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  1. No worries man! I love getting feedback. It's the only way to learn and grow!
  2. You are absolutely right Hanugumo. I realized that half way through writing this scene. I figure it tends to run like a normal flu unless some other stimuli speeds it to the growth level. I do plan on getting back to the 'flu' a bit more as my plot line continues. I apologize for getting off topic. I should have played up how they were infeted by the dirty glasses more first before growing them. Rest assured, I will try to get back to the flu in future posts.
  3. Aww, thanks Isoske, trust me I will. CardiMuscleman how about we PM about that. I have plans yet for Bradford, as does Elysiomfields. The mash up could get...big. Huehuehue
  4. Sorry it took so long, but here is the next chapter. Just finished it. Now if you'll excuse me I REALLY need to...uh...take care of something... Bradford, Yorkshire, England...a little before Kevan escaped... Michael blossomed. Every fiber of muscle swelled outward, pulsing with newfound power. His feet burst free of his hiking boots as they stretched to keep him standing, bulking and veiny. Behind him Imran slid his hands between Tom and Jeff, feeling their new muscles slick with sweat and pre. He ran his fingers up their bloated pectorals, felt the mountain ridges of their trapezoids, and finally rested his roving hands behind each of their heads, stroking the nape of their thick necks. He pulled in each, one after the other, for a heavy kiss, welcoming them into the brotherhood of muscle and lust. With great effort he pulled away and spoke to them (his mouth wanted to be moaning and kissing, not talking). ”c’mon buvs, we don’t want everyone here to feel left out” he looked over to Amir at the bar, who was similarly trying to garner the attention of George and Davis. The two men we sliding off the bar, hands exploring their new bodies, squeezing and rubbing to show their appreciation for each other’s newfound mass. The six behemoths strutted up alongside the still inflating Mikey. Flanking him, Imran and Amir encouraged their new brother to grow, squeezing and rubbing his bulging body, kissing his neck and face to keep the flu active for as long as the initial growth would allow. The other beasts fondled one another as they watched, the aftershocks of their own engorgement occasionally causing one to moan as he pulsed a little larger. The unaltered men were trapped by a wall of lusty giants. Michael’s outburst finally slowed as he reached the same bloated size as the other new initiates, easily 8 feet tall and well over 400 pounds of engorged muscle. Panting, he greedily kissed his two sires before turning his gaze back on Lukas and Aaron. ‘’Watcha think boys? You ready to be real men?’’ All seven of the colossal brutes turned their gaze on the cowering men hungrily. The scent of their combined musk was overwhelming, and several of the bar patrons were looking pale and sweating already, the infected beer they had imbibed preparing to change them into one of their captors. Most of them were already feeling the tug of desire in their groins, sporting harder errections than they had ever had in their lives. A couple were even looking a little pumped, their shirts and trousers fitting snuggly on bodies dying to expand. ‘’Aww, little babies is scared. Dun you boys wanna look like this?’’ Imran chided, striking a double-bi pose. His lats falared like some grotesque cobra-god from mythology, and could almost be believed to grow a little larger as he strained them. Amir joined him in the preview of their victim’s fate. ‘’Yeah bruvs! You won’t believe how incredible it feels. An’ it never stops!’’ The hairy dire-bear of a man struck a crab pose, his shoulders threatening to envelop his head. ‘’An the best part? You keep getting bigger when you come! It never ends! We’re all gonna be horned up beasts the rest of eternity buvs!’’ Lukas and Aaron’s heads snapped to their left at the exclamation. One of their fellow prisoners was leaning against the wall, blatantly stroking his bulging groin through his jeans. A dark spot was spreading from the clearly outlined head, and each panting breath made his rising chest strain his black t-shirt a little more. Those closest to the man tried to jump back, but the gang of infected shoved them back, thrusting at them with huge, pre-dripping cocks. Those unfortunate enough to come in contact with the fluid tried to wipe it away, but you could see the veins start to pulse from the spots where it touched their skin. The man working his barely contained cock opened his eyes and grabbed the shirt front of his mate cowering nearby. ‘’Fuck it, they’re right. It feels fuckin amazing! If I’m gonna become some giant muscle slut, I want you there with me mate.’’ He dragged his helpless friend on top of him as his totem pole of a cock finally tore free, frotting between his buddy’s legs. George wooped and aimed his own flesh cannon at the struggling pair. ‘’Atta boy Ray! I always thought you and Dom would make a good couple. FUCK that is hot to watch. Makes me wanna…oooh….’’ He finally released his swollen balls at the two, the ginger beast roaring as he hosed them down with infected seed. George immediately started to expand as well, his head cracking the plastered ceiling as he shot up another two feet in height. He had held in the infection since last night, and was primed to become a goliath. Unable to hold back any longer, the other beasts followed suit, cranking out gallons of transforming cum at the terrified men. Aaron tackled Lukas just in time to take shelter behind an upturned table. From where they cowered they could hear moaning and roaring, the slick sounds of sex and the strange noise of muscle and bone groaning as it stretched and built. Michael was laughing with a deep rumble as he blasted the table where they hid. ‘’Give it up Aaron, it’s so fuckin good! What are you afraid of? Why don’t you just start fuckin Lukas while you’re back there and then we can…oooh FUCK…we can REALLY have some fun!’’ Lukas could in fact feel Aaron on top of him, his friends groin pressing against his ass. For a moment he though his friend really was going to turn on him, but Aaron whispered in his ear. ‘’Don’t listen to him. We’ll get out of this…somehow.’’ As each colossus came every clenching of his churning balls made him grow a little larger. The bar was getting crowded as man after man succumbed to the flu, ballooning into yet another giant. Michael and the others were soon engrossed in an inflating orgy, separating him from Aaron and Lukas. A foot the size of Lukas’s torso suddenly slammed past their hiding spot, ramming a hole in the back wall before withdrawing. Seeing their one hope of escape, Lukas scrambled for it, and was relieved when he breathed in the cool night air. Aaron followed and the two ran headlong down the dark street, the sound of creaking timbers and cracking foundation in their ears. The Dragon public house was about to hatch a mob of muscle beasts, hellbent on spreading their orgy to the rest of Yorkshire…
  5. Not a problem at all. Your characterization is great already, an I cannot wait to read more. But no rush, all good things take time after all!
  6. Ooof, Beast would you do a follow up to that last post of yours? Seeing the Dad and maybe the teacher getting force grown by the son (a little taste of the bad medicine?) would be hot as hell
  7. Unf, I have always loved the idea of were-bears. Can't wait to read it!
  8. I agree with Hero1000...not that I'm really one to talk. *AHCHOO, sniff* Sorry, don't know where that came from...
  9. thanks guys! There will be more, I promise. But hey, I need to get my jollies off too. Anyone else working on something?
  10. (Here we are, as promised, Kirk Ella, Part 2) Aaron was just raising his glass to his mouth, longing for the cool liquid to slide down his throat. Michael was already half way through his, having started and finding he couldn’t stop. As Lukas came running up to the table, looking panicked, Aaron was just tasting the first few drops of his beer. “Aaron, Michael STOP!” “What’s up Lukas?” Aaron lowered his beer seeing his friend in such distress. True to form, and to Lukas’s horror, Michael drained his glass first. Lukas stared at Michael, expecting him to explode with muscle right there and then. Not taking his eyes of the scruffy man, he tried to think of a way to get Aaron away from this trap as soon as possible. “Aaron I…can I have a word with you outside? Right now?” “Uh…okaaay. Michael can you watch the bags for a moment?” Michael frowned, feeling somewhat suspicions of the whole thing. “Yeah sure, I guess. Don’t be surprised if you come back to an empty glass though.” Lukas grabbed Aaron by the arm to hurry him out of the seat. “Fine. Drink it. He doesn’t want it.” Dragging Aaron by the arm, Lukas was all too aware of the other patrons, some of whom were sweating profusely, others dabbing noses with napkins. One man in a rugby shirt was rubbing his chest and frowning slightly. Lukas could see how tight the shirt was pulled across his pecs, and new they only had a short window of time to get out before they too became infected. “Ow, Luke what the hell? What’s going on?” Lukas didn’t stop to explain. They were nearly at the door. He could feel the floorboards under his feet shudder a little, and heard a shout from over at the bar. No doubt George was coming back to the front to start the show. Three steps from freedom though, and suddenly the bright sunlight outside vanished. The stream of fresh air was replaced by a heavy musk, and the Lukas suddenly found himself staring up at a mountain of tanned flesh. Mounds of heavy muscle topped with dark silky hair squeezed its way through the tiny door, cracking the doorframe as it did. Once in, the behemoth slowly shut the door, sealing off the only exit from the