly both the FBI and CIA had responded after hulk-Nicklinson began posting pictures of his new body to the internet. To top it all off, I was keenly aware that the legends surrounding the Dildo were slightly exaggerated. Its power was incredible beyond measure, that much was certain, but even this power had limiters it could not circumvent. Nicklinson could not wish himself to godhood (although he definitely would pass for one), and he could not scrub clean the memories of those who had witnessed him using the Dildo. Which pretty much meant everybody come to think, he had been posting tons of videos as of late. I was still contemplating the next course of action when the Dildo shimmered softly, as if in warning. Sure enough, when I turned to glance out my window I spotted the headlights of a car careening down the road to the high school. No time to waste! This time, I had a much easier time plunging myself onto the gargantuan Dildo. So pleasurable was the feeling of it pounding into my prostate that it put stars in my vision and made my cock spit out another wad of thick cum. Somehow, I managed to make my wish, the Dildo casting my mind out so I could better regard my unwanted visitor. Sure enough, it was Nicklinson – the meek and scrawny version of him – furious and out for blood. Hot on his tail was a small army of cars, mostly coppers with one or two FBI or CIA vehicles trailing behind them. If any of them so much as spotted my car I would be royally screwed! Without skipping a beat, I wished my humble wheels home just as Nicklinson came speeding into the parking lot. He didn't even bother waiting for his car to stop, all but tumbling out and scampering up the stairs to the front door. That suited me just fine, more time to begin undoing the very slight damage I had- Oh wait, looks like someone forgot to lock the front doors again. Quickly as I could, I put the door back on Nicklinson's locker and returned the crowbar to the vice-principal's office. The Dildo's former owner was charging through the corridors so fast now I only just managed to wish the VP's office door back in time. It seems the police and the FBI had split into teams as well, each one pouring through different routes of the school. They had left their CIA buddies back at the parking lot, although judging by the way those two were just standing about I figured they had decided to sit this one out. Beneath me, the Dildo gave me another cautious shimmer. The police had taken a detour and were now stumbling through the sports wing, where my office was. I breathed in deeply, drinking in the dangerous thrill of discovery. I double checked that my door was locked and that my lights were off, before shifting my mind to the intruders. Oh... Oh wow some of these guys were stacked! No wonder they moved so much slower than their FBI counterparts. All my life I had been such a sucker for muscle and today was no different, magic Dildo or not, and just watching those heavy pecs bounce and flex as those big boys sprinted... damned! I couldn't help myself now, having peeled away their clothing with my mind's eye, even as they came dangerously close to uncovering me. One simple wish couldn't, wouldn't hurt. The throbbing in my cock intensified and I gritted my teeth as liquid testosterone was pumped into my swollen member, causing the sensitive flesh to stretch and thicken and grow. "Oooh yeees!" I whispered, pinching my nipples as I pushed out an additional inch of cock from my muscled crotch. It was time to get big, real big! My mind's eye continued to follow the larger, more muscled members of the police, my tongue rolling out from between my lips as I imagined myself crushing those hard, firm butts. Those asses almost demanded the biggest and juiciest of cocks, so I began growing my erection even further. I moaned out loud this time, blatantly and indiscreetly as huge veins pulsed across my fat, bloated cock. They were feeding my cock with hot growth juice, more and more flesh building at the base until another inch of dick surged from my crotch. Fuck! Eight inches of man throbbed and pulsed in the air before me, angry and red and hotter than sin. Could I use another inch of cock? Damn right I could! I thickened my dick and commanded my hardest muscle to grow another inch! "Aaaaahhhhhh!" I cried, my hips bucking and causing me to sink even more onto the Dildo. The sensations of cock growth were orgasmic! It was almost as if I was having another orgasm right there and then! That my trembling body craved so much more mass up my ass only served to pleasure me further! Nine inches of cock, I had a nine inch tool drooling cum onto my floor! By the gods I almost felt like storming out of my office and tackling down one of those buff-ass studs trying to capture Nicklinson. Thankfully, I had sufficient clarity of mind to know that would be a terrible idea. In an attempt to distract myself, I turned my attention away to where Nicklinson had just tumbled into the locker rooms. With the police and the FBI so close, it was no wonder he moved much faster than he ever did in my classes, but he was still going to find a locker bereft of the Dildo. Unless... With a grim smirk, I wished into being a perfect replica of the Dildo and placed it into his locker. This one lacked the life charging magic currently surging through my prostate, but would nonetheless serve as both a deserving punishment and a perfect