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  1. hello, I am a young monstrously muscled boy looking for older men to be able to play with me.

  2. The moment he pressed his lips to that guy's lips, I knew what was coming...soooo happy to see muscle theft made its way into this comic~
  3. The face is definitely from Matt's work..that's the only name he went by, I'm pretty sure
  4. Hey guys..first time posting in this thread, but I'm a huge gamer (my love of games has even inspired me to try to go into game design as well). I have Steam, Skype, and BattleNet. If there's not already a Steam group for people on these forums, we should totally make one!
  5. Hey everyone, just thought I'd see who all is on Steam and stuff. I'm a pretty big gamer, got like 200 games in my Steam library (I think..), and like 200 console games. I'm on Steam under the username "dandicoot" if anyone wants to hit me up