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  1. tereshky

    m/m The Tank

    Definitely have more planned for Brian and his "growing pains". I have another story that I need to finish first before I get back to this series though. Also, thanks for all the feedback. You guys are what keeps all this going
  2. tereshky

    m/m The Tank

    Brian Salk was walking down the street in a tight-fitting T-shirt, the kind that clung to him so snugly that you could see all of his muscles beautifully pressed against the fabric. People who saw him thought he lived a charmed life as one of the world’s youngest self-made billionaires, at 25 he was the latest wonder kid to make it big in the tech industry. He was on the cover of magazines and billboards. The media was taken by his other talents as well, particularly his prowess as a body builder. Shirtless photos of “the Billion Dollar Six Pack” were everywhere. That combined with his ability to speak 10 languages, play piano and violin like a virtuoso, and his status as a chess master made him into quite the modern-day renaissance man. Brian didn’t mind the attention. He liked people checking him out. It was the closest he could get to imagining what being in a relationship was like. His father, to whom he felt he owed everything, did not approve of his son being in a relationship, not because he was gay. His sexuality was common knowledge and all of his “brothers” were (something that was not common knowledge). Rather he and the old man shared a secret, the key to all of Brian’s successes. A secret that if the world were to know, could end Brian’s freedom forever. Brian was the last of the “Children of AIM” (AIM being the Army Institute of Mutagenesis). A military agency devoted to the development of the American Supersoldier. After a disaster that led to the catastrophic quarantine of an entire town, and the “loss” of one of the founders of the program, the project was deemed as too dangerous to continue. The three remaining super soldier subjects or, “Children of AIM” as they were known, were sent to various families within the United States to be raised as normal children. However, Dr. Gregory Salk was unable to say goodbye to the child he had created undertook to raise the boy as his own son and hone his abilities for the good of humanity. His superior intelligence and athletic prowess were the result of billions of dollars of secret investment. But Brian had abilities that went far beyond that. As a gift from his treatments at AIM, he could change his body size and musculature at will, a skill that would have made him nearly invincible on the battlefield. As he was now a free man, that particular talent was no longer strictly needed. It did however come in handy in another of Brian’s hobbies. You see, Brian always felt the need to give back to society, so he led another life, the life of a crime fighting hero. A life that was about to be tested once again. “Hey Brian!” came a familiar voice. “Huh?” he said, looking around. “Oh! Hey Jake!” Jake’s father owned a bank and as his son, he managed all of his charitable work. Being a philanthropist himself, Brian ran into him all the time, which was torture because Jake was the most gorgeous man that he had ever seen and the young billionaire was head over heels for him. To make matters worse Jake was openly gay and single. Brian hated having to keep his feelings a secret. To be fair, Brian only thought he was keeping it a secret. Anyone with half a brain could see the way he blushed whenever Jake walked in a room or fumbled for words. Or the way his package bulged up whenever Jake touched him. “I was just grabbing some coffee big guy,” Jake said, walking over, casually placing a hand on his friend. “You want to join?” “Yeah well… I… uhhh coffee sounds nice… you ummm like coffee?” In truth he’d been on his way to a meeting but those fingers on his arm made him temporarily forget anything about that. “Uh… yeah…” Jake chuckled. “We had coffee together at Autism Gala, and that cancer event before that. For a genius you’ve got a lousy memory.” He said gently prodding his large friend in the side. “Oh right… yeah sorry…” he said, blushing and scratching the back of his head. Soon the thoughts began again. He had a condo in this neighborhood. He could just take Jake up there and they could have glorious… “Earth to Brian.” His thoughts were interrupted by a slightly impatient Jake. “You want to join or…?” “Oh… yeah… sure…” he stammered. “Excellent.” Jake took Brian by the arm, effectively leading him like a puppy. The two walked a few blocks together and were having a great time enjoying their coffee when Brian’s highly engineered hearing picked up a disturbing sound. “Gimmie da cash or I use your guts to paint dese bricks!” That was followed by the sound of someone pleading. “Crap…” He pulled out his phone as cover. “Look I’m really sorry, I’ve got to run!” “Always on the run…” Jake sighed. Without another word Brian jumped up from the table. As soon as he was out of Jake’s line of vision he ducked into an empty alley and pulled a spandex wrestling mask from his back pocket and placed it over his head. Then he pulled off his shirt and pants, stuffing them away into the backpack that he always carried with him and hid it in a corner of the alley, revealing nothing but a tight stretchy bottom. Clenching his teeth and concentrating on his body, his already impressive biceps began to bulge out, his famous six pack bulged into an eight pack, his back muscles went into a state of upheaval as his traps and delts began to broaden. His pecs ballooned out, forcing his nipples even lower. His clingy shorts were stretching against his inflating bubble butt and thighs. He was becoming… The Tank. As his body swelled with more and more muscle he began to grow taller, passing 6’ 6’’ then seven feet. The rush of power flowing through his veins was incredible as pound after pound filled into his body. He passed the 8-foot mark with 800 pounds of raw muscle with arms and legs the size of tree trunks, abs bulging out like grapefruits, with lats that pushed his arms outward. Time for action. He bounded away after the sound, leaping over the street as agile as a deer, darting from alley to alley as if he were flying until he came upon what he was looking for. Three guys had a Somali immigrant pinned to the wall. “I told ya, if ya don’t buy de insurance in dis country, bad t’ings can happen!” “Please… I wont have enough to feed my kids if I pay that much!” he begged. “Sounds like your company needs to go out of business.” It wasn’t the best line but Brian was working on that part of the job. “What da hell?” One of the thugs looked up just a trash can came hurtling at them, knocking two of them off their feet. The remaining one looked up at the behemoth standing before him and realized his worst nightmare had found him. The bulging, masked goliath took a few steps toward him. “De Tank…” he muttered, legs shaking like noodles, and pulled out a gun. Before he could get off a shot, The Tank had slammed a massive elbow into his gut, sending him flying into a nearby chain link fence. He turned to the immigrant. “Get out of here!” But there was no need for that. He’d already taken off down the alley. Brian reached down to the two thugs he’d knocked down with the trash can and picked them up by their shirts. “Now I want to get one thing clear with you punks.” He growled, his voice deep and booming. “There’s gonna be no insurance racket in this town as long as I have anything to say about it. So if I see you again you better have a new occupation.” Suddenly there was a loud bang and flash of pain in his left arm. He knew it instantly, he’d been shot… again. The man he’d knocked into the fence had gotten up and pulled out another gun. He effortlessly hurled the two miscreants on top of his assailant and walked over to the pile and picked up the dropped hand gun as a steady trickle of blood ran down his arm. “You know, that just pisses me off,” he said crushing the weapon in his other hand. “You better be pretty glad I’m not like you.” He said dropping the useless pile of metal. Unhooking a belt from his waist, he stretched it out and wrapped around the three of them. “That ought to hold you.” He said clipping it together, causing a light to begin to flash. Once locked it was nearly impossible for them to get out. The homing beacon would alert the police, and an electronic USB stick would play a recording of the event. He might even make the news tonight, he thought as he bounded away back to the alley where he had dumped his clothes. When he got there, he flexed his arm until the bullet popped out. They never went in very deep. Shrinking back down to his usual size, he pulled a compression bandage out of the backpack and wrapped it around his arm. Bullets didn’t do much damage when he was ‘tanked out’ (as he liked to call it) and his modified body was pretty good at healing without a scar but they did hurt. It was like getting stung by a giant hornet. Quickly getting his clothes on he headed up to the condo he owned in the neighborhood to get cleaned up, sending an email to his colleagues that he was sorry to have missed the meeting. He had five new text messages but one of them in particular was difficult to answer. It was from Jake. “See you around, handsome. Maybe one day you won’t be too busy to hang out.” It bit him to the core. He felt like he would have given anything to have been able to finish that cup of coffee with him. ‘But then that man might not have been able to go home to his kids.’ He heard his father’s voice in his head. That evening, his walk back to Mid Town where he and his father made their primary dwelling on several floors of a skyscraper was a lonely one. “You really could have built me to make the bullets hurt less,” he told his father Gregory that night as the 65-year-old gently attended to the wound. The old man laughed. “You should have seen how some of the other super soldiers reacted. Some of them had better healing than you do and they would scream and run away at the mere sight of a gun.” “Maybe that’s what I should do,” Brian grumbled. “You’re the one who chose to be ‘The Tank’. I would have been just as happy for you to devote your life to computers, arts or science,” his father said. “But I’m proud of you. Every person you save makes my life’s work seem more worthwhile.” He smiled and then added, “Also if you wouldn’t grow so large you wouldn’t make such an easy target. I’m sure you don’t have to be so massive to deal with street thugs.” Brian chuckled. “Do you want to take away the one really fun part of my life?” His father sighed. “I suppose not.” “I met Jake today for a coffee.” Brian threw in as casually as he could. “Oh? How’s his family doing. It’s been a long time since I’ve seen his father.” “They’re fine I guess. I… mostly forgot to ask,” Brian said with a sigh. “You know… we do a lot of charity work, we should plan an event with them or…” “Brian…” his father said, sealing the wound with a special adhesive he’d invented for his son. “Is that really a good idea? I know how you feel about him. There is such a thing as tormenting yourself for no reason.” “Well I wouldn’t have to torture myself if you’d let me see him,” Brian retorted. “And what would he think of us?” Gregory said, “What would he think of our life?! Of who and what you really are?” He sighed and patted his son on his uninjured shoulder. “The army is clear on this. If people find out about AIM through you, they will ‘reposess’ you. It took everything in my power to get them to release you to me when you were 18 months old… I don’t have the connections that I used to have.” “Well what if he doesn’t know?” Brian asked. “I don’t have to tell him!” “Son you grow in your sleep sometimes… It took me four months to design a bed that you wouldn’t break when you were 12. When you get too “excited” you start to morph. These are things you just can’t hide from a partner.” “Well, why can’t you just fix those things?” Brian said. “You come up with solutions to everything else.” “I gave you a mind easily a match for mine, and it’s still young and in its prime. If anyone could fix the kinks of the super soldier program it would be you,” Gregory said. “But I think that Pandora’s box is left closed. You are the last of them… and the most functional I might add.” He said with a bit of pride. “Right now I’d give anything to just be normal. To finally know what it’s like to truly be with someone,” Brian muttered. “I know it’s hard… I’ve had to make the same sacrifices you have. You’re all I’ve got.” The big guy heaved a remorseful sigh. “I’m sorry Father. You’re right.” “Why don’t you stay in tonight.” His father said, patting him on the back. “You’ve done enough for one day. I’ve got something I need to work on in the lab.” Brian was left alone to look out over the city lights. While he was designed to easily be able to go many nights without sleep, and he often did, this particular day felt like it needed to end. So he went to bed. That night he tossed around in his sleep. His dreams were troubled by visions of masked men dressed in black, hunting him down. He jerked himself awake in bed with a loud “No!” and looked down at his swollen body, buffed up by the fear in his nightmare. The pounding of his heart echoed his head. He’d only gained about 100 pounds in his sleep this time. “Perhaps Dad’s right… I just can’t control this.” His thoughts were interrupted by a knock at the door. “Uh… yes?” The door opened and to his shock, Jake stepped into the room. “I heard you shouting and I thought you might need some company.” “How… how did you get in here?” Brian stammered pulling the sheets over his naked body. His dream growth shredded anything comfortable he could sleep in. “Does it matter? I’m here now,” he said walking over to the bed. “Do you want me to leave?” “No… no… I just don’t get…” Brian was fumbling with his words as Jake pulled off his shirt and began to crawl on top of the sheets over to him. He’d seen that lovely chest before, at socials where there was a pool. His cock was throbbing, he’d wanted to touch that body so often and here it was crawling into his bed. Jake climbed onto of his massive target and straddled him before licking those massive pecs which began to swell under his touch. “Fuck… no! I can’t… not in front of… awww fuck.” It felt so good. Jake pressed his lips against Brian’s’ and massaged those nipples as his inflating pecs pushed them downward. “Mmmmm, that’s a neat trick. Why didn’t you tell me about it before?” Jake said licking Brian’s traps, making their veins pop out as they bulged into his face. “Didn’t… think… you’d understand…” Brian said, gently pulling down Jake’s pants so he could feel that luscious ass of his. “I only understand that I’ve never wanted anything more,” Jake said, pulling down the sheets and driving his cock into Brian’s massive abs. “God, you’re incredible,” Brian moaned as his abs bulged around the cock that was riding up and down the slit between them. “Wanted this for so long,” he said, growing taller as the man he’d wanted to be with more than any other began to move up and down his massive frame. His balls began to swell larger than fists as his cock began to grow, poking Jake in the back. “Seems like someone’s ready to play,” Jake said reaching and stroking the massive rod. “Never… done this… before,” Brian moaned. “Let me show you how it’s done,” Jake whispered and mounted the giant member and slowly slid himself down on it. Brian’s balls were so excited that they began to swell like mad first to cantaloupes then to basketballs. His cock grew to 24’’ and Jake had to balance himself on the giant balls to ride it. Brian could feel his ass expanding into an enormous bubble butt. Jake took notice and reached down to squeeze it while he could still reach it. His fingers spread the massive ass cheeks expanded in his hand. The reinforced bed was beginning to creak and strain under the new weight as Brian’s biceps grew larger than Jake’s entire torso. He passed 8’ 6’’ as his balls swelled to the size of beach balls. Each of his massive pecs weighed over 100 pounds of raw muscle as he bounced them in delight. Jake felt the expanding lats pushing even further out from Brian’s massive sides. As he was skewered on the enormous dick like a toy. Pre-cum started to gush out of that giant cock, overflowing Jake’s ass and spilling out down his enormous shaft, completely soaking the bed. “Awww fuck I’m gonna cum!” Brian shouted when suddenly an alarm went off. He opened his eyes as one of his massive balls slid off the cum soaked bed and bounced onto the floor, stretching his sweaty nutsack. A jet of cum blasted him in the face as his balls unloaded onto no one but himself. He was alone it had been a wet dream. His body had expanded so much that the bed alarm had gone off to wake him. Brian had passed the 1000-pound safety limit. He coughed a little as another massive blast of cum covered his face and chest in spunk. He laid there panting for a moment, unable to shrink just yet. The hottest thing he’d ever imagined had just happened and it wasn’t even real. He idly rubbed his cum soaked nipple wishing so hard that Jake could be there but he’d proven his father’s point. As globs of jizz rolled down the bedsides he realized that being intimate with anyone was going to mean revealing his true identity.
  3. Just curious but is there a lot of interest in fantasy based stories on here? If so, it's something I would consider trying out.
