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  1. MuscleInSF

    Poultry --> Muscle

    Meal Prep Sundays is the best way to set yourself up for the week. I generally cook several different meats all at the same time so I can have some variety throughout the week. All my meat comes from Costco because its consistently a low price, good quality, and I never have any problems with it (no rubbery/hard chicken). I've never found whole chickens to actually save money and get consistent results. Here's my breakdown: 1. Ground turkey taco meat - I typically cook 2 packages with a couple taco seasoning packets. great to add on to salads, rice, veggies. ground turkey can be cheap 2.99 - 3.99 per lb 2. Boneless skinless chicken breast - The frozen stuff at Costco has saline solution added for flavor and it makes it oh so tasty, but not sure how healthy that is and also question how much chicken i'm actually eating. I'Il thaw it out then typically add some kind of spice rub or pesto or marinade for flavor and cook it in the oven at 325 for 11-12 minutes on a side. 3. Extra credit - there's also incredibly lean and cheap pork options. The last time I was at Costco the cut called Pork Sirloin Tip Roast was $1.69 per lb. Its basically a big ball of meat and I just add a spice rub (sense a theme?), let it sit for 30mins to 4 hours to soak in the flavor, and then roast it in the oven for like an hour or something (found instructions online). just my two cents, hope it helps!
  2. MuscleInSF

    How long do/would you spend in the gym?

    i'll throw my two cents in.... I spend 45-75 mins at the gym actually working out. I'm sure there are all kinds of things your muscleman could do to occupy his time for 3-4 hours during your morning at work. (getting changed, warming up, workout, maybe a snack, continue workout, cool down, shower, sauna/steam, shake, get dressed, document workout lifts and chart progress, some socialization here and there). That sounds ideal to me. I'd spend that much time at the gym if i could...
  3. hello, where are you?

  4. MuscleInSF

    You're not overtraining, you are undereating

    I'd love to follow up with this, because i agree 100%. I've communicated with a lot of guys on the forum who want to get big, but aren't taking the simple steps to having a diet conducive to growth. Here are my suggestions: Part 1 - setting yourself up for success Hopefully you have a kitchen with needed cooking equipment (roasting dish, rice cooker, slow cooker, nonstick pan, pot) Get meal prep containers to put cooked food into so you can take them on the go/to work. Lots of cheap options on Amazon, they're worth it. Give yourself several hours a couple times a week to grocery shop and prepare food. Yes, this stuff takes time. Know how much food you need to eat AND cook in order to pack on the muscle. Part 2 - Cooking Learn to cook chicken breast so it tastes good and you don't feel like you're forcing it down your throat. (I roast it at 325 for 13 minutes on each side after seasoning it with salt and spices) Learn to cook 3-4 other meals in large quantities Cook enough food to last you 3-4 days so you don't have to spend even more time cooking and so you have a quick meal when you need it Divide your the cooked food in to meal prep containers to your exact needed proportions and take them on the go. (my go to mean is baked chicken breast, brown rice, and broccoli, BOOM) Part 3 - EATING! Take time to eat, don't let other people question how much your eating. Most of the time my co-workers are more curious about all the good food I make and eat. Eat a regular intervals throughout the day Don't rely on protein shakes for your protein consumption. The occasional hamburger/burrito/fast food is ok ,and I think better than going hungry from not having your food ready. Whole Foods / grocery store salad bars are surprisingly good and inexpensive ways to get your veggie and protein intake for the meal in a pinch, you can spend $8 - $10 and have two meals with healthy veggies and protein. Just don't overload your container - keep it simple. Feel free to comment or contrast my suggestions. would love to hear your tricks on how to keep your 'refrigerated pantry' stocked and full of good quick and easy food.
  5. MuscleInSF

