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    5'1"(155cm) tall, about 125lbs.

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  1. Reminded again that I truly LOVE your profile name! 😁

  2. Where is Carroll County, MD?  I’m in Rehoboth Beach, DE.  Southern Delaware.

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. pasidious


      I have not.  I don't often go to Delaware.

    3. PocketSthenolagniac


      That’s cool.  You should visit some time. Really nice here at the beach.

    4. pasidious


      Well, I haven't been to the beach in a long time.  If we go this summer, I'll try to make that my first choice!

  3. PocketSthenolagniac

    A Growing Love, Pt. 2

    OMG, I think I came as much as Alex did. I hope there will be more chapters cumming! Did Bryan reach his limit of growth? Would love to know how much Bryan grew, all over.
  4. thanks for the follow!!

    1. PocketSthenolagniac


      You’re welcome.  And thanks for your wonderful talent in writing.  You really hit the spot with your stories. You have a big fan here.

    2. pasidious


      :) I really appreciate it!!

  5. Hello so tell me, you and I about same size, you get lifted much?  would love to chat and compare stories.

    1. PocketSthenolagniac


      Hi there,

      im sorry I just saw your message. I don't get lifted as often as I would like.  A lot of guys pick me up to hug me and thinks it's cute.  

      I've always fantasized on being manhandle by a tall muscular guy. Very much like your current work, "Jeff the Roommate ". You bring a lot of my fantasy to life in that story.

      how about you?  You get lifted a lot?


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