  4. A porn star learns that not everyone has the same idea when you say you want to be "huge". -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Chad gripped Blake by his cut waist as he pounded his rounded ass cheeks. “You like that stud?” He whispered into his ear. The jacked bottom groaned and ran his hand down Chad’s side. “Oh yeah babe...” He grunted back. Chad’s massive cock drilled away at his partner’s ass. It would soon be time for Blake to cum. His body was massive, with every inch of him bulging with muscle that flexed and bounced as he bobbed on the other’s cock. Sweat was dripping down the deep cleavage between his pecs. He had done this hundreds of times, he needed to make sure his body was positioned perfectly before he blew his load. Chad’s fingers were moving their way through the dimples and creases of his back muscles, occasionally giving his massive biceps a squeeze. Blake’s thighs were bulging from the action of thrusting himself onto that massive cock. He closed his eyes, pointed his chin up, thrust his head into the other’s neck and shouted and covered his own pecs with his jizz. “CUT!” The director shouted as Blake panted against Chad’s chest. The two relaxed as the film crew went over the footage. “I dunno… we got his cock in there… I keep telling you to shoot it so that it makes his cock look normal.” The cameraman shot back, “Why can’t you just get a cock extender on it?” “Because how do you get a cum shot with a fake cock blocking the jizz? Hopefully we got enough footage to patch things up in editing.” The director shouted indelicately, causing Blake to blush. He hated when people mentioned his… deficits. You see, while Blake had a massive, perfect physique and a face that could have made him a movie star, his cock was about four inches long fully hard. Being a failed actor, porn was the only thing that he knew how to do to pay the bills, though his deficiency meant he had to peddle his ass at a discount. His relatively cheap price meant he got a lot of work though. Many directors could cut the film in such a way that actually hid how small Blake really was, focusing primarily on his perky bubble butt, broad pecs, and insanely handsome face. His fellow actor was losing his sex flush as he toweled himself off but Blake was still bright red as he listened to the conversations of the director and producer as they spoke in the corner. They were talking about him and they didn’t give a damn if they were overheard. “Yeah Tom I know he’s got the best bod for the price but I’m getting tired of cutting great material because that tiny cock’s in the shot. We end up cutting so much I start to wonder what the point is. Maybe we could just shell out the money for someone with the complete package.” Blake hated this part of things. There was no place to go while they talked about this stuff. He had to stay so they could get the odd shots that could be spliced in later during editing. “Alright, Blake! Grab a cock extender for the next few shots.” The director tossed him a strap on cock and it was back to work. It was 8 pm before they were done and Blake could go to his own room in the hotel. He was looking forward to having dinner brought up to him but as he walked into his room and heard. “Alright now give him your best show.” Two guys that he didn’t recognize were fucking each other doggy style on his bed. Given his line of work, he didn’t find it disgusting but it was definitely poor porn etiquette. “What’s going on in here? The filming rooms are down the hall.” Blake said annoyed. “We’re not filming,” came the stranger’s voice. “This show is for you.” Blake walked further into the room until he could see a man in a three piece suite sitting on a chair looking through a rectangle made with his fingers, pretending to record. “I don’t know Blake, they’re listless and unimaginative. They’re not nearly as good at faking it as you are but they do have one asset you can’t compete with.” The two men rolled over and showed off their 8’’ cocks. “Look at them. They’re not as buff as you, they’ve got one third of your talent, and I’d say their faces are quite common. Yet they’d bring home just as much money as you because of those schlongs and they’re not even that impressive as far as porn cocks go.” “Alright, you guys, out!” Blake had enough of being demeaned. He certainly wasn’t going to let it continue in his own room. “As you wish.” The man pulled out a green stone that he wore as a necklace from behind his tie and to Blake’s horror the two men shriveled up until their bodies were no more than smoke-like shadows that were sucked into the amulet. “What the fuck is going on here!?” Blake shouted, suddenly terrified of his visitor. “What did you do to them?” “Them?” The stranger looked up at Blake. “Nothing, they’re fine. I just think servants get in the way when you don’t need them.” Blake turned and ran out of the room blindly down the hall back into the filming room he’d just left. There were four guys running a train on the bed. None of them looked up. “Tom! There’s something freaky happening in this place!” Blake gasped, trying to catch his breath from the shock. “Oh? I haven’t noticed.” Blake looked up and saw the four men were being filmed by the same well dressed man from his bedroom. What’s more, the camera was like something out of the 40’s with a spinning reel. He suddenly realized he didn’t recognize any of the actors on the bed. He stood there stunned unable to process what was happening to him. “You know you’re a rather excitable fellow. You act like you’re being robbed but this is your lucky day.” The man said. “My name’s Jack.” He said turning around so Blake could see his bright green eyes. “I… I… I’m not going crazy!” Blake stammered. “Of course you’re not. At least not yet.” He turned and shouted at one of the people on the bed. “No not like that, pretend you’re enjoying it! I’ve seen more passion at a funeral!” Jack put his eye back up to the camera. “You’re about to lose your mind though. You see, you’ve made plans to go hang out with some friends that you know in LA and you’re all about to get wasted and then do a bunch of coke to help get your mind off the fact that you’re really good at what you do and everyone around you treats you like a piece of garbage. Your friend will invite a bunch of people over and in the drug induced frenzy, one of those guys will take you to a back room and make a wise crack about the size of your cock. Then BANG!” Jack clapped his hands. “A fist to the face, a broken jaw, and you’ll spend the night in jail because you forgot how big you are… everywhere but one place that is.” Blake slowly backed away to the door. “Oh go on then…” Jack said turning to him again. “We don’t have to talk. I’ve got other people I can help tonight.” “What do you think you can help me with?” “Why, the one part of you that isn’t perfect.” Jack said looking back to the camera eyepiece. “The one part of you that god didn’t put that much effort into. The one part… Jesus Rob if you’re going to move like that you’re just going to put people to sleep!” He interrupted himself to shout at one of the men on the bed. “How can you help me with that?” Blake asked. “My card.” Jack looked up from the camera and pulled out a card from his suit pocket that simply said, “Jack the Giver” and handed it to Blake. “Just take it and make your wish.” “I...” Blake started. “Go on.” Jack said. “I wish...” Blake stammered. “I wish I had a huge cock.” The card burst into flames and his cock started to tingle. As the smoke cleared and the sensation in his cock died down he noticed that people were shouting at him. “Blake? Blake! BLAKE!” “Yeah? Huh what?” He looked up and saw his director standing in front of him. There were three guys on the bed who he knew as well as the cameraman who had filmed him earlier. “What… do… you… need?” His director was red in the face. “You’re just standing there burning things while we’re trying to film!” “I… uhh…” Blake slowly turned the door knob and walked out, afraid he had just had some kind of mental break. The director turned to the cameraman. “Jesus if I could work with ONE guy who wasn’t on shit…” Blake made his way back to his hotel room and slowly opened the door expecting to see Jack but the room was empty. “Hello?” He called out but the room appeared untouched. The bed was perfectly made, with no sign that two guys had just been fucking in it. “God I’m losing my mind.” He called down to the front desk and asked if anyone had asked which room he was staying in and they said no one and so he ordered his dinner and had it brought up. After a little food he felt better. “That must have been a hallucination... I’m working too hard.” He looked in the mirror and flexed his biceps, stretching the fabric of his sleeves. He bounced his large pecs in his tight t-shirt. He was a hot man. “Why do I let people treat me like crap? I’m a great catch and I’m fucking good at what I do.” His friends were expecting him and they always had fun when he was in town. First he had to shower. He smelled of sex and lube which wasn’t how he liked to make introductions. Peeling off his tight t-shirt he checked out his hot torso in the mirror. He loved the way his meaty pecs overshadowed his defined eight pack. His bulging traps framed his neck perfectly. He loved that his veins bulged like lightning bolts in his arm. It was the next part he didn’t like. Pulling down his pants. He pulled down on his waistline and prepared himself for the sight of his tiny dick, but when he dropped his shorts to the floor he was surprised. “It’s not that bad...” Perhaps it was the lighting in the bathroom but his cock looked normal. “I don’t know why they can’t just light the room better when we film, it looks fine in here.” He flexed for himself in the mirror, turning himself on as he watched the shadows dance along the muscles lining his abs. His cock hardened and Blake’s mouth gaped. That was no trick of the light. Measuring his cock with his hand (a trick he’d learned from his job), he realized he was every bit of six inches. “I mean… it’s not massive but… I can fucking work with this!” He hopped into the shower checking it again to make sure he wasn’t hallucinating. The cock was real. He stroked himself as the shower water ran in rivers between his pecs and around his abs. He stroked himself and tweaked his own nipple until he came in the shower. Holding his dick in his hand, it looked even bigger. It might have been a trick of his mind but… he measured the size with his hand and he was definitely just under 8 inches. “Fuck yeah!” He said to himself. “Give me five years! I’m owning my own studio!” “That’s a big turn around for less than four more inches. I’ll never understand humans.” Jack was suddenly standing in the bathroom. “Holy shit man! You gave me my life!” Blake jumped out of the shower and gave Jack a huge, wet hug, too overjoyed to notice how annoyed it made him. Jack pushed him away and looked down at his water stained clothes. “No touching!” He said taking a moment to recover his composure. “So what are you going to do with the rest of your...” But Blake had already left the room. He had toweled off and was throwing on his clothes and getting ready to hit the town. “So that’s how that feels...” By 11 pm Blake was at his friend’s house surrounded by a group of LA’s hottest. Some of them he knew, most were new to him. A few of those new faces knew who he was though. He’d been in quite a few porn films, and they wanted him to sign their asses. Only his friend Ryan knew about his reputation for being “a little lacking down there.” The rest of them had been fooled by camera magic. After an hour, Ryan shoved Blake into the kitchen to chat with him alone. “Hey, the guys out there are really pressuring me to get you to take it all off but I’ve got you covered man. They think we’re in here talking about it. I’ll go out in a few minutes and tell them that you like to leave work at work.” “Heh, I don’t mind if you don’t. What’s the worst that could happen? My pics get posted and someone sees my dick?” He laughed. “Ugh… yeah…” Ryan said thinking his friend had had too many mollies. The two of them had been fuck buddies for over a year and he knew what would happen to Blake’s reputation if people posted pictures of his small cock all over the internet. “Look why don’t you just take your shirt off, you can make a splash, and they’ll go crazy. There’s no need to confirm any rumors.” Blake laughed, “There’s only one rumor I want to confirm.” He smiled and unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock. Both of them gasped. Ryan was shocked because he’d never seen an 8’’ soft cock before and now he was seeing it on someone he knew to be tiny. Blake was shocked because it hadn’t been that big half an ago when he’d gone to piss. Ryan tugged on it in disbelief. “Shit that thing really is all you! Did you have some kind of surgery or something?” “Heh, does it matter?” Blake said pushing Ryan against the refrigerator trying to make out with him because he had in fact had too many mollies. “Whoah can you even get that thing up like that?” Ryan said pushing Blake back, he wanted his questions answered. That particular question, however, was answering itself as Blake’s piece of meat began to rise up above his waistline. He was speechless, which was how Blake liked him so he peeled off his shirt and bounced one of his massive pecs in his face. Ryan was hypnotized by all of this and merely stroked the giant cock that was in front of him. “Ryan do you have anymore… vod...ka?” One of Ryan’s friends stood frozen in the kitchen doorway. “Well… I’d say you got him to do it.” Blake turned towards the intruder, his massive meat swinging like a sword. “Holy shit is that even real?” “Touch it...” Blake said confidently. “I… ugh...” The newcomer stuttered awkwardly as he reached out and felt Blake’s throbbing veiny cock. Before long Blake had rejoined the party. A few enterprising individuals had taken his jeans, undies, and shoes and ensured that he had no clue where they were hidden. Any awkwardness was offset by the fact that he seemed perfectly at home interacting with people in the nude but people found it difficult to get over how massive he was. Even his porn fans didn’t remember him being THAT big in his videos. The night wore on and everyone got more drunk (and high) and it started to feel natural that they had a naked porn star at the party. They were well connected and this was LA. Soon people started taking liberties. Blake’s cock had long gone soft and people started egging him on to get it hard again. Soon someone reached over and started stroking him. The pleasure caused Blake to roll back on the couch as his cock started to inflate again. “Fuck I can barely get my fingers around it.” The guy said as he worked the massive piece of meat. Blake groaned as several other hands joined in. His cock swelled until it reached his left nipple. The combination of the booze and the drugs made everyone forget that it wasn’t that big the first time he’d whipped it out. Of course several phones were out recording everything. “Holy shit, I didn’t know they got that big!” Someone shouted. “Come on Blake! Do that famous pose you do!” Of course all of Blake’s films had featured him bottoming so his famous pose was straddling someone else. The molly and the attention was really driving him by this point. It was great to be naked in front of a group of people and not have to listen to how his cock was causing problems. So he straddled a hot guy sitting next to him on the couch, thrusting his ass while bouncing his enormous pecs. The guests were stunned but loving it. “Fuck…. I can’t believe this is happening.” “So fucking hot...” “Somebody grab Mike’s shirt!” Mike was the attractive man that Blake was currently grinding against. Several sets of hands quickly made his shirt disappear. He reached around and squeezed the porn stars massive pecs and pulled that ripped back against his own chest. “Ha! Look! He’s into it!” A few more minutes and Mike had all of his clothes pulled off and he was grinding his cock against that massive bubble butt. This seemed too much like an invitation and clothes started flying everywhere. Blake felt all kinds of bodies pressed up against him as an orgy broke out. He felt someone’s cock probing his hole but there were too many guys for him to tell who it was. Soon he felt it slide inside of him. The excitement caused his cock to swell and grow up the cleft between his pecs, getting thicker and thicker. His balls were swelling to the size of fists and those who weren’t preoccupied were frozen as they watched what was happening. They weren’t the only ones. Blake was stunned as his cock bumped into his chin and swelled to the thickness of a 2 liter and still the stranger continued to pound away at his ass. Soon his massive member was pushing up beyond his face and the shaft was growing as thick as his waist. His balls dangled down the couch as they swelled to the size of basketballs. Blake tried to move but the shaft was extremely sensitive and the feeling of his muscles rubbing against it caused him to shoot jets of cum onto the wall. Soon his balls were the size of watermelons and Blake was being pulled down by the massive weight of his cock, growing double the length of his torso. Every movement caused him to spray jizz everywhere. People were backing away in the room fearfully, wondering if what they were seeing was real but the mystery man behind Blake kept fucking away. His cock grew to the end of the couch and bent up against the wall as his nuts grew to 200 lbs a piece. Blake was like an appendage on this massive 10 ½ foot cock. Trying to move only caused more rubbing which caused him to cum more. Everyone stared in silence. Some were wondering how high they must have been to hallucinate something like this for others it simply blew their minds. All but one person seemed effected by the site, the guy who was fucking Blake. Of course to Blake this was obviously no hallucination. He was completely immobile. He’d have to be carried everywhere he went. He was scared and horny as his cock was so sensitive that even the drafts of air in the room made him precum. His struggles made him jizz. The walls and the couch were already ruined. Then suddenly everyone heard the clicking sound of an old movie camera. They looked back to see a well dressed man winding a camera reel. “No no! Don’t fuck him like that! You’ll put everyone to sleep!” So it was that Blake became known as the 127 inch porn star. After five years of making videos of himself hosing rooms down with his fire hose as guys fucked him, he did manage to buy his own studio. He found that spending his new found riches was a little difficult however because trying to move his massive girth simply made him cum buckets where ever he was. So be careful if you should ever get the chance to wish to be “huge”. Huge means different things to different people.