distraction. Nicklinson reached his locker with a triumphant shout. Almost immediately he hauled the thing out and dropped his pants, revealing his bony legs, bonier ass, and a member that was undoubtedly the primary reason people picked on him in the showers. "Freeze!" shouted the first FBI agent to see him, brandishing his firearm. Uh-oh, that wasn't good. I quickly wished for every gun on campus to jam the moment their triggers were pulled. "You'll never take me alive, coppers!" Nicklinson squealed as he hopped onto the Dildo threateningly, "I'm gonna break you all just like I did to the rest of those freaks!" The police showed up next, squeezing into the opening at the other end of the row. "Get off that uh... dildo... Nicklinson!" yelled one of the policemen, who waved batons as opposed to guns, "Let's talk this out like men!" "The only talking man tonight's gonna be me!" Nicklinson declared, before plunging himself down on the false-Dildo, "AaaaaAAAAHHHHHHH!" "Fuck that shit!" yelled an FBI agent standing in the back, "Waste him!" "My gun's jamming chief!" was the reply, "I can't get it open!" "Mine too!" voiced another. Nicklinson was beside himself. "Yes, YES!" he screamed, almost convulsing on the pseudo-Dildo, "I CAN FEEL THE POWER OF THE GODS SURGING THROUGH MY VEINS!" "Someone do something!" yelled the FBI chief. The police were the first to move, barrelling down the corridor like a living wall of muscle. Nicklinson wasn't even slightly shaken, for he immediately yelled again. "YES, YES COME AT ME!" he roared, raising his flimsy arms, "HERE ME BODY, GROW ONE THOUSAND POUNDS OF MUSCLE! RIGHT! NOW!" Needless to say I had to spend the next few minutes subtly repairing the damage Nicklinson's ribs had sustained, not too much and not too little, but enough such that he wouldn't go into shock while waiting for medical care. The FBI had wasted no time reporting their success to whoever they reported to, even as the policemen bundled Nicklinson up in some kind of straitjacket and hauled him from the locker room. "I don't understand!" wailed Nicklinson from inside the police van, "I was worthy! I AM worthy! I even felt the power! Why didn't I grow?! This isn't fair! THIS ISN'T FAIR!" As the police drove off with Nicklinson, I returned my attention to the locker rooms, where the remaining FBI agents were nervously trying secure the Dildo without, as I imagined, being tempted by its incredible power. Phew, crisis averted. If I had pulled this off right the government would think the Dildo to be in the possession of the FBI and not with Nicklinson's dashing, hard-bodied gym coach. I continued following the FBI as they cradled the Dildo out to where a large armoured truck had arrived. Just about every vehicle outside belonged to the FBI now, and there was even a helicopter puttering about. For some reason, I couldn't find the two CIA fellows or the little car they had arrived in. They must have gotten chased off by the FBI, rivalries and all that. Not that it mattered to me. My work here was done, and I still had all night to play with my new toy! Smirking, I wished myself home and mused as my office melted away to reveal the soft brown tones of my apartment. It wasn't a very large one since I lived alone – one bedroom, one bath, and one living room with an attached kitchen – but it did occur to me that with the Dildo I could soon be living in a palace worthy of kings! What fantasies I might have had about my accommodations were quickly superseded by the glistening Dildo skewering my ass. All alone in the privacy of my apartment, where the deepest and darkest of my fantasies had borne many fruit, it wasn't long before my mind was running and running wild! How many times have I wondered what life would be like if I were a colossal muscle-beast? To have muscles that constantly exploded with more size, more mass? I was breathing hard now, my deep breaths made all the stronger by the huge muscles brimming from my new body. Fuck this was too hot, too sexy! I needed to cool off before I made a wish I was going to regret! Detaching myself from the Dildo, I left my toy in the living room and sauntered over to the showers. Even with the water set to freezing I felt my loins burning with a fire that would not ease. Oh to hell with discipline! I shut the shower off and threw myself onto the john, grasping my monster dong with one hand and pinching a sensitive teat with the other. I was shooting in seconds, loud moans and louder gasping filling the air as I rocked my bod with one orgasm after another. It almost felt as though I was in the throes of puberty again, only this time my very muscles were turning me on endlessly and my huge fucking cock burned with a need I could not satisfy. Over and over again did I cum and cum, until suddenly it dawned on me just what was keeping me from my much needed satisfaction. My cock still spurting cum, I stomped out of my bathroom, my face twisting with glee at the gigantic sex toy sitting innocently in the middle of my living room. With my new strength, I hefted the Dildo up with one arm and made for my bedroom, not caring that I was somehow still wet and drippling water everywhere. Just as I left it, my cosy bedroom comprised a single queen-sized bed and a small desk for my computer. After shuttering the windows, I plopped myself onto the bed and readied the dildo before my hungry hole. I was alone here, fuck discipline! And