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    Dreaming about being muscular,
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    5'3", Asian, 135 lbs. A little bit of pudge in the belly area, but would love to make it into a 6 pack.
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    Abs. Being muscular, but not egotistical.
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    6'0 or taller. 200 lbs of pure muscle.
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    Anything by JayPat. I have a list of my favorites. Ask me about it.
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    More like fantasies, but...Big uncut dicks. Men in uniform.

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  1. asianman2410

    Camjerk 2

    Bump. Seeing if there is a new update.
  2. asianman2410

    gay porn transformation

    I don't know if I'm showing my cheesy side, but I kinda liked that film. Cute.
  3. asianman2410

    Camjerk 2

    I can understand pasidious. Perhaps your new short story will be better than this one. I'm excited what the muses have offered you. Hope you complete both stories quickly though!
  4. asianman2410

    Camjerk 2

    Yay! I can't wait for a 3rd part. I love this story.
  5. asianman2410

    (NSFW) Insane cumshots !!!

    OMG! Both those clips are amazing! I love them and will watch them repeatedly!
  6. asianman2410

    Foreskin Fascination

    I do envy those who have theirs. I think it's why I love them so much and appreciate them that much more.
  7. asianman2410

    Second Chances

    I'm intrigued. Definitely a setup chapter, but I'm curious where it will go. Interested in the address and the friend/phone call. Please address my curiosity
  8. asianman2410

    Foreskin Fascination

    Amen to that thought Huge.
  9. asianman2410

    Journey with Journals - Part 4 Added

    Really great chapter. I'm surprised that I liked it considering the new direction it went it. I'm curious what happened if Grant woke up while Dan was gone. Very cool concept that everyone has their own journal. Keep up the great work. I look forward to the next chapter.
  10. asianman2410

    Journey with Journals - Part 4 Added

    I love the new chapter. I personally didn't notice any "dark subjects", but the description is great. I'm sure this is on purpose, but I'm curious as to how and when the journal appears. I am eager to see the origins in the future!
  11. asianman2410

    Camjerk 2

    This is amazing. Absolutely got me hard and jerked off to it. I understand you are working on another story, but I do hope for a continuation at your earliest convenience!!! So amazing!
  12. asianman2410

    Foreskin Fascination

    One of the MANY reasons I want my foreskin back. Just jealous. Super jealous.
  13. asianman2410

    Foreskin Fascination

    Totally wish I had it. As I grow older, I get more disappointed in my circumcision. I also think it's because I don't have one that I want it back. I hope that I'm not alone in feeling this way.
  14. asianman2410

    Hulk Hunter 2: Hulk Spawn

    Amazing as always JayPat. I've said it before and I'll continue to say it. I'm a fan. Anything you write is just absolutely perfect. The details. The plot. The buildup. Just everything is amazing. I don't want to wait another year for a continuation, but I will if I must.
  15. asianman2410

    The Dildo of the Demigods - II

    I love the 2nd chapter! It does suck that we will probably have to wait another year for another chapter, but I love your work. Great visualization and descriptions. I can't wait for next year!

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