  5. A football player thinks he's too smart to fall for Jack's tricks but learns you can always be more specific. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The snow swirled around in eddies as Butch Mitchell left the stadium. The fans had all left disappointed. He was a wide receiver and he’d just gotten pummeled out on the field, ever since his injury last year he couldn’t outrun the defense. No matter how hard he tried to sprint, he just couldn’t make his leg go faster. Instead of leaving with the rest of the team, he staid behind to drink in the club house until he could get out of there without running into the fans. Tonight Ken Powers (an opposing cornerback) had taken him down more times that game than he could count. That guy was massive. His team mates called him “the beast”. He towered over everyone on the field and his powerful body ran into people like a train. “If only I could be a muscular beast like him.” He said as his driver took him downtown, past the Christmas shoppers and twinkling lights. It was their last game before Christmas and his family was out watching a musical with the kids. Lately he preferred that they didn’t watch his games. The light turned red and the car stopped by an ice rink and he watched the people laugh and dance on their skates. Their happiness made him feel even more lonely. “God I’d give anything to be like those people.” “Be careful what you wish for, the woman in the Rudolf sweater has cancer.” Butch turned and saw a stranger wearing a three piece suit and hat sitting against the opposite door from him. “Who the hell are you?” He stammered. He didn’t remember anyone getting in the car with him and the doors were locked but he was rather drunk at this point so he wasn’t entirely certain. “My name’s Jack and I grant wishes.” “Oh Jesus… I’m wasted.” He knocked on the driver’s window and told him to let the guy out but when the driver asked who he was talking about, Jack was gone. He decided to get out and walk for a few blocks, thinking the cold air would sober him up before meeting his family. His wife had repeatedly warned him not to show up in front of the kids wasted. He walked up to a park bench without noticing the people around him, unable to see past his own thoughts, filled with the end of his career. Wandering around without paying attention to where he was, he eventually collapsed on a park bench and put his face in his hands. “Why did I have to fuck up my leg last summer? Why did it have to happen to me?” “Yeah… poor guy… about to face unemployment with only five million in the bank. I can’t imagine a worse life.” Butch looked up and saw the guy from the car sitting beside him on the bench. Snow was collecting on his overcoat. “Fuck I’m cracking up.” He said. “I’m seeing things.” “Oh no, I’m very real. My name REALLY is Jack and I do REALLY grant wishes.” He said tipping his hat. “So you’re my fairy god mother?” Butch said sardonically. “I wouldn’t say that,” Jack frowned. “But I’m the closest you’re going to get.” “So I can wish for a billion dollars?” “As long as you have someone else around to wish to so you can get out of prison when the IRS comes after you for tax evasion on your hidden fortune.” Jack grinned. “Ahhh fuck… I gotta think of this kinna shit… what if I just asked for my leg to be like it was before?” “So that your friend Mr. Powers can just screw it up again the next time he tackles you?” Jack added. “Sounds like the perfect use of a wish.” “Ken Powers… that guy’s a muscular beast. I wish I was like that.” He said. “You could be like him you know.” “Yeah and then get kicked out for doping when I gain 100 lbs over night.” Butch said. “You’re learning.” Jack smiled. “What if I could give you your wish without anyone noticing anything has changed but you?” “Huh?” “Your arms could literally burst through their sleeves in front of your mother and she’d ask you why you buy such cheap clothes.” “Really? So you can make me into a muscular beast without anyone knowing that you did it? You could make me bigger and faster than ever?” Jack’s green eyes twinkled as his mouth curled into a grin. “I can do anything.” He pulled out a card and handed it to him. “Just take this and make your wish.” Butch laughed. “Heh, fairy godmother… I’ve already made my wish. Aren’t you supposed to pull out a wand and do a dance or something?” A flash of annoyance passed over Jack’s face. “Alright… have it your way…” He flicked his fingers and sparks flew to the ground. Whirling his hand in the air, the falling snow coalesced into a white wand that he began to twirl around. “You want something more like this? Sala-gadoola-menchika-boola-bippity-boppity-BOO!!” He pointed the wand at Butch and a burst of energy hit him in the chest. Butch felt like a linebacker had slammed into him as he was thrown off the bench and landed face first into a snow man. He slowly felt himself to see whether he was all in one piece before picking himself up out of the collapsing snow sculpture. He looked around but Jack was gone again. Wiping the snow off of him he pulled out his cell phone and called his driver to pick him up to take him home. The next morning his wife woke him up. “Your coach called, he wants to have a talk with… Jesus Butch, why do you sleep in crap like that?” He groggily opened his eyes and looked down and gasped. The loose fitting t-shirt that he always slept in had him in a strangle hold. The sleeves were fraying at the seams. Moving his biceps caused them to rip. Suddenly the wish came back to his mind and he pulled the sheets up to his chin to keep his wife from seeing. She just rolled her eyes and walked out. Butch walked into the bathroom and peeled the tattered shirt from his body and gasped. His arms and pecs were huge. He felt his muscles as they strained against his tight skin. “Fuck… that shit actually worked.” Then his wife walked in and rubbed his enormous bicep. “Sorry to hear about your game last night. Do you think they’ll understand about the leg?” “My leg!” He shouted and pulled off the workout shorts that he slept in, leaving him completely naked. His legs had swelled as well during the night. He stretched the massive sinuous thighs in the mirror. “Shit they’re huge!” “Of course they are… you’ve only been working on them for ten years.” She said not comprehending his surprise. In her mind they’d been that big for as long they had been married. “You don’t see any difference?” He asked. “Oh dear of course I do. You work so hard.” She said, trying to be convincing not wanting to disappoint him. She thought he was talking about some marginal gains that she couldn’t really see. It was clear however that she didn’t notice anything. Then suddenly he noticed his cock was dangling a few inches lower than usual. “Jesus my dick!” He muttered. “Oh you’re ridiculous.” She said, walking out. With her out of the room, he stepped on the bathroom scale and gasped. He was over 320 lbs. He’d grown 97 lbs during the night. Feeling his massive pecs he stared at his new body in the mirror. “How could she not notice the difference?” “Because that’s what you wished for you idiot.” Butch jumped seeing the reflection of Jack suddenly standing in the corner. He quickly grabbed a towel to cover himself. “How’d you get in here!?” He shouted. “The same way I get anywhere.” Jack replied. “Why doesn’t she notice how big I am?” “Of course she notices how big you are. She just doesn’t realize you’ve changed. In her mind you’ve looked like this since college. And it’s not just her mind.” He said pointing to family photos on the wall. He was massive in each of them. “What else has changed?” “Absolutely nothing. You’ve had the same life you’ve always had. Even the clothes you were wearing are the same” Jack grinned pointing to the fact that his tux had ripped in one of his wedding photos. “You better not have screwed anything up!” Butch growled. “Or what?” Jack pulled out the wand from the night before and butch flinched behind one of his 25 inch arms. “Ok ok you don’t have to be like… that.” When he looked up Jack was gone. He walked out into his bedroom with his towel on and grabbed his phone. His coach had called several times. Butch pressed the button to return the call. “Hey big guy. You know I’ve been on the phone with the owner all morning thinking one thing. Why do we have you as a wide receiver? You’re clearly not living up to your potential in that position. I think a big guy like you would make a much better fullback. We want to make the change before the next game.” They spoke for a while until Butch suddenly wondered how his coach knew what had happened, after all he hadn’t seen him since the change. “But how do you know I’ve gotten bigger?” “HA! You’re a bucket of laughs. Also before I let you go, you need to get measured for a new uniform. You look ridiculous out on the field. I got a call from the commissioner this morning and we have to get serious about this. Looking back at it I can’t believe we’ve gotten away with it for so long.” “What?!” Butch asked confused. “Just turn on ESPN. Look I’ve got to run.” Butch hung up and turned on the TV and was shocked to see himself all over the screen. “How did we not notice how ridiculous this man’s uniforms are?” Someone was saying as pictures flashed up on the screen. His shirts didn’t fully cover his abs in any of them. His uniforms were ridiculously stretched some of them were ripped. “The cups don’t even fit him right!” Butch gasped as the outline of his cock head could be seen through the tight shorts. “We checked folks and this goes all the way back to his college years and nobody said anything.” “You see? Only you changed.” He glanced over and saw Jack sitting at the foot of his bed. “The rest of the world doesn’t think you’re any different.” “I… I… don’t get it!” “Of course you don’t Butch… you’re as dumb as a sack of meat! But you will… I haven’t even begun to give you your Christmas wish!” Jack pointed the wand at Butch and he was hurled into the closet. Butch sat up and was pulling the crumpled up clothes off of him when he felt his pecs bulging out even more. He looked down and saw his chest ballooning out with new growth. His arms and deltoids were inflating too as his skin stretched over ever more mounds of muscles. He looked up and saw the shirts in his closet rip and fall off their hangers. His cock snaked down his swelling legs and his balls grew to the size of apples. “Oh… fuck...” He said feeling his pecs pushing his fingers apart as they inflated. He heard a massive amount of ripping as the pants all about him started to tear as his huge muscular butt got wider and wider. Everything he’d ever worn was getting torn to shreds. “What the fuck Jack! Why are you destroying my shit!” “I’m not!” Jack walked over to the door to the closet. “You destroyed each one of these things when you put them on over the years.” Butch felt himself stretching as he grew taller, reaching almost the 7 foot mark but still he continued to bulk as he passed 450 lbs. His clothes were falling around him like confetti. “But I never destroyed anything like this!” “Oh but you did! You clearly can’t fit in any of this stuff but that doesn’t change history. You put this stuff on and it fell apart and then for some reason you had it washed and put back in the closet.” He tossed him his wedding photos, everyone was smiling like normal including Butch, but he was completely naked with shreds of his tux at his feet. His foot long soft cock and softball sized nuts were hanging down his massive thighs. “Holy [bleep] folks! Can you believe they’ve let Butch Mitchel play completely naked for the last ten years!?” “Oh come on man, that’s just the way it goes, the dude’s got a massive body, it can’t be easy to find clothes to fit all that.” Another commentator said. “He’s not the first unusually large guy to play football. Why are we making exceptions for him?” The host asked. “I guess because… well… I mean things have been this way for years and you aint said nothing yet.” Butch looked through the door of his closet to his bedroom TV. Blurred pictures of him getting tackled naked were flashing up on the screen. “What I think you should be asking is why he got sacked so much by guys half his size.” He said. Butch turned to Jack. “What the fuck is going on!?” “I told you before. You’ve lived your entire life the way you have now. According to the rest of the world, you are as you’ve always been. You’ve worn the same clothes (or tried to), been sacked by the same players, done everything the same. But that doesn’t mean the future will be the same. Some people are wondering why you got to hang around naked everywhere other people are just going to shrug and remember that’s the way things have always been.” His wife came into the room and found Butch going through his torn garmets. “Are you ready? It’s time to go to lunch with Pete and Carole.” “I… uhh… was just looking for something to put on...” He replied. “Oh come on, I’m in a hurry, can you just skip the ritual of destroying a pair of pants before heading out.” “But I’m naked!” “You’re always naked… that’s your thing… isn’t it?” She suddenly couldn’t remember if they had ever talked about something so obvious that she had always apparently taken for granted. “I can’t go out like this!” “Like what?” She said scratching her head. “Not wearing any clothes!” “Ummm… you haven’t worn anything for years and suddenly this is an issue now?” She was starting to think about it more. Why hadn’t this come up before? “Look we’re running late!” Thirty minutes later they were sitting in one of the nicest restaurants in town. Everyone was staring. Butch was famous and his physique and exposed skin made him easy to spot. “Jeeze Carole people can be so rude, just because Butchy was on TV all morning doesn’t mean people have to treat us differently.” Pete and Carole were staring at the enormous football player who was turning red. They wondered how they had gone out like this all these years. “So… what’s new with you two...” Carole said trying to turn the conversation. “Well we’re taking Butch to a tailor this after noon.” “A tailor? Wow, you’re giving up the ‘hang loose life’” Pete said, a little relieved. “I mean… I like pants just like everyone else...” Butch replied. His skin was scarlet as he blushed under everyone’s stare. “You’d never know it.” Pete muttered to his wife. The days went by and Butch found an enormous robe that he could wear and cover up while his clothes got custom made. Christmas came and went and it was time for him to show back up at the stadium for their next game. His coach came up to him. “Sorry Butch, the uniform didn’t come in yet. People are starting to have a problem with you going out naked every game. You’re not in regulation gear and the networks are wondering why they let you do this for years. I think you’ve got to stay in the locker room for this one.” The game began and the players ran out and Butch sat in the team hot tub. He felt less out of place that way. He looked down at his massive chest, which was so big that he couldn’t see his abs anymore. “Why aren’t you out there?” He looked up and saw Jack sitting in the opposite end. His body would have been impressive if he hadn’t been sitting across from Butch. “I’ve never understood what people enjoy about these things.” He added pointing at the bubbling water. “What’ve you done!? They’re not going to let me play!” He said pounding the side. “Well… things could be worse. You could be a freak. Now you’re just someone who’s gotten away with something for years that society is rethinking. Your fans will still love you, your haters will still hate you, and you’ll still be rich. What’s the problem?” “I wanted to play football! That’s the problem!” “No, you wanted to be a muscular beast! And that reminds me… we have quite gotten there yet!” He hopped out of the hot tub naked and picked up the wand and dropped it in the water. The water turned purple and started to really froth. Butch wanted to jump out but he couldn’t move. The purple color started to run up his veins and spread all over his body. His pecs bulged out as two new pecs grew in, stacked underneath the other massive set. Butch felt a pressure in his arm pits as two new arms pushed their way out from them. His balls grew to the size of melons, then soccer balls, then beach balls until they poked out of the water. Butch could feel his cock moving up his body, it was slithering all over him like a snake as he began to cum all over himself. A long tail sprouted from his back side and bulked up as his toes arched and he began to growl. Horns sprouted from his elbows. All he could think to do was fuck someone. He turned to where Jack had been standing but he was gone. Then one of the assistants came in and took one look at Butch. “Oh fuck… he’s in one of his moods again.” Butch sprang out of the water, holding his balls in his lower arms and pounced on the guy. In a moment the poor assistant’s clothes were missing and Butch’s massive purple cock was working it’s way into his ass. He groaned as Butch pumped him with gallons of cum bloating out the otherwise fit man. A team manager walked in and saw what was going on. “Jesus… why did we think this was going to work?” Meanwhile, hundreds of miles away Jack was leaning back in a chair in a room surrounded by hundreds of candles watching ESPN. Four men were shouting at each other around a table. "You're telling me that the Patriots have using a four ton monster as a wide receiver for years and nobody considers that cheating!?" "Don't get me started Terry! You've never liked Tom Brady or the Patriots!" "You don't have to like a team to know cheating when you see it!" "Well you never said anything about it when they hired him! You're just jumping on the anti-Patriots bandwagon with everyone else!" So you see, if you've ever suddenly come to a realization that you've been putting up with something ridiculous for a long time and you wonder why, it may be that someone you know has been making wishes from the wrong person.
