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  1. Muscle-Growth's 2nd Annual Storiversary

    I'd like April the 7th please!
  2. Hulk Hunter

    You just know a story is good if it sticks in your head and refuses to leave no matter how many times you read and re-read it. That's exactly what happened to me! This piece absolutely, positively fabulous in every regard I can think of! Anyway, I went and put together my interpretation of the Hulk Hunter himself! Here he is now: Just in case anyone was wondering, I couldn't avoid making this PG-13. According to the story, hulk-dongs are so big that if this guy were as erect it'd take up all the space in the picture and I wasn't sure if I wanted that! Thanks @Jaypat for letting me post this here!
  3. You should set up a Patreon page or something for folks to chip in for your vids - they are amazing!~

  4. I cannot wait for this to be finalised... My body is so ready for this!!

  5. Many thanks to the admins who approved of me posting this story. I dedicate this to you! ~SW THE DILDO OF THE DEMIGODS My heart was beating so hard I wondered if it was going to shatter my ribcage, not that that would matter if I succeeded tonight. So the rumours were true – all of them – but the singular fact that Jarrett Nicklinson hadn't yet abused the awesome power of the artefact spoke wonders about his naivety. To his credit though, the once scrawny captain of the chess club was now a broad-shouldered, musclebound hulk of a man who literally benched trees for fun, but to think he could have done so much more and chose not to! Shrouded in the dark of night, I pulled over in the school's parking lot and hurried up the stairs that led to the hidden, faculty-only entrance. To think Nicklinson would keep the relic in the locker room, of all places, the very thought threatened to blow my mind but still I forced myself to remain calm. First things first, I stopped by the vice-principal's office, kicked down the door, and grabbed the crowbar he had confiscated the other day. I was going to need it, not because I expected anyone to stop me, but because I wasn't going to waste any more time trying to do this quietly. In all my years as a gym teacher, nothing was going to come close to what I was about to accomplish! Nothing! The stink of musk and sweat hung in the air as I barrelled into the locker rooms and made my way to locker 969A. This close, I could almost feel the power emanating from the artefact, and so I rammed the crowbar into the lock and all but wrenched the door off its hinges. As if acknowledging its new master, the relic unleashed a blinding burst of golden light, cleansing the air of stink and causing my heart to flutter. There, sitting inside Nicklinson's locker was the legendary Dildo of the Demigods – a legendary artefact from ages past said to grant the wishes of anyone who could take it up their wanting rumps. Despite the urgency of the present situation, I couldn't stop myself from pausing to appreciate the magnificently sculptured, gleaming-gold phallus before me. To describe the Dildo as colossal would have been the understatement of the year. Fully two feet in length and thicker than my forearm, it was small wonder how Nicklinson managed to take this in with his build and his alleged lack of experience. Not that I would have such a problem of course, for twenty years of selling my ass on the side had prepared me plenty! And so I grabbed the enormous Dildo and sprinted back to my ground floor office, locking the door behind me and kicking my chair away so I could place the relic behind my desk. It was still dark and quiet; the only illumination in my office came from the parking lot just outside and the slightly glowing Dildo. There was enough light for me to regard my reflection in the mirror, and I couldn't help but smirk at the forty-something gym teacher staring back at me. I still looked good for my age – I had retained my huge quads and thick arms and broad shoulders – but my belly had gone soft, my pecs had started to droop, and my hair had started receding fast. With the Dildo of the Demigods right there before me though, it almost felt as though I was young again. Why, my cock had grown so swollen with blood at the prospect of taking this thing up my ass it was actually starting to hurt. Sure enough, when I all but tore my trousers off I saw a cock so engorged with blood that it had turned a deep shade of red. At six inches solid, it was a respectable if not average size... for the moment. The Dildo of the Demigods seemed to gleam as I eased myself against it, almost purring with delight as the unnaturally slick surface kissed the rim of my hole. I would not need any lubricant for this, so I began breathing deeply, enriching my limbs with oxygen as I coaxed myself to relax. All those years getting my ass pounded was beginning to pay off, for I was soon tugging my chute further and further apart, stretching the sensitive flesh and wrapping the bulbous mushroom head as much as I could. "J-Just... a little... more...!" I breathed, grasping at my nipples through my polo as I wiggled my way down the monstrous phallus. With a soft pop, the cockhead of the Dildo plunged into my hungry hole, so smooth was its surface that I sunk four whole inches of it into my ass. "WOOAAHHH!" I wailed, loudly and shamelessly, my cock firing off a thick rope of cum as the Dildo punched me in the prostate. There was another blinding flash from beneath me, and the Dildo of the Demigods made its connection with the core of my being. As untold power surged through my prostate and burst through my quivering hips, I felt my consciousness expanding, reaching out until I was acutely aware of every cell in my being. I breathed, slowly and deeply, and made my first wish. At the other side of town, Jarrett Nicklinson found his muscles deflating like popped balloons, punishment for all the damage he had caused once he turned into a gigantically muscular, yet cocky and violent sonofabitch. Once satisfied, I shifted my attention to the destruction he had wrought. I regrew all the trees he had ripped from their roots, repaired the equipment he had broken, before finally mending the bodies of the jocks he had put into hospitals. Tomorrow, some semblance of normality would return to the school. No more fallen trees, no more broken bones, and no more government agents swarming the campus with strange machines, hopefully. I did feel a little bad for Nicklinson, having lost those amazing muscles and all, but he did beat a hundred high schoolers half to death, so I suppose he had this coming. With the housekeeping done, I poised myself to satisfy some more... intimate needs. At my command, the street lamps outside ceased to be, bathing me in darkness save for the soft glow of my precious Dildo. With a wave of my hand and the snap of my fingers, my desk drifted off to the side and my office was bathed in warm lights only I could see. As I beheld myself in the mirror, still wedged on the monstrous Dildo and clad in nothing but a bright green polo, I couldn't help but smirk. So I parted my thick legs a little more, gasping as another inch of Dildo was stuffed into my ass, and made my second wish. It came slowly at first, but I felt it instantly – some kind of vitality surging through my veins from where the massive Dildo was splitting my ass apart, charging me with a youthful virility I had not felt in decades! I wanted to go for a sprint, or a workout, the last thing I wanted to do was sit here but I forced myself to remain. The pulsing was getting stronger now, every second of it feeling so frigging amazing I just wanted to spring up and whoop. Tight on cue, the clock began turning back on my body. All over my skin began prickling, tightening around my now firmer