then I slammed my ass down. "OoooooOOHHHH YEEAAAH!" I roared! I came, I came harder than ever as the Dildo crushed my prostate flat and plunged deeper than it had ever gone. My dick, oh god my huge fucking dick, it was spitting juice like crazy and I haven't even made my wish yet! Not wanting these waves of euphoria to end, I wished for my Dildo to fuck me, to thrust through my ass as I moaned and convulsed. And it did so, slowly yet steadily, the huge fucking girth splitting my ass wide open as it ploughed through my cheeks and pulled out for another go. I must have laid there for hours, squealing like a pig in heat – a big strong bodybuilding stud and his enormous golden sex toy. To say I was delirious would have been putting it lightly, but even in my delirium I could feel my dark fantasies growing stronger by the minute. My mind was filling with visions of size, of having colossal muscles that would not, could not stop growing and bursting and bulging out from all over my monstrous, heaving body. I bore witness to myself hulking out of my skin, a gargantuan god of brawn whose ludicrously huge muscles bust through his clothes on a regular basis. "Aww... Fuck... YEEEAAAHH!" I bellowed, after the Dildo pumped out what must have been my tenth orgasm that night, "Grow me... Grow me! Into... grow me into... into a must... into a MUSCLE GOD!" A suddenly stillness consumed the Dildo, and then... "WOOOAAARRRGHHHH!" I screamed, convulsing on my bed as a tremendous explosion of raw power surged through the Dildo, EXPLODING into my prostate before rocketing across my thrashing, sweating form. It was like an adrenaline rush only a thousand times more intense. I could feel it in my arms, my legs, every muscle in my body was brimming with pure strength. It was filling me to bursting and overwhelming my senses, but it was so frigging amazing, so frigging intoxicating I just cast myself back as the sensations consumed me. And then I was heaving, bulging, pulsing, my body trashing against the bed as the incredible physical power of my muscles magnified tenfold. My massive, rock hard muscles, already pumped the limit, rapidly expanded as the Dildo slammed into my ass with a force of a thousand men. "RRAAARRGHHH!" I boomed, my voice low and guttural. My monstrous arms were erupting all over, herculean boulders of shredded muscle bursting out as though muscle bombs were going off under my skin. They were going so huge, so long, so much rippling mass exploding from my bones my fucking biceps had biceps! Aww fuck yeah grow me big, grow me hard! My triceps were swelling past the thickness of car tires, my arms were bulging out with mountains that split into frightening peaks, my giant hands were huge enough to crush my own head, fuck! I drew in several monster breaths, growling as huge cords of muscle surged through my shoulders like iron cables, causing them to explode with size and surge across the surface of my bed. The Dildo was pumping me full of molten muscle mass, bulking my shoulders up until my delts swelled to the size of beach balls – hulking, massive, muscular beach balls. Oh god yes, give me more, MORE! Gargantuan muscles blew out from my traps, devouring a neck that was thickening to the girth of a pillar! My chest, fucking hell my pecs were huge and flexing and growing! Ggrrr! RRRGGHH!! Swell! Bulge! Grow! My pecs were fucking mountains now, twin peaks of swelling, heaving brawn. I had gotten so muscular that my nipples were forced to point down! Holy shit even my nipples were growing muscular! They were thickening, hardening, lengthening as the pulsed with my power and quivered with need. No! There is only one need! I needed to grow! To get bigger, stronger, HARDER! "MOOORRE!" Great big wings of pure power exploded from either side of me, my fucking lats growing so thick and so heavy with muscle they dared to force my hulking arms away from this glorious body. I commanded the Dildo to fuck me harder, to pump me with even more muscle! There must be more muscle, more size, more power! Huge slabs of muscle began bugling out of my back, growing my body thicker, wider. They were fusing into my lats, reaching down to where my narrow waist heaved with incredible power. My abs were bulging up like slabs of prime meat, punching their way out of my gut and morphing into titanium bricks that gleamed and glistened with my sweat. As the rest of my torso stretched up and out, incredible amounts of sinew streaked around my lower back, retaining my pillar-like waist and giving my body the legendary Y-shape I so craved. "LEGS!" I thundered, 'HUGE, FUCKING LEGS!" Gigantically muscled quads exploded from my amazing thighs, roiling and heaving. Monstrous mountains were surging out, growing my thighs to freakish proportions and causing my bones to lengthen in a desperate bid to contain my new power. I stretched my legs out, causing them to grow over the edge of the bed. My calves began hulking out, diamond-shaped boulders bursting into being from beneath my thin skin. My feet crashed into my floorboards, shattering them as they blew out to the size of tennis racquets. "OH MY GOOOOD! YEEESSS!! ARRRGHHHH!!!" My body convulsed, monstrous biceps flexing with impunity as I flexed and roared and arched my back. So much size, so much muscle, just blowing up all over me! I was growing into a massive, monstrous muscle god! My shredded, freakish thighs were so fucking huge I could