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  7. "Loads of Success" A washed out stripper gets a chance to start again but finds things are going to be different the second time around. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Mark Lannar was a stripper, or exotic dancer as he liked to call himself. He’d been doing it for 20 years. His stage name was Big Mark, and it fit him. Every part of him was big. Standing at 6’ 4’’ and 280 lbs, his muscles bulged under the tight clothes that he preferred to wear, showing off his impressive arms and chest. His pants were tight enough to show off his gigantic ass that he could move in ways that made people crazy. The problem was, he was getting bigger, and not in the way he wanted. At 38 it was getting hard to maintain his impressive muscles and not sport a bulging gut. Sure there were a ton of guys into that but the real money came from older gents who were looking for youth and definition. The young twinks just didn’t tip well enough and the manager at the club was getting tired of him not pulling in the cash that he used to. He had made a good living bouncing his ass on stage ever since he was 18 but the money was starting to dry up. The dim lights were no longer enough to conceal that he was getting older. He had started making extra money on the side giving hand jobs but the problem with that was, he wasn’t gay. He had gone through a series of girlfriends in his adult life, over a dozen. The current one was named Cathy or Carly or something… it really didn’t matter. She was just a long line of women that he’d given his youth to, only now as the money stopped coming in as quickly, he seemed like much less of an attractive prospect on that front as well. If Cindy found out what he was doing on the side to pay the rent, that would REALLY be the last straw. One night the manager came up to him after close for a frank conversation. “Listen Mark, I think it’s time you looked for another job. What are you still doing hanging around here? This is a young man’s game and I think the clock is running out.” “Whaddya mean Tom? I’m as big as I ever was!” He said flexing his impressive bicep. “That’s the problem, you’re bigger than you ever were.” Tom said patting him on his gut. “Only some of the kids are into you now and to be honest, nobody wants a daddy who gets his money thrown at him on a stage every night. There’s other things you can do.” “Like what? This is my life. It’s all I know!” Mark slammed his fist against the wall. “That’s why I’m telling you this now. I’ll give you until the end of the year to figure something out but if you haven’t found something by then, I’ll need to hand your stage time over to a younger guy. We’ve got bills to pay too.” He said walking away. Mark cashed out his singles for benjamins and went out to his car. He’d been able to buy it new with cash 10 years ago. Now it was less of a status symbol. He didn’t drive home. There were a few pit stops to make first. Several older gentlemen needed to be satisfied before he could go to bed or there wouldn’t be money to buy gas tomorrow. It was well after 2 am before he walked into his apartment. Colleen was still up watching TV, which was unusual for her. At least he thought it was unusual. They’d only known each other for six months and he’d really only been living with her for two. “You know I did you a big favor letting you move in here. Where were you tonight?” “You know I work late Babe” He said. “Clearly… but not at the club. I called down there an hour ago and they’d already closed for the night. Matter of fact I’ve been doing that for a couple of weeks now. Turns out they never stay open that late Monday-Thursday and you’ve been rolling in here at 2 – 3 in the morning.” She pressed him further but never liked any explanation that she received. “Look this isn’t working out. Either you’re whoring around, or drinking the night away and I’m not really up for either. I want you to sleep out here and figure out some place else to live by the end of the week.” She said, marching off to the bedroom. Mark watched as Connie slammed the door behind her. “Well fuck...” He said to himself and wandered back outside. He knew where he could go to sleep on a bed. He walked out to the car and started sending out text messages to old fuck buddies and flings who might still be up. “Try Tina, she’s usually up for company after that messy breakup she had this summer.” “That’s right!” Mark said. “I’ll call Ti… wait a minute, who are you?!” He said swinging around. He jumped and hit his head against the top of his sedan. In his back seat sat a man in a wide brimmed stetson. In the dim light from the street lamps he could see he was wearing a grey three piece suit and an overcoat but the face was in shadow. “A friend. Right now probably your only friend who can truly help you.” “You don’t sound like anyone I know. Now you’ve got five seconds to get out before I snap you in half.” As big as he was, Mark wasn’t afraid of much. “5...4...3...2...1…” The intruder said nothing and the enormous stripper lunged his thick arm back to grab him by the neck but he was too quick. Like a springing cobra a gloved hand gripped his wrist in an iron grip and squeezed it like a vice. Mark moaned in pain, he’d never met anyone so strong. “Isn’t this just your entire life in miniature?” The stranger said. “Your friends offer you a helping hand and you lash out at them. That poor girl up there for instance. She let you stay with her for $300 a month and you come home with jizz spots on your shirt.” “What does Kate have to do with this?” He whined through the pain. “It’s Kelly you idiot! You’ve slept around so much you barely remember her name!” Mark could only writhe in pain under the iron grip of the stranger. “Oh sorry”, the man said and let him go. “Now if you wont attack me for the next five minutes I can get back to helping you with your problem. My name’s Jack.” “Right now my problem is a pissed off girlfriend.” Mark answered rubbing his throbbing wrist. “Right now you don’t have a girlfriend. But forget about her for now, she’s not your problem. You want to live the life you’ve always lived, banging whoever you want with a job that makes strangers gasp at your magnificent physique. So your real problem is time. That belly that you can’t seem to flatten anymore, those hairs that are turning grey, those wrinkles you can’t iron out. But I can help with that.” “What’re you gonna do? Make me 20 again?” He laughed. “What’s the point of making you 20 again? You’ll just wind up in the same situation. What you want is a different kind of body. One that changes in different ways. Instead of weaker you can grow stronger, a body that people will pay just to have a glimpse of, one that time cannot touch… provided you do what’s required.” He said pulling out a card and handing it to Mark. “What do I do with this?” He asked “You make a wish.” Jack replied. “Like I just wish? For whatever I want?” “For whatever you want.” Jack replied. “Then I wish for the body you just talked about.” He said and the card burst into flames and filled the car up with smoke. Mark opened the door to clear it as he coughed. “What the fuck was that?!” He shouted, but the stranger was gone. He stood there waiting for something to change but he felt nothing and after fifteen minutes he texted Tina and found himself a bed for the night. The next few weeks didn’t really go that well for Mark. He was couch surfing and tips were way down. Nothing seemed to be different from before. He had begun to wonder if he had hallucinated the entire scenario with Jack when one night after leaving the club he heard a familiar voice. “What’s the problem Marky? You haven’t changed a bit.” “Look pal, you had your laugh from that wish gag now leave me alone.” Mark said with annoyance. “Odd… you should look much different than you did unless… unless you haven’t been doing what’s required.” Jack said. “What?” “You’ve been fucking guys right?” Jack said. “No… why should I do that?” Mark said. “Ohhh… right… you’re a stripper not a male prostitute… My mistake. If only I had remembered… I would have worked it out differently. I thought guys were fucking you quite regularly. That explains things.” “What are you talking about?” “Well… that’s a feature of your new body…” Jack said with a grin. “guys have to cum inside of it in order for it to change. Swallowing works but anal is better. I should have explained but I just figured you’d discover it on your own.” “Wait… that’s how I get what I want!?” He shouted. “You’ve got to be kidding me!” “Hey Mark! Who you shouting at?” The bouncer said opening the door to the club. “This guy over here expects me to...” He looked back to where Jack had been standing but he was gone. “I… just some nut...” He said and stomped off to his car. Several more weeks passed and things had not improved for him. Jack’s words never left his mind though. He was getting desperate for money which is why after a worse than usual night he found himself in the alley behind the club on his knees in front of a customer who’d been propositioning him for months. He had the six crisp twenties tucked in his back pocket as the man’s dick slid in and out of his mouth. His back pocket was tucked in a locker inside the club because the man had only agreed to pay that much if he took off everything but his underwear. He had practiced being turned on by guys for so long it wasn’t difficult for him to perform, sliding his head back and forth along the shaft like it was his favorite thing in the world. He gyrated his body rhythmically and bounced his pecs, hoping to get a few more bucks out of the guy after they were done. He had the right moves because after two minutes he felt a mouthful of salty jizz. His first instinct was to spit it out but he forced it down. The customer was satisfied. “Fuck that was hot you swallowed my whole load!” “Yeah man.” He said pretending that he enjoyed it. “So fuckin…. Gnnnn” Suddenly his body convulsed and his muscles began to flex on their own. Mark felt his cock go hard and he began to blow not one but three loads into his skimpy underwear. Beads of sweat gathered on his skin as his orgasms sent waves of pleasure through his body and he crumpled onto the ground. The other man pulled his dick into his pants and walked away down the alley, thinking the big guy was on drugs. Suddenly a door opened it was another stripper. “Mark! What are you doing out here? You’re on after Kyle!” “Thanks Jake...” Mark said catching his breath. He walked back in, passing Jake who was taking another man out back. He went into the small changing room and looked in the mirror and gasped. He looked better than he had all year. His face looked more refreshed than it had in a long time and his definition looked like he’d been on a several week cutting spree. He could even see the faint outline of his abs on his muscle gut again. “And heeeeere’s Big Mark!” He heard from the speakers and he rushed out on stage, forgetting to change his cum soaked briefs. Filled with new confidence he performed the hell out of the song and for the first time in months brought in a good haul of dollars. He was feeling pleased with himself as he went back to the locker room to pull the sticky ones of out his jock. He pulled it off and piled the money in his locker and toweled himself off. “Ummm… congrats man, looks like you’ve been taking better care of yourself lately.” It was his manager. “Thanks, Tom, I just decided to take what you were saying seriously.” He said without hiding anything. Tom had seen them all changing thousands of times. “Yeah well… seeing how you performed tonight… I think we can work out a way to keep you on rotation.” He said, his boner visible through his jeans. Mark knew what that meant. He had known it was coming. The offer every dancer got when they were in danger of getting tossed. He’d been dreading this moment but after what he’d just done in the alley he figured it wasn’t the worst thing he could do for a buck. “Oh? You think we can work something out?” He said walking over to Tom until his pecs were practically against his face, his eyes smoldering with manufactured lust. He had no interest in Tom but you didn’t get far in this industry without being a good actor. He really wanted to keep his job but was also curious to see whether the trick would work a second time so he reached over Tom’s shoulder and locked the door. Tom unzipped his pants and pulled out his cock and Mark immediately dropped down on all fours and began to suck on the hard cock, bucking the lower half of his body as if his huge ass were taking an invisible cock. He let out some low groans to make Tom think he was enjoying it and started playing with his own nipple. He knew what Tom liked, they all did. His office was covered in porn. “You like that daddy?” He said in his most submissive voice. “Fuck yeah…” Tom grunted before shoving his employee’s head back on his shaft. He knew Mark liked girls but he liked the idea that he was breaking this straight boy so much that he let himself believe it. “Worship it...” Mark let his voice go higher and higher to make Tom think he was close when suddenly he felt two hands shove his head against the cock so firmly he started to choke on it. “Fuckin… take… every… drop...” he said as he blasted his jizz directly down Mark’s throat. As Tom pulled away, Mark felt his entire body flex again as his pecs tightened up even more. His cock shot a load of cum up to his pecs, unencumbered by his belly, which had tucked in another inch. His muscle gut had definite defined abs now and more of his minor muscles became visible. Mark leaned back against a locker, his orgasm was just getting stronger. Tom had shut his eyes while he blew his load, he wiggled his cock playfully and looked down at Mark. “Damn Mark that was… holy fuck...” His employee was panting on the floor, spurting jizz all over himself, load after load, until his cock had run dry and there was nothing left to shoot. He gaped at his body. Mark looked even hotter than he had on stage. The changes were minor enough that he wondered whether his mind was playing tricks on him but you could clearly see a six pack on that rounded gut, which seemed much flatter than he remembered. “Fuck that’s hot. Glad you enjoyed.” Tom tossed a towel on the panting Mark and left him in there to clean himself up. He sat there on the floor thinking about what had just happened. Looking in the mirror he saw his abs the way they had been last year, only his pecs seemed slightly larger than before, which was amazing given the thin layer of fat that had begun to build up on them was gone. “You seemed to enjoy that.” Mark looked up and saw Jack leaning against the wall. “Are you sure you’re straight.” “I’m a good actor.” He replied. Jack grabbed a ridding crop that someone had been using as a prop earlier and ran it along the cum dripping off his pecs. “Yes I see… great acting skills there...” “I can’t help that! It just happened!” Mark shouted. “I think you’ll find that no one can help what makes them get off.” Jack grinned as the door opened. “Jesus Mark, do it somewhere else!” Nate, another stripper, shouted as he came in to change and found Mark naked and alone, covered in cum. There was no one else in the room. Mark toweled off and reached for a clean pair of sexy undies. “Uhhh sorry I just...” “Ha forget it, I was just kidding, you think I haven’t seen worse in this place?” Said Nate. “By the way, saw your performance out there. You’re looking great. Good to see you getting back in the swing of things.” He looked Mark over, he looked like he’d been at a health spa for the last six months. Nate was 23 with the body of an Olympic swimmer looking to make a little extra cash on the side. He’d had a crush on Mark even in his decline. He saw him as a muscle daddy and the fact that he was straight made him even more irresistible to Nate. “So what did you find to jerk off to in a place like this?” Nate asked getting closer to Mark. He stood at about 5’ 8’’ so his face could have easily lodged itself between those meaty pecs. He’d wanted to lick those things so badly. Not wanting to admit what had just happened he pointed at the mirror. “Just checkin out my progress man, guess I got a little carried away.” “Not gonna lie, that’s really fucking hot.” Nate never really hid how he felt about anything. His hand found it’s way up to Mark’s right pec. “Too bad you play for the wrong team.” Mark looked at himself in the mirror. After only two loads people were noticing a big difference., he could see it too. What would happen with a third? “I might be willing to switch sides for one night.” He said, “As long as you don’t tell anyone… aaaaand as long as you’ve got your own place. I don’t think the chick I’m staying with would approve.” Nate smiled. “My roommate’s asleep and doesn’t care who I bring home.” “Well in that case… I think it’s time we had a sleepover.” Mark said patting Nate on the ass. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Nate’s apartment was dark as they walked in the door after 2 am. The two made their way to his bedroom. Mark could feel two long arms sliding up his chest and pinning him against the wall as Nate stood on his tip toes to try and plant his lips against his friend’s mouth but Mark wasn’t interested in making out. “What? No kiss?” Nate said, grinding against the massive body in front of him. “Actually I was hoping to kiss you a little south of the mouth.” Mark said picking Nate up and putting him on the bed. He unbuttoned Nate’s pants and pulled out his cock and started to go down on it. It was an odd task he had, trying to get a mouthful of cum without actually bothering with sex. “Heh, slow down tiger, we should get more comfy.” Nate said, pulling off their shirts. Mark could feel him groping his big pecs. He felt hands pulling down his pants and underwear. Soon they were both naked and Mark could feel that small muscular body grinding up against him. His cock was actually hard, hoping for another shot of cum. “I’ve wanted to do this ever since I first saw you.” “Let me show you what I want to do.” Mark said working is way down to the cock, and slowly sliding it in and out of his mouth. He went to town on that cock for fifteen minutes but all he got was pre. “How do I get you off, stud?” He asked. “I don’t usually get off from just a blow job but what’s the rush? We’ve got all night.” Nate said But Mark was getting desperate. He needed more jizz. He cut on the light so he could position himself correctly and straddled Nate’s waist with his legs. He’d never bottomed before but it couldn’t be that hard. To Nate’s surprise the giant of a man lowered himself down on his cock and began to ride him like a pole. Mark cringed as he tried to hide the pain of his first penetration. “I… uh… never expected you to be a bottom.” Nate had always fantasized about getting dommed by his fellow stripper but Mark had moves and it wasn’t long before he felt weak with pleasure. Mark reached behind Nate and pulled his face against that massive body as it went up and down. Nate licked every part of that he could reach before groaning in pleasure and blowing his load. Mark instantly felt an explosion of pleasure exploding in his ass as he entered into the most intense orgasm of his life. Nate felt blast after blast of cum on his face and chest and gasped as he watched the big guy on top of him changing before his eyes. His gut shrank to little more than a slight bulge as his biceps and pecs appeared to be expanding, or was it just his body fat receding. Mark collapsed on top of Nate, unable to hold himself up any longer. “Jesus, what’s happening to you?” It took at least five minutes before Mark stopped orgasming and another couple of minutes for him to catch his breath so he could answer. But eventually he told Nate the entire story. “OMG… I can’t believe it but… look at the results...” The two of them fucked until Nate didn’t have anymore loads to blow and by morning Mark’s face looked like he was 25 again. Things changed for Mark, he got known as the Cum Dumpster at work because he couldn’t go a single day without someone fucking him. But he was BIG, bigger than ever before as he twirled around on his pole, making the crowds go wild. He never really had to worry about rent again because there was always someone willing to take him home. While he never became fully gay, the sight of a cock always made him horny and hungry which was just as well. So you see, even when you don’t get what you want the way you wanted it, sometimes things do workout when Jack is involved if you’re not too picky.
