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  1. an0n12

    Muscle-Growth's 2nd Annual Storiversary

    Sounds good, I’ll get to work on it and post it soon.
  2. an0n12

    Muscle-Growth's 2nd Annual Storiversary

    Would it be alright if I posted a second story before the end of the anniversary so as to make up for my failure to live up to posting at last year's event? I already have an idea in mind actually...
  3. There's been rumor going around that one of those monsters sponsored by Unbound Beast goes to the city's bath house, Stay A While & Glisten, every month just for a single visit to the glory hole before disappearing to the gym from whence he came. Pierce, the aforementioned monster, happens to be one of Unbound Beast's pet project, or in other words he is so over saturated with their products that not only does he look like something that used to belong only in the realm of fantasy or photoshop but the man is so doused with their products he may as bleed the stuff if he pricked his finger. As for his once a month visit, one of the owners of the bath house eventually got him to say something instead of just coming in to get his rocks off and leave just as silently; Pierce told the owner that he took a page from Muhammad Ali and staved off sex or masturbation as long as possible to ensure he was always at top form in the gym. Pierce's monthly build up also meant his balls were swollen to the brim with seed and would leave both the glory hole room and attendant much worse for wear once he was done. What Pierce doesn't know though is I've finally been able to bribe the owners of the bath house, know his routine, and am waiting for his monthly visit that happens to be tonight. After my bribe I've been assured the owner's will only allow Pierce into the glory hole so I can have some private time with the man, what they didn't know though is I've gotten a hold of one of the catalysts for the supplements from Unbound Beast straight from a well compensated friend at the company. Tonight is going to be memorable for Pierce and very rewarding for me. I've sat waiting in the glory hole cubby for nearly an hour now to make sure that if Pierce comes in early I'll be there waiting, just as I was starting to grow anxious and wondering if he was going to show up at all tonight I heard the door open leading into the room on other side of the wall. I heard some very heavy footsteps approach towards one of the holes and gasped at what I saw. Now these holes are larger enough to accommodate even the more gifted of mortal men but Pierce was not a fucking mortal man but a god damned demigod. It took me a half second to realize that his junk was so fucking huge that he was struggling to push in a single testicle let alone stuff the entire thing in at once. Slow, agonizingly so, he force in one ball, then the other, and had barely just enough room to feed in the monster movie sized anaconda he calls a soft dick. This thing looked like it could swallow rats whole with no problem what so ever and both of his balls looked to rival a prize winning orange in size, each. I stared at this my behemoth dumbfounded and curious both what the man on the other side of the wall looked like and if maybe I'd bitten off more than I could; a few seconds into my stupor Pierce started to wiggle back and forth with the limited space he had as if to beckon for attention. I was thankful I was alone in the cubby as I blushed and put my hand around the monster in front of me radiating a fire intense heat. I slowly began to fondle his prodigiously ample nuts, each of which I could not palm with a single hand, and was met with some low and very deep moans coming from Pierce. Quickly before he got too excited I began to cup both sides of his now hardening dick from the base and brought them to me so I could gauge just how much meat hangs between his legs that he no doubt has plenty of trouble with throughout the day, every day. I started to play with the near fist sized head of his semi-hard dick as I reached behind me for that special catalyst I spent a pretty penny on. While I had Pierce in the palm of my hand, and none the wiser, I began to give his over foot long dick a tongue bath not just to pleasure him but to distract him from my real intentions are I spread the catalyst cream all over his cartoonishly huge erection and swollen balls. I had to hurry before he came or grew suspicious as I didn't want him to leave after his one orgasm of the month. I took my sweet time ensuring not a single inch or millimeter of his junk hadn't been thoroughly explored by my mouth or completely covered by the catalyst, after finishing applying I spent a good few minutes very, very slowly drawing out the handjob causing Pierce to moan ever louder in need to cum so as to make sure that the catalyst had time to be fully absorbed and do its job. I watched as Pierce's foot long plus dick leak precum like a broken faucet until he started to spurt me in the face with what I mistook for him cumming before I was prepared. Boy was I wrong and was Pierce in for a hell of trip, he wasn't cumming at all but instead the catalyst was reacting with the supplements in his body from Unbound Beast that had so over saturated him that the catalyst was affecting exponentially more than I dared to hope. I watched Pierce's balls swell even more as they produce more and more cum now carrying a potent version of the supplement he was so glutted with. His dick twitch and throb violently like a man possessed in the middle of a seizure, the constant and increasing spurts of precum making a mess all over the room and my face. I wrapped my lips around his near grapefruit sized dickhead and started to tease as much of him as I could with my mouth; my hands were busy stroking the very slim amount of his shaft in its even more overinflated state and fondling his balls that had swollen so large they were starting to stretch his ball sack to the absolute brim. Just as I was starting to fear for Pierce's nuts they pulled up tight and I was met with a blast of cum so powerful it nearly pushed me off him entirely, before I could even process what happened or fully swallow I was met with another blast, and another, and another. I could hear the wall being pounded by powerful fists as Pierce bellowed out a very deep and reverberating moan as what felt like liter after liter of cum came out of his diamond hard and steel girder thick dick straight down my gullet. I could feel the warmth radiating outwards from my stomach meaning that everything was going to plan, as Pierce kept spewing more and more into me I could feel my body slowly tense and my own erection start to throb and twitch as I involuntarily came. My clothing started to feel tights on me as my muscles grew larger and larger. Soon my shirt and shorts felt painfully tight all over, especially in the crotch, until I heard multiple loud tears and felt the air of the small room on my skin. Pierce finally tapered off his orgasm and was about to pull out, and spoil my plans, but I yanked him back with much more force than I was used to from my still growing frame. Pierce gasped and started to say something but I cut him off with both of my hands working his shaft as if I was trying to start a fire for my own survival, I swallowed everything of him that I could as I forced my mouth as far down onto his dick as I could. I began to play with him and suck as is trying to steal his soul, his essence, from his dick. It only took a matter of seconds for him to cum again and just as potent as the first time if not more so. Again I could feel my head be forced back by Pierce's fire hose of an orgasm but with my new found strength I was able to fight back. I guzzled down all he had to offer and felt the same warmth in my stomach radiate out again as the growth resumed, any clothing still clinging to my body was now in tatters littering the floor around me, my dick and balls had kept up with my muscles in their response to Pierce's catalyst enhanced cum. I felt the flow start to taper off again from Pierce who was starting to sound like a moaning mess on the other side of the wall as I attacked his dick and balls with the full fury of a man on a mission. Before Pierce's second orgasm fully finished his third started up and I had no trouble at all keeping up with the powerful flow, drinking down every single drop as my muscles and junk swelled to heights that would make me the envy, and instill fear, of both Mr Olympias and porn stars the world over. There was no time to bask in the glory of my transformation, I had to act before Pierce recovered from cumming so many times in such a short time. As I could hear Pierce breath harder and harder trying to recover from what would have wiped out a lesser man I reached behind me to grab a very long tube attached to a milking machine I procured just for tonight. The tube was, thankfully, able to fit over Pierce's massive dick though just barely and I was able to stuff him into the tube to the point