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  1. I am looking for other sites with male muscle growth stories or contents. I already tasted metabods and this site and the evolution forum archives. So if anyone know a MG site in english or french. Ho and i also love anthro dragon stories but ther is not many of them so i would love site with MG and anthro dragon :)
  2. Someone know stories about pirats ? like treasure hunting adventure with crew of gigantic manly muscular mens ? And the treasure make them grow bigger and more muscular. If this type of story dont exist or lack, i hope it will inspire writters
  3. Maybe its too specific but ... Is there actually stories featuring giant muscular knight with casqed head ? With also a cool discret armor. Or just muscle growth stories where the face is hidden and the guys mute.
  4. I wondered if there was stories about big musculat orcs to read. The site's reshearch didn't gave me any post related to "orc" . also i seek more globally non-human stories. If you can give me links to dragons stories, it would be nice.
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