  8. A five part series that I wrote about a guy named Jack and his cum fueled muscle growth cartel. This is a story about greed, addiction, betrayal and above all, lots and lots of uncontrollable growth. The final chapter in the series dropped this week on metabods so I thought I'd share the link. https://metabods.com/stories/sometimes-drugs-offer-more-than-a-high
  9. The Twelve Disciples (I wrote this story as a thank you to the first 12 guys who liked my work enough to follow my profile. This is my last story of the month so I just wanted give you guys one last thing to read before I went on vacation!) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Shawn was your typical college athlete, always looking for any kind of an edge. He was one of thirteen people on his swim team and, while he was really good, he consistently came in third in their meets. His frustration at never coming in first was overwhelming. It didn’t matter that he could have any girl he wanted or that his friends looked up to him like an idol. He wanted to be better than everyone. It was the end of August and a new swim season was about to begin. He was sharing his frustrations with an online friend late at night when they suggested an herbal supplement he’d never heard of before. Shawn went to the website and found it all pretty sketchy. The site was covered in obviously morphed photos and the company was operating out of some town in India that he’d never heard of before. But he was so desperate to win he’d try anything. When the package arrived he eagerly opened it up only to find that it contained one pill that said, “take with water.” “Jesus Christ… I spent $50 bucks for this!?” He groaned. He was so pissed he almost threw it away but he figured he might as well swallow it. So he gulped down the pill and chased it with a glass of water and then hopped into the shower. As he was soaping his body up he felt warm all over. His muscles started to tingle with a strange sensation and then suddenly his entire groin felt like it was melting in pleasure. He felt his cum splashed against his chest as he fell against the side of the shower in the most intense orgasm of his life. His muscles were begging to swell. He gripped his pecs and felt the meat getting thicker in his hands. “Fuuuuuck.” He closed his eyes as the sensations overwhelmed him. He shot load after load until his cum was spent and his cock was dry heaving. When he opened his eyes, his biceps looked like someone had added a baseball to their mass. His triceps flayed out more and his legs had crazy definition. “Shit that stuff really works!” He turned off the water and got out of the shower to check his body out in the mirror. He’d gained a good 20 lbs of muscle. He bounced his meatier pecs and smiled. “That shit’s out of this world!” Then he immediately went online and ordered another package. He was going to do a lot better this season. The second package arrived in a few days, just before their first day of practice. He was so excited he took it immediately even though his friend was hanging out in his dorm. Rami was from India. He and Shawn had known each other since freshman year. “What’s that stuff you’re taking?” Rami asked him. “It’s this great supplement I got from India. It’s amazing! Watch this!” He said pulling off his shirt as he gulped down the pill with a glass of water and waited. Shawn and Rami stood in front of the bathroom mirror for 20 minutes with no obvious effect. “What are we looking for?” Rami said. Shawn’s body looked amazing and he suspected this was some kind of joke his friend was using to show it off. “I’m going to start growing!” Shawn shouted, but nothing happened. “I’m bored with this, lets watch TV,” Rami said. The two watched Netflix for about an hour and still there was no sign of any new growth on Shawn. Eventually it was time for the first swim practice of the season. “Ugh… so disappointing. It happened so quick last time!” He said gathering his things. Rami got up to go. “You don’t have to leave man. I know you hate your room mate. You can just stay here while I’m out.” He said, pulling on his shirt and walking out of the room. Rami sat down and continued watching “The Crown”. Eventually he got up to go to the bathroom and nearly tripped over the packaging that the supplement came in. He picked up the packaging and looked at it. “Wow this is a really seedy company.” He thought to himself. The instructions were all printed out in Hindi. Where there were English translations they were written by hand. “Odd… they translated this wrong. That doesn’t say ‘take WITH water’ it says ‘take IN water’.” scratched his head wondering why on earth the instructions would say that. Then he read some of the untranslated section. “Allows the user to absorb water through skin… converts into muscle and genital growth… for safety do not expose yourself to more than fifty gallons at a time… holy shit!” Down at the pool Shawn’s phone was vibrating like crazy as Rami tried to call him ten times but his phone was in his pants pocket and his pants were shoved to the back of a locker. Shawn was walking out to the pool deck in a tight speedo. His team mates were complementing him on the weight he’d gained since last season. Shawn was feeling confident, the second pill had been a dud but at least he had something to show for his efforts. His slightly larger ass was bulging out of the sides of his speedo as he dived into the pool and began swimming laps. He had gone five laps when Rami burst through the doors and started shouting at him to get out of the pool but Shawn was swimming too hard and couldn’t hear. Suddenly Shawn’s entire body began to tingle again. His cock poked out from the top of his tight speedo as it became erect. “Fuck… not now...” Shawn thought as he gripped the one of the lane dividers and started shooting white clouds into the water. The swim coach shouted at him, wondering what he was doing but Shawn couldn’t respond, he was in too much pleasure as the water rushed into his skin and he began to bulk up. His shoulders looked like a rising volcano as his traps built up and his delts rounded out. His nipples were forced downward by the pounds of meat that were being added to his pecs. His cock continued to grow and thicken as clouds of white jizz erupted from it. His balls were swelling rapidly in his speedo until they popped out from either side, the size of tennis balls. His ass expanded until the speedo was jammed up in his crack like a thong before it snapped. By this time he’d captured the attention of his fellow teammates. To them his contorted face made it look like he was in incredible pain and they swam over into his cloud of cum filled water to see what was wrong. They touched his swelling body, unable to believe what they were seeing. “Bro… what the hell is going on!” One of them shouted as they crowded in to watch his biceps swell before their eyes and his back muscles develop a deep topography. He was getting taller too, his expanding feet were being pushed deeper into the pool, inch by inch. “Jesus man… should we get a… gnnnn” Another guy said. His skin was feeling tingly as the herbal infused cum began to soak into his skin. Shawn’s balls were still swelling, now the size of melons and thick clouds of jizz were floating all over the entire team. They had been so concerned for Shawn that they hadn’t seen what was happening in the cloudy water as their cocks all became rock hard. Suddenly they liked the sensation of their mostly naked bodies pressed against each other. They pressed in on each other more closely until their fit frames were rubbing the jizz into one another. Soon they were dry humping one another. “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON!” The couch shouted, seeing his team all blissfully groping one another. Shawn continued to grow until he could touch the bottom of the deep end, his cock was as wide as a two liter bottle. His balls floated to the top of the water like shipping buoys as gallons of cum spewed into the pool. As he bounced his pecs in pleasure it created a wave pool. His muscular ass grew the size of a bean bag chair. Rami and the coach just stared in slack jawed awe. Shawns abs split in a twelve pack and the the team was climbing all over him to feel it, starting to swell themselves. He was finally number one on this 13 person team. He was their muscle god and they were his 12 disciples, and they worshiped their leader as all the water in the pool was slowly turned to cum.