flesh as old blemishes began to fade. My eyesight came back so quickly I soon had crystal clear vision without the need for my glasses. Upon my crown, a great burst of crimson sprouted from where my hair had started to thin, my glorious new mane tumbling down the sides of my face and feathering down the back of my neck. Then, I chiselled myself a harder, manlier jawline before dusting on a grizzled coating of lush facial fuzz. The sensations that flooded me next were unbelievably intense, accentuated by my now youthful virility. My tingling muscles were growing so pumped, engorged with blood as though I had just put myself through a brutal workout. I drew in a deep breath and let myself moan as my body began expanding outward and upward. My polo tee felt it first, the soft cotton stretching and straining as my arms began bulking up. They had always been big, but now my biceps were growing into huge, rippling moulds that made my sleeves ride up to my shoulders, which were swelling into massive, cannonball deltoids! Aww fuck yeah this was good, this was very good. I brought my arms back and arched my back, shuddering as the Dildo's power poured into my chest and shoulders. Before me, my sizeable pecs began growing so huge and thick with mass that they pulled down the collar of my polo. I inhaled, flexing my shredded new muscles and marvelling at how tight my shirt had become. BANG! POP! The upper two buttons burst free of the polo! My pectorals were so big now, so big and strong and ripped that they pulled the material as far apart as it would go! Across my stomach, all the fat I had accumulated since varsity melted away, revealing the faint, cobblestone abdominals I knew were hidden beneath my shirt. The energy pooling in my gut began to roil, my entire body tensing and flexing as I grew myself the six... no, eight-pack of my dreams! Rock hard muscle began pushing out of my gut like chiselled ridges and deep valleys, showing through the shirt due to me keeping my waist narrow and taut. I gasped, suddenly realising I had been holding my breath all this while, before going right back to growing my muscles even more! My shoulders continued to expand, filling with mass as my biceps and triceps fought for their share. Beside me, the lats I had been neglecting for years began swelling with size, pushing my arms away from my body until almost thirty extra pounds of muscle bulged from my torso! Fuck! I looked like a frigging bodybuilder now, so huge and so ripped! I was built like a shithouse and eager for more! Directing my attention earthward, I began pumping up my awesome, gym coach quads, causing great slabs of rippling muscle to bulge from my thighs. They fused quickly into my quads, heaving and straining as they split into their individual muscle groups. I couldn't resist crushing my cock as the huge muscles surged past thirty inches around. If my cock was harder than a rock then my massive quads were even harder! Needless to say all this grinding resulted in hot a, if brief, eruption of seminal fluids that spilled into a puddle from between my heaving thighs. Willing my orgasm in check, I quickly spread my legs apart, wiggling my toes as my growth shot down my calves and into my feet. Bones began popping and snapping and suddenly I found my shoes uncomfortably tight and showing no signs of breaking. I wished them away, oohing as my bare feet stretched across the parquet until they were one size too big for anything I had at home. As my transformation slowed to a close, the sight in the mirror before me was positively orgasmic. I hadn't grown any taller, that was for sure, but I must have packed on fifty pounds of pure muscle! My shirt was comically small now, my chest and shoulders so heavily muscled that the soft cotton had ridden halfway up my waist, exposing the lower four of my glorious eight-pack. I grasped at my massive arms, arms with muscles so huge they were threatening to bust the sleeves of my shirt, knowing that they measured almost twenty inches around, all of it solid cords of iron that rippled and swelled with every flex. Fuck! How long had it been since I felt so alive, so big... so strong... so virile? I needed to free myself of this polo, to strip myself naked so I could bask in the glory of my musclebound new body. And so I planted my feet firmly on the ground and lifted myself off the Dildo of the Demigods, a gentle flash signalling the end of its connection with me as I reared to my full height. In the soft lights of my office, the sight of myself still stunned me. I was an inch from the mirror in a moment, running my hands across my new face and flexing my enormous, trembling muscles. And then I ripped off my polo, the cool air caressing my magnificently sculpted muscles as I ran my huge palms all over. So close... so close to the point of no return, that I was turning myself on and on was doing my swollen cock no favours. In a bid to distract myself, I strode over to the weighing scale, gasping when I realised I now weighted two hundred and twenty pounds, almost all of it muscle! My dick throbbed angrily between my legs, before gorging itself on so much blood it turned a deep shade of purple and began arching upward. I momentarily considered stroking myself off right there and then, blasting my seed all over the mirror in celebration of my massive, youthful new body. But then the Dildo of the Demigods caught my eye with a subtle shimmer, and I was instantly reminded of just how huge and monstrous Jarrett Nicklinson had gotten. That now-scrawny nerd was literally an entire head and shoulders (and half of his chest) taller than I was when he tore through the gym last week, to think I could be that big in a matter of moments! I bounded back to the Dildo and caressed its gleaming, golden surface. Just looking at it relaxed the sphincter muscles guarding my ass chute. Holy shit was I really going to do this? It had long dawned on me that, with but a simple wish, I could be a hundred times bigger than Nicklinson ad been, with colossal muscles the size of tanks exploding out of my body as I hulked up bigger and harder and stronger! The thought was drowning my cock in so much pleasure and I couldn't say I wasn't at least a little tempted. I considered my options. There was a good chance I would not be able to carry this massive phallus with me everywhere, which meant I would have to leave it unguarded when it wasn't pleasuring my hungry hole. Growing into a gigantically muscular bodybuilder-god wasn't a feasible idea either, judging by how quickly both the FBI and CIA had responded after hulk-Nicklinson began posting pictures of his new body to the internet. To top it all off, I was keenly aware that the legends surrounding the Dildo were slightly exaggerated. Its power was incredible beyond measure, that much was certain, but even this power had limiters it could not circumvent. Nicklinson could not wish himself to godhood (although he definitely would pass for one), and he could not scrub clean the memories of those who had witnessed him using the Dildo. Which pretty much meant everybody come to think, he had been posting tons of videos as of late. I was still contemplating the next course of action when the Dildo shimmered softly, as if in warning. Sure enough, when I turned to glance out my window I spotted the headlights of a car careening down the road to the high school. No time to waste! This time, I had a much easier time plunging myself onto the gargantuan Dildo. So pleasurable was the feeling of it pounding into my prostate that it put stars in my vision and made my cock spit out another wad of thick cum. Somehow, I managed to make my wish, the Dildo casting my mind out so I could better regard my unwanted visitor. Sure enough, it was Nicklinson – the meek