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    Gaming (classic tabletop pencil and paper that is!) cooking, gardenning, blacksmithing, and seeing the world! Scuba diving, back packing, writing and illustrating.
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    5' 11", 18lb last I checked. Not too many weighing scales in a volcano
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    Aside from muscle growth? I love me some leather. Hair and hyper proportions.

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  1. Urabyfirst

    Social Stigma

    So I found this rather interesting article today: http://www.psmag.com/health-and-behavior/half-lifts-workout-says-social-class-85221 Has anyone else found this to be true? I only recently got into lifting seriously, and all while in relative isolation in Nicaragua. I have had this response though, when telling friends and family how excited I am to be bulking up. ''Why would you do that to yourself?'' accompanied by a look of concern and horror. I really want to just be excited and share my gains with my friends and family, but it's starting to be more of a counter attitude. I'm thinking, ''you think you're freaked out now, how are you gonna handle when I'm a BEAST?'' And I will be. Just makes me a little sad they won't be excited for me too.
  2. Not a problem at all. Your characterization is great already, an I cannot wait to read more. But no rush, all good things take time after all!
  3. Unf, I have always loved the idea of were-bears. Can't wait to read it!
  4. so you just PT part-time then? How did you get into it, if I may ask?
  5. Like so many people in their mid-20's I am facing a bit of a conundrum finding my place in the world...namely in finding a job that I don't utterly hate that also pays the bills (is that really so much to ask?) Anyway, last night I caught myself thinking "why can't I just live at the gym for a living?...wait, why CAN'T I just live at the gym for a living?". I've never considered being a personal trainer before, but it is something I can't stop pondering now. I love working out, I'm great with people, I like organizing and planning workout routines and diet plans. Heck, my mother is a physical therapist, so I've basically grown up hearing about form and muscle movement my entire life. I'm starting to research the possibility, but I was wondering if anyone here on the forum had any advise? Are there any personal trainers here that would be willing to chat and give me some pointers? I know I have a long way to go if I were indeed to peruse this, but every journey has its first step right?
  6. lately I've been really into forced groeth (thanks largely to the Super Flu thread). I love when guys start growing against their will, but in the end give in and relish in the fucking muscle beasts they turn into. Especially when it happens to multiple guys that then turn around and inflict it onto others
  7. Wow, I know this is an old thread, but I am just finding it. Rape is NOT okay EVER. If you want to play bottom and have discussed it before hand with your partner, that is one thing, but actual rape is dehumanizing and should not be encouraged. I hope you are finding more success and pleasure in anal play. I actually came to this thread because I'm just starting to explore it myself. I don't have a partner to have sex with (and actually am not, since I have chosen not to have sex till I am married), but I want to explore these things for myself to find out what I enjoy. I HAVE found all the advice about starting small and lubing up to be true, but the biggest thing I have noted is that it is only truly pleasurable when I am turned on already...especially when someone else is helping. I have really enjoyed camng and voice chatting with someone that whispers instructions to my, and that actually cares about seeing me enjoy myself. Perhaps some people would define that as sex, but that's a different topic. What I mean to say is that, having a partner that is cares about YOUR pleasure, regardless of what rolls you play during the actual act, seems to me to be the single most important factor in anal sex...or any sex for that matter!
  8. Check out Roboprobo's Lust Mage stuff. He has some forced growth in there in places. He and I had a great RP where I forced him to grow too (I think that is in transcripts). Which, btw, if you want someone to force YOU to grow, I am always up for a little RP. Just send me a PM
  9. For me it depends on what I'm doing. I like music as a way to help me pace, so usually something with a strong beat like this: Mid workout I'll often turn one of two ways. Out comes the beast and I want some metal or maybe Pop rock (One Republic's Love Runs Out is a good one). But other times the endorphin rush makes me want something happy that matches the grin I'm sporting along with my pump. For those times I'll listen to something lighter like this: The end will depend on where the middle went. Some heavy aggressive epic rock, or something really up lifting (I will admit to listening to "Defying Gravity" from Wicked when I'm on a final set of seated chest press , lol) But the silence is good to. To hear your own heart beating, chest heaving, muscles straining...it really gives you this amazing, intense focus. Ultimately you just want to use music (or lack there of) like any other supplement, giving your specific body what it needs to explode!
