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    Muscle, photography, general nerdery
    IG: Bryanthephotogeek
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    260 lbs
    17" arms
    Need to measure the rest
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    To grow HUGE. I started lifting September 2016 but I'm dedicated to growing now.
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    350 lbs
    25 inch arms
    Bigger everything else ha
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    The roommate
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    Erik Janicki
    Kyle Blevins
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    Muscle growth, muscle worship, muscle dads, steroids, bodybuilders, coach

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  1. MuscleGodInTraining

    The last time you felt another guy's bicep?

    Last night I met a fellow that I've been talking to for a bit. He's quite proud of his arms (should be proud of the rest of his body too though whew) but he enjoys showing them off in private. Got a lovely view below him. It was pretty much the perfect time for me.
  2. MuscleGodInTraining

    The Symbiote War - Chapter 14

    Amazing as always wow.
  3. MuscleGodInTraining

    "Please, Sir. I need it."

    My ideal kind of growth story. Damn, amazing read.
  4. MuscleGodInTraining

    The muscle app (2)

    This is an insanely hot story.
  5. MuscleGodInTraining

    Can you scratch your back?

    I just had to have my friend do it for me Monday night while we were out. I can no longer reach the middle top of my back, which wants to seem to itch more. So usually I'm like a damn grizzly bear in the woods rubbing up against a corner to scratch it if I'm alone.
  6. MuscleGodInTraining

    Cum muscle growth

    My kind of story. Definitely curious about this now.
  7. MuscleGodInTraining

    Papa Bear

    I'm in love with this story. Older muscle men are always what I prefer and this story was one of the best things I've ever read. Honest to God legitimate fantasy of mine. Thanks for this.
  8. MuscleGodInTraining

    Symbiotic Bonding - Part 02

    Any update? The gym scene was my favorite and I'm sad I can't read the old one anymore ha.
  9. MuscleGodInTraining

    Symbiotic Bonding - Part 02

    Can't wait for the rest. I love this.
  10. MuscleGodInTraining

    Superman's Cum that grows anyone it touches

    Your stories have only gotten better, that's for sure
  11. MuscleGodInTraining

    Superman's Cum that grows anyone it touches

    I would definitely love seeing that strory continue. It was great
  12. MuscleGodInTraining

    Superman's Cum that grows anyone it touches

    Bump, this story sounds fantastic.
  13. MuscleGodInTraining

    Prison growth experiment

    Oof, that sounds pretty fantastic.
  14. MuscleGodInTraining

    the intruder

    Certainly does sound hot. Bump^
  15. MuscleGodInTraining

    Devil Inside

    This was a nice solid start and I totally would love to read more of what happens. Great first part!