and scrawny version of him – furious and out for blood. Hot on his tail was a small army of cars, mostly coppers with one or two FBI or CIA vehicles trailing behind them. If any of them so much as spotted my car I would be royally screwed! Without skipping a beat, I wished my humble wheels home just as Nicklinson came speeding into the parking lot. He didn't even bother waiting for his car to stop, all but tumbling out and scampering up the stairs to the front door. That suited me just fine, more time to begin undoing the very slight damage I had- Oh wait, looks like someone forgot to lock the front doors again. Quickly as I could, I put the door back on Nicklinson's locker and returned the crowbar to the vice-principal's office. The Dildo's former owner was charging through the corridors so fast now I only just managed to wish the VP's office door back in time. It seems the police and the FBI had split into teams as well, each one pouring through different routes of the school. They had left their CIA buddies back at the parking lot, although judging by the way those two were just standing about I figured they had decided to sit this one out. Beneath me, the Dildo gave me another cautious shimmer. The police had taken a detour and were now stumbling through the sports wing, where my office was. I breathed in deeply, drinking in the dangerous thrill of discovery. I double checked that my door was locked and that my lights were off, before shifting my mind to the intruders. Oh... Oh wow some of these guys were stacked! No wonder they moved so much slower than their FBI counterparts. All my life I had been such a sucker for muscle and today was no different, magic Dildo or not, and just watching those heavy pecs bounce and flex as those big boys sprinted... damned! I couldn't help myself now, having peeled away their clothing with my mind's eye, even as they came dangerously close to uncovering me. One simple wish couldn't, wouldn't hurt. The throbbing in my cock intensified and I gritted my teeth as liquid testosterone was pumped into my swollen member, causing the sensitive flesh to stretch and thicken and grow. "Oooh yeees!" I whispered, pinching my nipples as I pushed out an additional inch of cock from my muscled crotch. It was time to get big, real big! My mind's eye continued to follow the larger, more muscled members of the police, my tongue rolling out from between my lips as I imagined myself crushing those hard, firm butts. Those asses almost demanded the biggest and juiciest of cocks, so I began growing my erection even further. I moaned out loud this time, blatantly and indiscreetly as huge veins pulsed across my fat, bloated cock. They were feeding my cock with hot growth juice, more and more flesh building at the base until another inch of dick surged from my crotch. Fuck! Eight inches of man throbbed and pulsed in the air before me, angry and red and hotter than sin. Could I use another inch of cock? Damn right I could! I thickened my dick and commanded my hardest muscle to grow another inch! "Aaaaahhhhhh!" I cried, my hips bucking and causing me to sink even more onto the Dildo. The sensations of cock growth were orgasmic! It was almost as if I was having another orgasm right there and then! That my trembling body craved so much more mass up my ass only served to pleasure me further! Nine inches of cock, I had a nine inch tool drooling cum onto my floor! By the gods I almost felt like storming out of my office and tackling down one of those buff-ass studs trying to capture Nicklinson. Thankfully, I had sufficient clarity of mind to know that would be a terrible idea. In an attempt to distract myself, I turned my attention away to where Nicklinson had just tumbled into the locker rooms. With the police and the FBI so close, it was no wonder he moved much faster than he ever did in my classes, but he was still going to find a locker bereft of the Dildo. Unless... With a grim smirk, I wished into being a perfect replica of the Dildo and placed it into his locker. This one lacked the life charging magic currently surging through my prostate, but would nonetheless serve as both a deserving punishment and a perfect distraction. Nicklinson reached his locker with a triumphant shout. Almost immediately he hauled the thing out and dropped his pants, revealing his bony legs, bonier ass, and a member that was undoubtedly the primary reason people picked on him in the showers. "Freeze!" shouted the first FBI agent to see him, brandishing his firearm. Uh-oh, that wasn't good. I quickly wished for every gun on campus to jam the moment their triggers were pulled. "You'll never take me alive, coppers!" Nicklinson squealed as he hopped onto the Dildo threateningly, "I'm gonna break you all just like I did to the rest of those freaks!" The police showed up next, squeezing into the opening at the other end of the row. "Get off that uh... dildo... Nicklinson!" yelled one of the policemen, who waved batons as opposed to guns, "Let's talk this out like men!" "The only talking man tonight's gonna be me!" Nicklinson declared, before plunging himself down on the false-Dildo, "AaaaaAAAAHHHHHHH!" "Fuck that shit!" yelled an FBI agent standing in the back, "Waste him!" "My gun's jamming chief!" was the reply, "I can't get it open!" "Mine too!" voiced another. Nicklinson was beside himself. "Yes, YES!" he screamed, almost convulsing on the pseudo-Dildo, "I CAN FEEL THE POWER OF THE GODS SURGING THROUGH MY VEINS!" "Someone do something!" yelled the FBI chief. The police were the first to move, barrelling down the corridor like a living wall of muscle. Nicklinson wasn't even slightly shaken, for he immediately yelled again. "YES, YES COME AT ME!" he roared, raising his flimsy arms, "HERE ME BODY, GROW ONE THOUSAND POUNDS OF MUSCLE! RIGHT! NOW!" Needless to say I had to spend the next few minutes subtly repairing the damage Nicklinson's ribs had sustained, not too much and not too little, but enough such that he wouldn't go into shock while waiting for medical care. The FBI had wasted no time reporting their success to whoever they reported to, even as the policemen bundled Nicklinson up in some kind of straitjacket and hauled him from the locker room. "I don't understand!" wailed Nicklinson from inside the police van, "I was worthy! I AM worthy! I even felt the power! Why didn't I grow?! This isn't fair! THIS ISN'T FAIR!" As the police drove off with Nicklinson, I returned my attention to the locker rooms, where the remaining FBI agents were nervously trying secure the Dildo without, as I imagined, being tempted by its incredible power. Phew, crisis averted. If I had pulled this off right the government would think the Dildo to be in the possession of the FBI and not with Nicklinson's dashing, hard-bodied gym coach. I continued following the FBI as they cradled the Dildo out to where a large armoured truck had arrived. Just about every vehicle outside belonged to the FBI now, and there was even a helicopter puttering about. For some reason, I couldn't find the two CIA fellows or the little car they had arrived in. They must have gotten chased off by the FBI, rivalries and all that. Not that it mattered to me. My work here was done, and I still had all night to play with my new toy! Smirking, I wished myself home and mused as my office melted away to reveal the soft brown tones of my apartment. It wasn't a very large one since I lived alone – one bedroom, one bath, and one living room with an attached kitchen – but it did occur to me that with the Dildo I could soon be living in a palace worthy of kings! What fantasies I might have had about my accommodations were quickly superseded by the glistening Dildo skewering my ass. All alone in the privacy of my apartment, where the deepest and darkest