pub. Imran turned around to the now silent bar. Lukas and Aaron weren’t the only ones to notice the hulks entrance, and nobody was quite sure how to react. The man was in nothing but a pair of running shorts that would have been loose on most people, but for him were more like posing trunks. The flu had kept growing Imran after that first night at the boxing ring (usually with the help of Amir as the two of them toyed with George and one another). He now stood…well, stooped, an imposing 9 feet tall, and his wide frame hefted at least 450lb. He was hoping to push 500 after this little event. Imran looked down at Lukas and Aaron’s scared faces. “Where d’you fink you’re goin’ bruv? The party is just about to start”. He looked past the pair to the rest of the pub, sitting in stunned silence, and then over their heads to the bar where George and Amir had just emerged to block the back exit. “Dun worry boys. Soon you’ll all be feelin as good as George here!” George was indeed feeling good. Amir was behind him, his meaty hands guiding George into the room, as the bartender was more concerned with rubbing the watermelons that were his pectorals. Even as he stood there, anyone watching could see his biceps enlarge with each flex, his shoulders mounding up layer upon layer of prime English beef. The man closest to George, a skinny 20 something year old with dirty blond hair, tried to retreat from the inflating man. But Amir reached over and grabbed him with one meaty paw and lifted the youth right off the ground, repositioning him directly in front of George. “Hey Georgie, Davis here just volunteered to be your first growth buddy. Judgin’ by how much he’s sweatin I’d say he’s about ready to pop too!” George did not need encouragement, and with a lusty growl several octaves lower than Lukas remembered it being, pulled Davis up against him. The blond boy flailed helplessly as Georges cock burst free from his pants and erected itself between Davis legs. A loud rip to Lukas’s right distracted him from the show at the bar, and glancing over, saw the rugby player from earlier as his shirtfront finally gave up, spilling two massive swelling pecs out onto his equally tight muscle gut. The rugger moaned and sat back, spreading his legs to reveal what looked like an entire salami and two avocadoes crammed into his trousers. Lukas was able to pull Aaron out of the way just in time as Imran chose a candidate from the local crowed to be the rugby bear’s new play thing. “There you go Tom, you let Jeffry know what he has to look forward to” Imran pushed the helpless man he had picked up into the arms of the inflating bear. Tom’s chest was heaving as the smaller Jeffery was rubbed against it, and grabbing the man seemed to be trying vainly to push him away. “Jeff I…I don’t want…I can’t…” But despite his valiant attempts, Tom’s body betrayed him, causing him to grind his hips against the petrified Jeff. Tom’s arms strained at the sleeves as he reached up to hold in place, nuzzling the man’s chest and neck even as he tried to escape. “OOOH FUCK! Jeff I’m sorry. I gotta fuckin kiss you.” “Tom! No stop I don’t mmmnnngg!” Jeff’s protests were smothered by his rapidly inflating friend’s tongue. This taste of another man on his lips was the final straw, breaking Tom’s resistance to the change. He suddenly stood, sliding his ever broadening back up the wall, and lifting Jeff clear off the ground. He didn’t stop climbing higher once he was standing either, as the sickness began adding to his height as well as mass. Tom’s already thick thighs began splitting the seams of his trousers, and reaching down with one hand he tore the front open, releasing the pressure on his thickening meat. The suddenness with which Tom stood jarred the rest of the men in the bar (yet unaffected by the growth) into action. Helpless to escape with both exits blocked by walls of muscle, they quickly retreated to the far side of the pub, followed by Aaron and Lukas. Determined to escape somehow, Lukas steered Aaron towards their table against the front window. “C’mon,” he whispered, hoping that the infected wouldn’t hear him, “let’s get Michael and go out the window before they go for us next!” Loud moaning and a clatter from the bar distracted Lukas from his train of thought. Amir had just swept everything off the bar, and was lifting George (who was bringing the stiffening Davis along with him) up onto the smooth wooden counter. He hefted George up even as the man continued to expand, and set him down on his hands and knees overtop Davis. From the side it was apparent that Davis was by now infected as his cock pitched a rapidly stretching tent between him and the bartender. He still seemed to be struggling, but his pushes and punches kept ending in caresses and gropes, feeling the dense bulges of the man on top of him. He growled as George nuzzled and kissed the pecs ballooning under his shirtfront. “Grrrrrrnno…no George, stop *pant pant* stop kissing that!” As