    Electronic Counter Top Pressure Cookers

    I'm going to jump in to this forum topic - Instant Pots are amazing. you can get them on Amazon for like $70 bucks when they go on sale, and it will be the best money you've ever spent on a kitchen appliance. You can make huge quantities of tasty meat cheaply and quickly. Here are a few of my Tips: 1. Pork Shoulder is $1.79 per pound at Costco and can be made into all kinds of amazing food: Carnitas, Pulled BBQ pork, Pork Vindaloo. the packages come in like 14lbs, so you can divide it up in to 4, cook one and freeze the rest. Its meat for 2 weeks! 2. Similarly with beef stew meat - I just made a beef stew this weekend that will surely last the next few days. 3. Learn to love the food you cook - you'll be eating the same food for several days, so be patient, follow recipes. The first few times will be tricky and you might not get it right, but the payoff is pretty amazing.
  6. MuscleInSF

    DIY deadlift form

    Mark Rippetoe has been my form guide for when I need a form refresher - he has a whole host of vids on youtube and really can explain how you should be positioned for correct form through the movement. The one he does with Art of Manliness is really good too.
  7. Just signed in on my phone - maybe that means I'll use and update more? 


  8. MuscleInSF

    Documentation App

    I've tried several apps and have landed on bodyspace. I wish there were fewer key strokes to input your workouts, but I like how it tracks everything relatively simply. You can use bodyspace on the mobile app or in a browser, which can be nice as well. I really love creating a workout program in the browser and saving it to your calendar so you don't have to do as much while you're working out. The tricky part is staying focused and not getting distracted by other things on your phone!
  9. I weighed 178lbs yesterday, but 174.5lbs today. inaccurate scale? big poop? water weight?

    1. NeedSize


      Reality check.. Pick like Mon-Fri where your eating is consistent. Each morning after your pee/crap weigh yourself. Your weight is the mean of the 5 days. Far more accurate.

    2. the6ft8beast


      Agreed with NeedSize, and a combination of water/food waste that your body is passing or retaining. Water weight is the number 1 I see with clients where quick changes up or down typically occur.

  10. MuscleInSF

    Other Jefit users?

    i just started up on JEFIT and looking to connect with guys - my name there is loganbythebay
  11. MuscleInSF

    Gyms in California, advice needed

    Hey there - fitness evolution seems to be teh new comer on the scene in California, no initiation fee and 20 bucks a month for all gym access pass - i might even sign up so i can work out while i'm traveling for work around the state. hit me up if you want to go workout in the bay area!
  12. MuscleInSF

    How inaccurate are body fat scales?

    Hey all, I have a body fat scale that tells me my weight, body fat percentage, Bmi, water weight, etc. I got it from Costco, but you can buy them everywhere, they're relativley inexpensive. I use it to monitory my weight daily just as a general checkup on my progress in lean muscle growth. Generally I know that if the numbers are consistently trending in one direction that there has been meaningfull progress, but I still have a hard time trusting the actual body fat percentage. Does anybody else have experience with these scales? What are factors that might influence the body fat percentage in one direction or another? Some thing I've noticed: - BF% reading in the morning is higher than in the evening - if your thighs are touching when taking the measurement, the BF% is lower.
  13. MuscleInSF

    Lateral Epicondylitis - Tennis Elbow

    I think I'm finally getting over a annoyingly long recovery from Tennis Elbow. The medical diagnosis is Lateral Epicondylitis. It developed due to several different reasons - repetitive movements at work, doing renovations at home, and then working out + trying to work through the pain. Not a good strategy. Finally went to a Physical Therapist who put heat on it, and massaged my forearm and tendons that are linked to the elbow, then iced. I replicated his efforts at home for many weeks. I've haven't worked out upper body for 2+ months because of this. Thankfully I've been able to work out legs and get out on my road bike, or else i'd go insane not being able to excercise. I've been without pain for several weeks, so did a back and shoulders workout last weekend. Will try again this week. Has anybody else suffered from this? How did you overcome the injury? how long did it take recover?
  14. Legs day! gonna work those tree trunks.

  15. I've been taking Optimum Nutrition's 100% when protein for about 10 years and am thinking about switching it up. I generally have a shake before and/or after the gym with some milk and sometimes peanut butter to get a quick fix of protein and carbs before I can get more substantial food. My questions for you all is: What are your favorite protein powders and how do you use them? do you switch between gainers and low carb when gaining/cutting? or do you stick with one and add stuff to it? love this site and really appreciate all the great discussions.

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