of my fantasies had borne many fruit, it wasn't long before my mind was running and running wild! How many times have I wondered what life would be like if I were a colossal muscle-beast? To have muscles that constantly exploded with more size, more mass? I was breathing hard now, my deep breaths made all the stronger by the huge muscles brimming from my new body. Fuck this was too hot, too sexy! I needed to cool off before I made a wish I was going to regret! Detaching myself from the Dildo, I left my toy in the living room and sauntered over to the showers. Even with the water set to freezing I felt my loins burning with a fire that would not ease. Oh to hell with discipline! I shut the shower off and threw myself onto the john, grasping my monster dong with one hand and pinching a sensitive teat with the other. I was shooting in seconds, loud moans and louder gasping filling the air as I rocked my bod with one orgasm after another. It almost felt as though I was in the throes of puberty again, only this time my very muscles were turning me on endlessly and my huge fucking cock burned with a need I could not satisfy. Over and over again did I cum and cum, until suddenly it dawned on me just what was keeping me from my much needed satisfaction. My cock still spurting cum, I stomped out of my bathroom, my face twisting with glee at the gigantic sex toy sitting innocently in the middle of my living room. With my new strength, I hefted the Dildo up with one arm and made for my bedroom, not caring that I was somehow still wet and drippling water everywhere. Just as I left it, my cosy bedroom comprised a single queen-sized bed and a small desk for my computer. After shuttering the windows, I plopped myself onto the bed and readied the dildo before my hungry hole. I was alone here, fuck discipline! And then I slammed my ass down. "OoooooOOHHHH YEEAAAH!" I roared! I came, I came harder than ever as the Dildo crushed my prostate flat and plunged deeper than it had ever gone. My dick, oh god my huge fucking dick, it was spitting juice like crazy and I haven't even made my wish yet! Not wanting these waves of euphoria to end, I wished for my Dildo to fuck me, to thrust through my ass as I moaned and convulsed. And it did so, slowly yet steadily, the huge fucking girth splitting my ass wide open as it ploughed through my cheeks and pulled out for another go. I must have laid there for hours, squealing like a pig in heat – a big strong bodybuilding stud and his enormous golden sex toy. To say I was delirious would have been putting it lightly, but even in my delirium I could feel my dark fantasies growing stronger by the minute. My mind was filling with visions of size, of having colossal muscles that would not, could not stop growing and bursting and bulging out from all over my monstrous, heaving body. I bore witness to myself hulking out of my skin, a gargantuan god of brawn whose ludicrously huge muscles bust through his clothes on a regular basis. "Aww... Fuck... YEEEAAAHH!" I bellowed, after the Dildo pumped out what must have been my tenth orgasm that night, "Grow me... Grow me! Into... grow me into... into a must... into a MUSCLE GOD!" A suddenly stillness consumed the Dildo, and then... "WOOOAAARRRGHHHH!" I screamed, convulsing on my bed as a tremendous explosion of raw power surged through the Dildo, EXPLODING into my prostate before rocketing across my thrashing, sweating form. It was like an adrenaline rush only a thousand times more intense. I could feel it in my arms, my legs, every muscle in my body was brimming with pure strength. It was filling me to bursting and overwhelming my senses, but it was so frigging amazing, so frigging intoxicating I just cast myself back as the sensations consumed me. And then I was heaving, bulging, pulsing, my body trashing against the bed as the incredible physical power of my muscles magnified tenfold. My massive, rock hard muscles, already pumped the limit, rapidly expanded as the Dildo slammed into my ass with a force of a thousand men. "RRAAARRGHHH!" I boomed, my voice low and guttural. My monstrous arms were erupting all over, herculean boulders of shredded muscle bursting out as though muscle bombs were going off under my skin. They were going so huge, so long, so much rippling mass exploding from my bones my fucking biceps had biceps! Aww fuck yeah grow me big, grow me hard! My triceps were swelling past the thickness of car tires, my arms were bulging out with mountains that split into frightening peaks, my giant hands were huge enough to crush my own head, fuck! I drew in several monster breaths, growling as huge cords of muscle surged through my shoulders like iron cables, causing them to explode with size and surge across the surface of my bed. The Dildo was pumping me full of molten muscle mass, bulking my shoulders up until my delts swelled to the size of beach balls – hulking, massive, muscular beach balls. Oh god yes, give me more, MORE! Gargantuan muscles blew out from my traps, devouring a neck that was thickening to the girth of a pillar! My chest, fucking hell my pecs were huge and flexing and growing! Ggrrr! RRRGGHH!! Swell! Bulge! Grow! My pecs were fucking mountains now, twin peaks of swelling, heaving brawn. I had gotten so muscular that my nipples were forced to point down! Holy shit even my nipples were growing muscular! They were thickening, hardening, lengthening as the pulsed with my power and quivered with need. No! There is only one need! I needed to grow! To get bigger, stronger, HARDER! "MOOORRE!" Great big wings of pure power exploded from either side of me, my fucking lats growing so thick and so heavy with muscle they dared to force my hulking arms away from this glorious body. I commanded the Dildo to fuck me harder, to pump me with even more muscle! There must be more muscle, more size, more power! Huge slabs of muscle began bugling out of my back, growing my body thicker, wider. They were fusing into my lats, reaching down to where my narrow waist heaved with incredible power. My abs were bulging up like slabs of prime meat, punching their way out of my gut and morphing into titanium bricks that gleamed and glistened with my sweat. As the rest of my torso stretched up and out, incredible amounts of sinew streaked around my lower back, retaining my pillar-like waist and giving my body the legendary Y-shape I so craved. "LEGS!" I thundered, 'HUGE, FUCKING LEGS!" Gigantically muscled quads exploded from my amazing thighs, roiling and heaving. Monstrous mountains were surging out, growing my thighs to freakish proportions and causing my bones to lengthen in a desperate bid to contain my new power. I stretched my legs out, causing them to grow over the edge of the bed. My calves began hulking out, diamond-shaped boulders bursting into being from beneath my thin skin. My feet crashed into my floorboards, shattering them as they blew out to the size of tennis racquets. "OH MY GOOOOD! YEEESSS!! ARRRGHHHH!!!" My body convulsed, monstrous biceps flexing with impunity as I flexed and roared and arched my back. So much size, so much muscle, just blowing up all over me! I was growing into a massive, monstrous muscle god! My shredded, freakish thighs were so fucking huge I could crush girders between them! My biceps were huger than basketballs, just bunching and rippling with even the slightest thought! My forearms were humongous masses of rippling, shifting sinew that were growing bigger and bigger and bigger! FUCK! I was wider than my fucking bed, than my fucking doorway! And I was still GROWING! My abs continued thrusting out of my gut, growing and widening into monstrous anvils of bulging brawn. They heaved violently with every monster breath I took, growing in the shadow of the hulking pectorals that were erupting