his shirt burst open George latched onto a protruding, puffy nipple and started sucking on it. Davis yelled at the shockwaves of pleasure it sent through him, and his arms shot up, grabbing George on either side of the head. As he did so his biceps ripped free of his sleeves, growing pauldrons of meat bulking up his deltoids. “I said don’t kiss that!” he roared, forcing George’s face up to in front of his own. Their eyes met and they both froze for a moment, Davis cock rapidly swelling up alongside George’s. “Fuck, kiss ME!” And with that pressed Georges face up against his own. The contact triggered the virus into overdrive, and both men began swelling in every direction, grinding their leaking cocks against each other. Jeff was fairing no better. Tom’s roid gut was now protruding enough that Jeff was now leaning at an angle, overtop of Tom’s round heaving pecs. His arms were wrapped around the larger man’s head and their tongues were wrestling with far more success than Jeff had had before. The ass of the dangling man protruded for all to see, and was rapidly filling his trousers as though it were connected to an air hose. The crack between the perfectly forming globes began to peak out over the waistline, and his shirt rode up his tightening waist as his body lengthened towards the ground. A heavy *creeeeek* of stretching leather signaled the eruption of Jeff’s feet, which freed themselves from the confines of his shoes with a soft *pop*. The flaring muscle across his back gave him a stark contrast to Tom’s rotund and swollen form, and soon he couldn’t help but groan into his partner and he felt his shirt shredding. Finally his weight shifted the pair of them, and there was a dull thud as his colossal feet came down on the wooden floor, making the entire building shake. But no sooner had he regained his footing as he flipped Tom around and slammed him against the wall. He let loose a deep rumbling from somewhere in his chest as his cock slid up out of his waistband like a time lapse growing tree. The terrified men at the other end of the bar saw Jeff’s rippling back clench and a tearing sound came from somewhere in front of him. A low, husky voice emanated from him as he growled into Tom’s ear. “Damn Tom, look what a massive ass you’ve got! And what a horny fucking freak you’ve turned me into! You always thought you were the big man on the field, but I think it’s time you learned what a REAL big man feels like!” All Tom could do was whimper and Jeff reached down to handle something out of sight of the trembling audience. Lukas finally looked away in disgust. They HAD to get out of there, or they were going to be sucked into this monstrous orgy as well. It was getting harder to think with the sounds of grunting and aroma of musk in the air, but he managed to shake Aaron out of his own stooper and the two of them turned to get Michael. But what they saw only made things worse. The final exit was behind their friend, who was gripping the table, arms strait, his head tilted back over the bench behind him. His shirt was straining at the seams and he seemed to be jerking and shuddering. Two empty beer glasses sat before him on the table… Lukas was speechless, but Aaron, his mind finally recovering from the shock of it all, found his voice. “Michael! Oh dear God, hold on Michael, let us past you and we’ll go get help. You’re gonna be okay buddy, just hang on” “Aaron?” a gravely sounding Michael responded, head still back as a vein pulsed up his neck, “Aaron don’t worry…” He lifted his head to look at the two other men and was grinning like a maniac. “Don’t worry you don’t have to go get help. FUCK this feels so good! I can’t wait to share it with you Aaron” He shoved the table to the side so that there was nothing between him and his friends. He reached down and rubbed his crotch, coaxing a dark wet spot to form down around his left knee. The touch made him buck his hips and sigh loudly, earning the laughter of the two men that had started this whole nightmare. “Once I’ve grown you Aaron we can even share it with Lukas here if you like. I don’t really think he deserves to have a stud like you, but I know you’ll have fun making him blow up. Ahhhh….maybe…heh, maybe we can squash him between us while we fuck. If that doesn’t infect him at least he’ll get to have a nice memory of you haha.” And with that Michael allowed himself to erupt out of his clothes, becoming one more beast in the bar, ready to play and grow the other quivering men…
  11. Glad you approve! They are somewhat secondary characters in this story line, but seeing as how the plot keeps growing in my head (it's like I've got Super Flu on the brain or something) I predict that they will be getting more screen time. Next section is in editing at the moment. Should be up by the end of this week!
  12. >_< I'M SO SORRY. I swear I'm trying to do the next part, but I LITERALLY live at work, and it's hard to find the time...and privacy, lol.
