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  1. Can Muscles Be Cute?

    Yes, muscles can be cute. But I think there's a difference between "cute guys with muscles" and "cute muscles." Most of what has been posted so far have been the first. But to me, a cute muscle is when you see a skinny guy who you might not normally look at twice, but then when he flexes a small rock hard bicep pops up out of nowhere. This is sort of what I'm talking about, but this guy is already too big for his muscles to really be called "cute." You get the idea.
  2. I live in Los Angeles where there are a lot of bodybuilding competitions. I enjoy going as a spectator to see the contests in person. (If you've never been to a live competition, I really encourage it.) Most of the NPC shows in the area are held in the city of "Culver City." I checked online, saw the finals were at 5:00, and left my place at 4:00. Should have taken me 30-45 minutes to get there, but with traffic it took me over an hour. I got to the auditorium, place was empty. Checked my phone, realized the contest was in Redondo Beach, about 25 minutes from where I was. So I hopped back in my car, drove to the other auditorium, got there around 5:40. By then they had already finished all of the men's bodybuilding competition and were already in the middle of mens physique, then it was going to be all women's figure and bikini. I wasn't about to spend $45 on a ticket and not see any actual bodybuilding so I drove home. Three hours of my day wasted, all because I didn't check the website.
  3. Just saw the new show Lucifer on FOX. Tom Ellis plays the devil, who is "vacationing" from hell in Los Angeles. (There's a difference? ) He keeps his shirt on in the pilot episode, but I found some shirtless pics from when he was on the BBC's "Miranda." He's in good, shape, but he would look fantastic with an extra 50 (or 150) pounds of muscle on him.
  4. LittleArm's gallery

    Content I upload
  5. Joshua Sasse of "Galavant." Really good looking, nice toned body. Kylie Minogue guest starred last week doing an entire musical number about his body, "Off With His Shirt" (For those not familiar with Galavant, it's a campy musical/comedy about a brave knight in the middle ages.)
  6. I would love to get one of those body suits but they are really expensive... $700 - $3500. http://www.flexdesigncostumes.com
  7. 90's TV Muscle

    His name is Fahdi Malouf.
  8. 90's TV Muscle

    I have some old VHS recordings (!) of American Muscle Magazine from ESPN2. They covered a lot of the MuscleMania contests. I think I wore out some of the tapes watching them over and over. Gotta love the cheesey graphics.
  9. Luke's arms on Degobah

    Luke Skywalker is definitely not muscular by any means, but I was wondering if any of you older members saw Empire Strikes Back in theaters as a kid and thought he looked pretty good? Mark Hammil got in decent shape for the movie and my 12-year-old self enjoyed seeing him.
  10. I went to Palm Springs last week to watch the Ferrigno Legacy bodybuilding contest. I posted some of my photos here: https://muscle-growth.org/gallery/album/635-2015-ferrigno-legacy/
  11. 2015 Ferrigno Legacy

    Bodybuilding contest in Palm Springs, CA
  12. Daniel Tosh. In practically every episode he strips down to virtually nothing but only shows a pasty scrawny body. He's a good looking guy who loves to get naked on camera - would be nice if he had some muscle to show.
  13. Mathematical comparison of Biceps size

    Thanks for helping explain it flamedelft. My advice is not to overthink it - there is really very little practical use for the chart. It's just a way to put some sort of perspective on muscle growth. For example: there are guys with 12-inch arms, and there are guys with 24-inch arms. You might want to say that the bigger arm is twice as large as the smaller one. But if you go by volume of muscle, it could be as much as 8 times as large. The math just helps me appreciate just how much muscle bodybuilders really do carry around.
  14. So how many of us here have bigorexia?

    If you are truly interested in bigorexia, I suggest reading "The Adonis Complex" by Harrison Pope. I will warn you - it is a very dry, clinical overview of the condition but it does have some interesting sections. My copy is subtitled "The secret crisis of male body obsession," but I see there are new versions that say "How to identify, treat, and prevent body obsession in men and boys." I don't know if there are any updates or changes to the actual content.
  15. Mathematical comparison of Biceps size

    Oh I completely agree... In fact, the triceps makes up most of the volume of an arm. This is just a VERY general approximation of overall muscle volume. It's just to point out the idea that you can't just look at the circumference of the arm to appreciate how much extra muscle is in there. (And if I'm including arm measurements of 60", you be pretty confident it's not a scientifically accurate chart!)