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    Muscle worshipping big muscular oversexed narcissistic alphas. I get very hard listening to a guy boast and brag about his own muscles. Makes me wanna get down on my hands and knees and bow down before a superior man
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    5'6", 141
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    chats, role play
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    5'6", 150
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    Any stories with bullies growing bigger, stronger, more muscular. Terrorising and destroying everything in his path. Am also a fan of macro. Unlimited growth, getting big enough to hold Earth at the palm of his hands and crushing it
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    too many to name
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    Bullies - love to read stories about bullies beating up some pathetic wimp and then proceed to fuck his gf/wife/fiancé in front of the wimp.

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  1. OMG Zach is so hot. Zane on the other hand is such a pussy, he does not deserve his powers. Hope Zane will lose his powers or it gets transferred to Zach instead.
  2. Please continue the story, I wanna see Brad going on a rampage.
  3. Hey man. Hope that you will continue this story. I want to see Lee transforming into the biggest and meanest bully. Hopefully beating up and destroying some pathetic wimp and fucking the wimp's girlfriend right in front of him.
  4. Nah, nothing wierd about it. I love stories where the bully wins too. Nothing hotter than seeing a big bully gets even bigger, more muscular, more aggressive and starts terrorising and destroying everything. I wish someone can write a story about a bully who gets bigger and stronger each time he bullies someone.
  5. Part 5 took a while but it's well worth the wait. So hot to see Matt finally getting rid of the last bits of his humility and being so arrogant and condesending towards weak pathetic beta males like Luke
  6. Matt should get rid of that condom and just fuck her raw. Maybe without that layer of rubber getting in the way, whatever energy that is coming from Macy's pussy will pour uncontrollably into Matt causing his muscles to go into hyper growth.
  7. It'll be even more interesting and hotter if he outgrows Earth and destroys it. Then devours the other planets and stars, making use of their energy to fuel his ever growing muscles!!!
  8. I love failed revenge bully stories (or any stories featuring bullies growing more massive and muscular). Please write more stories like this
  9. Hot!! Finally a rare gem of a story where the bully wins
  10. Agree wholeheartedly to this statement. I wanna read more stories where the bully wins and triump over everyone. @Newmassaddict *hint hint nudge nudge*
  11. Hope the next chapter will not take too long ?? I was wondering why Bruce's cock doesn't just burst out off his posers ??
  12. Yeah man! I think Bruce is going to weigh more than both Mitch and Andy combined. If they are stupid enough to challenge him, Bruce will pulverise them and then shoot his victory cum on their broken and battered remains. Grr getting hard just thinking about Bruce the Beast
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