crush girders between them! My biceps were huger than basketballs, just bunching and rippling with even the slightest thought! My forearms were humongous masses of rippling, shifting sinew that were growing bigger and bigger and bigger! FUCK! I was wider than my fucking bed, than my fucking doorway! And I was still GROWING! My abs continued thrusting out of my gut, growing and widening into monstrous anvils of bulging brawn. They heaved violently with every monster breath I took, growing in the shadow of the hulking pectorals that were erupting with barely contained power! In seconds they surged past the size of wrecking balls, huge and ripped and fucking glutted with monstrous mass. Such strength, such power! I raised my gargantuan feet and threw myself off my bed, smashing craters into my floor as I morphed into a colossal muscle-giant. "ONE... MORE... BURST!" I commanded, before crushing more and more of the Dildo into my musclebound ass, "AAAHHHHHH!! AAAAARRGHHHHHH!!" Every gigantic muscle of my body, clearly defined and heaving with power, began pulsing with renewed vigour. My body began blowing out, giant blocks of boulder-sized brawn bursting out of my back as the rest of me rocketed toward the ceiling. I was a fucking massive muscle monster now, with a thick fucking sequoia neck and planetoid pectoral muscles bulging out of my chest. My arms were punishing world-destroyers huger than my monstrous quads were thick! I was growing, thicker and harder and taller! Fuck yes, FUCK YES! Finally, as my head graced the ceiling of my room, the awesome power of the dildo, now fully plunged into my pulsing hole, surged back from my limbs and seared a path down to where my cock – pitifully small compared to the rest of me – sat ready and eager for growth and power. "OOOHH FUUUUUUUCCKKK!!" I exploded, falling to my knees as the Dildo drowned me in pleasure and caused my cock to shoot out by the feet and fatten by the inch. In a single second it had doubled in size, a hot river of cum sloshing from my quivering cock hole as my hips bucked and thrusted. My godly Dildo was still fucking me senseless, now a perfect fit for my brawny new butt, and every time it slammed into me my cock just hulked out more and more! Ggrrrr!! GGGGRRR!! More cock! MORE MUSCLE! That's it... grow... GROW! My superhuman schlong exploded to the thickness of a fire hydrant, white hot sperm spraying onto my floor as it trashed and flexed before me. More pumping, more growth! Yes, yes, YES! The monster that crashed against my pecs almost rumbled, heavy with the weight of potential as my puny balls began swelling monstrously, shooting past the size of basketballs and growing amazingly hot against my massive thighs. The power within was building, boiling within my growing pair, my colossal testes visibly churning with my seed until the dam suddenly broke. I bellowed, enraged that my balls would dare defy me, and threw myself back just as my cock exploded in a storm of sex and cum. As my humongous testicles crashed against the floor, roiling and flexing and pumping me full of liquid testosterone, my cock surged with newfound power, shooting past four feet, then five feet, until the swollen mushroom head grew past my head and denied me the pleasure of mouth-fucking myself unconscious. But at this point I had gotten so muscular, so monstrous, so overcome by the most primal of needs that I didn't give a fuck. Two titanic hands crushed against my tree-sized tool and flogged it for all it was worth, each deafening stroke causing a shockwave to erupt from my godly bod as my eruption tore off great chunks of ceiling. As my orgasm reached its climax, my cum jets grew so great they lasted almost five whole seconds each. So much spunk erupted and sprayed from my monster that my bedroom was soon flooded with my power, even spilling out into my living room as I painted the walls and ceilings white. And then a dark fantasy returned, and with guttural moan did I make yet another wish. Before my massive chest, my gargantuan pectorals began flexing and bouncing beyond my control. A great streak of white split my senses apart, blinding me with lust as my nipples thickened massively and began exploding with orgasms of their own. Out of sync with the eruption taking place between my huge quads, I was soon flailing and screaming, unable to control myself until the electrical storm crashing through my neurons grew too great even for me. I made one last attempt, one last try to form a wish in my head such that I could continue this orgasm to end all orgasms, but in the end my nerves gave out first, hurling me into the abyss as my body finally calmed. I didn't know for how long I had slept, no more than five minutes if I guessed right, for no light streamed through my windows and the great stench of man and sex was still fresh and strong. There was a loud pounding coming from somewhere. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! Aww shit I could barely thick straight after such a release! My entire body was drenched in seminal fluids and practically smouldering! Why the fuck was something at the door now? I couldn't let anyone see me like this, no matter how I wanted to! Struggling to regulate my breathing, I wished away all the cum coating my apartment, reversed the damage I had caused and, after much deliberation, reluctantly wished away my superhuman musculature and the cardinal crown of hair I had been wearing. The feeling of my herculean brawn just draining away left in its place an emptiness that only worsened the sensations of weakness that now stung at my arms. Once satisfied that my house and body looked as unsuspicious as possible, I propped myself off the Dildo and left it by my bedside, but not before wishing myself a fresh set of clothes. Just another polo shirt and some khakis, nothing fancy. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! Geeze I'm coming already! Hold on to your horses! Fuck, it sucked being so small and weak, once I got rid of whoever these were I was going to get right back on my Dildo. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! "What?!" I hollered, all but wrenching my door open and then doubling back when I realised I recognised the two men standing before me. "CIA!" one of them barked, brandishing his golden badge, "Put your hands up chump!" Fuck! I complied, my still-trembling hands shooting up at the sight of the gun barrels mere inches from my face. Oh god oh shit oh fuck how could I not have checked my visitors first? How could this have slipped my addled mind? "Why're you shaking bub?" challenged the taller of the pair, "Got some drugs in you don't we?" "I think we both know what he's got," chuckled his partner. The shorter agent pulled out some kind of photograph, utterly black save for blotches of red, blues and greens in the shape of a man and a sex toy. "Yeah you know what this is," he sniggered. And he was right, the thermal image was clearly of me – well, a much more muscular and long-haired version of me – with my legs far apart and my ass plunged upon a very long, very thick, very familiar shape that radiated an unusually uniform heat signature. "How?" was all I could muster. "You were so distracted you didn't even notice us by your window," answered the taller agent, "To think you managed to replace the FBI's Dildo with a fake, clever, but that's what the CIA's for." The two men pushed their way into my apartment and locked the door behind them. They then led me to my sofa and handcuffed my wrists behind my back. From here, I was only slightly relieved to see that my bedroom door had partially closed, blocking the Dildo from sight. If I could just reach it... "Keep your gun on him at all times," ordered Mr Tall, "I'll search for the package." "What?" retorted Mr Short, "Why do you get to look for it?" "I was a detective for years before this," countered Mr Tall, "And besides, you need to learn the ropes, and guarding the arrestee's part of that." What hopes I had had for a confrontation were dashed when Mr Tall seemed to relent. "Alright, alright," he breathed, before pulling away from my bedroom door, "You can search, but remember the mission." Mr Short was almost bouncing with glee at the news. Without another word he lowered his gun and sprang off toward the kitchen. The thunderous crashing of many pots, pans, and plates soon followed. "While he's busy," whispered Mr Tall, the barrel of his gun kissing the sides of my head, "You'll tell me where you're keeping the Dildo." I drew in a deep breath, trying and failing to still my nerves. "It's in the kitchen," I lied, "He's going to find it soon." "No he's not," chuckled Mr Tall, "I spent the first fifteen years of my career a detective, you aren't fooling me." The agent pressed the gun against my forehead, more forcefully this time. "My bedroom," I hissed, still shaking, "It's in my bedroom." "Ah, that's a good boy." Still training his firearm on me, Mr Tall began inching away from the sofa and toward my slightly ajar bedroom door. His eyes were not on me though, utterly fixated on where his partner was turning my kitchen upside down. I swore under my breath. How could it have come to this? How could I have been so... careless... like Nicklinson was?! Staying back at the school instead of wishing myself home immediately was a mistake I was never going to live down. I should never have stayed back, I should never have gawked at those police officers as they chased Nicklinson to the locker rooms, I should never have... jammed the guns of... everyone on... campus. I threw the CIA guy an angry stare, and saw to my horror the gleaming golden Dildo shimmering as he pushed the door apart. "Oh..." he gasped, "Oh yes." "NO!" I bellowed, springing off the sofa and charging him with all the strength I could muster. Even with my arms tied behind my back I knew how to throw my weight at someone, and in the scant two seconds it took me to close the gap I had shouldered Mr Tall flat onto the floor before rolling off using the leftover momentum. "WRONG MOVE!" shrieked Mr Tall from behind me. There was a loud click as his gun jammed in his fingers. "Fuck!" he snapped, before I kicked my bedroom door against his head, "FUCK!" It wouldn't shut, and suddenly it just burst open again as Mr Short came barrelling through. His eyes grew wide at the sight of the Dildo, just sitting there unattended. Mr Tall seized him by the ankles before he could take another step, sending his body to the floor and his hands to my trousers. I was still moving, and despite two grown men trying to hold me back my big, strong legs proved stronger! RIIIP! My pants were torn clean off, Mr Short's fingers tugging the waistband of my underwear all the way down and exposing my gaping, winking hole. Hah! This was almost too perfect! I gave Mr Short a swift kick, freeing me from his