  10. that was an AMAZING story. Oh, and if anyone is wondering what Santa meant by his "restless" reindeer, Robo was referencing a poem he and I wrote. "The Night Before XXX-Mass". You can see what else Santa got up to here: http://muscle-growth.org/topic/3989-the-night-before-xxx-mass/#entry35365
  11. So a joke between Roboprobo and I got a little out of hand, and became this poem. Hope you all get as big a kick out of reading it as we did writing it. THE NIGHT BEFORE XXX-MASS Twas the night before Christmas, and all through the place, Were big muscle studs like hot MuscleAce And I in my posers, Roboprobo there too, Had worked up a pump, so now what to do? Then arose good ol' Cutlerfan, to speak on the matter, "Let's whip up some protein shakes that taste like cake batter!" We used up all the milk, and a small fact we missed, That with none for dear Santa he was sure to be pissed! We dozed off in a pile on the living room couch, Unaware of the impending muscular grouch Santa frowned at the many drained cartons of cream, And said "I'll just hook you all up in my team! You muscular gluttons like growing all big? Let's see how you handle a REAL muscle gig!" He started the magic with bells on our necks, And we each woke feeling horny and started to flex Our muscles expanded, our clothes they tore off, Our cocks all grew larger and were no longer soft Not knowing our fate we swelled and we groaned, Rubbing each other we all sighed and we moaned "Feeling quite horny?" Santa lashed his whip with a crack, And out from our heads we each grew a rack! The jolly old elf was no longer a fatty. He'd blown up as well, to a hot muscle daddy "If you like all this muscle, you're gonna obey!" And he harnessed us up nice and tight to his sleigh Despite only in posers the cold barely tickles, Erecting our tender and sensitive nipples With a crack of the whip, Santa got our attentions. This all was so hot and we all had errections "I do not like harnesses, please let me go!" Said Robo as Santa made his cock grow. "Oh Cutlerfan, flex for me!" big Santa said, "Urabyfirst, focus, stop stroking your head!" "I can't help it" Urabyfirst managed to gasp, His tongue licking Robo's chest, making him gasp. "Wh-what if I cannot fly?" Robo whimpered and hissed "I'll catch you," Uraby said, giving Robo a kiss. Scriptboy and Musclefur began making out, While Bulkingboi's back was still filling out Muscleace looked over and started to drool, Eyeing up MrAlice's throbbing hard tool Sanata Clause got us flying, but promised us saying "We'll take a few pit stops for frotting and playing" We flexed and we flew, what a muscular spectacle! But longing to unload our full bulging testacles We paused now and then, and in twos and in threes, Some standing some lying, some on hands and knees... We fucked and we grew, all working quite gladly, Overseen by our leather-clad Santa clause daddy He was massive and manly, and was also well hung, And soon found he loved his man-deer, every one! That night Santa managed to half his trip’s time! “Maybe I'll make more use of these men-deer of mine!" At the end of the night, all exhausted and sticky, We collapsed in a pile all panting and sweaty As we drifted asleep, Santa said with good cheer "This has been quite a night my hot manly deer" "I'll leave you each bigger than I found you before", And he left us there cuddling on the living room floor. When we woke the next morning we gleefully found, As we put on our clothes they all made ripping sounds! "Check out my new biceps!" I said, flexing out of my sleeve, "I can't wait for the growth we get NEXT Christmas Eve!" THE END
  12. I could really use some advice. I have just started my great adventure around the world, working an a hostel in Nicaragua by a tropical lagoon. I get to work on my art and should soon have my SCUBA dive master certification, which I hope will pay my way around the rest of the world! But... I don't want this to get in the way of my working towards building. I know I can't expect to really gain while I travel, but would like to keep working. I have a "weight set" (see attatched) and a lagoon to swim in every day. I'd like to get into and keep a good shape while I'm here, and was thinking of ordering some supplements from the US. Does anyone have any advice for me? Are there any good exercises I can be doing with my limited access to weights (I estimate one to be about 45lb, and the other around 55lb). Are there any particular (cheep) supplements I could use (I only make $200 a month right now)?
  13. cow-boys...as in horns, tails, and milking. Nothing like a little "muscle milk"
  14. *HEARTBREAK* GB was one of the first morph artists I ever saw. His stuff has inspired me for almost as long as I've been into growth, and he set the bar in my mind for morphs and artwork of all kinds. I hope he still feels inspired and that some of his works find their way here.
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