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    superheroes in spandex and bodybuilding fitness
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    71kgs, 12%body fat, 176cm tall, chest 103cm, waist 80cm, arms 34cm, shoulders 114cm
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    300lbs bodybuilder with freaky huge muscles
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    Lycra, rubber, muscle growth, superheroes, dumb jock. Would love to turn into a himbo just pure muscles and no brains

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  1. Note to self, don't attempt to make home made mash potato after a hard arms workout.  Believe me it was hard work

    1. VRGoh


      Making mashed potatoes from scratch is an arms workout in and of itself, heh.  But I feel ya.

    2. Hialmar


      I can totally relate. I wasn't, however,  aware of how far south in Europe mashed potatoes is a traditional dish: I expected it to be common in the nations scattered around the North Sea. Thanks for teaching me something new.

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