not a single part of it wasn't filled to the absolute brim but still the tube wasn't big enough to accommodate his entirety but it was enough to do what I needed. Pierce felt the tube placed on his dick and tried to pull out of the hole but his reaction to the catalyst was so severe that his dick and balls were completely stuck, the wall may as well be a cockring for Pierce at this point...and one that he can neither take off or walk away from. In other words I had the man right where I wanted him. The cream I obtained does a number of thing when used including nigh instant refractory periods, enhanced semen production, erections and drive powerful enough to take down an elephant, and most importantly for my plan with Pierce is that it temporarily causes your cum to act as even more potent version of the same drugs he has been using for years now. To put it simply, Pierce is not going anywhere until he has nothing left to give and I'm leaving this building with my own private reserve of growth formula to use at my leisure. Before he gathered his wits together I turned on the machine and was rewarded with a constant humming sound from the machine as it began its work milking Pierce's dick and I heard a mixture of a startled yelp and moan from the man himself as the machine severely outdid anything I could hope to do to him. I could already hear him cumming yet again as I turned around and left the small room, my own near foot long dick leading the way, as I headed to the room where the rest of Pierce was. As I walked down the hallway I was met by gasps and slack jawed stares from the other patrons of the bath house. I couldn't help but cockily smirk to myself as I opened the door to the other side of the glory holes. The sight I was met with when I finally saw the rest of Pierce nearly caused me to fall to my knees and cum all over the floor right then and there; to say the absolute fucking least I am amazed he was able to get into the room in the first place, even if he walked in sideways, with just how god damned fucking massive this man was. I've seen bodybuilders, I've seen professional bodybuilders and the current Mr. Olympia in person, fuck I've even come across a few of the guinea pigs they call humans that Unbound Beast produces but they all spectacularly fail to compare to this man. I had heard that Pierce was one of their prized results but the man had to be so fucking infused with their drugs that I now have little fucking doubt the his sweat could double as a substitute for their shit. His head was, comically so, stuck in the ocean of muscle he calls his neck and shoulders, each of his shoulders had enough meat on them to outsize even the most seasoned of normal weightlifters. His back was so swollen with mass that he could barely put his arms, both which are as thick as a lesser bodybuilder's over inflated legs, to his sides as they competed for space with each other. The man's ass could be unfairly compared to two medicine balls side to side and it still wouldn't go it justice; his quads were so thick that his immensely thick hamstrings looked like professional bodybuilder standing behind a bull. All of this lead down to two calves that were a solid wall of muscle from his knee down to his ankles forcing his stance even further out than his upper legs were already forcing him to do. I could feel my dick start to bob and twitch as I took in the sight before me and slowly walked forward closer to this demigod currently trapped by the wall. "No! Not like this! I don't want to lose my muscle god damn it!" Pierce exclaimed while moaning almost every other word. "Wait, is someone there? Fucking help me get loose damn it!" He exclaimed as I walked closer with my newly enhanced dick leading the way until it was grazing the back of his humongous ass cheeks. As I continued to very slowly move forward, splitting open his cheeks tortuously slow, I whispered into his ear. "Big man there is nothing to worry about, the only thing you might lose out on is a good time." I pulled back enough so I could spread the cream over my dick to use as lube before pushing back into him, much harder this time. "Just enjoy the ride man." I whispered as he attempted and failed to turn his head around to get a good look at me, his neck and traps impeding any attempts to do so, and slowly I lightly bit his ear before continuing. "You're not going to lose any muscle man but you will be cumming." I pushed my dick further in until the head grazed his hole which caused him to clench reflexively. "You'll be cumming until you have nothing left and even then you'll probably still try to shoot more." Even while his over muscled ass was clenched tighter than a vault it wasn't enough to stop me as I excruciatingly slowly pushed my way inside of him. "I'm just here to make sure your month visit is worth it." The cream was starting to affect my own dick as it aided my entry into Pierce, it nearly felt like my erection was getting an erection as I got so hard it began to hurt and I almost felt dizzy. I bit into his trap, tasting his sweat, just enough to leave a mark as made it past the brunt of his resistance. "But for now you are mine and I'm going to make sure you won't be able to walk once I'm fucking done with you, bitch." Once the last words left my mouth I pushed the last half a foot into Pierce in one swift and powerful motion. Immediately I could feel Pierce's ass clench and unclench repeatedly as my full thrust was enough to set him off again thanks to the catalyst, no doubt the cream I'm using for lube is only making things worse for him as he starts cumming for well over a minute. I could only endure his writhing for half that time before I joined him and began to unload deep into him. Our mutual orgasm didn't dissuade me continuing my pounding his massive ass, in fact it only drove me into a frenzy as my entire being was lost in the feeling. Just as one orgasm was beginning to end for either of us my pounding would drive one of us to cum and soon the other would follow. I could feel Pierce begin to overflow with how much I was shooting into him as I felt a warm trail of my cum trail down our legs and form an expanding puddle on the ground. Pierce was completely stuck to the wall unable to move and barely able to stand as I pounded both the strength and cum out of the hulking man. His attempts at stabilizing himself with the wall did little to help him as he became weak kneed, his arms, chest, and back were so thick that he wasn't able to gain any meaningful purchase on the wall to try and pull out to get away from me or to keep from leaning back as far as he was able as his strength decreased orgasm after orgasm. I could hear the rhythmic tapping of the tube affixed to his dick hitting the other side of the wall with every thrust as I worked him like a piece of industrial equipment. The entire time Pierce was reduced to a moaning mess as he was assaulted on both ends with his dick in a near constant stream as he came time and time again with only the slightest of reprieve, I was right there with him the entire time as I every thrust only felt like it increased my output just a bit more. After what felt like over an hour I finally started to taper off and Pierce looked like he had just finished the single most excruciating workout known to man. I was still harder than any metal and kept thrusting until it felt like I was shooting air. Still inside of Pierce I bit him on his other trap while I deeply inhaled the smell of our mixed sweat. "So did you get your money's worth?" Pierce attempted to say something but his mouth was so dry he could only nod his head in agreement. "Good." I pulled out to the tip and thrust back into him as hard I as I could, without breaking the rhythm I continued. "If you want more of this next month just ask the guys up front for Alex, they'll know who you mean." He nodded again and I could feel his ass clench again as if cumming yet again which only drove me into another dry orgasm. I patted him on the cheek and said. "I'll go unhook you, meet up with me at the sauna. You look like you could use a rest." He again nodded his head as I tortuously slowly pulled out of him. My dick was still hard and looked fucking even more massive after the ordeal I put Pierce through. I gave him a squeeze on his shoulder as I left the room and headed out to claim my prize, unhook him, and wait for him in the sauna. It was a great night but I can't wait for next month when I meet up with him again, I'll make sure next time he won't be able to stand let alone walk once I'm done with him.
  4. an0n12

    Muscle-Growth's 2nd Annual Storiversary

    Go ahead and put me down for the 19th, I need to make up after being a no show last year.
  5. an0n12

    Maxi-Test 2000

    Myfaceisitchy made art inspired by your story which I would be willing to bet you've seen by now.
  6. an0n12

    Unbound Beast Inc: Four Little Words

    Note to self: Proofreading and editing while staying up late do not count as proper proofreading.
