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  1. FUCKING. A. I like how's Justin is (unwillingly, probably, for now) getting hard from this.
  2. Me too, it was one of my favourite stories back then!
  3. Oh, I remember that one, it was a great one, and the author had written some other good werewolves stories as well on CYOC.net (I really like 'The initiation' piece: https://www.cyoc.net/user.php?op=userinfo&uname=lycojaxx
  4. So, no metabods after all haha! Gonna read it too. Thanks, @Tftoo.
  5. Great sequel!!! Here's hoping for more!
  6. Wow. That was hot (and I love the science built to it)!
  7. For sure, if I ever come across this story, I hope to remember to let you know :-)
  8. I've tried to search 'Matt' & 'Werewolf' via the website search engine and find nothing except the story 'Wolf and Me', but no scientists being devoured in there. Moreover, there are not too much stories with the word 'werewolf' so I think this story isn't from Metabods. Maybe another website?
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