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    Muscle, photography, general nerdery
    IG: Bryanthephotogeek
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    260 lbs
    17" arms
    Need to measure the rest
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    To grow HUGE. I started lifting September 2016 but I'm dedicated to growing now.
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    350 lbs
    25 inch arms
    Bigger everything else ha
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    The roommate
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    Erik Janicki
    Kyle Blevins
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    Muscle growth, muscle worship, muscle dads, steroids, bodybuilders, coach

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  1. God that was such a hot story. Amazing and fun. This was just right up my alley.
  2. Can't wait to see his next encounter with Victor now at his bigger size. Amazing story.
  3. Wow. I love hearing you narrate muscle growth. Your voice makes it even hotter.
  4. Damn. I always wished a part 8 would happen. That ending made me want to read a good sequel of the tiny guy growing past them both.
  5. The bro rivalry aspect of it. The alpha muscle growth and then the muscle theft. It's insanely hot.
  6. This story has made me cum many times. Would love to see more.
  7. My kind of story. Definitely curious about this now.
  8. Any update? The gym scene was my favorite and I'm sad I can't read the old one anymore ha.
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