  7. Warmth spread over my entire body as my heart raced faster, adrenaline starting to race as I could feel the drug kick in. Everything I could see of my form completely stripped down to my briefs was becoming flush red with blood as I felt a pump like better than any I had ever received working out. I raised my arm that had been tempered by well over a decade of constant and near fanatic levels of dedication and thousands of reps. I saw it slowly twitch with veins slowly worming their way up to the top forcibly making their presence known, the hard orb of meat hardening even further as it slowly pulsed and swelled with a noticeably gradual but persistent growth. I brought up my other arm to test the density of my arm but got distracted by the sight of it before I laid a hand on my already flexing arm; instead I broke into a front double bicep poser displaying both of their increasing might into the mirror in front of me. I felt my lats tense and push out as I brought my arm into the pose, I could see my winds widen just a little bit further with every heart beat threatening me with lifelong difficulty managing doors, clothing, or even being able to place my arms to my side. My traps and chest, even with the disadvantage the pose brought to showing off their full glory, were no to be left lagging behind. I could feel my traps slowly crawl up my thickening neck attempting to swallow my head if left unabated while my shoulders have widened to the point of feeling like I've donned football pads that were inflating like balloons around me. My chest even with this pose was very noticeably growing denser to the point my nipples were traveling southward heralding that soon they would never see the light of day again. The warmth had slowly increased to a sweltering point as my body began to sweat copiously filling the room with the dominating scent of me. As if beckoned by an outside force I could feel my dick lengthen and harden with blood stretching to my side making a noteworthy protrusion in my breaths as it started to fight and claw its way upwards. My gaze met with my legs as my dick sprung free by itself hitting me hard in my abs leaving a trail of sticky white trailing over my stomach and down my shaft. I brought both arms down to start to slowly and purposefully stroke myself as I worshiped my quads with the other. I traced the lines running in my legs separating the each of the heads with my hand lingering, massaging the staggeringly impressive sweep they've gain. I flexed my ass and calves as I began to increase the speed of my strokes and tightened my grip as I was no longer in control as my body took over in a single minded quest to bring me to my knees in a mind shattering orgasm. While I methodically and robotically continued molesting my cock I bent my legs to flex my hamstrings and ass to their new unknown heights, I slowly committed every millimeter to memory as I bent further down to trace out the shape and outline of my calves. As I finished exploring my swollen and muscle bloated physique down to the last inch I shivered as I felt my balls almost violently pull up hard. I came all over the front of my behemoth standing form each rope of milk meeting or surpassing eye level for a good minute. Every burst I felt my prodigious nuts jump up and then fall down hard enough to lower my skin tight and severely tortured underwear. Eventually the fireworks slowed and then stopped all together with my chest hair matted to my skin by my outburst. I breathed out in complete and utter satisfaction before I was startled by the man who gave me the drug in the first place. "The growth is temporary." He said though I was still not able to fully understand what he meant in my afterglow addled mind. "...what?" I demanded. "Well it is a trial of the real product; we can't let you just go off and grow for free now can we?" Was the response I got from his "I've worked too long in fucking retail" smile. "What the fuck are you tal-" I couldn't finish my sentence. I felt like someone had kicked me directly into my sensitive and now gargantuan balls but at the same time as if they never took the foot away. I grunted in pain and moaned in pleasure at the same time as I bent over to cup my package still tightly imprisoned by my near threadbare briefs. My hands were pushed away as the warmth that I only just now noticed had never dissipated elevated to a searing heat all over my body. Sweat poured off my head and skin like rainfall as my hands were completely forced off of my taut and overfilled sac, my briefs torn off of my body and now on the ground next to my feet. I could no longer touch my nuts as they pulsed and swelled markedly larger every second dwarfing the size they were a second before. Any attempts to touch my dick were immediately rewarded with a feeling of pleasure bordering on pain in its severity as it bloated with more and more blood. At this point it had grown half again its size, turned many many shades darker, and was so dense with arousal and blood that there were more parts with snake like veins covering it than without. If I had worn a cockring and overdosed on Viagra I still would not be able to come close to the same state I am in now. Then, just as painfully as it started, all hell broke loose. My dick was expelling seed at such a terrifying amount a constant, uninterrupted stream of white came out of me as if I had put a pressure washer in between my legs. The surge of cum was so powerful that it knocked away any attempt for me to bring my hands to my dick as I vainly attempted to stop the flood. I could feel my body deflate as ounce after ounce, liter after liter, and gallon after gallon of fluid found freedom out me and onto the walls, ceiling, floor of the room and the mirror in front of me. I turned, the unending stream with me, as I tried to get to the door to find something, anything that could make this stop but I was blocked by the man standing in front of the door still wearing his trained smile but watching me predicament play itself out with amusement in his eyes. I turned back around staring at my dwindling form as I approached the now meager feeling but still very powerful physique I had before taking the drug. I feel to my knees as the last of my strength escaped my body along with the last of the muscle that had at least, temporarily, been mine. I rolled over onto my thick back that had fully reverted to its natural state with the memory permanently etched into my very soul of my briefly enhanced body, the memory now forever tainting anything less than what it had been for only a matter of minutes. My dick had finally stopped but was still hard after this life changing experience; I came again but from my own lust and desire for what I was. Breath still escaped the reach of my lungs as I was left completely and soul crushingly exhausted as I saw the gym clerk's head appear into my field of vision. "So, I take it you enjoyed your trial of our product if you would like I can set you up with a full purchase using your account, is that alright with you Mr.-" "YES, fucking god yes! Do it now." I barked at him with my throat so parched from the flood I created in the room I could barely manage to form the words. "Very good sir, is there anything you need while I begin the paperwork?" He inquired. "...could I get another trial sample just to make really sure?" I asked sheepishly. He laughed a bit before catching himself as he nodded at my still gasping body. He began to turn to leave the room to complete our transaction and get my sample before I asked him in a sheepish tone. "Actually...could you bring two samples? I want to really make sure. Oh and some water...please?" He stopped in mid stride and allowed himself to loudly laugh before responding. "Heh, sure thing. You're lucky I like you, but just make sure to use the cleaning equipment outside the door if you use both at once." He left the room and gently closed the door as my head continued to swim in a combination of the overpowering odors of my sweat and cum permeating the entirety of the room as well as my still shuddering body feeling aftershock after aftershock of an orgasm that I've never felt the likes of before but would soon top.
  8. Raijin: Then Comes the Storm. Raijin "The God of Thunder Thighs" they called me for when I walk down the street people look at their phones to check the weather to see if that sound is an encroaching storm. “Ok, time for the fun to really start!” John said as he tossed four empty syringes away from us. “There we go Rai. Two for me and two for you and this time you are going to really god damned feel it. Hope you wanted to be hung as fuck because we’re both about to have a third leg.” As John prattled on I felt my inflating balls push him further away yet at the same I could feel his dick thicken further as it delved ever deeper into me all without any movement from John. He closed his eyes and leaned his head back enjoying the sensation of his cock breaking the double digit barrier and seconds later the coveted foot long milestone, and believe you me I could tell this intimately inch by inch as my body was being invaded in ways I never thought or hoped would happen. John started to very slowly pull out as much as he could and very slowly pushed in as far as he’s able to as his dick continued to put on size growing into inhuman territories. My own dick hasn’t been slacking in the meantime; it has completed its journey across the many deep crevices littering my stomach. As it slowly approached the bottom of my herculean chest I could feel my abs start to overflow with the pre flooding out of me as my balls inflated like they’re attached to an air compressor. Despite my vision being absolutely fucking dominated by my chest I see the head of my dick rising over my pec shelf like a growing sunrise. I began to gingerly bring my hands towards it to see if I’m hallucinating or if this abomination approaching my head is truly my own cock. While in my reverence for the diamond hard pillar attached to my groin John opens his eyes and, with considerable strength on his part, brings my cartoonishly swollen and nearly immovable dick to his mouth with one hand while he started to slowly alternate squeezing each of my throbbing, and still growing, softball sized nuts. I couldn’t help but lean my head back as much as my traps, which at this point have turned into yokes that would destroy even the mightiest of oxen, allowed as he starts trying to suck my very soul out of my dick using his mouth and tongue in ways that would make even the most experienced porn star blush and cross his legs. I drape my arm over my head with some hassle in an attempt to try and steady myself as my body is being assaulted with sensations few if any men have ever had in such severity. John started to pick up steam until he began to piston back and forth like a runaway locomotive, the whole time his head is bobbing up and down as he is trying to stuff as much of my grapefruit sized knob into his mouth that he cane manage. He took away the hand that had been teasing and fondling my churning balls that had become trapped between his body and my grotesquely thick legs, eliciting a burst of precum from me with every thrust. He starts to savagely beat off my dick with both of his hands. I immediately, to my best effort, replace his hand with my free one to both rub and squeeze my balls as I’m getting absolutely wrecked by John’s efforts. Between my ass being further stretched out by John’s dick which can now shame nearly all land based mammals, my nearly volleyball sized nuts being molested between both our bodies and my hand, my arm incidentally rubbing an exorbitantly sensitive nipple that is now wired straight to my cock, John’s tongue and throat attempting to become intimately familiar with every molecule of my dick he can stuff into his gullet, and both of John’s strong calloused hands trying to start a fire with the sheer amount of friction he is producing attempting to overload my dick the following flood of cum that was raging to exit my body would be beyond biblical in scale. Pressure built up to a seething point as cum barreled its way up the excessive length of my shaft right into John’s unprepared throat. His eyes, mouth, and throat bulged as he was forced to guzzle