with barely contained power! In seconds they surged past the size of wrecking balls, huge and ripped and fucking glutted with monstrous mass. Such strength, such power! I raised my gargantuan feet and threw myself off my bed, smashing craters into my floor as I morphed into a colossal muscle-giant. "ONE... MORE... BURST!" I commanded, before crushing more and more of the Dildo into my musclebound ass, "AAAHHHHHH!! AAAAARRGHHHHHH!!" Every gigantic muscle of my body, clearly defined and heaving with power, began pulsing with renewed vigour. My body began blowing out, giant blocks of boulder-sized brawn bursting out of my back as the rest of me rocketed toward the ceiling. I was a fucking massive muscle monster now, with a thick fucking sequoia neck and planetoid pectoral muscles bulging out of my chest. My arms were punishing world-destroyers huger than my monstrous quads were thick! I was growing, thicker and harder and taller! Fuck yes, FUCK YES! Finally, as my head graced the ceiling of my room, the awesome power of the dildo, now fully plunged into my pulsing hole, surged back from my limbs and seared a path down to where my cock – pitifully small compared to the rest of me – sat ready and eager for growth and power. "OOOHH FUUUUUUUCCKKK!!" I exploded, falling to my knees as the Dildo drowned me in pleasure and caused my cock to shoot out by the feet and fatten by the inch. In a single second it had doubled in size, a hot river of cum sloshing from my quivering cock hole as my hips bucked and thrusted. My godly Dildo was still fucking me senseless, now a perfect fit for my brawny new butt, and every time it slammed into me my cock just hulked out more and more! Ggrrrr!! GGGGRRR!! More cock! MORE MUSCLE! That's it... grow... GROW! My superhuman schlong exploded to the thickness of a fire hydrant, white hot sperm spraying onto my floor as it trashed and flexed before me. More pumping, more growth! Yes, yes, YES! The monster that crashed against my pecs almost rumbled, heavy with the weight of potential as my puny balls began swelling monstrously, shooting past the size of basketballs and growing amazingly hot against my massive thighs. The power within was building, boiling within my growing pair, my colossal testes visibly churning with my seed until the dam suddenly broke. I bellowed, enraged that my balls would dare defy me, and threw myself back just as my cock exploded in a storm of sex and cum. As my humongous testicles crashed against the floor, roiling and flexing and pumping me full of liquid testosterone, my cock surged with newfound power, shooting past four feet, then five feet, until the swollen mushroom head grew past my head and denied me the pleasure of mouth-fucking myself unconscious. But at this point I had gotten so muscular, so monstrous, so overcome by the most primal of needs that I didn't give a fuck. Two titanic hands crushed against my tree-sized tool and flogged it for all it was worth, each deafening stroke causing a shockwave to erupt from my godly bod as my eruption tore off great chunks of ceiling. As my orgasm reached its climax, my cum jets grew so great they lasted almost five whole seconds each. So much spunk erupted and sprayed from my monster that my bedroom was soon flooded with my power, even spilling out into my living room as I painted the walls and ceilings white. And then a dark fantasy returned, and with guttural moan did I make yet another wish. Before my massive chest, my gargantuan pectorals began flexing and bouncing beyond my control. A great streak of white split my senses apart, blinding me with lust as my nipples thickened massively and began exploding with orgasms of their own. Out of sync with the eruption taking place between my huge quads, I was soon flailing and screaming, unable to control myself until the electrical storm crashing through my neurons grew too great even for me. I made one last attempt, one last try to form a wish in my head such that I could continue this orgasm to end all orgasms, but in the end my nerves gave out first, hurling me into the abyss as my body finally calmed. I didn't know for how long I had slept, no more than five minutes if I guessed right, for no light streamed through my windows and the great stench of man and sex was still fresh and strong. There was a loud pounding coming from somewhere. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! Aww shit I could barely thick straight after such a release! My entire body was drenched in seminal fluids and practically smouldering! Why the fuck was something at the door now? I couldn't let anyone see me like this, no matter how I wanted to! Struggling to regulate my breathing, I wished away all the cum coating my apartment, reversed the damage I had caused and, after much deliberation, reluctantly wished away my superhuman musculature and the cardinal crown of hair I had been wearing. The feeling of my herculean brawn just draining away left in its place an emptiness that only worsened the sensations of weakness that now stung at my arms. Once satisfied that my house and body looked as unsuspicious as possible, I propped myself off the Dildo and left it by my bedside, but not before wishing myself a fresh set of clothes. Just another polo shirt and some khakis, nothing fancy. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! Geeze I'm coming already! Hold on to your horses! Fuck, it sucked being so small and weak, once I got rid of whoever these were I was going to get right back on my Dildo. KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK KNOCK! "What?!" I hollered, all but wrenching my door open and then doubling back when I realised I recognised the two men standing before me. "CIA!" one of them barked, brandishing his golden badge, "Put your hands up chump!" Fuck! I complied, my still-trembling hands shooting up at the sight of the gun barrels mere inches from my face. Oh god oh shit oh fuck how could I not have checked my visitors first? How could this have slipped my addled mind? "Why're you shaking bub?" challenged the taller of the pair, "Got some drugs in you don't we?" "I think we both know what he's got," chuckled his partner. The shorter agent pulled out some kind of photograph, utterly black save for blotches of red, blues and greens in the shape of a man and a sex toy. "Yeah you know what this is," he sniggered. And he was right, the thermal image was clearly of me – well, a much more muscular and long-haired version of me – with my legs far apart and my ass plunged upon a very long, very thick, very familiar shape that radiated an unusually uniform heat signature. "How?" was all I could muster. "You were so distracted you didn't even notice us by your window," answered the taller agent, "To think you managed to replace the FBI's Dildo with a fake, clever, but that's what the CIA's for." The two men pushed their way into my apartment and locked the door behind them. They then led me to my sofa and handcuffed my wrists behind my back. From here, I was only slightly relieved to see that my bedroom door had partially closed, blocking the Dildo from sight. If I could just reach it... "Keep your gun on him at all times," ordered Mr Tall, "I'll search for the package." "What?" retorted Mr Short, "Why do you get to look for it?" "I was a detective for years before this," countered Mr Tall, "And besides, you need to learn the ropes, and guarding the arrestee's part of that." What hopes I had had for a confrontation were dashed when Mr Tall seemed to relent. "Alright, alright," he breathed, before pulling away from my bedroom door, "You can search, but remember the mission." Mr Short was almost bouncing with glee at the news. Without another word he lowered his gun and sprang off toward the kitchen. The thunderous crashing of