grip and causing me to stumble backward. "NOO!" they cried in unison as I threw myself onto the Dildo. "FFUUUUUCCK!" I screamed, "I CAN FEEL IT!" The very building seemed to shake as the Dildo's power exploded into my prostate once more. "AARRGHHHH! THE POWER! I CAN FEEL THE POWER SURGING THROUGH MY VEINS!" My cock began gorging itself on my blood, thickening and swelling and arching upward as it hardened like iron. And then they were off, falling and tripping over themselves as they fled from my apartment. I could hear them cursing and swearing even as they reached the hallway. They were calling for backup, for all their backup, I could have sworn I even heard them trying to call in the National Guard! Gods, I couldn't stop myself from breaking into laughter, tears of relief streaming down my face. My body was still the bulky-yet-flabby body of a gym teacher. I hadn't even made any wishes yet! While it was true I could feel the Dildo's power surging into my body through my prostate, the truth was so much simpler. I was a fucking ass-man, man! Having such a massive, oversized cock up my ass was just turning me on beyond belief! I wished away the handcuffs from behind me and flexed the muscles of my old body. Fuck I could be so much bigger, so much stronger and so much harder in mere moments! But first... Mr Short was the first to cry out as his shoelaces miraculously untied, his face leaving quite the impression by the curb and sending Mr Tall tumbling over him. I then swiped their radios away and, imitating their voices with the aid of the Dildo, directed everyone at the other end to 18 Pounding Boulevard, where a very drunken, very under-aged party was just about to hit its climax. Teach those kids to purchase alcohol with fake IDs, I was gonna! Still magically interfering with their radio, I borrowed the voice of someone else on the airwaves and practically yelled about how Mr Tall and Mr Short had gone rogue. I wasn't usually one for schemes, but twenty years of high school would teach you a thing or two about that. The CIA responded awfully quick, especially since Mr Tall and Mr Short's car was now shooting down an empty highway at breakneck speeds toward a certain foreign embassy, with the totally-legit Dildo of the Demigods in the boot, no less! As for the dynamic duo, they were off spending some time in a foreign country somewhere. I had heard many nice things about those... international prisons facilities, and I figured the two would benefit from some time off work after all that's happened. I inhaled deeply, savouring the sweetness of my victory before dusting my hands off the matter. At last... at last I was alone again... along and ready to grow so big, so fucking big... I held myself back, closing my eyes and trusting myself to wish a small, simple wish. A wave of static swept over me, and once again I felt the vigour of youth returning in full. This time though, I chose instead to retain the flab around my belly and the glasses upon my face. No all-consuming muscle growth for me, not with sunlight starting to stream through the shutters and not with my principal blowing up my phone with pictures of the FBI swarming the school. There were still hockey teams to nurture, swim teams to coach, and plenty of frantic high schoolers who no doubt needed a firm guiding hand through this phase in life. I drew in another deep breath, pulling in the Dildo's power and releasing it deep within my gut. All over me my muscles began to tingle, growing hard and strong and firm as if I had never once slacked off since the start of my career. The strength that filled me now was nothing short of incredible, even after I had tasted the monstrous potential of the Dildo, and was made all the more delicious by the flabby 'disguise' I now wore. They would be none the wiser, all of them, and so long as I presented myself as I did in my old life they would remain so for as long as I needed. And yet, I suppose now would be a good time to start... exercising and dieting again. How would the bodybuilding team feel if their coach wasn't big and buff and just bulging with brawn? It was going to take time to lose all this excess baggage after all. Surely they wouldn't mind if their coach joined in on their weightlifting sessions. I was actually growing harder at the thought. They were going to gawk and gasp and gurgle in awe as my progress outpaced their own. I was going to get lean and tight and hard, and then I was going to get huge and hunky and harder. Soon I was going to start wearing speedos again, makeshift posers for when I had to teach the senior team just how to show off their magnificent bodies on stage. The Dildo of the Demigods thrummed against my prostate. Oh... why had I not thought of that? I've been so selfish... too selfish. My tongue actually quivered in delight as I wet my lips. I could see them now – Jerrold, Yates, Corrigan, Tomas, and even wee little Ronaldson – slowly broadening, thickening, their athletic frames growing heavy with the weight of more and more brawn as I showed them just what time in the gym would do to them. The coiling smirk returned to my face as I lowered my head to regard the Dildo. It was time, time to see just how big and strong those young gods were going to get!