down an unrelenting stream that was spurting out of the corners of his mouth which now looked more like a chipmunk with its mouth stuffed full. I’ll give John credit that he was able to keep up with flood violently cascading into his gullet as long as he did. As I was staring into the very eyes of God himself from my dick firing off like an unmanned fire hose I could feel John respond in kind as my body’s nerve destroying convulsions brought him past the edge. I could feel what I was doing to his now ballooning ab covered gut full of my seed as he released his own torrential explosion deep inside of me. His previous orgasm may have felt like lava flowing into my body but with his recent growth it felt more like my body was being invaded by the very molten heart of the earth itself. As John let loose salvo after frenzied salvo he let go of my still frantically bucking dick giving himself an accidental facial as if his head was submerged completely in water; my cum was flying everywhere with such force as to hit the other side of the room with very forceful sounds of impact until it’s nigh unmovable titanium hard mass returned with a painful impact to its new home, my chest. I had about a single second to process what happened as I could feel a bulging mass of semen approach the insurmountable wall that is my chest, my dick had hit with such force and precision it is now stuck and otherwise clamped shut in my cleavage with the head staring me down a mere two inches from my face like an infuriated cyclops. As I was attempting to say something, anything at all, the pressure built up to the breaking point; my dick swiftly changed from a light dribble of cum trying to escape to a powerful stream to finally the entirety of the bulging mass of back up cum swelled my dick to the point of pushing my pecs aside as a pressure washer surge painfully coated my entire head. John and I both let out a sound Lovecraftian in nature as we continued cumming in synchrony, our collective efforts were visibly flooding nearly half of the room as I could feel cum viscously rebound off of my head that I was unable to move out of the path of fire due to my neck and traps both were bloated with so much muscle it impeded any movement. Despite the sheer density of my ass even it was unable to stymie the flood coming out of my asshole as my now rotund muscular gut was filling past its max capacity. I felt the warm flow spread around me in all directions as John neither could have or would have relented even if he was able to. We were both at the complete mercy of our bodies as they tried to expel every last drop of seed but eventually the flow tapered more and more until, with a few normal sized spurts, we were spent entirely. I have never once in my life been so worn out, so sweaty, and so out of breath; the closest I’ve ever come to it in my life is after a particularly harrowing leg day we had the bright idea to climb up multiple flights of stairs to end the workout with some “cardio.” John collapsed on top of my chest further driving my still hard dick into my chest trapping it between us. He stared into my eyes trying to gather his wits and breath before kissing my cum covered face. I responded back fiercely in kind trying to take in his essence as I felt both of our dicks twitch, his still deep inside of me. Very slowly John withdrew leaving me feeling like I had lost a part of myself. When he was finally nearly out of me I could feel a sea of John’s cum leave with his dick, my gut shrank back down to an impossibly thick column of bricks as the sea wall broke and the tide left with him. John stumbled to his feet still reeling from our shared experience that may very well have left us now believing in a high power. With John’s dick finally out of my body I could only stare in disbelief and a sense of pride in my new found bottoming abilities to have taken in a dick I could only describe as something that would require a joint in the middle of its expanse if not for it being attached to John’s fucking crotch. For all the good it would do him, John could have another one of his girthy arms in the middle of his pelvis for the same effect. John walked over to me and offered a hand to help me finally stand up after our little “ordeal.” As John very visibly struggled to help pull me up onto my feet he chuckled to himself and told me “I may have…failed to mention but I was told that effects are increased greatly if you take in more than one dose so close to another.” John nervously laughed while trying to scan my face for any reaction as I precariously stood up since I had first tripped nearly two hours ago. “…I also probably shouldn’t have given us a dose to each of our nuts too. Heh heh, oops?” I looked him in the eyes then scanned around the room taking notice of the vast ocean of cum that had mainly come from me flooding a good near third of the room, walls, and ceilings, and spied his duffel bag with what looked like a few syringes of this miracle serum sticking out of it just enough to catch my attention. As I was about to address John concerning his idiocy my eyes fell onto one of the mirrors near me that I hadn’t repainted in white. I could feel my dick start to harden from its current semi hard state as I took stock of my new physique now that I was finally able to get a proper look at it. I looked like a caricature of an overly exaggerated drawing of a wet dream to someone with a very active imagination. I couldn’t even begin to guess at how much I must weigh now, 400lbs? 500lbs? 700lbs? No man that I have ever seen outside of photo shopped images has ever come remotely near to what I've turned into, there was just nothing to compare it to and at this point I’d probably have to go to a zoo to get a scale that I wouldn’t break with just one foot resting on it. I was able to move well enough now for the most part…just barely though. I guess John’s “help” actually did limber me up enough to be able to move around though if I got another dose of that fucking serum I’d be screwed. My body has inflated to such a staggering size now that there was nearly no part of it not interfering with another no matter how I moved. My arms would be stuck in a crucified position if I got any bigger since my both my chest and back have started an eternal war as they encroached onto the territory my arms have already conquered for their own. At this point I’ve come to terms that I will never be able to see my feet for the rest of my life without the use of a mirror and the only part of my dick I could see is what has decided to make its permanent residence in the middle of my chest…my balls are as much of a lost cause as my trying to see my feet now though their heavy weight ensured I will never forget they are there. The four doses I took in such short order have blown up my lats to such an egregious amount that I no longer have a v-taper so much as a u-taper now, even from the front you can see my lower back expanding outwards struggling to keep up with the rest of my back that now rivals a 747 tire’s diameter. Two pieces of my largest suitcases laid side by side would still not compare to the sheer solid wall that is now my chest and oddly enough my arms are now as round and thick with muscle that my torso prior to tonight would struggle to measure up. Finally my pride and joy, my legs, still over powered the rest of my physique but thankfully nowhere near as badly before my growth. If I could stand up straight anymore without my legs forcing my stance to widen a few feet apart you would mistake them for solid columns of the strongest marble that the ancient Greeks would use only in their holiest of temples. There was no space between my legs, they would not allow it, asides from a very small area where my knees would be visible if not for their being consumed by my quads. Further down I could see that my calves now resembled like a football designed for giants in shape and size; not even with my exaggerated bow-legged stance was I able to keep them from rubbing each other. As I was in my trance like self-reflection/worship I could feel my dick slowly leak more and more precum creating a slow waterfall off of my chest and onto the floor around me. As I looked upwards while I was finishing my inventory of my new body I could feel and see an impending bombardment take shape as it made its way upwards with my gaze. I looked into my eyes in my reflection to ensure I wasn’t dreaming as my cock (which I can only now refer to it as my godhood rather than my manhood), still firmly secured in between my pecs, let loose barrage after barrage into the ceiling with such force it took destroyed the fluorescent lights above me and rained around me threatening to flood the area even more. John watched on in awe like reverence as I lived up to my moniker’s namesake by making a one man storm deluging white everywhere in range. When I finally stopped cumming I quivered uncontrollably in aftershock, my movements were creating an earthquake over my body as I flexed and relaxed every muscle rapidly. “Rai? …are you alright?” John asked as I brought my attention back to him. “Oh, I’ve never been better.” I responded in a voice that had grown so deep I no longer recognized it as my own, a voice like an animalistic growl that I could feel emanate from a place inside me that had not seen the light of day until John unleashed it. I felt my dick jump a bit as I reveled in the feel of both my body and voice. “John.” I said commanding his undivided attention. “…yes, Rai?” John responded like a cowed child. “You do know you just raped me right?” John immediately stood up at full attention and all the color drained from his face. “What! But I! But you!” he stammered his voice cracking as he realized the implications of what he’d done. Tears begun to stream down his face as he ran over to hug me, or tried to at least as his arms only made it part way around my front. “Raymond I’m so fucking sorry man I couldn’t help myself, will you ever forgive me?! You know how it is in the bodybuilding circuit man, coming out is career suicide and I never told you because I was afraid how you’d react.” His words were punctuated with sobs as he continued. "I’ve been attracted to you for almost as long as I’ve known you and when I was so close to you lying naked on the floor I just couldn’t hold it in anymore. Beat the shit out of me, turn me in, call the IFBB and out me I don’t care Raymond I...“ I silenced the idiot with a kiss on the mouth. I held the kiss until I could finally feel John relax. I brought a hand softly to his cheek as we finished the kiss. “John, I never knew…” I slapped him hard enough to knock the taste right out of his mouth with the hand I had on his cheek. “But, I am still pissed off at you. You know what you’re right; we did have fun and it felt great, fucking hell I have never cum that hard, often, or so much before in my life, and I found out things about myself I never knew before but that said you should of fucking asked me or fucking something you dip shit!” John took a step back and hung his head in defeat. “What the fuck is with that look? At least let me fucking finish talking before you get all mopey.” I barked out at him. “I forgive you.” John started to look back up at me as the water works started up again. I smiled at John who smiled in return now looking like a kid who was told the football team captain wanted to go to prom with him. “I forgive you but fair is fair.” John look a little confused with a sudden realization dawning on him. “What was it you told me while before you fucked me?” John looked a little uneasy and winced at my words. “’Hey man, don’t be selfish. It’s my turn to get off’ right?” John stopped smiling. “Well you’re right I’ve cum what, four or five times now? Poor old you only got off once right?” I put a hand on his shoulder pressing down and started to stroke his cock slowly. “Well…I haven’t gotten the chance to top yet so let’s make this square, little man.” I applied a tiny bit of my immense strength to the hand on his shoulder and pushed him down onto his knees. “No pain.” I stopped stroking him and lightly hit him across the face with the behemoth I call a dick. “No fucking gain.” John shuddered as he came hands free while staring up at me. “And that one doesn’t count."