  10. “You Don’t Have to Work Bitch” A lazy rich kid learns too late that some things are better when you have to earn them. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Jaime Diaz was a bit of a butterball. At 5’ 10’’, 300 lbs he was about as round as he was tall. His moobs sagged over his ample belly and his cheeks were big and puffy. Overall his life wasn’t difficult. His father had been an early investor in Microsoft and Apple and the family was set for life. He’d spent the last five years halfway trying to get a two year degree. It didn’t matter, it’s not like he had to work. Night after night he would go downtown to the same gay club and watch hot guys shake their ass on the dance floor. Sometimes he could flag them down by buying them drinks but guys pretty much never went out with him. Sometimes the odd chubby chaser would hit him up on grindr but they never wanted to date or even acknowledge they’d slept with him. It’s not like he didn’t want to be sexy he just had no self discipline. The idea of going to the gym sounded horrendous to him and denying himself a sweet snack was always out of the question. This Wednesday night was no exception. He’d actually taken street tacos into the club with him and was eating them at the bar. The bar tender didn’t mind. He was such a regular he could do pretty much what he wanted. But tonight something different was about to happen. Jaime was downing his 7th taco when a ripped man in a black tank top sat down next to him. “Mind if I join you?” “Uhhhh… no.” Was all Jaime could say. The olive skinned stranger looked to be in his early 20’s and had black hair that was spiked and stylized perfectly to make it seem like no effort had gone into it at all. He had the most piercing green eyes Jaime had ever seen. “I hope I’m not disturbing you.” He said with a gaze that made Jaime feel completely naked. “Would you like to go over to one of the booths and chat?” He said with a confident but eager look in his eyes. “Unless of course you’re too preoccupied.” He said point to the other five tacos that Jaime had left to go. “No no, I was just having dinner.” He said, so stupefied by his enchanting visitor, that he forgot his mouth was full. “We can talk.” He said getting up with a grunt and walking over to the booth. He looked back at the bartender who gave him a wink. Once they were seated in a more private area the stranger leaned over the table and introduced himself. “The name’s Jack.” An iridescent, emerald colored gemstone hung from his neck on a choker. “I’m Jaime. Are you new in town? I’ve never seen you here before.” “Oh… I’ve been around for a looong time.” Jack said with a mischievous smile. “Speaking of time, you spend a lot of it here. You’re here every night and yet you don’t ever dance.” “Yeah...” Jaime blushed. “Dancing’s just not my thing… but I swear I haven’t seen you before. I… uh… would have noticed someone like you.” “I’ve seen the way you look at the guys. You want to be out there on the floor grinding up against them.” He grinned. “You look at them the same way you look at those tacos, the burrito you had before that, and the hot pockets you ate before you left the house today.” Jack whistled. “Three dinners Jaime… it’s no wonder you’re afraid to get up there. You might have a heart attack.” “Wait… how do you know about…?” “I know EVERYTHING about you Jaime. Including the fact that you fully intend to go home alone tonight just like you do every night after watching people dance for three hours. Eating and eating and hoping something changes. BUT...” He put his finger up to Jaime’s mouth to keep him from protesting. “Your luck’s about to change.” “W..what do you mean?” Jack had an intensity about him that Jaime found intimidating. “You want to go home with me?” “Oh no… much better than that. I’m going to grant you a wish. Any wish you can think of.” He said pulling a card out of his pocket and handing it to Jaime who looked at it. It simply said “Jack the Giver” on it in flowing script. “I… don’t understand.” “You simply take the card and make a wish and it comes true. What’s there to understand?” “Well then I wish...” Jack shoved his finger against Jaime’s lips again. “Not for me to come home with you… you can have anything you want… even the body you want. Though you might want to wish for one that you can’t ruin with tacos.” He got up. “Think about it carefully,” he said before walking over to door. The bouncer opened it for him and he was gone. Jaime sat with the card in his hand, twirling it around his fingers. Here he thought he was going to have the night of his life and now all he had was a card given to him by some nut job. “What the hell just happened?” he said to himself. His thoughts were interrupted by a group of guys walking by who looked like they lived in the gym. He told himself, “I wish that you could get muscles and a nice body without doing anything.” And suddenly the card burst into flames and burned away. “FUCK that hurt!” The bouncer came over to him. “Hey Jaime, whatcha doin’? You know you can’t set shit on fire in here.” “I’m so sorry Mark, it was just this card that guy who was just sitting here gave me.” Jaime said. “It just caught on fire.” “That guy was something else.” The bouncer said. “I thought he was your age when you were talking to him. But when he walked past me to leave, he had to be in his forties at least.” “Huh? He looked my age to me.” Jaime said. “Look I think I’m going to go for a walk to clear my head. I’ll be back in an hour.” Jaime walked out of the club into the cool breeze. That was the strangest experience he’d ever had. A block away there was a park and he took a meandering path to it before sitting down on one of the benches to take a quick break. Walking really wasn’t his thing. Once he sat down he realized he didn’t feel the same. “I think you could use some new clothes,” said an unknown voice. He saw a man wearing a three piece suit and a dark overcoat sitting on the bench across from him. A wide brimmed hat shadowed his face from the street lights and Jaime couldn’t really make it out. “I got these last month.” Jaime said indignantly. Shopping for new outfits was one of his favorite things. “They don’t really seem to fit you.” Jaime looked down and saw that his shirt did seem to sag on him. It was his gut. It was shrinking. “What… the … fuck...” His man boobs seemed to be sagging less and rounding out. His shoulders perked up as his traps and deltoids gained size. His arms were becoming less puffy and jiggly and more solid feeling. He stood up and his pants and boxers fell to his feet. He could feel a gap between his thighs for the first time he could remember. Fortunately for his dignity the shirt had been large enough to accommodate his gut so it just drooped down over his skinnier frame and covered his junk. He looked down at his new trimmed body, his pecs were the most prominent bulge on his torso now as every drop of fat disappeared from his frame. He felt his rock hard abs under his shirt. “Holy fuck...” “Soo… are you just going to stand there naked in the park?” The stranger said. He seemed oddly unconcerned about what he had just witnessed. “No… I uh… well…” He blushed. “I don’t have any clothes that fit.” Jaime said reaching down and holding his his pants up to his waist. “I’ve got a spare outfit you can use. They were here when I sat down.” He said pointing down beside him to a crumpled up black tank top and some skinny jeans. Jaime gave the man a curious look. “What’s the matter? It’s not like I offered you candy or something. I really don’t see what choice you’ve got if you don’t want to spend the night in jail for public nudity.” Jaime picked them up and smelled them. They smelled just like the cologne Jack had been wearing. “You didn’t see a guy in his 20’s going by here did you? I think he was wearing these.” “If you’re asking whether or not there’s another naked man in this park, I’m afraid I haven’t seen one.” The stranger looked up with a smile. His side burns were tinged with gray but he had deep piercing green eyes. “Don’t take this the wrong way but you could be his dad.” Jamie said. “Don’t take this the wrong way but you should probably put some pants on.” He said nodding his head in the direction of a cop standing on the street corner. “I don’t have any underwear!” Jaime said. “Well ain’t life a bitch sometimes.” The man said with a chuckle. Jaime quickly put the jeans on and was amazed that it was his fit ass that made them a challenge to zip up. Then he pulled off his saggy shirt and slid on the black tank top. “How do I… look…?” He turned to the stranger but the was gone. Jaime turned this way and that but there was no sign of him anywhere. Jaime pulled his wallet, phone, and keys out of his old pants and squeezed them into his skinny jeans and headed back over to the club. The bouncer met him at the door. “ID...” “Heh, Mark, you know me.” He said without thinking. “Uhhh no I don’t but thanks for being creep kid.” Suddenly it hit Jaime that no one was going to recognize him. Then he wondered if Mark would even take his ID. He was three hundred pounds in that picture. He might think he’d stolen it. “Well? You got an ID or not kid?” He said getting annoyed. “Yeah… yeah… it’s right here.” He said sluggishly handing it over to the bouncer. He looked at it for two seconds and then stamped Jaime’s hand. Inside Jaime glanced at his ID and saw that his driver’s license picture had changed too. He looked pretty hot in it. He’d taken all of two steps when someone came up to him with a “Well hey there” Jaime began to have a terrific night. Guys were coming up to him and buying him drinks. He still didn’t know how to dance but since guys were grinding all over him on the dance floor it didn’t matter. It was well after midnight before he took a break, part of the benefit of not having to stop every few minutes to catch his breath. He’d barely sat down before this really cute blond approached him. “Hey, haven’t seen you here before. I’m Kyle!” “Oh… I’ve been… around...” Jaime said. He’d watched Kyle shake his ass so many nights but had never gotten so much as a look from him before. His toned body always fit so well in the tight clothes he wore. “Oh? Well my friends just left me here all alone and I was wondering if you’d like to hang out.” Kyle said. He was clearly lying. His friends were standing twenty feet away staring at the two of them but Jaime didn’t care. This was a dream come true for him. The two of them talked for about thirty minutes before Kyle dragged Jaime out on the floor again. Kyle’s hands explored all over Jaime’s tight body. In his hair, under his tank, and in his pants. Jaime could feel his dance partner’s fingers squeezing his pert ass. At some point they started making out. The two of them were very drunk by this point which would explain why Kyle didn’t notice the fact that each time he groped Jaime’s pecs, they felt a little larger than the last time. It took Jaime a while before he looked down and realized his pecs were twice as big as they had been before he started dancing. A handful of onlookers, however, had been paying attention for about five minutes. His traps and his pecs were bulking up so much that his tank top no longer covered the bottom row of his six pack. His ass and thighs were starting to get really uncomfortable in his skinny jeans. His lats were bulging out, pushing his arms away and it looked like someone was inflating a football in his biceps. Kyle felt Jaime stop dancing and opened his eyes in shock as his partner’s tank top was riding up to his second row of abs. “Dude what’s happening to you!?” He said backing away as the button popped on Jaime’s skinny jeans. They were too tight for him to walk in and his package was killing him. Soon he could hear them ripping at the seams in his ass and down his legs as the rolling hills of definition on his thighs tore their way through the denim. His pecs, delts, and traps had grown so much that his tank top looked like more of a sports bra on him. His 11’’ cock popped out of his disintegrating jeans prompting quite a few gasps from the crowd. The denim fell completely away from his massive bubble butt allowing his goose egg sized nuts to dangle freely. As he stepped back from Kyle every shred of his pants fell away prompting him to try in vain to cover his cock with his hands but it was far too large for that. The music stopped and his pecs continued to surge out with new growth, becoming so large that they broke through the tank top leaving him completely naked. He was over 300 lbs once again but in an entirely different situation. Bouncers ran up, hearing that a guy was naked on the dance floor. but they weren’t prepared to see Jaime’s bi’s and traps fighting for more room on his arms, or his ass swelling up like a beach ball, or a cock that was getting hard and starting to poke into his nipples. His legs were swelling up to the size of pine trunks and it was getting hard to walk. He slipped on a spilled drink and landed on his back, his fall cushioned by the growing layers of muscles. Forty eyes were staring down at him as he struggled to get back up. His muscles were getting too big to move. Suddenly he saw a familiar face in the crowd. It was the man from the park. He moved people aside and knelt down beside Jaime, putting a hand on his beach ball sized pecs as his arms were swelling so much they forced themselves out from his body. His face came within 6 inches and he whispered. “Now you know why muscles are only supposed to grow when you use them.” Then he got up and walked away. “No! Come back! Help me!” Jaime shouted but he continued to swell there on that dance floor in front of everyone until all he could move was his fingers and toes and a steady trickle of pre-cum was drooling down his chest in front of everybody. So if you get the chance to wish for your fantasy, think through the consequences of what you want. You may get more than you bargained for.
  11. Dr. Robinsen’s pecs bounced as they slowly expanded out in the now loose fitting t-shirt, covered by a white lab coat. Drinking the serum had been a mistake but it had to be tested on someone and the doctor didn’t trust anybody else. The room was spinning, vertigo was giving way to darkness, as the unfortunate scientist fell unconscious onto the lab bench, sending unlabeled bottles of mysterious chemicals flying. Outside the manor house, a young junior executive for Body Connections stood knocking at the door. His company had recently purchased a muscle growth enhancement formula from Dr. Robinsen and he had traveled out to the country in person to pick it up. A butler answered the door, “Terry Jones, here to see Dr. Robinsen.” He said. “You’re expected, the doctor is in the laboratory. I’m to take you there.” He said leading the way through the impressive manor house. On the wall was a portrait of a man next to his wife and kids. He assumed that was the doctor, although he was feeling guilty about not looking up any information on the Dr. Robinsen before hand. At the end of a long hallway was a steel door. The butler opened it and stood back. “The laboratory is in there.” He pointed and walked away. Terry walked into the poorly lit room that smelled of chemicals and animal cages, a little annoyed at being left to find his own way. Then in an instant his heart jumped into his mouth as he saw a man slumped over onto one of the lab benches. Terry ran over and lifted his head. He had very smooth skin apart from the five o’clock shadow that covered his face. His long blond hair was tied up into a ponytail making him look more like a Vegas magician than a doctor. He certainly wasn’t the man from the portrait. “Dr. Robinsen?” He shouted, shaking the unconscious man in front of him with difficulty due to his powerful muscular frame. He slowly opened his eyes. “Yes? What is it?” He said in a stupor, then his eyes opened widely. He felt his chest and then his arms. “Oh no...” He said moving his hands over his mouth. Jumping out of his stool so quickly that he knocked it over, he ran to a mirror and felt his face and body. “Dr. Robinsen… I… uh… I’m here for the formula. You said we could pick it up today. I’ve been authorized to sign a contract for you for fifty million dollars for the exclusive right to manufacture it.” He had to repeat himself several times before the doctor would even acknowledge him. Finally he twirled around and said, “No no! It’s not ready! I have to fix… gnnnn” The sentence was cut short as his hands grabbed his stomach and he bent over on the floor. “GNNNNN” Terry watched as the doctor’s body heaved with labored breathing. Veins began to pop out in his neck. “Should I call 911?” He asked. “No!” He bellowed and them grabbed his throat as shoulders began to expand again. Terry could see the sleeves of his lab coat filling out as the doctor’s biceps and triceps inflated. Was this the growth serum?! How could it be working this quickly? Terry ran up Dr. Robinsen and put his hand on the man’s shoulder. “What’s happening?!” But he didn’t need an answer, he could feel the deltoid under his hand swelling against his fingers. The doctors pecs were imprinting themselves against the t-shirt and stretching it out so much he could hear the fibers straining. The doctor looked down and grabbed his crotch, feeling incredible pain as he looked down in horror at the bulge that was fighting it’s way against some very tight jeans. “AGHHHH!” He shouted, quickly unbuttoning them and pulling out a 9’’ soft cock and balls the size of lemons. “Oh god no!” He shouted. At that moment his pecs and deltoids had swollen so much that they tore his t-shirt down the front revealing his rock hard core, framed by the lab coat and the torn t-shirt. His biceps burst through the sleeves of the white coat as they swelled out like two massive boulders. Terry backed away, afraid of what was happening as the prostrate man before him groaned in pain. His denim ripped with an awful sound revealing two massive undulating thighs and an expanding bubble butt. “Fuck… it’s too much! Got the… ratios wrong!” He grunted as his body continued to swell including his feet which he was desperately working to pull out of his shoes. Inch by inch the doctor grew taller and the expanding body ripped through the tattered remnants of his clothes. His balls sank lower, swelling to the size of baseballs as his 11’’ soft cock drooped over his massively swelling thighs. His lats pushed those massive arms outward as his back thickened with extreme definition. He struggled to stand as his traps fully engulfed his neck and his pecs continued to swell, forcing his nipples downward. He looked at his body in horror and looked up at Terry. “Get out!” He roared. “Get out now!” He said throwing over a lab bench. Terry bolted from the lab and down the hall without looking where he was going causing him to collide with a portly man in his fifties. “What the hell is going on down there!?” He shouted. Terry recognized him from the painting in the hall. “Dr. Robinsen!” He shouted. “There’s a man in there, you...your assistant maybe. He’s changing… going berserk!” “What are you talking about? I’m Johnathan Robinsen. Dr. Robinsen is my wife!” Terry’s eyes grew round as saucers. “Ohhhh dear… I… I… think she may want some time to herself right now.” He said and ran out the front door.