  14. Flint McLargewood - The Muscleman Since the moment I first laid my eyes on him, I knew Muscleman would be the one – the one who would fuel the hottest and wettest of my dreams for years to come. A newcomer to the superhero scene, the alter ego of Flint McLargewood had left people swooning long before he even got his hero licence. Towering over the rest of his colleagues at staggering six feet five, the young hero boasted a physique so stacked and so statuesque I had once passed out from staring at him too long. Now before you give me any weird looks, yes I do in fact have his stats memorised. Just try and picture this – a big man, a big strong man, a six feet five bodybuilder-cum-supermodel who tipped the scales at two hundred and twenty frigging pounds of solid, heaving muscle. Now wrap all of that in a too-tight spandex wrestling singlet, and feast your eyes upon the scandalously hefty bulge that swelled from his crotch. Literally everyone could see the overgrown, nay, gargantuan tool coiled within the soft fabric, propped out by a pair of equally massive orbs that no doubt pumped him full of testosterone on a regular basis. It wasn't even remotely fair to be honest, and true to his name, Muscleman's unique power was just that – man and muscle. And lots of it. I still recall that fateful day, all those years ago at the Fourth National Super Bank of Super City. I had just finished duct taping a hero-cadet's (that guy became Firebrand in the end, good for him) hands to his face, anything to prevent him flinging any more of those pesky fireballs at me. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, his hands were also where he kept his communicator, and sure enough when Cadet McLargewood interrupted me my entire world came grinding to a halt. Obviously my first guess was some kind of temporal manipulation power, which would have sucked on a magnitude I cannot describe. But no, Flint was simply as beautiful as he was muscular – windswept yet perpetually styled red hair, angular features so strong and so hard, lips that were soft and kissable and just begging for me to... And then my entire world became Flint, for he had stomped forth with his huge feet until his huge pecs were hanging right there before my gaping face. My eyes would not stay still, darting between those incredible masses and the thick, juicy nipples that poked through the fabric of his uniform. Flint had given me what would become his signature chest slam, and when those brawny slabs made contact with my face I thought I had died and gone to heaven. In reality of course, he had simply knocked me onto the pile of money bags I had dragged from the vault and grabbed the one I had been lugging at the time. I knew I had turned bright red, the sizable tent in my pants giving everything away as I laid there gawking. It was then did Flint press his fists to his hips and push out his chest a little more, almost as if was showing off for me, although his posing was a little off and he began grunting as if lifting a heavy weight. That was when I first bore witness to Muscleman's true power. His already tight vestments, which once comfortably contained his huge bulk, suddenly lost the ability to do so. First to go were his buttons, going off like bullets as his torso exploding with unbridled muscle and power. I could naught but gasp as his prodigious pectorals hulked out before my very eyes, swelling and roiling with herculean mass and pulling apart his clothes like a curtain! As his growth accelerated, Flint's abdominal muscles – the six-pack I would do anything to place my face on – began tightening and hardening as more and more brawn boiled within his gut, pushing out his lower abs and burning off what little fat he carried around his waist. By this point his shirt was wide open, his Adonis belt so chiselled and so delicious I had actually begun to drool. Upstairs, Muscleman's shoulders had bulged upward and outward and sideways, sending huge cords of cable-like fibres surging down his arms and up to his neck. As more and more power filled his ponderous pectorals, Flint's biceps began feasting on their new power, growing heavier and harder with every pulse, splitting into multiple peaks even as his triceps doubled their efforts. When the power reached his forearms, he had clenched his fists, causing every muscle in his arms to erupt with size, decimating his sleeves and causing me to realise I had stopped breathing. The air that filled my lungs right after was hot, moist, and likely dripping with sex pheromones. Somehow, I remained conscious, my eyes raking over the scene before just as Flint's trousers exploded, the reinforced fabric ripped apart by grotesquely muscular monstrosities hulking out like volcanoes where his quads should have been. Fuck, even his feet had grown larger, his toes crushing into the bank's marble floor as he shifted his skyrocketing weight and widened his stance. His grunting had gone deep, oh so deep, his muscles heaving and flexing with every violent breath. The hero had not grown much taller, that much was certain, but his bulging muscles had reached colossal proportions and I hadn't even gotten to the best part! As I would eventually come to know (according to his official trading card), Muscleman's powers boosted not just his muscles, but what made him a man as well! He had been reduced to a pair of black posers by this point, and it was all I could do gawk as Flint's hefty balls began throbbing with renewed vigour, pumping his magnum dong with copious amounts of liquid testosterone. I simply laid there as