  9. Post that was with the original story on the old forum explaining where the idea came from: This was inspire by a conversation with a fellow forum member which was about "What would happen if some one like Fankhouser, Pakulski, Jeff Long, or Flex Lewis suddenly gained a lot of muscle?." I mean their legs are genetically predisposed to favor growth over a lot of their body so if they gained, let's say, 100lbs then a fair percentage would go straight to their legs right? Some of them have already noted issues with clothes, movement, and so on so a massive jump in size would most likely leave them with a severely limited ability to move. Well, that and the fact I love immobility but realize it is more of a niche fetish or what have you so I'm compromising and making where it's only semi-immobility.
  10. Holy hell I can't believe I forgot to post the next chapter way back when I posted this...though I never did finish the final chapter which may of been the reason why. Well, either way here is chapter two. Raijin: Then Comes the Thunder... Raijin "The God of Thunder Thighs" they call me for when I walk my thighs are like an encroaching storm rolling over the horizon promising lightning and fury. I felt an immense pressure for the first time in my life attempting to invade my ass and it wasn't going the way it should. "John..." I said with gritted teeth holding back a grunt and myself holding a punch. "Holy fuck Rai! I knew your legs and ass were the best but I can't believe how tight you are!" He said without missing a thrust as he tried to force himself in further. "Unf....John, woul-unf-d you listen." "Shit man you feel so fucking good I can't take it I'm about to cum already!" John thrust a little further in to drive his point home. "Mmf...JOHN! Take it out or so help me I will squeeze your dick off!" "You mean you can get tighter? Holy crap bring it!" I start to try to get myself up, as best as I can with my meat packed legs draped over his shoulders. John notes this and withdrawals, I lie back down and let out a sigh of relief. "Fine man, I needed a break anyway before I came too early." John said while winking. I was about to tell the smug prick off when I feel his callused hands go from the sides of my excessive ass and underneath instead. "John what the fuck are you doing?!" He ignores my question as his head disappear behind my quads and calves. I'm now ass up completely into the air with feet resting on John's wide lats and traps. Right as I am about to thrash out of his grip I his hot breath next to my no longer mint condition hole. "John you fag, what the fuck are you...OHMYGODWHATAREDOING?!?" I scream while letting lose a guttural moan from a place deep inside me I never knew existed. John's thick tongue is sampling my wares, I can feel him swirling his tongue, flicking it, and stabbing it in and out all almost simultaneously. He withdraws to get a breath and exhales hard on my wet hole which causes my massive body to reflexively shudder in rapture. He nuzzles his chin back and forth in my deep crack, his copious stubble setting off nerve endings that have never been stimulated like this before; I let loose another long and deep moan which causes John to chuckle. I can feel my enhanced dick slowly climb its way up each of my deep cut abs, the sensitive head trailing precum all over my stomach. "Rai loosen the fuck up and not just your ass either man. What's with the labels?" He punctuates the question with another tongue flick. "Sex is sex, if it feels good who cares if it’s with a man or a woman?" To prove his point he elicits another moan from me by non-stop rimming me for what feels like hours in my addled state. My mind can't comprehend what the hell he's doing to semi-virgin ass hole. I'm thrashing my legs around flexing them as hard as I can, curling my toes, and spreading my ass instinctively even farther open for his continued assault. He stops and I see his head poke around my legs. I'm still reeling and moaning, I can't help but stare at him. I see myself in the mirror giving John a look begging him to never stop. "That's what I fucking thought; I'm just giving a god like you what you deserve." John smirked. He disappears behind the insurmountable wall I claim to be my legs and I feel him raise my ass even higher as he digs his face into my hole. The combined feelings of his tongue and stubble on such a sensitive area is getting me to leak so much from my dick that I can feel it dripping copiously; my dick is leaking so excessively its trailing all over my ballooning chest. I'm damned near spurting out like he's found the on valve and turned it on just enough to drive me wild. I thrash harder and can't stop moaning, I see myself in the mirror noting that my cock is so hard, stiff, and agitated its almost turning purple. "Jo-moan-hn, I'm...moan...going to..Oh my god..," I don't even have the chance to finish the sentence. I could feel my balls pull up so hard that I nearly gasped in pain. The man has found the floodgate and blown it wide open. I cum so hard I feel it ricochet off my pecs, I look into the mirror and see it coming out in streams as it rebounds off several feet away and onto one of the mirrors. I look up as I see a waterfall of my own juices stream over my chest going through every crevice, rolling over every vein, and flowing down to my shoulders and face. I move my head out of the way while continuing scream in ecstasy and unable to stop even if I had wanted to. After what had to be a few unabated minutes of me making a mess everywhere I feel John lower my sensitive ass down to the ground. I hear a ruffling noise but am in no place to comprehend what's happening. I can hardly catch my breath from the moaning that just won't stop, aftershocks riveting my body as I can't help but flex my entire body and curl up my toes while I'm completely lost in the feeling. Just as I catch my breath I try to rise, disrupting the cum that had pooled in my traps adding more to the lake underneath me, John picks my ass up again. "Huff...huff...John for the love of god I can't take anymore." "Rai, man, what does Coleman say all the fucking time eh? No pain, no gain stud! And hey man don't be selfish, it's my turn to get off." I'm too tired to even put up a token effort to get away as John places his dick right at my hole. With one powerful thrust from his thick legs he gets his dick in almost completely, much farther than last time at that. His dick feels like an exceptionally thick and veiny iron rod that is as hot smelted steel. "John you bastard I swear to God!" As I threaten my assailant grabs both of my ankles. He spreads my legs holding onto my ankles like some lever and pushes them down till I'm doing the splits. (What can I say, crowds love that pose and with my legs it never fails to get an uproar when I'm onstage.) For the first time since this started I'm able to look at more than John's head while he fucks my ass. My dick gives an appreciative jump at the site of my fellow muscle god. John, while thrusting very lightly, bends over and gets an inch from my face. "You can't hide the fact you’re enjoying this man." He gives my swiftly hardening dick a long tug. "Now calm down, we're just two men appreciating each other’s hard work in a very fun way." Right as I'm about to say something John leans in and puts his tongue into my mouth. He thrusts again, much harder this time, causing my dick and body to jump. I can't help but kiss the bastard back; I put my arms around him and draw him in closer. He thrusts once more and as I moan I feel a small pain in my shoulder and that strange burning hot/freezing cold sensation again. "JOHN WHAT THE FUCK?! WHY THE FUCK DID YOU INJECT ME AGAIN?" John thrusts hard again which silences me with an unsolicited moan. "Heh, Rai I neglected to tell you something about the shot. While you do gain a massive amount of size, it affects the areas near the injection site the most." "...what. Why the hell did you let me inject my legs?" "Hey you're the one who pulled down his fucking pants, you're the one who fucking didn't let me even explain shit, and plus when I saw that amazing ass I was dumbstruck like usual." John said with his permanent shit eating grin. Just as I was about to cuss him out three things happened: 1) The growth was kicking in and it would not fucking wait for anything. 2) John thrusts all the way in and I could feel his thick balls warmly resting next to my ass cheeks. 