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  1. I vaguely remember writing one with that theme several years ago. No idea what happened to it. It would have been on the old site, might possibly be in the archives. I’ll do a bit of digging and see if I can find it anywhere.
  2. That is very tough. Can I not have both?
  3. Wish I could do that!
  4. Paarke

    Andrews gym

    Sorry about the colour of the text. I've tried to change it to make it easier to read but it won't let me do it.
  5. Paarke

    Andrews gym

    Andrew’s gym used to be in the middle of a busy town, but as his strength grew, so did the problems. He was constantly having the gym upgraded with custom made equipment and heavier and heavier weights. Long abandoned ship yards soon found themselves coming back to life as the only places big enough to handle the kinds of iron he needed. The country was brought to a halt for three weeks as motorways had to be closed for a specially made truck that filled both carriageways at once made a painfully slow journey across the country to bring him a new dumbbell. Hooking it off the back of the truck with one finger, he announced that it was “fucking pathetic ” and tossed it over his shoulder like an empty coke can. That was over a year ago and air traffic is still grounded until it finally falls to earth. All that disruption was only the tip of the iceberg, and his gym and hardcore training made life a living hell for anyone living within a few miles. Nerves were shredded because no one ever knew just when he was going to drop the bar after a set. The loud metallic clanging temporarily deafening everyone, although that was the least of their worries. The constant banging of weights and him using machines that had more iron in them than a navy’s entire fleet caused constant shockwaves to go through the town. Driving was banned as there were so many accidents caused by cars getting bounced off the ground and careering out of control that it was far too dangerous. The trains weren’t any better, even if they could stay on the tracks, once he’d hooked his new 200megawatt stereo directly into the railway power grid with his bare hands, there wasn’t any juice left to power anything else. Houses became totally worthless, most were riddled with structural cracks and were never more than a few reps away from collapse. Insurance companies soon stopped paying out for repairs, saying it was an act of god. The town was on its knees. Schools were shut because staff couldn’t get in, businesses folded because supplies couldn’t get through. The local hospital, a 60’s concrete monstrosity collapsed into a cloud of dust half way through a really brutal leg session. Food meant a 15 mile walk to the nearest shop that could still get deliveries. Water was hit and miss. By the time he’d finished his latest bulk, Andrew couldn’t walk anywhere in town without the ground turning to mush, and the whole place was a mess of cracked water pipes and fractured sewer lines. Luckily there had been no gas supply for weeks. The truck delivering his new lifting straps fell through the road outside and broke the main supplying the town. When they told him they needed to shut the gym for a few days to fix it he simply pushed every single one of their vans, diggers, pneumatic drills into the hole and started to compact it down with his foot. To make his point he took off his trainer and made them watch as he moulded all their equipment into a solid mass of metal, oozing between his toes like it was some kind of thick liquid. In just a few short weeks the few people still in the town were in some kind of post apocalyptic world, scavenging around shattered buildings to find scraps to eat and hoping for clean water. The whole area was now a big exclusion zone. Anyone in there was on their own. If they managed to get out, all well and good, but no one was coming to help them. In a bid to try and persuade him from wreaking havoc somewhere new, the government agreed to supply Andrew with everything he needed as long as he stayed in the exclusion zone. He was going do whatever the hell he wanted, but it suited him to let them think they were in charge for now. Once a week, regular supplies would be delivered, and if he needed anything more complex then all available resources would be switched to providing that as quickly as possible. Naturally, this was going to be a huge logistical nightmare. His vast muscles were so impossibly dense that he had to eat a supermarket worth of calories for every meal just to maintain, and he was all about the growth. He needed a big area to stack up the hundreds of container loads of food and supplements that he would get through. He had the whole town to choose from, there wasn’t much left worth saving, but feeling a need to show his total dominance over the town he destroyed, he chose to site it on the one building apart from the gym that was still standing. The medieval Church was a marvel of architecture and engineering, standing guard over the town for centuries, and a real tourist attraction in its own right. There was no real way that the authorities could protect it, but, amazingly, it has stood almost intact and they assumed Andrew would have no interest in it. Andrew barely touched the huge oak door and it smashed back into the wall and exploded into splinters. He never even knew it was locked. He walked in, surprised at the size, it would do nicely. He loved the sound of his huge footsteps, already cracking the floor, echoing around the vast building, sounding like a huge giant striding the earth wiping out entire civilisations. Very slowly he stuck out his incredible, veined arms by his side, and began to fill his lungs. His vast pecs swelled at his filled his lungs to capacity, and almost beyond until they just began to burn. The he let out a huge roar, probably the loudest sound ever heard on the planet. Priceless windows were instantly shattered, shards of glass raining down everywhere. Beautiful ceilings, painstakingly painted by artists hundreds of years ago cracked, and crumbled into tons of dust. The sheer power of his roar blowing all the dust out through the shattered windows and painting the whole town a kind of dirty great colour. Eyeing up a solid stone pillar, several feet thick, he pulled back his arm and obliterated it with a single punch. It probably took a hundred years to build and he was going to destroy it in minutes.
  6. Really cheeky, but if anyone on here is a qualified electrician in the UK could you pm me, I just need a bit of advice.

  7. Great pics. I'm loving your physique.

  8. I love it if they eat so much it starts to affect others, because they are causing shortages or it ends up costing others so much to feed them, or imagine a city going hungry to feed a growing muscle giant. They know every bite will make him bigger, but he's already at such a size they can't disobey him, and he wants mind blowing size.
  9. Love your stories!

  10. At least the shoulders are starting to grow


  11. Couldn't figure out why a shirt I've not worn for ages wouldn't fit right this morning, then I realised it was because my shoulders had got bigger. Brightened up the day!

    1. viennabeef


      Here's to more bright days in your future!

  12. Love your dream stats. Hope you get there!

  13. Forgotten about that. I'll have a reread later!
  14. We need to find this! Any idea where you might have seen it?
  15. What the fuck is happening? I just woke up,although came to would be more accurate. I can't figure out where the fuck I am. I know I'm not in my house or the gym, but all I can see is this weird fog. I keep blinking but I can't clear it. My whole body is wracked with that delicious soreness. You know the one,you've had a really hard,heavy workout but you push for that extra rep to get this feeling. You know it means you're growing. Pleasure and pain rolled into one. I'm so fucking hungry. I could eat a horse. OK,not strictly true. I feel like I could eat a whole stable full of horses,plus the staff and down a tanker full of protein shake and it wouldn't even put a dent in a mouthful. My mind is just a blur. Weird dreams all night. My head is full of noise. Things breaking, sirens,gunfire and explosions,the sounds of screaming and terror. Almost sounds apocalyptic. What the hell has happened?
  16. And 100 ton dumbells, I used to lift those things? Fuck, I was weaker than I thought. I kind of thought one would make a cool nipple piercing. They're too small though, kept slipping through my fingers when I tried to get them in. Must have a dozen of the fuckers mashed up between my abs now.
  17. I didn't know you were in the gym when I was there earlier. They've given up trying to clean and got the fire service in to pump out the mess. Was an even bigger mess after a few of those pills, believe me!
  18. Really enjoying this. Look forward to seeing what happens next!
  19. Oh brilliant! Thank god I'm at home this time. Don't think I'd mind getting forged myself.
  20. Probably shouldn't have read that in a busy coffee shop. I'll have to stay put for a while now
  21. I can't see the shoutbox anymore. It appears for about half a second each time I come onto the site and then it just disappears.
  22. I was just reading this on your tumblr. Great story, loved it!
  23. Absolutely love huge power getting into the wrong hands. Just the way it should be!
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