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    real profile.
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  • What are your interests?
    Well this of course, but also a movie and gamer nerd. I'll watch some sports, not really crazy about playing too many other than occasionally shooting basketball.
  • What are your stats?
    6'8, 315'ish. Last check chest was around 53, waist around 38, quads around 30, arms around 18.
  • What are you seeking?
    Also later ;)
  • What are your dream stats?
    Would like to be around 350-375 and then reevaluate. Would like the chest in the 60's, arms over 20, and quads in the 33+ range.
  • Favorite Bodybuilders
    Liking Craig Golias' proportions, and Antoine Vaillant, Erik Fankhauser has amazing calves, and for a shorty, Flex Lewis is pretty damn impressive.
  • Got Any Fetishes?
    Definitely into plausible/realistic growth mainly with the rare diversion to crazy growth. Also a bit into size difference, comparisons, and ummm, occasional intimidation/humiliation/revenge scenarios.

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  1. hey big man.  love the profile...and the fetishes...hope you're well.  Would love to chat sometime...i'm usually in the chat rooms.  Cheers, bud.

  2. Hey Beastman-how ya doing? Whats been going on with you since the job change? You back to growing bigger again?

  3. Leaving the old job for better opportunity, will miss the clients--FYI, never work for a chain gym!

  4. Had a client yesterday weigh in under 200 lbs for the first time in years, the encouragement from their words and behavior reminded me that changing a 13 year career to this field was the right step.

    1. flamedelft


      It's always a great feeling when you help others :) Good job!

    2. argomac
    3. Augment


      Agree with Flame, great job!

  5. planned

    Many thanks for all your hard work on keeping this site running strong
  6. Dunno anyone in the area that I can refer in that area, but can say feel free to kick the tires when shopping for one. Ask them what certifications or related degrees they have, price compare, specifics about contract rates and obligations and cancelation terms, availability days and times. A lot of times they can do a consultation or free workout up front, but keep in mind it is probably pretty generic since they haven't got too much info on you and your goals yet. Be candid about your goals with the trainer, and if it's a trainer at the gym you currently work at, watch when they work with their clients. You'll see some that are pretty involved and focused, and others that count ceiling tiles and talk. Also, be careful judging the trainer based entirely on looks--there are some pretty jacked trainers that are complete d-bags and flake out on commitments. Look at it like an interview, since you are hiring the person. Just completed my NASM certification and I will tell you that someone worthwhile isn't going to have issues with you being thorough. Keep in mind that they usually sell training in packages of sessions, and usually your rates are lower for the higher bundle of sessions you buy. Depending on what kinda money you have committed to this, will determine # and overall cost. If you're unsure about their price range, take time to think and shop around. Good luck and hope you can find someone worthwhile.
  7. news

    CMill, you are awesome! Love the thing at the top that says logged in at "Muscle time: go work out." Nice touch if you put that there
  8. Just passed my NASM Personal Training Certification, thank you all for the encouragement :)

  9. NASM test Thursday, wish me luck!

    1. GymWolf


      All the best big guy! Would've beed quite impressed and privileged to have such a huge beast be a trainer if I can you be my trainer :-D

  10. 1025, but haven't really pushed for much more because I feel like the range of motion/loss of form and stress isn't worth it yet.
  11. Add me to the list of gaymers, was a WoW nerd but let the account freeze, starting to fall off the D3 wagon in favor of Terraria. Tried FF14 for a bit but just didn't really set in. PM me if you wanna swap info.
  12. Rest up and get well soon, glad the procedure went well
  13. That is probably the closest thing to chiropractor porn I've ever seen. Sweet geebus...I see people use bad form but that is a medal winner.
  14. I can definitely say that I've done a 180 with this department. I was overly self-conscious growing up and had a terrible self esteem. My older brothers were relentless turds in helping keep that cloud of insecurity over my head, and I think I had few people that helped reinforce good, positive outlooks. The height made things awkward in school and I was always afraid of how I would appear to do something. It made playing basketball a nightmare at times, where I'd be playing well and one bad mistake would have me come unhinged. The tall and lanky thing was tough, because I'd always feel awkward having comments come my way which was often. I'd always been a closet-muscle fan for many reasons, and after getting on my own and thanks to the age of the internet it opened things up for me. After a long delay, and multiple on and off workout plans, I finally kicked my own ass into gear and gave it a serious effort. I've been making gains and progress and I would still have those moments. I kinda had to reboot my thinking process more and embrace a lot. Come to find out, I loved the changes physically, psychologically, emotionally. it changed me a lot. Now, I enjoy the comments. I still try to have a modest approach of thanks, still trying for more and I try not to be negative and reply with something about what I'm not happy with. The encouragement I've gotten helps push a bit further and I know that I'm still pushing in the right direction. I am dating a guy who is really into my height and size and it's been awesome to realize that what I spent a majority of my life growing up with is not so bad and the progress helps make it even better. I will try to avoid the cliche pop-psyche encouragement thing, but something that helped me is realizing that appreciating yourself is more important and once you can figure that out, it helps make others comments a lot more comfortable and put in a better context. Just my two cents.