3) And for the first time ever I felt my prostate get barraged. I let out a long silent scream as I instinctively free my legs from John's grasp and wrap them, well as much as I able to now, around John's back. At this point legs nearly completely cover his thick lats. I place my feet hooking up and under his ass forcing him to drive further into me. As my thick dick gives a very appreciative spurt I could feel my body being slowly lifted off the ground from my rapidly expanding back. My head is swimming and unable to taken in all the sensations from my bloating and increasingly sensitive body. I lift my heavy arms which are being violently pushed up and away from the rest of my body and I start to explore myself. I'm elated to finally get the upper body I've wanted...the upper body I fucking deserve! While continuing to moan I caress my cum covered abs taking in their ridges and crevices one by one. My dick swells along with the rest of me and soon bumps into my hand causing me to gasp sharply. As I take my hand away I trail a long rope of pre from my cock all over my chest which has thickened enough that I can no longer see John over it as he causes me to writhe in pleasure. I trace my fingers over the ridge of my cleavage which is now fighting against itself for room and is deep enough that I doubt light will ever reach the bottom again. John was right I noticed, my legs are growing and I can feel them getting further away from his back and pressing into each other for room; but the growth was no were as severe as it is for the rest of me. With one hand questing for a beckoning nipple my other starts to rub the veins and crevices of my inner thighs. I find my arm is no longer able to reach around my chest to allow me at my nipples, I try in vain as my biceps continue swelling away from me making it essentially impossible for me to ever reach them again without assistance. John watches me the intently the entire time as I slowly fondle my visibly churning balls, he thrusts in unison with my heavy breathing eliciting more moans and another raging stream of pre from dick. Even my thick and callused hands can't even begin to cup one of my throbbing nuts let alone both of them. John increases his pace and I can feel him swelling inside of my vice like ass, he bites lips and stares at the ceiling. "Rai I can't hold it in! Your ass is milking my dick dry man." He says while visibly straining to restrain the inevitable flood. He lets out a final deep moan which I can feel in my own sympathetic and spasming dick. "You fucking stud I wish you could feel how amazing this...AH, OH GOD!" John's girder of a cock swells one last time as volley after volley is let loose. I can't help but yell with him in ecstasy as I'm filled with what feels like molten lava, his convulsing finally pushes me past my threshold. My dick, which has been so stiff it's hovering a few inches over my stomach like a marble statue, starts bucking so hard I can feel it smack my abs with a loud and painful thwack. I try to reach for it but John swats my hand away putting his own onto it. He times his thrusts with my exploding dick greatly amplifying the volume. I just can't stop cumming and I'm thankful that my chest had grown so monstrously thick that not even my dick's violent spasming can breach the sea wall that are my pecs, I wish I could say the same about the floor though. After a few minutes of uninterrupted fireworks we’re finally spent. John collapses on my chest allowing me to see his sweaty face for the first time since he gave me the second injection. Now I've seen him sweaty at the gym and always with that dumbass grin but never had I seen him like this, smiling with the afterglow of a good and thorough fucking. He looks at me and, while absentmindedly stroking my chest and arms, says "Man Rai I'd wish we'd done this sooner, but hey the party is just getting started." It took me a second longer than it should have for me to realize what he meant and John used my confusion to his advantage. He grunted in pain and I felt like I got kicked in my balls followed by that hot/cold feeling. That fucking bastard, not again…
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    I'm pretty sure you are looking for A God Created in Seven Days, there's a bit more to the story than what you remember/wrote, the guy uses the machine which acts like the fortune teller machine in Big...sorta. He wakes up every day over the next week getting closer to his ideal with his life changing to reflect the new him but there is a catch, he can not cum a single time until he gets back to the machine on the final day or he loses it all but the thing is each day he gets hotter and more people want to be with him. It gets harder and harder to be celibate for that small time frame despite his best efforts. https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/5738-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/5739-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/5740-p1.html
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    Muscle Theft - smoke/fog

    I believe you are looking for Jade Andersen Drinks Too Much. https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/24548-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/24673-p1.html https://archive.muscle-growth.org/threads/25728-p1.html
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    Coach Knows Best

    Inspired by a comment on Tumblr from this gif set. The atheletes are Johannes Luckas and Robert Forstemann respectively.
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    Coach Knows Best

    Coach had started me on some new drug he wouldn’t tell me anything about asides from “You’ll get gains like you’ve never seen” and a cryptic warning to “keep it in my fucking pants”, as in no sex, no masturbation, no release what so ever. Now normally this wouldn’t bother me…too much despite my high libido I can hold off for some time if need be but something was different while I was on this miracle drug. I’d been using it for two weeks now under the constant supervision of my coach and made some amazing strides in mass and strength, I’ve gained over 20lbs of muscle and broken every single one of my max lifts by a substantial amount. Hell all of my clothes look like they’re going to burst off me now with such growth in a short time but the one thing that has been worrying me the most is…well…my junk has been effected too, both my dick and balls are constantly swollen and very tender. In fact I swear they’ve grown along with the rest of me. Though even if I wanted to finally jack off and get rid of some pressure in my over burdened sack it damned near hurts to even touch it so I’ve left well enough alone. Today coach and I are making a video for his social media and he’s made sure I’m wearing my spandex clothes to show off my recent size as his prize client. He’s had hands all over me during the video to demonstrate for viewers the proper movements, my body is so sensitive at this point any touch is electrifying to me and my swollen muscles and genitals constantly rubbing my spandex clothes are keeping me on edge the entire video shoot. I’d thought if coach doesn’t stop soon I’d blow on camera but we thankfully finished before I did. I headed to the locker room to calm myself down and got a look in the mirror just how fucking obvious my excitement was now, my dick was pointing straight up half way up to my chest rubbing on my abs with every movement trapped there by my spandex shirt while my balls were so heavy and swollen they had weighed my shorts down enough you could see my bush and part of my dick through the opening between my shirt and shorts. As I very, very, gingerly touched them out of both pride and curiosity of their new size coach comes out of no where to congratulate me on a job well done with a hearty slap to my ass. After the last two weeks and my current situation that was enough to do it. The dam burst right then and there, a dam trying to hold back the Pacific Ocean but failing spectacularly. Coach started to cuss telling me I was in for it now and boy was he right. He told, as I was cumming a nigh non stop stream all over my front side, that until the body fully process the drug you can’t cum at all or you lose everything you gained while on it, or in other words I was about to cum twenty plus pounds of muscle all over the locker room floor and myself. Twenty pounds or in other words around three to four gallons of fluid was about to force it’s way out of the only exit it had, my dick. The coach smirked at me as he watched me thrash about turning my black clothes almost totally white and make a puddle spread over the entire room. He told me that to make up for lost time now that I couldn’t hold it in we are going to have to do a double dose at the very least, maybe a triple dose (he said forebodingly), I couldn’t process what he was saying as I was still in the throes of the worst/best orgasm of my life. Soon the flow tapered off and my hurting dick and balls finally calmed down back to a more manageable size as coach threw a towel on me telling me to clean up and meet him in the gym to start working back what I just wasted.
