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  1. @londonboy I LOVE how you include sexy photos and then flesh them out with such wonderful stories that take me to places very different from my own imagination yet very wonderful places nonetheless! Thanks for sharing!
  2. That was awesome! Your story kept me hard and wanting more! Thanks for sharing!
  3. I stumbled upon this site a while back and read a couple stories that were good or just ok, but I didn't create an account until I started reading this story. It's so addictive! I started by only reading one or two chapters a day because I saw in the comments that the wait for each new chapter release was excruciatingly painful for other readers, and I didn't want to "suffer" like that. But, I guess I'm just not that disciplined and would sometimes read several chapters in one day because they are so darn good, and I just couldn't wait to find out what will happen to these characters that I now care so much about. So, now I'm experiencing the same pain of waiting and wonder, but I'm enjoying the anticipation! Thank you @muscleaddict for sharing this wonderful story with us! Keep up the great work!
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