  12. "Jack the Giver - I Want to Be a Star!" An aspiring thespian learns a valuable lesson in word choice. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Lee Marks was a talented actor but he never seemed to be able to land the roles he wanted. Sure he could pay his bills if he worked himself to death but he wanted to do more than tread water. He was handsome and toned. He certainly looked like a star and he really wanted to be one. Fortunately that’s what this new Broadway musical was going to be able to do. His agent had been in discussions for weeks with the producers and he’d been in for several auditions. Everyone seemed to like him. Things were definitely looking up for Lee. He was so pleased with himself that he’d offered to cook for four of his closest friends in his apartment. It was a small loft but the view of Manhattan was fantastic. To be honest he had a sugar daddy who helped pay the rent, an arrangement he was looking forward to ending as soon as he landed his big role. The evening was going wonderfully. The guests were all eating and chatting away when Lee saw on his phone that his agent had sent him an email. He couldn’t wait to see the good news in writing. However, when he opened it the email read, “They gave the part to someone else with ‘better connections’ to the producer.” He didn’t need to read anymore. He could feel all of the energy draining out of his body. “What’s wrong Lee?” His friend Sally asked. “I… I didn’t get it...” He mumbled. “Don’t worry man, there’ll be other parts.” His friend Ted said patting him on the arm. “I’m sorry, I’d really like to be alone now.” Lee said. “Like… right now?” His friend Mark asked. “Yeah… right now.” Lee said without looking up. He remained motionless, petrified even, as his friends awkwardly gathered their things and filed out. Things seemed hopeless. His self esteem was shot. He wasn’t an actor, he was just a rent boy for some dirty old man who paid half his rent. Suddenly he felt a cold gust of air. He looked up and saw that his balcony door was hanging ajar. One of his friends must have opened it. He got up to close the sliding glass door when a voice from behind said. “Well if it means anything to you, I would have given you the part.” He spun around and saw a strange man in a hat, suit, and overcoat sitting in the chair he’d just vacated. “The other guy was a bit of hack to be honest, but what can you say, it pays to sleep with the producer. It’s a shame you skipped that part of the interview process.” “Who the hell are you and how’d you get into my apartment!?” Lee shouted. “YOUR apartment? The name on the lease says Mr. Gerald Morely, but it’s just as well you’re here. I came to see you, Lee, not him.” “W...what? Wait, how do you know Gerald… or my name… or any of this stuff you’ve been talking about!?” The man chuckled. “I know all about you and your struggling career but fortunately for you, your luck just changed. My name’s Jack and I grant wishes.” He smiled. Lee reached into his pocket for his cell phone. He wanted to text someone to call the police to get this lunatic out of his apartment but the phone was gone. Jack reached into his coat pocket and pulled it out. “Now now, you can chat with your friends after I’m gone. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for you. Don’t screw this up.” “So what are you? A producer? Or just another rich guy offering me a job for the right amount of cock?” “I told you. I’m Jack and I grant wishes.” “What kind of wishes?” “Anything really.” He said pulling out a card from his suit pocket and tossing it over to Lee. “You just take the card and make a wish.” “And what do you get out of this?” “I live to help poor unfortunate souls, like yourself.” Jack chuckled. “Oh sorry, I realize that’s a touchy phrase for you. I had forgotten that you auditioned for the Little Mermaid this summer and didn’t get that part either.” Lee was dumbfounded by how this man seemed to know everything about him and how he just appeared out of nowhere. “So I can pick this card up and wish for the part that I just got turned down for and...” “Your slutty competitor would get hit by a truck tomorrow… or perhaps he’d come down with a dreadful disease. Anyway, what does it matter so long as you get what you want? But to be honest I feel like you’re missing the point. This is a one time opportunity to get ANYTHING you want and you’re just going to waste it on one role?” “You mean I could wish to be famous?” “Beyond your wildest dreams.” “Bigger than Tom Cruise?” “Why constrain it there?” “Fine then… I want my name all over New York, no, the world! I want to be biggest thing around. Bigger than the empire state building!” He shouted and the card burst into flames, burning his fingers. “Owww what the fuck!?” When he looked up Jack was gone and he was alone once again. Lee looked all over his apartment for Jack but there was no sign of him. “Must have been hallucinating.” He said sitting back down at his chair, but his pants didn’t feel quite right. He adjusted them but they still felt tight. “Ugh… I need to change...” He said thinking that putting on more loosely fitting clothes would make him more comfortable. He went into his bedroom and pulled off his clothes and slid on some workout shorts and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth. He’d clean up in the morning. When he got to the sink he looked into the mirror and was a little shocked. His normally muscular frame looked waaay more jacked than usual. “Woah… I’m going to have to talk to my trainer about this.” While he liked the look, it was never great to get too muscular before you knew what part you’d be playing. As he brushed his teeth, his chest felt extremely tight and noticed that his biceps and lats were touching. His cock felt heavier than usual as well. He quickly whipped it out and saw that it was a few inches larger as well. “What the fuck?” Cocks didn’t get bigger what was happening? He cupped his left pec in his hands, there was no way all of this had happened naturally without him noticing. Then he thought about the wish he’d just made. “Is this part of my wish?” Was this mysterious stranger bulking him up for some kind of part in a movie or play? Suddenly he felt his pecs pulsating and looked in the mirror to see them flexing on their own. He groaned as he backed into the wall and grabbed his chest feeling the muscles swell in his hands. “Oh god….” Looking at his reflection he could see his biceps visibly swelling as well as his traps and delts. His frame was expanding. He could feel his back muscles swelling against the hard wall that his shoulder blades no longer made contact with. He saw his soft cock drooping lower as it grew down the front of his workout shorts. His expanding bubble butt was stretching the elastic. He pulled them off and stared at his naked body in amazement as his thighs were swelling out like a fitness model. He looked like he should be on the cover of men’s health. His swelling pecs were forcing his nipples downward as his chest pushed even further outward. His pecs were so big they were casting a shadow on his swelling abs. He noticed how much shorter everything looked and realized he’d grown to 6’ 5’’. He stepped on the scale and weighed 305 lbs. “Woah that’s a lot,” he said but there wasn’t a sign of fat on his body. He really liked the new look but wasn’t sure how it was supposed to make him famous. Still he spent the rest of the evening taking selfies and redoing his acting profile. He was going to have to start selling this new bod tomorrow. So around 2 am he finally went to sleep. In the morning he woke up with his head pried uncomfortably against the headboard with one leg half off the bed. He looked down at his body and gasped. It was humongous, he’d gained over a hundred pounds during the night and grown even taller. He was so big he no longer fit properly in his bed. He stood up and realized he now towered at almost seven feet tall. “Jesus… what kind of parts can I play like this but freak shows?” Suddenly his phone went off with a flurry of texts from his agent. He’d just read Lee’s updated profile from the night before. “What the hell are you doing?! You can’t bulk up that much without a role that calls for it. You’ve just shut yourself out from half the gigs I’ve got on my desk! We need to talk! Now!” Lee texted back that he’d meet him at a coffee shop but he knew that if his agent was pissed about how big he said he was last night, this morning was going to be hard. He searched through his things to find something to wear until he found the biggest most stretched out t-shirt he had. A friend had given him an XXL t-shirt that said “no fat chicks” as a joke. His arms didn’t really fit through the sleeves so he had to cut the sides off of it. He grabbed some crazy loose workout shorts that the elastic had worn out in. Now they fit snugly over his bulging bubble butt. “Guess this will have to do until I can buy more.” Then he realized his shoes no longer fit but he remembered there was a shoe shop just a block down the street. The towering Lee raised quite a few eyebrows walking in the shop with the sides of his pecs bulging out of the open sides of his ripped t-shirt. “Hey uhh… my girlfriend played a prank on me and… uhhh I’m going to need some new shoes.” He asked a very timid attendant. “Do you know what your size is?” He could only imagine what his shoe size was now so he told her that his girlfriend always bought his shoes for him. “No worries sir we can measure that.” The bench that he sat on creaked under his weight as he placed his enormous foot in the measuring device. It turned out he was now a size 15 and so he bought the only pair of sneakers they had in that size and went off to the coffee shop to meet his agent. The coffee shop was only a 10 minute walk but it seemed like a lot farther. Every person he walked by craned their necks to stare at the nearly seven foot behemoth. When he got to the coffee shop he pulled up his usual seat at the patio and found that their petite chairs and tables no longer fit him as nicely as they used to. He was practically straddling the table with his legs now. His muscular bubble butt cheeks spread over the sides of the chair that strained to the point of breaking, hoping to god that wouldn’t happen. He didn’t fancy pieces of broken chair wedged into his ass. He ordered his usual medium black coffee and was amazed at how much smaller it seemed. He pulled out his phone to read the news and pretended that everyone wasn’t staring at him. When he looked up he saw his agent glaring at him from the sidewalk. He waved and called him over. From the look of shock on his face Lee realized he hadn’t recognized him before and had just been staring at what he assumed was a giant stranger like everyone else. “Lee?! What the hell happened to you?” He said running up to the table. “Listen Jerry, I know this looks bad for my career but...” “Fuck the career Lee, what the hell happened to you?” He asked again. “Have you seen a doctor?” “What? Jerry? No… no I came to see you talk about roles you might have for someone like...” “Lee… buddy… I don’t know what you did to get like this but it aint natural. You see all the time on the news guys this tall falling to pieces because they’re just too big. I want you to get checked out by a doc before we talk about your career. If something happened to you and people thought that this was something I talked you into, my career goes out the window too.” His agent said. “Now I’ll give you the name of a doc I want you to see, and you go there right now. I’ll make the appointment for you.” He said nudging his friend/client up. In thirty minutes Lee was walking towards the address that Jerry had texted him. His stress levels over his career were all he could think about. The route took him past central park and he thought a walk through the park might relax him. As he walked past the trees and bushes, he felt the cool breeze, listened to the birds sing and began to think that this wasn’t the end of the world, there were things he could still do. Suddenly his shoes began to feel tight and he felt his body begin to stretch once again. His ass began to strain against his shorts and his thighs began to bulk up again. His pecs pushed out from his chest and he began to grow even taller. His abs became visible, his shirt no longer able to cover his entire torso. He tried to quicken his pace but his shoes were becoming insufferable. He heard them rip as his feet burst out from them. His shorts began to rip at the seams as his enormous ass broke through them. He looked down at his massive 15’’ soft cock dangling on his swelling thighs and two balls the size of his fists just bouncing around out in the open. He quickly dove into the some tall bushes nearby and interrupted a group orgy of gay New Yorkers circle jerking each other in the park. “Oh wow… “ One of them said excited by what had just dropped in but as his pecs began to rip his shirt apart they could tell something was wrong. He was passing 8 feet now and still growing. The intense sensations caused him to grit his teeth. “Oh shit he’s on something!” They shouted and ran out of the bushes. “Fuck what’s happening to me!?” Lee shouted. “You’re getting your wish.” Lee looked up and saw Jack leaning against a tree trunk. “I didn’t want this...” He groaned on all fours as his muscles continued to balloon out and he passed 9 feet tall. “Oh no?” Jack said furrowing his brow. “It’s what you wished for.” “I wished to be famous!” Lee bellowed. “No, you said and I qoute, ‘I want my name all over New York, no, the world! I want to be biggest thing around. Bigger than the empire state building!’” Jack grinned and walked over to his swelling companion. “I’d say we have a bit of a ways to go before your wish is granted.” “What!?” Lee suddenly realized what was happening. “That’s not what I meant!” “Oh well… it’s what you said.” Jack smiled. “But...” Lee began to protest when new voices interrupted them. “Who’s in there? What’s all this? NYPD!” Lee looked back and could vaguely see the outline of a group of officers. All of the activity had caught their attention. “Shit Jack it’s the cops what do I…do?” When he turned back Jack was gone. “Alright, you get to the count of five to come out of there before we pull out the tasers. I know you don’t want that.” One of the officers shouted. They could see movement in there but they had no idea how many were inside. “1… 2… 3… you’re not gonna like it if I get to five… 4… fi… HOLY SHIT” Without warning Lee bounded out of the bushes and through the park. In actual fact he was 10 feet tall but for the surprised officers his size was hard to guess. “We’re gonna need back up here!” One of them shouted into his radio. Lee didn’t know where he was going as he bounded through the park. Where could you hide with millions of people watching you. As he swelled to over 10 ft 1200 lbs, his feet were leaving enormous divots in the ground. His long hose cock was flogging his quads as he ran blindly. Before he knew it he was back on the street. Cars began to crash as distracted drivers watched the enormous monster in front of them. Then he saw three squad cars peel onto the street in front of him, their lights flashing. “Oh shit...” He took off in the other direction. 11 ft… 12 ft… he was still growing. People froze in place and dropped their belongings in shock as he thundered by down the center of the road. Cars swerved to avoid him. 14 ft… 15 ft… the stop lights were starting to get in his way. In a panic he backed himself against a building, giving a dental secretary a minor heart attack when her entire window was covered with his ass. Then he heard a familiar voice. “What do you get for the man who’s as big as everything? Advice of course!” “Jack! What are you...” He looked around and didn’t see him at first and then he spotted him. His face was grinning down at him from an LCD billboard. “...doing?” “I thought I’d get on your scale to chat.” He said as Lee’s growth caused his shoulders to drag upward along the building he was leaning against, knocking off flags and window boxes as he grew. “Have you considered leaving the city or has your brain not kept track with the rest of you?” “But I? How!?” “You know how to swim don’t you?” The screen changed from Jack’s face to a picture of the harbor. Lee saw 10 squad cars turning down the street to cut him off but at 20 feet tall they looked like toys. They barely reached his knees. Lee took off down the street and leapt over the barrier as if it were a designed for toddlers. Barreling down the street, his feet cracked the pavement as he ran. He knocked over street lights, and street signs, and anything that hung over the street as he ran. He was 45 ft tall when he reached the docks. The dock workers fled like a pack of squirrels below him. He ran out into the water and started swimming and didn’t stop until land was out of sight. Later that evening everyone’s news everywhere was filled with the same thing. “Local New York actor Lee Marks went on a rampage through New York City today after a bizarre incident caused him to grow uncontrollably. Authorities have no idea what brought on the incident but urge people to stay away from steroids or other growth stimulants until the cause is known. At this point police do not suspect malicious intent.” “Poor kid… “ His agent said as the segment flipped to him. “He was so talented, would have done anything to get a good part. Wish I could have stopped him from taking whatever had caused this to happen.” “The coast guard’s efforts to find the giant actor have been hampered by fog and an offshore weather system. So far it’s anyone’s guess as to what became of Mr. Marks. Back to you Rachael.” Travers Sogland turned off his TV. The gnarled old captain had seen enough. They were taking a container ship into the US from Holland. “What you make of that Tom?” He said to his friend looking out at the rain swept sea. “Bunch of hogwash if you ask me.” “The news is always making shit up for rati...” Suddenly the entire ship lurched to one side. Containers spilled out into the water as an enormous arm wrapped itself over the hull. Lee had finally found something big enough to cling to so he could take a little swim break. So if you you’re feeling defeated and a strange man comes to you offering to make your dreams come true be very careful how you ask for what you want. You might get something you didn’t really desire.
  13. New Jack the Giver story coming out tonight. This time we have an actor who needs to be more careful with his word choice. If anyone on discord would like to get a sneak peak of my work I really appreciate having readers so hit me up.