  15. Work had shifted me over to working until late at night so I've had to start working out late at night. I am usually one of the only people there but recently a guy who I remember seeing there during the day is working out when I do; thing is he has grown fucking massive! He has had to of doubled in size since I last saw him some weeks prior. My first thought, asides from envy and lust, was "Oh Lord, here we go again". Rumors had started that the gym owner will make some patrons into his...pet projects if you will, these guys would somehow blow up size and eventually just disappear. No one knew what the hell happened or where they went but we were willing to bet that the owner has a connection with a certain supplement company that has been making waves in the market with products that worked wonders, a little too well at that. I came into the gym one night to start up one hell of a back workout (gotta hit that new deadlift PR right?) when who do I see but the man in action at the leg press! There he is wearing nothing more than a wife beater, tights, and a pair of those Otomix shoes the pros and power lifters wear. I'm transfixed staring at him pressing a max loaded sled grunting as his spandex-clad legs piston through the motion while he grunts with each rep. Once I saw what he had between his legs fighting for space in a way that can only be described as grotesque I tripped over my own feet. With one last grunt he finished his set and looked at me on the ground blushing in embarrassment as I tried, and failed, to pretend nothing happened. Swiftly I got up and went to the other side of the gym to start doing some pull ups making sure not to meet his gaze the whole time. As I continued my workout I could hear his rhythmic grunting and heavy foot falls as he came went from exercise to exercise. I was in the corner of the gym resting between deadlift sets when he took the squat rack right next to me racking up hundred pound plat after hundred pound plate. After I stopped gawking I noticed he put the exact weight I was deadlifting onto the bar, I looked at his reflection in the mirror and met his gaze when he started his set. He did 20 reps with perfect form and no signs of effort as he didn't break eye contact the entire set. My new personal best of a single deadlift at 600lbs felt like I may as well have lifted a tenth of that. I couldn't help myself as a nice sized tent sprouted in my shorts which he noticed and gave me a smirk before doing another set of 20 reps. I took my time to calm down and resume my workout doing my best to ignore him as he kept squatting and adding yet more plates with little more exertion every set. He soon had the bar maxed out with hundred pound plates and seemed to be either waiting for something or possibly taking a break before resumed. I sat down on a nearby bench to rest briefly after putting my weights away when he quickly took his spot back and resumed squatting. I had a front row seat to watch as he slowly and easily squatted down nearly till his ass touched the ground and stood up grunting under the exertion and displaying his prowess. His ass looked two basketballs cut in half stuffed into blue spandex, balls bigger than any NBA player could hope to hold without two hands cupping their massiveness. As he squatted down I got so hard that I couldn't tell what had more blood in it, my entire body after a grueling deadlift personal record or my dick. He did a full ten reps with a familiarity like meeting a lifelong friend before he reracked the weights with a very loud and echoing thud, further driving home how empty the gym was with only the two of us there. He turned around and sauntered/waddled toward my slack jawed self. His legs were so pumped they looked like a chart of the human circulatory system through his leggings; but what drew my attention the most was the mass at eye level that was not dissimilar to a fruit arrangement with two grapefruits and a thick bottle gourd but with angry thick veins everywhere. As it throbbed and pulsed with a large wet spot forming on the tip I heard him speak for the first time tonight. "Hey, my eyes are up here mate.” he said with a voice as deep and gravely as a mountain slide, "Can you do me a favor bud and rerack my weights? I got something I need to take care of as you can see." He chuckled to himself as he gave his dick a squeeze eliciting a groan from the both of us and made the wet spot on his spandex expand further. I nodded as he put a very heavy and calloused hand on my shoulder. "Thanks a lot man, nice work on the deadlifts bud." He took his hand off my shoulder to close my mouth which I hadn't noticed was still open as I stared in disbelief. He winked at me as he waddled away. I felt like I was about to cum then and there as he slowly made his way to the locker room taking enough time to make sure he had my undivided attention. I awkwardly stood up as my dick was so hard it hurt now and put his weights away. I just couldn't help myself to do what he asked and someone has to do it right? I spent the next few minutes stretching with my erection refusing to get less hard before I headed to the locker room as well. I was debating if he was coming onto me, toying with me, or just got off on showing his power when I heard the telltale wet noises of flesh on flesh and a very deep grunting coming from the stalls. I cautiously made my way towards the restroom trying my damnedest to not make my presence known when he started to moan loader. As I rounded the corner I could see his shoes in the stall closest to the door as he let out one last booming grunt. It took me a second to realize what happened as he came until I looked towards the ceiling; with an extremely percussive thwack he was hitting the ceiling tiles with such force to push them upwards. After what felt like a good two minutes his orgasm finally died down as he went from hitting the new hole in the ceiling, to over the stall door with a perfect arc to the mirror across the room, until finally it was contained in his stall. As my head was swimming in the miasma of his musk and the unadulterated rank smell of pure sex he let out a loud FUCK! His feet were shifting and I noticed that strips of cloth were falling down to the ground, it took me a second to make the connection it was the remains of his wife beater. He continued to curse to himself with each word being muttered in a deeper voice while he stood up and, what I can only assume to be, struggled to pull his tights back up. I quietly slipped outside of the locker room before he could notice and waited until I heard his stall door to open before reentering, pretending I hadn't heard or seen anything. I went to my locker to rifle through my belongings as I built up the courage to say something, anything to him. As I was feigning interest at my gym bag I heard an extremely loud thunk coming from the weight scale, I turned around to see that he set it to max weight but with only one leg and part of his body weight had exceeded the limits of the now meager scale. After this sunk in I finally took notice of him. He had grown, substantially, to the point that he far eclipsed the man who I saw in the gym earlier. His shoulders had grown so wide that even a set of double doors would soon give him issues. His thick neck had lost the lost not only the battle but the war to his encroaching traps that were now threatening to swallow his head. His back could rival the moon in its ability to eclipse the sun, thick enough that his arms were forced up further into the air. His arms, even at rest, were much thicker than either of our heads. Miraculously his leggings had somehow managed to not explode off of his legs that were now so massive he had to change his stance like he was straddling a Clydesdale stallion, and yet his calves were still grazing each other as he stood up straight. What both impressed and terrified me the most was that despite his immensity I could clearly see, with him standing the other direction, a few inches of his dick that was threatening to rip upwards through his leggings that are absolutely struggling to keep the monster caged. He finally took notice of my meager presence, meager only while compared to him as otherwise my 6' 260lb frame would by no means be deigned as such. "Jeff right?" He inquired in a voice like the oncoming of a storm. "Yes actually, though I never got your name" I responded with my voice cracking in a combination of fear, lust, and awe. "I'm Ian." He replied with a hungry tone, "Would you mind helping me scrub my back in the shower? I seem to be having issues reaching it at the moment." He chuckled at his joke as he finally turned away from the weight scale he had been staring down. I couldn't help but gasp as I saw him from the front after his recent changes. A chest so thick that light could not escape its crevices; his nipples were nearly forced into hiding as they pointed down towards the ground and his abs which looked like a vest network of deep canyons with 10 peaks. His ass was so thick that not even his quads could hide it as you could see the curves of it from his front. To top it all off was a bulge in the front nearing the size of a medium pumpkin holding his angry, veiny, throbbing nuts. His dick, which at this point was both longer and thicker than my own heavily worked forearms, was steadily dripping precum through his straining tights. I have to admit I'm it proud of it, though I dare you to do better in my situation, but I came right then and there. I had always been the bigger man in my relationships, I was rarely outsized in my day to day interactions, but to come face to face with so much...man was too much for me. A man who, with a conservative estimate, was well over twice my size yet only an inch or two taller released a flood gate from within me that seemed like it wouldn't stop nor did I want it to either. He waddled over to me and put hands that could easily envelop my thick shoulders to support me. "Whoa there Jeff, I take it you like what you see eh?" He said while laughing. My dick gave an appreciative spurt as my orgasm started to end. "Guess you need a shower too now don't you