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    25yo 175cm 80kg, flexed biceps 37.5cm pumped
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    Gym bro for mutual measuring, growing, cuddling, and generally turning our brains into biceps
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    There will never be a big enough, but with 15inch biceps I would officially have big arms
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    Charlie, by dhalden; Gene Hack, by deadlifts-and-derrida
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    Aleksey Lesukov, Adam Gerber, Craig Golias, Welshy is just adorable
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    Imbalance (e.g. every day is arms day), roid abuse, dumb jock

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  1. Translated from the French at https://docs.google.com/document/d/1lqUIWMG4DUTTDYFPIQaEc_RF-nnMhrXziss9DrNoWAg/edit . I've taken a couple of liberties. Probably not actually going to embark on the whole thing (it takes quite a bit of time), it just interested me to start Couple of bits where I'm not totally sure of the original; sorry. Dramatis Personae Quentin: that's you! You are a gay man, brimming with fetishes, pudgy but arrogant. You have committed some crime, for which they've sent you into Hell - or, more accurately, the MRDD base. MRDD base (Muscular Research and Development Division): this military base is unique. A seething mass of soldiers and cadets, super-soldiers, and civilians who are finally receiving their first real state education, this facility has a 100% success rate: if you don't succeed, you don't leave. Nobody to date has escaped the facility: the base is far offshore, surrounded by (of all things) sharks, and the only way to get in or out is by helicopter (whether civilian police, or military). In this base, you are the only fatty; all the others are stacked, each in their own unique way with a different kind of strength. The stars of the show, if we may permit ourselves this indulgence, are the super-soldiers: solid walls, even fortresses of pure hard muscle, endowed with obscene strength. In this base, everything is permitted in the name of "education" - humiliation and punishment alike. The cadet: looks like a soldier, but is not yet a soldier, the facility is moulding him into a greater being. He will not give any orders or mete out any punishments unless on the orders of a trained, grown soldier. As the lowest of the low, he is not permitted to shower, nor to take off his uniform (army boots included) without orders. The soldier: trainer of those in the facility (you and the cadets alike), apt to use you as the example for the class when training his students. A supervisor of the facility, but he is very ready to turn a blind eye if others choose to "educate" you. The super-soldier: a special soldier unit, hugely muscled and inhumanly tall, a true giant, sometimes taken for a god. A mere mortal, drawn up to his full height, might be the size of one of these monster's pecs. All their muscles are obscene, rock-hard, strong enough to crush the mightiest thing with ease. Everyone is terrified of them, because they have the run of the base: each of them has their own room (en-suite, no less), with a bed made of solid stone (no mattress) designed specially to support their grotesque weight. He is even permitted to "educate" you in his own room. The other civilian: of all the evil people in the world, the civilian occupants of this base were selected for their unique combination of muscle and tyranny. They love to torture their victims, playing all the while with their own muscles. The rules of the base Respect the soldiers Obedience (self-explanatory) Hierarchy must be maintained: the cadets are nothing, the civilians are only slightly higher Curfew (for civilians) at 8pm: no talking, the only place a civilian may be after curfew is in his own bed No fighting (among the civilians) A civilian may be punished in any way for anything During the day, work is done by civilians: cleaning the toilets, etc. The cadets and civilians sleep in the same dormitory, no ventilation, six bunk beds making twelve bunks for twelve civilians and twelve cadets (so a civilian and a cadet to each bed). At night, access to this dormitory is via the room of the soldier on duty.
  2. Ma maîtrise de français ne suffit pas pour traduire en français, mais je suis sûr que je peux traduire en anglais!
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