  13. don't worry, it is. The story I'm writing is growing bigger faster than GiganticBeast's roid gut in an audio vid...so I decided to divide it up a little. I will try to get the first good growth scene done asap
  14. Okay, it's just the opening, but I can't wait to post it Kirk Ella/Yorkshire/England Michael, Aaron and Lukas stepped into the little Yorkshire pub and sank, exhausted, into a corner booth. The three friends had been traveling all day, and were thrilled to finally drop their heavy backpacks. With the airlines to the US shut down, for fear of further spread of the Superflu, they had been forced to extend their hiking vacation, and were working their way North towards Scotland. The bar was quite full already. There was a big match that evening, and the pub was packed with regulars, each in their favorite spot to watch the tele. Behind the bar stood an exhausted looking, pale bartender. Lukas wasn’t sure that he should be working with how the guy looked. “Are we sure we want to eat here? That guy at the bar doesn’t look well.” Aaron was too busy leaning back in his chair, exhausted to look up. Lukas had a great view of the 28-year-old’s pecs, as his sweat soaked shirt was plastered across them. There had long been a certain sexual tension between the two, but they had been friends first, and Aaron had not wanted to risk ruining that. “I’m sure a cold drink would be fine” he panted, and opened one eye to look at Michael. “I think you’re your turn to get the drinks Mikey.” The lean Hispanic was undoing the top buttons of his polo shirt to try and cool himself, showing off the whisps of dark hair underneath. Lukas had not been overly thrilled that Michael had come on the trip, having had hopes of getting closer to Aaron while that toured Europe. But the guy took good care of himself, and always seemed to need to dress up, even while hiking. Lukas had consoled himself by enjoying the scenery his two companions provided. “Fine fine, the usual? Water all round and a pint each?” Lukas shook his head. “No thanks, just the water for me” Michael headed over to the bartender, jostling through the crowd of football fans. Aaron went back to resting his eyes, and Lukas decided he needed to go relieve himself before drinking more water. Passing the end of the bar, he couldn’t help but check out the bartender’s tight trousers, displaying a beautiful bubble butt, pressing outwards like two muscular spheres. He was pouring the pints for Aaron and Michael, and Lukas could see the muscles in the man’s forearms ripple as he lifted the glasses over the bar. Something about the way he smiled at Mikey made Lukas wonder if maybe he could pawn off his fellow Latino on the man, maybe get some time alone to talk with Aaron. Staring at the newspaper posted above the urinal, Lukas saw an article about the Superflu everyone was so afraid of. Rumors were circulating that someone had intentionally smuggled it into Britain by contaminating a shipment of cigarette rolling papers. This of course meant that a lot of pot heads had been growing, although something about the particular strain seemed to be keeping them at manageable sizes…well, compared to the devastation in Paris at least. Tucking away his dick, Lukas turned to wash his hands. All this talk of strange diseases was making him want to really wash his hands well, but there was no sign of soap around the sinks. He washed up as best he could, and went to ask the bartender for more. It wasn’t hard to find the guy. The back room of the pub was right opposite the bathrooms, and the door was wide open. The bartender’s wide back was turned, and once again Lukas found himself checking out the man’s impressive buttocks. They seemed to be almost painted on the man, and even as Lukas watched, the seams of the tight pants strained and started to split, the man whimpering and tilting his head back. Lukas’s eyes went wide with horror as he saw the man licking the rim of an empty pint glass… “Das it bruv, we’ll have da whole place bustin’ out in no time” A deep, thickly accented voice came from round the corner of the door. The bartender groaned and his body pulsed larger, pressing out and up in all directions at once. “Amir…I can’t ahhhh…I can’t hold it in…much longer…” A mountain of dark hairy flesh moved into view. The man had to have been at least 9 feet tall, and well over 400lb. He approached the bartender, and wrapped his arms around the smaller man’s waist (his arm practically WERE as big as the bartender’s waist!) “S’okay George, you can relax now. Imran is headdin ta block the front door now. Lez go show your clients what fuckin studs they’re all about to become!” Lukas didn’t need to hear any more. He bolted for the front of the bar, pushing his way through the crowd (was it this pact tight when he went to the bathroom?). He reached the table just in time to see them clinking their pint glasses together, moving the tainted beverages toward their thirsty mouths. “Aaron, Michael STOP!” But it was too late… TO BE CONTINUED
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