bud?" He chortled. I numbly nodded my head while drinking in how close I was to this demigod. As he kicked off his shoes he instructed me to go ahead and strip then head towards the shower with him. He waddled away slowly taking every step deliberately while flexing his legs and ass as I took off my sweaty cum drenched clothing as if my life depended on it. I caught up with Ian in the room before the showers which had a large mirror and counter spanning the length of the wall. Ian was performing pose after pose with a combination of both worry and pride. While still looking into the mirror he met my gaze mid side bicep pose. "Fuck Jeff that is a nice piece you have their man! Though, not quite nice as mine heh". I couldn't help but blush; imagine a stud like me reduced to blushing like a school girl, as I flexed my 10" dick at him with my golf ball sized testicles bouncing. "Well Ian we can't all be freaks like you can we? What the fuck are you on that is making you grow like this and where the fuck can I get some?" "Never mind that Jeff, have any critiques on my posing stud?" He transition to a most muscular as he said this. A pose had never before lived up to its name until right then. He waddled over to me and flexed his arm which as pumped as it was had to be nearly twice as the size of his head now. "Or would you rather just feel it?" I gulped and slowly put my hand on the fire hot, harder than diamond bicep and came all over his leggings and stomach. Ian started laughing as he stopped flexing his arm, his dick now drooling a steady amount of pre through his tights, and swapped back to a most muscular. All the veins on his body were in stark relief as his head was being consumed by his chest and shoulders mid flex. "You do know you're going to have to clean that up right?" He said as he stopped flexing and stood up straight. I finally ended my second orgasm within a few minutes of each other as he stared into my soul. He started bouncing his pecs which at the point was akin to a devastating earthquake with his mass. I reached out and placed my hand firmly on his chest as he was doing this. Ian's dick throbbed and let loose another salvo of pre as he kept bouncing his chest with my hand firmly on it. I slowly brought my hand down his chest committing every part of it to memory for future alone time material. I got near his nipple and gave it a nice hard squeeze not realizing what hell would break loose. Simultaneously a few things happened. 1) Ian's eyes bugged out as he let out a combination yell/moan. 2) His knees started to buckle as he leaned forward putting enough weight on me for support that it made me worry that my own strength was being put to the ultimate test. 3) His dick throbbed torturously as he came with such force that despite his leggings it rebounded onto my legs from the wall a few feet away from us to the point it stung. 4) As he was thrusting his hips like a man in a seizure he grew, God did he grow. Ian bellowed out a very drawn out and angry FUCK as he curled his toes as if he was trying to claw into the earth. While mumbling/moaning incoherently he drew me into a bear hug to support his still thrusting and cumming self. He was radiating heat to the point I worried I was going to be burned as he inexplicably ab fucked my dick with his thrusts. I couldn't breath and when I could all I drew in was more of his heady musk. I joined him in my third orgasm in less than twenty minutes making an even worse mess over his stomach. After what felt like a sweaty crushing eternity he finally dropped me to the ground. I looked up but could only see his immense bulge and chest, his face long hidden by the two. "God fucking damn it!" He roared as he awkwardly waddled to the mirror. I stood up as he was examined himself with a mixture of expletives and curses at me and his luck. His arms were nearly locked into place at a 70° angle, each nearly as thick as my chest. Ian grunted in pain as he vainly grabbed towards his tights that somehow had still not burst off of his indescribable bulk, I really need to write a glowing review for the company that made them. I noticed his source of discomfort; his tights were now past skin tight and were digging deep into his rock hard flesh. Through a hole which had torn open on the back side I not only found out he chose to go commando tonight but got a full on view of his shaved hole. I stepped closer to Ian as he awkwardly tried to maneuver his bulk to a point where he could grab his tights and either take or rip them off. Defying logic he somehow gained purchase while awkwardly bending down as much as his body would now allow. As he got his leggings down to his knees he thrust backward with enough force to impale himself half way onto my 10" dick much to my delight and his horror. "JEFF WHAT THE FUCK MAN!?!" Ian screamed as he instinctively both clenched and stood up with enough force to bring me with him. With me still half way into his medicine ball sized cheeks Ian struggled to reach me but his new bulk interfered with his every movement. "Jeff get the fuck out of-" I couldn't help myself as I buried myself to the hilt. Ian let out a deep and angry moan as I started to thrust. "Jeff you mother fucker, when I get my hands onto you I'll show you how a real man does it you bitch!" I responded by pulling out to the tip of my head and slamming down to my bush as hard as I could, repeatedly. Though I couldn't see it, Ian's eyes rolled back up into his head as he bent forward trying to get support on the counter despite himself. As I kept deep dicking the big bitch I heard the telltale heavy sound of flesh hitting flesh as his massive dick was forcibly hitting the middle of his chest in rhythm to my thrusts. I couldn't see Ian's face, or anything in asides from his back for that matter due to it taking up my entire field of vision, but I could imagine what his sweaty face looked like as he became the bottom I fucking was making him. Eventually I no longer heard the sound of his dick bouncing off his chest but heard a gulping noise as Ian started to suck his down his own cock. Apparently he was too much man even for himself as I heard him gag every time I thrust forward and drove his dick further down his throat. Ian soon started to clench his massive ass and flexed it as hard as he could which I can only assume meant he was close to cumming, but then again so was I. Even with all of his strength he wasn't able to stop me completely as I redoubled my efforts on him. Soon I heard Ian swallowing as he started to grunt in worry and confusion as he came down his throat which began his next round of growth. His rhythmic clenching and vice like grip spurned me into cumming as well as keeping me inside him despite his wishes. Ian was forced to stand up as his arms were raised to parallel of the ground by his ballooning chest and widening back. His head was locked into place by his shoulders and chest as his dick kept up with his growing muscle at a neck break speed. Ian could see each volley travel up the multiple feet of his dick which was quite firmly stuck in his mouth. He was forced to swallow more and more as his balls tensed up and then expanded lower with each blast. Ian attempted to turn around and dislodge both me from his rear and his own convulsing dick from his mouth but was immediately tripped by his tights still wrapped around his knees. We both fell to the ground with a noise that echoed through the entire building, I was violently driven forward until I was fully impaling Ian's still bucking ass. I put my hands on his back, the only thing I could reach now to stabilize myself, as I emptied my soul into his innards. The fall finally dislodged Ian's angry dick from his mouth which continued to expel everything it had into the next room. I soon stopped my fourth outburst of the night and slowly disentangled myself from Ian. He was still cumming and growing but was finally tapering off as I stood up. I saw the mess I made leaking out of his cavernous ass crack onto his legs which were now thick enough that the only space between them was a small area where the knees met. Ian was still humping, as well as he could in his situation, with his tights now around his ankles just above his kicking socked feet. (I REALLY need to invest in a pair of those). I made my way to his front relishing every second of his size and the afterglow of the best sex I'm sure either of us have ever had. As I finally got to his head he let out one last volley a good foot out of his dick and slowly stopped growing. Ian was now so large that every limb was locked in stasis. He wasn't going to be leaving the building let alone moving without a great deal of assistance now. I can only guess that his drinking his own cum made the growth affect him so much more this time. I grabbed Ian's head by his hair at least as much as his neck and traps would allow me to. His cum covered face was barely coherent after his ordeal. I bent down and gave him a deep kiss before licking off all the cum left over from his face. A few seconds later my dick let out my fifth, and most massive, orgasm of the night all over Ian's head as I gained approximately 10lbs of muscle and 2" to my jumping cock. As I came off my growth high (God and that's only a fraction of what he felt and gained!) I asked Ian a few questions. Who was your supplier and who do you want me to get to help you? Both answers were Mike the gym owner, just like I thought. Do you have any more left? His locker was his response; I looked over into the lock room with the only door open asides from mine which had his gym bag poking out of it. With a smile I dropped his head which slumped back down onto his still hard and leaking dick. I made my way over to his locker and found both his cell phone and the mystery supplement. As I read the instructions, to avoid becoming just like Ian, I texted Mike from Ian's cell phone. I gave myself my first dose of the supplement, and new life, and felt even more exhilarated and energetic. I'm going to go do one hell of a fucking work out until Mike shows up at opening in a few hours, but for now I think Ian is ready for round two. I know I fucking am.