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  1. Paarke

    NABBA Universe

    Definitely. It’d be nice to meet up with a few like minded muscle fans!
  2. Paarke

    NABBA Universe

    If you go next year let me know. It'd be nice to meet up with someone else.
  3. Paarke

    NABBA Universe

    He is. I think he's on tonight.
  4. Paarke

    NABBA Universe

    I'm 5'11 and he was shorter than me.
  5. Paarke

    NABBA Universe

    He did. Seems like a really nice guy too.
  6. Paarke

    NABBA Universe

    True. Some of them have been training at the gym I go to. I met Peter Molnar yesterday which was very nice!
  7. Paarke

    NABBA Universe

    Just wondering if anyone was going to the Universe at the ICC in Birmingham (UK) tonight. I'm undecided but I'm working nearby until just before it starts so I might go in.
  8. Great pics. I'm loving your physique.

  9. Paarke

    Eating to grow/gluttonous growth

    I love it if they eat so much it starts to affect others, because they are causing shortages or it ends up costing others so much to feed them, or imagine a city going hungry to feed a growing muscle giant. They know every bite will make him bigger, but he's already at such a size they can't disobey him, and he wants mind blowing size.
  10. Paarke

    Shirtless Workout

    I would get way too distracted. I have enough trouble concentrating as it is.
  11. Paarke

    Young Tony Stories

    Really good to see these again.
  12. Love your stories!

  13. At least the shoulders are starting to grow


  14. Paarke

    More than just for show: huge muscles and strength display

    Wow! That sounds incredibly intimate and hot at the same time.
  15. Love to find out what you like about extreme strength...scenes/who's go it?  you can find me on skype.  [email protected]