many pots, pans, and plates soon followed. "While he's busy," whispered Mr Tall, the barrel of his gun kissing the sides of my head, "You'll tell me where you're keeping the Dildo." I drew in a deep breath, trying and failing to still my nerves. "It's in the kitchen," I lied, "He's going to find it soon." "No he's not," chuckled Mr Tall, "I spent the first fifteen years of my career a detective, you aren't fooling me." The agent pressed the gun against my forehead, more forcefully this time. "My bedroom," I hissed, still shaking, "It's in my bedroom." "Ah, that's a good boy." Still training his firearm on me, Mr Tall began inching away from the sofa and toward my slightly ajar bedroom door. His eyes were not on me though, utterly fixated on where his partner was turning my kitchen upside down. I swore under my breath. How could it have come to this? How could I have been so... careless... like Nicklinson was?! Staying back at the school instead of wishing myself home immediately was a mistake I was never going to live down. I should never have stayed back, I should never have gawked at those police officers as they chased Nicklinson to the locker rooms, I should never have... jammed the guns of... everyone on... campus. I threw the CIA guy an angry stare, and saw to my horror the gleaming golden Dildo shimmering as he pushed the door apart. "Oh..." he gasped, "Oh yes." "NO!" I bellowed, springing off the sofa and charging him with all the strength I could muster. Even with my arms tied behind my back I knew how to throw my weight at someone, and in the scant two seconds it took me to close the gap I had shouldered Mr Tall flat onto the floor before rolling off using the leftover momentum. "WRONG MOVE!" shrieked Mr Tall from behind me. There was a loud click as his gun jammed in his fingers. "Fuck!" he snapped, before I kicked my bedroom door against his head, "FUCK!" It wouldn't shut, and suddenly it just burst open again as Mr Short came barrelling through. His eyes grew wide at the sight of the Dildo, just sitting there unattended. Mr Tall seized him by the ankles before he could take another step, sending his body to the floor and his hands to my trousers. I was still moving, and despite two grown men trying to hold me back my big, strong legs proved stronger! RIIIP! My pants were torn clean off, Mr Short's fingers tugging the waistband of my underwear all the way down and exposing my gaping, winking hole. Hah! This was almost too perfect! I gave Mr Short a swift kick, freeing me from his grip and causing me to stumble backward. "NOO!" they cried in unison as I threw myself onto the Dildo. "FFUUUUUCCK!" I screamed, "I CAN FEEL IT!" The very building seemed to shake as the Dildo's power exploded into my prostate once more. "AARRGHHHH! THE POWER! I CAN FEEL THE POWER SURGING THROUGH MY VEINS!" My cock began gorging itself on my blood, thickening and swelling and arching upward as it hardened like iron. And then they were off, falling and tripping over themselves as they fled from my apartment. I could hear them cursing and swearing even as they reached the hallway. They were calling for backup, for all their backup, I could have sworn I even heard them trying to call in the National Guard! Gods, I couldn't stop myself from breaking into laughter, tears of relief streaming down my face. My body was still the bulky-yet-flabby body of a gym teacher. I hadn't even made any wishes yet! While it was true I could feel the Dildo's power surging into my body through my prostate, the truth was so much simpler. I was a fucking ass-man, man! Having such a massive, oversized cock up my ass was just turning me on beyond belief! I wished away the handcuffs from behind me and flexed the muscles of my old body. Fuck I could be so much bigger, so much stronger and so much harder in mere moments! But first... Mr Short was the first to cry out as his shoelaces miraculously untied, his face leaving quite the impression by the curb and sending Mr Tall tumbling over him. I then swiped their radios away and, imitating their voices with the aid of the Dildo, directed everyone at the other end to 18 Pounding Boulevard, where a very drunken, very under-aged party was just about to hit its climax. Teach those kids to purchase alcohol with fake IDs, I was gonna! Still magically interfering with their radio, I borrowed the voice of someone else on the airwaves and practically yelled about how Mr Tall and Mr Short had gone rogue. I wasn't usually one for schemes, but twenty years of high school would teach you a thing or two about that. The CIA responded awfully quick, especially since Mr Tall and Mr Short's car was now shooting down an empty highway at breakneck speeds toward a certain foreign embassy, with the totally-legit Dildo of the Demigods in the boot, no less! As for the dynamic duo, they were off spending some time in a foreign country somewhere. I had heard many nice things about those... international prisons facilities, and I figured the two would benefit from some time off work after all that's happened. I inhaled deeply, savouring the sweetness of my victory before dusting my hands off the matter. At last... at last I was alone again... along and ready to grow so big, so fucking big... I held myself back, closing my eyes and trusting myself to wish a small, simple wish. A wave of static swept over me, and once again I felt the vigour of youth returning in full. This time though, I chose instead to retain the flab around my belly and the glasses upon my face. No all-consuming muscle growth for me, not with sunlight starting to stream through the shutters and not with my principal blowing up my phone with pictures of the FBI swarming the school. There were still hockey teams to nurture, swim teams to coach, and plenty of frantic high schoolers who no doubt needed a firm guiding hand through this phase in life. I drew in another deep breath, pulling in the Dildo's power and releasing it deep within my gut. All over me my muscles began to tingle, growing hard and strong and firm as if I had never once slacked off since the start of my career. The strength that filled me now was nothing short of incredible, even after I had tasted the monstrous potential of the Dildo, and was made all the more delicious by the flabby 'disguise' I now wore. They would be none the wiser, all of them, and so long as I presented myself as I did in my old life they would remain so for as long as I needed. And yet, I suppose now would be a good time to start... exercising and dieting again. How would the bodybuilding team feel if their coach wasn't big and buff and just bulging with brawn? It was going to take time to lose all this excess baggage after all. Surely they wouldn't mind if their coach joined in on their weightlifting sessions. I was actually growing harder at the thought. They were going to gawk and gasp and gurgle in awe as my progress outpaced their own. I was going to get lean and tight and hard, and then I was going to get huge and hunky and harder. Soon I was going to start wearing speedos again, makeshift posers for when I had to teach the senior team just how to show off their magnificent bodies on stage. The Dildo of the Demigods thrummed against my prostate. Oh... why had I not thought of that? I've been so selfish... too selfish. My tongue actually quivered in delight as I wet my lips. I could see them now – Jerrold, Yates, Corrigan, Tomas, and even wee little Ronaldson – slowly broadening, thickening, their athletic frames growing heavy with the weight of more and more brawn as I showed them just what time in the gym would do to them. The coiling smirk returned to my face as I lowered my head to regard the Dildo. It was time, time to see just how big and strong those young gods were going to get!