I watched him test the limits of his flimsy trunks, watched his cock growing bigger, stronger, harder! A gap had already formed where his massive cock pulled the fabric away from his waist, teasing me with glimpses of the throbbing jawbreaker swelling therein. Muscleman had moaned again, this time loudly and lewdly, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he arched his back and flexed his glorious muscles for all to see. His cock, already in a state of semi-turgidity, had rocketed to maximum power and burst free of his underwear. I would know, for the force of his growth spurt had ripped the garment apart and propelled the shredded remnants right into my face. The smell, oh sweet mother of pie the smell was utterly, indisputably glorious! He had been oozing precum into those trunks, disguised by the colour, which also explained why the material clung to my face upon impact and sent me spiralling into a dizzying frenzy. When Muscleman, or Cadet McLargewood, dug his huge fingers into my shirt and hefted me off the ground to deliver the usual monologue about justice prevailing, well... let's stay I didn't stay conscious for very long. He didn't even have to hit me. Thankfully I had woken up and escaped before the police could pull off my mask or haul me to super-jail. Landing there would have sucked, given my lack of baseline powers. Still, that didn't stop me from heading straight home for what was to become the first of many, many sessions of me futilely flogging my manhood in a bid to rid my mind of Flint and all his muscular glory. I was growing obsessed, and though we never crossed paths again I knew I was falling in love with every hulking, herculean inch of him! He was always there, in my mind's eye, the sole object of my libido-fuelled desires, his huge-ass muscles flexing and straining and bulging whenever my mind wandered from the task at hand. I would imagine him whacking his gigantic cock like it owed him money, and then growing that cock to monstrous proportions when the quantity of payment emissions displeased him. Good fuck I wanted him, and I wanted him bad! I wanted him there, tree-trunk legs spread apart and his hulking dong swinging like a pendulum before my hungering, drooling body. I wanted him in my bed, I wanted him in chains in my future lair, and I wanted him to slam his monster cock down my throat and grow his entire fucking muscle body until I all but drowned in the ensuing euphoria. I had even gotten my raging erections checked once, convinced he had put me under some kind of spell or biological attack, but nay, I was simply, utterly, indisputably captivated and nothing would change that. So, after plastering posters of him all over my dorm, it was all I could do to slog my way through the remainder of school, only to return to bed every night with my head filling with the wildest of my fantasies – of Flint one day revealing his monstrous, naked body to me and then hulking out beyond rhyme and reason. But it wasn't until a year had passed since that fateful encounter did I finally start on the path which had led me here. Flint might have been but a year older than I was, but by this point he was already a full blown super and turning heads all over Super City's hero scene. You could possibly imagine my envy when about a dozen or so supervillains, established supervillains, began dropping their arch nemeses and replacing them with the outrageously endowed object of my desires. More than once I had even watched televised battles where normally secretive supervillains would reveal themselves and engage Muscleman in these epic 'battles' that were little more than lewd wrestling matches that coincidentally also destroyed buildings downtown. It stung of course. It should be me down there, inappropriately groping that stupidly smug, stupidly sexy bastard as he pressed me down with his erection and lectured me about how evil would never prevail in the musclebound arms of the law. The nerve of those people! And so I had made up my mind. When I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree of Super Villainous Technology and Design (with Honours, of course) I immediately helped myself to a 'loan' from the Sixth National Super Bank of Super City and set up my evil lair just beneath Super Avenue in the historic Superman District. Now why would a supervillain, and an inexperienced one at that, set up shop smack in the middle of a superhero controlled part of Super City instead of the much more affordable Villainy Avenue? Because no one would even think to look for me here of course! And besides, this put me ten minutes away from Super City's legendary Muscle Beach and five minutes away from the historic Super Mall, where prices were super every day of the year! But most importantly, this was where Flint McLargewood lived his glorious, heroic life. Come hell or high water, I was going to sate my attraction to him and stay true to my villainous routes. If I could not be with him, then I was going to BE him. It was as simple as that. ******* Pics of Flint here (Click to Enlarge):
  15. Not being able to 'back up' from a broken link is actually a bug! So whoops, not sure how I managed to do that but it'll be fixed for the next version! The "hearthstone" escape button is actually possible, but I'm not going to do something like that as it would break many many things!

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