  14. "Guys are Going to Notice" A skinny kid gets a chance to make his ultimate dream come true but learns a lesson about saying too much. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- CJ slammed the door to his dorm room. “Pathetic… that’s what that was…. Just pathetic...” He didn’t understand, he was a nice guy, he had career ambitions, but all the girls wanted from his was friendship. He was particularly desolated today. He’d just asked Carly if she wanted to go to the movies with him tonight. They’d been hanging out so much recently, she’d be so nice, he just knew he was doing everything right. He also knew that she had nothing to do when she told him she’d be busy. She’d told him a few days ago that she never did anything during the school week and here she was suddenly busy every day. “What is it about me that they hate?” He said looking into a mirror. In truth he knew. His bony shoulders sagged under his t-shirt. His stick thin arms, rather than filling his sleeves, rattled around inside of them like a puzzle piece that didn’t fit. His torso had no shape what so ever. It was just a wiry frame that clothes were draped over rather than fitted, as if they were hanging out to dry. People liked him. He had a great sense of humor. It’s just that they always wanted to be his friend and never anything more. Every time a girl rejected him it just sent his confidence tumbling to the ground in shattered pieces. He felt sure it would work this time. He’d been working on Carly for a month. She had begun texting him to hang out after class when she was bored. Surely if anyone would say yes it’d be her. His phone began to buzz from his best friend Tom. He’d told him about the rejection. Tom was always there to swoop in and pick up the shattered pieces. “Hey man, why don’t we go out tonight, get your mind off Carly.” He texted. CJ sighed, he probably should, he thought. But for now he needed to lie down. Later that night he and Tom were at a local dive bar. It was the only one that would take CJ’s fake ID. He was almost 21 but he had the face of a 17 year old. “Don’t worry about her man.” Tom said. “There’s plenty of chicks out there. You just gotta find the right one!” CJ looked into the mirror behind the bar. “Yeah, I just have to find one who’s into adopting lost puppies.” He said, thinking he looked like a stray that had been out on the streets for too long. “Don’t worry man, you’ve got this. I know this girl who just turned single. She may need a shoulder to cry on!” “Every time girls lean on my shoulder they complain that’s too bony and poking them in the head.” CJ said getting tipsy. “Well let her cry on your back. You’ve got to keep trying man.” Tom said, realizing it was time for his friend to get back to his dorm. The two paid up and made their way out to the street then suddenly the worst thing that could have happened occurred. Carly walked past arm and arm with Mike, a lacrosse player from their dorm. CJ looked at his bulging biceps that stretched his t-shirt realizing he’d never have that kind of frame. “Awww fuck...” Was all he said. It was bad enough getting rejected but then getting showed all the ways he didn’t measure up in so clear a way was devastating. Suddenly the alcohol hit and he ran to a bush to throw up. He got back to the dorm alone around eleven that night a complete mess. He kicked his work table, causing the ceramic mascot to fall to the floor and break in half. “Jesus CJ, you should be more careful. That little guy had sentimental value after all,” came a voice from behind. CJ whipped around, and then quickly stabilized himself as he was still very tipsy . “Who’re you?” He stammered. He was staring at an olive skinned man, wearing a grey stetson, leather gloves, and a dark overcoat, open at the front, revealing a matching three piece suit. “What’re you? The Mafia?” “Well I suppose that would be one way to end your misery but no, your life isn’t quite that interesting.” The figure said in reply. “Well then who’re you and how’d you get in here?” CJ asked. “The name’s Jack. But I believe the question you should be asking is what I can do for you.” He walked up to the lopsided student. “All your life people have looked down on you for your size. People tease you, call you a refugee, even your family pokes fun at how many of your ribs they can see. You must be tired of that, but fortunately for you, I can help.” “Look I don’t know what yer sellin but...” CJ was suddenly interrupted as Jack put gloved finger to his mouth. “Clarence John Stevens, you should listen more than you speak. Why do you think Carly chose that man over you?” Jack asked. “Well because he’s got muscles and I’m… wait how do you know my name or any of this?” “I know everything about you Clarence. I also know how to help. It’s your lucky night. I can give you anything you ask for.” He reached into his suit and pulled out a card that simply had the name Jack the Giver, written on it in fine flowing script. “Just take the card and make a wish.” CJ took the card and stared at it. “Uhhhh…. What?” “Just make a wish, unless you’d rather spend the rest of your life like this.” Jack replied. “Fine then I wish I had muscles… like crazy muscles… like a sex machine." His mind flashed to Mike and how easy it was for him to get girls. "So big that all the guys are gonna look at me and take notice! Guys like Mike!” CJ said as his mind wandered drunkenly and as soon as he finished the card burst into flame and burned away without a trace burning his fingertips. “What the hell man!” He shouted to Jack but when he looked up the room was empty. The only evidence that anything had just happened was the tingling pain in his fingers. “Jesus I need to stop with the tequila...” He said, pulling his shirt off and collapsing on his bed and passing out. The next morning CJ woke up with a splitting headache. His body felt funny and he told himself that he should probably take the morning to recoup from last night. Sitting up in bed he stared at the mirror hanging on his wall and gasped. Instead of ribs he was looking at a pair of pecs. His arms were thick and shapely. He looked like a swimmer. “Oh shit… I’m having a stroke…” He said, thinking he was hallucinating. He looked down and felt his torso, the abs he was seeing were real. He could feel them individually. He cupped his right pec in his hand, feeling it’s size and weight. “Jesus I look like a model. That crackpot wasn’t joking.” He stood up and pulled his jeans off, his lower body was toned too and the bulge in his briefs was impressive too. He got ready and put his clothes on for the day. For the first time in his life they fit him beautifully. Things were going to be different now. He couldn’t wait to show his friends, what would they say? He couldn’t wait to see. He didn’t have long to wait before he ran into Tom who was waiting for him on his way to class. “Hey man.” He said to Tom, who was startled at this stranger who came up to him. “Uh… hey...” Tom replied, feeling like he looked familiar but couldn’t remember where he’d seen him before. “You don’t recognize me? It’s CJ.” Tom squinted, he did look a lot like CJ, particularly the face but… it couldn’t be. His voice was deeper and… that body. “Ha ha, nice try man. Is he hiding in the bushes somewhere? I’m impressed, the two of you could be twins almost.” “No seriously… it’s me… I uhhh… something happened last night after you dropped me off at the dorm.” “What…?” The two went back and forth for a few minutes until Tom felt like testing it. “Ok if it’s really you tell me one thing that I’ve only told to you that you’d never tell to anyone else on this campus.” “You mean that you’re secretly into guys?” CJ whispered. “You know I’d never tell anyone that without your permission.” “Shit man!” Tom stared blankly at his now hot friend. “Is this some new protein supplement or something?” “It’s much much weirder.” CJ said and he told him what happened. Then he pulled up his shirt and flashed his abs. “Well… I guess some people get all the luck.” Tom said, feeling up his friend’s six pack to see that it was real. CJ flexed it for him which made Tom’s cock twitch. He quickly pulled away. “So… are you going to try it again with Carly now?” “Fuck her man.” CJ said. “There are plenty of chicks on this campus that didn’t break my fucking heart.” They walked together to the meal hall CJ noticed people checking him out. Curious girls and jealous guys, and dudes looking to measure up were all eyeing him. Not to mention Tom. He could see his friend checking him out whenever he thought he wasn’t looking. He didn’t know what to make of that. More pressing on his mind however, was a table of hot girls. One was particularly hot and she’d been seriously checking him out since he sat down. “Excuse me Tom.” He said walking over to her. “Hey, my name’s CJ, I was wondering if you were busy tonight.” “Uh yeah, we’ve having a girls night...” one of her friends started to talk and the girl gave her a stone glare to shut her up. “My name’s Briana, you have something in mind?” She said. “Dinner at 6?” And they exchanged numbers. CJ’s mind was blown how easy it was with the right body. He couldn’t think of anything else but his date until they arrived arrived at the Italian restaurant at the same time. They walked in together and started to chat away. He’d never had anyone look at him the way she was staring and realized he was actually going to get laid tonight for the first time. The idea made him horny and a strange thing happened. His balls seemed to vibrate and gurgle as if they were hungry for action. They began to swell. He could feel them getting tighter in his briefs. “Yeah so I’ve been into sports all my life. I’m just too busy to sign up for anything varsity...” He was saying when he felt his pecs bounce in his shirt. “Whoah sorry I guess I just...” It happened again this time his biceps flexed with his pecs. “What the...” Suddenly his entire torso was flexing in unison. But each time his shirt felt a little tighter. He was beginning to grow again. “What’s happening… to you?” Briana said. “I uhh… don’t...” Suddenly his polo shirt began to rip at the V. “Sorry, I have to” RIIIIP another convulsive burst of growth ripped his shirt right in half in the middle of the restaurant. “I’ve got to run.” He said, jumping up, nearly knocking over the table. He reached in his wallet and threw some cash down and ran out. He tugged at the shirt that was pinned on his arms but another flex caused his sleeves to pop off, leaving him shirtless. Every massive rounded muscle was on display. His unfulfilled balls continued to vibrate and swell until they grew to the size of large lemons and caused his 8’’ soft cock to soak cum into his jeans. He ran into his dorm in a blind panic and struggled to pull off his tight jeans before they ripped apart. “Uhhh hello?” CJ looked up to see Tom sitting at his desk staring at him. “What are you doing here?” CJ asked in a panic. “Studying? You said I could study here while you were out.” Tom looked at him. “What were you doing without your shir… woah you’ve been growing again.” He looked at his friend’s completely jacked bod as he struggled with his jeans. He looked bigger than an NFL quarterback. His giant package bounced around in his briefs as he struggled to get them off before they burst. Tom blushed. “Maybe I should leave if you’ve got company coming.” “No! Please stay! I don’t know what’s happening!” He said as he finally got his pants off and collapsed on the bed. “I was eating with Briana and my body started swelling again… in the restaurant… god I was so close to getting laid!” He said banging the wall in frustration. “I’m so fucking horny and I have to hide back here!” Tom watched CJ stretch himself out on the bed, his large semi-hard cock poked out of the top of his briefs and one of the lemon sized nuts bulged from one of the leg holes. CJ had gone from someone he wouldn’t have looked twice at to a complete fantasy just laying there. “I mean there are worse problems...” “God these briefs are killing me.” CJ groaned. “Then why don’t I leave and you can take them off.” Tom said trying to do his best to be supportive but he felt like if he staid in the room much longer he wasn’t going to be able to control himself. “No, please, don’t leave me. I… don’t want to be more alone than I was before this started.” CJ said. He pulled his briefs off and looked at his huge package. “Fuck man this is crazy...” “Uh… yeah… crazy” Tom couldn’t control his throbbing hard on as his friend checked himself out completely naked. CJ was so horny from his unfulfilled date that he couldn’t help but touch his 10’’ member. Some cum started to flow when suddenly he was interrupted. “Awww fuck man, you can’t just do that in front of me.” Tom said going down on his massive cock, flipping his ball cap on backwards to suck it properly. CJ was shocked by the suddenness of it and he grabbed his friend to push him off but it felt so good having his cock sucked. No one had ever given him a blow job before and Tom was clearly an expert. “Woah… you’re really good at this...” “I go to this basement club in the city. I’ve got lots of practice.” Tom said taking his mouthoff the swollen cock for just long enough to talk before diving back down on it. That only made CJ’s balls more excited and they began to swell again, flooding his brain with sex hormones. His entire body felt incredible as his muscles grew tighter and tighter, and the pounds slowly piled on again. This time less violently. Tom pulled his shirt off. He’d been working out since highschool, his body was pretty fit. CJ watched his toned friend work on his cock, the hormones and endorphins imprinting this as hot into his malleable brain that had never done anything sexual with anyone before. He let out some groans… Tom was encouraged and pulled the rest of his clothes off. Fucking his towering friend was going to be the hottest night of his life. He didn’t realize that CJ had grown five pounds since they started. Tom clambered up on top of the massive bod in front of him and wedged the cock between his ass cheeks and started to jerk it with his ass. Fit as Tom was their differences in size were pretty stark. The toned twink was climbing all over a mountain of a man. “Woah… what are we doing?” CJ groaned. “I’m not gay.” “Nobody said you were, stud. We can stop if you want.” He said, slowing down. He’d dealt with virgins before. It was always good to take things slowly. “No… it’s just not how I imagined my first time.” “I think you’re just too much man for just one gender. The girls are gonna love riding that massive pole.” Tom said to egg him on. “Oh yeah?” “Yeah that’s right.” Tom said as he placed his hole on the tip of CJ’s cock. “Just like this.” He said as he sank down on that massive member. As his cheeks got spread apart his eyes rolled to the back of his head in pleasure. “Fuck yeah!” They both grunted. Tom looked amazing going up and down on that huge member wearing nothing but a choker necklace and a backwards cap. That vision along with the feeling of Tom's ass wrapping itself around his massive meat wear seared into CJ’s brain as the hottest thing he’d ever seen. Tom reached for his phone and started snapping pics of him riding that huge monster, getting as much of CJ in the frame as possible. It wasn’t long until he came inside Tom. There was so much cum Tom could feel it pumping him up as he reached down and felt his abs curving around his filling belly. Without warning he came too and pulled out, gushing cum out all over the place as he did. They looked at each other and blushed. “That was the hottest fuck I’ve ever had.” Tom said, looking down, “I was going to go eat but I think I’m full now.” He said holding his ab lined food/cum baby. The two of them cuddled for the rest of the night and Tom helped him clean up in the morning. “I think we should shower off now.” Tom whispered to his 250 lb friend but the showers were out in the hall. Tom grabbed two towels and they wrapped them around their waists and went out to shower. Tom didn’t give a fuck about what anybody thought anymore, he’d just had his mind blown by a massive virgin. They went out into the hall wearing towels so they could shower off in the communal bathrooms. CJ picked the largest shower stall for himself and began to lather up but soon Tom poked his head in. “Mind if I join?” He asked without really waiting for an answer. He just went down on that massive cock as the water poured all over them. Fortunately for them it was 10 am by this point and most people had already showered. CJ gripped the sides of the stall as his body started to add on a few more pounds of raw muscle. Tom looked so small in comparison. However the bathroom wasn’t completely empty and it wasn’t difficult to see what they were doing. Suddenly the shower curtain ripped open and to their shock it was Mike, the lacrosse player that they had seen two nights earlier. “What’s going on in here?” “Uhh… nothing man… we just...” CJ was at a loss for words at being caught like this. “A bit risky isn’t it? I know the RA really well and she reports shit like this.” He said sternly. Then he whipped off his towel. “I also know she wont be out of class until three.” He said with a grin. Pushing the two of them back into the stall and closing the curtain. Tom gasped “I didn’t know you were into guys, Mike.” He grinned, “I didn’t know I was either… but this seemed super hot, who’s your friend?” He said stroking CJ’s enormous dick. “Uh… Mike… this is… Chris...” Tom said realizing that they didn’t really have any other explanation than to re-introduce him as someone new. “He just enrolled.” “Fuck yeah...” Mike said before licking CJ’s enormous pecs. “Damn that’s fuckin hot.” Tom got doubly aroused by what was happening and began to play with Mike’s nips while putting his cock head against Mike’s ass hole. Mike began to thrust against Tom’s cock as he went down on CJ who dwarfed even this ripped athlete. Three weeks later there was a new attraction at the Tom’s favorite club. CJ or “Chris” as he now went by was the new stripper / rent boy. People paid all kinds of money to fuck him in the back room. After all, the growth really only stabilized, not stopped. The years would wear on and he would just get bigger and bigger. All kinds of guys got turned on by Chris which is why you should be careful what you wish for. One drunken line about your male rivals could alter how it comes true. "...all the guys are gonna look at me and take notice!” And they did.
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