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  1. TheChimeraVirus

    Flip, This House!

    I'm looking for the story given in the topic's title. It's a bit old, but I'd like to find it again. I think O'Melissokomos posted it to his site ages ago, but now I'm unable to locate it. If someone else could help, I'd appreciate it. Please and thank you, folks!
  2. Summertime sadness. :\

    1. Mdlftr


      Try getting outside and into the sunshine. That may help your mood! "Step away from the keyboard, sir!"

  3. Stop melting! And why has the world stopped? What's going on!?

  4. "Do you just collect twelve crisp packets and send them in for free superpowers?"

  5. Fuck, why do I keep doing things wrong?

  6. You can't find it on the forum, however. And I don't believe he's reposted it. Though he did send it to me. I'll ask him if I can send it to you as well. EDIT: Spoke to Tekuno, he says to look for it on the archive of the old forum. Good luck, man.
  7. TheChimeraVirus

    Tales of a Lust Mage #5

    Bump! Read this story, folks!
  8. I can't seem to interact with Jake the Minotaur at all. Is this intentional?
  9. Doctor Who and the Series Finale That'll Likely be Shit

  10. Let's do the time warp agaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnn!

  11. Let's do the time warp agaaaaaiiiiiiinnnnn!

  12. TheChimeraVirus

    Musclebound Monster Makes Normal Guy Huge

    Oh wow, let me just send you all the link... One moment.
  13. TheChimeraVirus

    Musclebound Monster Makes Normal Guy Huge

    Hello, burntjello. The story you're looking for has been removed from this forum by its author. As he and his new site are persona non grata around these parts, I cannot mention them in a post without getting it removed. I'll contact the author and get him to repost it over there on his new site, as he has not reposted the story on his new site to the best of my knowledge. Then I'll send you a link. All the best, CV

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