  6. Flint McLargewood - The Muscleman Since the moment I first laid my eyes on him, I knew Muscleman would be the one – the one who would fuel the hottest and wettest of my dreams for years to come. A newcomer to the superhero scene, the alter ego of Flint McLargewood had left people swooning long before he even got his hero licence. Towering over the rest of his colleagues at staggering six feet five, the young hero boasted a physique so stacked and so statuesque I had once passed out from staring at him too long. Now before you give me any weird looks, yes I do in fact have his stats memorised. Just try and picture this – a big man, a big strong man, a six feet five bodybuilder-cum-supermodel who tipped the scales at two hundred and twenty frigging pounds of solid, heaving muscle. Now wrap all of that in a too-tight spandex wrestling singlet, and feast your eyes upon the scandalously hefty bulge that swelled from his crotch. Literally everyone could see the overgrown, nay, gargantuan tool coiled within the soft fabric, propped out by a pair of equally massive orbs that no doubt pumped him full of testosterone on a regular basis. It wasn't even remotely fair to be honest, and true to his name, Muscleman's unique power was just that – man and muscle. And lots of it. I still recall that fateful day, all those years ago at the Fourth National Super Bank of Super City. I had just finished duct taping a hero-cadet's (that guy became Firebrand in the end, good for him) hands to his face, anything to prevent him flinging any more of those pesky fireballs at me. Unfortunately (or fortunately) for me, his hands were also where he kept his communicator, and sure enough when Cadet McLargewood interrupted me my entire world came grinding to a halt. Obviously my first guess was some kind of temporal manipulation power, which would have sucked on a magnitude I cannot describe. But no, Flint was simply as beautiful as he was muscular – windswept yet perpetually styled red hair, angular features so strong and so hard, lips that were soft and kissable and just begging for me to... And then my entire world became Flint, for he had stomped forth with his huge feet until his huge pecs were hanging right there before my gaping face. My eyes would not stay still, darting between those incredible masses and the thick, juicy nipples that poked through the fabric of his uniform. Flint had given me what would become his signature chest slam, and when those brawny slabs made contact with my face I thought I had died and gone to heaven. In reality of course, he had simply knocked me onto the pile of money bags I had dragged from the vault and grabbed the one I had been lugging at the time. I knew I had turned bright red, the sizable tent in my pants giving everything away as I laid there gawking. It was then did Flint press his fists to his hips and push out his chest a little more, almost as if was showing off for me, although his posing was a little off and he began grunting as if lifting a heavy weight. That was when I first bore witness to Muscleman's true power. His already tight vestments, which once comfortably contained his huge bulk, suddenly lost the ability to do so. First to go were his buttons, going off like bullets as his torso exploding with unbridled muscle and power. I could naught but gasp as his prodigious pectorals hulked out before my very eyes, swelling and roiling with herculean mass and pulling apart his clothes like a curtain! As his growth accelerated, Flint's abdominal muscles – the six-pack I would do anything to place my face on – began tightening and hardening as more and more brawn boiled within his gut, pushing out his lower abs and burning off what little fat he carried around his waist. By this point his shirt was wide open, his Adonis belt so chiselled and so delicious I had actually begun to drool. Upstairs, Muscleman's shoulders had bulged upward and outward and sideways, sending huge cords of cable-like fibres surging down his arms and up to his neck. As more and more power filled his ponderous pectorals, Flint's biceps began feasting on their new power, growing heavier and harder with every pulse, splitting into multiple peaks even as his triceps doubled their efforts. When the power reached his forearms, he had clenched his fists, causing every muscle in his arms to erupt with size, decimating his sleeves and causing me to realise I had stopped breathing. The air that filled my lungs right after was hot, moist, and likely dripping with sex pheromones. Somehow, I remained conscious, my eyes raking over the scene before just as Flint's trousers exploded, the reinforced fabric ripped apart by grotesquely muscular monstrosities hulking out like volcanoes where his quads should have been. Fuck, even his feet had grown larger, his toes crushing into the bank's marble floor as he shifted his skyrocketing weight and widened his stance. His grunting had gone deep, oh so deep, his muscles heaving and flexing with every violent breath. The hero had not grown much taller, that much was certain, but his bulging muscles had reached colossal proportions and I hadn't even gotten to the best part! As I would eventually come to know (according to his official trading card), Muscleman's powers boosted not just his muscles, but what made him a man as well! He had been reduced to a pair of black posers by this point, and it was all I could do gawk as Flint's hefty balls began throbbing with renewed vigour, pumping his magnum dong with copious amounts of liquid testosterone. I simply laid there as I watched him test the limits of his flimsy trunks, watched his cock growing bigger, stronger, harder! A gap had already formed where his massive cock pulled the fabric away from his waist, teasing me with glimpses of the throbbing jawbreaker swelling therein. Muscleman had moaned again, this time loudly and lewdly, his eyes rolling to the back of his head as he arched his back and flexed his glorious muscles for all to see. His cock, already in a state of semi-turgidity, had rocketed to maximum power and burst free of his underwear. I would know, for the force of his growth spurt had ripped the garment apart and propelled the shredded remnants right into my face. The smell, oh sweet mother of pie the smell was utterly, indisputably glorious! He had been oozing precum into those trunks, disguised by the colour, which also explained why the material clung to my face upon impact and sent me spiralling into a dizzying frenzy. When Muscleman, or Cadet McLargewood, dug his huge fingers into my shirt and hefted me off the ground to deliver the usual monologue about justice prevailing, well... let's stay I didn't stay conscious for very long. He didn't even have to hit me. Thankfully I had woken up and escaped before the police could pull off my mask or haul me to super-jail. Landing there would have sucked, given my lack of baseline powers. Still, that didn't stop me from heading straight home for what was to become the first of many, many sessions of me futilely flogging my manhood in a bid to rid my mind of Flint and all his muscular glory. I was growing obsessed, and though we never crossed paths again I knew I was falling in love with every hulking, herculean inch of him! He was always there, in my mind's eye, the sole object of my libido-fuelled desires, his huge-ass muscles flexing and straining and bulging whenever my mind wandered from the task at hand. I would imagine him whacking his gigantic cock like it owed him money, and then growing that cock to monstrous proportions when the quantity of payment emissions displeased him. Good fuck I wanted him, and I wanted him bad! I wanted