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    real profile.
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    the muscle , i love big muscle and the power and horning of the growth muscle
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    craig golias, zeb atlas
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    the power of grow muscle and dick bigger, and the big muscle >.<

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  1. lsosuke

    Father and son (part two)

    continue man, please *¬*
  2. lsosuke

    Muscle Daddy - Chapter 1

  3. lsosuke

    Tumblr's major upcoming changes

    what is going to be the new page where the people can share anything?
  4. lsosuke

    Gene Hack

    i hope alex grow with him and have many sex *¬* a beast couple growing
  5. lsosuke

    The Arab Prince

    I LOVE IT!!!!! please more *-* i want the prince grow bigger but i want they grow together obviusly the prince bigger than him
  6. lsosuke

    Father and son (part two)

    dont worry write how you want but use my idea in another one XD ps: i love that you love it, i get horny with father and son have sex and grow together :D continue your story, i love our fetish
  7. lsosuke

    Father and son (part two)

    uuuuufff man, nice job, more please but i would like :/ the father and son grow together , uuufff 2 titans having sex i love incest father-son and they grow together *¬*
  8. lsosuke

    Father and son (part one)

    uuuuuufff nice , i like the starting
  9. lsosuke

    Forced to be bro

    more please *-*
  10. lsosuke


    i mail you , and i am sorry for you down with writing u-u
  11. lsosuke

    (NSFW) Insane cumshots !!!

    😕 so sad, i want more and i want to talk,see and touch them
  12. lsosuke

    Dad’s Changes - Part 1: Pick Up

    please more , i love it i hope the son grow with his dad
  13. lsosuke

    El novio de mi amiga

    uffff me encanto *-*
  14. lsosuke

    What started this for you?

    my case it was when trunk fought with cell, i love that transformation
  15. lsosuke

    Pay per Fran [ESPAÑOL]

    me encanto *-* muy hot esa historia uff yo casi pense que el enanito y querer pedir ser como el >.< eso habria sido muy hot, espero escribas mas y me encanto que estuviera en español por cierto segun el localismo pense que era chileno, no argentino, lo chilenos hablan muy raro...

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