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    To grow HUGE. I started lifting September 2016 but I'm dedicated to growing now.
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    Bigger everything else ha
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  1. It's a frustrating process being 6'5 and trying to get massive but it's not impossible for sure. Never stopping until I'm loving up to my name here ha.
  2. Can't wait to see his next encounter with Victor now at his bigger size. Amazing story.
  3. Wow. I love hearing you narrate muscle growth. Your voice makes it even hotter.
  4. Damn. I always wished a part 8 would happen. That ending made me want to read a good sequel of the tiny guy growing past them both.
  5. Loving this story. A second part could be insanely hot.
  6. The bro rivalry aspect of it. The alpha muscle growth and then the muscle theft. It's insanely hot.
  7. This story has made me cum many times. Would love to see more.
  8. My goals are to be 300 and I'm at 260. I get the desire to be tall is common but it's definitely not all it's cracked up to be ha. I love it yeah but it comes at the cost of never fitting into seats made for normal sized people (planes, etc) paying more for shoes because you're above standard size, common knee problems that tall people develop, having difficulty in the gym with form because your body is so much bigger than equipment is meant for, and the hindrance of being able to show muscle growth easily when all you want to be is a massive muscle beast. I'm still working my ass off and won't stop. But if you wish you were taller don't. You have your own physical gifts as well, you just might not see them since we're our own worst critics.
  9. 6'5 and trying to grow is a pain in the ass.
  10. Last night I met a fellow that I've been talking to for a bit. He's quite proud of his arms (should be proud of the rest of his body too though whew) but he enjoys showing them off in private. Got a lovely view below him. It was pretty much the perfect time for me.
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