him there, tree-trunk legs spread apart and his hulking dong swinging like a pendulum before my hungering, drooling body. I wanted him in my bed, I wanted him in chains in my future lair, and I wanted him to slam his monster cock down my throat and grow his entire fucking muscle body until I all but drowned in the ensuing euphoria. I had even gotten my raging erections checked once, convinced he had put me under some kind of spell or biological attack, but nay, I was simply, utterly, indisputably captivated and nothing would change that. So, after plastering posters of him all over my dorm, it was all I could do to slog my way through the remainder of school, only to return to bed every night with my head filling with the wildest of my fantasies – of Flint one day revealing his monstrous, naked body to me and then hulking out beyond rhyme and reason. But it wasn't until a year had passed since that fateful encounter did I finally start on the path which had led me here. Flint might have been but a year older than I was, but by this point he was already a full blown super and turning heads all over Super City's hero scene. You could possibly imagine my envy when about a dozen or so supervillains, established supervillains, began dropping their arch nemeses and replacing them with the outrageously endowed object of my desires. More than once I had even watched televised battles where normally secretive supervillains would reveal themselves and engage Muscleman in these epic 'battles' that were little more than lewd wrestling matches that coincidentally also destroyed buildings downtown. It stung of course. It should be me down there, inappropriately groping that stupidly smug, stupidly sexy bastard as he pressed me down with his erection and lectured me about how evil would never prevail in the musclebound arms of the law. The nerve of those people! And so I had made up my mind. When I graduated with my Bachelor's Degree of Super Villainous Technology and Design (with Honours, of course) I immediately helped myself to a 'loan' from the Sixth National Super Bank of Super City and set up my evil lair just beneath Super Avenue in the historic Superman District. Now why would a supervillain, and an inexperienced one at that, set up shop smack in the middle of a superhero controlled part of Super City instead of the much more affordable Villainy Avenue? Because no one would even think to look for me here of course! And besides, this put me ten minutes away from Super City's legendary Muscle Beach and five minutes away from the historic Super Mall, where prices were super every day of the year! But most importantly, this was where Flint McLargewood lived his glorious, heroic life. Come hell or high water, I was going to sate my attraction to him and stay true to my villainous routes. If I could not be with him, then I was going to BE him. It was as simple as that. ******* Pics of Flint here (Click to Enlarge):
  7. Not being able to 'back up' from a broken link is actually a bug! So whoops, not sure how I managed to do that but it'll be fixed for the next version! The "hearthstone" escape button is actually possible, but I'm not going to do something like that as it would break many many things!
  8. Game has been updated! Online Gameplay Link: http://bit.ly/1p9W1l2Offline Download Link: http://bit.ly/1R97MyP Please test the new combat system! As I intend to re-use the current 'combat format' for future content, I'll gladly appreciate extensive testing as to whether the system works (eg: does not blow up, does not lead to dead ends, etc) Please note that I've tried my best to implement an untraditional combat system as opposed to the ones you'd normally see in text-games, so please note the following: 1) Only the player has 'health' (Exhaustion)2) Combat has 2 elements, 'win conditions' and 'luck'3) Win conditions vary (eg: being more muscular, being less muscular, picking certain attack types)4) Luck conditions vary (eg: certain attack types have a higher chance of succeeding)
  9. Hey everyone! I RETURN! My apologies for the long delay but I've been bogged down by unpleasant medical problems these past months. I'm actually still in hospital (got discharged but relapsed days later), but this time round I have my laptop with me and have been working on my game in a bid to stay positive. So! Without further do I'd like to present the latest version of my still unnamed muscle growth game. Online Gameplay Link: http://philome.la/Th...Waffle/mg3-v002 There will (probably) not be any offline download links or change logs this time. Writing right now is extremely taxing on the eyes and I'd much rather not increase the amount of words I have to stare at if I can help it. But please, report any bugs you may find!
  10. Hey everyone! Sorry I have to say this, but my health has taken a very severe turn and I will thus be pulling my resources from both here and FA. I will not be deleting my posts, nor will I take the game down from philome, but the chances of me ever submitting anything in the near future is extremely slim. Still, I'd like to thank everyone who has stopped by this page so far. Here's hoping I'll be back sooner than never. Ciao!
  11. Sorry bout that, but I figured I needed to cut down the number of races available from the get go. The intent now is to somehow insert race-to-race transformations (but none to the degree of coc, don't want to step into someone elses territory) eventually so people won't feel 'trapped' in a single skin for too long.
  12. Hi everyone! Just to clarify, there is currently no way to grow your cock or balls (barring the strange artefact) in the rejuvenated version and unfortunately the embassy is still closed. Health has not been too good and have not made much progress, but I've read all the comments and taken them into consideration. Thank you guys for being nice about the work in progress, I appreciate it. PS: The file that was destroyed was NOT the .html that's being played, but the twine 'base' file. Sending me links to the .html is moot as a result, sorry!
  13. Game has been updated! Game was also destroyed and remade with whatever could be salvaged! First post updated! Online Gameplay Link: http://bit.ly/1HY56it Offline Download Link: http://bit.ly/1JtgUAF Also, my apologies for the long disappearance. Life got in the way, and is still in the way. I cannot promise I will be watching the forums, only that I'll check back when I can.
  14. Game has been updated! Online Gameplay Link: http://bit.ly/1DqK3XG Offline Download Link: http://bit.ly/1uTnnxK Changelog : http://pastebin.com/hpA8i9qu If the online link gives you an error straight off the bat or prevents you from completing character creation, please download it and play it in your browser. NEW FOLLOWER: Bunkar the Barbarian
  15. That should be ten feet exactly, assuming there isn't anything bugging out. The deal with true macro sizes is that the world wasn't built for macros (a sixty feet muscle giant would not fit into a shop, for example), so it's a bit unlikely we'll ever get to that stage in the near future. The cheat device isn't meant to be that complicated, I stuck it in to serve as a debugger for testing purposes. The 'neigh' is in fact intended, I'm actually surprised someone caught that! As for the keyboard shortcuts, I never actually given it any thought so I'm not sure if the platform can currently handle it. If it is possible though, I'll be sticking it onto my to-do list. The only thing wrong is the lack of time to add content, but aside from that there simply isn't enough implemented change to warrant another release. Still working on it slowly though, so stay tuned!