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    superheroes in spandex and bodybuilding fitness
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    71kgs, 12%body fat, 176cm tall, chest 103cm, waist 80cm, arms 34cm, shoulders 114cm
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    300lbs bodybuilder with freaky huge muscles
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    Lycra, rubber, muscle growth, superheroes, dumb jock. Would love to turn into a himbo just pure muscles and no brains

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  1. Really noticing some good arms gainz now


  2. Why was I dreaming last night that I was locked up at a maximum security gym with all the muscles monsters in the world

    1. Kymuscleboy


      curious, but not bad!

  3. Note to self, don't attempt to make home made mash potato after a hard arms workout.  Believe me it was hard work

    1. VRGoh


      Making mashed potatoes from scratch is an arms workout in and of itself, heh.  But I feel ya.

    2. Hialmar


      I can totally relate. I wasn't, however,  aware of how far south in Europe mashed potatoes is a traditional dish: I expected it to be common in the nations scattered around the North Sea. Thanks for teaching me something new.

  4. I'm a little piss off today, Had a great workout this morning but afterward my partner said come and look at this photo it horrible, the photo was a friend we knew who been busy workout at the gym and is really pump out with huge muscles the way how I would like to be one day. He was saying how ugly he was and probably on roids which it didn't look like a roided muscle dude to me just someone who been training hard over time. Kind of piss me off as I would like to have big swollen muscles and how can I maintain a relationship if I can't do what I enjoy doing which makes me feel so much more better which makes me feels like I don't have those mental heath problems which I deal with every day.

    1. Kymuscleboy


      I'm probably the last person who should be giving you advice, seeing as you have a partner and I don't, but you should probably be up front with your partner and let him know what working out and the results it gives you mean to you. Let him know, just like you're doing here, that it's as important for your mental health as it is physical. 

      Hopefully, once he sees how important it is to you, he will support you in your efforts. And he may even grow to like those big muscles once he gets to know them up close and personal. ;) 

    2. ThatWeremuscleGuy


      Unfortunately, this could become a real problem in your relationship for the both of you. You have legitimate reasons for growing yourself because it keeps your mind focused and you feel fantastic. He has shown you that he doesn't like muscles and will likely have trouble getting past them as you continue to get bigger. You will both have to discuss this eventually to see where it goes. Nothing is ever easy and I hope you can both work it out.

  5. I been getting an amazing pump after my workout recently but with my old camera and poor lighting it impossible to show you guys how those muscles look.

  6. Artwork found on the web, Ideal bed for us bodybuilders gymsleep.jpg.da482ee59a532fe9f0d04d543a9abd2e.jpg

  7. Hi guys I made up my wish list for anyone who wants to help me out on my journey to getting huge in exchange for photos or videos. My wishlist

  8. I been watching videos of bodybuilders posing on youtube trying to learn to pose and flex. I still got a long way to go but here a couple of video for you guys to see. Flex video 1 Flex video 2

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