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  1. I loved it. Love it love it love it.
  2. JohnoUK


    Again thanks everyone for the support, it means a lot to me. I tried different times at the gym and overall I find the mornings less of a problem. Still anxious as hell, but getting there slowly but surely it feels.
  3. JohnoUK


    Thanks everyone for the support messages and ideas. Going to be putting these to the test soon and will let you know how I get on.
  4. JohnoUK


    Wow, just wow. Thanks, I've got a huge smile on my face just reading that. I'm gonna screen shot it and keep it close to hand when I'm next at the gym. I'm not sure what else to say but thanks a million.
  5. JohnoUK


    Hi all, Back in February I took a huge step in my life by getting myself a PT at a dedicated PT Studio. I suffer from social anxiety and feel well out my comfort zone as (currently) I'm 70kg at 6'2" and have a real issue with the way I look. Initially I was very reluctant and had some minor anxiety attacks when I started but my PT is amazing and has helped me break out the anxiety zone and now I love going there each week. However, and perhaps I jumped ahead of myself a bit, as I can only afford one hour session each week with my PT, I joined up to the local 24hr gym with the thought I would be relatively comfortable going there on my own and doing a workout. My PT put together a workout plan and I was really looking forward to starting. But as soon as I got into the gym, my anxiety levels went through the roof... so much so I had a full blown panic attack in the locker room and needed to get out ASAP. I have tried again twice since and similar situations... I just don't know why I can't get over my fear of the gym. I went at 0030 and still it happens as there are other people there... So, has anyone else had this sort of thing happen and were you able to get past it and enjoy it? I have tried finding a gym buddy but no one I know is interested in going to the gym. Any help and/or advice is greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi all, I just need to vent as I've done something a but stupid at work today and just want to air out my issue so I'm not sitting on it. Long story short I sent an email that put a few people under the spotlight from the hierarchy for various minor things, the problem I have got is that email was passed down to them and now they know exactly what I said... I didn't mean to victimise anyone or cause trouble just highlight what are problems are. As of now I've been told not to worry about it as nothing will come of it but I'm moving to the depot I highlighted in a few weeks... God I wish the ground would just swallow me whole... haha! Rule of the day, trust no one.
  7. Yeah, enough with the usual BS. Time for change I think. Change is always good right? :)

  8. Topic locked while further enquiries are made.
  9. A classic phrase springs to mind; "If it's too good to be true, then it probably is." There is a reason people have the private filter on, we all like our privacy now and then.
  10. So I think a thread where we can expel and express ourselves is needed, mainly on my part, too many days are spent by me putting a face on it or dodging the whole situation altogether. Here's my rant for the day; So, I moved to Essex from my home county of Kent a couple of years ago to be closer to work. It's no more than 20 miles to get home, but the Thames is in the way and I have to use the Dartford Crossing which is by far the worst toll road in the UK, constant tail backs adding over an hour on to your journey each day there and back made my life a misery when I commuted. So I found this great houseshare right next to the shopping centre I worked in and things were great. For the first few months. My housemate is MISERABLE!! 100% pessimist, never happy, always something wrong. NEVER has he had a good day at work, NEVER has he had a good nights sleep, NEVER makes the effort to go out and socialise. I drive, he doesn't. So when I first moved in we would go and do a 'big' shop together, makes sense right? Then a few months down the line my car was a given that he could go where he wanted, but I put my foot down. I took him to the hospital at 3am one day even though I had work at 7am, not ONCE has he EVER offered to pay for the fuel, the £6 in parking costs or anything. So that's where we are up to now, I'm hoping to move back home in the next few months as a new branch of my work is opening up right in my hometown so I'm all over that like a rash at the moment, then I can get home and get my own place. I'm spending all my time in my room avoiding him, I even drive back to my mums after work somedays because I cannot face the barrage of negativity he spills out all over the flat. I'm bipolar, so to be around someone like that is just horrific! I know I'm being childish about the whole situation, but here's the catch. I can't upset him as our landlord is his boss and friend, so if I upset him, I face eviction... But after I've typed all this out, I feel a hell of a lot better now. [/rant]
  11. Whilst I understand it can come off as rude or pushy to be asking for more chapters, authors can report members who they feel are overstepping the mark simply by either reporting the member or reporting the offending post. From there the admin and staff will deal with it as deemed appropriate. Until such a time, there is little need for this thread to continue, the tools are there for people to make us aware of these things.
  12. Moved from General Discussion to Diet & Nutrition
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